Mut's not buying into Super Bowl superstitions

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 23rd

Mut and Keefe are taking about the Patriots choosing the white uniforms in the Super Bowl this year, and superstitions people have regarding the Patriots, big games or the Super Bowl.


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It's. Monday night. We have a super all that is possibly a league worst. Possible combination. For the city that I'm so excited. And other exotic that'd be careful burial not bark off the edge of their seats. They couldn't be more fired up to go to Minneapolis to watch the Eagles and and the tree with the. Hello Dolly show hole yeah you'd always go after the super ball we are enjoyable. Group we're gonna. General didn't. In the next we're not doing our bit is well I don't know but it doesn't feel like can I take him. This planet doesn't. Business told world. Alone at all. It'll wishes more. Formal proposals. Blue angels little looted buildings. Now here's my life at night on Sports Radio W. You're packing I've no idea what that is the real love because. If we vote Jack course that he was not boat deck were awkward teen hunger force and they've ever watched a second a block. The team today show is today as funny show us is don't show him duck Cartoon Network and a fifteen minutes donor show. It is not surprised they don't want characters that you want of meat I have to be honest I'm not surprised that someone who is suggesting the patriots color of the uniform affects the out of the Super Bowl for 25 minutes today about it I was driving around that could linger is also. Someone has watched Lyle awkward teen hunger force is obviously kind of days got a near the back but he can battle days much more modern much more had giants like to ask Graham and I I admit an operative and having a byproduct that simulates being the cool kids watch a lot of it is it is. I don't want the cool kids show luckily they're like fifteen minute episodes and you want the whole bunch of them sit down and watch for final drive did you think you were sitting down did you 25 minutes uniform and now. I'm delighted I'm not just uniform color talk but it was eighty Syverson superstition the sports fans and I rarely these days agree with any Michael Holley says. But you like them that sounded like the adults in Illinois senator's assessment of saying to you to do is not as I'm doing the same thing yelling yes. The color of the uniform where you sit white Ager at some what you believe that's true and and you grow a lot of it and you know than what you do let me ask some does it affect the game let me ask you in very serious question Bill Belichick wore a red hoodie. On the sideline this Sunday or next Sunday. UV OK or that a bee finals of terror for. It would not affect his coaching at all I would be not high that the patriots game plan at all would have zero point zero affect on the game appellate sugar in the minority there a red hoodie in that game you're in the month or not I I'm into Twitter poll I live very popular for pole. And 58%. Said. It matters how many was a final vote tally on that does not just on her million of moved let's get the good now now there's good buzz with a less than that now plus I'm gonna I didn't part of the back of the jaguar has less than a million but we can name for a million next wonderful that's. I I there at some point there was an age right did believe that but just. Don't get doesn't your brain get to a level and say that's not just the UN dale but you sports fans in general. You get to a point where you recognize when you say out loud. Okay this pot this can't possibly. Be true it doesn't matter if my idea of a loss on Andy telling a story about driving around in two straight suitable scene deprive yourself. Are watching the fourth quarter of two of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history. And any of you telling people. That was may lead Urbana to remain in urban like a football party at somebody's leaves the room when they score touchdown though they can come back in the room but that's that's a little kid. I don't anymore and they're there can be no parent out there. Is I don't mean two of its gonna sound effect and I didn't women but this won't won't be my wife will set a sentencing spot. Should add that I'm hoping he'll sort of laugh her off before but for you didn't at UN dale dale heavier father he sole print out how to area the number do you design yard hole that's gonna meet the color of the uniforms. Is affecting any patriot and it all he does that my brain doesn't work the Brady is three you know where in the wagers and that is nothing to sneeze and you need to if you has the choice then they lose to Green Bay. Wearing white tiger he's the great parents were right there were red but it got smacked up by the but it called the Green Bay Packers. What they weren't like I was where you know what's okay so I think Brady belies an Austrian right before operating about sect. If Reno. Three you know including the falcons and Seahawks and the Eagles team. So do you think when they're asked to pick the bigger the pick the Jersey should Yancy gets to pick the Jersey. Or have the better record or whatever one's that'd be aired on TV at home alternate years and it also today just like flip a coin and land on white or do you think they bought. And a little bit. It scares it's it scares me to death to think they thought about more than half a second of it and saying. What do we want recently all the white ones yellow where the white ones as well the last rounds thirteen suitable with south and wearing way. Is that knock your socks off. Again the track the trend is your friend. And