NFL Sunday - AFC Championship - Doug Marrone gets no love; SportsRadio930's Seth Harp makes a case for the Jags 1-21-18

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Sunday, January 21st

HOUR 3 - A lot of the Jags talk has been focused on what Tom Coughlin has done for this Jacksonville team. What about Doug Marrone? How come no love for Doug? Seth Harp joins the show to give us the Jacksonville side of this AFC title game.


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Nasty end. NFL Sunday is brought you might help plenty insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out. Why Anderson equate architectural holdings and buy your New England comes voted tractor dealers it's NFL Sunday with my. On Sports Radio W. Our three NFL Sunday sport radio WTI bought and heat at the best yet Chad right it's to block it doing public service announcement. Last week during this show. If your coming to the patriots game today where the best pair of sunglasses possible. Because at this time when you're sitting out group want for the next three hours people or are getting here and there are already a lot of people here the DB four hours away. The sun is apps Lou layered with what you're going on and that is app that is part out to be percent true. It is a beautiful day out here Rick is that you eat the last that they layered variety is also. About as good of a guilty anyway otherwise possibly a match ups were January whatever it is beautiful out there right. Pics around it you can figure after glow don't need it you can tailgate that we have Atrix and promised the patriots sweatshirt and you can Wear long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt and Jersey with a waffle here underneath whatever you wash away your own argument that bubble bubble for the second half the sun goes down. I like the colts are fourth quarter. Is that as the 3 o'clock right now Wear sunglasses. A packet for the pre game you are all savior. As the game itself Jacksonville in week let's do this all Sports Radio market if for a couple of yes the blueprint for how might happen project if there it went up picket jacks though it. Appears to be as good as he possibly be. Offers likes it open it Wednesday practice thanks expert out of the patriots beat a lot. What is the blue. And I think it's so basic it is dull eyes that my OK let's hear it involves eighteen rated talk hurt it's been this week let's hear the Jack. At the lowest. Oh let's pray they only live on 18%. At the outset it like yours annually with 8% I'm talking lowest football lot. If this is. What. That means. Four. Without any news on the back of the ravens lost that the patriots that playoff games buyer now losses that. It's a percentage. 16%. Loss of that's. I like that that's part of what you hear the four defense lineman for the words. Acts minimum. Most of the ballots that. It is the and most people. At the Steelers. The part that. Absolutely. What we're here today. We have calls the game but people talk about rate now nobody here with a little bit with. Lots. Look at the quarterbacks in the AFC. Beaten patriots. And the same guys. Joseph Flacco in the core of these are horrible war like mortal that's right back. Also all of them and really the Jackson had. Three thing which is. It also realistic. And more in. The past. Cornerback while the that'll happen at any of the linebackers are. They. Make you have. I would say. That that defense of formula. To cause. And then there's that. Maybe I'm wrong it's. In tough games. It radiates. More. Three and record. That would be something that Jack's book view. Eight act report. It's that all for the defensive lineman at least eight that that it didn't let that happen and if those guys get the pre three or more that's they can do it after animal and obviously. Appetite weight without the with a turnover battle we have much about it and it had to battle. In and that might that communicators that. Riotous. Nobody is talking about this all week. I would break the news to you if they can turn it over they be that Dillon read that six we seem pretty last year with Super Bowl at exits with some really affected if you really affect him at second well early on it was not ideal but yet the team he bounced back nicely. In that game but I mean they have the ability to do that and that's the only way the games close. Unit even brake turns over couple get sacked a couple of times. That just means Jackson moment cover the debt to me a bit and I still don't know on the other side of things how does Jackson middle school or if it's not their defense or. It's actually legitimate something ideal person may enable all like a 1000% wrong but offensively he's still on the team and if you want a case or Jacksonville now did you sort 617779793. Civil ought to wait Jacksonville radio hosts this hour. Tuesday August. On the letter or obviously the best running back beat me go we we like what if