NFL Sunday - AFC Championship - The Patriots are closing in on sports history; Tom E. Curran update on Brady's hand 1-21-18

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Sunday, January 21st

HOUR 1 - The time for hand talk is done. The Patriots get set to take on the Jaguars in the AFC Championship. Does a trip to the Super Bowl cement the Patriots spot in sports franchise history? Are they the Yankees? The Lakers? The Celtics? Tom E. Curran joins the guys in Foxboro to preview Jags/Pats as well as what is going on with Brady's hand...


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Nasty and weeks PNFL. Sunday is brought. Why Anderson equate architectural holdings and buy your New England comes voted tractor dealers it's NFL Sunday with my. On Sports Radio telling you. Six hours away from the AFC title game here at Gillette Stadium with the patriots and jaguars but it keep its NFL Sunday Sports Radio. WEEI. Eight beautiful forty football here from the best yet shed. Across Gillette Stadium where the sun is out temperatures are mild perfect weather for say. A guy dealing with a hand injury heading into the FC title game. It sure you you think last week eleven a much bigger deal right the last couple all know the last few games interplay is 8:6 o'clock tonight it's been so call or write or 6 o'clock with today with some authority Charlize Roy unity what fifty something degrees by tick off for so Doherty in the high thirties though. And it perfect that a great. Should be all right. Ripping it ripping will be a little technical operating here today we'll talk a lot of operated forties in the biggest story all week not the only talk about. Odds week except for this game patriots in Jacksonville Jaguars on the current. Will join us later on in this hour Christian Fauria with your local throughout the course. Imported into the afternoon outing five hour accident act what a show nation and it NFL Sunday at 617779. 797. I actually beat myself. When it comes to this but it has been a roller coaster of emotions. In what. I thought about Tom Brady's injury. The lowest of low. What the press conference you guys went on the year after on Friday when he took the podium. And wearing gloves wore gloves wouldn't answer questions well it sounded a little bit off. But the I'll play one would talk about it and I think it was Lou said it directly after the press conference got us thinking what was. He's bill that will go there. If you reflect for fox yeah. Wasn't Woolsey I was delegates go to answer it reminds us exactly what he's up there. And let her deals that they've got I'll be out there. Four. We're in the room when. Huh shot like a lot actually satellite me my wife's like are you get around to back out there today we'll see him. He yeah it was just it was a was just very bizarre as in the fact that at some point this week even a few times we actually discussed. Want what the chances before it is so what would Brian Hoyer as the quarterback Alex the reels on over real conversation that slide up with the was definitely roller coaster week. You start the week speaking. Patriots though with the game easily got Jacksonville office has trashed the defense is good but. It's a little overstated because it's really good against bad teams you when he rooster pick apart their schedule. Then all of a sudden Brady is not practicing. He's wearing gloves that you don't know what's going on it first hand injury you know it yet. Right lawyer but the court that if you're terrible about it and then. You go over the last. 2448 hours to get some more information and I think most of us serving feel. Whole lot better yet why start with product that was low so low I think this morning. The feeling should be a lot different among patriot fans given the reporting that has been done on this and Tommy current ones that are on that but. Let's start with Ian Rapoport this was very early this morning NFL network animal like 56 to warn you it. From some hotel room somewhere not sure where he was. By this report Rapoport. Obvious warning of the NFL network should make patriots fans feel a lot better about their quarterback when it plays after. There was a drill during practice earlier in the week it was a hand off with the Rex bird get someone who ran the wrong way rating Berkett collided. Brady right and of course he's. Incredibly valuable throwing and collide with some part of Birkhead helmet. There was blood I'm told there was gushing blood Brady screamed out leading those in need to believe that something horrible what happened at that point. Brady didn't clear amounts of pain left practice that was always alternate sources say he received stitches on his hand. That was out there on Thursday when players do not think you'd be out there. Didn't do much basically stayed around to mental rep. Then Mikey did practice on Friday and I'm told threw the ball. Incredibly well in Q mention it in there about half missed throws without a glove the other half obviously with a glove. Brady's hope is to go out there today and not have to use a glove and some of this depends on the weather. If it stays nice and warm may be a 45 or fifty degrees. He may not needed blood that starts to dip into the thirties just for great reasons may end up using glove after all. So that was Rapoport this morning and it does. It sounds like it's good to be essentially a non factor to restart it all added at quarter's report. Less than an hour ago that the operator be moderate pregame warm ups but the patriots see you have. Have been able concern about the cut on his passing hand the required stitches the laceration is in the Paul the hand you the base of the thumb. They don't expect it to be significant factor in the quarterback's performance Rapoport went on to weed out that he was quarter equal ripping it ripping it practice on Friday. And make that had most of the questions based on a Friday press conference. I think buttons warning least for me have gone away