Not Sunday, Ep. 18: Kirk, Mut talk Super Bowl trip chaos

WEEI Podcasts
Tuesday, January 23rd

Ryan Hannable is joined by Kirk Minihane and Mike Mutnansky to break down what they expect will happen when WEEI hits the road for the Super Bowl. The duo offers tales of past Super Bowl trips while predicting what awaits the station when its week in Minneapolis rolls around.


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Weeks leads NFL. Sunday's game with Brian Hannibal current men and rich deep and Christian Fauria lead ultimatums football. Let's get started with the NFL it's Sunday and now here's Brian Hannibal. It's been awhile since we've had occurred to me in on the podcast carpal welcome back. Yeah I mean I make sure I guess let me back my question ought to a couple of questions first and you'll like. Sure of having we don't we begin in July AM and on there's a reason. Could I can do whatever I want my question is will ask one question for an adolescent squad. Would say if you ask. Media people people in the building and decision makers should most valuable on air personalities. Ratings follows in value couldn't liquid would Burnett. Oakland's Kurt. So my question is you would you would I like your guy and duplicates after the popped up. Stole your priority but not recounting agency and no I mean if you can give it to do with. I didn't think it was in one year priorities but it was just blew up. We actually was not that it was patent. It's likely sort of icy build free short. Right. Some church somewhere working year contract you know obligations digital side. What doesn't about my contract separate him calm week I do I ever want aged him at all how can I count that as part. But I would say in hell are you podcast seat in three barely keeping up on burst to cultivate. By 2 o'clock Thursday sword you know he's actually direction business something. Put grant and aid to execute station that they'll only keep talking about Jean king uniform numbers vaguely of the station that's up quite Bedard. Is on the silver bats and some guy called in and it talking about Primakov is route running. And Bedard as like I know this is Scott sharp the last couple weeks in public I noticed that two out of pocket guys. They're paying attention to cook as well running from between now and for weeks ago what it took exportable sugar. I think he's gotten better last week's but it's true. I was this know I think better overall it's clear on routes. And I don't I don't watch field when he tees as much as other people. Did you pick your program. Absolutely. So so that your. Well so. Our ethnic last argument on was probably late November 1 statement it was right around reverend Graham and went out in the numbers for the podcast that we on the path. And win iPad. National gas daily steel gates wrapped port. They're doing like you know almost twice as much as union guys odds oh. You know looking out very in my own stake in that. It your meal. At nine point in the air Maryland Johns station twenty hours a week you know line. Remote wipe my partner. Who you know thirty time. Eight people and you're not that the featured person. That is that's well that's why connect it that's why it's called me up without much. That ought. Got some good yes there yet there's nine and I don't prominent but. Right reach out to reach out there Christian and direct I didn't. Are awaiting him at your guy. On the bottom of the latter. If anyone had a problem anymore and while I mean Gary put very little. I mean not possible to get lower. And lower. In terms of what. Our of the world would go on. The website might have problems. On your problems on the property that I don't. When it when you go oh well we here in Minnesota used deathly obesity he's on a nightly flight. You fly out Sunday night OK I've filed Monday. So you get back you go cover the things that everybody else double losers should be stuck in the airport on Monday correct these (%expletive) long lines and ship it. I'll be in a nice hotel relaxing until Tuesday. Your product or do you don't use yes when Tuesday night. After. 8 o'clock. Acquire it did not seem to back at midnight yes bigots while fifty. What is the and I believe me I know this it's this question than anybody you could. I issued the man. It's frustrating eleven dollars and fourteen dollars if you on this on this terrible flight on Tuesday night late night. I think it's more than about a hundred dollars I just wanted to take in the mini now it's taken the day after taking every one last time you know purity. Money more armored. While at the features when that's 8830 Monday morning. You know I can always look into you know coming back coming Beckham and possible that that can be changed as of now Susan. In what Israel erupted late in the in the hopper over possible. I was told potentially steered airlines flight pull off a loss of thirteen dollars the available. Or. It was not aware that I was told that it Robbie your point wrought. We consider you hero brought