this year it has and it has nothing nothing to do with the actual playing of the game and get to the people really want anyway I looked I mean they there where whites and they're gonna with the patriots picked white. That's because not because of merchandise or advertising is that to the console and because. They believe merchandise the smartest they're not real cell of old blue Jersey I don't highlights of the the smartest organizations sport that's them. Led by Bill Belichick and Ernie out with a pink stripes you maybe your they sat around they said okay. Twelve last thirteen Super Bowl winners of worn white. Let's Wear white it might affect the outcome of the you don't think that these professional sports teams are superstitious player is yes it does these dubbed players that he superstitions assured them don't. Healthy superstition all I don't know we've never seen the reds watcher again. Because much like the quarterback the wife and girlfriend a Belichick as a big say on his life and that's why that man Ali this guy is wearing a rally red with the logo ripped off. Before is gonna put that red sweatshirt again. So he's even he's got to be buying into now he's eighteen he's too Smart he's our I learned that he kid. He he he really gotten it motivates his team of with things like parade routes and I. Opposing teams columns on what they're saying can't we also believe that the color of the uniform on war war in the huddle what locker room or certain racks this race on to listen to or deemed a repeat it. Has an effect on his team winning or losing just admit to me that it's not nothing. Tom it's not nothing. It it it's it's zero point zero disagree in the outcome and I I want I want those they always they have they have what oh Obama suffering right now. Poll results through and there was 58%. Said. Superstition most like people gathered there helped administer bubbles like tickle me it's been a benefit and ultimately culminates you definitely don't I think it's closer today than it was yesterday. Yet 50049. Vote K. Are you would dale key for the pictured wearing white in the suitable matters more or where Michael Holley that it's irrelevant. 58%. Are calling morons 42%. Think it's irrelevant. I guess if they are the 42%. I am actually in the 42% and I and less than fifty I thought I thought you guys opened the show sort of mocking us and all of that their guardian did not really believed was at all the calls we took at the beginning. They all are there of excellent part elect. Some manner before I love that it is their they're great fans their great fear that I we ya I'd agree I patriot hands. You could be. Old saint I'll just say it doesn't matter what you are doing at your home bodies of 15100 miles away from Minneapolis Minnesota. I enter anywhere and they correct outfit where red white audience where dark colors see different seats. It does not affect the game and the way. Pressure on yourself you have nothing to do with just six. Enjoy it's it is on and enjoy the game itself and don't feel like you Lori part of the game mother that you are rooting for the game betting on the game. Or joint just the the game engine and especially for betting on the games should be sitting in the right spot where in the right club you wanna add to your kid in volunteered to some entry entry only have you boot OK do that I get there. That's it's like what you can easily can watch wrestling at some point you don't watch wrestling anymore you groaning about one not one anymore pretty sure you can watch the owner dale tweeting about brought 25 again I've heard so it's not starters but it. Stone cold back. So cold to be getting and advertise it guys cold looks great collecting a pension you agree at this point retire her one more match retire on or match. Crossroads right hopefully at at thankfully this is. Not going to be a storyline okay that we have twelve days until super ball 52. Minneapolis Minnesota patriots and Eagles. I have a fairly confident that superstitions and the white jerseys will be was talked about a lot today to be your Schobel not be storyline. I have a feeling this will be in that is his elbow and should try to force Tom Brady into retirement. Greg bishop Greg bishop posted a story today really in depth piece on it. The patriots winning over Jacksonville some really good stuff in there but there are two. Major takeaways and as one other comments or Brandon Boyd who basic calls the patriots on describe receivers who do what they do because. They suck. And they only can work out with the patriots there couldn't start anymore we'll get to bread and blatant as the show goes on. Here is the big take away this is late in the story for Greg bishop SI dot com. Last spring Brady and his family vacation with retired kicker Jay Feely a close friend from their former college days at Michigan. This mean Brady really prefer is not to disclose the locale. Is interest in what shall it at what ya wanna disclosed in this story of the moon he does share that Brady's wife the supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Spent time on that trip quo. Trying to get me to convince pond to stop playing and quote. And the only ads against the quotes she was dead serious. Pioli says you look at his friend and told him play as long as you can Brady smiled back and wink. Quote from feeling for years he wanted to prove he belonged in this league he won three super balls and still used perceived slights to motivate himself. He still finding ways to motivate himself. This comes up every once in awhile when it comes to the quarterback Tom Brady. We know that Gisele Bundchen went on and talked about her husband's concussions floral we know he she he gets those