and I am right back to patriots 33. Jacksonville thirteen. They roll here this afternoon against an undermanned Jacksonville on off yet you feel whole lot. You know forget Brian Hoyer that soccer happens at all it's Brady. And it's maybe humanity out of work gloves right because he doesn't like to Wear that what he's done it in the past that he's even been on record saying you know that's not his his favorite thing. And though the weather it's gonna work out you know. Lastly we're looking ahead you're saying you know that it Jacksonville catches a break because you know they're not gonna play in twenty degree temperatures and let you know Tennessee had to do but. This is gonna play in the favor of of Brady and if he was quote ripping it on Friday and it sucked the ball around. It's in the discount or those three. Weird injuries I can imagine the what has that actually happened to be gushing blood after a handoff that seems very strange does that mean it yeah about our running back and if he's. You know whether he's got gloves on or not you know you get into the chest or not what it whatever. I'm surprised that that happened bought. It sounds like it's not gonna affect him too much so I mean it's a scary a couple of days war patriots fans but I think once things rolled around here at 3 o'clock it's going to be just fine. Michael it was actually Tommy kernel to witness here in this hour at the most descriptive. You write with a thump the that this Paul and the bond between the expert the bomb hit the helmet and actually sort of split open. This area right here and a wedding area you'd joked about having your wedding but I'd better I think there in the fall guy or wave that hit you know it hit it sucks the perfect spot that's that's our. That ripped open. And it was bleeding everywhere but I had not read anywhere except for current support on. Body afternoon at about exactly how what happened and it does seem. Freakish but if the X rays came back negative as CO or many Hannan and Mike Bell reported a supporting him now. On and they'll break there but assuming that it's the clintons you know it's Gil that keel but is is not going to be a chance of opening up. He's gonna be okay I guess the question I have I don't know this. If your defender can you can you gaudy way to target. Brady's hands. Yeah I don't mark's got a lot of money that the other day you zone DA is popular vote you know. They would unit Yassin to target date aria you know audio try to fight it turns that on after all this out the latest Brady get these injuries now again I didn't hear David your. Everything about some of the speculation earlier in the week we're talking about broken bones have a broken on the Republican you grapple ball all the stuff. What do you think about where the injury is. I'm sure everybody playing through pain. Bought I don't think it's in effect at all how he throws and as far as what defensive players do. Sure I mean if they can get to warm when it's soft it on the and then maybe if they take him down to the ground today try to do something she didn't deal smack it's hand. Eighty but it's not like it at that broken bone. They give it may be the stitches open up a little bit maybe at Lee again but unsure whether Florida Glover not sure it's going to be wrapped up pretty well. So I think we'll probably get video Brady on the field while they'll be here today it's like yes eyes will be on the rolling although. It may be dealt state pocket eagle pro somewhere else that it had not you're an accident on idea because that would get a part this week is that people leaving that. This was an injury and yeah. 888 Tom Brady Bill Belichick. And say things right it's thirty at all right let's make Jackson feel wary. Obviously that he sent the rock that it under all ethnic and focus all odds favorite game the you know sort. Correct I thought we are also said in his report as a body afternoon now well this is real it's it gets hurt. And the patriots they're dealing with I'd ever bought this is some sort of conspiracy if you look back at exactly that the white player I read that should've been the that deal that I believe. But it does show you just how much respect everybody in this area as for Bill Belichick you know that he has to control literally everything and Betty in recuperated practice was somehow orchestrated by him or was an injury. He's using that they're in that respect that's over thinking it. Of all that our methodology and no absolutely that maybe there are other examples or out you know real examples of him doing stuff like that but that's. Is now the movement. He runs and beat. And as for. I was on favorite other favorite until Brady went later that day and he stole the day with a although we'll c.s in the. You know about it talk about that. So I have right back to the patriots role in this one run ball but the reason you go pick I do you like that in the thirties I can't Jacksonville getting out the answer we'll talk about the game. Throughout the morning here review does it take a step back with Brady's injury the big story. The other thing here that's. I think we have to recognize is that the patriot place in sports. If they win this game will go places that bolts out later were mental pic at the blues. Super Bowl games in war with our efforts right we will we will get tossed it I have a lot of opinion Poland's ridiculously don't take on this. Later on this year. But a Democrat like Greece but this one yes it's part of news Sunday morning patriots well. If the patriots wind today. An advance to the Super Bowl weeks from now in Minnesota. They'll become a bit scheme. To reach their respective sports title game. Ten times 1960s he goes back to sixty sixes would be in Italy border teams that a bit what championship game ten times in their sport. Since 1966. Lakers Canadians Celtics yankees. And the patriots would join and I I say that because I think what I want. This organization across the street boss was an