OMF - Alex Cora can be the key to Sox success; Is baseball dying? 2-14-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, February 14th

HOUR 2 - For a team that won their division last year, the Red Sox don't seem to be that popular just yet. Maybe a new voice in the clubhouse is just what this group needs.


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty I don't know what message they send this team in spring training you can tell the media is much different. But you can't sit there and say did it double don't look at the patriots they're only likable because they wind when they stop winning ethical and enjoy your demo according go among the next week we believe. More personable with Glenn flew in christianity or Christmas. There. Not. Well it's been a struggle absolutely. Like have gotten better from what I've learned from it you know I can handle it better unless you have to. Media it's. It's pretty straight toward you go out there and you can pitch well and play well you're gonna have to support can always make things better but it's better and that's what I got to do. And Sports Radio WEEI. It's currently stand all the right things stable. Care Caracas who was get excited about day one attitude and they want I don't know I've covered. Quite a few spring training in my earlier days you tell me Lou first week two weeks even to what I have three weeks. Is usually everybody's optimistic right everybody feel good validation of a negative. And then suddenly you know when he injury here or there or that you get into the regular season and you lose a few games going five or six game losing six. That's when guys start chirping that's when you start you stuff easy when you win it's easy when things are going well. You find out an awful lot of of people when things fail or a court. The three that's when you find out character so is that unfair of me to say. I like like a lot of the other writers who have written today including sleazy piece by Dan Shaughnessy. Not that he's lazy every day this just happened to be one of those days where he just didn't put much effort into it but. If I disagree with these guys in that there are saying on this is great and I wanna get the chance but I don't feel confident. The David Price is gonna go through the entire season. Without him creating. Some type of us are out there because I don't think that the fan base is going to buy into it. Whole line and sinker in Chile actually wins in the post season something he's never done in his career. Ever does it need to do not. Except you just what did you know about winter and a regular season and shut out of USQ do you feel confident he's got a shot. I'd like to think so don't I don't let the real low the oddest looted. I know I thought as well as they don't know or done with that I'd like to think so. But here's the thing if the people that'd jump on him. I hope it's something that's the object. You know there's another recklessly thing that I just can't agree with the nets want to go but if after a game you know he's kinda snippy. Once. You jump on of media witnessed him to say you don't look it. I know a lot of it has to do with opinions going in and reputations. And you make your bed you sleep and it's it's understandable. OK but past transgressions people always look at in the law always judge. But I hope that it people are gonna be critical of David Price that's over some of the net would be the jet not just that you're looking for something like we all law. I just don't believe he'd go 262. Games I think he can win because I think he's a terrific pitcher. Last year showed that he can come out of the bullpen and be effective I hopefully he go back and give you. Six and two thirds seven and a third he can do that this year right. But I have no trust that we're gonna to 362. Game season and that's probably unfair to him. But that's the rules of the game they play under 62 you gotta be your best to order 62. I mean we can talk. Nada from or and cut overload ignited. OK so guess what there's when you 262 games there are. Ups and downs okay peaks and valleys the bears some negativity. He's just saying it right there okay how all that if everybody's going to be positive but it is a little bit of negativity. While I don't trust them just in to shorten guys that you've seen enough of that you feel you can trust them and they're going to. Do what you need them to do it takes time to get it back. That was what there was some 2011 from that whole thing collapse. The organization's delegate the fan base truck back. But then you know and policy to doesn't almost complete mess. The inmates and changes that brought in some. You know some some role guys some character guys there the viewer its impact yes and it was then it was the other guys that really had the impact Armenian Jonny Gomes had his role. Mike Napoli probably more packed and anybody David Ross had his role. You know but it was really about. The veterans turning things around in winning their trust. If that you get the same people in the club house starting on April 3 whenever they start the season. All of the same people the only thing is change is gonna do effort. Okay but a new boss OK I just I am of the opinion. The bad guy can do something. To Alter it. I don't think he can do. That much I really don't I just don't think managers can have that much of an influence I'm not saying that they have no influence. I'm just saying it it it really emanates. From the core from the players and of the players are looking at this thing negatively. Impacts. Coming in. And I'm not feeling real good about this organization right now on the you don't go