NFL Sunday - Super Bowl LII - Tom E. Curran joins the show; Schefty and Mort save the day 2-4-18

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Sunday, February 4th

HOUR 3 - Tom E. Curran sounds sure that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will return next season. And he's still not impressed with Doug Pederson. In the previous hour, Diana Russini tweeted that there were rumors circulating that this would be it for the Brady/Belichick era. As it turns out, that might be a bit of a stretch.


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NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Lansky insurance more choices more savings in children's simplify. I check out how plenty dot com bystanders in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England. Record dealers it's NFL Sunday with money keeps on sports. Our three or five hour action packed NFL Sunday lucky and you Sports Radio WEEI counting down to these Super Bowl. In Minneapolis our coverage begins here at 2 o'clock loads joined Tommy courage he's in Minnesota right now is our window into the game. He's brought to you by darkened building supply your local Andersen windows dealer. Tom and keep your Boston how are you. Mike rich how are you crate engine sound. Spectacular I'll I'll they're really ought to integrate to think that's all across caught on picked him out I assume the yeah I feel like you've had a couple cups of coffee your focus in you ready to player that scheme today. Pretty well hydrated I have my I'm actually pact could you wanna come back in the room at 2 in the morning instead while at late morning I have that also my weight I'm going to be able lock in on two. I ain't gonna say this though Tom barrack tell you do your job at pace yourself. You know the game is not till 530 local time there and so you get you get a little bit of waste ago. We're actually going up com. If junior television not news radio when while watching as we come up at thirty local time for you guys start. So I'm gonna have that first and then scanned down perhaps read all of and then. Convene for a little bit what are. You bring your game preview today Tom it sounds like you're expecting another close Super Bowl for the patriots. It's a tendency in the reason for that is. Has nothing to do with history in terms of slow starts the patriots not scoring the first quarter has to do with. Their identity in the way they you things and especially against Philadelphia. Sports scene that. Jim Schwartz is going to do something orally at the patriots don't necessarily expect. And the patriots about why it went to try and figure out identify what they're doing and an aunt moved yes they're gonna go on you'll score. We're gonna try and score touchdowns. But the patriots to a lot of probing and with some Jerod Mayo are open no early you you'd Haitians are. And then once they figured that triggered it I'll go out so. I kind of feel and the most are from New England on people who are human males. And I might have to reel them in late which they will that do will be able to do as a carrier condition what do you think eagles' biggest strengthens. Speed which can also end up being their biggest detriment you sense speed. News an offensive line athletic at the ability to get out and run that stuff you know crap. On with your old guard like. Not how they have some very very athletic guy who's on the and so on. Can move around and create those caps where they can highlight a little room to the second level. The patriots shortcomings of linebacker and the size difference between say Patrick Chung would Iran Harmon to Chordiant Garrett what age I. So that's the eagles' biggest strength but that's beat the Eagles defense you watched any and a Alina Cho came out of that. Just watch the overhead view from time. They just oh absolutely no second where that ball's in the entry to trains are. Are you mentioned that the speed of their defense mentioned Jim Schwartz oh what does Jim Schwartz show Brady hasn't seen before they eased to five and two against them. Two of those games losses were essentially meaningless get a five games Tommy diversion almost forty points a game this feels like. A similar set up the guys like Lebow and Jack Del Rio Brady's own Jim Schwartz over the years. It has not been good to end when it comes down to it really has very little coordinators do your players yet he's done those things against. On the Jack Del Rio we had players. In Denver. Without defense. But they did tomb in 2000 you know created a week shall defense. What weight or defense to gradient. In years when he had players who were able carried out not seeing the Eagles in those thirteen. And cents. But it depends on who wins those weighs in and I am you know. I look at what your clocks or clear that up front. They've they've got a nice run good front of the other teams always always. Where. You are well. And how they equated it. Now I don't know I'd sure you have been following Diana were seized two weeks today but she less than an hour ago. Greeted this whole rambling thing where essentially. Those police say this could possibly be both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's final game. Then it out of chapter and Chris mortenson went on TV and said Dole's guys are both going to be back in and so she had to sort of say oh well. Yeah that's what they're saying in you know that's probably what's going on but there's still those rumors. We