NFL Sunday - Super Bowl LII - "Freezing" Christian Fauria joins the show; Let's pile on Mut, John Clayton 2-4-18

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Sunday, February 4th

HOUR 5 - It sounds like Christian is over the Minnesota weather. Fauria has been to a Super Bowl or two in his playing days so let's poke at his brain for a little bit. Also, Mut fouled up a Tom Brady story earlier in the week and was goofed on. Somehow, John Clayton made the exact same mistake one day later. Either way, we'll take any and all chances to goof on Mut.


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NFL Sunday is brought you by complex. Right handers in the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England. Tractor dealers and it's NFL Sunday with money keeps on sports. And then that was on our. Our medical. Coverage of the season and fifth hour days these were fraud is that our. I'll wacky stuff happens Christian Fauria this is it is perfect Christian Fauria itself lucky here until two and that is for said coverage starts on Westwood One. It's a constant weekly. Moving target Christian warrior on the Chicago. A time he wants them on. They don't tax rise they need to move up five minutes earlier I gotta be out by this time it just. One week where he said he didn't care when we said goodbye to a company had to start at a certain time. That's right I don't. As long as you want but I need to be on at this yeah I've always he's a very busy busy as is they've said that the the reverse requests really easy I need to be audit noon a car had to be up by 1130 and genetics right yet on these guys are all on TV they'll all their jobs to do while there altar covered again. I need to be on a twelve with a total flies. Out. Totals he's staying out Minnesota is doing TV work today is do the show from out there tomorrow. Climb back tonight I don't know that to be true blood let's just say yes I'm guess he's going to be have been closet somewhere doing the show those guys percent tough week certainly bought the unit Stanley. The passing of his brother and he shows up their cerebral weakened for segment is screaming it people stretch on Thursday after going through literate enough time to give him a lot of credit and he will join us here at some point. In this out for a long time for couple minutes at the final ultimately we all heard. We don't forays gonna say is gonna pick the patriots and you know it's also a well deserved it against the again the action did it against them once or twice issued. The falcons game to pick the falcons and use like I've never take you never know what I did was he picked one thing on The Today Show and another thing here is covered in particular in my yard change on the pregame show on channel fours while so he covers and so three different times you can pick and Stephen A Smith that that this week he picked. On the first take you to the Eagles are currently in Yemen we were sitting next film and Holly's that he overheard on the radio say the patriots win the eight minute veteran move that is that he each show up on Monday and he's got tight I wanna I wanna give different hot takes a different platform to the always been I mean I'm locked in any where you hear me to 44 quarter two paths to what he's fortunate to pass. During the week thirty point when he patriots 31 on and you got it. Are we mixing your phone calls until we talked to 48617779790%. How about some more from Tom very. No surprise Tom Brady was the story of the year he wins the MVP last night he was the story of the week. He got applied dog goes to them as well as the sort of like John Clayton BS again. About John Clayton who closed the salute and a lot of intelligence and real quick to us through this out are just gonna say I sir John Clayton thoughts but to. Okay go to those now though so it's a fun place I've got emotional and it's like 38. Hour radio this week and have a radio and everybody it's funny you're expense obviously with the Tom Brady getting bit by a dog vague I don't remember that just it happens I don't know if you can run 55. Eight rice say on the air or not joking but in real like it. News reporting way the Tom Brady got it probably in the best of older I would assume that it doesn't insisted that happened it happened Ed John clay I know rocket and Iraqi advised that these operatives soft numbers. But it happened. The next day John Clayton of the month so anyway he thought that that story really happen so we tried getting them on the air to joke about it as soon as he found out that that was going to be something that we brought up he shut down. He is the first that I'll ought to show that that that sounds like what the game. Then we mentioned that we may also talk about his report said no effects. So kind of weird right speaking and in Baltic ask them the humor I can add to that. Dahlia and I talked to one of his handlers and try to get them on or just to take a picture with him. He would do. He wanted the picture. Is because he knew by and I guess where