Mustard and Johnson - Patriots on the verge of their third Super Bowl appearance in four seasons 1-20-18

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Saturday, January 20th

Hour 3: The Patriots are playing in their seventh consecutive AFC Championship Game this Sunday, and are close to clinching a spot in the Super Bowl for the third time in four seasons.


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And that teacher from. Mustard and shots. TI sports. Sox tax season seems. Johnson opened WEEI Sports Radio. I'm telling you we'd gotten to. We might. Game time decision feet. Tom Brady and bill bell a check don't wanna talk about what we do it's it's like seven. 779793. All we can do 37 all we can do is speculate at this point we are not doctors nor do we play them on the radio. Larry a little bit more worried then mean some people call it a hoax and fake news in today's parlance this much we do now. That the WEEI will be carrying the game tomorrow the patriots game tomorrow and we'll also be carrying the Super Bowl. Had a friend singer very excited about that it's like the final ten events I think it's good programming so are you gonna be so you'll be turning off of the television listening to I don't know who's joining Collins worth not Nantes enough Rama Rama. I you'd ever French actually a funny line he said that that. Showing one with a bloody socks or was he Brady came in with a bloody thumb well here's the difference Gavin the guy who works on the elevators over here very clever like that he works on the elevator very clever really has his ups and downs rock or who he's here all week ladies and gentlemen won a bumpy. They did this sock. And we found out that for Watkins forewarned that before too I Schilling heroic in that game. But it wasn't a bleeding farm or finger I think he'd be more concerned certainly with a farm than you would be an ankle. Com. But I am of the opinion that no matter what the injury no matter what the severity. It will not Alter the fact that the patriots are gonna go to another symbol I'm sure that elementary that Manning and and yet admitting him by the way. That's weeded out and Larry just had to immediately Susie got this just didn't from my my new hero. No longer is it Glenn award way but it's Kirk many hander glad you've tried OK and my new icon on my new idol. And I terrestrial master is Kirk Manningham because he's got good ratings and you just want to hitch your wagon anybody Starr at this radio station. So and Ron Borges immediately pooh poohed that. So we're defects over the whole problem is it's a battle of dueling reports. None of the movie deliverance where the the the song dueling banjo is Bubba bomb bomb bomb. And so you get Obama setting and that number dueling banjo yeah but I don't remember sounding like that. Bomb bomb bomb home. A bumble ball very capable of. I'm not a musician no kidding I don't have a great ears you can probably tell and that's surprise nuclear carrier no witness who cares I I guilty as charged kid guilty as charged or once played the clarinet and it was a disaster for causing way where enough compassion she got that right off guard farm so. Anyway you got on one side you have some reports say that Brady threw the ball through threw the ball well no problem whatsoever. Did participate in practice in the other reports say Tom Brady didn't participate in practice so we don't really know who to believe. And what we do on particularly on Saturdays the day before game marijuana it is but even now. More so it's more intense. And more exaggerated or heightened because Tom Brady is hurt they're playing a title game and is no Jimmy drop well. Would any of this discussion. The happening to this do agree if grapple we're still way back up quarterback for the patriots not now probably not. So I mean that's you know it's. Is it does that bring dramatize the situation yes it does it's not just another playoff. Game. All eyes will be turned to too long to be about 310. When Brady trots on the field. To find out where efforts are there he's wearing it a lot of what will be how long before then on he can be warming up before the game yeah obviously don't know well these might not in my keep in the tunnel who just to strike everybody out. 617779793. Great said will say back to the phones we go Ronnie and Boston is next on Sports Radio. Hello honey. Right hey hey hey Larry. How I. To each of the plate yeah I don't. But I don't think the long running where you've been. And it doesn't so I'm glad I am glad I got to kiss you don't get to stay on longer than 2:11 o'clock. You know all the logger would be W right now. Easy for you to say as you are rated movies see I enjoy working let Ronnie I enjoy any. Interacting with the public and I love that for three hours Larry can't wait to get out he puts his cold on about a quarter of eleven and he's been whining complaining about worked on the anti hunting down and crush. I don't put their weather what's going on and so they have that they got that don't listen to all this rate in home. I'm looking at it like this and I don't Bob Brady can showed everybody you know com tomorrow. The first play of the game. Obama to