just once and for all you believe both guys will certainly be back next year right. I do I do and MM hum writing mad actually for a way to this afternoon. Going to be amazed at people need to read things. This is the inevitability of weeks preparation. And you know really intrigued free Eagles team in terms of story lines so what are we gonna go to we're gonna rebel Brady retiree. Why are they gonna retire it will build boats and actual. Emphatically enough when he was asked if he was coming back I mean when I said. You know it's a pretty. You know I I was at an event last night a lot of people what are close to. Opel pretty about him you know. I said to one person. Not going anywhere right. It was nothing would surprise me. She just like him of who always. But he certainly doesn't think that's the case at all and you know radio. Going anywhere and I don't believe that the vote as an intense period. You know again you have to leave that small amount of people have been just people gays and about. And talking about it so when Diana report that he should coaches hated that people keep talking about race. Is possibly gas. Not untrue. I know you've youth you see a lot of Tom Brady over the years how did you find on this week given the way the week started with the Roemer stuff and and usually center of attention I felt the entire week Alberto. I think it was great I think he's only had a great week and I I honestly. You know median at another time another place another year at 8 am on the planet might have other more. To me it was an well that happens a moving on. And you know everybody else has kind of still follow. Up to him at all. About much. Well Rob Gronkowski made it sounded like you didn't clear the concussion protocol still think Thursday but it sounded like I was gonna happen no matter what he and the way he. Finally talk to the media it was yeah ideally I knew this is gonna happen in just more of a matter of when. It seems like every time he's on the field if he's healthy the patriots are really hard to beat specially in the playoffs and after missing last year's Super Bowl. But yet the sense that he could he could really have a monster game tonight. You know what his impact is going to be massive whether or not that ball 120. Yards. Or arms shall forty because they're going to send multiple people that they have to have one and a half guys. Sometime don't bet. Two and a half to three guys what's that mean. In the interior of the real I mean parameters knocking out. Depth downfield mr. All of our wide receiver so if you're not gonna have heard of voting seek help. Linebackers and people like that seem we're covering crime. And that means you're going to be one homeowner outside and what shall we does on the outside we with a great cushion outside. It brick hard on the ball. Cornerback position so that's where those double moves command so cooks in this so called sports that interest angle. Sure talked about it today watch for the patriots trying to either who actually off. With a double move early. You know hit him right away or then set it up but slick and mango. Arm but at some point we're gonna look at you buy it on. What you find out about Doug Peterson besides the fact he thought he did look Smart last wee hours is. But the cutter is cute is not one that impresses me I'll be candor and however. However. And the aggressiveness that he has coached with all your excuse is worth noting because. If he's ahead. There are and I wrote about the weeded out again because it was a fun story to do arm. He coached with greater aggressiveness or your arm with arms are a lot of chances. And people are of the mind that that's the way to do things against the went on and Twitter creatives. But when we talk about aggressiveness. This aggressiveness you wind up shooting itself in the forehead with. IE my arm one when the game situation dictates to shield or go to overtime because you're disorganized. I. Keep punching and try to goad to go for some kind of an Arco thereby giving patriots further opportunities or does he do it admiral and Erlich and that. Hardest thing for him daily news. Trying to not what this is always what I've done this is how we got here this too which calls. Tommy done a tremendous job force all year on NFL Sunday is very good we have something special for you which is. Dolls ultimately give moss some things vessel the delete Obama could maybe take some words of wisdom or something key on this game that we really sink our teeth into for the next. What two and a half hours you said that you wanted to pass on the listeners about the tour. Yeah please you know well let's let's think about. The notion of the NFL and the officials have been thumb on the scale for new and wondered out in seventeen. Obviously we look at calls. Into every single Warren. Make sure you've heard of summer beatable as what you saw you opened Benjamin touchdown. The readers who Wear matching territories where that generally in Super Bowls. You have a hands off policy in terms are. Officials are not our primary game changing calls how much. Out. To be the patriots are almost illegals. Peel out where we're arm. I think that's going Beatrice and to monitor his game go on its territory and quote unquote also our crew officials. Manage this football. He's top authorities and I love it as your what are way to end a little restaurant occurred Tommy do a great job all year long maybe cover in the game you gonna be