yeah I was calling from a new with their interest about it and got to turn into the ski jump right you got it wrong to be no plans of blonde joke about you know it hit his is worse because he's heeded the next day. The worst insult Huard. It's. Likely there they let it stand. There you'll hear from Tom Brady at some point in the sound that for twenty minutes now played lie when newsworthy report yes it's operating speaking as a gas and it's like she filed a security. At practice earlier today. Earlier today earlier today and I color and or for its guy Scoble that I was it was awful I didn't run from you we we start the show today tugboat poorly worded diet or seeming to we'd split nor au prince ideal but it poorly worded tweet saying out of this car. After a bite from earlier in the day or rich yet approached him there when you have the quote we say oh just for the record this had happened recently the so earlier story. You lights up the news he screwed up the RT. On to the John Clayton now ice news today just to be exact hours or yeah well let's analysts and. Now the most quiet America I'm amazed how it's been because. It hasn't been any controversy. Any problems I mean so far mean you're one of the move from one of the bigger stories which as well. Little there's been for news's Chris Mary goes saying that he. Kept calling around the area for. Restaurants and couldn't get any for his teammates and because against Minnesota it is such a bad reaction that I can d'antoni eagle pass our players trying to get that. And then maybe yesterday I think what one of these service dogs. How did Tom Brady Manso. That's been pretty much to lose you don't worry tells you you have them here. It's I can go on let us early on hand their life get you know on the meat and what happened no no specifics that he did not go on the injury or an act. I guess what he did he's made emotion and the way that the service dogs react emotionally and attack and so he made emotion in his first got slightly attack. They don't you know John Clayton at the Super Bowl all this week he shall be known at 10 o'clock and apparently not it's you ready Obama. Now the program director that they want it likes he yeah absolutely is an afternoon but I house let's say in year John Clayton and you'd think that he really did get bit by dog how do you say this has been such a quiet Super Bowl some idiot couldn't get reservations at a restaurant and desperately to acquire doc. A multi bit. Asked me. I'll ask you could have changed but you know keep it operating a bit biased or Campbell about leaks are usually that don't be very significant I would say. Guys guys have a real hard evidence sort of like Phillies you know are kind of joking. Now so I actually was on the I didn't entrepreneurs in confidence. I didn't trending and he would put as the top story that's true that alliger tiger worth about all the eggs now all the other guy to get bit by a dog. The best player in the leave your dog why is only Nora had this story. Numbers Hillary treated must be okay she wasn't the only one the some experts spoke for half hour outlets here from Brady said Tom Brady in this congress has time episode five. Suggested early in the documentary came out colds this so called the spiritual to watch it on where rear FaceBook want to show yes. On. He says not for five years potentially but. I'm not an energy deals on things that I don't dealer or you know each other people missing and this is really important I always have. You know that's not important at all and the term which would be too much. To. The two more Super Bowls to ward saying that to Gisele. In the clips I take everything winds right at it all do right -- they wins but it I don't take Venezuela to Saudi suggesting in bargaining with his wife located enough for five years Jesus is and probably ten more years. Public two more Super Bowls and that would be shortly before five he wants to play. I guess later on in the documentary round with your legacy clarifies. When he's got to know the end is there for him as a player the first large your first love. And how wanna keep doing it because I think I can't. And I keep proven. To myself that I could've should've done better. That's are lifelong quest form. When the day comes that I feel like I can't do anymore but there. You know physically which I doubt but more mentally that I won't be able to. You know you what I need to the other personal life and sits now let's be fair. You know while now. So he admits there actually think it's gonna be mental not physical that to be against he is. He is definitely dealing with a a an issue when his house where they want better yes that Stanley wants a month for all right that life of me in and goddess of his life too loud at this opinion because she's married to him. She picks up a lot of slack but she wants him. At home and out of football together and go focus on TV twelve Tom we got traveling you're going to be certainly around more. That you are what are pro TV twelve that obviously this whole