cook. And I I do think that would settle mob because I think that what happened do everybody saw focus on the fact that narrow especially the Philippines that Brady can't roll. So big planet for the fact he's not can be added to a so he's eager to long bomb while on depth and can also bring about the fact with the dome right. Being an athlete it's a little bit of obese people and so you know he's not absolutely Dick about that dome. Got deceptive. Oh. Competitive person that aren't going to be they have bonus time to reach his target. And he's not. If he had cook for the bomb that'll be really be a story 'cause he hasn't been able to connect with him lately. Yeah and right but what exactly you're exactly right but does this will set the stage for Internet and even be welcome back what did Barry. If he gets down to all of our picnic table. You know text of the game. But you know I beg you to stop smoking those funny cigarettes coffee pulpit. And Adam. But no I think that's a good guy here or if they want us that optic game that way that would be interesting now reminds me you remember that but bless those record that they played Pittsburgh back in 97 on the way to that Super Bowl it was a little foggy if you remember he threw that pass the tip of the late Terry Glenn. Very first play of the game that completely set the tone Bledsoe wasn't hurt Bledsoe had a great reputation for throwing the ball down the field. I don't know if Tom Brady needs to do that and you can play Superman in the background like you know they have music as he's coming out the feel that her touchdown perfect thanks joining Ronnie appreciate the call 61777979. 372. Georgia we go which are and a big L. And I now I don't boy was absent. It does not well limited an aerial a lot of Korean veterans as we've got to we're trying to model week it is government shut down again. Did you did you enlighten me in I was reading as I woke up this morning in and in an open up my iPhone only the Bolton was the government was shut down. Watch a lot of cable that was my pay attention of the new side of the paper but it actually mean when the government shut down does that affect anybody. Well it does. I'm like I'm a retirees told my retirement check is coming up for grabs until they work it out. And. Oh I guess that does affect somebody doesn't wow. And it really does and and then on base quote active duty and if you've. Our. Your active duty paycheck usually get taking care of that war to get them back the money. But the retirees the but the government civilians that work on bait I have a job on base as a retiree. That money is kind of up for grabs for different reasons it's more complicated in its financial. You know marketing art market accounting and all that kind of stuff. So while but he did commuted that risk and I I would get some of the acquired this saying it viewed this way follows. Don't talk to be about but it singletary. Lawrence Taylor but most dangerous thing walk and it's over it's a pit stop airport white during our government shut down. Yeah why they because the air force a personnel or home. All we all know that they're worried about paying for the grocery and you know everything else so about the polls since I can watch. I gotta all day market pretty much stay inside. With a weekend and I don't have that quote myself that game coming lack. But I'm gonna go out there would be dealt out abbate yesterday it was cold enough you get cute he'd come and other years. I mean it that they are bit off and not so just be careful what you're in a similar situation I would I would to warn you wipe our. Support the patent Kamal fellow. You know I got some blog and two point it it does not I'm not worried about Brady not worried about or you're. This is what we're gonna do if worst comes to worst. One day contract. Brought you doubt what we're gonna bring about a retired moods the use at quarterback the patriot with and yea OK would Harvard where I'm 29 you can still get it done. You could still get it done one day contract he can retire a patriot. And then we'll give it to the super. And he's a brother or vice channel five's so might Dowling Mike doesn't work there anymore but longtime sports reporter. And I got to see Didi because he's BD in the Doonesbury comic I got to see BD play Yale with Calvin Hill. In 1968. They beat Dartmouth and I'll tell you what if you've never seen that documentary Yale beats Harvard beats Yale twenty night or not it's one of the best. It is one of the great sports documentaries and Brian Dowling was he laments in that game. Absolutely I have a copy of it and that he you know is our guest of a cold clap that he might say it and it holds up. That this day anybody. Yeah I agree would you get a copy of watch it you know heart of that age what you saw lied or whatever. Because you'll enjoy it today it hit hole. People forget Brian Dowling actually had a stance with your New England Patriots. Some of Guatemala yeah he did play with a paper early seventy. It could actually. You know I pick a good baseball player to but he's the only with a backup that. You know I've Bledsoe was going to be a look at the stadium I've gotten an honorary captain he