Mustard and Johnson - The Renaming of Yawkey Way

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Saturday, August 19th

Hour 2. Butch and Larry continue the discussion of Yawkey Way's name being changed.


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The preacher and and that teacher from. Western and shots. TI sports. Things socks packs seasons. Johnson opened WEEI Sports Radio. And WB yeah. Some of them approximately. And him and at them labor sort of climate and air India that. Larry Johnson a bush earns interest rate Muster. Yes. Easy easy easy in the wedding got him his right front him and his girlfriend on the that's I didn't marry outlined in yes that. Kids are nice gold medal around taking your phone calls it 61777979. To seven. Got a couple of open phone lines right now most of you continue on the lines to wanna talk about the yawkey way name change possibly in Michael Silberman story earlier this week. Larry and I've been talking and mixing in Chris Hill start. The Red Sox big comeback last night to prominence being taking out. Red Sox led the Cleveland next week and of course the patriots came tonight I am what I think's for the last hour Larry started off when I think a fun question. Asked this earlier in the year when I was armed and re ask it again because the Yankees are in town. Think about it you like to Chiming give us a call about it if you had your choice right now play future baseball GM and and you could have this. I give you pick a four. The Red Sox or yankees would you rather have going forward is no pitchers on this list but he's a position players smoky. Jackie. Injured Ben attendee. And Zander Bogart's smokey and committed to an easy undervotes and Jackie Bradley wore. Would you rather have Aaron judge Gary Sanchez Stalin Castro. Panics. If you had your choice Larry Johnson going forward would you take the four young Red Sox led by moon key Hoge take the four young. I yankees led by Aaron John what you're really asking is which outfield went through before. But I'll really wild animal racing inches might be the best player the whole group he's a catcher. It's that's why it is a lot of levels to this question. So I think if you wanna pared down even simpler would you rather have moved key innings have been attending your Aaron judging Gary Sanchez. The thing we're judges I mean he's certainly had a phenomenal year today but I think yeah I think the home run hitting contest mast in half an army or I wouldn't vote if from him I wouldn't go in the of that thing next year. Because it is stock certainly went down hill. Struck out yesterday a couple of times grounded out one time. I stick with the Red Sox you would yeah I love bets I think I am all around player brings so much to the table. Bradley is woody is he's about to sixty at their party give it phenomenal defense. And take Bradley over Aaron Hicks. Only in the senses would Bradley EU no matter what part of the game you're looking at some point he's involved somewhere. Like his ideas are much better he's walking more I think Bradley over him yeah I I want you take. I think is an attendee I think his future is in front of him he's got a sweet swing. Plays nice defense on it and laughed. So I knew I like what we have so you wanna compared judged him Oki. Who would you take judgment I think it I think physics I take Milwaukee why would he says. Because more consistency in more average and I think we're judged those big home run hitters when Iran Iran on him and then on non. As you can see in the second half than that for years right think I have X-Factor judge so here's an X-Factor for the Yankees Keri Sanchez. While he wasn't healthy at the beginning this year I'm looking at the Red Sox notes today. Gary Sanchez has played a 143. Games and that's it less than a full season he has 43. Career home runs. That's the most home runs through yankees' first three seasons since Robinson could no. 4843. Game how come he's on its at a hundred parts per game because they brought him up like Bogart's a couple of years and only play a little bit he was hurt last year I mean. Half the year that I pass he has to work 43 home runs and a hundred plus RBIs and a 143 games I think it's a pretty even question being honest with you. I think everything yankees the fact that Jiri Yankee lover that's another good people hate you wanna samples big Yankee lover whales from Miami trump supporter to Elvis he would do. And I'm curious I'd like to take at least one phone call from somebody stuff on that question yeah crawl after eleven Porsche yet let's go to if they gal from south Georgia. Now. Valuable. Ally. Of corporate call last week at night you. Well thank my pleasure and cart's call in sick or with cities there. They're a we have some experience though like look earns around these sports. And you know what I mentioned. One time I was actually mobilize or catch you up full security. One reason it was on Martin Luther King's birthday that one of these. Crime groups like used or king's birthday or. That issue. We you have that you hear that kind of inconspicuous that we don't get much Klan activity around that she. I can't believe we're still use it I can't believe how we're using names like plans and Nazis and stuff that this thing. I've I've been the result like I did it I don't christianity there or I get it just never really goes away doesn't it wait a basic. Security you wanna do my fingers Charlotte though. I know you gotta keep that that client people in the anti people separate from a major. It's basic stuff that got out of perimeter. Keep it and people in the middle and the end cycle and people on the perimeter outside. I don't know man let me ask you this