embarrassment the games were not BP. They had owners network sort of laughing stocks that is that the story lines running this team work the banter to drop its audit football all Foxboro Stadium. They or a joke. In August 24 anniversary. A lot crap by the patriots. They have a chance to become. The only team not named lakers Canadians Celtics yankees. Go to edit title games by 66 and from where they work we were growing up watching the team what the group there about a joint credible is a miraculous turn route it's also. It is poetic justice because they have become. What are these. The standard type teams in sports these dynastic type team they applauded the conversation Rick. With lakers are Canadians. Celtics yankees. That's how good they had been during this run. And it will be poetic justice to those other war teams if they get principal witness after. And that's just why steeler fan hates the patriots as much they do because they were the team they were the football team maybe talk all the championships all the goalies in the seventies in the dominance there at all that they've come back and they won recently and but the patriots bomb them off and they don't have that great older sister they've yet to do it all mallet did that take their championships. From right now they're Super Bowl appearances. You know spare for two without Belichick this and it is an interesting conversation to have because. Work constantly talked about where Brady ranks all time work Belichick ranks all time. And we've local you're not gonna get much pushed loses those two at the two best that what they do Miley should you really shouldn't go to Tulsa where stuff that will actually like like protest saying it. Or. Eighties that's reckless quarterback though what and it's the best playoff quarterbacks Brady. That that's the pushed back it up arguments but grant that right right no exactly but good night. I think that it's if it's bigger it's a bigger conversation when you're talking about franchises. When you're looking at all four major sports. They would write that it also explains the hatred that rate like that life yet to go as as the Red Sox there and we can all relate to the patriots have com. The Yankees it's it's the winning now into this world works a lot different there's the salary cap there's all most of them that makes it they're different challenges year. There that what were were port on close to one years. Old Brady and Belichick in making the playoffs every year safe for. Up to it war I guess three take Belichick's first year. It all the suitable parent is the conference championship appearances it's just then. Absolutely ridiculous will that those sports teams right there to meet lakers Canadians Celtics yankees those are sports world. And the patriots they went today they join that group and they answer because. Fifth on the mount Rushmore pit it against. And they deserved that place they're giving him but they have done especially given. The weight it's the setup and I think it's different that even you know baseball basketball or hockey. Where they want every illegally in the list are if you win. You get harder schedule next year if you win you get a lesser draft there's a salary cap album wasn't around they prevail but. Part of the cowboys' answer but forty niners last you sort of dynasties Indiana now. It is set up for you to be good for a little bit and then battled it sort weaving back and forth and back and forth. They have gotten you know many lines stream line. At its peak peak level now since 2002 essentially you're not supposed to be able to do it. In this sport for that. And they're gonna go with him the title games that 66. That just about this warning looking over what this means that they would. Well exploits of this is the twelfth conference it to game robbery. Sixteen years outrage right sixty healthy years right rollout. On the Mac ghastly year. And I get side is that the beam on Twitter and promote credit but. It was operating as the winner Tom Brady opt out settings what are equity that's what are you graduate this this. A heck with that with this but they were nugget from the week. Tom Brady had the better chance of making it to the AFC championship game that Blake laurels at the completing path. An estimate that expect that luckily all of that. Could that that he was completely under sixty per that the yanks 53% last since the party but recently I regulars right all the way towards that way better than that but it just yet that the winning is insane it goes back. Tommy current article from one week and a half ago now talking about. This may not last forever won't last forever so make sure you're doing it now that you know. If you're sick of the titans like Alex that the papers that jaguars now that's out of the Steelers jaguars aren't but it the institute's game. And it is in the patriots vs history it's the patriots verses. All these other France than in Russian. Split itself patriots vs saint lakers in general picks me that that's that's the type of a group this team. Is going to join here when they win that you witness came in our people picket Jackson go get them throughout the course of the show. But it is set up your for them that way except for Brady and Super Bowl set up war. You know two weeks. People comparing the patriots the sports teams that set up or. Brady best player not just the ball I'm at football but Brady's gonna start getting the is the best player all of this ilk sport Ortiz hit a stark and that's going to be you know. Patriots dropped. That's can be brought back on our actual story lines role looming. If they get it done here today. And I've even with them if Brady being hurt. I convinced myself that it bright boy head start and play this game. That there was a zero point 0% chance that's probably not that the real number that's my number idea with Brady at these reports that he's looked good ripping the football. The cuts appalled knuckle Vick as thrown what