beatle price. I got beat that we're we've a replay of the don't like talking football my last hour that issue that lecture letter for. Off set up. A lot of a lot of more talk this week occurrence right. The patriots. Running backs for people keep backs their payload up Eric Kendrick ball for 28 heiress and as I can. Steffi and it will serve against my back like this. Out pockets are about him the guy who is a better match up Jacksonville. And provide the bigger the patriots won that they wrinkle that all that's SP my blueprint. That you let the defense will bring that that pretty well while that's looper would be what I said last week for us. You got it's a little bit if you can't it's Rex Ryan's rocked all fifty to the patriots out all the does that sound now. DJ yelled. Who is I know not that I'm not I'm not resentment that he is he's great running back he's the but I think the patriots this year you've been able to roll them. The running backs that want their weaknesses the middle right streaky but it's not very good when high and now we're on it route and it is shut out exactly now you will eventually be there right there on one of their weaknesses. Is defending the pass them in the middle there he is not where it could not higher power went out at guys piled in ways that while the plate. These big meeting will years. That irks optional for your plate that's right I know. What a letter or that first and second date each big L that kept the ball out of the backfield want to get out of shotgun formations were portals. That gives them a much better at least in my pocket with. But a much better chance would be. Show them something that I expect the ad is passing and running. With a Yelp as your go to back early announced today know it sounds too good at putting your best money back on the on the net pay what you're doing and is it better. But he's on but he individually. The idea of throwing or running back is right I agree with that he's not for a month he's not album you tomorrow he's not always guys you've got a very good player. He's not great no no not so that's that the play calls them. I think that the patriots defensively will still be able to have to shut him because he's not a game changing. Player if that's the exact thing plays. It I don't think he's gonna have a lot of success. Other data I don't. Aren't much debate blueprint today besides that you know that the adult although. Lake I portals on the ground public portals use in this like that rather I guess that would be potentially in the you know but luckily morals a shotgun and jail them. That may be running row Matty but I I. People give all the credit for running the football I've convinced especially to go buffalo. He wasn't running casinos the right way to do it. Is running because I'm scared to brought it ball well there are upheld not to throw the regular thrown anymore I got that W roll all suggesting the wind was the issue it was like seven miles. Romo already feel he's here today well typical Tony Romo. That he suffered a handwritten and he had injuries a player. Be very to Brady's hand injury and talk about that and it is no problems in law finds him look at those gloves to a lot of bad replay. Today made a lot of talking over Brady throwing motion yes he's site. First fifteen books like this and populated themselves. He's not wrong likes that or you'll really really likes that were well I think he's doing a fine job so that's my that's my best attempt today. Eight jaguars and I I I've taught to fake it all right I mean I can't not take it always I don't think they have. Shot and waited morals to be at at the crux of it morals is the reason and bloody and portals that are seasoned that mark. Scenario acted but it also titans general had a chance and I team. Either no this this week it felt like you only get to be a chance. Wolf it's certainly Parikh didn't play but it Brady didn't play. And you lose clearly affected by. Greatly if they had to do everything in shotgun or if he could grip the ball bird while you still out there you have you know 50%. Of Tom Brady. That would reasonably could be close game but if he is throwing the ball just fine which all the reports are now that you yesterday or Friday practice used orbit just fine. That is really difficult to talk yourself and Jackson. I'll give you one other thing that probably it's not as you know with credit you hurt your credit you brought this. Malcolm Butler has been. Very consistent on your short game we're looks like the guy wanna franchise that if you are there other games where. A couple weeks he said they almost lost the game because the way Malcolm bought the plate. You struggle the gets smaller ship you're wide receivers if he hits matched up with DD Westbrook who is lightning quick yes had a huge your college last year. Had a good medical pre season got hurt he's just he's getting back into it and it has been pretty has been pretty