NFL Sunday - AFC Championship - The Patriots destroy the idea of parity in the NFL; Francesa said what about Tom Brady? 1-21-18

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Sunday, January 21st

HOUR 5 - Robert Kraft's goal is to keep Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in the fold. Is this easier said than done? The idea in sports is that it could be any team's year. The Patriots, however, have had different plans for the last two decades. And Mike Francesa doesn't seem to think that Brady is as good as a lot of other people do.


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That's DN. NFL Sunday is brought to you might come plenty insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out. Why Anderson equate architectural holdings and buy your New England comes voted tractor dealers. FL Sunday with my. Money keeps on Sports Radio guy when you. Can't hear from across let's eighty NFL Sunday sport radio that we got that right it still. 2 o'clock in the last one coverage here that the game itself post game but the vikings and Eagles and it seems. Paul calls this hour we'll do that 6177797937. Won't ever patriots game Jackson bill. The entry to an operating front Saturn. Just hear the latest that we know here during tragedy will though it about seventeen minutes from now. The official actives and inactives Brady of course expected to be active for the game as his Rex Burkhead. The Ager at waddle expected not to play this game will see rich with that the patriots but as healthy as they've bit. The BC healthy scratch is Mike Gillis lead probably not gonna play. I think expect it parents the apple project not to play here as well. Call cross a bunch of other guys have played all year but the what do you guys that are healthy that will not be act appear based not the pregame ramp up to kick off your a couple of if. The department added from a to hear that about half the inactives reverted knew going in you know guys have been ruled out cuts missed practice all week but this week. I'm not a single player ruled out on Friday they were all out there practice Brady the only one. To miss practice he in the Gator Wallace said this week or two guys that have missed practice. The water all the flooding is that is a drop off with a significant drop off a guy I think it's still pretty much the same prefer that markets kid out there. They've played a lot of games without him so. I don't think though it prompt. One other note here where you get to the significance of this game today for the patriots and the company they can jump into our with a win in eight other Super Bowl appearance. Bob Kraft you have as rich as my Internet all but here it is is going in and out here this file repeated yeah I guess he was on and if I'm not. I just haven't here we go. So Bob Kraft on the NFL network 42. On saying he believes they keep Tom Brady Bill Belichick together for the foreseeable future quo. Everyone has to get their egos checked in and get it together end quote it normal year that would not sound like a big deal. That well from Kraft will be be to believe that there's at least. Some tension. It the in the building about the organization Brady Belichick craft a rare row Rob Lowe. All that stuff that obesity is the owners Clyde is at least they are to discuss after the year. It might give us a talking point in the weeks leading between today's game Super Bowl then what's going on the patriot if you re saying that. Yes and without hearing the tone either in my what the exact question of every race now we're looking for that were obviously on the air we hear it but we read it in it was a Kohl rap or put it in in quotes that that is what was said. And does not also leave more credence into. You know. The idea that these three might meet after this season without also rap port of this every around this time it says that the three plan to me after the season answered clear the air on some different things that have come up. And you hear something like this in that. Make sense trailer that that okay that maybe that meeting will definitely happen they have some things that talk about but it doesn't mean. That next year or in the year after that current year after that that one of the three might not be there. We'll talk about this if we get the low wherever we haven't. But play you play right now that play and it's it's it's it's been a cot we only want that's what he's. Tired yet. Well that's the greatest quarterback of all time and not the most when he. Yeah. Of course yeah. I religious. I religious. Well it was. Jealousy and then you. Incurable. And god I've been around and if you run and become a company Anaconda does. The more successful yours. Strong personalities. It's always. Certain amount of attention. It just goes with the agenda so someone trying to make headlines of bulletins and so we have so many people in the media. How many times it was on how to make headlines of bulletins. So we have so many people in the media. How many times we don't see Brady