get so what date the. While he's the last quarterback they did fill in for Brady when he got hurt our you can even say Matt Cassel to Dallas for an entire year what in a pinch that was the last time Brady went down right title game against pat burns or 2002 thanks Al. Thanks outset I you've never seen that documentary and I'm guessing you've never seen it rates documentary. Yale beats Harvard as a point 920 nominal and you know the great thing about it was that it was the original channel five broadcasting we Don Gillis doing the play by play and he has no color guy. It is just vintage 1968. If you have not seen it by all means do we don't have to be an old fart to enjoy it like me patriots and jags John Weymouth wants to talk about that that Sports Radio WEEI what's going on Johnny John. Well I think we're quick if you articulate a Celtic and political were strict. Street. Are not kit and the etiquette round. And corporate name around. Round. Out. The U it. What's his affiliation which Jacksonville. Always thought North Carolina so now it's not promising all right now Jill brown in California when Mike archer. Twenty where I was walking around with this jaguar shirt dark in the day not a way to attack clean you know it. Ingratiate you felt about the NBA. Wait a red John so you or your obligation if you're playing for Boston sports team you have to shed all year old loyalties. Now that's not but I bet you don't pull out there you know how we out around there we're extremely parochial. Little. It all chipped it OK that's great Italy which he Ottawa's wrote for the giants. We're a bit because now. Mom he got a lot no he got a lot of flak for them. People that are reasonable but I have to go to. I'm I think a lot of people are all the look at baubles I'm not afraid that he is dispatching charming Peter holt for you do not black. I saw the highlights what it is per game that can make some toros where an 82. It all and it worked on the road in a tropical environments. I created they he. What a breath eat healthy and on I think deputies and not as far as people think they did today they keep Kevin out we I think you'll be fine by the oral. And I think that this could be a very tough game. Aren't the statue that key for Atlanta today Coughlin that coached but if they get pressure for a tablet that's so that gives life quarterback. Trouble. Well they've got good corners. And a very good course jailer Ramsey one of the best in question is is less speculation how ramseys gonna lineup if he indeed does line up against rock the problem as. As you pointed out earlier he's got the speed so he doesn't have the size that's what makes Kwan Graf. Too fast. For the big guys and he's too big for the past guys and it's almost impossible as we've seen. Two Culver him. You have to think they're gonna have to pull put on some sort of double teams own and figure out a way to keep him bottled up. But they are but they're good defense all around have a good front seven and have a very good secondary. Statistically they're two safeties aren't as good but the corners around corners it Mercedes are bad though there there you know I mean listen. Tom Brady's gonna find a way. Bad farmers are good thumb he's gonna find a way to beat Jacksonville at home. It really who target is an inning many hands a matter of fact what are you calling him an Hanes his name is meant I had. He had hand it's now along it and like you found exactly exactly but. So. Kirk is. I've heard is my man he's looking at this glass. How awful and sainted bradys fine he threw today someone a glove on some with a glove off. Perfectly fine other reports. Our little less optimistic about it. Whatever happens Tom Brady will be fine and you're going to take us yours either on forensic audio source during the next break so you can inform us also your claiming that because you just haven't had many are following many handed therefore that's the Bible that's the ultimate authority he's he's not the Bible but he is mine he is my main man what outs I was there I mean its current mania that's. You bow down to the the they have thrown. A minute hand 617. 7797. I feel really Australia Monday so I'm trying for that it is is no such thing as bad publicity is we we hear every day and Sports Radio WEEI adapt more your calls coming up. And we mustered just say Sports Radio 93 point seven. We eEye dot com. I got a text this morning. Are there weren't many games saying. Raised through. Half the time with the glove and half the time without the glove and you looked great what are you hearing. But with that from many. I would I don't exactly that's when I asked what we can tell what it's like to see death but you don't. Get. Well boom. Like can't play nice job. It is getting ugly right here Sports Radio. You guys Ron Borges vs percolating and steel cage match showed. Lowell I think this is gonna be good I hope mentally it already has his victim for next week I hope many unsolicited six or 77797. 