OK so why not a arbitration to my son to arbitration they set me in a room. I don't listen to them sit and bitch and (%expletive) and moan too short I can't do this I can't do that I can't do that. And I'm sure I am going I don't go and play my ass off for these guys I don't care if I beat them for three million dollars in arbitration. Any. Little bit more willing to do to. I I I finished second in MVP too years that's why I finished like slash Q. Ever motivates motive be motivated by money. You know whatever motivates you to gall their play ought to motivate for your team whatever motivates you fine. I am did to get motivated motivated me. I just I did some big throws in this. A dead I have their relationship with them now but he every day at work that was doesn't into camp like that you've so whatever motivates you to get to do your thing. Obviously it worked outlook as I sucked and I realize that cup of coffee house I was horrible. Should have been abatements or that there's an old friend I realized that now here's therapy. Isn't there are people just went to find that out I could touch. You'd asked me can best anybody in the media we would have told him. So he hadn't spent all that money in therapy over the years mystified. I'll skip to the phone calls here at 6177797937. Do you really believe. David Price I would like to as they need. And by the way anybody who thinks he's gone bye bye and opting out. At the end of next season I've heard some of these people so things like well you know it's outrageous to opt out note taker can opt out. Because with the new economics of baseball. You can't make 3233 million dollars here if you opt out if he's phase of the Red Sox you've got for what five years. You gotta you all of them knowing when you'll hum. Boston you all know he's not going anywhere because he can't get that type of money and even if he has a great season this year. Nobody's gonna look at David Price at his age and suddenly say I'm 3233000035. Million a year. They are happening for five years not gonna happen easier forever and that concerns me even more here's Brian in north Brody right. More than words out. Lou. Baseball has probably been the greatest game that reverence that you know I know what involves. And patriot it it it is I mean if you pick up a whole thing and it is. All changed a glut that would then I don't know still holds some two days it is maybe in the eyes of view in a lot of public. School. With the fight the temple like championships degeneration of that you said that the tax bite you as a sequel polio. But you're not gonna get the same sect you are told five championship with a global. Kids today in the mid to late twenties and already got a already established this championship so. They got Red Bull to the wing news more salt and trust these chips they don't have a kind. Everything is to housing on local baseball in Utah all five I was in some cases wanna open and out. Across city water issues that are presenting what would let missing I think so what's on the page which really are not going anywhere as far as pantry and. Morning at a younger fan base and the patriots have built upon two generations of young kids. Who this is what they grew up I grew up with baseball Lou you grew up with baseball OK and that's what should you be the come back and that's why that's why it was part of our life but I can't tell you I find more more people. I'll probably find more people of good dads today that will agree with me all people who were so there's a it's. Space. Tell you more than it appears plant in western Massachusetts apparently doesn't wanna tells what town Michael. Are quite I don't good Clint. Good western mass Clinton who also. Yes sir on the quality guys and all glad you're rated edition of the shelters. And earlier than learns what it's called slams and army's vice shows emotion Oakland a lot of pressure on you near president. Nice and that's about it until I their little ITT many you lower your head was down I noticed that churning out here and I mean. Armitage was understood it well here. I ought to be factual but Christian you know it's great yeah it's a lot to at a low level and Lou you're the best. In my hand you have a problem I insulin it runs the one and yeah. Your old rhetoric your album that. I'll magnet when a period while the baseball thing. You know I mean obviously. Things change some problem but I agree with the blue or. As far as you know the patriots when that you know is he Belichick. My northern national stats and everything but in this column there's no denying. It debt team and what they've done. Is what's changed things and you know as far as what it takes more than you know these days it's pretty obvious it takes a lot more with. You know younger people are pensions and but winning does. And you know as far as Glenn's point war. To the fact you know all the younger generation. And in other they're not gonna be coming back well Tuesday there will always dictate when it. Yeah but football football. Came from nowhere and obviously you're right because the patriots used to be the worst drawing team in the national football. All the people were remember when the home games were blocked out could marched on the original time you can what's patriots is when they're playing at a wrote. But this winning is what has built this up plastic football is taken off football was not what it. Is now. Years ago it's different it's puts a demo arguments separate argument you're talking about winning and losing because I think who's right. If the Red Sox start winning in the patriots go south and end up winning this gonna be a shift in the crowd