I'm not on him not. And sort of came to that would've said something that I think day you might have had second thoughts. Before. That happened so he did. You Italy and you told me before. How much. Are those that. You might bite they'll be on our Australian care whether it's Ali for a report apart as is true that you wish Robert dye. Sobriety say that. You were the announcement at the air. We give it surprise a broader network and so so what surprised you. God no wouldn't I did see him the night that. Things start to return in I could tell things were going in the wrong direction. All of this got so much he told me that mr. in the breaker music and if Robert dye moxie not yet you might. Since he assumed leadership of the website this is that no work. I think he would have taking punitive he's he's next in line night that there again tonight. It is hands off boss also he wouldn't hear what you did. Is he. Telegraphing what's this he gives us the freedom do we want I think there were things would've stayed the same. So why after then after all these 810 whatever weeks why he brings back or questions you have Altria respect the sweet. No actually it's it's it's a new addition to suite your friend Mike men in ski we join me after. Why. Guys like Oregon is take ongoing the simple notes that the going to be a big week for and that's sort of the theme of the podcast on your feet. Super Bowl in the pocket choke in times of vomit. Want to some or mall America a video right now. I just wanna get is taken how is it actually make an impact does this won't. You like it did a good enough what you won't make no impact at all you'll you know I also that there are rumors. But they want our trip to sporting army and yeah power hour radio row I. Roof of the outstanding. Rapper enemy territory here. Definitely look lots of big sport against him as well. Sorted out or what might well speaking of every hero what let's hear what's your what's your they're partisan bull week what would you like best. I like the part when it's Friday with guns and I don't need an airplane flight back Austin at this part receiver part. I would say yes by far my favorite part. So they're not your daughter you're not a fan of the week you know like the crowds the people. Well apparently. I think we do pretty actually we do the best of five years ago. Around because before we start and Jerry's board as to what we have report yet to be like. Have them I am not under any circumstance they bring up all around they'll start five. Start or Arizona start five year. Or you know many apple. Sony bring up around. 7 o'clock hour started. And you know they're bringing Marcus Allen around it is all pink jacket. They have you know whoever part Christian in Italy is that you replacement surgery. You've whatever whatever the (%expletive) you got what do we have for our guys like now forcing a misty today who's not part of the rotation. But we dork thing we have fog will make fun of other shows you know on the trying all the trouble yet and in the back seat by a nice deep (%expletive) up part of that I like. It's weird like that we desperately Hanley to go to YouTube show you're on buying cheap it's eight over not. You get a call it is I want to keep the 230 your agent who goes and beat their recent Ichiro would kind of working sort of hold Bayer can do a double Iran. Watcher Gerry you're on the forecast. What I thought I am public. I think. Probably typical ship at right now according to Nicole. Well on the treadmill (%expletive) boring to walk around on the putt eagle ball America. Radio rows you know I think he's in all America. I mean everything is active in the team access is going to be there as well. Yeah yes the teams are starting very close the mall and it seems like they subs get earlier in the team's scarcely know what our program known as the lead them all merit at all. But I understood you gotta go get a station goes and they're at the Super Bowl and you're not like they're second rate so it can be. I mean that they just played the Cisco or are rub work at the Denver we're in the show. We decided in the morgue. So I mean got a and it's kind of quiet at the clock sit there. How to control it and BC this year at that they shall be their network will be there. All the national radio shows and morning shows them being there you know so there's there's enough going on with the European. Again that 95. Troubles but there's got to be real real well. It's not my favorite week I don't like remote anyway if you would mean he would stop it's just it's. You know it's sad to see like much like taking part it's it's it's pathetic. We'll get to my after this that I wanna know where they guess the wanna have gone to the deal like talking to. Well I think we'll have that Douglass on a sort of the trees here. He's my era so Gerri let's do that. I think you're not simply trapped as the book at him. In Italy it's what you don't. Actually count the crap and have money in the issue that's five more years