good for Iowa played half the year. Westbrook on on Malcolm Butler figures out some shots the I saw Kevin Duffy amassed like dot com to weed out. You know Almonte were saying not a big Puerto team. Morals as it's in the shots it would be I think against Malcom Butler with TD Westbrook if there's one match up that. I don't feel all that great about the nature yeah I that feels very thin. An album and they and it's similar to your point about well maybe they can do certain things TG Elden. Well in the act that's a lot there but it Becky and now you have late portals having this complete some of these major problem wouldn't it. You're probably or anything yet but that it on the flip sides because earlier in the year. We definitely criticized some news warranted. But the functional more. Has looked really good recently last week was it was locked and it catches he gave up his playoff career. They're 00. Ever like kept well and that may continue today and we'll talk about that they've not yet. Portals completed fourteen passes last week in any team in which the team scored 45 points. That he's not that isn't as problematic with a gives a little probably beat him trailing early in morals out of the general I would let's talk about pit bull in these next up on NFL Sunday muck and keep what's going off Steve. Our guys are real. Quick question are absolute mystery hadn't seen the article and I are courted I dug in LA and sold Boland said that greeting would be better today implementing it two weeks. Yes it does suggest that blew it he gets a record of safety spot to a suitable right now okay. He beat Ivan three it's Super Bowls that is worse than being or want or buy into that losing its triple having an accident. Entity that the image. I would it and I would go to our interest and we judge quarterback stupid in that state. And be stars or baseball stars you know we don't hold it against Larry are you lost a couple times I know we don't know if you look at the World Series. We don't hold it in slow I lost an. Uncle Pete and applying notes. Are. The hammer. Him a couple of posters went to war and late. Yeah IQ and washboard around. Imagine Jim Kelly you're one true those are different. To that when you start to bring just all time. If you go to our own chartered territory. If you go to this course set or any. Guess what we're allowed to a couple of old hag women talk should auto charger chief. Don't want to reach twenty years now. Don't want separate twenty year really gotten out you know I'm sure market argued he was coaxed him. And let me tell you if you according about the truth serum. George gold bullion or gold and one chipped it to Cordoba and more. I shall. Are you want to get as cynical as possible. Yeah I agree I I quit or you replies at a better than Rick knives and it is warning to it seems sort of silly for access. Sticking with that it. Now. Sick as don't think where. My hand it'll policy we have protests I want to react to that I don't hear it appears to react usable play it later on I I wanna. Out natives Steve brought a princess that he makes it really on point about like operates not considered the festival time it is Michael play that later on the jail. Fred is calling from Jacksonville this feels like it could be Taylor. I don't have any phone calls on guys. Christian Maury I call I wonder white Jacksonville mean today. Or what they call you are still I think this is going to be. A shock that description for you ask you're the sport I've aborted. The call it's great Bob bic Bradford. Guard act act I would ear while debate got. So I. Oh yeah they they shut down the conflict for a private. Keep you sought. The. That's. There's more there. There was one to avoid any any word speaks at that would force are right into. He added that he for the Bangkok shares though that Cox's girlfriend Sunday driving to the airport airport from Jacksonville. Missed the game go to bank you do know that it's not the rich keep show. He liked my. It it's like a big man either one of us all you. May now 6177797. ID for example number of lying or not able to pupil calls up until I want. How about 2 o'clock will be years to the NFL's pregame show on Westwood One. Tom Brady scheduled the joint we think Jim Gray. During that Al were actually that play by play with Kevin who work duke soon. Alongside. Health air foul out and buy outs who probably better on radio that radio can't be worse it well. Forty hearing that word on the slot and was broken up to Brady story still breaks the hours throughout the collapse Brett Favre 24 hours so Brady update on the hand in check in with the credit Jackson but he regal life person. From Jacksonville at sea with the what the feeling is this morning as well now couple hours away from patriots and Jackson that was your fault NFL Sunday Sports Radio. Two more of the NFL Sunday with the money and keep. Brought to you might come plenty insurance fox sports radio