Mustard and Johnson - Larry is worried about Tom Brady's thumb 1-20-18

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Saturday, January 20th

Hour 1: Larry is concerned about Brady's injured thumb and the guys discuss its possible impact on Sunday's AFC Championship Game.


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Talk all things socks packs seasons he. Johnson open WEEI Sports Radio. WEEI. And it is mustard and Johnson on this Saturday Larry you have the wherewithal the perseverance the resilience the deep down. Stick to it has to make it. Three straight hours can you do it after C a physical outfit. You know if the glove that's. Then Tom Brady must acquit as they sent several decades ago really kind of skipped over the sports trend this morning but the reality is. Is good not that much over and on well. Well the patriots are playing the seventh straight AFC title game and arms I don't that I didn't know that did you not always a big part of that if they win that game it would go back to the Super Bowl right after that game vikings and of Eagles playing Philly you know that yes and believe it or not I don't understand this this little quirk in the schedule. The Bruins and the Canadians and there's nothing wrong with the your sets. Are playing for the third time in a week you know what time is that came on to. Seven tonight at seven tonight is they go for the actress does that then two straight games and yes. I know is not much going on especially when Orlando is in town tomorrow but the Celtics. Need to snap out of a two game slide when they take on the magic at the garden 1 o'clock to get a nice little double letter triple editor Marty got the Celtics at one married. After that you got the job they've been playing fast patriots. At 3 o'clock given you got the Eagles. And he got the bikes. For the NFC title game is all that's happening already and I for the ranking the top last week sending off. While that was kept on digs at 61. Yard touchdown. You're reminded me of and a lot of people haven't talked about it you may not remember either. The year that the ravens. Won the Super Bowl they had to do it through New England had to be new England and a very impressive second half and that game if you remember January 13. But they get there. They had to beat Denver that was Manning's first year. Yeah Flacco threw a bomb at the end of regulation were down seven Denver doing the same thing the only defense in the secondary. The safety with on the pass. And one of those wide receivers ravens amateurs Torrey Smith or somebody else. Waltz into the end zone forcing overtime and they finally want same exact situation the only difference was the vikings actually won the game on that apply. Yeah it was incredible it was no overtime that was that was unbelievable how could you keep watching you waiting for Summers become up. Intact Norman there was nobody you know it and I haven't been sitting listening for the last several days all week long all the postmortem is all the analysis everybody talking about not only that game but a lot that Pittsburgh game. Was absolutely. By the fascinate is anybody wipe the spit off of Tomlin speed yet. Did you notice that are my car yet aggravating at eight. You think somebody when I walked up prominent power something it's a direct in my house. Well I I think the beard was the least of his prop problem some of the malfunction in the brain I mean that's got it right. Everybody understood what he's waiting on lab you know like he didn't like I couldn't believe that our guys are so I was rooting for Pittsburgh necessarily. But I am so. Outrage at one of the most count arguably you could say that at the right town to team in in the league right Brian. Really between ballot brown amity and up between the years absolutely. Aligned with Tom almonds and these coaches are at war pepper now on the sidelines by themselves. So we have nobody to -- to nobody does say what do you think it has a good issue it's it's amazing to me that question I was asking to myself because I was in splendid isolation on Sunday which is wonderful I love that. And I said. Is yeah you're right. Is Todd Haley pleading his case is someone on that team Roethlisberger. Another assistant coach. Mike you may be a good team leader and you've had successful seasons but Europe very poor clock manager. What the hell are you thinking not only that the everything more prophetic onside kicks lately then among non. Goes how's he did a couple of weeks ago that on the drive on the ground yeah and then is this past one when about seven odds but CBS they had the graphic there were already. Pittsburgh had been unsuccessful in thirteen other previous fourteen attempts. Over the last ten years they weren't good at it. You have plenty of time and is in this notion I've been hearing this notion that well Pittsburgh couldn't stop Jacksonville all. A game long why would they can do within the differences Jacksonville was gonna play tremendously conservatively. They weren't gonna try to make any mistakes it was going to be three rushes for at that point at 33 passer and that's it it would have the ball back not that Pittsburgh is gonna come in here give the patriots any kind of game anyway based on what I solid defense but that was the most lame brained decision in game decision. That I can remember in a long long time to root for anybody in five and I noticed you don't do that too often. My goodness innovative idea offensive coordinator bud. They've got way too much talent on this team on that team not to be played this weekend and you know and when you saw that talent. I'm fourth down a couple of bombs two runs or are brown of course I'm sure I'll teammate was on hopefully but in the end zone yet Antonio and crimes aren't yet unbelievable. Not terrific. Individual talent but deported they get undermined by that coaching staff put off of that Jacksonville Jaguars. Are coming to town tomorrow. And everybody. From new wing went all the way out to California wonders. The about the status of one TV twelve and no matter where you look. Someone's writing about it someone's talking about it. But they're not all on one page about exactly what he's going on down once again the patriots are involved in one of these stories. And as many angles tour member and yet they they they the article came out there a couple of weeks ago we were debating and talking about it ever. This week according I know Karen for the story I don't know who ousted earned a region ya noticed they didn't name a running back. And he navy ship has gone and found wherever whoever colliding with Rory. K and then we know that the the Fam got caught something in his. But typical patriots dial only give you nothing else yeah as far as they're concerned nothing ever happened he fine is it with the problem. Well he didn't say it was fine yesterday matter of fact he said when asked if he'd be ready to play he said quote unquote we'll see. Now we'll see Larry your parent you've been apparent for many years on apparently you know as long Asia but. One of the great defensive. Remarks McCain gas. I can't get that ice cream a dairy queen after the game. And you really don't wanna give your kid that ice cream. After the game what you usually say see pluses. Say I'll think about it at city. You know I'm used but I mean it's. It's a