NFL Sunday - Super Bowl LII - A look at Part 5 of Tom vs Time; Patriots still have some issues to hash out 2-4-18

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Sunday, February 4th

HOUR 4 - Part 5 of Tom vs Time had some interesting moments referencing when the GOAT might decide to call it a career. Reports are coming out that, regardless of outcome, the Patriots brass needs to have a pow wow to iron out some of the issues that came up during the season. And who doesn't like Super Bowl prop bets?


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NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Lansky insurance more choices more savings in urine sample of I just got plenty dot com bystanders in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England. Tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money keeps on sports. People I think for me it's your deepest purpose. I do want to know why this. But tonight we want to know. Why we're here you know. Where we're going. Trying to find that. They didn't use words we have very authentic way makes much sense I mean. Waking up to begin work. Miracles. Lewis magic to sports creates. In the middle of the night it's a live now to sports. Known as the intro right there in your timers this time in episode five the spiritual. And get through it. This spiritual games that was it that was on mental game was that social game that was the physical game now is the spiritual games he's digging deep is the game master now will play more of that I just dropped about twelve minutes ago so. Ryan guard is gonna go throughout and appalled at mid day producer I I. These these producers come in at something. That working guys all I heard it this year earlier. Always hear these guys to a lot of work on the scenes to make sure they're okay yelled at during the week that ideologues like. And cowboys. Beat the Redskins that you succeed at what most footprint. A. For Curtis. So want somebody you'll cut an apple out of 4 in the 1 o'clock gallery on the show promise. As for Tom Brady knew what authorities say forty years old won the MVP we have is that in the grand video acceptance speech that Brady released last night Brian and our. Or to accept this award tonight. In a team sport like football you certainly can't achieve anything it's an individual without. Incredible teammates in a credible coaches who have really committed so much to our team this year so. I accept this as an individual award but to me it's a team award. And the greatest honors the team is to be playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow night which are very excited about. Oh because all the way congratulations to all the other nominees all the other word winners. In thank you very much for your support an alarm I'm one of the older guys that'll lead. But I still looked up to a lot of younger players and what you guys to keep working hard keep me make in this league greats so thank you Austin my family for your love and support always. I love you all very much a great night. That was his little they'd go right to the straight straight while going an honorable partner at these championships and I don't individual awards the most valuable player but that the team wars and. Nice show is not there obviously was last night preparing for his team to go out there. I'm hopefully win a Super Bowl pitcher fans hoping that today. So Kevin Hart did the intro the MVP in joint settlement. Downstairs for anything Tom needs picked up the hardware at the NFL honors award show. And the 2000 at seventeen AP most valuable player. Tom Brady led. Doubt that Tom. Have pages wide receiver Julian. Way to class I literally just found out I was doing this like twenty minutes ago so I got every detect stroke victims that are heated but serious. Tom said he wanted to say he won he's very honored and humbled. That he gets this award for MVP. Also. He wanted to think his teammates. His friends family. And the patriots organization. For going out and and do what they do in I hope you guys on the united he says thanks guys. Antonio. I was home to watch it but I I'd you could not pay me enough to sit down and watch. An NFL ward admits that the I know it's a big deal now NFL on Saturday night I like awards because I think it helps with the arguments for hall of fame and who's better all of us that I like it by watching the show watching the actually drawn up a three hour NFL front I don't need that as the of the so the core this is Bree Brady's going for another Super Bowl win today will be sixth. I thought he handled had I'm with current buddy an extra week this week rich given though what could have been distractions and given what happened on Monday into Tuesday. He seemed into it throughout the course of the week and I'm not gonna be surprised that they decide today. Our best way beating Philadelphia. Is let Tom drop back and throw fifty times I mean just it seems very very likely the that is going to be case at this point and I aid. Based on what you see from Brady this year. In the playoffs his career in the the Super Bowl. I'd have complete faith that Brady will be able to at some point really start to pick apart Philadelphia's defense underneath early and often against this Philadelphia I think there's a little bit. More worry about it was the end of the regular season where he had a couple bad games lead Brady did not play well against Miami now speaking emitted pick