are warning you Gisele. We know for other stories that have been written. She has suggested there are or herb quarterbacking husband retire sooner rather than later. But I think this given the year they just had given the tension that Bob Kraft almost sort of alluded to with the egos cut. He out with Steve Burton a year ago yet a week ago. Given the Alex career or relationship would Belichick and Brady. This is going to become rich at least for the next day or so I think it probably more so when you get to. Many many Apple's next week in the Sports Radio world. Odd descends on radio row. This is now a suitable sub plot is Gisele gonna try to get Brady to retire if and when he would get to six Super Bowl. In two weeks in minutes. Yeah and I think this is a a crazy story announcing it has been for the last year or two you know some of the things that Gisele wants him to retire so. His performance on the field. Wouldn't lead you to retiring. At least how he feels lease out he tells everybody how he feels based on what he does without Guerrero and how we eat senate prepares himself. That I he says he feels better now that he has when he was in his morning so that alone. Would it make you wanna retire they think about all the great players but just take the quarterback for example at what they retire while injuries catch up to where they suck on the field. That's generally why they why they retire so if your Brady what else would it take. David is your wife saying OK enough enough is enough and then. You know they they have their back and forth that maybe there that she wants and spent more time with the kids you know he wants to spend Thomas family talks about how important that is to him. But if she's constantly it is easier try to get to retire. I think there's something zero you do you buy into the static or could be so sure I wouldn't when she was saying it before I didn't I didn't. I never dismissed this I but she's talking about the concussions and everything else I think they're absolutely. I still think he plays next year and the year after that but I think the the thing that would get him the closest to changing his mind of play another five years what he's one. Yeah I certainly think that. I think that she at some level fought this and maybe last spring this apartment that deter reasons why. That I'm convinced he's not going to retire and why I'm not gonna be surprised if you want we find out that she sells even changed her tune. Since this conversation which a Phillippe. In the Sunday locale which by the way I love he won't say whether went on vacation. But he's going to tell Greg bishop yet that dissolves Brady's wife is basically begging. Jay Feely to tell Tom Brady to retire as early which I think I'd rather know where you vacation or rather for Tom Brady to let that out verses of the retirements part of it. That's your reasons we re why not buying into this tonight. Our Tom vs time and TB twelve. So this big documentaries can't count. In at a make it it'll come out in the next couple of days we heard sometimes on the January. That Gotham Chopra Deepak Chopra son. Did this. Online documentary series with Tom Brady called Tom vs time. We shall we got a little bits and pieces of the most recent was over the weekend we have Tom Brady running a 57140. Rights shirtless Tom Brady. Running a forty yard dash and looking like he's trying to yell beat. Time there in the tying into the name of that. Documentary. Three retired this year. What sort of would end any buzz or any thought about commerce is time right easily that got a letter comes out with how well long ago when he retires he admits that. I'm beat Tom Brady. That makes no sense to me are going. As Agassi who last year after they won the Super Bowl he was telling Peter King first that I think really anybody who would listen that he wanted to play to lose 45 so these are about five more years. It's so width Gisele. Could be the difference then be maybe it's three years or maybe it's two years because you're right. He is the best advertisement possible for the TB twelve but that so. I don't think he can just hang it up after this year he needs to put it to the test. But maybe there's some sort of negotiation there the sense that OK a couple more years. Then maybe call it quits spent time in your family if you put up years 41 and 42. Added MVP caliber type level. What more do you really need to look up or. There all save a second what vendors were responding you okay look you're still the top of your game. You are still an MVP caliber player and your team is still competing for super ball that's part of it right at this would change for me it Belichick walked away. Because then he's reset the entire thing not play for coach he loves to play for and the job I think the job becomes harder for Brady. If bella checks not there forget that Angel got the coordinator Belichick being there makes Brady's job easier sell it Belichick's not there. That may get it's your point but if you're breaking year at that top level you'd just said he was still lad. Why would you want to walk away if the other. Apart I don't know on the wants that's part of his Gisele and admitted you have to make him yet to make sort of a deal what it currently play a couple more years. Now 59 spend time with the kids and I'm review and oh by the way. Avoid these possibility of some crazy injury and elect with a concussion thing I believe Gisele and I've been on show there's a lot of things that he's dealt with that we don't really know. And so all these football players if they can get out all of oil long a twenty year career. It still be able so function and walk fine. That's a big win for further NFL player but. The