937. Is the telephone number. And waited I hope this is the alpha member who's gonna jump the line right there is yet is he ready to go. Or is this the Al from ever. Well what. I'll leave it he can't even talk. Himself what's right and hate remembering impasse cells back we were calling you laugh out. We are evoking memories for my stand back in the State Street deli back in 2002 or whatever was. Yeah thank you had to a memory fades over the years doesn't study end. Larry he got out of the front line we had a relegate them to him and I'll throw it. Yeah it didn't screw that up. Hey yacht used don't look like a nose tackle. Yet something that would change Larry. It says about what I don't located don't want it before not a normal idea. It it it's an Al from Everett and Larry was referenced in you were earlier he asked me if you were still on State Street festival last time I was in Boston you are broad street centro. Yet got you that's right. The respect that's quite a while that long would you want to make doll yeah I was the right of our originally got a. You're right down from the old state house and now your are closer to the that the former us central artery down in that area. Any thoughts on any thoughts on tomorrow's game. Well I mean who don't suddenly UW adult web page you how you can get it. And Patrick and yet no article today when a lot to write a meeting I don't I. It's court outlawed membership I guess I was. Very brightly the so that it happened when they gave. I don't know we were able to score are a little. I think he's playing to the extent. How bad is his thumb. We don't know. Wonder whether went to devastate our way to get better so we'll see. I complain and complain don't play and I'll be utopia we don't see. That. Yeah that is bizarre usually just say he's playing no big deal about talked about it but everything should be filed will see is. When you tell your kids when you really don't wanna give him an answer right. Well they had the big bowl. A ball at at every situation he. Well it plays and have them on that these farm the other guy not to let Clark who know what it it looked at you know what's. Let's hope that a little bit that was my next question given taught you for many many years do you resent all the success that the former defensive coordinator for the New York Giants has had. On his own. Well here's the thing is a thing is that it will be a race which quarterback all right but guess what did the thing and an adult that I in the locker ordered you guys rock office. Born in collapsed Sunday night game Minnesota. Into Rawlings the greatest coach of all time Bill Parcells at fault. Warmed up 518 left. All taught by him. It would benefit beneficiaries of the teachings of the greater scope. Yeah Zimmer you had Payton who welts. They'll check out there check out in. Clothe and of course right to reject it. When I went on to. I'm an honest I didn't understand my past houses in the patriots hall of fame young wonder why he thought. That money what. Look at all this striking out of that war be fought yet guys Coke or all due Yemen in the cadence Coughlin. All wore them are still spitting. It is expected that it go until what I certainly went down but now you've got word that we got a port right. Yeah three out of order when I forgot about cough and coaching obviously but he's huge impact on what happens out of Jacksonville. Well what what exactly that it certainly is honestly one and he's greatest sport. Come on in at saint. But you can make the case out I know this is old territory here we've gone over this many many times you could make the case it doesn't happen and all New York he doesn't get to super balls without bella check at the Helm. Defensively. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I'd come money went to camp and they are working on to a fourteen to ten and stick to your well while Belichick would get. I get in Cleveland I think that I can come back of my dipping slightly that they. Belichick where it was like thirty hit it so equal before Brady stepped on the field. Aren't that we look at it what do you guys think about. The situation Pittsburgh without Tom. Are a well I'm just looking at what happened last week it was the silliest the decision probably you know other than Pete Carroll in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago I can't. Obviously. They see. What is culture while we watch him under the pressure. And Tammy and I at what point to make the ball is all the tunes back in your somewhere okay go ahead and. But now ten years. Off my problem and is. Eight at a potentially. In the in the upper division while we in the week in the hole at about doubling the AFC copper division meanwhile about security division at all what. Intensity that at least ten wins. They got a canyon. That what does that tell you Orton would it mean to this week right now in the end it'll be in a quarterback especially. To have a good quarterback I'll let you. It hit it yeah it's cynical or debt. I guess now see you're telling me that Tomlin and bella checked. Are basically riding the coattails of elite quarterbacks. There you go okay I know it. You will admit though. That eagle going back to Pete Carroll. You will admit no one manages the clock better then bell jacked up. Eight till April at about if you watched the Minnesota and New Orleans bulk altars in exactly ought to put backs one got lucky