NFL Sunday - AFC Championship - Tom Coughlin the boogeyman; Christian Fauria joins the show 1-21-18

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Sunday, January 21st

HOUR 4 - Fauria, much like Kraft, isn't overly concerned about Tom Brady's hand. The amount of departing Patriots personnel this off season could be a different story. The Tom Coughlin effect has been talked about to no end this week. But is it overstated?


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That's PM. FL Sunday is brought to you by complex. Why Anderson look Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England comes voted tractor dealers fixed NFL Sunday with my. On Sports Radio telling you. Yeah. Let's take him and it helps you holes outward up or Wear a yankees. Radio W basic. Needs they were all the weather should not be. Any actor and all the right hander Brady the actor is yet. Just a bit forget that it's for idiots you know across the street to let stating it news. From the former patriot tight end now the guy who carries the issue here at WIs. Horry he joins us here on NFL Sunday Christian boarding area. While. Or. 800 our report out that 55. Holes and I don't let them know before hopefully the sorry replace. I am a number. Mike I'm ready. Let's. I don't believe you because I just watched you want TV with everything is on it breaks a liar or B or rap. All the rout it out early. Bellamy got them coming out they don't know where you're out. Right. Act. Never worked up. A of course there was probably nobody on the broth let's start with the news that Euro over there you you don't people you have sources. What is the Christian 48 latest on Tom Brady's right. I've heard is much about. Really. Don't have all these doctors out. We what's. Wrong with. Bomb slacks anger. Like out of hand really. So that like it's a that's OR. Or. Oh so her hours are out our. Error. But crap. On got a letter sent a little port Broward. What I don't know I'm not worried at all. On or. Watch it. Looks like soaps idols. Are normal years ago. Him. Where it. Could it could affect him taking snaps at all look at that he wants spot where the as the deal with the most pain potentially. Her looks like. Some tolerance out whatever guys rob and whatever. I know L a ought handle an. Error. Hurts my. All. Or latter that. That's ordered him. In OT. While in the air. Die. I'll. Act more note. Ought. I'll. Chunk of what. I. Yield. The worst scenario is complete. Or or. Field. So. That. Deal. But I think that's really. No numbers. Really eats it all back. You. Like oh. Real. Public route or. Or where or who set up. What. Are right now they're oh. Look you'll. In. A good. Jeter worked when he first saw it turn to throw the football Christian. I thought coming into the week that would be the plan that you can get Jacksonville and the personnel groupings that you talked about it he can roll them underneath all they all they all they does the Brady injury. Change that and all the big it's more conservative game plan. Based on what you hear about the. Don't ever ever. And they would all come. The 90. Old. It. Could be while I don't know all. Know. As. Well you. Wrap her. Your. Let. It make any sort of just. Make sure that Ron. So. All mental. Player we are. So warm ups. The hole and ask him. Under. I. In the coach that they. Rod. I tilt. Or. The girl. Work. We just had a radio Jacksonville on these particular horse to win in its main reason for it is Tom Coughlin. Does that do anything for where companies that are Koppel at the bugler Democrats themselves that he is the plate he's the only got to be Belichick it's almost is that he's still coaching. And I don't. I. On you just like saint Anthony's name and a hundred times is not looked at. Are. Allowed not to no. A look at my back I'll. Right. Call. On our. That are. Late. Are. All. All. Russert. Bill is out at 80. Okay. Player. Or. Call plays. You call. It out no. It's not. Nice story. Arc arc. Arc arc anybody. So. 00. 000. I brought credible let. This. Guy that. It's it's it's silly to me that it's it's merited city that is awful things because they want some reason what we lose. A world war on call and what you guys I don't see scenario where he's the reason. Why they win or lose this game today I asked the quarterback world giving something he does well he's been buried this week Chris him. Radical quarter Beckel said it best quarterback. I'm not leak out planet itself. Is Geithner as well. Allow me though it had no Christians. Work I'll. Say. Oh words or. It. Right out. Play. Or or what are we. Now. Guy that. Is what. It's a wonder why so. Words or is weak. Where work. Out. A win. No. Red. Amber at. So I don't. They are. Adamant shorts and your. Past. 00. Aren't alone. Our guys and are. At the so everybody are different. Let. He's going to play. Safely as possible and Donald the third. These. Are the leader the duke. On the spurs doubts that it's really. Third. I suppose. I were