other part of Brady besides commerce is time is TB twelve and the longer he plays. And while he's still playing the TB twelve is a Brandi but he keeps getting all this free publicity rich in this free advertising on he's playing at a high level. And that brand is out there that is a huge boon for hand and and the explanation would be attic even Gisele is why. I'm much I'm not going to be surprises Gisele is changer minds last spring if she's such a business woman that's her thing right should let and one of the reasons why Brady threw in the documentary. His wife a one of the reasons why Brady is so invested in TV twelve going for is his wife she want to do different things to be more than just. A football player she is wanted to be times more than just. The world's greatest supermodel she's spoken up against or for her causes like you know mother earth and an anti pollution. And and budget things like that. Paul biplane. Gets to promote TV twelve any crazy little right knee at right the the idea that he's gonna rear retire. And not jump right to TV talk to be stay at home dad. Think she believes that he's gonna be honest next thing he's going to be onto and to only be important to him. But he'll be traveling opened up these TV twirls across the country sluggish playing or not he's gonna be like home all of a sudden she passed under state. And no doubt I don't know but it probably a little bit more than it is now and you're just taking out that risk of what can happen on the on the football field right. I still think that has to be considered it if your him if you put together three years in your forties were you know 404142. And you're you know we're all broke you're competing for Super Bowls. He probably assumes he can do it for your 43 near 44. But if you retire then you're also taking out the chance. That you do. Played terribly or you have that really bad year in the and that's part of the resonate that's there and that's. Not gonna affect you at all as far as hall of fame and where you stand is the greatest quarterback of all time. But for the TB twelve model the TB twelve method now so there's almost a cut out but I hear it to the best you can be its earlier 42. Redick do the out now you're on the field there's there's evidence a view not playing as well so. You also take that out of the equation as well. So I wanna start there tonight is going to be a story line and I do think that there are people like you reached at read this and that and say yeah I I can see it for me. I believe. But I don't think in the end Gisele is gonna be the reason why Tom Brady walks of football he's too invested. In this forties to invest in the things around the sport the documentaries. On in the DT B twelve meant that and there's also we patriots angle through this. But it we got to explores what legal one open liable start here tonight with your call 6177797937. -- phone number. I Gisele Bundchen according to one of Brady's teammates Andy at a former teammates of Michigan a secret location can't dribble location is but they feel I can tell you this. Gisele was essentially begging Feeley to get Brady to retire last spring he obviously didn't he's gonna win the MVP he's going to eight Super Bowl. Odd is this change your mind and all of operating in is that a concern for you that although some family issues at home. Might take break away from football sooner than. Even he wants to do. I your phone calls coming up that's what it might rich keep as well Sports Radio WB yeah. Could lose up to my wife shoot a million. Graham shot over the last night. Three times content exit to read me you know when I'm too much fun right now it's your husband said the other day that you want him to rate. Hi there he said that not me you know this genius and that he was gonna play as long as he felt as good as he does yeah. Yeah you're trying to get him to retire you know. I just have to say as a life. I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like. Let's say an aggressive sport rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it can be on talk about making it does have concussions in his I don't think it's a healthy teens invited to go to like half. That's the point TV twelve it's gonna make it healthy and soon we're gonna have you thought wrong miracle water two point all presented by Guerrero Brady where you drop this water ever tell that we get a check that's true but until then they're still a lot of risks of football and anyone or forge a part of these phones here so and it it. TV twelve and Tom vs time are two really really easy examples of why. Brady's not going anywhere. The other is the trade Jimmy drop the patriots just invest in the next couple years in Tom Brady if you believe. The stories in around it. That he was talking all year with Bob Kraft Brady was trying to get assurances on his place with a team of long term. And that led to go Rob Lowe being traded if you believe that angle of that he was going to talk to craft element of the year long term craft side with him and away we go. That's the case. Only he's turning around all the sudden this year. It's gonna say you know what that trade and Jimmy. He's going to be a franchise quarterback in San Francisco. I'm done playing quarterback for the patriots that he's currently did I would be shocked if you if you retired after Super Bowl I mean absolutely would be put on his base and off of his five year plan and you know him playing so is 45 I wonder if that could be. It erupted you know win with Giselle maybe some other factors as well but if you played two warriors retired I don't think that would be. Without a shock to me we're back picture sure I would say if I was you three to the calls do not