you may or may not work while the warm weather here today. On its gonna take a lot for Jacksonville the oldest got it it takes. So many little things you have to happen for them and their blueprint which we'll get to this morning. I just can't imagine happening with they help the Tom Brady. Awful last week's effort and they say awful last year AFC title game after we're here keep its berg. And Brady's absolutely. Ports that Jack's the better defense. But Brady's career is seven delegates Jacksonville seventy touchdowns. And you double talk you know you'd have a much better case of Brady. Late last week like he did against Miami or you know some of the games I'll give him credit what he did it right of that salute bounce back game for him. Against a pretty good team. You know compared to some of the teams that he struggled litigants. Down the stretch this obviously gave it much stiffer opponent much better defense. But the way he looked last week you just. I think it kind of put all kinds of concerns that. I concerns about race all that brought him put to bed to some extent as well yeah give them Rappaport report this morning at quarter. Weeding out today that they are expecting minimal concern. With the report operating and that is it really really good thing if your patriots fan. He's healthy he is going to be able to I'd pick apart. The Jacksonville defense of the quarter to three hours the mock surprise what's up but at 300 yard game report thoughts are even as good as Jacksonville is. The first time in awhile according to reports the forty gonna have it full complement of assault at least this year particularly at a in the back but wrong. Hogan and that goal books Birkhead Lewis James White yes we are those seven guys I just it seems so simplistic. But rating at those seven guys at eight beats almost any bit on the planet playing chess against you or whatever you're doing defensively at those many those options that matchup percent. To Jacksonville for three hours it's. Yeah I mean it won't get into you know some with the Jackson of those throughout the course the show but when they were talking earlier in the week or they had different analysts talk about what they can do it are trying to take out rock trying to coax it nearly yeah that's a great theory that personal it's difficult to do. But that with so many other guys that pretty can rely on now with three different running backs that it'll be effective. And look at certainly got some of the receivers look at the the AFC championship game. Chris Hogan had last year or on most of us most of the playoff caves that DV Amendola as that. So even if raw and cooks are the key for Jacksonville. Look at all of the other than that it that are capable of doing stuff and on top of that Patriots defense has an advantage over the Jackson often. I've not talked about them really all this week your right at it. I get any good defense has an advantage would simply ports that's for its tickets that they've gotten better and better all year it's the underrated part of this patriots team still. Yeah they are one of the hot spots where the fences in the NFL that it marks that the first I'd like to set. Who that the league what complexes that for the top spot at all fourteen remaining. Our top scoring defense defense back I don't that it defense is back baby you are you saying that sarcastically he really believe. Well I don't think it's. Adding idols kind of believe it only because they'll quarterback's left are all terrible exception of one. And teams are rolling the ball playing defense now let me how how much you don't have to play I don't think it's. Well I think you're able to lake portals are terrible at a case is. On. You can protest tactics your jacket bogey events taxable event that letter format of the classic. Go team of the nineties that that makes it to a cute execute it loses and they know that this great achievement to run again it was a while we've all it's a lot and you know. Philadelphia is a weird one because it went through most of the year that they switched over fools but even and they were able to beat Atlanta and other low scoring a league game. Though speaking felt exactly bad back is still about as much this hatred of the worlds where defense last year were super (%expletive) They also had a snack pack of I forget all operating ordered a problem vote him last year on life and yet it was. Not. They still. Have to operate Eliza is exactly why. But they had the draft and a couple months before quarterbacks all the top fifty to the pictures exactly like he's even. Get rich guys that put them on it like Sam Bradford it's going to be sought after like Drew Brees if he wants an economic output of its water lawful. Healthy scratch. Was gonna go was sure soccer Italy getting money somewhere you know over the time but that's why because they know. Quarterbacks the winds of up iTunes store with smokers bears all the delighted that the deal and that's what you deal with that now case. Hedo is good willful puck well the NFC able talk. All thought about pit bull with literally literally came out that we have lightning here I wanna get to the course the next or half hours Eagles vikings Super Bowl. Mike Vrabel that he ought Michael Brantley. I don't wanna at all that's about a quarter they got one I caught a touchdown voters well. Talk about that effective office later. We got Bob Kraft will like coming back up craps out competent. He spoke you see yes he spoke locally CBS about. Our operating should play coming up yours well. Eight your Paul calls all morning and afternoon 617777937. All Brady appears to be. About a healthy he could be with it and a week where he had a gushing this bloody. Well. And he missed re Max Gregory reports their practice he's apparently he bought the team may not work well today. Are you going Jacksonville. Are you go patriots. Your thoughts about the course the morning yours 617779790. Example now Burke. Come back and start