up a third down it was also the you don't have Rob Gronkowski in the they're missing a few guys here and there are down the stretch. And besides you know as quarterback rating go down he's throwing interceptions in about all those games is that okay. Seed mortal disease it'll put a human now when you when you get into the playoffs. And any and obviously great game against the titans and people want that while the titans. But still he's. Some of the games that he struggled organs bad teams late in the regular season anyways they put all of Tennessee obviously the comeback against Jacksonville. So you feel a whole lot better as a good defense so it was Jacksonville and I think he's would all of its full compliment of an almost running backs are to their all of his receivers. Healthy wrong. It started to think that they're going to be able to hold the patriots under one oriented just seems it was going to be another game where they they cruised into the Taiwanese and in golf. There going to be the right armor Tom Brady gets in their Eagles are twentieth in pass defense this year to give up a bunch of big games. On quarterbacks and receivers and running backs catching the ball in tight ends catching the ball there are good defense don't get me wrong. Other very good up crumple when given a quarterback it would type quarterback has time against them he can pick them apart a look at the two up all the blue box grew up a separate but Eli Manning got them twice. This year as the office and sit up and he like picked them apart. And I say throw the ball fifty times because that seems to be magic number for Brady. This could have been a stat that I used off the top of the show. But eight times in his post season career Brady still on the ball fifty or more times he six and two in those games. It's happened there are 32 other times in history the NFL the combined record of those quarterbacks who have done it are 329. He's six and two that is freaking outrageous and it speaks to an ability. Out when given more repetitions were given more looks at a defense Brady gets better and so. We're gonna pick Brady when the MBP rightfully so. The gonna put it in position to win the NBP because they know we're gonna run the football this is not that 1984. Re elect Tom. Get back address the defense we poured out Jim Schwartz in the past. And the sets up for huge Tom Brady performance day against the. Yeah I mean a monster or and the running backs that they have to against a team that that can stop the wrong. There was a great doable or you don't sort of Lewis more fertile one more sort of perk it more are they after on the ball they could still do that but those guys their strengths. Are out of out of the backfield and then when you have your slot receiver yet a deep throat a true deep threat imprint coats that every level of the defense. Is gonna be tested and yet that that lines up Maria A Tom Brady game where there are dropping back and and and slinging the ball law. As four. The Brady's season itself will look back at this year. I'm pretty crazy year for him given garrote bull gets traded during the year. You look at that TB twelve stuff and Al popped out wicker sham here at the end. And he loses settlement to start the year Gradkowski misses a game. Or can't miss a bunch of games Hogan mr. budget games and you're right the end of the season rich. You've now played well at the beginning of the year what is defense was not good yet and it got good. He carried carried this team at the age of forty and I I thought he'd be really good this year once settled went down. I didn't think you'd still I didn't I don't think you win the MVP any babies aided by Carson Wentz getting heard some other things that apple along the way. But to have the year he had losing a second most support receiver which for the season starts all the injuries they out of the course of the year off and I'm problems they had. Pretty miraculous year forty years. Well them throw in the crazy hand injury that he gets in the playoff hump that's yes it got excellent well stitches it's just. It's that nonstop Tom Brady stories and then all the while. He's forty so he's setting different records for first four year old to do this first four year old to do that and now he's going to be the first on a in the Super Bowl as a coach's first MVP league MVP. And the way things have gone in 04 out of five times he's been the Super Bowl MVP is well suited almost attach that to his resume as well bought. Yeah the season. If this is it just always bring that that's why I think the Eagles have really taken a back seat does this week because they don't have anybody. Public anywhere in the ballpark if this was the saints. A decent Drew Brees stories like that you'd be able to sort of market now wanted to put Allah himself the what you could you can ourselves Michael on the sex appeal Brady vs what you can't do what Brady fall that drop office so significant that you end up talking about. Anything and everything with robbery and thrown into the the mix that he's got a documentary going on and so you can find you can pick and choose certain things from there to make in the bigger stories than maybe they they really should be but. Even still if you're you're watching the greatest player. Of all time but that's only late but Michael Jordan. Or report tiger on I guess tiger had a had a forbid even though maybe he's still never passed Jack Batiste had the guys