out there. But the other thing the baseball is fighting is they're fighting an entire shift with their sport. With the devils going in the wrong direction that's not a good combination low. To sit here and try to think that the Red Sox are gonna you know seven years from now isn't going to be a going to be you know way up there on the patriots going to be in this sport is dying. I don't think he's dying a pick it's it's. Dying means there are days it got a hold on diet means eventually somebody's gonna its ratings are improvement sucked. Dying means that revenue is going to go to expire Stockton which by revenue is going on. Ratings are improving import more or why you're the only spend all the money in the players in this offseason there a hundred plus free agents maybe they're looking at their business model maybe go looking at the next five years and they're saying we can't maintain its debut she called on him as he's got ports. So did you actually sense routers are going also seems to wanna spend the money cynic I signed a stupid TBA that puts serious restrictions on them going too far over so they get themselves public. Fighting these players are going to be so. Pissed off so pissed off but no baseball is not dying that's not the way a position. But it's dropped because when I hit it was the number one sports art it's not right now and it's our. And it's in that debate now look at footballs and bigger and basketball is I'm just laughing at people they can't possibly see it. Be the patriots will beat them once and in the city. Earth Day is coming. Yeah but Dave I am and I'm not gonna be in a radio talk about it nothing but a nearly all long gone by then. But it's coming I can guarantee you but why can't why can't you take into consideration the fact that. The last. Twenty years now they have basically brought two generations abort to the to dig grew why did. It's generations they've brought them up or twenty years. I consider that generally. Fourteen that your kid so that your fourteen kids like you know newborns than the guys kind of enjoyed this whole late two generations together. Generations what he has. It creation to seventeen at Allianz general just things I don't look at John when you can generations on the huge you don't have kids out there fourteen with twelfth so that their hero somebody just bloody Mary Carol you can enjoy the African raga. Tell me do generation of NBA players. Another mad people options origin. But we investigate that neurological difficult today that we that we what generation started by the way in 96 Douglas Jerry. Is not grandfathers fathers and kids. Cry in 2000 pool in the Red Sox bronze is something that's just go watch it that at Briggs Generale. I pity that he exit. Many years generational watch and it'll all be year old guy as athletic kid Sony's 28 year old kid it all hang out together and he lost the patriots run to listen code all three generations that and you got a kid that when he turns six he had the kid. Tonight you got grant by the bothered get 120 I can't do the math when he sixteen and and now. Three generations enjoyed run by the manager Roger. America what's the coach you know the coach so the ball 72 miles and now for about intractable. Of these are good got a great swing there and drop into that zone. Much pain from the perfect swing and the perfect he wants the ball hasn't take off over the left field wall into the pond. Poster boy Jack welcome once seen as an alibi Internet zone he eats the baseball. Continued to chase after the fly ball rates and he believes he has. His eyes open up the glove opens up and that ball. Sales fall into the leathers and closes his gloves then you. One notes state the right one down the commercials. And in between our sponsors the final and we have reduced captured stands up when they get to raise muscle farms is Sharia is far down right. Loud. Commercials. Yeah. That's differences doctor experienced clay and twenty force. Him on Twitter right now. Now back to more more weight room you foray on Sports Radio W. The trailer all we are saying is give places chance that's absolutely that's that we can. Right. There are doing the same thing and the role you know basically saying. It was a let's and I agree I I think everybody showed should get what you look a lot. But there wasn't do you feel comfort Wilson. I guess I don't believe and I believe in human man and one. We've never believe. And we'll bring the world idol I believe till I just think it's in this guy's DNA that we when he when he brings it up yesterday that I'm good must. We get into negativity there's going to be some negativity over a 162 games nothing you can build. From Lauren kind of overlook records Florida they don't overload you with Negroponte and and so what does he do when they overload him with negativity I. It's too bad because they need him they really know they don't need him they wanted to get and here's Tony at Boston hotel in. Military. That is they particular car ten questions. And quick comment I had never Bennett and his team. With 25 home runs when he tried skills across all three players. And also you guys think that that potential or Bradley actually. And yeah I mean I know Bradley sort of up and down. Really sort of reached his peak got a I think the potential there and that when he interest to keep what you expect it to take Michael. I don't think Bradley's reached its peak. Well he reaches is taken any hits is is this valley many breaches of inconveniences. I mean. It's four years now. You can you really believe it's going to level out that we're gonna see a guy who's going to be to 65 and it's gonna be more