NFL Sunday - Super Bowl LII - Eagles fans lose their minds, Pats fans act like they've been their before; One game can make or break Nick Foles 2-4-18

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Sunday, February 4th

HOUR 1 - Outside of this five hour broadcast and the seven hours of pregame, the time for talk is OVER! The Eagles faithful took over the Mall of America and bothered everyone while the Patriots fans continue to take it in stride. It still feels like this game is lacking that perfect football storyline. And shouldn't the Patriots run of dominance be a good thing for the NFL?


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Patriots and Eagles or he. NFL Sunday is brought to you by complex yeah insurance more choices more savings scheme. I check out complex he dot com. I Andersen the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come. Tractor dealers it's NFL Sunday which money keeps on sport. We last left you read that Eric the red bar downtown Minneapolis rejoin you watched a couple of hours later here and after Saturday's final NFL Sunday natives of the season these Super Bowl this year just barely I never a down month here today I knew it said ray got here first trending. 9 eastern yogi here. Thought central time I'm sure Brian thank you for running into the 9 o'clock hour here at that last interview yeah sordid text you do you are helpful do that that was certainly helpful getting here today and if I. If on this sick of my own voice design and you folks let's releases at. I'm my voice at this point the only F five hours left a war in myself and rich will look pick through. All the things we never got to last all week leading up a Saddam's defeat to the table with a game at Friday we don't have to leave a little bit but I was listening to. A one of the national shows driving in. We're we're a million things to get to Tom Brady won the MVP. Odd there's a columnist that writing today by the patriots the worst team ever including reference in that Nazis were for the patriots don't like it stored not the first off let me just say I did it's it's as an. This capsule paper we could patriot and there was not a lot of guys are eighty kissing his kid. To the point spread to this global region DR Campbell leave via some of the stuff that Robert Silverman the Daily Beast broke this morning. We'll get to that next hour we got Tommy card Christian Fauria earlier some of the best of the week. I'm from our coverage out Minneapolis hopefully you folks enjoyed it was a lot of fun being there are from the Monday night and still early early this morning. But they Carol were named DD something who's out there urged talking to host and she said it wasn't a very. Newsworthy buzz worthy Super Bowl and I'm still left of that feeling now you know having touched down nine hours ago here in Boston. You get a car and on my wife says how is the week. And you say it was good bought dot dot dot. It didn't feel like a big build up free several lease for war I stood after six days a broadcasting up. Yeah I I agree you sort of a weird or you know and and two of the biggest stories. Where about Tom Brady and his kids absolutely all day Monday we're talking no doubts reverse that about. Tom Brady's daughter. Tuesday even I think maybe by the afternoon show we we were still doing it but not as much. But you gotta figure at least to the shows the station probably and almost the entire. First two days of Super Bowl yeah addressing that story in execution or a monster story Tom Brady addressed that at median IP address that again later on so. We hadn't thought of that and then by the end of the week we had been nearly as much time on it. Put all the sudden the story about Tom Brady and his son and the affection that he showed for his son and whether it's good or bad or all of the mouth enough for that long. Oh my god they're just shut up there to a man on the street stuff the New York about it though. Those are two of the big stories of the week it all along he's meeting this super bull when Tom Britt is the chance to in his sixth Super Bowl. The patriots have a chance do while when three out of four of all the stuff. The Eagles sort of got lost in the shuffle. Part of an epic because they sure did quarterback but of the patriot playing the Eagles that I think is the Philadelphia Eagles either the same map to they had several years ago. Nothing about just nothing you don't talk about the bulls for so much. And that's that they don't have a ton of star power on the Eagles so. They're kind of you know flying under the radar very much though and the two bills came out the response in times like that on Friday but again it's all stuff all way. From the game and that with any radio row week you get some good interviews are able to catch up with some people they wouldn't normally talk to and things like that but still. Most of it was focused on the other stories know how long as radio play how long is you know belts are gonna coached those types of things rather than how to match up against Philly and you know why because. The even the analysts that we talked to are saying the same. Freaking things about the scheme that Bob in New Hampshire wants Colin talk about today they're saying. Comes out of the end Brady vs bulls got to take pretty boy out the Eagles gonna win this game their defense of front's gotta get some pressure on Brady. They got to find a way to slowdown gronkowski patent Nevada when a slowdown Zach hurts a Danny Amendola big playoff player. It feels like because of full specifically. It's sort of on repeat like a lot of what people are saying about the game and it's gonna turn out to be wildly interest to gain the B a million things that happen that we won't talk about going into it. It feels like the same two or three things football wise that seems right. You know putting pressure on Brady. You with the front four we'd get rid of our four or you know Don Pierson what do you do when a big spot. Nichols like that's in full feels like over and over and over again. You're hearing that well you know can nick folds beat it bill fellow Czech team. Alan Mexico all the ways because the patriots have lost in their career last. The Belichick aero they have lost in the playoffs to some mediocre to bad quarterbacks right I did beat a lot of really are Sanchez Joseph Flacco got the job again I don't think its great put those together to about Hewitt at these big playoff losses. Whereas they've beaten some really guys whether it's all the way back to Kurt Warner got Peyton