in here when you're watching it happen and you know. The third of their attorney to look back on it ten years and I go to a lot. That Brady was actually the best cigar you know that he is right now and it's not one of these guys just plain out the string. He's winning the MVP award at the age of 41 of his best seasons of his career and patriot pins. Obviously rooting rooting rooting hard for Brady to play well that'd be are those people rob Parker. What's next element these are guys Collin cower to an extent. These are guys who you were tweeting last two Super Bowl up on the cliff in the first half of that game up there comes Brady here's the slide. They are actually hoping Brady performs poorly. So they'll be right 235. Years after the fact when they said Brady was gonna go anymore yeah you just which is weird to me to root against. At this point routing it's Brady see your take is right they're doing that also is really confusing about that about Kellerman say it is he even at times will reference how. Well every quarterback is bad after forties saudis say you Max level of analysis. Nymex level analysis is that this happens all the time we actually just predicting something that's always the case so. You'd eat salad you're going out Olympics are predicting against or you're you're predicting the demise. Of this MVP quarterback. Yet on the other hand you're saying well this happens everybody so what what's what's your grand point here what's the what's the big take glee for your prediction. 6177797937. Your phone with excellent sound weary come out after the break in here. I'm Tom gores is time with Tom Brady speculates when he'll retire uh oh actually put something he puts it. Not on paper but give sort of a time frame. Port retirement will hear from that after today and Ian Rapoport is reporting on Brady bella check any meeting that will likely take place this week to determine. What happens next those are coming up after the break let's get some phone calls polls in Braintree waiting patiently eyeball. And I didn't today the Eagles Sunday it would do well what do you. On couple days ago when it's sunny and Mike Martz had an interview and asked about this. This idea that he's at well I don't know whether they get it didn't. He hit it lands at 160 I got out and abatement to one night he should we talk about what three times. When you talk about every time you're not gonna win. So that would tighten signals came down to a final play and as far as he's concerned that aspect game you sit on the Tebucky Jones in deception. He says when you talk about three times that Matt on the racing hasn't taken out when the game. And that was good coach Marshall brought you to that question from the head coach says to the underdog. No I'm in. Room and I did tonight's game comes down to turnovers and special teams don't give the Eagles should. An army dragged down to use make them drive up. To the opposition. Yeah I'm not might dump it all it's for your pyrite Paul Mike Dunn football cliche on this would be. Score early against Philadelphia is the patriots I've seen them come back they were down 23 runs Super Bowl they can do is score fourteen points in Jacksonville late at home last week he scored late against the best defense of all time. Or Beth Stephens and that error Seattle late. We haven't seen you know draw them out now. Anything whereas if Philly is down 2183. Votes. You right at people tuning out of the pages don't want you to three to sort of move yet you received an a okay or the Pentagon do this again this really happening downtown clubs and there via okay. Where is yet Eagles I don't think they've they have it and minister for an I don't know holes as did it against the vikings but. If you're doing it in a game where. You're down two or three scores and you're just waiting for him chucked the ball downfield he's he's not gonna have success Ager in New Hampshire they wild card and BP I'll be this or where Adrian Adrian Adrian. Adrian Adrian well. Those boards I don't sweetie I want people to hear her pick Adrian. We ended pondered caller. It's detonator okay did it on. And not going to be picked it up like you know ad pages. This means it was these calls back gauge your level wanna hear that do you have your up with mutton keep on NFL Sunday Steve. Gentlemen how user. Grades. What was going on what you guys were bought at this. Month one depicts what yes we got. Operate what this got to beat topic at play. It each edit croc. Catcher. He should probably have beat that seems a little grosans Beazer. I kind of had to get shut out there to give them these. Whatever that you know it seems that it too polite and it got open and Wilcox and adult life okay. And there are also my MVP. It's going to be expert. So outside what are we look at all of I said yeah I'll hold my idol I got the odds who was plus 20000 was the first generally sold door sat. Was posted on the other red flower head is plus 121000. Plus 6660. Goat and an ST can't they're out on the Allen those are terrible 6600. Dollars you would win a hundred dollar debt for. For expert as an awful lot of the experts do not. Some idea what what I get number and it looks right now critic coaxing even worse plus 18200 that's a much better bet you could actually make scenario could Larry Birkhead is only three times the price of Brandon cooks and join the scenario where Rob Gronkowski is absent look at it stone yeah they do you less