look at this week's SI. Iran. Tom Brady's on the cover. You go to them on does that I was wary about the Madden. The Madden cover news here this what does that mean and the patriots get to the Super Bowl with Brady on the cover man costs on our is. So they can't what you believe the magic secret and the others some that gone the other way no matter and so works sometimes so sometimes superstitions jinx his work sometimes they deal. You didn't use that are comfortable bringing such. You pick and shoes. The way through the white matter that you didn't he would overcome the Madden thing all the overcame. Most of it while knock on it never knock on what I think that is an executive room. Talked to David in the car is first up here bought at night Sports Radio WE yeah let's go on David. Choking me down and so there's a bit and it got to form. Fashion Utley never you know. Oh yes business on professional athlete on the door as they say yes. All my former professional. Okay girls I'm hello can you guys so it's been quite some time so it might think. Not in business especially. Some odd situation the other great manager. Who used to getting everything's going great he's doing your job. We can do you want to do in next you know you'll find out that he got a better all ball he decided he had a lot more when. I thought it comment so you guys are now in market each day in time. That would gradient and opposition Todd after the Super Bowl win I would come into the studios ass interview what you guys. Actually show you some of the information that I'm not able to at this point. McCain if he doesn't he doesn't retire what do we get. And OK we will we will figure out here aren't a puts you in charge of that rich I'm not charged anything of that to figure that out that's what you're gonna do. I Jerry's in Massachusetts on Brady's agent was I'm not. Out Jeff yeah hey pal I technically David nick as a former our special shot yeah there. Anyway he got I just wanna say you know. At the topic of great or Africa or at least why I don't see him making a stretched too absolutely agree flight status. Injured that they struggle privileges are generally Orman host. Yeah actually we're going to stick it you know you know in the end. Oh yeah hey you never enough time replacement it becomes a pretty. Distraught over him and I noticed her. I know you want some you know to reader where but the real that got punished and I think personally. Thomson first look out. And it only level at least equal. Ali he's admitted that I think in a recent dot battery is said yeah it's not right there to sell it made me love you. It's without a doubt you or slower will always be. What ought to go to the typical white company's labor corner another super ball. The only way area and Jerry you're right threats of the call the only way this gets proven correct right is essentially saying the following. That Brady is still playing at a high level before against H forty force in next year's age 41 at the you have that as aged forty Q. If Brady's still playing at this level at that point. And he walks away. And and maybe he'll I'd say it's about family say it's about Gisele I don't know how old couch it. You it's a lot easier to be wrong like I am about this than it is to be right my guess when he does retire. Family and his wife be part of why he says he's gonna retire yeah we'll have to look at is how well he's playing at that point like it. If he's not playing well and he retires and OK or maybe did retire because Gisele working argues that as the guys in just a guy that's wise men say Yemen retire. The only way to write about this to be playing well a couple years in decides not to retire or we find out he's flat out said no Gisele. On honey I'm playing till. X amount of age I realize I I have a hard time proving that I'm gonna be right about this right but there's too much evidence of the contrary to make you believe. That she's gonna that she's like a heart on this point forward knowing how much he has invested in the sport after dumplings plus there's always that makes. Yards you know the Tom vs time document that's coming out. Dissolve in the previews even is quoted as saying you know I don't know anybody who loves anything as much as Tom loves football was as she admits that and so on that as you point out. Maybe she goes on the record later on says you know what we would love him to be home but. He just loves us too much and we wanted to do what he wants to do for as long as intently as she could always change her. And I can see a scenario. Where she's recognizing now that what he's doing is more than football you wanna go back to that he of the Gisele wanted to be more than just a super ball she wanted to be. You know Dick have different causes and she sees that football is helping him out with these other cause and are more. You know it. After this year maybe it's more than just TB twelve ladies gets warm all the other things that. Our football related. That helps him continue to play in my mind with her because he's able to say. Look I'm doing Dolly TB to a twelve and I do this documentary but here's what ultimate Koppel Cheney. Because of the sport honey look oh you're an accomplished because of your you know year here stature is the world's greatest supermodel. I'm the world's greatest quarterback is what I'm doing with that and it's so it's so directly tied him and this is just everything is under armour shirt already thinking that fast the Marten mountain drive that at any time but it doesn't matter but it's more paid this stuff works and Tom I'm the best example. Johnson Worcester on now globally Super Bowl superstition goes in and then Jon Jon you're on W media. Hey guys and I