student union. To get cycle wicker and that whole thing. And interpreted spot like all a couple of years ago was a quarter on quarter or grab it really matter even whitlock last year. We are right for civil. Sort of more stuff but he was okay. You gotta fight that goes to a three guys that you weeks on them. That gets these guys' sisters is job. Our job here current volume though Baltimore pulled. Meanwhile on the air walk over. Kind of pick and we'll have you know area obviously the marker today. Com. Alex's beat involved for a model be their their birthdays or their forty's an aspect of that I've gone to any. The equation now I am now. No you don't want to be on the show that rule like you can't say oh don't be in the show. Art tiring. Then you know about a simple. No we we you know we have to tell you what I don't adult atmosphere there. So. And maybe turn out shall you know if it is I mean it's busy a couple of yes. Lost sound to play the lottery action modest or in the bombing the truth is your their. Sort of part of on this show I think is recap it in before the drop of the travel. If you bought something Minnesota this sort of that recovery team as well so the be all. And I believe for a week I would definitely. Say it because we have a weird way I am looking forward that I hate her you know it is that the yeah I hate people and capable America apartment that's just. I'm about to see we I hope orbital connect. To it on the truck around 4:15 in the morning in the dark by groups like twelve degree weather walks in the ought at least you know I'm I'm I'm. Yeah a big big topic of our podcast has been a Tom Brady via I think you've actually done a pretty good job the last couple times with them especially does this past the d.s orders sensed that trend of and getting better particularly this week after Liu off like three straight weeks. People saw it just pushed back we boycott. Whole week to look. Abbott and not yet and I think it or. The real issue really because I think it happened. So Olympic go to Libya a big problem but you know I think he's been he's been good I think over you know. Yeah I think you know it. Without. Anyway I think he knows without the more he gives people epic in occurred after the game he was. Consider coming stitches he had not outlawing no we ask him about it which is one of those things I think helped I don't know why does. But he instinctively just feel. You know but. Yeah I mean how upright I just report so this notion that. Yes yes you but you actually Hattig good piece that he threw 5050 with the glove on Anglo laughs that we're. That was that was a volume is now beginning that the props to you on that. But it breaks sort of forget being you know I'm I'm I'm on the got to do yep Brady's been. These are definite better the last couple weeks I think where I sort of again Monday. And then that if they win. If we win ethical have you on again they lose now I know yeah. Think airman or they won flashy guys atom comic as he was driving to that press conference yes those kind of weird that he talked twice by. Good for the station of course. Ought definitely competitively that accompanies the loss to Denver he did not. Call in. I mean you know I don't I don't look at obligations that day of peace through the seat and I know if we get I think I think you're right that we that we your middle part of the slippery. I don't know what was going on I wonder if you wonder at some of that stuff that would actually wrote about some way or who has the stuff. Defensive about it I think the last three weeks have been good I thought two weeks ago never happened I thought it was really injured just okay. Which only is ever happen ideas on the show floor just off the yeah but you know it usually terrible Gerry as a solitary thing I thought I think he's been good and he's been good. Last few weeks I think you'll be excellent on people that would be you know on Monday. Selig implored them not being out and and Minnesota with you you you want a board to Montego. We'd like for I think you. I just you know I think. I think is at the other station when their guy there are much it hurts. Tonight show in his pocket vote in the fly by the ball weighs six. To talk about the price of of an airline ticket for the switch it. Is no right for him so it'll be I get yet. Orders much ordered B ground. Do you think you'll have an improvement from the last time he was as. Tell knock knock them out now. We can terrible at I want it should be fun to kick out could actually terrible. But he's got to be there is Jimmie on the air from five to nine that's kind of like primetime hang out so what's what's his purpose of their for you. I don't know I think purposes come over here that we can make fun of you know that that's really it could radio network it is great. Or ratings. Do you think he's going to be a guy that's gonna happen knowing guess science and that the right guy to beat the hour again that. But it sure. Of course record straight yes he has