Manning was sort of a split you know he beat him sometimes he beat you sometimes. You know this year they've they obviously did not face great quarterbacks on the way to win every last year in this bulldoze the league MVP. In Matt Ryan and so. Look at the eagles' defense to have some of those things that they have their coach. Which I think it's still kind of a question mark is not enough track record to say he Sox coach two years there is no legal right medical metres that was just. Coordinator for how this second ticket Andy Reid's mind that's maybe he's better with the clock rate that's what I assume it's the Philly guys say that he's he's better than that Andy Reid late in the game you're border he has I am your better with the clock and he read this out watching me play Matt Hewitt no I understand this statement timeouts get out of bounds second thing. But yeah every bit obviously of the coach quarterback advantage in every single game to play it doesn't in the wind every single game they play. But it's it's and other spots I didn't notice mud on army Philly people you talked to put their very confident that they're more confident than Atlanta was last year Atlanta. I I got the sense more happy to be there now I mean that's for it in for Tony to report. Before the American public is a little wrong like about the tobacco reasonable or is. Most of the Eagles people withers meteor fairly they really think they're gonna win the game yeah I'm jaded because the Eagles fans tickled me. Okay you. Okay okay okay. We got seventeen stance on Florida. I believe it was seventeen I would look and it and it included and I hate Jews stand for I honorees news tennis I wouldn't I don't I I agree it's not in line now in the way it but I had there is yet it's in a rational Philadelphia confidence like I don't I don't think they were treated any other way like what. And Philadelphia thing growth. The way they handled themselves they're never gonna think it easily the analytical and advance the yes but they are efforts and they are actual they they are fanatic in H fans are for now in Philadelphia. They aren't those angles. Yeah yeah. About eight. They invaded that stupid ads that's used to but it bald America but not minded and well walked around him and they they that's all. It's all they did it with skin behind WIP broadcast which is it UWB over and over and over again Atlanta and chills up and oh boy what Heather looks like sky actually go for dinner honey what you get an idea at Philly they just screaming. Obscenities and Ike Reese. I'll take effect at Ike. The players would combine like you know with that bag and Emmitt Smith. When he can't buy there is a problem and that there are they did an eagle chance right Lebanon Bell's face that won't spoil you lockbox it perfect or if that there aren't passionate group nobody ice and it's the so you you think. Well yeah I don't know if I was always the fans or is it went. But the guys that we talked to the sound accounts with Johnny marks I agrees and Trey Thomas so I'd recent trade Thomas guys who play that other ball on the 04 team. And it's labels lost the symbol to the patriots but. They're all pick in the Eagles and again I don't know maybe eagle on well well well that's not a surprise to wait. Two former Eagles Super Bowl week Arctic and Eagles to win complete forty would ever pick against the patriots no doubt that would I say it's big you're in the soup that was no freaking way have a good track record of what. On the Eagles never wanted that young kid he's great comments I Ike Reese as the guy you know who is. This apparently things can win this weekend I'm sure if I don't know the answer is silly media as negative as Boston media golf. Cancers power skid came out of parking Callahan. And set ABBA fan I'll admit it patriots cheat in golf while they GD classic o's on the radio host Arnie real evidence so in on the joke put out there that the elite media. Is not like it is here in Boston that that I I found out this week they are they're more pro pro Philly they're there products are. It hasn't been vocal in their ordeal and Sean is it legal well. You're it'll go sort of the other way you Ellie was so pro filmed Philly because. Even though they haven't won right that's fourteen year nominees got a better shot if you're sick of the way it is your hope wouldn't lose. Such honesty use their regular rounds are around an incident they came by gave value slip stream Michael Dell the burden to a catwalk I heard an excellent example once the Bob from there at least they'll Friday night leaving one of the media guys they are suggested that those who blossomed globes and had their big. On you know dinner one night there's gonna go Outback Steakhouse who does like OPEC's they council and on installations. And apparently the rumor is that boldly I'll like out about an hour ago czar and indeed these are available on. We nine is greater than six. So hooked up like that get it. Character or I don't like Al back don't think I would I don't I don't want to let anybody on the outcome could probably get your wrong just right. Right up next I don't given the got a full full menu therefore Borman you know what it would do so at this I guess. Real quick so that all that confident that there are covered but also it's funny is that they're picking him to win. They said the Eagles. After drought for their alternate wins Johnny said that. They're better than the patriots are I said is this the best deal is this Eagles team better in the 04 Eagles in the don't know enough. It got also if you're probably right after you honestly that I know again but but they're gone out. He's the real respect so I guess they hour. To be confident I'd pick up and for other reasons like the you'll look at that the gambling line of for this game anyone look at them the all the sharp money's on Philadelphia you guys are really just throwing back he did a little bit of body because one sports book. I knocked it down for and they took a well lot of money patriots minus four. Immediately backed up to fort happened in some places now five program and so you're seeing a four a half for five. It would be five by game time today but before I I talk to Chad Millman on Friday. AA east covers this for a sports action network and he said there are four different. Million dollar bet in Vegas all on Philadelphia. While they're not that high is that the patriots would you patriots somewhere in the mid. Six figures about somebody in Iraq as the effect there somebody's met a lot on the Eagles