on TV a little bit you got a column this afternoon. On Brady and Belichick really you've you've done at all here this morning as always real well we sister is a great time when's as a great our yields on Wednesday it. Good you guys enjoy the game face on YouTube that is Tommy current NBC sports Boston a weekly guest here on NFL's Sunday was now off the duties of his triple threat. The guys on TV he's on the radio he's on the website the written word much. He is a triple threat in the in the sports and you can I call me quadrant is what also podcasts disable that but his sarcasm in his. Constant ripping a bendable the pro does have its do you five from the he could buy in from Wednesday night. The open the hold they double our recognizable Israelis accuse stupidity. We did do that a couple times on his stupidity every day's so it was fun. 6177797. ID 37 that is your phone number it is a mutt and keep NFL Sunday we'll come back. Allow updates you on the breaking NFL story today guy in a receipt he says sources tell our a couple of the rumors in the NFL Belichick and Brady might be done with a win tonight. And then her coworkers ESP and distort that report about thirty minutes later which of that and your phone calls right up until 2 o'clock here on. NFL's on the home of the best pass coverage. Also on. Brought to you might come Lansky insurance on Sports Radio WEEI. As we sit here today to give any question that. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will be back as patriots. Next season. I appreciate that you ask that question and I'm not gonna respond to a you'll just have to have to see for yourself. Who knows how many more years of coaching is made up very many more it looks like right out of politics is expected return. Jason can anybody imagine. Bill goes check do anything but coaching right now. Although there is some people thought if you. Diana receiving goods NFL Sunday. Final episode of the season but a lot of fun. Culpable Sunday mornings review what the game where you at 2 o'clock and killed and 617779. 79237. That is the phone number to open lines you expect a phone calls. I'll all show long we'll talk to a Christian Fauria in the final hour of the show go back to Minnesota. Eyes are more Diana had moderate hip hop has no I don't wanna do this if that has hop super Sunday or die Anderson I don't wanna handle this so don't matter at all home deserve what is on the same page is under the most recent I want you to read. All of them he's at three today I want oldest in new list. And I wanna play the shift to more and clip again for people OK I don't get all the two weeks verse so she goes I was the first one about an hour ago unable to more than an hour right now on that ESP NFL countdown it's brought to light about what many in the league of big hearing. Which this game could possibly be both Belichick and Tom Brady's final games bolt could be hanging it up. Post game could be incredible tonight if this becomes true so you read much war. Fluently than it sounds. Good at that I've run out of your gonna get out of the way as written is written for events that she is gets bombarded waited. Not bad that's really freaking out that that could be true but just freaking out that how could use throw this out there was no real sources and nothing else. So that she responds. To 45 minutes or so after that tweet it she says. And for the patriots fans freaking out it's made clear by both at Adam Chester and at more report. Both Belichick and Brady are expected to return despite those rumors. We'll have audio of that coming out which also happened about a half hour after a first three. And now just a couple of minutes ago oh goody she says. Or she tweets I did not word this carefully enough. ESPN is not reporting or even suggesting this is going to happen. I was watching the show. In our insider's response to the unsubstantiated. Chatter sitting at patio out some teeth that that makes no sense I am at this. Just leave Twitter alone I'd feel bad for this point and now I guess I'll stay out elements. We've all been there said in and done stupid things as some each to some very resellers. Yeah well you turn into the Spain. Just say look I already I don't this from multiple people I'm not saying it's a report I'm telling you what I heard that's my job and move on instead of I didn't work carefully enough which he didn't and responding to the show. So this was ESPN this is share after and mortenson. Thirty minutes after Diana receive the tweeted out that she's hearing things about Brady and Belichick potentially being done. If they win the game tonight rob they give it back to practice they all participated. Let's hear from chapter in with a point. Who knows how many more years of coaching is made up very many more it looks like right out of the object is expected to return. 