entertain that Ryan that's on you right there might get a pile on the greatness of Tom Brady could talk about every single day in like. The yacht sank yeah patriots will win there report seventeen ya okay and doc. And dark arts and had a big game. It at a game boxes Arabic in all three dollars and I'll bet that's why he's of these ladies and have a big day for brain eight. There and ready yet again six for an active. The right Willy retire after the game like this. Law that required to I think he has one or two more seasons out lack. They sort of like we also thank you know these racially and your breakdown of the game was strong 6177797937. The phone over the last couple hours before we get into. Our Westwood one's NFL coverage. We need your calls were Minnesota all week we take as many calls usual. We need your take on the game you're blazing hot takes on this obviously happy hotter the better pay patriot gig. Patriots small 2422. Ridiculous score prediction. Eagles with the upset we need them we want 6177797937. And we come back not only gates and calls. We have to separate pieces sound you have to hear it here Tom vs time. Where he speculates on went to his wife with his wife present. When he's gonna retire from football. And Ian Rapoport has the details of how Brady and bella check move on into next season. How that starts happening this week we'll get to that in your calls NFL Sunday night minutes to go until west once coverage here on WEP back to. NFL Sunday and win money and keep. Precision Viacom class skier. You sure slug Sports Radio. It's to go on this final Sunday. Other football season which is sad in itself united. We along I am long. Wait between. Now on the next football. That's it. Think football is on days. And with kids we used what I Sunday morning is back faster starting next week take that quest means you know that you vis a vis Saturday night's attack. I have I don't think your Saturday night stopped honestly right now and I are Saturday night slow around right now and so this could be hell to watch this. Yeah I watch is right we rely gal your phone calls in your Christian Fauria we'll Jonas says about 45 minutes about 617779. 79837. Would you like we wanted to rapport first year before at the pros do in this so let's go to new his first let's get that bit Rappaport talk that Tom Brady sounds like the desert so let's get let's get dinner out of the way it is Ian Rapoport. The NFL network today talking about. What's gonna happen here with Tom Brady and a Bill Belichick after the season. Correct correct rich it is expected to be this week although of course it there's let's say a parade may be on Tuesday them out have to back things up a little bit but there's still are issues from my understanding. To work out in New England a first of all. Than everyone I've spoke talked to several sources involved in the situation the bleak days Bill Belichick will be back. Tom Brady will be back and of course Robert Kraft will be as well. Did that things to work out include what to do. About how's Guerrero Thom race trainer how to get over some of the thanks involving trade of Jimmy drop little bubble is now about to sign a long term deal. With the 49ers name does Tom Brady. Getting contract extensions get two great years left they think he's gonna play two years to they let him just play out today to dig try to get into cash and one more time all those things they hope will be sorted out this week and outs and two Kim Jones who. Thank him I pat what do you have that's a good take Rapoport and that again I'm not gonna retried wicker sham today. But what are liquor shams say this Guerrero tension there that's what current said that the droplets or maybe that's. That it's sort as saying he had the story might have been. Not a guy Greg might get some things nominated sexed up at a sexy up as the current said right but the Corbett it's Guerrero it's a Rob Lowe and they got it figured out. When they're out there have conversations that mean that Guerrero zinni back on the sideline nearly to that should give him that. Verlander everyone a column where he domicile lies on the team play in any take that away. Now that looks worse is Brady's try to fight for that to happen again are they gonna change. I don't know the TB twelve locations going anywhere if it does that I that your real issue here on the inside and in Foxborough anymore. That idea out there and they beat Edberg rafter on that one as well but. Brady obviously it's still allowed to work with them so I don't think that that's. He's taking his guy away from rate he's just I think they're trying to limit how many guys see him and where they see even when they see him but as far as just Tom Brady. Getting treatment from him that is never yes I'm going. And my guess is that Tom Brady wants assurances the going for the keep Alex out of it by Alex is my guy. If you like Keaton separate now let's not leaked to the media months the training staff I picture Brit it's not just that. You know what's real what's gonna happen with him. I think he also wants to know who was leaking the stuff is this Larry I made it. Guerrero look really really bad my guess is it was the tricks to happen and and so I'm sure Brady's gonna want assurances those guys. Paisley emperor in no uncertain terms pipe down stop rip in my guy anonymously to media members of some. The guys that you basic could potentially be sources and that story war the