you it's one place at the only one. Or. So they're all. Out there. Are always. You know or Alter. Call. Or. Third. Man. So it'll help. Now another pictures or lose mcdaniels and Patricia they could use could lose Flores they could lose maybe even a couple other coaches that might joint staffs were with those guys how how big deal of is that for next year. I. Actually. I know that will all. Week ago on act. I know. Some. Job on our own or are. You know. Not. Know cold. Play. Gonna come in here and you know what Brady or schools. Now. Ready Brady it. Me or. Somebody and order. Yeah or ought to go. Back. So. Yeah. Russia and Laura's. And that's that's. Lot a lot of you comp I more or. It's about the note that about personality. So ready to match right dot org. Or Euro. Now. So like just talk plays the game plan to sell out a way. Right on point. And I got to. You got a TV hit it you give your take on the other game today because that and that feels can be as lopsided of it. 88 take it as a patriot Jack's team does how is nick poll eve hole. Gonna put the offense together to get past a really good Minnesota defense and I I just can't see him when he backed team Christian against that the. 080. Oh. And I'll were. Oh. Day. Oh. Whole. Ought. Ole. Are. Back. In my. Oh. It. You. What are. Are now. Bowl. Oh. Now other. Are. Much. It. Oh I'm Minnesotan I want to. All I had to alt at all. I LE. Oh out. On my. Oh. Yes. You. Out there. It. Sure yes I'll go I'm gonna go to government or. From the ball extremists might. It's like guy Maurice and I much that the guys are gonna say that a Christian use that as well with that the white. I know I vomit out and it didn't. Except my reality is a good time. Good idea article back on the Dixie rookie little right now now obviously. Out. Thank I very sinister euphoria across the street at Gillette Stadium beat the patriots. He also we outscored. By now people well done nobody even said he's never against the yen nobody this nation. Holly early in the week yeah I'll accelerate eagle yesterday. The picture on the cover after all that. They barely cover it all a cover the cover. He says that they went by Eden I would exists whatever the line is just over what Agassi straw that look like you. They've what all you're talk all year he's gone Jacksonville like if it years earlier this project. No. Everybody ever ran on our shows the path. I'll get back to your vocal guys waiting patiently we got the site from 46177797937. Your ball it's game day. I make the Nick's ex now right at the past beat beat beat today at the actual cup work. Bought this game up at the law or the Westwood One pregame show that of course the actual game itself him who are. It out and order at the call here WE yet anywhere. Optical the game the real post game show. After eight or wait world's way. Not care about spam horse of the year in 0:6 o'clock right it was the most. I hear one night was already. All year. And he all of those liberty he could be hurt by while your rattle him for. You flowers after you come down here early you you'd wanna see your way he does this point he asked him about the debt next. That's like that it's able to walk doing football talk that's right in des southern accent. If you ever want you here for twelve hours today at the all its liberty at the alternate view which you so will pot you guys up until 26177797. ID threesome we talk. But about. The other team right. Yeah let's put any errors that Minnesota site you know your calls NFL Sunday Rawls. On your Sports Radio. Excuse money and keep. NFL Sunday presented by health plans. WEEI. Analysis I think you need to move for complicated this story this news. The simplest and oldest story. This isn't ancient story. It is just morning. It vs the line. Well okay well maybe that was a little much but it's not that. Rory and on the mighty giant against. Hanging rule under on this story of the overwhelming. Favorite to run ins no long songs with absolutely. No chance. When is. Bought this football. Anything in the world can have long. Anything you always have an outstanding team absolutely. No link in our bounds. The portals and and and the jaguars did on the save gas and now it's against the patriot news. I had. Okay. That's where you can you should cut and and myself it's. Up what it's like this video's better for excellent audio there pull pieces about 415. Except where want. We got out while briefly that that felt something funny he's criteria we got away update of like that a self right now about. He is not a fan spent like I don't know off got a little sour taste of that as well public. This. It wouldn't it Tom let's its football like John Paul it's. We're Alec is is once though that's the way he reversed the wire what's it like yes. Is the biggest underdog administers them. Not that they mean I had to express but it still works its upbeat wanna be bigger spread that came to terms of like the rich guys is. I guess Isaiah