48 decision and that's for Tom Brady he would be 41. Years old next season his wife Gisele is constantly after him to retire is. Body is getting older that if he wins today that over 86. Super Bowl. How many more does he want to win but that they would Tom Brady is he wants to prove that somebody can play at a good level well into his forties that. That seems to be his goal and while there's no clarity that's for certain. It is sure that Brady who would back next season I think most people believe right now that he will be back and you see what happens after today with the offseason discussion. And name is essentially the exact opposite of always a report what he wants in there. Want to thirty for thirty's hit get a lot that you. But so getting my draft king's I showdown they are going to be they're going to be back and sewed that are CB. I also love how she also tries to send real why I was I was just responding to the shallow thick oil that we're also watching the show and it sounds like they're going to be back. I don't know I don't know. Maybe baby just pull off for a minute you know it's it's always an option it's always a tough day you know for a fan for a reporter for a player it's just the etiquette of circle 630. Look around by the snacks how to kill the time what Roy do. You know you you listen to five hours of mud key if you can't thought about my god out more bombs. I'm sick a mile boys this week I'm guessing the I audiences deathly sick we hear my voice that this is it between the two of us we have covered a lot a lot of time analysts. Slugfest with Pete but today that's clear again 6177797937. A phone numbers just for the record neither key for I believe that the Belichick Brady is gonna walk away after the game. Nor newborns and nor does she after nor has really anybody teams like rounding and it felt. A back your phone calls Anderson made on the coach Bill Belichick Andrew you are on NFL Sunday. And what's going on guys that's been happy it will Sunday it's Super Bowl you know called heroes let's go. I did and I love watching your back there are boxes and put pressure generally I meet declare this if they at a company. Right it's just getting bombarded with its suite of features Sony went where you getting this from the doll. That's great but it's at Celtic goes and the I don't expect Brady your that are all about check it'll make a ticket part of desire. Let it is easy luckily the patriot pretty good situation like they'll eat. If you. He luckily the patriot I drive. But maybe a better one like the patriots would not have traded Jimmy rumpled. If they thought Brady was going to retire Brady I believe that part of wicker shams story guys the Brady went to the crowd since that I am going to be year got to keep playing a I would like you guys to commit to me now that betray grapple now or not. They did that if they had any inkling to use your word Andrew they're Brady was gonna go Rob Lowe would still be here. It is still be here. And I think that one of the other two look at Secaucus would take over for bill not ER. I use it wherever they're going to. Three out of I want and I would've thought that exact same thing injured that one of the coaches with a stated but then watching the thirty for thirty on the two bills. You go from those great giants teams and then all of a sudden they lose Parcells and Belichick in the same year. Because spell check out the job with the browns and then I think first three months. After the season after the Super Bowl. Up ourselves citing you know health reasons things like that. He decided to retire so all of a sudden the giants go from what it was Super Bowl they got Lawrence Taylor they look rather wait a minute. We just lost the best assistant coach at best coordinator in the league in one of the best head coaches. So that I guess potentially could play out here also it would have to be a change of heart. For Belcher because during the season to get exactly which week you laws he told us that he's definitely going to be back next year now. Couple months go by pigs could change for whatever reason but buddy Jimmy back. And then Charlie Weis. He was on dale hollow keystone this year and he had it won that not everybody is saying about why adults act. It's gonna coaching your team coach for awhile you brought the fact that his his two sons on the staff. Insane how you'd spend time with them to think about how many coaches leave it may site Yemen reasons for him wants the more Thomas family. When you're seeing two of those guys. Every day and so that he continue to push in the coat for a few more years while let's talk to Peters called for JP on Brady and Belichick it Peter. Judge saying go in there without the radio has been a confluence and don't say this could be the end of last season for our thoughts are embracing I remember that yeah. You do yeah. I. I don't really recall anyways it probably was that it was it early October glad that right. That would allow okay yeah I remember I catalog all you to you and Diana were seen yet and if you had. Stay memorabilia is just letting them know what's really but I think. If they win that there is nothing left improved greatly in the intellect minute commute best cornerback. There are played and thought just be good that. Coach who never played the game and it worked people are undermanned. Estimating a little bit. Is this. Home from Maryland and jeepers. He. Well a lot meaning good identity at the tough the prince. I don't know Alex Cabrera Allen Iverson thank you thank you thank I've. No I'll Guerrero is the answer Terrero. I think they're right admit estimating the friction. That ties between the 222 back. So I knew what why wouldn't. You know Belichick over the books from opposite and brittney can either play or maybe follow up. Just and it's led to the colts got picked up but don't have to prove which is that's. But to Peter everybody keeps saying that and and maybe you'll be proven right you as the waters commons I don't know who's talking about what. Brady wants to take at least 4445. Played an elite level into