and tell. On the basket yeah. Stadium with NFL Sunday AFC championship edition but it keeps radio. WVU I I probable all week to fake it yeah unfortunately Jack's ability shot this game I don't especially given the news that Brady's he had today hopefully. South Park can help with Saudi works at 930 Sports Radio in Jacksonville he's the one. You guys is that if you want that the Jacksonville regain what happened out night on the area. No. No not my regular pregame begin didn't. Also already how you you get Iran for me is it a local Jacksonville our plan. Yes yes I am I doubt around noon to report card graffiti junction a sport Margaret and there could be so. A lot of bad it would be your height died earlier Leo. She championship it. So I can't make the case richt can't most of our callers and listeners can't pay your fans have a hard time seat Jacksonville present an historic nastier today give us. Give us your blue break give us some sort of take yourself about Jacksonville wins this game makes it a game this afternoon here Foxboro. You're lucky if you couldn't reach out casket and you look at the patriots are the jaguars way dates or degrees or back. That it definitely they drove it great again. The Who did not but the threat that it ever played negate. But I hope our regular producer of the belt object to being ready so. Outlook on Jewish insurmountable task but. There are a couple of them the jags had do you have going toward them on they did better Atlantic. Some of the big bad hole. Are and they're just got this chip on their shoulder but it definitely check it out Wendy but statistically that and the vikings didn't know or pirate now. Madonna for their ridiculous put pressure on the quarterback about let's. And I imagine his success throughout the course the seeded and you don't know that I duke. That would let Tom all important and I'll call when your leg about that your jacket that I'll talk about it. Producing years in new York and I don't yeah Justin Tuck Strahan a lot less pressure on the quarterback without bloating you can get a bad. You can put their nickel package drop an extra defensive backpacking coverage took away the passing game noted that gear linebackers. It was a lot of back and ask them flat so the black vote is good at the press and the and that I'm that stage and find out you're a couple hours. Is split portals as bad as everybody says are we missing something or morals. I'm Betty and I have backed companion I'm the best example of where we are not my show earlier this week. I went back and looked and looked at school year statistically this year and pretty dark Mark Sanchez and he can't. The back and look at that just came from twenty Canon mark agent yeah. Compared to the debt this year had too many touchdowns and thirteen picks. Which has 2114. A good market didn't were 3800. Lecter took 3500 yards and and nursed identical statistically at what they. Live the president and our ability I'm. I had a look at what. Is doing. And he thought he bought a tent parents Guinea pig and there's a different route and I think. And you basically to just sit back and coverage and that should put reports it blew it about Tibet like did you achieve that Richard. Are there yet he or about seven or eight years. The difference to me feels like war that that's it just in the Kimi and it didn't hear the jets were afraid to football convinced after weeks ago. In Becky at buffalo. Morals of break to throw Porter was a win that it was five miles an hour wind he's running with the ball that brought it. There's there's there's they fear factor portals that I ever saw wants it he's afraid to lose a game in my. And then it gets hurt familiar into another guy at. 11 yeah it was brief. And he did come back to beat the chargers earlier this year I chargers team that only lost one very games down the stretch over the course like night week. Typically do at the jaguars and the thirteen and at a chi I think they locked down the stretch so yeah it down ten points or most of in this. One of fourteen in the fourth quarter to recruit I had to guess what Greg the contract Minneapolis. Uga went. Armed with yeah I did you can lead this team product trying to become back down a course that simply won't happens every look at that. And it's not gonna happen. That there's another downside another delegation and the third quarter. The doppler you're defense as determined. In that position and get yourself in. The division a couple of tackles and ID but they're urging them to when he died. Our direct person you don't curse covering the sport. So our audience your question and you're expected to come back double digits with RM are gonna happen. Witten you found out that's already missed practice this week he was deal with some hands stuffed at that get a lot of Jacksonville fans fired up and with a lot of data and went back and. They're not all for it. Let them but the real I got character