Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 17: Jaguars beat writer Mike Kaye explains how Jacksonville can beat Patriots

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Tuesday, January 16th

Episode 17 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Jaguars beat writer Mike Kaye of the First Coast News, who gives an inside look at the team ahead of the AFC championship game against the Patriots, and even predicts a Jaguars victory.


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CNN sales. Which Brian Hannibal per minute and risky. Christian forty day. It's let's get started with the NFL. It's Sunday we'll now here's Brian Hannibal. Special guest this week on the knot Sunday August. All the way from Jackson we have Mike K news Jacksonville Jaguars beat writer for the first first coast news Mike things are joining me. A sure thing extravagant. Not a problem. Let's let's get our rights are right away what's they general feeling down and jacks or right now. Lot of confidence. It very interesting. To see between me and my third year on the B. Eight work by eight game. It team. Very via the previous few years in the NBA. If Brett now. Well are very neighbor eight. 44 out of law mom are about. But now everybody's recently super competent it is a very social media friendly and they'd. There's a lot of millennial. And they're pretty up. So that the belief there's a mama fan bases that they can when the game. Oh yeah oh yeah yet here. They're pretty competent it. So if you tell me how can they do it. Well I think for war and that are in need letter Burnett. Are heated that he. After run the ball efficiently and not did you aren't. Work by an injury which the patriot the last four yards per carry during the regular beat it. But. Yeah and eat. Force pressure up the middle if any it. Mark. It pro bowlers in the other girl Perot and but yet our way you died. You got through radio off by it you eat that up and pocket the way. I. Think that will be. And the do you think the key is that the front four there I guess I want to ask you both their front four. Had they gotten a lot of the sacks this year they've been covered sex because of how good the secondary is are they gonna getting out after the passer just by themselves. I've that they can make sure vote. Not in our back. And it worked on last year. Work but he at. The it it attic you'd hear from all work. People of life position. Only Jack and it got. Pro all year. He's one every year's beaten mixed between how well Patrick's got a quarterback. Covered him in the day. Colvin yet picture though I think it is it the mixture. And now want to ask you what are your thoughts are how they were how the jaguars potentially match up with Rob Gronkowski how they cover tight ends over the course of the season and could they change change this week because of of facing gronkowski. Well admit it up and I'm good at linebacker help and well Jack on. That the and you've been peppered pretty equal footing dealers and yesterday in locker room. But they have a matchup against Jimmy Graham and he did pretty well air. The growing suspicion that those used in the some point it Margaret I mean all in read only. And have. Either yet if he's healthy or order somebody like boy a cover him in between the speed that you. Their debate in if you put your top quarterback or what your I mean they're both extremely. People what are guys out EU could be susceptible to big plays so game. Over any in the goal or British cookie speaker point mayor it's one thing. Copper or help you which we're gonna leads to eliminate. That. It could. Go bracket. That really matters you. It is a traditional corporate days. They're beaten zone and bill ballot check number 88. And opt out. Eat up though especially corporate three will be definite pocket. Crew out did you go out in the flat out. He could have options. It is. The Jack I'd like app later released it it. Order human eggs in congress to go if it can be interest in the out ot watch really. Really handled now be tried yet. Yes from up here for firmly my perspective I kind of wandered about the boy thing whereas you know look at the patriots this year. They've struggled actually throwing it to the outside outside the numbers to to bring Coke and even personal and it has got him back last week. And he wasn't really the same guy that he was earlier on in the year I guess. What's the Dow fall to putting boy on him it's besides and the red does is just being susceptible to man coverage and him you know beating him man to man. I think that type it in the big issue I think eagle it's quarter. The book release it people rated the pack on your gonna app for a way. No matter who's on him. And that might you know it out back in you know. Progression though. It it it seemingly insurmountable. Issue but that. If the jets or equipment wrote a shorter game which is why. For all that. I and they're there's no question. And late portal that the EPA. Should that the Steelers have a shot. But how great it all over all that much and you know that ID stretch. That. Bought it. It in the play out the Egypt each LLP. Chip outlook might you say that he's now LP they like issued its docket and a lot. Hogan as in L began. You know and a goal of having a pretty good stretched. It's going to be hard it if you really mean because it seemed that. It well and depended on you at the turnovers so much. It when they go get them if it is very hard to quit. If you will begin the game against the Steelers. They had a forced fumble return operators that for a touchdown and made it an interception on the back and cry. So. They'll help them build lead. Open to radical. So I think. Oh yeah. I want to ask you about those turnovers that I would agree via the jaguars probably have no chance to win in these this game unless they do forced to turn over to. And I sorry stats they think they've forced. They have eight defensive touchdowns in nine road games like that the some like that. Howry power they are they forcing all these turn or is it. Are they getting lucky through these times or are at they really creating turnovers. Don't think our way. Libya L whip them. And it is the relatively did give them every other game. That being in diapers in this return touchdown. The inner exception being Gail. To worry about is how it is the and coverage it will look opportunistic linebackers you'll ever see. All you've got me or them all eat eat court beaten out by belt this year so that and being better. Let's go to the other side of the ball for the jaguars imagine the Kia of Burnett. How is the health wise I know they he wasn't the same guy in the second half against the Steelers finally got them Meyer car accident today. What's the expectation is he going to be on present next to next Sunday errors it's still going to be a case of and you know managing the injury. Oh I think you've got to be injury if you what's happening. Though. You know he's in treatment during