training staff person jumped output also. Maybe they get some information from Jimmy drop low and maybe even Josh McDaniels like I don't know what he has to gain from it but just the fact that. There's all that stuff about his dad early on that article. And big gales and grow up or probable already gone to make analysts in the state pieces via legendary coach that okay. But he's going to be gone a brothel is jobs maybe you just point back to the training staff and try to get that ironed out because. Brady saying listen if you don't want him around that's one thing but the way it comes across. Is. How shady here is that we have a business together and that's not helping us sell books that's not helping us move our app that's not help us with a well all the stuff that I'm gonna be doing. After football's new week you'd kind of calmed down alone that are let's hear from Tom Brady commerce is time came out 39 minutes ago it is these spiritual game he talks about. He spirituality how sports plays in a bad and have a whole bunch of other stumpel play. Four you're the important part though I think most patrons take out of that Tom Brady speculate on when he might retire from football. I have to say I don't think I've ever met anyone. Knew my life dad loves to do something as much he loves football and CEO of expression and connection everything. Even amazed that you know. There were. I don't feel like I'm on. Last night different from the first time. So what I'm I'm charges. That's fixable right back. And yes. But there contaminants. She when you think that we'll talk a I am done what I would do you support her. And what her dreams are to be more flexible schedule what time commitment. Thought it. You know a lot of time will be freed up that and so committed to pursuing this career that last. A short while longer. Missed out of the ten years now Helmand. We're not about it. A different line. When you're young you don't have pushed back. You just wanna write I'm not kidding you're. They have little more perspective and your life. You know what's important you know what's. I'm not an energy deals on things that I don't teams that are important. You don't want people missing and this is really important I always have. You know that's not important at all and turn what's would be too much. There can shorten my learning you could be acting and look any guarantees deposits of life. There ego that's the payoff there at the twos suggests that you got without Cheryl little while to get their got the let's get an employee too is the number. So for us today. And one more that's it so Tom Brady breaking news Tom Brady will retire next here at the patriots win after next year. Found bump up by any of that by dog. The years and he says Barry this is OK you explain this to me. He says he feels like he's still in the first half. Not the second half OK he doesn't wanna play ten more years she's at twenty years left that so. I don't Jordan Amman. Laughs yeah. Their program first time here and not so two more Super Bowls he said that out loud he knows he's on camera. He's put a time to he wants to more do you relate to more success and it isn't just and then Benny says afterwards. Then that might be a shorter time frame than the 45 ye yes he wants to place right. Al this guy it is heart. He wants the played a 4445. But the deal you make of his wife is sort of like those two more super balls before that. I'm gonna retire. Let me ask the obvious question patriot fan. Are you root against them and see you get more years of them down the road job fair I lost today adding four more years of Brady 67779. At seven under through a load of bet the overload of popular way. So it's good news bad news they win the day out of there you're good news if they lose a whole lot of second he may be back. For another extra year after my church I shoot a hole the argument is that pretty descent from the line up having to back chuckle this this'll statement. They win this year. And god for and god forbid but hit addicts let's say they win action which is not crazy to pry the dollars and ninety at all and they're in a plane and night's Super Bowl in seventeen years right. Yet general he has another NDP next year 41. He's gonna then say after all the TV twelve while after still playing in an elite level while on a walk with still playing well. He's gonna win a second one next year backup backs back to back to back three REP heard emirates repeat walk off and a high know who was. Now is that winning two more Super Bowls are going to two more I don't think he considers going to the super bull. Success I think he he views it as winning two more. That is that is called bargaining with your wife that's exactly well also she's like you win there. Honey I know I still want more than I writes I Islam where. Here's the data that you're out and my dad as your that is you're. Website click page pull out. Quote would you Tom Brady may only have one year left in his would you trade. Super Bowl today Super Bowl next year and then done or to Nicaragua what was your other half. 61 step and sat out and I accept an addict as it would you rather than draft Kevin direct. Or one H chip. What would you rather Celtics fans you know bottom got to take the title because there's no guarantees you'll moderate breeze going an actor that it's gonna have to use that you do yeah and it goes well we'll see heels excellent and a nice high each in the patriots