happens here reported you don't know about that speech. Yeah it's just the extent how much is going to war in Yunnan and I know that he did come out in about thirty points in the quarter. I'd say it but I didn't practice for no good read and yet but it is just a part of the project and great right now not certain that it stages yet. But you know whatever you look at at least in terms the dynamics of what took place he had a little practice now I don't know a better. Patriot I know that. Doubt I'm. And yeah into the network at a time when he's forty years he's won super where we're kind of rampant in Georgia where a lot of bad statistics need. I'd rather give edged sword you know 35 points a game when he was forty. It's if Tom Brady it doesn't know I'm kicking the rock there and just beat a year being part probably to the patriots about it. Well you so that helped me out that you picked Jacksonville and am looking example sports on would be victim that win. What are you for what it wants yet not that's witty covering a huge number for that'll be out that winning. Outlet is that just they yell a ticket for the Hart won it but he's not been based is that the picture right now picks it may take it to reject the divert. They'll make it up game and eventually. They will lose so what what's the play here you can do with your heart you with aiding witnessed. That's I don't know how to do that crap I'm not a boundary homer I've got a little bit yes they're definitely you're so I look at it. I've been your your factor here I'll call. All the odd top companies they want yours all about it. Oh. Why he isn't he meeting with Doug moral and they're pristine watched I wouldn't even art or not he and their pristine. I'm not down stationary. Back in the pocket that's what he did that when he didn't New York pretty much relentless pressure up the dark. Putting pressure on quarterbacks what you're probably argue that that look like he did it twice what the diet and original guys who you were here. Justin Tuck Michael Strahan and that's when I doubt you'll clay Campbell yeah McCain got an average actually. The saying I will now you're primarily the post and wait there there is a different speeds. Different giants seemed to have Gillibrand in a gate agent that was in that secondary are the ridiculous point that no doubt about that. But I don't look at the track record of what Tom Coughlin on the big stage against the patriots. And you know he he may be 71 your lips but you back in the. But how oh how that you're okay but accept how does that translate today 71 years old he's not at. Upstaged a role explain to me on game against Brady how that shows that it is the most portables over rated topics this week the call was the book. These little necklace that I don't see. My credential and six other golfers. But it happened again getting. Hot out there though what does he what does it look on it during the day game today you see progress is. All of the heads up liberal think we got it he does now he's got a sneak his coat on. Garbage about the gonna put together what we do in this case what are we wouldn't escape plan here the patriots come out that now that the Lebanon magic does better than any other coach definitely did make capped an adjustment. And you go back and you figure out what he's done your applicant or quarter in Europe there are now your doubt porky and you're about seventeen that that's what he does better than anybody else are indeed majestic. I've just saying in the two Super Bowl the patriots did struggle to score. Honest what I was question I don't know the answer this is Tom Coughlin in the locker room pregame or halftime of freedom medal this year. Green yes I'm a rock and a lot of their app and I do know. He didn't matter he works groan he does help out yeah. Epic UniCredit a lot of what you're listening there to this thing where although they chemicals game but you've actually picked an outright it it was a reason I disagree wholeheartedly but you you be to pick out there. A lot of people go that lorries San so our audience harp on sports on Twitter. Yesterday and graffiti art Jackson there that is slot up on that thanks for minutes enjoy games it. And regenerate at UT has yet to audience here on NFL Sunday and I hate to react like that but that. I've heard he's ready Yates you'll once and that and am I feel I don't again a little more on. People football guys say they call what the factor. He's part of the media groups and so so I'll call what was down there on the sideline when they had two huge upset the patriots. He was making decisions on the line OK they are doing this let's do that they've adjusted this way let's just the other way. He's not doing that they it was completely the eighties that coach Doug role he's not doing activities will explain to see how outs not a game planning. On day of game he's a factor of result that. What those teams also had Eli Manning