steady where maybe you go into. Three weeks won't pick goes to three months or grass. Yeah I don't you do yet I don't why we I'd just like you said because it's it's extremely consistent right now. And I don't want to label kidney sinful by I really look at its three. Does again the repeated brought in a lot of weight to work out and it set him back for a couple years. He's inconsistent. It's there and I just really don't believe. That you know I think his career was effective and of these blistered the manager was very good. It was in Boca. I think though I'm really curious to see with those two guys are talking weekend of the year in Woolsey I really wonderful and again. Of additional two guys important and on passes you'd get a different Jackie any get a different standard bulb. What you're putting. Awful lot on Alex core it's like Alex core he's going to solve all of the problems on its threats to individual I do I think in these guys I think he's gonna help from. I think he's gonna get terrific especially those two original drama Amish getting out is to meet the biggest fear on him when you team. When you go to Tennessee since you and only three games you're pretty good team you get Alleman UT right after the win 93 games Greta you didn't do well in the policies. But it's not good enough in this town because the idea is that you want to win the whole thing. So when you've got the talent what is wrong why is it you can't get to the next level. And it's going to be chemistry of the dynamics. Internally within that club all the way that personnel so. The only thing you change from last season to this easier. Is dumb male matured yet and you're. Changing some of the personnel maybe don't like to fight around these guys may be to scare some of these guys you're not making some most pressing concern you've added a surge may. Attitude reflects leadership. Captain. Result from a movie units sold to work. Militants. Our guests and I'd I'd I'd believe it. This is that this is a very talented team that underperformed across the board and it and assigned Judy Martinez. And really I mean I've. The problems and he went 96. Nice excuse me seven game. They're talented if prices for grain here across the board for other than sales Kimbrel and then why it's nasty note. But intensity. Coming anyone have an update any expectations you flip that stable that's with the war there were the guys you before and we'll see. As you know well well we'll see 97 wins Shea I. I'm with you limit the talent they have because it JD if if it's sale and and price. Heavy really good season you've got as good of 12 combination of stop the rotation is any advice. And we don't you got at the the other okay in this incentive by the way for their closer right now because he's in a contract year correctional all of that's kind of work enough. And they could get internally is you tried to think you know plead your case yesterday internally. They had players who are talented who could be better and is no question Martinez could give you. Some power and that opens up stuff for the rest the lineup who but I'm still worried when you go through rough periods during the course of the season. That in that clubhouse but he it's the makeup of that team. That may be the one reason they didn't all have great years is a big deal there's not there's not enough to get them. From a personality standpoint. If I chemistry standpoint to get them out of their comfort zone that worries me I just don't think managers. Can can change that around let's go to Stephen K price gave. I'll let Gloria. Would hurt and she's we'll the most stands fumbled a little bit. Here you get it doesn't work out given the current app poetry. Amid the mini line I would start working on right now if I. Regrets as well can't wait. MLB network I'm not pregnant but predicting that might have been offered. I had an opportunity at that as you're right you know you're confusing me would like elders somebody else that is not they had not happened. I still now Steve I still like I'm still hold out and I still like baseball ice. Direct whatever you believe what you want to. These. Five games a year place is packed impact. Rating slightly down at people's screens you archived at the Richards but overall the game LP. All game that the trouble would be kneeling over the season and in the course of a concussion should. Okay Steve let me ask you straight question and and and try not to to laugh when you give me the answers on the that you give me a straight answer. What of the two sports which one do you think he is. Healthier going forward for the next decade would that be became a football National Football League or would that be MLB Major League Baseball. It Craig. And yet it's not dying Steve's not tying it all seven audience and I will always be there and be at its anyway you'll feel this will go low lying little you know it's only a liar it's not gonna you have to balance I don't golden on a woman at all although it's underwent. Your focus on it allowed me. You say you love the let me get maybe you won't tune and I don't know maybe it. Do what it's easy to spot I'd I do what they saw secure talk we we talked to while I was in baseball as we go to eat this don't go to Richard crazy if you think that baseball is healthier than football studio Motorola your soul and baseball that you can't eat your. Football football left for years go peek at agreement that at all and I think some of the latest depends mostly in the big hit it was very Colleen. Play out what it Mathieu. Such a big hit at fox put out how much more into that Thursday night football team off its all her last year