fan don't hold that we vault negotiated a bargain with our wives for something. She wants him to retire soon be home with the kids she said in the previous episode to punish and a lot of their time. She does that the she does the parenting while the football scenes going on to could see why she would want that. He's probably heard that. A thousand times. When he got to retire when he retires he start to negotiate. You say for five years Ortiz who doubles Diana receiver out of your tree ability hearing that it could be next here is the last year for Tom Brady and bill lowers your question when you got home to your wife about the Super Bowl menu or talent I I think he showed a sense something very rich you you wanna note he I do want an honor I'd like actually a settlement is articles not gotten I just. Walk yet he isn't in place to me is the single guy I set I said except Ryan don't do this this is another example of the my wife at home with two kids all weeklong work to kids work to Kate doing all they see all by herself on home for less than eight hours you might want in Brasilia home at 1 AM last Tebow she picks me up at the airport. Really rise being hauled Oscar a home. Once you add to that part of it should be up these continues it's so tough month runoff gets the extra expense things harder now and figured out that we had a nine feet and our our liberal last night going from the or the rights of the year with nine box ninety buys dollars leads it was sixteen on the way there nine the heavily back well premium ticket or whatever that time that anyway and finally there's you if you want that's not going to go all get a whole week at the kitchen that I don't pick you up after this. If you had a big week or tolerate it gets better gets. We get you know get home go to bed kids are today running around and it she's talking to my mother in law who's in town for the game. But what's going to be on the menu for today. And I suggested that's got a great Super Bowl you know access. To answer your contributed so much I well patrol will be there on the WTO. I think she said the F word might be in your shout keep it and now I've been home all. A few week. So you don't sincerity month you're pathetic and you encounter a levee to upset about the don't suitable match and you don't be that. I'll how we get here. This I was negotiating because here he's the only plea album where you are so what better way to take it from the king of white negotiations might already it is not if on the other clip can largest that is one of the clip we should play from now will play come up after the break you guys impatient on the phones Johnson and over. On Bill Belichick and I agree with his comment line if he sticks to what he said. To our call screener Ryan go I John. Hey guys great group a great show that excellent at bat that I don't know who. I contribute to quote. Is that simple loses it. You know and an executive read an article of Arab a couple of days ago. You know listing makes sixty. Plus different. Records that the aircraft the patriot sold in. You know the Super Bowl Eric but. You know this one particular statistic that really. Except in the end. And for all you betting transit yes its great age. This is this this is really profound and eight and I think it's gonna hold true today. I wanna go on record as predicting that the patriots win by fourteen points yet because this fact alone. Bill Belichick act is six in a little. Against. Coaches. That it made it play out from the first time that he creations so coach it better and they're not necessary just that simple goal for any coach that he is based. In these playoffs for the first time. Where the opposing coaches in the playoffs for the first time are you six in all like more likely or more importantly. Is margin of victory in those games is fourteen Lou now creation flaws into that category today our future does what it was a combination of Peterson apples against ballot check in Brady. You know I I couldn't feel better about that particular. Statistic holding true and that margin of victory. You know getting exceeded. Whatever adjustment to going to be necessary however summary of our egos. However however it's gonna come out. Like I don't see any way that that particular. Statistic it's not. But still today. I mean I'm all right we got to John you've got as good on the give us the best that earlier threats that this trend is your friend that's the trend in this game they're also fifteen you know against teams their pace in the first time at season's mines in the post season odd Johnny Connecticut hi John. I got don't listen on. Well undoubtedly hate Munich Gruber no it. Eagles 27 to 21. Rated it a try to get at the last second like you know he doesn't accept it. You're going with a Brady pick late. Yeah all right that is certainly I would certainly here on your arm and evaluate it happened eagle fan American editors anti patriot damage. Airport patriot raider and Obama runs tonight are John. John Richie and John Menzies U. Art honor I. Boy it's as Johnny connect it was John Richie and it may guys are still the the next year patch this stupid. How cruel they got the call right there I think it's like disappeared they've made the Super Bowl the very next year they got spanked Arnold welcome back into some profits. Problem that whole list of these on to a couple I would get your calls ice. We wanna get as many patriots predictions pop apostle which we now at 2 o'clock because we get to the 1 o'clock hour of NFL Sunday would you want them as one other Sunday five hours. That they're now with punch and I add feeling it's gonna be even worse than great yeah guys travel. Schedule sole major help at 617779. 