the conversation with you guys but I'm currently here for Bob crap and a lot war. Eight FC championships updates -- keep the basket yet it's NFL Sunday Sports Radio that he. Home of the best pass coverage. NFL Sunday do you buy company Lansky insurance on Sports Radio WEEI. Seems quite this really. Fairly average of hustle player posted dedicated to. That's. What James Blake is not as good news. Storms this data would it why don't motion back. In the backfield comes across a little flip the light sweet light for the five and a white. These games what anyone goes very nice place. About the voice of NFL insider NFL experts of people all. joins us here on AFC championship morning and it fills Sunday Sports Radio. WB yeah isn't fair play that there. But he's never got to walk before the first Republican run either I mean that's that's one thing the average NFL players often do it that scored touchdowns that's what their average that's whether. Run of the mill there in the week. God bless. But he agrees good players this is mean let let let a good player I am not shy tornado watches yet months months. Though that that it would have made a call just to would do its policy and our top priority number last week on the area that don't speak. It's like nothing if not years at a number courtyard. A lot they don't I don't know why any adverse jeans white lies the real world at Carolina where like that would work that there are your your target. Up your your interest in place they waive the fact that he's free running the running rushing numbers. Wherever it wanted to call somebody else average in the yeah who will vote whoever it looked like wrapped up today it's gonna aptly scores whose light Jack White opposition. Because we're gonna hit a lot of great hands up and I know how to get into the conversation that you are clearly. I don't call I was. Underscoring the fact that the patriots are not one team it's chock full of on the OJ you're saying that they very average defense at so pro football focus back you up out of it's obvious that that that the side by side they don't they rank everybody we're talking. The suit in the show daybreak everybody. A big the skill want all under rate based on all the different metrics they have. And they rank you buy position incident took a standard kind of 43 defensive alignment for both teams just two quarters to see if he's. And they they'd they'd. Lied about side by side Anderson how many patriots defensive starters would start for Jacksonville it's strictly based on the numbers zero. Not not a single one. According Shaun Hill more and Butler rolled very close of the point. You know compared to their counterpart. But it was it was funny how no way linebackers were not even close. Malcolm brown tree flowers were right there there there were both very close but. Across the board Jacksonville we support their metrics have battered. That's a look at the upshot of saying that is that this is an incredibly well coached team with a great program with guys who have. Somewhat average NFL abilities at skills and test out average on all metrics. In terms of athletic schism. Excel applied to concede know what they're supposed to do when they do it well and machine Marines. In your deity would heads to new James white's new Kevin fox can win super bulls here. If you're a good employee and he's an excellent employee. He's a good. Employees up quarterback he's not the story that it seems like non story stories the quarterback you had eight. A post on a BC sports about what you at that on Friday afternoon. About the degree to one operating on his past where it's in today would be here today about a guy. Get a guy is talk about it after. It about a guy with. Ten or more stitches in his. And guy could throw the football. Hand he's going to be fine. He will most likely where he glove. With the fingers cut off the rule like that backlog style the group look that's right Michael. But they've yet it's it's not just forced issues. It was close it would doesn't. While it's closer to the the hall was that my skin disease. Yeah. I still don't get how this happens three hit help Fredricka how many you can hear like break or rule I don't hear that caught with a helmet. As I don't think it was my understanding is so violently. I've expanded. Who. Now dead. We wireless. That's the word is that we keep the village he's very lucky that they're nothing but on the still there hated. Yeah case they edit it. Now it's Barley he's lucky that it. Although we commenced at the bottom of the army and the terrorists in. No ligament. If you divided issue. Its final answer very flat tax so the stitches are there so the global beyond today. Not repeat Europe you know everything else but just the statistic that stitches from being. But opener. Not for stability of bombs opera stability on and not just to protect that area that that'll be my supposition but I can't specific receive. You'd think they Rappaport her body he was quote Rick. Practice. Not the stitches well yeah right I've taken it as though it was all those Saint Louis he's an idol picks get. Out. For the delicate grip with and I heard that news. Anchor. 