walking what is. Yeah. And. Yeah you're important when you're own you're dead you're getting hurt his whatever the case may be. But you've got hundreds do run I got my little solution you. Yeah. Yeah well you know us and sometimes we get as soon as. It happened and. There wasn't as severe. We thought it could be but yeah I don't know it's. Yeah happen and it wasn't so live and we thought it could be but yeah I don't know it's OK okay. Anyone who believes that we're in what it is harder then John and. We'll see mr. Graham bowels of players here on the other you know work in blue and no decisions. On collectively the and you go well. The players those levels. Match yeah how important. Well whatever I can do a you know I don't know. You surround yourself good quality. And a marriage it. Continuity. Getting lighter. Dollar especially good doing things high level of having continuity keeping things going you know little bag. Mommy and Bill Belichick. And my family have been together for eighteen you. I am not a torture saying and that's. A lot. Strong minded people but when you have something good to go and that one's got to get dairy goat shed then. Try to hold it together people bug. Negroponte worker worker worker. With some nice all of its vice might be I wanna that last there I you know. A lot of stuff though and now they'll pick out a nice quiet place that conducted interviews those -- of these each year problem Robert Kraft. I don't maybe it's not as. Militias that they as a could've been accused of sort of say that they've made the comment before and I think when Robert Kraft spoke with Peter King. Fall in this that ship our bill Belichick's favorite guy the world didn't use the caught up with him and he was just talking about. You've been together that long and in with the success on top of it. There's going to be issues that pop out from time and this year I think it's you know Alex Guerrero are amongst other things have sort of come up with the eagle for. The egos in check would egos involved with Belichick's. Curious what it radiant. Who else it's it's the Eagles were out situation just maybe everything involved but maybe there's some truth to the workers and Markel vote you know radio sentence like Ari. Are on mean. For awhile and recently it's been eighteen years. I'm OK okay I doubt it that will be what gets us the next couple weeks back up right there from Bob Kraft surely played a lot the next couple days for sure. With the patriots QB Jackson believe this afternoon. In the AFC title as shortest game itself partly due to the game it's what you buy apartment building supply. You local Andersen windows dealer I expect the patriots went comfortably as those rich and when they do if they view. They join rarefied air sports they'll become according to Mike Reese looked at with a note today. Just the fifth team. To get to their tenth title game. In whatever sport they planes 1966. The other fourteen seer or indeed sports realty. Lakers Canadians Celtics yankees and for there's a younger fan base. Where that all makes sense like the patriots have been that good they belong to that cap backward for those of us who. I inaugurate a couple of years under the new year your mid thirties out later thirties. There was a time for the patriots were not forget in that conversation. The conversation here we're laughing stocks of football wanted fifteen before crap out here. They work their games were televised beat that could not sell the it was succulent geno. On the radio for bigger patriot games in the could still keep your Foxboro. You could put games on what that football because it got to draw here than there at the box for that battle that they had a bad stadium they had eight really. No reputation whatsoever. They were in the bottom this year. About the NFL franchise but all sports teams across the lead it into they now. 24 years after crap all the team that it's possible they would be the conversation with the lakers Canadian Celtics lakers drug crucial thing. That's about right. Speaks do you a bigger theme but just Patriot Act itself. What's interesting though is you know those teams you look at the this stored franchise that you named there and they were all able to. Win championships with a different groups of players in different groups that coaches or this one's different. Now coupled with Super Bowl appearances. Came without built object you'd definitely 596. But all the winning. Has been with two of the main people so that's almost how they replace them which will they stay on this list or is it just going to be. Brady and Belichick patriots Rick could you talk about the Celtics are Russell Celtics or bird Celtics or you know what every one you know yankees have their different generations of winning lakers certainly have different generations. Canadians of prosperity got to go back bay they have not have as much success recently as they did earlier but. The patriots that's what's remarkable about it's it's almost two decades of winning. With the same