and had my ignorance on but let's say the Klan people on the Nazis and stuff. What the heck of the the and parking about what they won't work or is it was their forum. When they get up there and got. Understand. Either really get that usually we all are after American soldiers Americans. We just slap that circuit. Number what do they what do they what do they talked about what is the premise of what they erupt before. Well I all but one of the dumbest thing that I hurt the one that I was what that. This idiot there will be broke apart these these but local people. Are getting support of local leadership circuit board about how it. They let him have a stationary rally at some point. And then the perimeter around the outside like a day and it won't have my own a couple of hours maybe talk about it at all. Well what what is that point though is that we need to get rid of our blacks and Jews and an is that they've. Oh absolutely it is you know be wiped out your and you're you're a lot of dumb things but thing I've heard what that. One quite have been sort of spirit that you know it in the law people don't know. They don't know threw it into law people don't know this but you cannot be arrested by a black police. You cannot. It was just all human error at what I couple law. And currently. And he uses cloud volleys holding up thanks for the call you now thanks man call any time about your environment we go to John Karr is next with butch and Larry Johnson I John. Very good morning thanks particular call. Yeah. Yeah I grew up in the south Ottawa's in the service. And I recall it should the united sixty seeing. Awarded only cyber drinking problem and our parents taught me a young age. The judge one by that content assault not a color skin has got the detention. However. You can't rewrite history. And in the case of yawkey way a bit more good then that was done I can understand Larry's point. But changed the name. When you change history. You're denying it I need to educate people. As a kid going to see the statues at Gettysburg and the cycle. What we go to port Campbell. We're just all these are people spartans were caught as we go there. We were told what it was about. What a lot of people should get there is property leased. Guess originals fight was for states rights you can get it right out of Q yes Ken Burns series I was in Israel really. So John hang on let's bring it back to yawkey way you just said if he can't you can't change history. Is that what you do hang on hang on John on tunnels have a conversation. If they change the name of yawkey way is that what they're doing their changing history. Satellite just like they wanna change that epic changing sand while all that you remember but which should not not too many here by. Can protect everybody else like inspect the majority owned slaves it's not what Victor right you're gonna change and. How they change how they changing history history happened. Not to do about it I would imagine. Don't you explain to people while on hockey. It was bigger. And we're not just doesn't change in this market that British butch but I talk about it remember all the good things she did. And you know I think he chaebol I'll act yen. I don't know if Amare you know I can't say it got. And I think you're making my point John because a at my point is that it doesn't change history it made it may bring a light. On actually what you're saying is it me educate people about the good and the bad there what's on yucky it was not all bad yeah maybe was raised. And an era where you know bigotry was not only accepted condoned but people like him could change things they decided not to. Right so I don't I don't know it's a good point John good call. I don't think he'd change history I don't think that's possible now you don't but I think going in the past. In changing things. Come to a certain degree you'd you'd denying it you do nine that it now I have I think the people that would want it changed. I I don't speak for John Henry Gordy says he's haunted by it yeah think clearly he's thought about not. Paying tribute to what Tom yawkey stood for right right is that clearly illegal saying that she's old so that you wanna change honoring. What should be condemned yet another Tyson naming a street after somebody you are honoring them. Yeah let's go to Stephen a truck who's next butch where did you receive. There are good. It was a reasonable child while you this is it sounds to its origin was right to the so I'll watch it like much right on my home. Said ST just to clarify the question it's not a question about the outfield it's about Eugene on all going on because it allowed attacks about this they said. How can you not include devers who would all due respect rob field devers who has seven home runs in twenty games which is his many. As every Red Sox third baseman all your before this they had sent an okay. His played twenty games so I don't include him in that so my question is not about comparing the isle fields my question is if you had to take. The young Red Sox stars make it to people make it three make it floor where the young Yankee stars which ones would you. I would take that brought so much in the music as Aaron judging on the possible board in the Major League record strong counseled by is that he wants. He's gonna strike too wanted terms and a look at it. You need a lot of adrenaline racing you do that are ours and I know you don't immediately and almost went I don't know when the world surge can't signals that so. I would Matt respect I would take direct shots. I'm waiting until the other problem that ports need to consider which judge not allowed judge. But really wreak Havoc. These guys and also only