here so you wanna look at the biggest stamp point. You have a right to be company one look at that the defense you're right to be confident but me on the dummy. And I come back to driving in today they will be a talk about it long weakened. So we we do this he could you could do all hole. Our prop out on to do that if ignition on trot our prior. Patriots Super Bowls yeah Eagles show up today and Tom Brady's gonna quarterback he won the MVP last night this'll be his eight super ball. The combined Super Bowl experience among the players in Philadelphia's roster is seven. So dirt race patent seven. They have a total of seven Super Bowl games under their belt on the entire. Philly roster and that to me sums it up when it comes down to the fourth quarter and the game's probably gonna be close. How can you possibly think that Brady nick pulls not Tom Brady and that make him play. Let's see I look at Mikey come back either to go to another way they he's played on these super bulls. And look how close every single one of Holmstrom and that's why getting close game if you think everyone's Gavin Google's game again. Fourth quarter. Within a field goal. Picnic polls over Brady that's bossy now I'm picking the pitchers to win but I am picking the Eagles to cover eyes and the I think of funds are eager and five. I think the patriots the biggest margin of victory was an overtime game. There won't by six but there was an overtime game worlds in the woods by three losing by ringer for me they play. Very close games whether it's a team. Like the rams which bothered great all time teams a team like the Panthers there's there thematic or a team like the falcons giants it doesn't matter. They play really close games and I did say at this week I think Philly is a better version of Jacksonville and I was another really close game so I wouldn't be surprised that they recovered bought. You're right if it comes down to either the patriots need to. Have a final drive to win it you're definitely confident Brady Poland off. Or they need to prevent nick Folsom driving down when it you're confident that that's the agent too big for also I did the patriots win but. Just like every other one speaker would be slow and outplay your fingernails and in freaking out that's going to be a close IV fourth quarter. One possession I think they gonna win this game by double digits are picked at this week and I feel confident that way that though the way this game does have a chance to be able out. Is it nick pulls really bad like I I I tonight. And they got was can get blocked last year is Matt Ryan was so good Julio Jones is so good always hurt going in he was fine. In the game itself these previous games okay giants in the I don't think ever pick the patriots to win convincingly. Because of fools and he can just tab want a really bad nick pulls Gainey is two different years in his career we had more interceptions than touchdowns this is the reason why. After his one great era Chip Kelly he went to the bench was a back up and moved around around a highly paid back company was the starting because. He can occasionally be erratic and he occasionally turn the football over. And I thought one way rich this could do on Israel comparable games for the patriots I don't I don't see Brady. Having flop game against Jim Schwartz deepens little talk about a topic it's it's by far the biggest reason why to compete to win by double digits in Brady against Jim Schwartz. Oh why can't pick polls is and he I'll say likely. What is that potential bloom where he guys couple picks patriots get up and Phillies got to play uphill and they win going away in this game that's the ball. There's definitely a chance it'll it'll blow again today you are facing a backup quarterback although yes the falcons are faced a backup quarterback northern great present enough to win. And the vikings have a very good defense. They're at home they're facing a backup quarterback and he wipes them up. Bulls in the NFC championship game was 46334352. And three touchdowns and acting came out of nowhere he's yeah or near the vertical passer down feel these it is except for 2013 that was a blip. Will Chip Kelly game and I I don't think you can repeat which he I probably kip I don't have that polls can do that two weeks and what Carlos Rodriguez say they're gods just can't do that. Greatly if you were you are facing Mark Sanchez before it got a guy who did beat them in the plastic face Mark Sanchez said that game right there he's not capable of that game. At least bulls hazard and portals educated if he can repeat it I wouldn't I wouldn't bet that he he repeats that their performance but he nobody has that and just like is the first game you replace Carson plants. He comes in against the New York Giants throws for 237 yards and four touchdowns doesn't turn over them the next week after that against Oakland. He looks more like a backup quarterback Stephen on the short sample. And the regular season a two games in the playoffs you've seen greats you seed terrible exit a little bit between. So you've seen everything from from Naples. And I hate it when it gets down to the biggest stage this year when it's going to be against not. Who I'd like not Mike Zimmer not case keen on its belly check and bring the to a here for a million times. It's. It's a much it's much separate tasks and even going into Minnesota. Our home against Minnesota going against them liking the pants the patriots there's there's so much more experience although listen really were on wheels on the patriots and over he sure of that that help. Probably not but it's gonna help radio bring lightning Brady throwing inside Brady's gonna have shocked me a monster game you probably hear time and to me that and I guess that we started saying was kind of a quiet week. I think quiet for patriot fans because this become old hat. Like so we we talk to that the WEEI super Saturday party yesterday. Was awesome I was not turn out there I would rats I was not expecting it to be as jam packed as fired up does it work. Great EEI listeners people like the show like eight they shelled what I saw how juries are wrong Bob Obama. But amongst these people to tell these stories about common of the Super Bowl. And here's one guy from Weymouth yet my fourth Super Bowl another guy from my nude yet my second. These guys from Burlington yet to be in my data we almost went last year decided this year. These are people while they take tradition of going to the Super Bowl because the patriots had been their sell off the planet