his forty with the color of the people he can do it that's what he's trying to prove ballot check. You mentioned as kids you talked of the Charlie Weiss report. He still likes coaching he still seems to really great really really enjoy the idea in the process of coaching this team so. They have things to prove to the NFL now all but they're there's they're two guys who always been extremely. Self motivate the recent Brady's here. It because he was self monitored became my college in Michigan terrible athlete had a big arm and he turned itself into the best quarterback of all time. That's a god does need motivation. To come back from the now you're talking about your folks what are people really think I I I cannot believe people think today. That Brady and Belichick and a walk away after this game that's the story to exit and a receding they doubled back she has says. It is a suitable of that and a suitable tales Eagles the Super Bowl ads or Philadelphia Eagles and his speaking doubled go to south Philly good Alex is there Alice you wanna talk about your Eagles today. Pat rightful mind what's up man if you hate to break it to you but today. We shocked the world OK today we'd get re then. Thirteen years ago when you guys where videotaping. Our coaches on the sidebar. Okay you get cheated revert pre Super Bowl OK and today we get revenge for that. The big Divx you saw last two or at least through those clean. Our. Well look I don't I don't I don't care about the lately I but I do care about slightly. Okay and yet you got a spot about what's what is like. You guys were illegally. Taping coaches' signals. About what. That's what you know five woods to China that who was screaming on the sidelines you guys are leaping they don't. So okay what they wanted change signals that immigrate there but they knew it I just I mean I didn't I give Dallas credit when you ask most morons and we are US US Jon Ritchie with the idea eighties he thinks you hate practice or walk to Alex has it right. They got penalized for using video cameras to tape coaches' signals. During games yet that's exactly what spike was so is now more people like to do a sport generosity are there positive view better than Jon Ritchie do it the Super Bowl against the Eagles the Eagles loss had more to do with. Patriots taping signals or Andy Reid in the final few minutes and Donovan McNabb aren't up on the field. Thing yeah you've got you guys could've won that all without doing any of that done and that is the complete chill earned it right so listen to news that. Not so that that's why I don't get get Belichick you know what today none of that matters a cake today we have the better team. You guys haven't done anything that you're too it is certain rate of planes WB technique. And Jack. That's who was there that number was he goes yeah yeah. Hold on their eighties but I'll go where the bus ball. After. Yeah. He is much more educated on spy heat in the host at WIP that is true so I'll get credit for that and the Eagles have an. You cannot get most picture pains to say the Eagles suck of the not a good team the NFC was very good this year that to go back up quarterback beat Atlanta and Minnesota game here. That is pretty impressive it just for me when it comes down to wit may be your right is argument if you take into quarterbacks out the rest of the rosters. The Eagles might be slightly better if you say take the QBs out everyone else but still. I can't get past polls and Brady quarterbacks will support position of football and all sports excuse me and so when one guys that much red the other. I did for the guys. Yeah he really think they may have a better offensive linemen that are defense line but 2018. I'll take the coach and the quarterback. That was the quarterback like that that is such an overwhelming edge. Some of the other spots. It's probably pretty even in the running backs are obviously different I think the patriots running backs. I have again I liked a better. Doesn't mean that there are gonna have you know similar. Output today it tight and it's definitely better for the patriot as his record says you don't have the advantage there the wide receivers might be a wash. You know but when you have the quarterback throwing to a probably advantage Patriots defense. They both have good defense I know people wanna you know Pope who would be. Patriots defense. But they allowed the exact same number of points this year they got a really good secondary they're out their defensive line is very on the radio would would Malcolm brown tree flowers. So. I think the patriots have the better team Vegas thinks they have the better team they obviously have the experience and everything else that Nichols along when it. But I mean security as patient incompetent you know you just you smoke the vikings you beat the falcons yet funeral of a great year but he also are thrown out your backup quarterback. Which that has this thing will come back full pull on the bank cubicles at 6177797937. Pursued for you'll join us in the 1 o'clock hour. Would get all your thoughts on patriots and Eagles up until two in our coverage of the big game right here on WEE. Okay. Let's get you back to head. NFL Sunday. Polanski insurance on Sports Radio tell. Tom Brady. Another perfect perfect perfect person who was a nice guy get extra yeah it right and I I don't know like. Like you guys film but I conceived my Siemens which is mr. operatives were talking. I've heard two