wonder obviously what happens to them how would sense yeah that. Sure on that picture and have a great yet by. I don't know I just an amateur public figures she's a real big hit. All day. Now I want these big guys and retention port animal ears so much can happen here but anyway. Let's just leave it's interesting points again my answer was I take the Yankee stars and I'm focusing mourn Gary Sanchez. And I am on. Aaron judge and maybe it's because. Since I've watched Gary Sanchez here harmony at last night yeah. Off of a for Joseph Kelly yeah you know many home runs he's cut in twenty games against the Red Sox 99 who know. Nine home runs in twenty games all I'd seen him do his old Red Sox. Who's in first place it's all okay what we're on the go around by my father stats are equipped. Capital goods and why did. Yeah yeah when gaga must litigate you India's leaders in Jamaica Plain wants to talk about racism does not equal inequality. And Larry knows all about it that the big topic in American. African American communities that raises the income inequality. In as large as 72%. A black kid the race in a one parent all of I don't know agent. Are out three times man has but it is Hillary's. Almost three out of every four African American kids is reason one Finley. What you get that's you know. You know it kills me and all of us though and you do have a group of white people out there. Who are naive enough to think that is really not. That type of social problem. And get what they had in this line of text as wanna think I'm one of them because I live in the mean streets of Braintree a wide affluent people was pressing they do when making and is they moved to Dover. Wellesley an all these affluent towns in you should see the school systems that they have. Compared to the school systems in the inner city. And tell me what the differences while you're somebody else's trying to figure our heart and I worked three jobs to get my kid through college. Where the conversation out there is a receipt did you finish your SATs. You wanna go to Stanford human about a private where you wanna go education. Is the high way to getting out. In making something out your life and I think things have gotten much battle how do you tolerate the people that not only don't wanna educate themselves. But wanna milk off the system how are you tolerant those while I do what you delusion that's right of triumph as a disappointment to me he's got so involved and so many meaningless things. You re former welfare system and you establish what does that mean they're what it means is it means as you set up our programs are people who are on welfare. However are there actually were the other ya at about three or four year program but they get educated. And they get paid any kids get taken care of any eventually they move up to a point of being a good job worthy that's what I think he got a Julia don't just pay people and just leave many out. You have incentives. For people to improve this situation so they can become a productive citizen. That's when I think of every that's what we should be working so. 177797937. Text line at 3797. Is a couple Larry. Judges Stan finally Stanton is who we thought he was one of my channeling my inner Dennis Green but. Yeah. How many years did it take. Now the text I love the Sox judge could view triple triple threat every year. Now the attacks are freaking sports not a one. Sanchez nine home runs against the Sox but don't wanna curve ball wildly thrown fastballs to quick question yeah. That's it went aground last night did you listen act last night now he hammers Joseph Kelly and I love. He says that hundred mile an hour fastball and throw three different locations and make it move why it might throw breaking balls. And so until Kelly did throw fastball and got beat on it and it said Diego. Pete let him beat you at your best stuff we gonna do so now we joke Kelly's got a confront him on the next plane whatever stock at a stop being an act in Iowa I hope he doesn't. Back to the phones we go we go to Doug who says I'm going to the comments as a unifier where I mean I don't know what does that mean Doug. Hey guys. That try and make it but I didn't notice a unifier. I'll play LeRoy start I think an excellent final hasn't and the ball America have books on boats and I have a photograph called American hearts I took in New York after nine elevenths. That shows unity when America was an action McCain to gather so I ethernet photos and any fire police stations it's been used to raise money for sure it's government. Oh how what is I don't know do what our purpose Kelly how are you gonna be unifier what are you gonna do. He caught my photographs when you look at it it shows America. To sign sort of ought to get biking you know web site they covered it well it's been it's all over the place at American art project dot com it's the photo with the American flag surrounded by flowers particularly. American art project dot com art art art American art art. OK god you had your moment I'm gonna put that out there American heart. Project dot com I find it I do have a model in mind he's he's at the target. But he's going down a relative exhibit that how you went on a rally for he says that you never know I might get without one photo. So okay Chris Curtis has gone down the comic today sounds of the morning get they get him a Nazi outfit did you hear about it didn't look for a full Monty and you are your robe. Mustard in Johnson review neo Nazi hosting today a bad guy thinks he's mustard and shots sport. You know you know it's it's not about history mean in plus time yucky it was a terrible owner other than being a racist witch that's bad enough okay. But I