the Japanese yen and the questions asked him any advice anything like that. And asked if he knows I've received multiple legal. Limited for drinking and driving and Minnesota egotistical reasonable question. Largely I think the hotel the attacks in Portland and we're also in our our current with the other. First time on the podcasts yes like many Penske walk while when it slow week for you this is the ultimate. Week between Super Bowl here premiums park avenue on because you're you're going miserable mrs. Beck if this is. As far as I know I am I was given day and time. A note yesterday saying look you if you get this dump ash tag trending. We will send you an hour later casual listeners are awesome it was trending animals and lights it on I got a I came via Syria pat on the back legal at a boy made good job keeping going throughout the Eagles who happens I'm assuming at this point if the program director is a man of his word. I will be one of the soup for you many hands they aired before mine yet you do this yes so you asked him. What advice he asked for me when I need to know. Yet he is obvious for Super Bowl yes I think that this effort to selling I've not like guy you're like you're better at doing this on the other veteran here. Re invent radio he may think he'd be did not invent radio. What's your plan that would tear attack he's he doesn't want these like rolling in all these gas that this thing is going to be your thing admiral and all these guest tonight. I'm going to have a couple of guests that they won't block the next I I know for a fact I I will talk to. Somebody who covers the game free gambling aspects on it I won't they'll be gambling and yourself marketed by a couple of segments that I will duke I'm interest and those guys don't care Jerry admits. He'd ever want he hates gambling in general. Kirk has zero interest in any mocks me for any time talking about here DiCaprio on that I'm into it audiences into it's I guarantee of new couple lows in the week that will bother them. Although couple spots at Philly people that about the radio WIP that they'll mocked the next day but in general I with Kirk that to put against on to say. For example we had on years ago this unsuitable related with Franco Harris. Franco Harris is on we're in Boston he was I think it was possible that week. He is yes and so athletic now some of boarding house. We don't want to talk while it's too Patel and it was dumb it was to which should not done it. And I don't want to do things like that if I can avoid it Adobe gets it on that they. Hired gonna make an impact Heidi and just by your your presents. I think there's a lot of lot of talk that the past symbols that navy didn't do anything that was in pac. I indeed. The first super polite adding that's fair we were Indy was are we likelier for six months whatever laws we go out there and we would not do great job. I would argue they sent us the big issue go to New York a couple of years ago when. We had Marshall Faulk on that was a day and a half program for the Asia Marshall Faulk took shots at patriots steal. It's I would disagree with that assessment that people are saying that that I'd had no impact. The plant this time around is to be. To be a lot from place we have a lot of ways to get. On our listeners entertaining keep an acute wondered social media weather's video injuries on the air it's crashing and other shows on the station. I'm grass now over the course of the day they'll be radio row I'm hours before my show actually starts oh. Will find ways to annoy the people on the air and educated people well that is the plan and I will say that you're you're right about. Me going to justify it there are people here in the building on and off the year. That don't want meego O that are annoying I'm going oh names there are producers who are now scrambling because they think they're gonna apt to. Cover my shift one of things that they liked about the super bull before. It is that Mikey wouldn't go. And like you would bitch about it for two weeks but it would love it because Noelle Newton would have to worry about releasing national night it was they are at the suitable that week. Producing gale collier or. All England or show what the app. I didn't have the state produce the show I think guys like Jason Rossi a pissed. About the priest my showed Doug Lee I'm sure is annoyed long days long days because they want to send me the super solicitors or seventy by getting that that's the past. I'm trying to yesterday's of that is true people are noise and look at the the hatch act part of it so curtain Callahan supported it in a the mid day guy supportive they are re tweeting it at full audit. Not sniff from dale who holly keep those guys did not want to be there because this means rich probably sustain an extra hour and he was six or seven jail. Which he. Doesn't want to do he wants to get off your 5 o'clock local time. And you don't mess that I borrowed Michael Ali and that was o'clock anyways you gotta just