the stuff if you guys. So I know it's a nice guy but he cheated to witness. When he deflated the football's. I love you we we we disagree with that. The greatest and obviously and nobody knows more about the story than we do I cannot ask this question to doubt they didn't believe but it won't be you or did you read the world should work the I got asked that question a couple of injury to a delicate task. So you've played that it's funny how the and I sat next to ask him during that interview. Yes he is he's in on he plea he plays the game at Jerry asked you what evidence do you have. And Howard said on the talk shows what evidence to my knee like he had the deployment is it what it is I don't know why the way John Richie and he'd he'd right his stance is the patriots are cheaters. And it. He's gonna hammer that point home there are other guys if the guys who played the economy. And who won those guys that it bothers them the most that makes sense because Howard asking didn't lose to the patriots in the tuck rule gamer and boosted them in a Super Bowl or anything like that so it's. Marshall fault it's Jon Ritchie at some of the old Steelers those guys who hate the patriots the most because thing about how good their teams that are bad. You know Marshall Faulk gets at least it's what's the two Super Bowls you know would with the Steelers who knows how many whether Leo cults all these different teams. Would have been sold better off rather than getting the water coupled you know it's usually grabs through Super Bowls and their Roethlisberger. The patriots standing in the way that their legacies a completely different 6177797937. Is the phone number Steve's in Florida on the patriots I Steve. I'd like ally to Steve I would tell. Him. Blah in addition to wearing false things. Today. The thing about the great team Belichick coming back. I don't. For mobility coming back at. Lot of crap Bob Kraft. Said something on a piece by the interview with Unionists on left side and then. Yes and yes in point blank do you expect them both to be coming back. Any and he said thank you the question that's a good question. I'd rather not answer it now now. That put me like this is not a patriot thing that. I mean why wouldn't just say yes and I expect them back are pretty without a doubt come back he said you want to play until eight. In the mid forties and a waste plank he could. Well Steve's the guy that Steve the tonight I've I want answer for you the reason he didn't I should've I should've brought this up with current. When he joined us Curran told me on Wednesday. The Bob Kraft has learned at this point never to talk about bill Belichick's. Contract or he's back next year or not I guess he did it at some point bill got upset with them. And so we never he doesn't publicly comment on Belichick anymore. As of the coaches asked him to do essentially. That's why did saint. That makes sense now the American question. Against Seattle. Malcolm came out of nowhere to be the star who bashed James White. Who do you think I mean I firmly believe the patriots would who is the unsung hero today. Steve you give me your player personnel hang up lancer. I think it's going to be Dion Lewis. I think. It would see what caught back. All right Steve you can't you can't hold on you can't pick. The starting running back for the patriots as the I think that you need to get beat somebody moron you know I don't know all the board dies Sunnis. Somebody else. Okay yeah. Yes hours yeah I would I would say well it is one that I'll say okay. And doors that data off the board for sure. The appreciate that you asked that question he is I'm a pulpits and beat the odds are here I think he probably move infinity to vote or that yes it's plus 18000. Are for real Simon I'd look at that I believe it. Don't worry give Margaret it's it's a terrible you'll Sports Radio which question let's entertainer for better. So he's right Butler makes the big play James White was freaking amends last year but I don't think that in winning two when he grabbed. Our hundred dollar fuel source that the VP bit about you that's absent what was James White actually I probably an announcement 9000 somewhere. 4000 this year chip what is. Yeah what god I'd box I thought the same thing because I think if anybody you name it all and you know. Some people are nobody's talking about 6777. Sides out of the it is at a high rate of credit. I'll always take a tough call us a lot of that is that is right. This is the guy who's certainly not off the radar for patriots fans they nationally I do think Trey flowers I think one that could he have if his three sacks in the game. And it's a lower scoring game. You're gonna look to defense wasn't Von Miller the MVP when the when the Broncos on I think he was so I believe my eyes bigger tree flowers gets two or three sacks and he's capable of that. But yet look at him he's got it was a plus 20000. The MVP odds yes I acute. But he got to get off on the I key. I come up with a guy that in ABM James White ivy and patriot fans thought but nobody did nationally about Butler nobody heard of nationally. If I had to I'd say Rex Burkett. Yep wreck our got as an artist in out of the lineup. I think they're gonna use him in multiple situations today running the football you can line up as a receiver. Against Philadelphia and catch the ball out of the backfield so I don't feel strongly about that like I go back to listen last year for full week. I pump the tires on James White and say play in a draft kings MVP. The is the odds lately over catches over yards just send it in aria is the passing game wean tactic I don't feel content of any prop this year Gillick at feel good about. Is taking a flyer on branding cooks. On his all is over stuff over receptions over yardage fair and MVP now the likelihood the bread because of the huge game. And Brady wouldn't be DM VP small C had you figure MBP money put on Brady. 