suffered through a lot of those teams 75. You know we lost for the red 67. They got lucky on that one. Then after he died and his wife took over thousands of properly vet this dull character was running the team I mean it was H rain Iraq and complete train right. So not only was your races there's also a terrible water so get rid of the name forget about it go on. Everybody Gary came in apparently was on the 6775. Rats are we here and say we. Text flying in Larry here's one you'll like I looked at the David Price told the general manager Dave Dombrowski. That he will not pitch until Farrell as fired because Farrell told price he must apologize to act. Price is nothing but a big crybaby according to Kim from Lee New Hampshire. Thoughts. I just think that at this day and age and we're talking about equality and caring about people how you treat everybody and respect. In the the way you Aki did not do that I think it's embarrassing for price to carry on the way he has as of African American male very very bright. At a great education. I think he's. I thought he would have at least had enough characters that come out and straighten that mess out now he's an embarrassment any candy any can't pitch. Couple of the text worth reading what you Larry I'm sure you both aware that the Yankees community York's east initials are written more scored in the scoreboard in left field. John Henry can move that number one says he's hypocrite because. Wants to sign change but he had wanted those often that. And then here's on your education point yet. Several people one says Larry you're totally right we must educate the young people that is the only way out the only problem is. We don't get an education we are considered owed. You just keep repeating the and if fatherless homes. Young kids getting pregnant and an early age and and therefore the handicap than they have to try and make it up the the road to to getting out you were just we talk about the air your target but I am proud you are your kids and they were in college when I don't California and the like why is it's so clear. Everybody that you have to get an education to make you suffer productive citizen in yet we do nothing. To trying change the situation this something's being done obviously but. To me I'm more interested in a nice donation and these. The craft the Celtics to grow Wednesday the Red Sox. Adopting a couple of schools. In donating some money. How these people these are your future fans. These are your future fans of more educated you get you get a good job and you have the money to go out and enjoy some of these luxuries. Sits on 77797937. Sport haven't send this and while let's go to Dini from Quinn. Mean being. Left fourteen I could do some I thought they did in actuality what you. Unbelievable I think the middle outside in the middle at 3 mile ride every morning trying to stop. Our kids yell because of people have been able to pick up not let anybody else's. That's. Larry you can graduated I execute me if I admit it you congratulated everybody except for the most important. Entity. I'm concerned that he'd be fine over well with the Nobel you did that you reflects yet about the people who actually donated the money. They need to be congratulated. I recently works fairly can you miss you you did this guy opinion to the table and the follow. In any idiot you know what it was like he was like Belushi on the steps Germans when they bombed Pearl Harbor. You know he's honorable. And now we know that obviously without people contributed yeah. No question answered and I'm not gonna repeat of what he just senate. Is it you guys are unified about right now now we'll move on to other things. W wanted to get down off my cats when when when celebrities to charity events. They get to qualify and stop and the membership is the one that donate the you know why don't we actually just like to check it simply not eighteen holes of golf. Hoped the so called eighteen A match whatever you could point. You know they get hoping hero worshipping bad apple technical haven't they haven't found the ownership lowered somewhat anyway and that just because I don't buy anyway. Not much your your round your lineup. Disruption is its board next you know the future also this. I was honestly it's than those mindless sports questions and I'm just saying if who's better who's got the better future which guys when it's. Let me ask it a different way do anyway it's all said and done. Out of a group of moved he'd been attending Bogart's in JBJ Leslie devers out of it for now. I judge Sanchez Castro and hicks. Who you know who are going to be in the hall of fame who who's going to be who's gonna be clear because if we did this with a 75 Red Sox in the 75 yankees. That it it'll which could be good argument now with hindsight so with hindsight who's going to be the better players when it's all said and done. Aurilia try to give you when it's probably an obvious answer is let's just get to this seemed to like now. Right now the team's starting to gel I think the young players. Which he's come from behind wins and shouting to grind out a doubt I called the last week Larry I told you Craig that's still working that was missing from this lineup. Was a shock that they were immediately inability to thwart an account grinding it out and then having the pitcher on the opposing sides blanket to watch what was actually in the starting to do that in the I talking I was just putting it all runs because of it. And you know I. Anybody let me ask you question if you say wanna get through the season I would I would think you would agree with this point that you're only as strong measure when you get into the best teams Houston. Forget