so that a and that's why that's so. That the folks are out there the folks that are listening to us today driving out to the pack your driving out to get reds' dugout to the food for their party noticeable. It's become common happ because they've done eight times in sixteen years and see source shrug your shoulders and go yup they're back here. Yep patriots are there. A what last year for the patriots become a popular or that chick miraculous. How the same as Europe you've become accustomed to it as a fan it is war. Likely than not. There is a Super Bowl. Then they're not playing in the biggest game of the year in Philadelphia fan has a and there are thirteen years they're emptying their bank cut threads some sort of the TV signal that these Philly fans. Who like emptying their bank accounts to go to the game because they're not sure what the gonna get back as a patch and a I Avaya for. All we're doing this a Getty Villa while it's in Florida in two years I was waiting go to Florida in two years earlier next year to give me warmer I heard that yesterday for fans are like I'll go back in a cup we like. And you say it's it's become normal it's not probable league is set up for you not to be. This successful Roger Goodell to tackle this question Tom Lyden. It is press conference. And he danced around you because he knows it is bad for business savvy team over and over again it shouldn't be but he wants differently with different people there what different fan base is different. Faces in the soup mobile. Eight out of sixteen. And as they pats fan it's it weird when they're not right what do you wonder why the rest of the country hates the patriots and meet their fans this is part of it because it has been such a stretch a ridiculous six that's right. Rios of ravens niners are the oval or watch brilliance of these rules as your sole custody of them being there and then. Beat you you go low all week earlier you know the AFC team executed the numbers were more staggering you know we talk about that a couple weeks ago how. Just every year you pretty much pencil and it was at seven straight at them than us and you know Brady. The atmospherics Vatican said before that affairs that those. Brady is a better chance of making the AFC championship game that he does ardently portals has completed a pass it's a great that the great that both guys in the league that does that evaluated the accomplish portals. But now I mean yeah the better chance of making the Super Bowl. And probably some of these guys have of a colonial past it was at least it's remarkable how often he is there wins the MVP now does that scare you at all month. The last two times I want unity. I mean I'm not block it scared over sports on possible option you know scared again that's been a terror but a deal that. I'm glad that he had paychecks not gonna arrive on scare them knocking a paid more than not I'm not scared of yours well but. I'm always down the last the last MVP to win the super bull you're working with Kurt Warner and not a once or warming below. Don't like that however as are totalitarian Norton pointed out that forty year old Andy he's ours Euro 100 point oh that's actually literature. If not better I do a lot better. Bill Belichick is she after sweep this where this is crazy bill Belichick's appearing in eight Super Bowls head coach eleventh as an assistant or head coach the most all time. Five Super Bowl titles ahead coach most of any coach. A win ties in with George Alice and curly Lambeau. Most NFL championships by head coach industry and being that made it this is what you're now it's very silly you're comparing Brady to Jordan. You're talking about Belichick would George countless Vince will borrow the egg board core curly Lambeau. We that that's the rarefied air this team is in and they're going up to the and a get on the dummy. I see all that go knicks bulls get beat them no and I Bert I know I'm simplistic of a moron but that's what I can't get by. Or at talk football all day with you guys Tommy kerns gonna joins Christian for a but I I would like some phone calls today of people. Odd break down the scheme is rich get on the all week talking about this game I have scare rated no one has kept that we want irritated about what you're expecting here today like the patriots held the 3120s are picked we're joined up. I airway. Of that horny four point two. We closely Eagles making graphs of the people who have a two and four in usable square today if you fight it can't go anywhere it is yes you don't wanna fortunately it missed extra point there are those that wide a safety who held those are some wacky. It's report. It happened. I accents actually if you are 06177797937. Your phone number two but keep we're on the air all we got Minnesota back here Boston got home safe to do one more NFL Sunday for you guys expecting. Your participation we're tired. We travel a lot yet dole in the outcry for us we're tired today you're gonna carries through reviewed the call 6177797937. And I am told that Jim Schwartz the tactic over. I will give you a key Davis when he ferrets that any other favorites that we have of the week. You can tease for Dominic did you my favorite status from those that are gonna we wanted to name I'll do that and get your calls at 61777979837. And oh goody. Top of the hour 10 o'clock so he's written that the patriots have not seen pay homage to their bad Gabriel we'll get to that top of the hour mutt and keep NFL so all Sunday Sports Radio W we yeah. Back to more of the NFL Sunday with the money keep. Brought to you by come Lansky insurance fox sports radio and tell. It's. It's really remarkable Victor. And going for the third. Suitable for years in this kind of a system. Where. Keeping that group together. Changing. Whatever they need to change those players or coaches or. They do that in two ways to create success I just think that I'm Barbara what that I think are the quote marveled that I think stands marvel. And I think the balance. Having these teams would teams have continued to find ways to win. It's a great thing for the NFL. Now whatever he has really. Be sure they should embrace it fans should embrace the hate they should brace the fact that the patriots are the bad guy they shouldn't suggest as one writer did their bad because. Some of the players like trump and Nazis like the patriots we'll get to that afternoon but I mean it's like so like the Yankees right I mean. Are the Yankees good for baseball business yes should the patriots be good for football is that they are. I think