also understand football the Thursday if for both fox comes in and outbid everybody please Steve you go to cape league games. Is. Isn't it beautiful look at the whole park plus wouldn't that you don't have the optimum and an aluminum. Them and reasonable party have a half have a chance to got a tasty have a happy downsides that Rodgers and obviously changed say that everybody loved the innocence of the game. Please let's go to the Boston hey that's gonna feel it would bet. Mike. Pounds per caller here so I could comment on David Price. I don't think he he he understands for music and I'm getting really tired. Some of the media. And players even ban saying that you look at like you. That's not true for me for me but obviously it until we can't watch them play well it's exciting it's great. But if you don't carry it up with some sort of integrity off the field I don't like what he's doing well or not. And I don't think Nick Price get that I feel like he somehow convinced that I didn't play well everybody you're gonna love. And I just want to call and say that's not really trailed again he driving not. Beth I agree with you because you know I you have other athletes love. Yeah me enough yet teens Columbia teams that are successful with that you know what the Olympic. We like number eight Olympic electors for sure I like that guy I love John McEnroe. You know I look decent and so being the you have so many options. That honestly I think this team is proof that if you win they'll love you now. Dope no chance of perception. Yes and I and and I don't remember what twenty may look like just said that yeah. You know is concerned about going into even the same team with the same attitude how much of the manager can be able to change things then. It was Pedroia and whatever happened on the plane with a coarsely I don't know I. It worries me a little bit. Yeah I'd say it worries me an awful we set last year when it happened I don't think have ever seen the public. Side with the media members of the media members a little bit different in that he's all flavors. He's damn good pitcher. And so he carries a lot of cash but a lot of them maybe 99.9. Percent. Of the support that personally got and the point 1%. That David Price got was because people look the situation said prices won't he's simply wrong and in in his his where price screwed. Should've come out. He should've simply said I'm sorry. A bullet it was a mistake are in most cases I think people accept the apology. And they move all. There are others that wanna continue to perpetrated. And destroy people out there okay there are people wanna do stuff like that when situations like this attitude I don't think the public would have done that. A ticket price had done what a lot of people do when you make a mistake. Apologized saying yes or say you won't do it again you'll learn from your be productive from that group and move on what usually happens is the public's answer. And most cases. And says OK that's good you know he showed his vulnerability he's admitting that he's wrong he's moving on he understands our position our plight what we're dealing with. And it gets all the some people don't do some people make it a cause celeb they wanna carry it on for just recent. Didn't you know march they're their own interest whatever I don't know putting in this is enough enough right in this case with blood you need if if if David Price from dodge if ticket price had done what most people do. Which situations like this happen and duke apology it got a chance what happens. If you move David Price didn't do that. He did just the opposite and then later on said he made mistakes but he bounced back and said. But look it accurately he's changing the way he's broadcasting right now he he's in and it was an easy out for price. The public would have gone along with that they would've he would have won the public poll by showing that he's human. It stirred up and he apologized. They've moved on don't you think it's at this woman is not even willing to give him prices second chance because this woman that the. Price on the caller we just yet okay it was a female co lead in America and remove the cried and I ever known in my garden tonight as the video we just that these. So she was just talking about she can't forget. What happened last year at the reason she can't forget it because price did not do the apology. Right he did not do everybody makes mistakes everybody screws out it's even more difficult in this day and age are good people more people scoring. So she can't excuse David priceless you because he never did the apology apologies there should be part. Now. Speaker. Jewish or bury nor go to brick. And who's who's who's to Austin to the polls tomorrow off offered her off of notes and stuff that was in order but who you are wrong we get some new stuff while you're there maybe if they may be will pass that along to our audience. Okay as we know that and Kirk and Kelly and shows I'm gonna pass anything on to their audience and more coy. Good show that is. I 6177797937. People. What is best guys. Tweeting out. Revolution fans should unite. Call up all the the shows try to get on talk about the revolution I did read. In the agency and other showed demographic stuff that you were talking about earlier Major League Baseball average age of the viewer. 