80% on Brady 20% on cooks can possibly play the Eagles consumables Deion Branch you know and so huge he is a game like that you know it's gonna have to be. Ten catches over a 130 yards all we ask senator to report brown jug for a segment yesterday in a big WEEI. Party in Minnesota and he said the outside receivers and he thought that so read as studios it's congress. Exert champ champ was Axel this week on radio row. He's a cooks and Hogan against. He would. I dimensional guys that we thought that's that's so don't always Cox yes burger player I Johnson made in the patriots John it's Super Bowl Sunday Howard you. Good my key critic Michael about. So I would like it map highlights from the lack. Two border equal in creation Torre came up with a really big player in game when he lot lot Aaron onside kick from. He said he calls of the most important play the super good. Here are very important views I'm not wrong and I'm also talking about yes. Well I'm looking for that it and looking you know. Stick to the fundamental note stupid penalties. Secured the ball give Brady some time in the offensive line battle. And I think it is going to be an unsung hero at Kennedy Gilmore. To pick completely locked down jet tree caught it all paid for old lap mark. Say what it's about guys who have I doubt post season Gil Gilmore right lawyer and a great game against albeit it's not a great passing attack in Jacksonville but he had a great play at the end. They try to DD Westbrook get a couple the past offenses during the game he has played a lot better I think he's had two because Malcolm Butler. As good as he's been at times he'd been wildly up and down these two postseason games. A as I think that. The knob of the stats jumped out to you if you look at what the Eagles did passing the shoot that they went through for bunch of touchdowns but not a silly zillion yards fun. Individually like elf on Jeffrey is that he's a good receiver in in you know Nelson or not bad Torrey Smith could be down the field so. Jacksonville didn't have those guys Tennessee really didn't mean Corey Davis could end up being good player but. This is the toughest test that that they've had throughout the. No doubt an Ambien or arts and the will feel the outrageous saying that Patrick Chung can offend or to take him out of the game I just I don't view it is that simple guy. There's two things people keep saying this week that I don't I so agree were number one is the Hertz thing I think he's too good. At and Patrick Chung will have a some success but ours is gonna make his plays mes this is the first time ever any Super Bowl. Where both tight ends for bowl teams lead their team and it was yardage in catches. I tell goodies guidance are now so it's gonna make plays there I don't think that Patrick Chung has been shut him out. I also don't think Danny in the dole set up with huge game you buy in and that Kennedy another player of the playoff game for Indiana dole guests this seems to lobbyist Mike has this ever once saying well you don't like like now I bet you they have very good slot corner in Patrick Robinson he's better than bills on the outside of the claimants clock is he's he's too good there. And I just think that seems to like Doug Peterson get take one thing away it's gonna be middle of field. And make it really hard to get the bald and M a dole even at that means let them take shots downfield against cooks and whole industry. I think that's definitely I mean I think you'd be ten for a hundred the other he is he's been great and an end if the game happens to be close Balaguer even more. Because that's somebody that he can rely on relate to Jacksonville game. You knew the balls Livonia door wrong at that point like a coaxed out I don't trust you now I'll trust you the first light of only two. But he should have those those three guys really but as far as you know thrown it down the field and it's Canadian idol and rock. And if your publisher completely stupid you should have everybody on rock and therefore M Dole's covered one on one he's probably going to be the the most. Got a guy that he looks to the most throughout it is it's crazy how good he's been and is the Robert George he's he's a playoff machine regular season he's. Fine you know he's he's an average receiver a regular season. But he sort of veteran White House he sure was in Montana and Tom Brady vs time episode Hansel and a total of five out now just as just being released right this moment watch some of that during the break and we'll play some of that for you in the 1 o'clock hour speaking of Tom Brady oh we get. People calling in for their surprise and VP picks would like that you outsource 7797937. Let's come back and. Let's talk about the league's MVP we have not done a big long Brady break yet. We have acceptance speech for the award and shocker all joint album was there to pick up the hardware for what is what is needed what he Tom on their four yet and we'll talk Brady and with you guys Super Bowl Sunday next.