two guys at the top but it's only those two guys that every piece of change everything out the ball all her older world quarterback that's a layers. Italy is operas write about this. The league is set up the football to be the hardest to get to. And chance to gain since 1966 because what you do well you traffic it's worse the salary cap is a factor certainly now the NFL. What you. William proper record the next year. It's set up that your ear are they don't want it around evident 98897. And yet they keep you on an all in all these other teams that. Try to step up is that people in the AFC Abbott and essentially what those people like him that only last one. Right it's two or three year rugs can you let go you think the colts is a really good robbery. And that I guess they last that a little bit longer than they were done and they also had. A Peyton Manning as your quarterback other that the chargers never able to breakthrough the ravens looked really good for a couple of years now they don't even make the playoffs. You're the Steelers have been in their more than some of the other teams but. Some teams that have come and gone to look at some of the recent. Super Bowl participants and Super Bowl winners. You know the Seahawks go from a team oh they could be there almost every year missed the playoffs. In the Denver Broncos you do it who's Manning they still of that defense but. It make the playoffs like it's just it's. The consistency here it's been off the charts and it's not just in the playoffs every year though they're playing on championship Sunday. All the time they're going to the Super Bowl. About half of. The time 75% of healthy seasons that Brady has been in. He's made it to the final game is conference please here but it meant that that instance Eads say you know what he really think about it. I'm 6177797937. The ball up a roster Rhode Island on the patriots they Ross. Ross is. Not by politics lost it's goats now he's back. Prospect giving up my street nice yeah I cutesy Roscoe that. This Ross who was this it was speaking with right now. It was just driving around her feel good. Colin NFL Sunday a special five our show we're gonna put out calls for now. Again I have issues with the articles are of different caller on drop backs Brian Alan I'll worded this I had a view from Vegas who have some of the money today where's the muddy gully patriots or jags can't we come back. The official injury or will be out who else is Birkhead it is waddle and who is he Jacob Hollister which of the real big one you're worried about that date on what's your calls up until 2 o'clock at 617779. Seven ID 37 but keep NFL Sunday Sports Radio B we. My blood nasty and rich keep them. Basically these NFL Sunday brought to you by health plans he insurance on Sports Radio W. That winning LA I had the patriots. They get a judge for the first half. If it's enough. Ha I seriously have not seen one person have the courage to actually say the javelin went out right. Exactly yeah they're really focused more reported plot points enforceable border by a score fourteen I'm won't project well okay blow up. No what do you back away from the screen right now I guarantee you have of Jacksonville Jaguars and rolls I think that defense that's what you can. Comfort index real golden to them stunner. Parade what. It's going to be in the jaguars actually the jaguars play at C share dividend of indiscernible don't call the work. This showed you probably pardon me. David Jack it's good for his rant it's NFL Sundays were pretty WE yeah Eileen dole a couple of the people on that that the video. The audio from the video he just played couple or they're the Baltimore players who picked Jack's built. Outside of re still through the on obviously very pro patriot if you you patriots fan. And ex patriots in a role in this game. The worst prediction out of that. Is what advocates. Who suggests that Jackson could win the first half and there but the patriots look back at him with its. And will they win the second half by more than the first I had. A judge for the first half. Yeah. If it you wouldn't want our staff by ten and why do you think now by seven really who wins the game in the first we thought that's weird. The titans in the first quarter. Results last week. Ultimately help them at all but it does. Today here we are right now as and minutes ago ex Hewlett David Gordon. Who covers all these weight war on ESP. You act that patriot right now it's packed mindset and a half. Old rocker 45. It I percent of the bats. 70% of the money wagered on the spread it will appeal is on. The patriots. Not a surprise there now so that percent of the bet that 80% of money. That will scary normally whenever let's go one way yeah I feel like it's like no other way but in this case it seems normalcy. Also it's. 3% of the money is. But I like the other. I I picked 33 or act like the media ice like that I would be all over. I think the literature to get most of them they could they'd cut I think. I advocate jaguars defense is good enough though to hold the patriots under thirty but the patriots are the jaguars to under. 