thing has done by one approach to be twelve part in that clip where he says. You know whether or not able to do it physically which I would imagine you like it that's certainly would dedicate yourself why am physically I can literally play forever at just mentally after twenty years in the league it's an account where you're down physically. I don't see any slowing down and it will be just fine for a long time. But so that does say. That sort of contradicts. The two more Super Bowl they but he also notice and without washing it just listen to the sound clips. He said the two suitable thing sitting next to Gisele don't. It actually good thing to bring up because it's very visual in the sense that. The document to believe it's got the last question yes. When you think you're gonna retire he flips the camera is like. Dude what are you doing your putting me on the spot price tag yet fell in light. OK honey yeah. Let's talk about this now when are you planning and so they had a conversation next out is valid veiled as sort of put off that waited two more super bulls but that when she's out of the room he says while. You know if I can't do it mentally more than optional duets the bar in part that's why doesn't hold Brady to this I don't think however Gisele is not at all but mentally if every day for the next two years she says tires will Wear you down that you may make tapped out about it calorie can keep moving back it's predictions on alleged Tuesday that stroke 61777979837. Is the phone number I wanna get some phone calls and rolls out update people on the these Super Bowl betting this morning was a weird week for the one it starts at five and half went down for nap went to four. For a little while likely skull bookmaker dot com on Friday. And immediately back at the four and a half and five moving a little bit easier today. Now the total of the actual I'll get jumping tonight you'll get your phone calls and your 61777979837. Maybe. We'll talk to foray although look at adult look at it what's the is he still texting I don't actually called right now you don't gorges mash up the best. Four is Thursday Friday it yeah out of context of saint industry to hear his voice if that's advocate and ride you if he can't do it it's not a big deal it's not big he's been good to us all year he's got a lot going on. I just get it in the techs who picks we have about forty minutes ago we got a phone call it's on noon on we only long best of segment to play. In about five minutes really five. Eighths. Your phone calls coming up and more with Tom Brady more on the betting of this came in 84 able C Sports Radio to be media. We return to NFL Sunday with the money and keep talking on Penske and rich keep. You might come plans the insurance fund Sports Radio WEEI. Don't NFL Sunday of the season but a key Sports Radio WEEI another half hour ago and we'll bring you to Westwood one's coverage. On the Super Bowl here on W week yeah I Kevin Harlan Boomer Esiason had the call. Crisp Lonnie fled to France Murrow was after the game there a post game show and Patrick Gilroy. I'm being told two to 6 AM so we are going. Full wall to wall full 24 hours a sports talk here on WE yeah ideally for that crossover are excellent excellent stuff with Doug Gilroy and the boy's side Exel stuff from Christian Fauria this week. Yet tough weakening shows up and in Minneapolis it takes the city by storm. The last couple days he's still there for the Super Bowl he's our guest on NFL Sunday he joins us for the final time this season Christian what's going up. All right so. What's going on yeah. Not the temperatures are cooling gel okay cool I can't you must figure if you went toe. On. That it's beautiful out here pat I would say worse things but I don't want it battery car auction by the way. Toll and sell rating for a do you know that off and I go forward Iron Man that's nice minds lately 463 and I was last at forty. Let's pretty good I don't know I don't know what happens when government. And filler about it they jacked a pitcher right now is an expensive ride target the state yes. Yet it didn't blow it it's well noted that you would think these guys look like or not. It's not like others who hold are creeping up Roberts the letter as literally kept people from calling outside skating around. Shall at the last minute of the social at all and really it is that crowded right now it but it it is. I mean maybe what six degrees right now I mean it's it's gonna get war. With the women and the wind there's a difference when asked and I'm used to forward at the football suffer few minutes did you see. The video of your guy order way getting patted down a TSA last. Yes I thought it's only are you. And all that. Today is that there are spread out their without. An old body can't be hurt if you haven't seen and it air. Go to WEE guys Twitter account it's a great anyway it was sensual the way he got that pat down last night of her I don't. As it is a fan I've heard and citizens to sue the data Super Bowl drags on my guess is for