the Dodgers and on the number Houston and Cleveland. You're only is strong as your weakest link right. So to me these three week leagues with the Red Sox. And no particular order their their lack of post season experience a performance with these young group of guys not that you can do about that except perform. Their pitching beyond Chris Sale. When it comes to start is especially when she comrades go down last IDC is going to be fine but all of a sudden if he was gone it's like wolf Doug Fister moves up your fourth starter. And then the other thing is the bullpen you always worry about the bullpen and Seoul are they stronger than the Astros or the Indians. Win. Not post season experience certainly with Cleveland and that lineup not starting pitching beyond Chris L. I would say Cleveland has the edge over Houston in the Red Sox. How much I can pick Arnold was what to be the cream whipped cream of the crop and the a National League in the Red Sox just sweep do you. What illicit. Much you do you're going to came abroad yeah all right I looked climate crickets cricket to catch Adam not his arm right Foreman at bat. I'm not that worried about him in terms that you can probably rest him. Still fishing experience. You know I mean now. What's the law would like to column I knew he had experience from last year and I and I think the best experienced a line to get now these come from behind wind and gliding out. But I've got to bode well for the post we'll see. We have lots of or addition I feel like we need you like to. Who loves and I didn't I. Listen I wanted to stick with the game to where it is now the gel. Raids on the thing I go back to Iran do any good to hear from him 6177797937. Stay on the phones. Go to John on the cape hello John hey John. Yet. On an immigration bill ratio usual. They just won't make a brief comment on the yawkey way yes if you. And that is that. We have like tool manages one end what he's done for me lately. And the other is like is coming. In based on those tool manages. Roy explained explained both of them to me please on in this context. Okay in this contradicted that. During your time yeah he has the greatest impact on its occupation. And during his time. Based on that I think justifiably so called yawkey way. You heard I irritating way say whether a disaster he was as an owner. Yeah well regardless so that he was the he was afraid that the Red Sox for a long time and unfortunately reflect a lot of bad issues. Bet evolutionary. Thing happen and and times change. In the city of Bachmann has changed that well. Are you curious I haven't really read any real publications on him whether or not he was just a product of the times. All was is something that he personally personally it just so if we hang on and on John jump we'll get back inside of the Larry. Let me say this what are we condemn. Universally what are we condemn Joseph Paterno for. Look at any other way okay so what why don't you hold Tom yawkey to the same standard that was any guise of power that could've done something about it yet ready look the other primacy was on the look out he was the guy in shots on associate. Tonight it is obvious. The issue again what it done lately what happened in Jupiter nine was present city. We're talking about ya I'm app. By we need to be regiment do we need to be reminded of that every time you go over to the bar back. No I'm just saying that that was president Simon it was no. No justification for his statuette to accept it. So what about Hasan went about how their bodies if somebody said OK I can understand how that. What is the greatest impact on on Red Sox Nation. And for now I think that should be called Abbey's way. And end up thinking that it addresses the great impact he had on Red Sox Nation. He did about once again I hate I would hate naming that street after any. Person because I think that we all have sinned and fallen short. And who's to say whether they would dig up something on him Monday. Total might in a car who's next on a night. On you. We'll sort subtle of their Olympic wrestler and callable on yawkey way card yet and I. Causes but this judgment as sort I've lost. Oh goodness I'll look it up but it's been twenty years I think maybe when war. Torre our rights were courteous well that I. Now we're the son focusing on it gee I wonder why. Could it be because we're or all this awful well. A sort of in my own city a black guy here are so common they're lost audio. But the the alleged. Racial tension in the city right now. Not and not much all over the country that matter Panama or you're on outlook but it's been directly or direct. You don't think that you don't think the timing of this is connected to the common thing do you have. But she picked it. So you think Michael Silverman was writing an article about it causes what happened. Michael's film was writing an article about what it would take to change a streak Naimi called. John Henry and John Henry not only at some comments have you heard Michael earlier we played it on the Bradford in the lining earlier this week. John Henry then got back to actually John Henry text that's how he gets it was a mandatory did it. But John Henry get back to with a lot more the next day and you think it's partly because John Henry had an agenda and wanted to capitalize on board jump on. This protest you know is rarely a climate of what's going on right now. Charters business revenue visibility in the prison met sort of local wares formalized okay. I'd eat it it might have took the to a but it also has something to the fact that we have a city that we always we always want I have. This that we always have this market that we have to walk on the street with