I think they should be I think that they are I mean you got to have that team that sort of villain right either in in sort of the team that can go down in history is one of the all time greats of fears of a bunch of okay teams. The what's the point out you really get excited about it. Right Tom British chancellor six suitable for. On the flip side of that if the Eagles are looking knock them off what a story that ends up being the victims underdog a decent upset right exactly words that they beat the jaguars are they beat the Steelers. Want to do that that's not that great I think you need that seem like I did the warriors are the NBA. Duke basketball much they hate them that's good for college hoops that you. Alabama football at all all that's of it is good for sports so I will get the phone calls here to second we'll take a mall of morning and afternoon long here hurtful to a clock on the Super Bowl NFL Sunday. I said favorites that I got to the bad teased by mean it's the stat that makes me most confident children any significant patriots win today and that is the Tom Brady's success against Jim Schwartz who he's based Jim Schwartz. Seven times as a defensive coordinator and head coach that's awful that's Detroit and now this will be the daytime here today. Brady's five into organ Schwartz the two losses one on happened way back in 2002. Against Tennessee was beaten defense quarter there's why draw a line through that. The other was the 2014. Exit buffalo those final game of the year. Brady only play the first half the immunity for the patent they want 1979. So if you take out 2002 I mean with 2014 games. They played five times in games that mean something. Tom Brady's offences have scored. 381740. 45 and 37 points in those five games he's averaged 35 point four games. Third 61 yards in those five wins out or re Jim Schwartz defense and they are really good Fletcher Cox they run the football. But he much like his own Dick LeBeau. Why we're not talking about always owned Jim Schwartz young adults forty. Game of the second all right Jack Hillary go all or only got out of the Alessio that that that's a good won't mean because. And he's had some pretty good talent although maybe argument could be that. He had more talent now what I know right region forces guys is that it was jag and everybody yet a big it is a little bit better but still. You're not gonna surprise Brady. At least admire last year with the is common by the answers to the test. That's true regardless of who the defensive coordinator is let alone what at some validity is faced so many times that some interest of the test now. The bar to stop or stop play and it's easy. Dirty dirty no idea you know how to win he's not gonna stop he's now at least fifty that would rule it out so that that's why that's a stat that makes tools company old you can buy what are the bright odd look. The long shelf and noted it out as soon you guys at 617791157. Not 37 is the phone number your phone calls all morning current and Fauria and a cast of thousands a year. On the Super Bowl Sunday gate is set for the coverage of the game two here on WE yeah beginning in two. I'm Andrew is in Rhode Island on the patriots in the Super Bowl Andrew good morning how are you. They under the old government and I just wanted to piggyback on the comic that you guys need in the docks to on. Patriots greens being used to going to Super Bowls. You know back to back he has all Ullman who would rather and last year I was taken some peace these students to between you consider what the Boston to see the great. And one of the girls said on wit Christine omission common interest that no. All I'm just gonna wait till she gets what we told next year to law helped us to go to Cory. So difficult issues that go Pete between the so used to feel automatically go to these operate in the corner so all year in and year out. It's crazy injured I mean it in again and sixteen full seasons. Brady is now played eight doubles so it's a coin flip. I have and he's gonna be in the Super Bowl the and this morning the percentage of pats fans in the stadium today will be. So how does it for help me out so hot that incorporated Wendy I don't what the percentage or corporate is vs fan pick I think the I think Philadelphia the Philadelphia fans are gonna buy up a major portion of their is that we are more chemicals ball this week I think of the patriot crowd is is going to be. Percent third I think it's going to be Philadelphia fan one. Neutral and new patrol the ticket whatever you wanna call them local second and and patriots third 20/20 5% top yet and much louder for the Eagles fans. The patriot images that you should be a lot of reasons for that knowledge all the different trips but also. If you're looking at Tom Brady and and an airplane out last year maybe you went to Houston. They were from the pole the little bit. Next year's Atlanta the year after that South Florida. So maybe Minnesota is is out right if your make they were taking a week off from school or taking the kids were on outs do. Minnesota worth actually colder all week in Minnesota that was in Boston I don't know if you're certainly doing that a lot cooler all it was significant political and can't explain the wind but it cuts three eulogy for tonight right here expo two years to wanna go to is that what Miami's running goes from the we can Miami or Lagos from the we get the ball so if your if your divvying up like that where is injured eagle traders say we can't wait for next year beat we'd eat idiotic you're waiting for next year he did -- to get to Atlanta you have to get on there and just now and I do think so. You'll be more Eagles fans the patriot fans they'll be more eagle fans anything else. The neutral Minnesota fans will be rooting for the patriots that was and it world or Ernie do not like Eagles. They don't like the Eagles fans that there were multiple late local. TV reports when that they were going out asking Minnesota like experience and there are tons of liking Europe there. We were before it was patron he hate the Eagles fans they were jerks lastly they may they've made a filter and goes for the patriots and they made shirt that says viking fan. And underneath it rooting for the patriots over shirt and see that if I believe that alienate. Yeah they were just so that's that actually worked out because. It went from the vikings win that game. Patriots have to go into Minnesota to face the vikings the first time ever team as host the Super Bowl to now would have been awesome to go to about it