players Christian. It sucks the most like the longest day of the year. Yeah I you know can really just one. You know you have to wait you were paid and got it all year he really wanted to keep it that day. And it everything gets you know it long Gator right appreciate your eagle law earlier you know I have to I've ever been a little. Look your job just. Really just common yourself down and not peaking too early really one of the guys cooperate they are almost like it passes. Like to be up a lot of energy. Because their personal and convert circular Jack for the game. Sideline pass late in order to remove our seniors and yeah cover family friends and Allen ankle and you recruit around in the prices are all the accurate. I took a lot of guys watch it do not. You know event and at Quantico got a power grabber isolate our place to comment from the go from from the Obama and looked like he played in any. You know and out there and out of the ornate click on conserve our energy. Look at it like to route period. So I think that is dumb part of it because especially for the Eagles. Now and a fourth quarter going to be important accomplishment you'll yet let me take all. How different was it for you. Bill or the week leading up to the Super Bowl on the day of the Super Bowl in year two after you sorted out the year before. They're running out and talk about that somebody it was a lot easier. I mean just sort of the obvious reasons what you just knew what to expect. Any tickets were it was easier. You know we feel what the week would you here. You know knowing what you already know what you shouldn't party don't know what you really need you know tone it down. Dealing with family and friends that because of the biggest obstacle yet a deal is just. Your belt running out you know what do you think I'll get in our. It on that little kids are effective because they're few weeks out of our hang out or you're not a lot of coaches the other night it capital crooked bitter. And he's got these three get a girl or. I'm looking at basically the key if it does look like they meet a you're a hero but if that is the way it is. So it is different though because after you go you know or you're used don't know what do it and also the people who covered you know support you they understand that. You know bait you use your space secretly no optical as you know the whole spirits of the year. We're talking to Christian before he's out there right in Minneapolis is they arrived in the week you'll be there. Through the game today and tomorrow be back all the guys tomorrow morning on order wave Maloney and Fauria. Of all the things I feel confident today Christian from the Super Bowl I'm very confident. Based on its history and based on none of the defense a face today that Tom Brady's gonna have a really big offensive game do you think it's a pass heavy day for rating. Our La yeah. Are we didn't. But I mean immunity and you know come back and allowed game Devlin what your record broke the back. Well now all. And I like that that is the absolute look at elected biggest key but it you'd have to stop what they're back. Outside and job right now that your line. And I think there's and there's enough information. To you know it sores breaking tendencies and you know bigger now. He should be relatively easy you know let them make it a lot you know opening of the popular around forever. So spotlight this is like the wildcat. And I'm also pointed out. I wouldn't it. So me. I don't think it will all have to have a crappy game for the pats to it like our own set out. He can gain an extra one. And make it the gators have gotten turned over an X sixteen and then he. And also use so rely on it is you know as it now don't eat it every last bit. So I really believe that it. That bit but most importantly I think backs a teacher a little ones you lol I enormous hole what they have asked the ball. Going back to cheat Sheen had a huge game jeans light latched. The backs always seems to be. Don't one position where this defense just can't count or these don't have personnel they did it are devoting resources to cooks. Am dole out. Obviously right now and call shall be really mad out the back. There's a big mistake of Ilya in the all be out of it so fast and I think that'll be she jets. How good is Zach hurts there's a lot of talk about him this week or at least once we've gotten through the team Leo he's won the first names that comes up with the Eagles. And can Patrick Chung that. Did he win that match up if it's it is they were Ian eagle lot of help. Quiet the patent that theory that's a look records is absolutely runs you know of great hands. Good route runner. And these key peak actually. Actor child really is there has that been unbelievable Johnson's certificate back from Philly. You can't repeat I didn't really. She should be eaten on a regular basis but he does an excellent job of just managing it you know look at circled its chocolate or place. But he has a good job and I say that it is he would. You know all the