at the end one bit but both coaches Belichick. Coughlin got to get well guess what they're up and all came from. Your problem. We announced our. I don't hold on to say I remembered bella Jack being this master strategist as far as the game clock is concerned. He had the greatest defensive player in the history of football on one side of the field and an efficient offense on the otherwise it would deem managed memory of that. It I'm talking telecheck not Parcells. This is technology seconds that Belichick. Minister Lockett back. Robby you said Parcells did I didn't I don't remember Parcells being masters that. I agree that I hit a record at out of the FB DOE. Well in the other Al Anbar would not allow coaches to talk with the media outlet we'll check out how much they can get a little bit about it. Okay I dictate that you have worked on Google that. All witnessed what steps. You know what Al even though we haven't talked for years that the subject is not change it's always about tuna all the time all all. What does that say they have to look up you got it all look back at any culture any sport ever act we have final fourteen left and any late. What would talk to our country has been our biggest. You're right thank you can't argue with that I loved ourselves and our argument the end all right now to talk to Larry yeah. And we just see how much is the water. Probably I would they would have a problem from the new school or go to so there are also electrical companies stores he had not. Al had square cafe like pattern named frequent number is pleased yeah we have more now aren't outraged at all know. All right hey let's stop eating the profits. Take dvi out. The dealers six months of around seven Hudson right -- and I give me about myself I don't feel saying the more things changed more than status and talk to Al for years and it's you know the topic. Pretty much stays in place Parcells Parcells Parcells mad about process and Rhode Island is next on Sports Radio WEEI. When I'm Matt hey what's up. First protocol a long time listening welcome. Larry love you I just think you have to ask should get a lot more time yeah. So a quick question for you I feel is radiating light continued to occur when I'm curious about is. Do you think that there'll come a time where he is legacy will be viewed differently. I would call with Jordan kindness. Got on mantle of you know the best basketball player below current a lot of people just couldn't stand it if you watch content management. Even myself but the bulk then I came around watching temple game and really appreciating what I was seeing 'cause. It just doesn't happen that often. Do you think Jordan Kevin do. You think Jordan is as how do you think people feel about him now. Restaurant anybody. Why I think I think the problem was map that I think a lot of people around you resented Jordan being better than bird took me a long time that to realize that. You know berg was still it most entertaining player ever watched. I didn't like affected magic had more championships and bird and Jordan came along one the six something that was difficult here but he was beloved around the country. Those commercials helped I never said anything controversial. I think there was some resentment here I remember resented it but you have to admit the guy had the complete package and I I think people. Outside outside do we England who resent I I think people hate Brady a lot more in the Jordan. Why do you think do you think you'll ever have that effect so short that we get at some point. You'd be grudgingly say wow watching something. Here's the different now now here's the difference I think that we englanders feel that way about Jordan the rest of the country does not address the country loves Michael Jordan. We'll cling to our love bird. And that's why we don't like Jordan and the rest of the country doesn't do that the rest the country says Jordan the greatest period that's. I don't think Belichick helps any when it comes to Brady I think yeah that's good point yeah I think it is viewed as being arrogant right and I don't think Jordan's ever associated with a particular coach I think if Belichick now were more user friendly. I think you'd see a little more popularity around the country. All right and I think there's a lot of resentment you know Toms got this perfect role thanks for the call Matt Tom's got this perfect world is perfect wife this perfect life. He's gorgeous he's Weis gorges he wins championships. You know he gets lucky. Yani Yani Yani got. Bird I mean Jordan Larry you know you've always been Jordan fan. There was no resentment like Alicia this dyed in the wool hard core Celtic fan just begrudgingly can't admit that anybody now where I think Riordan is now come on a little bit after retiring. Well I think is biggest I guess what hall of fame speech was like well when he ripped the coach just as a varsity coach for. Forcing gonna play on the javy he's when he's a sophomore always terrible. And the port guy was living in poverty in a shack with no running water electricity in North Carolina somewhere. I think the other thing it probably tainted himself a little bit byte try to come back with the