rich guys you know staple for the underdog yes but I think it's funny I find it humorous that I I didn't minded biting fanatical and he can and like it. President dale wants it. How well the us and I just think it's funny where is that they are right here personalize activities that idea with this many like. Florida and portals that the that goes though that what about what they did the last that we I don't know. Since the disease on the sports they do a lot of and they and that was also rumored good. But I think they know that they need to. Do something to get people. Super fired obviously your pictures there it's the eighth championship game you're excited. Jerry Jack or stand whoever you may be you're excited. But outside this everyone I think is looking at it as a foregone conclusion that it's going to be the patriots in the super oval we are talking patriots and Jackson. They'll all they hear it's what 77797937. Right up until. 2 o'clock in the brigades a questionable how the coverage for you here on WEP guys we've the actual play by play the game in the post game as well. With or wait its role as the other eight you'll hear all the the second half of is vikings and Eagles and as I said the Christian. Having a heart kind of vision to eat whole. And with the crazy dance there Philadelphia. Nick polls in the elbow injuries dealing with right now Alec they're gonna generated up offense. Against Minnesota that that I find out I've heart and. Mean I don't. I think they're gonna beat Atlanta either and now I'm sort of I've talked myself and really yet it as a home underdog I think there's more pressure on the disorder win. I'm gonna go where with what you Coxnet the the defense has been. Really good at a Minnesota defense as good as well but I think playing at home I think that it's going to be a big deal in the bulls. I think he's probably better than portals and in that some is now. Full he's not at all like four split up the first game after Wentz went down bulls had. I don't believe him when he does he was he was fantastic so I think for eighteen okay deported point I think he can meet just good amount of thinking and that. So given the choice between foals and Blake morals in a winner the whole game you would take nick or nick polls or reports. That's that the SS yeah I would not at a portal I didn't morals the worst of the court Lexus because these deal with a double A it's gone on eight he missed some time. The other kicking him that the running quarterback forgetting its name right now. Who got the time they're down the stretch. Op that saw it felt that dates but they'll yet. Zacks felt that on an on night at an estate site of yet is that I get nuclear Weytman plate for the jets. Dates the quarterback. The deep that's for Minnesota is about as good tickets and they have other great Xavier Rhodes at quarterback is the NFC's version jail Rainsy. He can essentially take I'll show on Jeff re out of the game to not pick polls is down to throwing to. Nelson at the law are Zach Hertz is not it is good. Torrey Smith or Smith whose. Ice the Google guys win straight line down field. Where Minnesota with Kia we saw last week he lit up with the deal it moved outside of the sloppy play ticket right in the middle. It through good running backs and Murray indicated. What I can I just that much better than nick pulls is. I I don't know about while Latino of the keys police slapped the season together and like smoke and here I don't bring the best quarterback that were too. Speak easy he keyed on the moral got a little ugly words guys stop this either you'd have to go keying on the that I am gonna hopefuls over. Over morals especially it's in their offense is better to keep him better day. Dot but there's also something that has nothing do with on the field. There's been so much talk about all Minnesota it's gonna be the first team to the list of boulder home stadium like now there's been a lot of talk about that and I don't think you're gonna play out because ultimately it's going to be. Yeah I at Minnesota from an NFL perspective forgetting where I think it's gonna wind. I also think they'll Minnesota the better draw the NFL the league executives today and I think he's at Philadelphia's a bigger media market. But the bottom and attention all they gave of people who began to see. Minnesota at home let's simply their full compliment of players vs nick pulls in a slightly bigger media market I think Minnesota Vikings are bigger draw. For the NFL in the super look at. Yet there was whence the mean you can talk yourself and about one young quarterback he's probably going to be MVP if you finish off seasons so that would have made a lot more sense. I honestly think it they'll take you there one that they can convince them they can sell either NFC team. But only if they're going up against the majors but there's the NFL will lose their minds that Jackson pulls off the upset that that is the absolute worst