115 so I think it will be. Yes just under house but the pitchers the. Yeah I don't know Hollywood get. What should come offensive touchdown bank on that you they need one how'd they get one off that's the issue. Plate morals quarterback. The patriots run defense as good as it's the end it's up to a match it I should teens for short even off that's the couple field goal and touchdown. That could happen. The couple patriots are all the feel already stretched it was about an hour and a half we should note next couple seconds or so. You know who the actors are this game. I'm Chris soldiers now they're stretching the public side of Tom Brady yet and I civic that people wanted to know when Brady is out there he's wearing the glove or not. Patriot inactives. Or out as we speak. I want make sure I get this right to make sure that we have be correct names out there. In the order that we have all those. Make sure it's not sponsor. Here today this. I think we are Nixon response and cleanup but those are all good so far. Your your inactives today patriots in Jackson. Might keyless. Are greedy. David Harris Eddie Ray Allen ranch. The want it known months Eric shake up. Not a Hollister yeah. On our Hollister won a 500 racking you know Valerie and I don't want habits of Q let's Hollister ranch raid waddle reedy. David errors I would say there are. No surprises. Radioactive. Yes it was the Ulster rate. Policy and they'll work. That is Barack. He's going to be out there and yes that's not the president's going to be forming you know right there of little undermanned there that's the biggest issue coal crossed and who was always on this list of the healthy scratches the depth piece for the linemen. He is now active today. You never know maybe you see him today hopefully. Dwayne Allen is that new dark now on track. I would possibly they it would if you easy way out. A lot tied it accepts. A lot of weight now on appeal today. If you want that's what it departments. He's now it's out there are receiving. You feel great about it real close. In the know presidents and nobody different. Not that much. It's. Well you know what I. Carol update jaguars active. Yeah name but he Chris Ivory the guy. On coup. Carol that Chris Reid walker. It was really enjoyed it goes into this week who is the safety if so he's playing he's gonna play a Democrat primary end. I guess that's why it's the Patriot Act that. Is as good as he was last year. Against the run in the playoffs. Euro will run. Outraged me healthy scratch again Georgie how for Adam color of those guys that I brought me up progressed past. None of alone you know most patriots fans that never heard of any of these guys being in the season and they have all put it. An unbelievable effort whether whether out of Butler or Ricky in France law. On differed guys that have stepped up on the on the defensive line whether sort of the tackles that the and they've they've all been pretty good and there has to be good again today can you know Jackson was at least it'll attempt to get letters of Fort Collins and I'm sure the defense stuff element of an afternoon to go. From there any success running the football now announced this is get it right now I can assure. Lost it big runs and it now established the I think you know better than that secret Derrek and it was so that last week in but also credit. Patriots defense being so good I don't think I I think individually. Warned that is better than and it's I think you'll feel better but nothing very. Adobe I'd be teaching yelled god he yelled it is going to be factor in this game. It's like yes so we played a lot of us out this week a different things people said Pickett Jacksonville. In the patriots and it is preview of the game. This take for princesses Thursday to answer this what it will have but what they can get the next couple weeks but Bob Kraft said today that. Evict the people got checked every goes for the pitcher that's out that's gonna live the next couple weeks if the patriots win today. As will the spike print that's on good morning football explaining his rationale. Why Tom Brady not the best quarterback while the market he considered the best quarterback. I have a better clutch quarterback is that Joseph Montana or visit towns. Need better clutch quarterback. The better post season quarterback that can handle before is is Montana Montana on the grand stage was perfect and then Brady has not been that I all of a lot what's causing wanna bring to be the best quarterback of all time my contention was he wasn't for this reason only. He was not the best regular season quarterback that I've ever seen I thought of the last forty years the best quarterback the best player in the league day in day out. Regular season was Peyton Manning. And that Manning was a better rails is what about the Brady just look at the MVPs and the performances. And he was not the best post is a quarterback I've seen Montana was