bullets or them which raises yet wizards you know he left. And he has not had about six and there is last month this last moment as a Chicago ball the was doing a shot yet to win the championship after we stole the ball at the other end of the court and that finger is still sticking up I mean seriously why did he have to come back but no I think the resentment around here was were broken or tribal we don't like to admit that magic good we don't like to admit the careens good or certainly Jordan her and you know Julius or any of the of the teams that the players to play for those rival teams. And I don't think bird or anything was hated nationally and I Brady's I know I just don't think well because he had rival he had treasuries as a whole is a problem. You can you can be split on the lakers vs the Celtics in the country was probably split on that but the country is unanimous because the patriots don't have. Our rivals so to speak. Byrd had a rival magic cat arrival there's no rival for the brilliance of Tom Brady there was for a while Manning a man with very good championship games three and two against. Against Brady and post season games but after Manning goes down who who's the rival. And I I just think that they hate any animosity or resentment is just so widespread. But I don't think it's comparable to Jordan 6177797937. We take quick break. And clear we got a lot of calls to get to a try to get as many as we can before I knew that we had down a Connecticut foxwoods casino what's the Red Sox and winter. Whatever it's called winter weekend I guess TNT is there. We'll be right here until twelve Sports Radio stations. Anxious. And his mustard Johnson. Sports Radio WER yeah we're still on the air which makes our next caller extremely. Happy what about this a three hour tour today Danny. Well last week yet that's why bush always the attic yet at 35 that is the view so that that that takes away from what was going on today so. What went 20 my god put it decision. We're do we have on last week. I don't know yet they're excited that you wanna flower shop so it doesn't just stay all next time anyways. I got more. Without you. Can. Didn't want them it output with a pistol whipping out your brother you know what you're saying portrait Rockwell gotcha or to write off all of the division. I my next question what does what it did ask why Fred Bledsoe and the division. Does he wasn't worried isn't respect let's say right. Yeah I don't want but could you beat up. Now because I do well because I know that Alan you and all her little millions. You ran you ran. Tank. Hank you ring and you personally you would help personally ran Bledsoe out of town. He's bigger than you he's not Teddy he's going to be honorary captain tomorrow he's overcome all that don't we have frank thank you. This question graves dot Gary Gallup. It's very surprised if he's out there running around to minding. They went out to crack me got a lot of the saudis said. Lots that you always upset they don't give us any information but that you said there was too much information out there we got in Brady's injury. Are we talking about too much. Where is too much information leading get anything. I know. I don't do you willing wanted to do. I don't know why didn't I. If the Guinea I don't want every DTL but I would like to know where if how bad his injury is. I know where anything could and ourselves and that he's got that. What a what Danny you can be rest assure that you have achieved that. Yeah I damn thing that happened. An hour. Yeah yeah. What you call that the patriot and minus this year right so why he can't he got it they want out of court activity at. All. I can't believe that people thought. I. No I did the league can beat us. Is yeah. I don't I wasn't that satisfied with the league this year we know nobody realized. I sent a deep. Did say big Danny I would love to have been this when the rare times I would have liked watching game review when Mike Tomlin decided to on site on sakic against Jacksonville what we doing now moment. I was saying hey Q thank you the thing is great I can't root for the Steelers soul wishing for this you know it can't play the patriots. We're just not in my DNA. Now you're one of these guys and I assume most patriot fans alike you want the easiest possible match up was irony was I rooting for Denver against Jacksonville in 96 and seven no. I saw at the other thing is on the decrease saying you said don't operate out vs Tom Brady don't read what do they brought up against the Patriots defense not Tom Brady are correct. So yes I thought that says that that operate in the Saint Louis since. But ice I was thinking ahead and make sure no doubt but I also thought that what quite a backup Q that are the patriots defense of pot that would have been through. Hold on hold on. I he had his opportunity. When the patriots were. In disarray and defense. And he was playing in his own building any any got any got trounced. You know what they say about the second time around I mean guy you know I. Had too much respect the parade. And you might formula for the patriots this year it's Tom Brady plastic gift giving by opposing team's second. Exactly and