33 they're right back where all of our own route here if he if he's healthy today. They can pick a partner Saturday at Jacksonville the soft underbelly yes yes you wrote about today. Recently on NBC sports Boston doc he's given time this feels like speak it seems like James White Rex Burkhead PL Lewis. Try to get this matches. On this Jack it'll be as good as they are. Sorted out rather gonna attack the patriots went certain personals. And the patriots at a cab chassis advantage in they put a certain set out there keep it out there. They can the other parts. This is something that. Until Perry wrote about it a number of times I thought it was an excellent point. Looking at the numbers Jacksonville at its base defense with. Its normal. Score of three linebackers. On the field. They are. Really permissive defensively so with the patriots come out that point 2% now. Which use two backs two tight knit community Devlin Lewis it can be. Boots and white. But that they'll try and match that in also too tight ends on the field with a between county Hollister in Rob Gronkowski the patriots who gets well there in that and then they can flex out. And then spread throughout Nadia Paul Posluszny who was in their base defense. Trying to cover someone that he's not capable of so I would expect to see if ceremony James Devlin today even for the simple fact of picnic at. Yeah. And not myself market outlook a sound ridiculous. That's a part of that little bit of Lewis in the last couple games of the regular season his workload what way you know I was the first two times. That he had over two point errors etiquette fifteen yours last week but this is that definitely game. Where you could seat. 1819 carries probably interpret the homeless and at that part of the game went out I want you know they're up neatly but much suggests that even in the first after the Kabila the. Think that that would be the way to get a part tickets separation from them into it they are able to get separation I mean against a team like Jacksonville. Six not to get too few locals out of the shoots six nothing is thirteen nothing against another team. Because they are just going to be inept offense where the idea that letter Wynette is gonna coming here run for a 128 yard don't see that ever. Just for the simple fact that yeah he's good and he's he could do that we've seen the patriots did he run on eventually by some teams. What there's not a balance on the offense. And there's not. And number different guys out at all. I mean it's the will the piece that but I won't even if it's even if the slow start for the patriots didn't you see last who watched them play against Pittsburgh reporter what nothing of Alexio the game because. Now they become even wore one dimensional offense you can force of three and outs and then all of that rob experts tucked the ball around so. It's it's a tough formula for them to pull off an upset because if they get down early. You almost write them off and there's no chance Jackson and come back from a big lead but that if they do have a. Big lead you could see them easily. Coughing it right back conflicted illustrious actually take poured out of the game typically you you forced them to go to TJ Yeltsin as the rather he's much better receive board that is and I think he's more dangerous in this game four days I top wrote about. That the just eat big backs for breakfast is not an issue an addict James Harrison addition not it's even been. If it helped that. That made it pretty big guys don't think your pal the patriots they just don't. They never really have to having what number Jerome Bettis it's all the sponsors just thought would not work Wednesday was practice the patriots always had. An advantage over those 2000 to 2000 ninths Q was offences. Because of the presence of Ted Johnson. And Mike Vrabel and the guys they were to stream and help build a wall. As opposed to what Jacksonville does which has a penetrating defense which creates creases can make some big plays and get him. You know second twelve put their also gonna create creases we can get seven rate on the ground. I exit way with Whitney Ashley talked football with Bobby current NBC sports boss not coming through this morning prior to. The pregame show up bar on your TV at 11 o'clock. They're start NBC sports author rich yes it's starting their pregame show. After we started and before watts that's that's happening today he he's the apple watcher current TV a couple of hours you're at that it is it when even though he's want to talk patriots in Brady's injury and it. I that you're doing lightning caused enough restrictions on deck. The light that it is obvious you probably are unknown the length of the cut because he get Lex isn't more well you get citizens as well look at. A decade he added you don't. It's it's quite possible because. If you get a it you got a quarterback on a cultural you don't have the knock the ball out of his hands it'll require our car tech becomes like media elbow. Would they know that get you playing as you well and so that's what we get what you work. The other thing is just a political point. You know what it's all a sex act to do so well that you're talking about how disc string of symbols. For argument that Britons and it is always things are about a million wouldn't you yeah but. I think with impressive because you talked from what what do you do organization. Which is great to do receive a 78 and yet. But in a compressed emirate yet that's another argument Mike from any key to get with a quick court missing people Pittsburgh did that four or six. That you filibuster redneck. And it its latest exit as white city go to assert a lot of time as they call it to the show thanks for the call it. I think he told buddies that I went beyond their fondness do you think it can do it at the but no chances that an autopilot who's in a couple topics the point when you talk about I think. What he was driving toward eventually was to compliment of players all time. You don't have to have it the program might be more important. In the town with an. And I think that the patriots are perfect example that if you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers sit there you know. On the beach in the women's rooms wherever they are now this season's over where it. And the talent on that team is outstanding. You know especially the positions they certainly David Castro's and all pro. Linemen went away very good time and our policies they're good mime and there watching the patriots are wrote your bus line to work undrafted nor. You know which Jack Mason was a triple option for Darden call it now he's in. It's just the program that would make mr. That I I agree and then you're talking about alert about a twenty year. Our sample size right now and