is much that he he I mean he could make throws and a host of rules came down don't do a couple crazy roles one lucky one just really highly skilled. And you don't have that plea portals. I went if you wanna say Tom Coughlin as it was that influence the Jacksonville team from. Winning 345 games a year to now winning that division make an accomplished it chipped in building great defense which led by their front four. Find great yep look at that change the culture there is short by good I like that that that makes both of the world but now. The order up against the patriots in the game. I'm not immediately going back to some rumbles that is I just I don't see you maybe isn't their pre games and it is a little more hands on the I thought. But he's not thrown count flags he's not making in game adjustments he's not. With the team up at halftime and to a frenzy he's not he's not doing that. It's crazy the amount of people that want to use him the credit coaching his team this year. If you are not Tom Coughlin is the one guy that's how you that's not Alter the coach. Of this. Jacksonville team. He's a bottle and also takes away from Doug oral I thought who brought up this this week oh I'll reach about today where. They introduce article ball Kolb was explaining the reasons that Maroney is here in Jacksonville. Is partially hiding too. Bill Belichick that they'll recommend it to be offensive line coach when he left back back in the day. He's coaching here basically not because of Bill Belichick is a lot of music and it takes away from our groans credit and what role has done constantly say old or an old pork and over again. I'll call uncle Larry uncle Earl has done nothing with this team. Here but that he wonders you know if they use today that borrow get the blame the other cuff problem that win went to two yes always had a great situation they went up my body does that all the time. And these cliff neighborhood how podium it is that they're out match you know without the coach in the it's it's been a the other. 6177797937. Is the phone number we always take your calls here we see guys that get lined up we'll get a break back youthful calls. I keep your thoughts on this game and please you wanna articulate. The way to caller did our callers are what sports it's a part of sport that call with the issue please trust me I'll take those phone calls as well NFL Sunday but it keeps Sports Radio WE yeah. Excuse money and keep. NFL Sunday presented by health plans. Put the plate here you can get with your heart you would think with his. No I don't know how to do that crap I'm not a rotary homer I got an idea that yes and then you play you're so yeah I look at it. I've been your your factor here I'll call. I'll I don't top companies they want here's all the action. And I she didn't he needed would that moral. Like a natural reaction to that answer stick in the win. Give us gave UGU not able bodied Booker ED home gets credit for that he got back from that accident on the crap out of motor home. And it is is reasoning is 71 year old Ian will not coach the team Tom call the book. The plucky band I'll call as a reason like yeah oh. Poll this vote I cannot. By that aren't 617779. Seven 837 if the Paul Roberts walked outside. It's getting warmer you'll see it not nearly cloudless sky. They are not be a better tailgate VA better leather football. At fort January any questions about. Are getting yet whether to throw the football not today I yet to you could you would every one in this weather Jacksonville's volume of bizarre turn of events they were the ones hoping that cold rainy snowy it would help them quite helpful at all lately it rightly right and that's my favorite stat of the week involving the quarterback Tom ratings so. He's now at eight playoff games is what 35 now 36 play out games we said if you're war pass is unique. He's 62. In those clues and last week yeah it would last between six and two games free throws or pass that post season. Every other quarterback in the history the NFL. It's three point. Like that right there sums up Brady at his ghastly war they. An emphasis on it habitable football. He's OK so you I don't look at it and it's OK I don't think it's that the tariffs that I don't think they think I'm wrong we're talking to return earlier and whether Brady's hand was. Great terrible somewhere between them I think beat parlor game there's going to be to run it anyway and I gamble with he would. When it carries and Birkhead get tan in and they make him they could win now. Not to be shocked if he's a big number. It gets into the the high thirties and forties I will not be surprised 6177797937. Oliver Cambridge Doug rural Ohio. Or that. Elizabeth woman you know harp on the point you're talking about last sector where you know that god given all the colonel Tom Coughlin. With the Tom Coughlin has gotten here you know this past June 2070. You know basically get a couple