all week but instead the team that loses and they get smacked around. Literally into I would Philly Philly fans so there they have a great distaste. For the Eagles fan which sort of took over the mall at per week I was saying Minnesota there. They get to host that's what that's the match about one and I didn't think about the put cited and now they've lost in over two weeks ship to sit around in your building another miss watching the team that beat you are now play in the super yeah. Some of that is watching out of their stuff on Carl's batteries for five days sure raised in Rhode Island patriots Iraq. Until more about it. I can. Of course the bottom occur on ESPN and the patriots. Are if you know it came out and lead. In the cal Libya. I'm about mice that the admiral Allen ran like out while you're there at the good stat that it's on my sheet it is all over the only playoff losses they have with Belichick and Brady is when they played that team the regular season that's a great one. Like you and I beg me that's nice that they go you can install a camera that I think the reason is because. Patriots are so hard to prepare for. And Belichick is so good at preparing for you what you did he sets is so experienced at it but yeah so you think that they would if they faced with a regular season I would think Belichick would have such an advantage you'd pick something up from Mac game. They've got revealed used to talk with a two giants losses. Radicals were ridiculous how you happened live in the regular season and in the Super Bowl both those years the ravens would be Jackie came in and jets and Broncos front missiles all those game goes heralded the end of the gentleman is the most surprising is because it was. What's 453 yes with the velocity Pryor area so that was definitely an and other lost him earlier but. Al muzzled its early but I do like that the good that's good stats. And I I don't think of a game like this so Belichick knows going so they win they know the playing Philadelphia. He immediately knows OK here are some things in the past I've done to prepare for team for the Super Bowl. That I don't it's not worth it it's not worth putting our time to wean queue up I spent time on this is gonna pay off. Doug Peterson probably spent two days trying to figure out. What were doing what's what's not and so it sounds like a small thing but when you're will not wasting time. And you know what's gonna help you on game day that's a huge advantage for bella check mcdaniels and Patricia read what your Schwartz and company your doing get ready for this game. Yeah I think and in the coaching staff having this Super Bowl experience. Is. Obviously so valuable but then on top valuable players where you look at all the team captains the patriots have they all played it last year's super bull all the captains have anyway and then at some love played in multiple Super Bowls where's the Eagles a look at around. And only be. Figured taught legally ask Chris Long would your wants to questions probably rightly there's not a whole lot of guys there that discount experience I've Johnson Weymouth on Eagles fans 61777979837. Good morning John. And so guys. I have already QG take permit it can't argue that in. Rachel to get the highlight knock Kim out I didn't create it do but. It's what. He's building a suspense and and I'll get that I had a great thing now and again to flinch like Google about high layered on the good. You regent little in the morning is should chariot whoever else is there. Yeah I just whatever. And muddled lot lot of people of partisanship. Until I was O line with the Eagles fans in you know they're worried about the wraps picnic it was going to be a walk and I mean it's so. If it comes down to we call two minutes left to export racetrack. That we got this. It'll bitchy tree it will aren't educating our light the ball hit eight. You know I haven't talked that guy that's about a planet we do that single article that. But all I wanted to capital beat up on that team so bad because at that they didn't base it'll. Yeah they're not they're not a likable bunch and I know that that the Philly radio hosts. Who's got a host of Ike Reese you're retired mark. Talk about the abuse eagle fans were taken out there the other host ripping eagle fans. But it yes they did their very loud obnoxious group I don't know halts to explain that they spent three days outside our broadcast Booth screaming that's stupid eagles' chance. And if they did we have all this evidence of when they lose they do all it's predicted that just that's who they. Thought it was the call lights of their dominant fingered dawn. This is insane and and they bought into the insanity. They're not playing a character yet of eagle fan I do think I mean personally I think it's a little overstated by the a lot of those things he gets a little exaggerated but I. I don't think every eagle fan is gonna punch in the face of wearing the patriots yours. I personally don't think that's the case because. Just isn't so there's thousands and thousands of Eagles since there there's going to be. A few dozen that are completed its right and those are the ones that are going to be on TV for general or the holes are against the new ones in Philadelphia tonight downtown win or lose sports and things but that's a deal with him as a burn stuff on unfortunately greatly geese hit it over LA yards Yukon mining and I'm kinda. National championship a few with a big guy art sure sure I'll write a fire that I was like all right I'll take that back in the past. Obvious but I'm not a attorneys uses or is there there are not and you do here at a ton of these stories right win or lose the city of Philadelphia tonight is going to be put aside. And I read they are not greasing up the polls at this time. Though that didn't work but idiots up there anyway. That's is that is more work for somebody day. I know you said you wanna work tonight but you get out there agrees that the polls. It's overtime hours ago. Like recent polls are quick Ian Rapoport on note he says just seconds to go on Twitter win now Patriots offense cornered Josh reveals takes over as colts head coach. Sources say top targets emerge as offensive coordinator houses for irony. Former Seahawks OC Darrel bevel. Who called the path play against the paid I was not one for years ago passed. 6177797937. Your phone were taken poll calls all morning long your thoughts on this game I am confident the patriots win by double digits rich. Has as a patriot two point. But an Eagles cover he gave you the wacky high school oil final score 2422 you could have figured Democrat he'll have one now given that pick out on that score your thoughts on the game and your confidence level patriots and Eagles 617779. 