Isner. Jacksonville Philly is. Its at all and I wonder what story lines you guys want to Essex when you there project. A a I. Well let Michael Powell's house that leadership write another article that's in the we have something like that it's coming years up 6177797937. Is the ball number. It's it's closer game today the early game but I like Minnesota with your talked. Up Peters at JPI Peter. And mega rich I don't don't. I got to appoint one. Our good since the first game and forever if you get through expert indirect but he says all of these weapons. In when he as well as weapons he can probably also quick witted defense line is gonna get twelve and make second or it is when he doubts that. Wouldn't know Arnold. You know late forty times are we seeing great defensive line could care spending their. Did you know crouching down in reaching deep resonance went. So I think the big deal legions that it. All those weapons back. On. I grew at that point I athletic big east is played without love these guys over the course of the year. And I just don't know hijacked the Eagles quarterback John anchor Peter when you pick the probable war. I don't not going to be shocked they can multiple 3540 ties because that doesn't care if they thought temple probable that it's gonna keep. That Jacksonville based defense on the field and I again I'm not gonna try to get to the buyers all in secret football breakdown at I can't do that. But I do know what they play their base defense against the patriot they set the couple I am running backs the wide receivers. The patriots have the bears to get match ups like Rex Burke better deal looser teams white. If they go to backs against slower linebackers Fort Jackson bill and that he is the bread and butter. Why the patriots can carve them up like throwing the ball going up tempo keep that tasty that's all the feel for the. It's a metal belts sect told us on Monday it was about you know at Jacksonville doesn't really doing crazier defense they've really good individual players but. They basically have their regular for reason and and they have a nickel package and that's about it until solve a lot whereas the patriots up nonstop. You look at. You take an offensive drive in just count the number of players that took a snap on the drive and can be crazy. So if they're playing that the same 1112 guys on defense over and over and the patriots are gonna have you know whether there it too tight ends are three receivers who were reporting that they're gonna have some different formations that they're gonna find. Some sort of mismatch it they do every week and especially if the team like this where you can kind of predict what they're going to be don't. I Josip Florida on the Paul Coughlin angle which means very very very silly idea. Very silly and ironic and I'm calling from Oviedo Florida Blake's hometown this place great it is what you. That there are college and it did that Tom Coughlin dairy. I don't understand that the coaching brilliant and how he'd beat the patriots wouldn't talk Brady basically put them in position to win ball games. A politically is to an NFL history occurred. And we begin stock Brady Brady made that may drive went when they needed to be made. I don't. Auditing would have to admit that he limited I mean Brady those seasons in the with the team averaged points per game and them what they put those games yet to at least the men. They've held them down. There's no doubt but couldn't do it. This conversation a narrative that they should recchi dominated. It all right great lyrics weird break here that need against Tom Coughlin when in fact he did everything he possibly could even. Overcame some very adverse situations they'd put their positions to win worded defense couldn't make one stop where Robert Archibald. It just it's just amazing to me how they put this skywalker like he you'd be only one little part of beat Tom Brady. When it appeared. That it's not it's his body in a blueprint that I believe it. Yeah I I think it's it's a media created change. That it's it toward New York media specifically in the wrote about today at account markets are they erode what your papers where again. Coughlin at the boogie man. Has a history here worked all week would the moral to build a game plan. Where the game it's gonna start and a lest it be part of halftime adjustments he's going to be no factor from. What they are on the field some of these coaches that I think were perceived as being top five coaches in the league Sean Payton Mike Tomlin. Look what they did on the field last week that they believe fell apart both of those guys. It's though Tom Coughlin I gonna get that opportunity so team teams' stuff so it's one thing to. Game plan all week it's wanting to go over our you're sort of that the schemes that we wanna use. But then when the game is going on there are a lot of decisions of the coaches make. Back in May corporate the court and if he's not doing