free agent signings and collate and Malaysia always a direct the team was pretty much so there. And guns Bradley you have this state team last year they stuck. Doug wrote as a reason that this subject team is. Won the division and it and AFC chip chip until there's no doubt about that. Given away too much credit the Tom Coughlin think he's expected to say absolutely absurd. I could not agree board takes away from as the caller so Maroney did put extra apps on Coughlin and I think the reason people are doing it. Is because nobody really thinks that Jack's book with this game that coming up for that they picks up in the opening thoughts now it's become. It went for only and I don't. It went from something that could be a small back through this team to beat wildly wildly over. Gloss over the offseason I mean that the caller says yep yep besides clay as Campbell aged boy OK although two of the three best defensive players that. Campbell would be the defensive player of the year in the NFL. Point eight gives them the best quarterback duel in the league and they also drafted letter Ford that was their only good offensive player. Some other de orbit about job but there's definitely credit for that there's there's a difference between giving Coughlin credit. If they win today's game and I giving him credit for going from classic Jacksonville who's in the coming games to. This year actually putting it together and winning the division those are some huge free agents mark Connecticut all the Tom Coughlin aired our. Good morning got pregnant technical done. So this narrative it's not stupid and I'm down here in southern Connecticut and New York. On and of course yet. But the I think about it lately and I'm not technically what some call it the giants are those so called. Put it well that was my actions yes revolutionary game plan that would certainly conventionally Japan player and executed and Jack go out and those players. What I had to get up and it it would come up if those guys that ought to be a great. Well and it's also write it and other teams after they saw that episode out so they see that no seven so what in the next ten years that the teams decide not to do that to not try that if the patriots had a right they don't like our average at that I saw was that the jets at ravens and built there a certain way right with the patriots in my answer and so that you hadn't worked I think the idea that the the pass rush to beat just the four linemen for for Jacksonville. That is absolutely something that you would want to use in in employee it's different than. A Pittsburgh work's gonna throw everybody out generators and and that never works in the in their dumb for don't have that way. Jacksonville is built pretty well there except that the office is so bad. It's in the defense. Has been a little overrated the sense that they have great individual players but we've also seen in roughly half their games. Then giving up some pretty good point totals some big York goes oh look at Roethlisberger last week throw for five touchdowns. Typical Rob Lowe the second last game of the year. Had a great team couple touchdown passes he ran in a touchdown they score 44 points. So as good as they look some weeks they give it all back and others and you'd think if there ever gonna do that could be if the team operating. Etiquette this quarterback a full week to look at this thing even before Wednesday. And it probably that the practice schedule with messed up because of what he. Had to deal with the hand but prep work essentially had been done right all they all they've done all the video work ready to watch videos sometime on Sunday. And that gave plant have been installed basically. It fool but I bring her to see him on Wednesday so they know what they're going to do that CD at this like this and Brady given time. I will pick apart Jacksonville with a course of if three hours beginning just after 3 o'clock here two Jerry nor the handover also on the crawl I Jerry. Good morning. So if you think that Ernie Adams contribute to the patriots success during the games. Then come up little contribute in the same way whether piece that. You know the make or break factor who can say but. You know as we all know he's beat the patriots flights and no doubt you will be active during the game. Under onset. And I don't think the. No doubt we got to relax all I got that reported anywhere he's going to be the press box today he got on in the comedy talent talents. Weapon. That date don't don't don't don't come had problems with our arbitrary field. Jerry why they Internet spot I don't do that the press box today. Yeah. Because they had they had just like to are we have reporters over there they have assigned seating in the press box there is a Tom Coughlin press box car over there right now. Well we'll see you will see it. So I'll pull out there who are you talking to do you know where where it's been reported