so there's not anybody that was on the old one team besides very belts and there's no other players so. You'll also got a he's talking what you can look at all of it and they are you compare that other teams over when he you know thirty years' span and it's right up there are the best of them or. You can take you know the first five years of this. Stack that up if anybody winning three out of four who doubles this time around. David just do that again you know when three out of fort completely different rosters with the exception of the quarterback in the coached. And even that the middle five years where they didn't win a Super Bowl but they went to a couple. Teams from the league would kill for that. It's amazing when you think in that context of for instance you look at Jimmie Johnson Barry Switzer cowboys won three in four years. This is like that Barry Switzer c.'s meet the free Aikman doing it again twelve years later and right. This no just. It should not happen and that's why today if it jointly. Work. Out that. Are we able to talk about if he can't keep coming up Brady's year. You right 8935. Rate increases weekly video. From Mike Reese. Says Abu. Dhabi hands in the pockets don't view. Data via the next couple hours certainly. One in the I don't know if you smoke cigarettes. Even. Stagnant but she would there will be updated and got operated hand all morning long at 61777979837. I'll be an artist he has written your calls. If they FC title Sunday Sports Radio WB. Excuse money keep. NFL Sunday presented by health plan's key insurance fund Sports Radio W we. Think all of July and fans want and expect to beat you on a Sunday morning it's Sox exchanges. Crank it up a lot of that's where yards but he's an expert at the size radio that. All of bloody time they've talked to get help you know what. Is it headed into the theater. Owner of the mine asked to do with the television. Your senator as another way the light bill with a lot of a lot of sports did you notice I didn't know that that was ironic isn't it. But they know that was the other. Mean that is excellent source of that as the this TV that you might want anybody views so that the seek go to the illegal Netflix on your team no I don't think so. I go into the yeah cities like engineers Ozarks. And fight this on this yet though are our Cingular is the show Netflix could show a fine I like that popped up. And I hatteras one. You know I look at the numbers it is I've read from top. Soil in school all the way down enough left to right place. Definitely without TV works is that not a T I didn't bother you what's the problem you watch those are you watch the last episode votes or. Bothered if that really bothers yeah it IKEA watching a sequel to something with somebody latins in the personal and there's something about it just me not and I thought that. I eighth and I figured that I ultimately. It's all start to come together yet. Expects. Others let you realize you won the last episode of last minutes. Go watch episode to recommend another shall I. That means. It now. I was trying to recreate at this morning as I said how are now puts it allows us. Siegel a well like I want to be about Comcast yeah Comcast cable if you did that I could see it paints us. Ozark is on. So does it doesn't was the sun right now watch different show you that you get it through your cast offs TO previous. Understand that you do that it just feels fundamentalist. Yet it wouldn't start so there. Start at night I got hit very hard if you want exact role leftists roll so it will. Yes that. What it said art April Netflix as part of my Comcast. The what they'll say OK it's huge right but it still and so I did you see you can on the would have that as 113. And whatever it back toward one. That's what it's when epithets are to previously on that you could tell that that'll that the earth girl. To particulate pollution. All of a very quickly pay out of that episode and what it's easy for us a lot here. The acquaintance you know shows start at the view is that the what you circle back to Ottawa now. It. Editor's note is that all that's something. Because. Like. Pre. Pre Currie. That requires a lot over a wired. Wired wired. Into the slow boat that's not. Are. That if a little slow. Up more ports to be 24 hours and literally like one about mr. On city that is on the night with the pattern. Now though I'm an issue I get on the rate enough room. The youth science out of work. All week you've Spezza talked about Jackson will be that the patriots are going to matchup is it fair for me to look at Jacksonville's defense and they. There had it all raid given the teams they played this year of the quarterbacks are or not rate that the office. The office is they played. Eleven alternates is the finished seventeenth or below total but look at major step for my guy right here at extra got that right. They see that he had bit overrated the army corps triples. They are the more people pointed out Wetherbee Bryant in double you know on the line the number of people pointed out. They beat up on Indianapolis they'd be all up on Tom savage. Multiple times they'd beat up on markets Mary go to. That's my favorite stuff about them as they play Houston twice but that was before and after just don't want that implicated base hit that unbelievable. And the feast that almost all that said. Sheila ramseys best corner in football and I don't think that's occurred and I think is Kimmel absolutely deserves to be considered defensive players of the year. We talk about matchups one of the things the patriots don't do exceptionally well where they are not strong profits we've got strong on the perimeter. And that's weird Jacksonville this Jacksonville have an embarrassment of riches there and they don't even need yea. And Jalen Ramsey out there because the patriots are going to be thrown outside anyway maybe. But I think that you those are racers those guys will be absolutely race and I'll be surprised if the ties