everywhere and would have or seeing your homeboy got all we borrow are not racist or bigot I hate myself sometimes looked great but we have to look at a lot of besides change or that that. The free to name a very. Of of. Mystery I don't much like. A sort of drop but I would agree with your point you know a lot of time I I often hear the expression and business. Nothing gets accomplished mostly some blood on the floor like the fighting analogy. You know I mean you don't always have to get along you don't have to be best friends. Which you need to do is respect each other and to me I always use two words today announced talk to my kids about it. Decency and respect there's such a lack of decency respect. In the world today that all I ask them is to treat people would decency and demand the same in return by treating them as you don't get it out everywhere. What at that but you know what I hate I hate to sit out the total won't. I don't Democrat change. It's not a critical wants the only. Listen to the radio shows and watch TV in Tami we union Larry the only thing we can do was try to change in ourselves that our little world you work you were engage you here effects that are you just. Mustard and Johnson without. What are your turn what are you get used what you're textile volatile Shanahan would outweigh the borrower being released Liberace museum wing and payment. Sixteenth street rough weekend with mustard Johnson Sports Radio 93 point seven. We eEye dot com. If you see my hair flowing and an independent man and you fit than those days. There's another phone or use tax everything else. Tour which it's a lot of fun being away. This fine to our program coming to an end we're only greasing the skids for John to my scene Alex Roemer come up next from Lebanon one right. I'm this fine program you have to put a damper on it in the break percent aren't really worried about the Patriots defense edge. I'm really worried that teach billionaire Ron OK okay now Derek rivers is crying about their linebackers. The memory. That guy was. He DeOssie and Fred's Burleson educated me and you and many others over the years. Belichick like we have a pressure from a lot of different ways a year everybody pines for Chandler Jones and his fifteen sacks who takes up 20% of the cap space right. Yes coney Healy or Dietrich lies has to step up. But what about a guy like Gina Grissom whose time could be now what about a guy like Trey flowers who emerged last year like remind me and what about Lawrence got another person tile guy as they went inside our house not planning on losing any more planes than I am not what I read. In week two of the pre season. I'm set for Derek wherever his daddy's outlook and the patriots now are a little thin on the edge but they did Tom Brady at quarterback your pick up bringing. The hope rightfully asks what I was doing and it Robbie happened next week he's a great pass with the it will fulfill don't forget I guess uninteresting things. The used they have the levels of cuts now they're only gonna have one cut. After weeks three. Really market's gonna be flood these are they getting with players all at 1053. Players that are once again why so dry they changed it they change the way they did it's gonna be inching. Let's squeeze in a couple last calls before Roemer and Tomas you run the show on the ground. Let's go to Michael and Revere who's next hello Michael a. I might all the jobs. Michael was an odd. I just wanted to reach out to hurt that you know hula execution you know let you listen to her radio works like you talk to make this call. I'm about to be a Bostonians today and every product mean. Governor they can kind of get nervous when he talks and you remain a lot riding all get up there regional these people are not playing around. And you come they would assign what sticky certain boycotted you can respect. These don't these guys were real free speech is that you know we're preaching and then used to do you come down. And you rally and you you do correct free speech and all violent and he's walking down that in the field. Really proud to be a Bostonians show how other cities should be doing at the wait wait. Do you well do you think and this is going to be an occurrence every week somewhere. Well I think Charlottesville as whipped the flames sodas you know for some other stuff sadly. I'm but I I don't know. Thomas proud as Michael from Revere but I would say this. It's been a unified pretty clear message from the powers that be your boss Larry and let's not forget where the city that went through the marathon bombings. And let's not forget that this is the first rally would national attention after Charlottesville I think my simple point is if you are someone. One of the 1% the predicted might try to start trouble today. The guy to help you in this situation right now. They're ready now all my good work you guys made legacy that he loved and maybe that's what they want via you don't but he beat you dare not gonna put up with any got off let's go to. Market New Hampshire I'm mark. They watch Larry that morning good morning. Cut quick thing I was gonna park by a couple of subjects to Iraq childish when you're gonna cut it out there. He declined to can I got about that a lot of concerns about the situation a lot Kitchener market in attached to rest of the year. I think that guy needs Tommy John and I think. And on and I'm not really conspiracy and I am not one of these people think simplified gunmen on the grass penal I don't upon those types of things but. I looked at some sort of a side agreement between these two sides that. That because people want a lot easier after yet ready to Eddie rocker pitched. Maybe pitches next