that so he's neither are always with so I can't make him the best of all time and he's an all time great and is. Length of career and his durability and how wolf than they've been there is an enormously important. But Montana never stumbled in these games and and that's a big difference so I think Montana. On a grand stage Montana was the most perfect quarterback and the best. Eyesore in those games he never stumbled the most games. He wet three straight years the private career when he got thirty of 31 did Montana like this white yuppies like like for excessive. You know they say things without acknowledging the true that he broad middle that's probably three straight years. What I want it done in the post that that the picks picks the playoffs Super Bowl is 888 grand stage we get. The playoffs the biggest stage three straight want it done at what it got 3031. It is postseason career how it happened considered. The greatest playoff quarterback able. House speaker is Super Bowl quarterback media in the case of it like that that's gonna. That's an making false and are not big split that's what he's doing and sold by this metric might princess that would be somebody who does agree with simple yes Stan bowl on earlier saying 05 and two in Super Bowl. Is more president spot three. And so by saying he's the greatest playoff quarterback of all time. That's not right you're talking just about the suitable because how many years. The make the playoffs it not make the Super Bowl compared to break so Brady's winning more playoff games he's winning more. Conference JPG games obviously he's putting more divisional round games the Joseph Montana. That's insane and also if many things the best let's let's play out for its outer with his take spot. Let's say Manning is the best regular season quarterback in Montana's the best policy. If Brady is second Opel both lists for him the Brady would still be the best quarter absolutely rhetoric that McCain made it because. Company each couple yes because the numbers he has the wit yet longevity. He has every single piece here so that's 8193031. Vermont. Oh loss at New York into the playoffs and not six touchdowns one ticket quarterback rating of 65. You're thirty at New York in the playoffs 493 in I guess there are major underdog but. On that was ninety horse and that three 493. Giants want youth eight at fifteen. Ninety yards no touchdowns to pick a quarterback rule loss of 34 attacking months and apparently voters as they aren't perfect and all radio content that. I called ultimate soda. It 1988. At the age of 31. Well 1609. Yards. One day and 42 a forty pupils are what are all those are those or all. Those are those public morals Marcus area acting like guessed it two of those three there under the doubles yeah they were holed a playoff old candlestick. Wait they were thirteen. Three against the and is seven vikings their home team they won't little. Point favorite and let's see Becky they lost 2370. And that. And it I thought it started right yes he started a quarterback rating of 42 in a hole playoff games as an eleven point favorite. How was that a ticket you talked about guys on the greens they. Not that is the that is a classic case that even a guy bought a football historian like Mike France SA football expert like Mike princess that. Literally only looking at super balls Manning with a better regulars and what about the Brady does look at the MVPs and the performances. So all these tumors as an MVP this year is just simply looking at MVPs and Super Bowl records that's fit that's all that's like bingo because. If he's losing all left in it'd ridiculous fashion I didn't know that wants him over bowyer that that game. Three straight years and it's not being fair IE so what looks of one of those games I can do that's what we're talking here. One of those games he was eleven point favorite in that game at hole yeah in the divisional round it would wild card okay. 361 before. Like he's won at San Francisco Montana 1091. Pick in terrible quarterback. The next the year before that wall outlet at night I guess they were the underdog team. Against the giants blow but rapid and find out not significant. New York it would giants' only three point favorites essentially pick of the right there your era what idiot reports at all favorite. Bill Sims walked in at about 49 to three. With Montana quarterback the year prior to age 29961. Hit a quarterback rating fifties. The giants were three point favorites on that board not report that. They were not underdogs and those gains and you know sucked all those yet of just what 3030. But he did it is it just further proves that they're only one possible solution it and review it and worse off had not eaten that he'd beaten that the giants and then the while one of those years gone and lost to the bank yes or whoever won that game that you're looking at a that would he would have been looked at as they worst quarterback. Had you won a home playoff game I essentially. Operating showed up today to let the 