it I don't know how we can talk ourselves in the that he was the head coach of the jaguars. Are at least entertain the idea that there'd be something there. But the fact that he's in their front office have a hard time believing it's gonna intact. The outcome today Billy's at Manchester the NFC yet this afternoon relate. Opposite prep but I think at looking overlooking Jack I don't care Peter the gotta I. I just can't have Minnesota and I cannot happen. It will be out it will be two weeks is it that they're the two weeks between our terrible. Media coverage. Could it be two weeks of that thousand year old grandmother really pay for better. About her first football and about all because her depression area woman who had everything that happens here. If you couldn't go to one up breaking game in Minnesota that their first playoff it will be super ball. It's gonna be two weeks of that and I. I I don't want it I can't can't get I will not take it yet. Q what are the exit of knicks bulls and dog A Chris Paul and dog wary Eagles fans here once. A person believe may I think itself I can keep you might imagine it's suitable. And touched up the gonna go to alienate or get that vodka tonic that she had with Roger Goodell that every single play. And I read time magazine. I don't see why medical breaks my singled to at least grid. Seat. No I've I want this I want this like Karen and it effects of the call it a billion different angled like the anger at the yanks Billy calls with the station. I don't have that same at the put side of that is two weeks of thoughtful Chris Long. And I thought well Chris Long and how important is the NF eight war with all that dog basket the patriots angle that in two weeks of weeks out bulls beat the patriots. No freaking way and it. What I think what might ought to or stamp what this is where should be Philadelphia. Those Billy can't be that the Pittsburgh pepper Berkman calls the station. It's a weight yet. Billy sample call this the other thing they Allah happy to bulls quarter that does help like Philly fans in Philly media is a thing. But Minnesota thing was that. And therefore everybody else dad. Apparently they cover the sort of like I couldn't I don't know but it we shall see let's get them on the them that it got worse Philly there's there's. Or it's or Hilton bribery it is a good sport cities so that that much 6177797937. It's the pulled up latest on robberies and that it your ball calls where here it tilts at an FL's. Let's return to more of an NFL Sunday when money and keep. Precision by complex key insurance on Sports Radio telling you we. Factor NFL Sundays. Five hours. But this both. On the nice to Sunday of the calendar year says that with no it was eight months it's that you're not gonna find. A better January day here on grow was it if you there was gonna go back shipped via swells look some guys out what went over so look at Portland or way. He has not there again now open worlds when he calls were. Talked ready don't know if I'd go out there. Like we all stood out here regularly like oh no my show I got the game the post game today we're mocking we're lucky correct because or. Asked to do. TV 10 o'clock tonight. And like he's in the on now to balance the one he's often ill at a clock via. They stuck with Freddie Freddie into the pot he's been here since before it when I got your receipt weak spot so yeah he's going to be here at the post for a while the land. It has 1130. All of real. Which it'll set. Watts yeah. At the law that's on the fancier that that tailgate is as good as I've seen it all year you're the weather's of that with the growth. Real confidence on this can't be here today I think he should be very very very competent which you believe the book you. I'll follow what's right the patriots and a very good spot what we'd all operating injury at the ball 51 eastern time this morning we note that. He had a terrible press conference on Friday your crap and Petrie we go. On Saturday accord Rappaport. He was at practice throughout the glove in without a glove. And with which are Rick. Word written it. Britney is easy but I don't I just got Saturday is many things written it we'd all be injury was sports hall in the base of the hand on the current attic some context to this morning saying his sources telling him and or more. Hostage which I was up I I heard rain at least one source they exited not. I don't want to what it's like back. But like yours I next Friday. Saying twelve stitches. All the files like maybe twelve with what are in the source odds now are actually with dot iiroc. We know that he's gonna Wear a glove today lightly. But the clouds at the makers cut off in the area the patriots and not Alter their game plan expected knew exactly what the plant that you early in the week. And even with the global ratings companies pro football. What you normally would if he's got to Elvis he's lucky though he doesn't have a. Broken them is based on