if you get some support from like a rush so maybe that pat is an Arctic. But play action passes are going to be shoots that they are reliant on puck over questions. You'll be Carol that could be some should look out for our red zone every quarter routes. I didn't love going to the corner route to easy levels placing them. Especially if there's and this recovered at the safety just cheat and just a tad and give it away and I doubt I shall there. Proceed amid side that running away moment and it's crystal ball back I want you know that double moves. I think goes throughout sort of don't move senator quarter route in the red computer. Addiction should be mindful of. Is today the big day for Gwen Allen. If you brick thing all you up. Now I'm officially wasn't possible now look this week dumb enough to trade I'd like I think a lot about. We live longer and ensure that no I didn't. Some sort of walk curiosity. Do you are now are you when we're crocodile. Got called Alaska did you. You know it's like he you'll pardon me a little too tight and one of your Turk there and he just blocks. And he says they don't senate routes. But it talks position. It's so only so he saw or relevant I'm looking at the times guys say the odds birdie of the NDP. And for the first escort touchdown odds they have all these odds. You can't he's in something called the feel easy utility became a bet on it individually have to scored the first touchdown. Yeah I ate you know. It took a look at who wouldn't want to see it beat the cut it at that you know all all prepare you to blow. He would actually do go to her children Michael Petit Q and finding a way serial mom and resultant. And look. You know. It's some sort of cheap at no point actually they lost and alone at night. Yeah absolutely. The one. Bolden looked cheap once she took down that I didn't like it yeah. You know we cover everybody and they put some slot he went and it was covered covered when Alex got called out. Does not critical tool to let our opinion that she rules and yet you know regrets over that period why act. Right out of Ricky Bell. You know they hey you know they call those glory don't they call those Mike Vrabel touchdowns that's I'll bring you'll that is the. The ripple cut them talk a bit like you cover all week. Outlook would wide open. At a so visit close game like every other major Super Bowl or is going to be the first. Kind of runaway. Doc I've seen completely and now that Betemit blowout unseat him into. Our because they control the game from Getty and BP scoreboard first possession. And I think in the and you know the score may make it look culture that are really news but. But it's a late touchdown you know almost like the last time we played fairly. You know what -- a court that last bit that late touchdown. You know they they believe they that poll we are accurate and luckily they had to reassure addict either you'll you'll. Notes. The big plasma and I've heard that. It was huge but I doubt I doubt eager is eager to say with a straight face on Super Bowl Sunday. That was the biggest play the super rules of urgency this week. Pervert but that. Or sorry at all backed up by the huge play without that he feels about that is us the perfect weight and are 7% or so that's right about himself and had go out authorities got to see that the stadium now everybody's on their phones were probably all doing radio hits right now. Just it's an overload in the city mini apple leases stadium and out the ball again. The mall at the cause a lot of days the walls too much and holidays we'll take a final break come back we have gorloks of the week that is in fact the Super Bowl pick we're gonna do this were picked in the game asks will picked several other things in my as. MVP MVP and and the team not named Tom what about over under on the painting them on weight well over we had got guests on Friday neutral as well well over she's going to want to. On right I got the same content over and under right now as the exactly know why the under got hit hard there's my inside info got it she's sick under the weather. So this is it just as she made you'll quicker ant from the normal I think she's gonna met she's gonna. Take a shock news out there beat big big B twelve shot they go be all moved up and I was going well over two minutes it was my first bad of the day is gonna be heavy on over two minutes nice I'll blow will pick guys MVP. MVP not named Tom Brady will send you out into what's one's coverage of the game which can hear. Right here on WE yeah. Back to more of the NFL Sunday with the money and keep rocking you might come Lansky insurance fox sports radio and tell. Tired out. A couple minutes NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI our final NFL Sunday of the year. I believe. So will think Brian Garvin right now before we get to ride an excellent job as soon she'll agent Brian. We did the show differently than years past we took phone calls did not treat this as some sort of got a talk about the Patriots offense against the