help me out I don't is on the way. I'm just I'm just saying I'm just saying US how could be effective game I would say. Then in December that Ernie Adams does. It wants the game starts I don't think he's now the talk. Well we'll take. We'll put it. I just. I don't I've not seen or reported hearing out of have different enroll their different jobs. That pulled us up wants. Job title and I want to make sure I have this correct media guests talk. Here. But I believe archive Ryan Hannibal. We Al a couple of minutes ago maybe at the walkie talkie according to the press box seating chart. Well Paul will be in the press box with other Jack wars executives. Do you think Tom Coughlin could be sitting on a headset. If the press box and greater debt were gonna be on a headset. He'd be with the other coaches. In the coach's box with the head settlement that would speak do you. It's increasingly jaguars executives had said on you we know we can't sell well let's not let's not. At that. He did you see any X other executives earshot of other. Beat writers who gets it behind it that you were saying I feel pretty confident that oral once the game starts it's at a top operatives. And date so we just talked with a with a tactical radio guy who says sometimes pregame he'll be in there. OK so maybe that's on his pregame and meets the coaches all week great summer coaches all week. But once the game starts it's the double role in the lake portals so. That's what Curtis John Maine on the X-Factor for the patriots it. Eight and that cryptic McCall gracious. So I think we're gonna be there I think we're gonna see an average player have a really big gain knowledge and slight for a reception. Area. Two touchdowns. And on the defense of that and I think they're now where many are far net and you eight gonna try to they're gonna make play Bordeaux beat down in each game is that. The patriot cornered the better than that wide receiver. I don't scored 24/7. Patriots all that. You know whether she is lighter Dion Lewis one of those guys throughout the cells they're both a big receiving day Eckerd and it's tough because I don't know how to align them while it James White ex by surprise. Tennessee C last week played as much as he did. James White will not surprise Jacksonville they they'll be better prepared for teams light. But it's just different guys they can for Ortiz a bucket be shocked if if that if John's right on that one of the receiving backs any three of those guys. And the couple touchdowns to get the ball on extensively. The I didn't receive it could be a lot of the guys that were that big games last week right everything he looked at the yet picked its offensively everybody but Britain cooks. And I guess Hogan get the touchdown but it could be the same thing this week operatic looks to be limited to shut him down and you know native who yeah they were or Ramsey or whoever. And then Damian adult another double detached game running backs. Between you know whoever carries they have ever and ever catches they have they can view a huge part of you know that. Mr. Thomas. Ian Rapoport is reporting route ordering rap sheet and all this all the stories all week. The patriots have to replace the pits quarterback Patricia. He scored Detroit today it will be considered. Linebacker coach Ryan Flores secondary coach Erin Blanton. Who Bill Belichick coach Al nice Eric and Eric letters that fits that back more jets practice at the core veteran played for a while the NFL's Aaron Glenn's name. As well as well to some news they're Rappaport Matt the car is worried about the jaguars had a. Yeah with the they'll elect people talking about Coughlin because they're just trying to grab struck when you go to our. You don't have you thought you should not at all. Just wild speculation that the I've certainly gone back and forth the entire week I I wanted to start. Pittsburgh he ought we've been really really it was getting an action figure out if we're gonna. Well I want it for Jacksonville to win this game and getting really polish them not all of a got you guys. All we know which shot. What I hear on the radio I don't believe Chuck Hagel control and that. Not how people only that I I believe that when the end of the gonna kill it because they have. But if the number one on number two scoring decently got a score of thought out I really believe. I think he knew that you might 132321. Sure to go either way. I don't understand object okay what it would be foolish. Well I act I Matt we don't try to get through it now we are excellent for three hours or so why don't they can be doable we do at a four. I took four hours of back will be joined by a guy who was excellent as we speak who has sided though. All the right hander Tom Brady Christian forty with the latest operating IES yet assert their pregame show they are promising. News on poverty is well we'll get to that got taken escape here's Fauria next here on Nelson.