what their canoe with Ian Rapoport said gushing applaud at that time if you're looking at your hand in Ohio that acted. You know outside of the knife like how would that spot spot. And the current was with Dallas earlier in the show that your thumb and itself or the other way that that partners. It's a I don't know how you do that with how structurally damaging were you know why you like hits it. Liable liable they thought OK and available at the other had been back yet it you can rip the ball open yes that's built on her. At that twelve stitches later and he's able to the glove on and now he's gonna be good to go to rip in it who's written the pass the virus though. We all the sword but I average Friday. Two compared to how we feel now is sold to Iraq what do you get hurt. Do you have any great Friday replied that it feels good today I went there is good. The glove it's gonna be all know what to expect it Brady to have released April. It's a lot different Friday afternoon listening to you want to beat nature they went to live. It was today is as lucid right. What was that he's not wearing gloves. Which checks out it makes sense is wanna show up and how to replace the island are at least our twelve stitches going on. But because these were in the glove to sort of fueled more speculation you know idea what once. Our apartment. From about what that. It frightens me. It's a great you know it's a great challenge and I think he's worked hard to get this point in if you're looking at me things related to units could not phases. And you know raft that Lou that if you. I salute you as best team we faced earlier in that you know they're here for a reason. Their policy. Topic defense certainly some great players. At all levels and you know we will coach I have a lot of points. So are certainly won't. Friendly movie plans foresee. Let what was that's what looked at that was lose exact quote suck that up with three words what was that out today with all that the positive news you're hearing. I can't or myself little louder outcry we're playing and if this is I've worked really discussing other just saying it Ryan or were starting a plane I would pick accidental. That's how strong we have via the radio is. Of that much better than Brian Hoyer. And is is that much of a difference maker. Portland's office against a very good Jacksonville what's so differently because that's why the teachers so much better than everybody's because they have the best. Quarter. They they still beat most teams have in the way they're coached the way the defense played this year would have a garlic wrong you're still you go from being a very good team. To a great team in the Super Bowl favorite because of the guy you Leslie's over the years has it take on that today's game at 61777. Night. Seven got it reset your calls until to the end I let's. Take is just two quick points its number one and yesterday it was great. He you're talking about Brady coming out and I think it's neat maybe the second but aren't throwing a bomb. And and. Yep he's excited that you're out here is that word but yes the there is that there is sort of about that wrapped around cited the slavery and so. It that. If that deal the ramseys were able I would not ask I would feel that way but if if the mat ought to get back. If that back to withdraw wanna wall line accuracy he gave him deep shore while at the shot was jeetz whiter the outlets like the deep shot Leslie. Yeah a cheap shot against AJ foyer or Galen are not doing. Absolutely not it is not worth it. In these people I her. Not a lot that's an act that what what are you calls but the sadness that Jay went Ramsey they should target him. To make it like it you can't speak up and write about during the round that is it yankees they're best defensive player. He's better that boy EA he's better than collides Campbell he's pretty good too yes I would do as little throw it in his direction as humanly possible. Alec completely stay away. Rant so that's a good idea call it a shot deep on ramp here away. No the only way way up the last week that touchdowns was because Antonio Brown meat to this ridiculous catch every all of touchdowns. The good lord made big banks and let there be corner. And there years. That's right that's all that why why why do that second play of the game chuck it did that bring it cooks. He gets shot out today but I am not expecting much denigrating coax assuming they keep one of those small loans that are out. What do TO grant he's a grown up within aged boy is going to be on cooks and cooks can't make those cats is that it's brown. You probably at all the meat and eat nobody to be there is no I don't know it leaves you. Mostly they're from those passes that that Roethlisberger. You're starting your team get to pick one. Julio children. Brown. Adding a result here oh Goetschl is worth touchdown injured in the Super Bowl last year. Played somewhat better but it was Hedo is awesome Jones