year in unique and goes on the disabled list thirteen times. So we can and so we can opt out of a contract a little. An anomaly when I play a winner requiring anyone opt out of the client yeah. I'll watch it right. Now he now if you excuse me for a second and say. If he if he is not if he goes against army July which I need to take it somewhere and see. Nobody gonna want him after he got to be forgiven it has. So why would they have an agreement to have them opt out of the contract dropped out. Why you call on both agree yeah. But women women or global I don't she has the option I don't disagree with a lot of things you said but when you say they have an agreement. If I'm David Price and I want the whole idea right. I wanted so bad. And I'm gonna have Tommy John surgery huge gives me no value in the market in my guess eleven about three and he was unhappy about you like sixty million dollars guarantee. Watched you misunderstanding neat yeah he's agreeing not have to Tommy John surgery because. He knows that directions and blocks and four more years like I don't want to be here either for dirty million dollars a year read actual. So he's gonna pitch whether it's so what women peas or green if we'll go by your theories agreeing. To have Tommy John surgery I'm assuming you're saying that he probably should have a certain. Right that's right just sit right now so I get ahead and he has he has the option. He has on Apollo. He does are always have the choice to urgently and on them on thing he has if a player option. He can pick up the is is what every doesn't have power if he needs Tommy John surgery on his avoiding it yeah he loses his power how do you know because if he has Tommy John surgery yeah he's not gonna opt out leave all that guaranteed money on the eye level so who has the power that. He doesn't Diaz yeah 'cause he could he makes a decision. And let's just what he's not gonna opt out you're less surge and you're he has than not in less as a closet that agreement. And let's say he has the operation. He can still have the option of coming back to go to Tony says yes he does he has the option she's got the power I Tony. Donate. Morning good morning. I don't think you're stuck with more than I could yet because of what happened recently. And it's something it's called the ports of ignorance. The place of ignorance is a voice which needs to be and should be and must you listen to what it's which has raced. We don't want to take this is not spin off its angry hatred and Britain it's greed it's sounds almost a message loud and Korea. No I don't pool where robots. The only way you can only do as I used what are you reading I don't recommend these comments and I am glad she ad why I'm sorry aren't there yet let's go to Mike in reading these next couple more calls in my. Mind. Actually still could I just wonder who are some olive green Larry couple points the first one you know you're Gerri give or well there. Reform you know in your child at a program very similar to what you're talking until you started it started working very well speak speak for the next. People on welfare they're kids along while they're and then there it's going out there to endless cycle absolutely. So instead of Oxnard being sold to the American public is astonishing to me the social media right. Okay is that it's not identity politics it's all social it's a social issue not but he put 6600. Kicking team members in this country. Compared to 56000. People were not take it you know it's still agency. Number one. Kkk member OK and people if you're outspoken. You're educated or have a reasonable rights issue you can actually I don't care what color you like you'll get hired. Take as most people don't quite short free cannot fire somebody. OK try one more day as the show qualifies you guys him and the turnpike hello to exam. Hi guys longtime and long time person but yet I really knows date the teacher preacher in the creatures like. But good diet that you're what she says. Should be named after anybody any person. What about a long time Red Sox Beirut at least Becky. It. Final college ball in the bunker don't quit your day job while you get the final thought I would mustard on Johnson without Craig mustard. While we're away so called outlaws. So yawkey way I always thought of it as are most attributes of previous or but I as a reminder. That this was a guy that. Probably should have Justice Roberts and honestly it really means to be over but also racists. Oh will measures to arm. Really are. The maintenance of ratios study art. That is right the Bruins had a black player Willie or read before the red sorry I have one. So go ahead I'll make your final point. It should be I mean I always thought it would not distribute without reminder that there was any racial storm or the Red Sox the reds are huge serve of Italy's former east for a preserve bat. And now we don't aired. I'm comparing your tall White House where a sword and whatever but she will be featuring sought to remind ourselves. I thought of that also back at the at the very good point I may be look at us now two hours is just enough time with you. Who ripped you you mean that's it I think that's at two hours five minutes you know Friday did you hear that left them great strains of this. Alex came out to change the world and he's got Johnson mossy along side to help him do it but I'm abnormal for these next two out and about tolerance and about that hammering hang on the line rather buy them try to get right to you. Matt the marine did another incredible. Job and am tired when he puts things I could hang out with the man you too Larry. All joking about it now thinks the commitment and a great job seeing guys.