7937. It is mutt and keep it NFL Sunday these Super Bowl mission you're on Sports Radio WE yeah. My blood that's key and rich keep basic piece NFL Sunday brought do you buy health plans he insurance on Sports Radio telling you. Jealous and it didn't close the game. Forty to ten. You know what I mean like OK if the patriots cheated that would be aggravating. But it the end of the day come on let's be really Eagles and you the didn't look like thirty points it was my third once maybe it would have been point 521 it's a three point game. And you feel confident the other team cheated. The problem. That's a problem. That's why I hate to New England Patriots. Not open eleven days Eagles avenge and and we all get to say we've seen with our bodies the Eagles won a super ball. But at this point we have it. And the patriots cheating maybe they're crying it's the primary reason. We have. Our that's somebody and John Richie I guess. That's show camera who was it just the camera. Joseph the camera so he originally John Richie and you don't want to travel cast whose topless in a all the simulcast yes WIP but. What a bad look for like that that let me add that sums up the Eagles have got problem Joseph Mickey John to camp is that his name moved. Just don't care Jody who got a camera and John Richie couldn't go to the Super Bowl played the game because John Richie hosts of wing bowl. In Philadelphia's already that was more important sending John Richie either I think this is my guess. Doug are you guys sound pretty Smart so they I think they want to send their smarter show I think they do they said John Richie to the Super Bowl and he started saying things on radio roll like. The patriots won because of nine elevenths yeah that would go over portly for the. She is a moron he is an absolute Mora he's also somebody who has been quoted as saying. I am somebody. That was Jon Ritchie who has to tell you that he played is no remembered actually attack you eat. I didn't he well will be attacked and he just seems like an absolute terms weren't rich community about the other guys aren't as it was when you do the sidekick. In the third now with yeah yeah assortment and that's jobs and that's okay. Many that's me you know who played for the second Agassi can't talk about it we play in the NFL. But John Roberts who was not there yet the other yeah new guys Russia really nice that'd enjoyed talking about. But Richie is. The the other guy there who still can't pinpoint his name but the other guy on that show. Talking about the reason the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl is because the patriots cheap yet that might be. Dumber than the 9/11 today. The Eagles are allowed to make it to other Super Bowls right so says Brady Belichick and every tall guy yes yes it. I know it's I know it's a ridiculous is that ridiculous number the patriots make the Super Bowl. Half the time when it's Brady and Belichick. That's a lot of Super Bowls at the red. That also means half the time they're not there. So the Eagles they're allowed to win the NFC and other big FC championship game bought years in a row there were Alec the bills. Of the NFC championship game their first stretch but they actually won one of those have been lost to the patriots if you wanna say that you lost to the cheating it'd be wrong but you wanna say that's fine. Watch me get back in the next year for the year that literally any year since 2004. It's sort of oracle like you didn't lose to them in the NFC championship game they're not in the NFC playoffs so you're allowed to get there. So I don't think the cheating is the reason why the Eagles have never on the suitable badly for scene with our bodies. They haven't. You have. They have not seen what their lives now that he said what did you see them doing to cheat he's Jon Ritchie said vacate our practice not true. They didn't that'd take anybody's practice or walk through Oregon and never take that ails the docket trouble burning of that that's not what spiky ones. In Philly doesn't know that. Pay today they heard it once and that was good enough for them easy and they probably easier to use something else as your point for failure verses we just weren't good enough. Obviously a lot easier and that's why the Steelers fans do it they lose the patriots as YE. The Indianapolis Colts fans wanted to placate to be a big deal blighted our as a player football blah blah blah you can't explain the success they're not regular patrons there are forty teams right. The fin 48 teams yeah that's what that's very easy for teams they don't know. They don't care I was like all 52 states if this game market the same type of thing they don't care what's Biden's there it's it's what they want to be. They don't care what the Iranians they aren't they just know what existed. At someone and John Richie sponsor and was it a I was a local. On news report in Minneapolis yesterday and so on a national level but there John Richie in a hair salon. Getting his hair done green. Like they all break and it has every reason that. Quick thought of trial will try to offer charity at least he he was just showing his eagle pride they isolate sick all exploded today. Leaders and not felt it doesn't take. The guy who played the NFL announced glad governor with a very close out. Hanna avenue explains by eight to those guys might don't want my favorite moments of the week was pretty but that was even like they just didn't get the same with so joining marks in the afternoon he's asking us is like Sears say they didn't tape walk throughs Roy. They didn't and so that's his that's is what they got and that's a lot juice here too because. If you ask somebody like they were taping hand signals are in the game. It rational people say well they're in the game you in the when anybody can sing and they are aware of it when a fan can look over and see what they are. M and that it really help ever to do everything I was doing he said it hit the practice whole lot of second. That's out there not everybody can see a practice there's a reason it's closed all want me to Libya or walk through recommend going over final things maybe that is something. Oh that's not the case payable that a lot less to use our case in Charlotte on the hall of fame big announcements last night I Casey. I don't what's up. But I'm hoping. That this halting