I want to show. So superstitious lot last year that you Preval. I am thirty years old I'd people wholeheartedly in the position. I was sitting at one place at about eight as watching it. Super well. And I got a good day packages yeah. They lowered right I assume it's picnic at home totally it was over and they want. You. But he got so you believe they are you being make it worse your buddy's place what town. I can see your Oxford Massachusetts. Watching the game you get out and daughters are on the bodies of walking a little bit about what caused the paint the picture again you are that rates up paint the picture you go to the kitchen to get a beer and that it's that then led to court the patriots scoring and and making Iran and come back to. And when my friend actually he looked at it like quiet this bit in the go ahead it's like. They sort I'm not leave it right. It was there on TV in the kitchen you legit I'll watch the game. No I know. Luckily enough I could see that he needs I was elected. It wasn't a game he just couldn't be in that room. Itself John thanks for the call. Great stuff. Superstitions they're real I think of the players shares MB 30 AM really release suits and John and I contemporaries from an age stamp was also a leader got to the ball. Don't get up don't go on the kitchen because if they do score you'd better stay there. Although your closer than snacks and more Beers. You pick could be worse not Vinny is a New Hampshire on TV twelve ABI's Franken in Hampshire different. They paid a long time first time I got to frank what's up tonight. Is there anything else that you talk about and bring up Brady retire ended Gisele all in all concussion and what's not immediately superstitions reached. Why all time. Leo and it's a pretty big storage can like an hour ago pretty significant I would say now. Yeah I mean look I mean it's an. I'd radio on my car to a radio my kitchen when keeping you want downstairs and what do once told god I stayed there. So I. Held me out frank and I hope that's how all the frank. Cats that. On what lies that's what why is Brady's wife telling is former teammate to beg him to retire not a story that dated story comes out help me out here. Should you. Look out my. You know some think that down for hours how great the patriot game was yesterday an excellent cook was the Gilmore was down nine Grady ones like the ups a day and a half an hour ago a story breaks that has quart eight Tom Brady former teammate quoted as saying. He did Gisele begged me to tell the retire that seems to different price that's being a a downer from I'm out here all over different. Yeah I mean you'll like you said people to start this year and it watching but I wasn't trying to you know what wasn't true. Or Jim's top. Just said is too big and bad days teammates got to where he egos aside. Basically he'd be in agree with the wicker champ store a couple days ago or not all of a sale at night Friday the frank about the current story. OK so that SE sensitive that they start frank what was so superstitions and what also on talk about tonight help me out. On now all I just brought up so procession gets very superstitious. Out customer at a regular guy this that while a student told advocates in and watch the game from the couch yeah. I would put out our coffee and it can't dole scored native Patrick Jane and I like lap or arrested it's you're gonna have to Ragheb and that's is the Waco I would say to. It's quite a lot looser yet but I bought the record different genes yes the giants yes. And we're going. All we are alike so I was you're you're offering you read that line you got kids right. I don't want to don't want an inch or move. Ricky Santos unsecured as the me that part of David Ball. Hit the ball is like if you have problems right there. Where does it get that good wildcat back Ryan is gonna stay at Ohio State you know are now it's convenient for football here. I just can't do it I suggest and and Q please patio now I've only can bring trees to the nice guy. We eat he's probably integrates all superstitious call back two to six tomorrow the thing I marking it down the official superstitious if there are WEEI. Right now holly thirds robbery colleges I wanted to associate and I wanna talk wrestling or superstitions that as you showed a call them or theater is a breath here and through your guys. Which assure people that. I don't like you don't touch the bottom rope I can't. That might be one we'll come back place somebody who I thought a lot more entertaining in this that is the the social media promotion for. Afternoons and WFAN is just that there they are back yes and I I tried to place stuff from the actual show itself that is. The more he showed us that a one take their thing but I've I've copyrighted. These videos these promotional videos where they've been told. Hate goal on video before your show right. And get people fired up and wanna get people on social media soy younger hipper audience we don't care industry so excited. By what you shell in this video on social media that it 2 o'clock today. They can't do anything else but get to the closest radio or the F an app and crank the damn thing up and they are edit again today. In and Portugal parts got. Sports gotten up there today so we get baggy and Carlin no ports audio. Oh. They got people fired up today and more mean tweets on social me there have been ethical standard group will get you fired up for that it will take your calls on sorry frank the potential operating retirement courtesy of his wife. It's what it night's Sports Radio W yeah. Lot of nights were traded up. You know continuing to fall calls up until ten. How will join us in studio hey we'll get to las thoughts