by that it works time they're trying to points are right there. The a justified I would justify the or people on and off the other annoyed and on line like I did hear a story. I think maybe in these balls you had to share hotel armor in have a room for you I shared a room with. I believe was jewels are on Lucas so we can be if it was. Was that the Super Bowl or might have been World Series one of those two maybe two hours it is Google analyst I shared a room Brian with. Joseph is our I heard there's a video of you checking into the hotel. And Kate used these talk to rob this is that this is the brat for files you recently I and he may have sensed that means my -- yes they they had no known name they had no credit card and I we separate card down as director of the ruled it was that a disaster. Getting there. I worked out okay. But we got there there was we had to hang out week is a renewal and force them so hopefully this time around picking knowledge that we have I know it you're staying. I've no idea when and where flying is again assuming I'm going to knock on the official word yet. On. But I hope we're not sharing a room that's that's the whole knock but I am not dire class that the bigger house. Actually you know what yes that's why one request do not make you share with Chris cars or anyone earning enough by I don't know I don't know focus from their tight. Their site not dish rooms it's not an issue. Are you showing her with. Probably without humor I think that will lead or dot com buy dot com excellently package shared office back there now yesterday I saw that on the no no no that's good for you I hear office but what I. What are you expecting at the station to you your different capacity you're there to cover the team. What do you want from the station what what are you hoping to you know go to the web sites the only talk to this pro what what do you. On some controversial guest I want something like who's Contra ride I don't know that's up to you guys to find people you get fired a sell out and unify these counts find guys that that I don't hate the patriots find guys Darrell. That'll you know go out Bill Belichick go Tom Brady finds and stuff that that patriots fans erupt but I think that's what that's what I like and I think Kurt mentioned that the marches and am driving craft on its big yet. And the idea you know some good information but you know not happens and Buick dot crafts I guess you gonna go for that the controversy. The putt I think that's what the listeners and I will eventually at some point exit and make its officials and I'd like to ask the audience that what what are they what your listener Boston. Minnesota's not glamorous cities like older and nice warm place that not like a real up parties. So. I think the audience wants you to set I think that that they want the dumb gas east you called controversial. I called them dumb because they they. And it's time and that's up Wednesday. Is that they provide us with. Content to react to the other side because right now patriots and you rolled wrong as you know. It's on the other side is the patriots are cheaters Brady's not the best ever. Belichick's not the best several that's that's tough to argue at this point the anti patriot stance. Absolutely open on looking forward to try to find as much as possible minutes. Now I think other people and Kirk especially statement be having too much fun after the show what what are your expectations there are no expectations on I'll I'll go. When and where the place in Minnesota are ago there's something boosted their known for. On some sort of cheeseburger we put that she's in the patty okay I'll be tracking those down I did just find out today. That. In Minnesota's won these states where you can. Restaurants and bars like OT BUQ you bet on horses at the bar oh man I that your rally this is honestly like light years. Perked up when I saw I start but he got favorites into my browser for these places are. So I expect the B periscope of degenerate not one of these places betting not aqueduct sun afternoon for the show how power really knowing what's too early. So if they're running your were bad. A guy that's so will be an hour or hour behind back there out there why are so mean to be post 9/11 20 AM local time oh and aqueduct race while it was good race Friday. Price tag stand Friday and Saturday. I don't think I should again look I have no clue what my schedule is what my travel is but get. Giving I don't plan on getting in trouble. But in Minnesota in Everett if there who derailed most suit earlier guys this the issue hang around with the most. No nobody Osce would go and so my schedule is going to be on the only gotten. So I can't go to dinner with a anybody on the air from five until line nobody's gonna stick around. Wanna have dinner afterwards so don't care. On the afternoon show guys Renault item there. The big day shall guys do their own thing I heard today on the year their wives and failure Golan and I were there last year