8935. And apple needs that spot that's he's not on the deal yet. Will work global appeal if he does before 2 o'clock old Europe we have we of people out of the week let's go. When Brady show up there Leo you'll hear Jaycee excuse me. I you'll see Brady field gloves or not look Jules LA it. I have lot of heat for you know last week at the rhetoric I gave you. It in the playoffs so what we were multiple multiple multiple games. Under Whitewater right guard. Lap in the regular season cup playoff that is a week and we ran off 830. Against the spread record we killed your bookie. We help you keep your guy last weekend we'll come back it our picks this week and it is that the patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars next the W pair of suitable Ian martz I guess open up the figure and maybe and maybe it secured. Excuse money keep. NFL Sunday. Presented by health plans key insurance fund Sports Radio WEEI. All right so what we know about Tom Brady's arm. We go it was a gushing flood when it happened you know he would. Out professor practice on Wednesday you know Thursday he did not grow. You know Friday he did grow. We also will this work realizes. We know this now Bert Greer two minutes ago. Per sources. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suffered collateral ligament sprain in his right now in addition to being cut. We're well on Friday expected to be good to go today but that's where the concern over its functionality. Would have been we've not heard back yet collateral ligament story. For breaking up that broke note are that had made us both networks. He got cut the well body that's latest number three year. He's not on the you'll be yet today. But we expected to be unique low. Wary hot off the Google like typically look hobby current that you in the weight room it used to be yes I stop where those couple years ago people still blocked before by idea thanks will you retire but the club that is the brand X that where I was the grip. X yeah are really really good you're palaces that it's quite tender hand. Like Reese just added in the last couple minutes Brady required or that ten stitches accuracy cut on the side apartment right throwing in beautiful Wednesday resource. Those that practice Friday as it bloody see all that instead. You expect to play today in a glove cult figures and he's been the practice that's who we are so I took it out over an hour to kick off I went from feeling tell us already nervous to now feeling great and no problems. You feel good of the patriots to win back the the question here during a lot of VO week here on the NFL Sunday program but in key lock of the week of course brought you buyer right. An apartment building supply your local Andersen windows dealer I patriots Lleyton seven and a half points we got a different achievements. I will take the patriots I will take a final score of 27 to thirteen at. I think they'll be one kind of garbage really blown coverage touchdown by the jaguars a couple of fuel pools that'll be it for them. Brady threw a couple touchdowns and looked just fine a little patriots 33. 33 they're okay so that's over like at the on the beat goes over and have to tell you lastly what will be a factor you welcome to touchdowns later withdrew it got up not as confident this week. But at a Garland. Rob Gronkowski. Has a monster game today knives. That's my line. How about the other game and I had I had Eagles minus three and a half at home against the Minnesota like no plus three and a half as a home dog. Yes. Yes it died at odds Artest at that I've I've taken on not only that Billy less of that in the home dog in the win outright so much for the Oklahoma to him in the suitable thing not gonna happen in the polls and. It is not their vehicles will be case keynote. And Jarrett the can it have a big day today I got Minnesota. What it for seventy the most Erica they'll score ever yet given well audio tape a segment and we patriots and vikings super bull. A week from today two weeks today he's. Awesome thank you want to thank our producer flying carpet excellent series that this is thought the last and it tells them they wouldn't lose reader or some things but. The five our show today a lot of moving parts lying Gartman excellent job Doug lane here on site Christian Fauria Tommy current. Chris Clark harper is our court our songs that are excellent as well. I wanna think Chris the park guy here to let I don't know what was it I don't quite stable we get here she's part all year Chris at the rot that. Ford trucks that are all row parking lot park here you parked out in the city great job that's all you. Patriots and fight in the suitable for Turkey as a patriot and Philadelphia Eagles don't forget the game is coming up. It'll be operating in the pregame with that strategy chip right. Ford way it's perilous to the post game real post game show that we will joint vikings Eagles in progress enjoy the football and win or lose. Tom Brady with her Callahan what if or gets it right here. On W we Yuxi.