this accumulated this year out. We've made that at least according complete I don't really know anything about the patriots at least on defense because. It is giving voice just. Tremendous this year or the pot up like stupid coaching instant replay on the field. So I don't I can't draw. I am worried about not come got Locke and incurable on the corners I really do want to know quite a package if you give the other quarterback enough time. I don't know the exact. We don't want Gilmour had a great game last week in Danny Sony now tell me who the wide receivers I tell me with a wide receivers are. For the Jacksonville Jaguars. Danny I'm asking you a question. Who are more of the wide receivers for the jags. You thought that it was wet and it. Like football. We like socket is candidate like the talk all they give anybody credit to play well against them. What he's I don't see where you're coming from. What you just said you wanted to quit and let against. Our Kara yeah he shut down of a bad team and OK so they're getting you like Kelyn Karl Malone as the marquis sleep. Yeah who are these guys as butch said to Sundance. What do I don't always get when push came the shot last week against this deal has portals put the ball when nobody yelled to catch it solved and I thought I'd put it I can't count. I'd still like to date on the patriot defense it is sack total was eight last week but I I didn't want coverage. They can get accomplished to get those outside of that. Makes me nervous to know. Are Demi haven't mentioned Brady's found. Because I don't know what's going on with him Larry I'm not in the duke duke I thought do I believe that a few guys to speculate that it. It's been overdone like I don't know since so since. Do you have another programming tipped you might give us some final five minutes. I mean that it's I don't want scored on down I mean it. All right so every sort of policy for assurance. Danny's every match it can't be sure we mention it Shari mention his son. Sure we mention he's from. All I know Danny you may be getting in your own. I wish I had time want to I don't coveted. Danny you and your own twisted backed away may be getting vindication. If some are another Brady cannot player plays. Hopefully much less. Then a 100% and Hoyer has to command I think you will be finally vindicated we knew Jimmy gorilla stuff do you think Belichick would thinking ahead if if Brady's situations that bad that he wouldn't have another quarterback. I probably behind a way yeah. What will. If if we're asked to play that's in life where he's gonna get hurt so I'd -- Heidi we know a further down the jet the depth chart is Johnny Gartner is next on sports right now they're just getting your number one of my depth chart always. Not even one speak and we'll be used all the way. Pleasure good morning fellows now Larry why I knew I didn't hit anybody mention it all morning and you could imagine that before I do when that was my main point here. About what whether you want to kick the can did not if it was truly. That much of an issue wouldn't spell check before you get effect another quarterback on the roster. Maybe that's why they got Bledsoe coming in tomorrow. They won't go back to the first thing you guys talked about. Them the knowledge and Minnesota game on that last play of the bugle I don't know what that it was stool in the book but. We'll and it just he came up too quickly too aggressively and at the last moment you like damn I'm gonna interfere into. The way that Sims described. I heard Sims yesterday and mad dog or satellite. Is that when digs made the catch was actually a little bit behind me had to turn so his body was now sideways instead it's off flush. And sell it he couldn't make the tackle initially the way it was it happened so quickly. He did the old laying on my movements are markets williams' system to us debt problem has got. Literally are at least keepers the he thought he was going to I think he just avoided hit them on purpose could you wanna with the tea. Now I think it lost in the sauce on there are trying to get into field goal range to tie the game if you're knocked out of bounds or so within a couple seconds left they still could have gotten gotten the field goal way I guessed right it was a 61 yeah I'd catch right up to ten seconds left got placed aren't. Hey Larry would you will be met description I forget who you certainly got that prompted you would far from that I candidate did not allow them to be killed that the cut was like in the web of the between the thumb in the finger. Yeah Tommy coroner's report yeah. You know what I suspected that he cut the cut is that you she would even if that. Mr. based somewhat well the white known nothing but. Well nobody does to this point beyond as I look. Along the cut it I could even open up again but that's marketable affected actual flowing you know wannabe but I got my some push back once. Like awkwardly almost as local matter hurt like hell and I remember how long. Well like I tell you this much he cricket deny it only wants if I'm a Jacksonville pass rusher. And I get a chance to you guys take a shot at his hand on taken. Are 6177797937. A couple more before we