eat out it. All off. He didn't yell at the very moral lead. Ultimately very. He'll pass protection has probably up there in the top at running back triggered. You light. Again. You bet it rear each wearing a cute competition level up news the magnitude. Yeah it can be wiped out port. And and how is morals look this year I mean you look at it you everyone has perception of play board as being a bad quarterback but then. You know when you go look at the actual numbers I think that the the jaguars at number six ranked overall offense and that's my point that that's overall a solid defense helping him out with points. How has he been successful this year as as it spend more than just just the running game what is border has done to be successful. Well yet. That the vikings beat your. Yet we did that game career. Three game in the hawk attack on the Cole. And you know what he had an app you will eat cake with the heat and yet. You get the patriot if you two really interesting stat. We're able W broad interception at the Jack and it. What he. When he at that factory 97. So. Something in bitter end he's not happy to grow more than when he art I'd be game. If Jack were really good shape the game playing well he's taking what what he'd been in the and not turning the ball over forcing. Did you make up there for one. Now. A quarterback. Is it that all and more and you know but this year. You know that people want to eat eat eat well and Earl pong which he he fight again but I think in court you hold. It open to see how he handles cover. And what's perceptive of him in Jacksonville as the as the fan favorite. Well I think. People like a lot of the person personalities her interest in. These great quote and he handles criticism extremely well. Dirt on the still think it seemed to be a lot better the quarterback. I that I don't think our bats but I think we can weigh in and played people work. And others that you've gotten there seem like the all lead to rapid. Quarterback. It is stored and we had to play up. But in my really think about how do you walk. Overall pick up where it got all the general manager. And I mean you know if you look at the stat line. Being did you or worse if you will be just the general that the quarterback was taken outlined are. Done. And won just about Jalen Ramsey and is ski guarantee it at their rally today he had. What is are fuming a big deal but it down there is that just how that the team is that you mention that there are they console's media day at the fans is that confidence sort of what what the fans are like two and it's not really a big deal down there it's getting a lot of play appear. Wiping the mold it got to it was really special haven't they all complain. Demonstrated idiom in their album and medium. Be applauded and cheered. And you thinking regular beat in game. And really. You know to guide it over with support and we felt good about the bell. Gamble even more boisterous city normally at net. It. Meant that we guarantee it is being. Like you that support are two Super Bowl so I. That look like it'll be. In the right mind. What's good the chance that he says afterward he said about them is is that the county that you guys are. You all yes. Yeah where it went it went twittered that start does everybody say that. Yeah that'd pay eight parade. There are mixed reports about how that started but it having the gun go and over the years. You know people tell me is eager crowd county it the whole city of Jacksonville. Though. Becoming a lot of people have a lot riding here Jack really adapted that. How is that a sign that that gets played in the video board there again a period we had no idea what that what doubtless. He held the ball and then cheered like. Guy one more question a big deal out here I guess is as being made of Tom Coughlin and you know obviously beat the patriots in two super balls. Why says as soon as heavy Xena imprint from Tom Coughlin. From his time there I know they he has really been there that wanted to do that much for is is what's his role I guess and do you see his imprint on the team well. Oh there's there is important that all of the practiced in point like spell check that big believe it you wouldn't be a very old school. He overlooked a lot of Doug. It approaches. All this mean in a lot more period that it was undergo Bradley. Team. Eat all the wrong side. The heat it eat into respectability the French side I think you're technically am bowler. They're sure you join I think it. I've bought indeed. Then DC him having any impact at all on the game itself this weekend. Yet here I mean he's not in and year. With sweet but it. Being he'll help them prepare for what. What does elegant acting and what does it Brady because she knows better than any heat at that against them and eat it originally. One more for it as Barone an aggressive coach I that the going part on fourth down as a sound that he does all season because you know EC teams up here. Against the major tours sometimes that they they don't play aggressive it comes back to hurt them is morale and an aggressive coach and he expected to be aggressive this weekend. I think you calculate. The right thing he take it I think there's an opening and they've had. Read they ought. This year and now that way. He'd be like you'd think art ever Ellen. In other game well. It. But they like country. And he's down her work work in one night in Egypt. ECE eight the way to yacht and expendable. You competent team he coaches and I think. He'd comparable with where you bet that the team that though he'd be held leave the other days. He ought to Gillette Stadium the top what the way OB. BN but because of how well. Read Belichick actually done an air Jack what would never beaten. The Patriot Act what they Ian 15 awards at record I mean the patriot that would. You've got some act of. Too early I think to make an official game prediction you have any sense is that how they games and go do you do you expect a close game comes down to the end. But yet on nine point underdog is. Absolutely. I think there is an idiot. One record game I can I can be talked out from it but it right now arguably object. 2420. That would what that would be would. Think it's because you look back at multiple weight again that you. And I think bore hole is streaky guy. Pretty. Whoa yeah I like being. Patriot fans are doing all and end. Navy to scale back a little bit I think can be had for artwork and I think it's that popular game and if anything the patriot apple historical bandages for the Jack where it then squashing. You know that is great trademark all year though it'll be big. Really Frasier time you you come up here for the game. Awesome looking forward nurture it should be good atmosphere. Things in your time and where where complaint fans find your work. Her outburst at a news dot. Sports page and they need all follow me on Twitter act might underscore. Underscore KY. Perverts that banks liable to abuse against. It.