is the absolute physical freak play Antonio Brown I think is the best. Receivers and easily Michael at New Hampshire on the potential Super Bowl matchup with the Philadelphia eagles' Michael how are you. There. A person needs to eat eat bananas I'm a year because. In the way that everybody walking passenger act. And completely discount to disrespect to our needs are real important considering the way to put up almost hit on Pittsburgh last week. A Pittsburgh. While I would say on paper bat New England does better when I may barely got past Pittsburgh. Bad game and some art and art than all the cotton clothing is certainly all. The first four weeks but even as he's done it a couple of nice spot to throw the ball over on two occasions one pick one fumble. And it let due to its escort led to great field position for Jacksonville they went five for five Michael. In the red zone on last Sunday it's been in her I had a hard time believing it's the best rental deepens the NFL morals of the spot for five against five trips like that. And our quarterback with a busted. Is incapable turn multiple all nobody. The coach and what a lawsuit handy is less is less likely turn over the Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah I don't know about that and a new look on our quick Ben Roethlisberger swap meet. Or five picks against Jackson on the season. That was a pathetic performance artist and a product. Brief break definite turn over the thing that jumps outs before back in last week was letter format especially early but. Just how good the team he had that would shock me if letter for that at those kind of numbers against the majors. Yeah. Because they dominate it running back elector can read it last week heated heated up in ought to be running backs throughout the years those are the kind of guys that beat them like that particularly when there's only one player on the opposing offense. The teachers usually show that I've now are you be calling it you picked Jackson Miller to sing off key. Well I don't could be. The arrogance of the teacher and it makes it real difficult for me to take part in this time was. It doesn't hurt your political what it would definitely go about it the north eighth Super Bowl what's what would boast what all back. It ball. I'm looking at Jacksonville and art and art which matters. In the Super Bowl win and there's no guarantee that we can win I mean the point. It's given. I would think point us I think the point that he. You know what. I. That's in your bike not not a bad when I hold it have to do you like Whitney that he was away. Credit we're doing like the spectacle. A lot of people do up until that. And technology. It's going to be tougher. And all the gonna be it it is that you say you like it went all the patriots like all. But weeks telling us how good Jackson was not up it would be like up to that body. He said. Patriots the culprit and that that's bull crap wrote tickets you're all we help me out Jacksonville's hopefully it now eight treatment threatens our era. And now that we're asking you can't our defense and then he treats them. Yeah I think Zach. Brian you can't tell us that we were arrogant athlete that's. Being worth. Listening to what you record of wrong things in order. Well you see its reasons for the one featured dancer yeah. A big effect in the radio host Eric at Eric have a big effect in the games that work the titans with letter or I'll beat you know its days basically. Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh. He thinks Pittsburgh skated since that what they beat Pittsburgh the pages that's basically where. It is an expert that this isn't it here's the problem right now offer for us and for you guys out there we are uncharted territory. Eight our medical Sunday alone you're please call I don't we get to keep all jump punching but the next hour I've while light cards that work off eagle Dayton this is my fourth call this moment. And I call the show you we are this is gonna get loose here the last now take your vocal sure we don't need double take and take them. 7797937. The patriots have a chance that they would that we. Two joint sports will take their rightful place among the greatest franchises. In the history not just of football. A sports on two continents to shop and Steffi and also a half hour away from deciding what or figure out what they're not under a plea ticket policy today. I draft yes get in there are current said. Current suggested he's a he's a guy who could put that it McDonald rule of this McDonnell gets a wide open over the course of the key today here's the problem. Michael said he might not keep its place IP act. Active out maybe you should wait actually so I waited till 130 that'll also lead to more inactives up where you guys in the game as well right inactive. Will Brady plus. Is Brady's golf. Well off the plate we'll find out of 130 flight out 130 you'll get your calls the fifth. Our NFL Sunday. Okay.