57. I'd NFL fifty NHL 49. NBA 42. About MLS soccer forty. It. Kids. Opportunity. Now the revolution be. Higher than five in the next decade. In the city and not action. If they win a World Cup. Redirect. They worry you hypocrite. So apparently we just found out. We found out probably the way that some people fund now. Because it is tweeted out from the company's account. WEEI as Twitter account we did not notice but apparently this must be happening. Because you've been revealed to the public through our Twitter account where it's. I guess we should read a read for overdoses. WEEI statement from WEEI nothing is more important to WEEI than the close knit and diverse Boston community recall won't. And we are committed to actively contributing. To its betterment. WEEI is in the process of closely reevaluating. Our policies and procedures. In an effort to ensure that our programming is never intolerant. Or harmful to our listeners or our city. As part of this effort. WEI will be hosting an all day mandatory sensitivity training. This Friday February the sixteenth. All live programming will be suspended. On Friday from 686 page. To enable WE TI employee participation. In this important session. We know what time we have to be here and we're just found out dishonor. Six attempts and we get the best of Mike and Mike on Friday for for twelve hours is that what we get. You know we we. We talked about it on Monday right. We don't know we know we screwed up and we made a mistake in the big fellow screwed up you screwed up I screwed up we all did it. And no problem going to this we should go to this and we we should look at us in the future and how we global programming again we always we wanted to attain or do at all and we will go to this. We should go to this and take the day off so be it radio was gonna survive with no sports talk radio for an entire data on a problem when I. I I this you know we were throwing it on us the case we understand that we screwed and I feel bad for people back there. Say it doesn't match for people back there that walk from zombies that don't know. If they're losing their jobs I. That's what fuel for and that's where the bad place or all in right now can throw a little will deal that will go through written. This'll be good. Good will come out of this just feel for all those people work really hide behind the scenes that are innocent that we put them in that position. And they might lose their job. Well I think when you start calling out sponsors and I'm not saying that. Sponsor shouldn't know or sponsors shouldn't judge us on what our contest here. But when you make it a campaign. And you're out here pounding away and calling all of the the sponsors. You know forget about the people of Iran the year are a lot of other people hardworking people. That sit here and work 405060. Hours a week. And people that don't make the money that the on your talent makes these are the people look who's talking about it we're seeing in the hallway right now that are fearful that the gonna lose their job. And they are people. People Benny to a lot. That is the older. Nearly started when you've had your big show that we're a part of the world. And then when things didn't go well. Correct that the fans. And they stuck with us a lot of those people are stuck with us so what happens is that you lose sponsors you lose revenue. You like any business and there are probably a lot of people out there that run businesses or understand how businesses to Iran. If people start losing jobs. And the people and and it was in the jobs unfortunately if there are sales of the people behind the scenes sales people sales assistants copy writers. Our production people like him looking at some other people right now through windows of the student. And it's not none of this is their fault. But if you carry on the campaign. To try to do severe damage. You gonna do damage to a lot of really innocent people all hard working who have families who were just trying. To put their time in here. It their job so that they can take care of their fans felt. In what will we know. It when we deserve. We will inward you know trying to own up to it and not enough for some people. But again this is where a lot of that it it's tough. Every day it's getting to the point where electricity people that we care a lot about that we put in this situation. We didn't. They don't deserve to pay the price and we're doing our best and will. All program would be suspended. On Friday that route to address whether it's connectivity training business a mandatory and mandatory will do a Friday prank but I would do we have to do. And I just I feel for those guys aren't as on the on the on the other side what happens and you assemble. You know you're right they didn't even have to make it mandatory arm I think we would have volunteered to go win their and and talk about it and talk with other people about it. To try to explain the intent. And all I'm asking is that. You know if you gonna treat us that way and I understand it it's it it's it's fair it's right then treat all these other stations. It does some of the same thanks Eric I'm sorry I think you got to treat everybody. But I I don't care what are we deleted. Okay. Dealing with it. We're paying prices has no price is no question about it it's just I care about them. They were era sufferers are punishing part of the salespeople carrier. I care I care about them we were hurt them and they get affected by this absolutely no question and we've gone out during these breaks and we're talking to those people and obviously they're very very concerned right now shell. I would done I would try to take that some of that into consideration. Out there when you're when you're writing about it when you're talking about it when you're when you're dealing with. What you want talked about. Very. Got a break when we come back we're gonna talk about the Bruins and the Celtics. We will do that coming up next.