on the Greg bishop story today SI dot com that says Gisele Bundchen. Try to convince. Her husband Tom Brady threw his former teammate Jay Feely. To stop playing and retire we'll talk more about that and that the Osce also a story up on the web site today. About the NFL blocking. A veterans group for money gave to police stand for veterans added during the Super Bowls will talk about that with the mosque when he joins us here. At 8 o'clock. Super Bowl week next week the shows will love either Minnesota I could you pass on top of going to be there or what is the latest Tyler I still say nothing official I was asked the budget timers on that you heard today that he cheerfully I don't having any flight information I had the hotel information I don't know where I am and I went I am. I would up on the hypnotic way you know to get that far mobile that he's up to some the videos they show from that looks it looks like an absolute. All wheels and it operate what was that was the story yesterday micro car the super bulls are hell hole for New York fans that bus stopping at Philadelphia going to. Hi Leo today and be he would tank Wayne he's got the green shirt guy Wilshire threatening years we are. Thanks but no thanks. I don't I got no official word yet I would say it looks good I am waiting for official word from the Milwaukee Bucks here at WE yeah I. But we're trending in the right direction I am still a word trending I'm still being told that I'd they'd like to see more hash tag and what two men tweets out there we hammered yesterday pretty well so there's an audience trying to wrap certain strand and thanks team but for the great job at yesterday's double teams on. I'd do that but I think he's you know having been out there last year. They want you to do not just the radio but they're gonna wants fishing you you're the youngest on air guy and at the station on and on they're gonna want you to do. Videos and wild stock of what's rich doing it what's the social media aspect I wouldn't do 120 dual what are you doing. We get take our cues from our mid day our afternoon friends at W these guys get it because they understand it they have in marketing team a promotional tee it promotion team a a sales teammate programming team that gets it because they know when you put out videos that are. Go on hot going viral as the can't say no rove are gonna listen to the show and once again today. Maggie and Carlin no Bart Scott that seems to bed they got you fired up for their four hour sports extravaganza. And the Big Apple New York's. Yeah or bad just car and I think today we're going to be doing it right. Off John's mole or act as rat Josh well yeah. And work. Instead today word fun she hands he movies aren't happy and well I don't. Baseball game you ever had children discussed. And for a possible big targets for the knicks were very much metals trader from her the. Hey I mean we've done. Like complete blue moon calling an inning and catch a lucky. You're right fortunate. I will boom and and it's just got it east. Asian. The Ponzi. Stage. Not. It all day today but whatever just pointing out that they. Sheen. And here is that I don't know I'd rather be a viking fan with a bum ankle trying to escape Philly that was it does get them up and Johnny and I. They've for Africa look pretty good probably not but I. Holy smokes. And the mean tweets thing for slower it's not your idea it's tough to even go there but that at least. Pick someone you know money in the ninth got an idea there all right you can't go to bat. Durable feeling that's an almighty god that is leave the guys really get there must be dozens and Collins are big. On is that did you lose or his nickname is continent that's inside rights are the big do I pick an add on an elapsed but so we don't get the fat or just goes. Those all of them instead. Bet you that says the end of a much sensitive sounds so sensitive about it I next eight week. Okay. A small lead. Small example we have some means beats the nation there are a lot of meat or just sports takes advice of the economy of the food and would rather that is the nicest thing all day and I most offended by what would it be said there it indeed the first part would Carlin said. We got some baseball stuff to get into baseball stuff. What baseball thought I host a show called hot stove Jeff how hot I wanted to talk to other than there's nothing going on the Yankees made their moves in the Mets are doing nothing the Red Sox are doing nothing. The hall of fame announcements or tomorrow I think may. So I guess that might be a topic tomorrow you're saying Iran or say bonds and Clemens getting sick what I was born all of baseball. Some pace. Off topic or no. So what's his power while good news the knicks have three potential guys come the trade deadline with a mix. What is your social media plan of attack for next week. Oh and ask you just all over the map tweets and FaceBook Lyle in Paris goats on an area coming up but I don't you guys idea doesn't get the ball stuff to get into let's talk some football guys are usually my guy who's gonna have begun to feel the microphone and solvency we get live sound from you are not a problem that we'll see we the right and they acted like that's the bar on the ovals. We'll see enough of the best I can. We'll talk to the EU very sue superstitious Lee tomorrow it I'll Wear my white Jersey at 2 o'clock that is rich keep he's part of the deal holly in key program raising Quincy. On rocker tells you to Haiti took from a very church on Sunday hey ray. But it works out but let's about it. IQ well I tried calling it all the cheek yesterday yeah yeah that was 1 o'clock. Will walk we're gonna call it a well. Well we don't did Mike will