793 senators voted seven different drafting flops but it is drafting showdown now I would lock is on its teams and so now that you've you pick for offensive players named to individual defensive player I'd. Ask like a lottery tickets yet I know like who defense plays when it's put like five border but Greg Cox no idea not to actually. The list of the goodness I had tickets Patrick Chung. Patrick Chung yes appoints or tackled it cools this off I gotta get to the roster and we more your phone calls Fauria joins us at 115. At a cover to the Super Bowl here on WEEI begins at two. Westwood One at the pre game the game itself Kevin Harlan Boomer Esiason post games moralists and crystal Lonnie do not leave the station between now and the rest of your life back to. NFL Sunday and win money and keep perspective might come my. You sure slug Sports Radio Joseph. Christian warrior about twenty minutes from now your phone calls until 2 o'clock in the Westwood One pregame show. For the Super Bowl 6177797937. Couple profits were jump back of these phone calls and we hear from Tom Brady before talked Christian forays well. You make heads or tails for the towing tail and never fails models that do. Distance of the longest made field goal over under 35 and half the arts. Over their 35 and I asked what this is definitely over that distance of the first. Made field goal the game not long it's one of the first nurse field goal over 135 and happy I'll still take the over here. Will make full story picked yes is minus 130 knows plus one. Mean I know it's less money but I'll take yes in general pick let's go to some of the player ones here. Edited over. Viewed total passing yards but it falls. 245 and how awful around. Over. Under oath that the over. Total rushing yards JGI sixteen half the earth sixty it was sixty and a half a go under right Baltic younger and I. All challenger after receiving yards 52 and a half over over over on the on odd TD passes by Tom Brady two and a half. Rate number I'm going over I will take the under until four touchdowns like diving users to Celtic he owns or bolster ground always you're. Date Gideon a goal of 52 and a half yards all burns and sees IA's agree is a good player he is is vastly overrated if it is a great playoff player on this one grunt 72 and half yards. Over art I got to target the over and I will exit hundreds are will grunts court TV yes yes is plus 130. Really yeah on the Obama enough now like Alan total major points when he six and a half. I got the ought and that's why he's out there aren't here and I got the under. Dickey scored twenty portraits you aren't your your first. Let's talk to dinner and a card game you're up on NFL Sunday with what and Keefe. They get NATO and are bulky I want to commend you because going into this game one. Some peace that a while ago people talking about the strategic joint matchup they had that the quarterback position. And I think you went on him broke I would argue execute it. They're pretty much better every skill position you can make the argument chili pepper I'm not a lot of the front of aren't going to the linebackers but. The fact that they actually a wide receivers tight end quarterback passed notes to the patriot there. So and secondly. When you look at Chile are essentially eat. Belichick likes to take it luckily I don't even though we try to take away honest in letting Gilmore can play man up on jeopardy and urged the is very tight end. The guy that's a guy you need to try to take aways bashing canker disease and I'll let you finish but I don't know what the bot would be he's a very good tight end there's no but after that. And it's I I think that the game you play a lot of Meehan and you you can pressure on all and make them try to make big plays down at the open portion of the mistakes. I got 2821. More money or we can actually at a recent global cute because right but somehow a couple of colonel in the game could be able so. I like the patriots. I'm going 28 when he was part. You know I feel pretty good about it. The good blow up I had a bad that your call is totally tied into. Nick folds. Having a meltdown game big pick six. Couple turnovers. That that's where it ends up being able Philadelphia wins and I'm not gonna be shocked obviously is very really good team but I beef I'd be shocked and ends up being. Eight double digit Philadelphia win. Yeah Donald added that in a 31 when he sees fit. Know you have that doubt be very surprising that he's gone gone the other way but. His point on audio Gilmore on Jeffrey got an amateur nonsense and Chong has been really good against tight ends and maybe it's not just him on hurts all game desserts is a great year. He's the player but it Chong on Hertz is one thing and Butler. Are probably Torrey Smith the gotta get down the field and maybe that's the option to go with but. I think they definitely have the deleted him to match up with the Phillies go to gyms at a car talking pats and Eagles super bull 52 now just over five hours away hi Jim. So you you're a prediction on third force of pat. But here here's why Hawaii island Hawaii yeah that's emblematic called it about an hour ago that complaining