he's wide receivers combined. For over ten catches it not a cook it. Not a lot that I can get bounced back gave brick and hold it just does not uncover against man yours and the stories good complementary guy. When it is time people lose track. But he's not a staple I think that it's in the dole out. Gronkowski and obviously the right. Well let's and a gold and help me out this because you you wrote about the personnel that is stacked against Jacksonville too tight ends and backs it at it that many people went up this week that the given that may set. After the attack is Danny Amendola is one of the two wide receivers. Out there that cases he elevated to get to see more playing time. In a different spot with problems he had in the slot with cook's wife laughed at Hogan wide right if we're speculating to titans running backs today to seek played operable or go. I think he'd still be plays on which he does it tick because he's got the best quickness and he's got short stubby legs. He's got unbelievable quickness games unity ability uncover really fast. And those are things that cooks in Hogan don't have they are straight line for four and less in cooks cents guts but. As you know former hostile wide receiver Ricky full bar. Officers two good putts to. It matter to urgently with the bat or I'll validate all the blocking it and keep that option that's fine. What would you view quick Google the study guys are quicker. To. Is is wrecked work it one of the apple poll today either. That's next that would Lewis or what I don't want to have it all of them within having pre Berkett all of perk and were a nowhere near Burton please. Stop trying to get the ball maniac to stay in their growth. What you do on rock or idea note Ramsey was making comments you know Crocs and receive a quarterback like me before. But if you were Jacksonville. Would be in the best way to. Slow rock that would be Ramsey would as actors smashed an awful lot. Entries matched its. Yeah I don't expect that the house go up they'll pop out of the ever travel that was actually well what do you air over there. Jack Arnold left the objects and as the at that sheet so what does that she'd have prince is that we want to bitch probably jaguar who. What you wanna do always in this is of the Mayo talked about was really interesting. Because Gradkowski so good if you leave him attached. To the offensive line then you put Jacksonville position we have to hit them if you let him start rolling down hill. And miles Jack is probably better matchup he's great bazaar realty yeah. Then children's jailed Ramsey godless it's terrific he's had a great year he's 61 to ten. Okay no matter how you slice it 66276110. You're terrific human. Once he gets his ass you know in your belly he's gonna back it down does not need to do a boxed out and cornerbacks are offering to. Cover that we're talking while the patriots defenders this week about that. Like you know every corner. Thinks they're great coverage want to start covering again you're trained. To have people. In front of you keep people in front of you so watch trying to make sure that your deepening its as the taxes. I watch fans McDonald go up and down Jacksonville's defense wide open you'd be like Roger's not so wide open. With that guy today if he'd forget he is unpopular at times its debts that it would that you Pittsburgh was passing the football they're down to up the reports that France last week. Here is the second hiding getting wide open underneath with that I. It's not that Amador Merck closed it could be almost hollows there also were Allen. Because when Alan games nothing big it valid. You that yes I mean if you look at draft off the other one you need to sit there. Two when I get beaten you wanna go home and watched the suitable. Having gotten beaten by Rob Gronkowski. Which it a poster and everybody who gonna get beat by a tick which it calls this is call. Like ulcers meet mining for got thrown drafted yet but I really cheap guys that have Fabiano again in the water let's see that about the white last week that he is inevitable so let's really look at is also predictable go the other way on that now. Outlook we got a break outlook Jon sale will get before the break up make the old John go to. Appreciate it so you guys remember and receive these guys practice for a week together. Right two questions could I can't remember the receiver that Butler which covering but I do remember you really struggle that we could practice it would get. Byrd how much of that don't you think all sides use. You know for this game I understand it was preceded Boller had a lot going on but I remember what the big story that we. Yeah I held Robinson. The is their best receivers not been there. What Butler is played. Not terribly consistently and when he struggles it's. Always has something to do with fundamentals he loses guys and the something that you know guys have talked about loses contact he drifts away. And it's not something he's done in the past so. You know I don't know he's gonna play in January that we played in August I would hope not. But he did have is you did have his difficulties but you're out earns marquee sleek. That like I Key West in the US it's doable our Jacqui Nicole's been a stand up the capitals are no just the black and those are at. As an avenue and it was great player carefully currencies Lewis's hits it sure is it. Oh yeah and we'll see these factors that we don't get it factor. I currently back to back and talk about with some bigger it's a bigger issues the patriots place. Among the elite team sports if that your witness game here today. You know what it comes reaction Q what I thought was a very well edible who's now double now. It's ridiculous to mobile like current stake. As well with your calls the what 77797937. Update operate these hand injury to her all morning long it's part but it's keyed. It's NFL Sunday Sports Radio W. Like obviously nine is greater than Dixon hurt like again it.