I I heard things about them. Where they're just nowhere to be found on the strictly made eagle their family and public and the little Christian. Stanley is up there semis I don't share flight back last year actually with Lawrence on really how is that. It's got good experience southwest England through Kansas City that's. I see in my future and this is a little too glamorous don't want to come across the upper. But I see couple big. Food court launches with Chris skirts I and maybe if Kirk gears let me Greece's presence. On radio launcher Q with the huge Eric is they'll be and there are team through the show veil. Little map that Ron will launch welcome back to radio row some sure the most we spent with with those guys but overall we don't want the CBO that wants. Kirk Kirk said he wanted to know if the guy he was he was he said he has pushed you're galaxy wanting out I think you're one of the few guys that he actually wants thing he says that now and then all week to be god the and it might has been so. The panel can swear yes again that's so (%expletive) going on its trip. Eyes batting at these restaurants were going to get the racing form out at his desk at that will give some great continent as a terrible terrible guests on the show Beatles the Leno wonderland. Yes he was excellent. Are you the morning show appearances well I think cart said earlier again the if you. This is obviously I'm breaking news here you are telling me under the on the morning I don't know where when. How I'd be welcome to go and help those guys some point during the week. I'm pop on for an hour they need that I've I've I'm sure they don't I would love to it's my favorite show did you besides my show. On the station and just be being there or make Jerry laugh and available mocked me in it'll give them. Couple hours to kill not having to you know bring on. A trip oak separate try to trick on down Trace at apple. Shall I don't want to know up cut although avocados on suitable time Joseph you're right make excellent glaucoma. One last question for you you had to pick three guys have gone as guests here. Three guys in. See I would wants to delve princess like I did princess is still relevant and he's going to be there. I don't know I I think there's a chance because he has this huge app coming out April and it's free pub. Four so in a friend and I try to stay away from out. Mad dog Russo apps regardless he's the best but he's more sure yet Kirk parity claimed him I would say Mike princess for sure. I love this gala with Kellen because he's such an anti patriot on right now and just to try to get him to explain. The debris eclipse because he's been so down. About that so far they could get them if for a don't like that would be goods gift for the station in general elect talking down to the nighttime shuttle to the listeners of the station panache or getting usable. Now that the both of my peoples of my listeners don't talk down and ends up on my ball I apologize rob. NN. Unnamed actress promoting a movie that's always like oh it's it's a who who it was that terrible. Kevin Costner movies it was at the draft was called. Was a call on draft day this is what their craft I think draft Dick I forget the actress in it and you'll see acute the rename what it's just being. Match that care of these economic and credit card commercials now. She says what's your wallet. And into what is her name but she did radio row fine and stupid computer cheated radio row. And so everywhere what they view what does it tracked by attractive on radio row with a bunch of big. Fat radio losers radios for the biggest losers of all time people could not do any else if they try. And so these losers especially producers there ball around yet this attractive. Actors there on your your radio row your spot where the station is. Taking pictures and look like absolute morons that's always ago wanted to get attention on yourself by need to draw attention to the nighttime shall I like what's it. Lars. Larson now at honored. So against. Look at problem. Now with Kevin Costner now. Think that. Listens. Lots of people had to go over Turkey as an on line that's national gas line help and they it was a national gas. It feel Yates on rap port on and we. Same lines in Provo focus is east he's good guiding you on that right he was seamless to back but I hate. Like I just told Kirk that the numbers are proven otherwise like we are again doubled the ratings at non non Kirk Kirk on it I'm not surprised that he was offended by these guys let me know at a time he wasn't on it says it looks a big guys de La I think that's what I said he had busy afternoon at -- and into the station. And waiting for your house taking away from I'm listening to the great show on the air and I think that white jerseys are good for the patriots because it's good. And I believe that will take your calls and right now at 61777979. Victories. While I'm with the ultimate good Minnesota OC we will be Betty aqueduct this morning with O line.