say good bye James in Connecticut your next since James Zelaya. There are you guys. Go to jail he wanted to I got a couple things out Brady and luckily it was a very converse. I am not a bomb that Bob has kind of depict tell. Multiple party can't Zorn got aggravation on the ball it's it's gonna get from it such powerful and defend our. You get you know I had offered no the launch of the sub the buck. I think there's a little bit more to just it just default that the most important it and. Right and in any anybody knows anything about. Anatomy will say that what separates humans from everybody else including prime mates we have opposable thumbs. They're highly movable you can move anywhere in allows us to be Dexter send in and we'll see if that makes Brady less Dexter sort of speak. Tomorrow you're actually right the thumbs the most important digit on the hand. But don't you think it's sombre once again James we'll find another way. To overcome whatever bosses why well yeah. We just don't just take it just won't beyond the sentinel are dumb or not you'll find me. You know but it won't comment on what I ask Larry if you don't mind served well it is the ball before long time and I have got checked out you. Are you in the church's solemn. And Connecticut. All good reason I'll ask is because usage up in the buyout target house and shot. No pressure on Sears agrees. Church in Avon. All okay good I thought it hurt but you know the same money in my life what that's the. I've found his nickname was sunny signed him. I am happy. By the way I drive through Scotland all the time a mother losing will make you like that I liked castles still stuck at Scotland's. We'll look into what yes and I drive my go home from eastern Massachusetts I had to often take route fourteen and go right through. Tiny Scotland can and others as exciting as it. Go right through the Churchill called yacht the bit about what medical Fargas. There are any of us is Craig gets to so you're good eastern Connecticut talk right here on Sports Radio Tony from bridge water. Again we are closes today time that hey. Hey what's a pretty nice you know of course what volatile. Or just keeps me out. So he's kicked other people's as a great TJ Carlos and Melissa you never know that served as he is now still on the end black ox is apathetic. I'm it's it's probably yeah but you know an old great people like Michael Jackson the other day I would be well it's. Too bad it up now. That lets the guy. Aunt you know you can use good light and take its compared spinning widgets and a great statements yet children. So what can parents. Look at what about the hit an assault. It did division who did what and so display at Chicago. And so it obviously. That I its flights out orders like. No app seventeen games what you got. Okay and Patriots defense is what's going to want them back gate and went you know. But now they're all fair Allah and all finish you can make it out a lot of tough offenses they've had to shut down here either it's all mediocrity this year. You could say that well exactly I agree to call up our it would go all the NF saltwater got to shocked. The patriots all the patriots who opened up though Jacksonville lucky to offer if they score one touchdown. Okay misty rent is real aren't great or what are we don't. The bedroom to get dressed and maybe win I think this is this year. It'll actually. Well I you know I think. Secretly around the country obviously you're not secretly pretty openly people wanna see the patriots lose and our job is to come up with some sort of remote scenario. That allows the jaguars to somehow or another against all odds to win that game. He brings its rooms I'm watching I watched that game looked awful I mean that was the ball the better option to game I've seen a lot game. And I've ever seen in my life. And the patriots. You know. You know pot so I mean. Is you got it what you gonna take the way to right into ought to put it up for. This game plan is pretty simple and what a great. I've been expelled they're about a terrible pot. Yeah shut down foreign net take care of business on the other I have inside your fine. All right Tony. You tune now that's gonna do it for us thanks to Kyle the other side of the glass we re back on next. Saturday at 9 o'clock get a prediction before we leave. I think that major to win by ten. Okay I think the online we've done seven point five with the speculation about the afar monsoon patriots win by seventeen. And our hearts patriots by two touchdowns in a field goal in Iran while in Foxboro tomorrow at 3 o'clock enjoyed my game and it. Money and now I'm just I just. Your money your problem exactly shoot from the lip as they say 617 when I get in the number I don't know how to do that. Border shifted down a Connecticut again speaking of eastern Connecticut we go from Scotland. Not too romantic event down to ledger foxwoods were trained to bossy standing by big. Big Red Sox winter weekend down bare majority patriots' game right here tomorrow where you feel we and I guess there is it realistic in the game and now watching on TV connect correct you don't like Tony Romo think he's overrated you are right see you next week by.