about. The only sidelined all of them. But they just did it wrong place I was watching that show. Do your job where they they basically going to be staff and players and everything else. It is it a combined effort there's no no one stand out here. The players watched film and even that it will get this done about EB. But that play were bought our great interception yet though the empowered actually read the play ahead of art. Hours switched off their assignment. Butler knew what was happening Ballard knew what was actually happening Beijing and that play when it was when they lined up. They didn't wait for the plated hat but they do exactly the play it was like they studied the film's. And and the staff not to spell check but the staff actually state so they diagram plays. And they put them out. It says look let's walk through this in the hotel lobby before we even get in the game they've never earned run and play. Players are met I. And they're also Smart enough to watch the film and and and note themselves okay we don't eat it and other signals we watched it in so many times on film. It's just in their minds they just go. It's great the preparation Jim and I give you two examples yesterday we talked to. Troy Brown for what happened hours part of the WE a super Saturday show what he told the story of they play the rams in the regular season years ago. And Vinatieri through that fake field goal touchdown pass to Troy Brown for his hiding on the sidelines. Invader. Torre said they'd they had not run that plane five years. Belichick calls that they get the touched you got to be prepared for all these things. You mention a different scenarios. I'll give Brian Hannibal credit right Hannibal wrote a story yesterday. Horry talked to different people on the team about what Ernie Adams does. And he got one of the players Eric wrote basically admit. Ernie Adams does all the research on the opposing team Eagles to all their film looks for their tells looks for their Leo. He he's the one analyzes all that sold the Ernie Adams. Gets the credit for stuff like that at least with the fact Ernie Adams that Ron. That played well Seattle ring yes that was yeah he does that takes tri ace in the bad guys is out there saying. I just in a truck I Jeff. Hey yeah I just my prediction under the I think it's going to be twenty to Corey patriots. I think full plate that best game of his life two weeks ago. I can see him you know brought up an interception or so and patriotism just gonna have this while her little game. It's probably agree would be an absolute laugh for one more of these and then I'm done taken like. Predict your predictions Mike's enough org I'm like. Hey guys basically to micro. Don't wait. Pats in overtime today 3330 I would much prefer born blowout but I never happened in the Super Bowls for them. RC a backward aggregate value over time that's ever none in the first fifty super politic. And I think Broxton for a big game so goal attempts and BP. And the demons on it Gilmore science you know what time. Diego booms of the patrons deals that for that to work obesity. The patriots go an overtime game 3330 and for Gilmore and having the pats walked down kicked a field goal. And then on the eagles' final drive picked off yeah so messy raucous of allies I meant to mention this is. His playoff performances he's had some absolute monster games right and in his career. When he plays in the playoffs the team is nine and three it's actually even better than that because. The first game in his rookie year when they lost to the jets Broncos good at it I wasn't graves yet relieves the year two. So just for the sake of this all our salaries are nine and two that he was hurt against the giants in the Super Bowl. Right 2011 he's basically equally David recognizes that the equally he would eat we had two catches in that game. So he was hurt so they are and and by the way I look at it nine in one when Brock is healthy and playing in a playoff game. And the only loss that they had was a couple of years ago to Denver where he was in Spain but did nobody else are like everybody else was offensive line failed on that day on line was brutal Brady had more rush our minds stork. Yes and and Brady didn't Brady leads him rushing yards that day like they were they were they had nobody and they lost that game by two. There the chance to retire that's cows he missed extra point that game. Like they should have gotten killed they lost by two croc had 8144. A touchdown. So when they play in the playoffs day or when bronco players union and he's healthy they win. And that's why problem as you feel so company to win by two wealthy Michael or what most of the incident are pretty out that I they just beat the jaguars are four. So that they do play calls him. I will let it lowered talked Christian Fauria coming up and I want to play for some Tom Brady's out before we do. I'd not heard the sound yet Ryan garments let you do this you what are people gonna hear from Brady. Boy we come back for talk before it sort of a different way of of what he was seen before as when he feels like you'll want to hang up his Coors classic lesson. As I said wanna currency as it runner purity rate here we come back before talk to for how they use the task force that he was a guy with a strong is like he bought about Romney's today and it came from Ryan governor excellent producer will hear that great Brady's out and we'll talk to Fauria next.