process. Aaron Brian dogged it all in the war current law. And they voted him in last. That's music format or in part lies. A moment where he had felt. Execs are important Brian Dawkins whose work and now. I Brian Dawkins was probably one of the two or three best safeties and it's time yeah he's that single title on that I I I agree I lost should be yen and the but I I'm not mad dog got it first. I agree the only you're not gonna have to sell me on dialogue and dialogue is a hall of Famer that you should have been for awhile he's another one of these guys that. His post season career should factor into how good he was against Peyton Manning what everybody else in the world it's one of the best. I. Doesn't have a taught in public yet no I can't pick six in the super league as an Howard three picks against Iran in its chips you need to have that awarded does have is. Moral rose he has more rural bulls. They may have bowl that'll decade for fraud remembered but it Dawkins who's one of the two or three best safeties I think I'll also through their best York. You're wrong you would unload that mom my team ran out of love that but Aaron Aaron and same thing would run air. You know easy in that same one. I I agree I agree but I mean it was weird the altered as we accidents that they're guys that. Seemed like absolute no operators. And they don't dated for a year too quick. Terrell Owens how is he not halted last year you're about last year and elect well here I know he's a weekly guess to yours but like he was with the Peter King. Will be when this crap is brought up like that the type of person who was deciding animal thing these archaic. Dinosaur football like wolf they have got around. It's it's a terribly doing and they. They might get a guy gives you bad sales pitch or something you know yes and we gotta get this guy and first and I met elucidate the. And it's this lengthy drawn out blah blah blah blah blot and an issue of the somebody tweets up a picture of these he's cute football guy sit around. Far and in a big you know big conference room talking about which guys are you know the best that's how they decided to dumb way to do these guys all the opinions and it. Yes Ty Law should be yen biking it worked out because those of the guys choosing it problem it's him as a Peter king and Beatles the Leno and these are books of the. Under the show the community. A thousand years he's covered the league before the league so of course he should go and this year I at least I like the guys that that got principally in Peter can best players in bishop of the old allies all the defensive player at one of the best players sewed it shouldn't super wants those situation. At least they got Randy Moss right that's such a no brainer. Boy. Based off the committee has about that based on the group that's voted him in the chance that he wouldn't have gone ahead. So you get Ray Lewis to get her locker units awfully speaks for itself you block outs in the did the oath of a bigger lead separate group. Hopefully next year the year for tile wall all flow. Tonight's race Champ Bailey olds will next year as much level dialogue champ is probably a better player. And I beat Tony Gonzales Olympia or next year equities while at reacts that's. These guys work at a performance refer let's see any of mechanic I'm looking yet Ed Reed Tony Gonzales. Chip elites and Urlacher Regan last night in lockers and John Lynch. Thomas has been on their for a little bit he's Champ Bailey you a chance yeah. So with five guys I've moderator guys getting and how laws there. Is work form yet I just I don't discuss. Increased yeah I can get worked up like Casey does does that and there are guys sit around and do and as for like imagined. Ready Boston's again or Ray Lewis Wright doesn't get him. I say a lot and I'll take this listening to him. Brian Urlacher definitely a hall of Famer when he gonna rubber Brian Urlacher as a big bats of hall of fame. Here I thought he was great but he is definitely the most fringe of the five negative. I think. Four time all pro eight time Pro Bowl or one time defensive player of the year. Is really good middle linebacker there. That icy with width of the other sports does know he quarterbacks what do you do in the playoffs and order lacquered wood got what Tina suitable one. One year you led by the other you automated defense that got Rex grows he should get battle though point that's again an anonymous yet. Pizza in the east haven next up on NFL Sunday IP. What's going on ninety mortal that you bought what you do to keep a job and they're speaking at the man but is. It. The politics now to repeat keeps. In could you see people can be somebody's been successful. They will it. They must be cheap connect the dots so the Russian natural you know the patriot everything they do or about it and local ultimately. There not to like. We'll look at the refs made it just all they want to gradually each other clean. But I outlet that bought into this is like the Republicans last two weeks the Opteron. And that they can block couples those who fought for that wall. 31 sentencing. And I a close game but I think this game could be over toward these. Final bowl rings. Police. Yes it's not one of these games. You'll be on the edge your seat. Yelled looking as you will was got the ball last to win be the patriots winning the late pick on nick foale's he has 3117 I got 3120 who cares but I I see the same. I see the same stuff that they peaked and is a patriots fan you'll be able to take a deep breath. In the final couple of minutes of this one couple running plays a higher score. And you union employer need down. No way already got a lawyer at the hell out of in this game 6177797937. The phone of your thoughts as you prepare for. On a Super Bowl for the patriots their take on the Eagles at about eight hours from now I believe here that he's right here on WE yard beginning. At 2 o'clock. I spent much of the week this week paint pointing out the patriots. As that the enemy. All football and football fans and cheating stuff that's weaker trees talked about that. And he's anti patriot takes obvious warning we have this here's your headline and sub headline. Why Tom bradys of England patriots are the most hated sports dynasty ever spy gate the flaky. Make America great again hats. Not the fans are the patriots are the closest thing to a villain in pro sports last part which is why should definitely root against them simple 52 here and not get into this story and some more phone calls topic nurse. A hour from now.