I don't do well blog comment on it yesterday a PTI I am not sure we did. I don't know I've been working a little bit late now locked. In a big deal about well like a racist here with the white guy on the blacks receive outlook as we like got their start. Eating quite IE in May he can't comment all lines that they we have discuss it because. Race is a part of the hit so you're right I don't know in this case it be black player it's a white player gets penalized for if race is also. Still an issue I'm not sure how that works for will be on very course. But I'd also I'd Israel that would talk autos are old like sixty minutes and I guess I don't know like they do whatever why not a little bit because if you go to Big Dig up quickly but. If you look at big it would block of people assault. Racist wondered if Jackson they'll be at the backstop we will ought to make it all week you know with the body and they light up a lot about today. Well I think the the issue there rate thanks for the call obviously grow on there were some people who thought the gras should have been suspended for. Or more than one game for what he did he eat eat it was an aggressive play it was a stupid play it was a dumb play. By Rob Gronkowski did performer of that wrestling what was called. On the guy white surveyors white for buffalo. So his suggestion was the suspension and and the room what was he what was this suspension lesser because it was a white player. And not a black player when a back like that got the same sort of suspension in this case. Because there was no suspension I know will bond felt quite as strongly. ID here will bind yesterday on its so I have no idea I'm sure will blog potentially. All BA guest with the afternoon guys on radio row. In Minnesota next week on that for sure but my guess is there's potentially be there I'll probably come up at some point. I'm Vinnie in Framingham on the quarterback position in the NFL is going on that. They've mark. We're sure as usual thanks. The man. Eight a couple of drinks that Abbas is there a particular debate yeah I quite large I tried to quote what I all of that used to. Crucial today. Had to do with the court a to point out like this that's so they I get outlawed in nineteen. Yeah I cheated on 19880. You're you lied Betty you're saying it didn't affect the game. I know Barry get into the opening eight. Well ultimately yeah if you if you if you watch the jacks mobile president talk. Yeah you know it got back at it actually does support all waiting to. You collapse of rubies for election years like equating money you lost that Kirk cousins work out every aspect money or like six years. Or he or she will be able to float the case you know and Africa and I'm from Brazil is dealt bridges from Brazil president Gaza plus that's so. It's like eight more years. It is another patent fortified it should go to go washing worked okay. We'll talk about that over the course of the show here tonight thanks for the call. If our Jacksonville I'd move on probably portals. I wanna move on from that quarterback and it picked up his option and ninety million dollars for next year that that would not stop me from a signing into. Another green with a quarterback and a right what he wanna go. Draft united first round what he wanna sign any of the players you mentioned I. I would go after any and all quarterbacks I fell or upgrade to Blake morals that's pretty much most of the free agent market. Like morals is a nice athlete he is not a legitimate. Take your team the Super Bowl NFL quarterback when he's asked to drop back and pass and make throws that the throws that. The really good elite quarterbacks make Rodgers Brees Brady not that order. Those quarterbacks make throws the Blake morals as shown zero ability to make so far in his NFL career when you manage in a certain way. Blake morals can help you win games. Lake world's get you to beat the AFC title game. When you manage him and haven't. An elite tight defense. And have a really good young running back and a good offensive line. Oh what he's asked to put that big game is back with the team has back there's balls out of bounds at balls guys' feet there he can't consistently make those throws. So I Nokia and had a bad game bad game the case Keenan's upgrade Drew Brees obviously. I would go for any and all those quarterbacks. In nick polls. If he shows up somewhere unblock the knicks bulls. And I get quality veteran guys who played better than and borrow says let those guys battle out in camp. Keno vs bulls win or that training camp you're our quarterback we at. And how are gonna draft pick on the first or second round. We're gonna rebuild the quarterback position because of you told me they upgraded quarterback I could see them right back in the final four. Or the final eight in the NFL as soon as next year the defense is that good. The coach is pretty good too. So I would whenever I I had a lot of morals and out of the board rules industry. I'm moving onto a different quarterback as soon as possible whether it's through signing or trading guy as soon as this offseason. Want to get to tonight 6177797937. Is the phone cover this story today on SI dot com Greg bishop tells the tale. A Gisele Bundchen using a former Michigan teammate of Tom Brady's try to convince him to retire we'll get back that and the other. Part of this bishop's story. That as former patriot wide receiver Brandon Lloyd essentially I think bad Mal thing the current patriot receivers. And the receivers and a come through here in new England. And singles guys can't play elsewhere so they got to come here and do exactly what the coaches tell them. We get to that and your calls at 6177797937. Hour too but Nike Peter.