Eagles defense we did a different show I'm likely to the show this year and a lot of that is credit to Ryan Gargan. There were deserve more credit than average Keefe right here for sure yes practice yet be in the radio regular gas slide current and Fauria and who else anybody. But I thought I don't fat zero earlier in the year we thank all those guys certain that a few others for those for the regulars was a one year that and here and we'll continue with the patriots final game of the year. In about what one half hours. Yes I guess I'm various we you watch a lot of pregame stuff today. It out we'll be on the other TV on that does that at all wrote on the whole time but I'll be getting nice maximum Beers in my an extra trailer for Iraq morals on me I'll be in and out is why used Twitter to tell me what's good and what not a missile and while great scene great thing Tom Brady's go back to DVR. And eagle funds where can I I can't. Especially being out there all week I can't sit down watch for hours to preface that are you guys that will you sit and watch every commercial or do you treat the commercials the same Eagles who bluntly you get up and get snacks into all that. Are you like he's got to be good this batted five and pop Ira Miller last year how bad the commercials were at a bad spring it was not it was not even on my radar getting it was and it was ignored the first the first breaker to you do with them. The Budweiser spot slash furious and the cancels out something big this year but that's I figure out my wife and mother on Monday and as they get a Han Solo movie trailer. That's that's some of the scuttlebutt out there amongst the dorks so you may get console trailer tonight I enjoyed the reasons are worth and I say this I think I think. We're kind of reaching a and peek here the amount of I always forgetting once I agree let's take a break if let's answer and you really are wolf that impressed that I you know when you teach me so that I couldn't culpability. And thirdly predicament. Threat. I saw the coverage of the game today here on WEEI Westwood One pregame up until Harlan and boomer which it's a very good radio play by play team. I'm the best out these other great I don't know will be in a spot or hapless on the radio today if you are these guys are really really good boomers excellent. On the color should be doing TV maybe will at some point again but he's really good that after the game. Bull Lonnie and this moralists with the real post game show. Gilroy from 2 AM until 6 AM we are going full line call all day today here. On WEEI. Our our game picks which I did not give my final season tally does it suck Europe is really Goodrich and thank you had your I don't funny you but you were well earned by a hundred. Against the spread our picks that I brought do you buy apartment building supply your local Andersen windows dealer a mass can beat the game. I score. And MVP and that Brady an MVP not encumbered. Aren't I like yeah I got the patriots winning the game 24 to 42 that means they do not cover whether you like four and a half five worried that is closed for getting up I think the Eagles cover on scene four and a half but. I think Eagles cover patriots win it I guess that would also be on either. Tom Brady would be the obvious pick that he said I've sought to beat to edit Rob Gronkowski would be the one actually put money on it but that's also. He's got the best odds outside of the two quarterbacks or otherwise that the chalks that yes of Oprah Brady folds and grown so my crazy crazy off the board when you sell a ton of money one. Would be traced like ours is three sacks in the game. He's a close to 1000 so. Gold outdoor arts it's what about blocking up patriots win they do not cover. As the line right now I'm seeing. Patriots four and a half four and a half yeah five dives down four. The way I don't you've ever uses putts at the sports insights website you bring Virginia also offer gambling stuff from Eric tell you so they. There an element Caesars is okay so it's consensus is for to have. On one book hasn't got four that's five times. On the Caesars in Vegas. Has up to five. Intact so it's I don't bet on that and so sleepy so they're saying 52% of the spread money right now is on Philadelphia. Or the spread tickets are on Philly 55% of the spread money. Is on the patriots. 63. Percent of the money line bets. Iran Philadelphia right now if and so back and forth to go. I'm gonna give you patriots 31 place so they cover. Brady for MVP by far if it's not Brady. Guinea branding cooks a guy that golfers and the year he as a monster game here today eyes. Opera please end our picks brought you by department building supply your local Andersen windows dealer. I enjoy the game plus funding in Minnesota all full all the shows tomorrow full recap. And of course post game and the waiter but he also good enjoy the Super Bowl folks Brady tries to get verb is it is sixth. Seems like it's commonplace around here but I try to enjoy pats and Eagles coverage begins. Right now WEP.