major. Majors it's the story of the week of the week and does that face at the thumb is like a rather bow arm of those big steam ships and you get the little rather underneath that that controls the holes Shipp who took a picture this habit of others seriously I found this did you just come up with this analogy now obvious thing here com. Is you know let that Uga Uga and injure a finger up and probably get away with it but the found in your grip. On the ball is so critical and so important in terms of particularly when you're playing against Jackson though it has a very good secondary. The accuracy. House to be. Number one in in for for Brady in he needs that she needs to be a drop that Arlen. And I am. I come up with is they've named. Bledsoe as honorary captain hat on sorting them out for backup quarter and he was joking about that yesterday and I target. Oh when was the last time Tom Brady had a serious injury. In. A very important game like maybe an AFC championship game that would be in Pittsburgh in 2002 we rolled the ankle. Drew came in threw a touchdown pass almost gave it away from that over the head that desperate they should actually through the second half. They managed to go to the Super Bowl and drew was in buffalo the next year like but why do they see him though. Things the way they do. That's that's my question like why am I saying you gotta give out all kind of secrets and stories and every other kind of thing but. If it's obvious that he hurt his thumb. It's obvious that he's getting treatment for art or whatever we don't know what it's like oh what the situation is by. Why is they have to be so Bingham secretive about we know that. About why because as it words what's the point because as you well know when we have chronicled for the last 1819 years ad nauseam probably. Bella check is. That one of those old school guys. He keeps it close to the vast you don't wanna give the other team any advantages at all we keep all the information about 310 tomorrow after known you will not everybody will allow. Really don't but if you're bella check why do you wanna tip your hand. To anybody got a every jaguars coach ordering all week about. From Wednesday on a that he hurt his thumb. And that he didn't practice Fred two days. And it obviously there's a problem yet and if I think you gotta set up there and going to are kind of detail about it and everything but I think you just say yeah our users have. Curtis found reason to treatment and that's as far as we're gonna go and put up a little confused because I'm reading the WE BI website an award winning website featuring Larry Johnson and Tom you still on the website people who barely barely a Chevy is still there. I'm Ryan Hamels he says that Brady practiced yesterday although he didn't actually see Brady practice. And panel's report is that he threw the ball Tom Brady threw the ball well not reading Jeff how today. In The Herald. On The Herald website. And he says the Brady was present. But he didn't read Angelo participating. Almond dole. Give away a little bit of it when they asked him something about it and he said he threw the ball well hum. Right but why would Jeff how say I don't know or why he was president the practice but didn't participate was he throwing on the sideline. We don't know. So all of this is very mysterious. It's very furtive to use one of my vocals words over wells we high school that they just learned. But it's typical ballot check and so now all the conspiracy theories. I swirling about. Now Brady really is hurt more than we thought and has really hurt the the president conspiracy and heard people say negative ideas conjured this up why would buy would you do that why would you. You are ready like Iraq thirteen points have favored or whatever it is right by original after conjure up something like this right. And that are doing these apparently. Are visiting guest producer Curtis from a morning show. Filling in admirably for a map the marine wife and here by the way Curtis. This I feel blast that the water that you are here. My name Kyle is about a three hours two hours late from and you basket in the morning. This this is upper this is our back up producer. Yes okay so he's early in this morning and Agassi yes slipped him a bit sort of the call around 830 in my head and on and kids. That you know the crazy that we weren't that happy I'm sorry nobody yelled that he had and I'm waiting for me yeah not we appreciate you being here. So I mean that that's pretty that's the story I mean you talk about Jacksonville's top our front four. And how they don't need to blitz because the front for pretty much can Hamlet they've led the league in sacks they had 55 sacks. Yeah how much can I can put up has an Edwards eight and a half sacks gonna put a big asterisk. I'm -- have a big asterisk and I don't know could point to write you an idea why I knew I was walking Mario said there and I'll tell you are sharply in the first ten minutes of the show because I missed the turn your average I'd that your what try to give you what can you give it to try and I'll give it I promised at the 10 o'clock hour I will give you my award winning tram. But anyway they have 55 sectors led the league. And I saw this yesterday. Twenty of them came in two games. Against the colts and the Texans. And all told they played the top colts and Texans four times because the role in the AFC south 28. Half of the sacks for the entire sixteen game schedule came against. Texans and came against the colts in two games so that may be a legal. Dissect deceptive right well we do know that they do have a great front four in that they don't. Need to blitz often you put in blitz packages and stuff that they really trying to get after the quarterback. On top of it is very easy AT&T is injured. Baptist complicates things even more right in according to. All sources now there releases a consensus on the nature of the injury. It's a cot. On the farm that did require stitches we do know that X rays were negative. Com but as you say you don't really miss a digit. When it's health the you don't realize how. Instrumental all those digits are particularly acute form a football we're kind of precision required found yeah you can argue with the I don't care what the what fingered or you know what thing I just maybe the pinky will be one thing you can probably get away with what would you know getting hurt and still. Effectively throwing the football self. You don't want this kind of reminded me of when you and I decision and Gary Kwanzaa went down and and Tom. Matty reluctantly had to come and play quarterback you generally the problem is the backup backup quarterback is adamant and he is DK and he's not playing yet and they were speculating about this yesterday and the station and I have. Absolutely no clue. If that would arise let's put it this way if you're talking about. The third string quarterback you are in. Well actually is serious sacred tribal pick apart Iraq a low now he's no longer with the team but proper way to drop was not available now what about percent. He's not available either. This is why. You know I never thought that this thing would rear its ugly head that it may come back. Not the haunt these guys you know two or three years down why in his radio as the worst case scenario though wouldn't you wait a playoff year. And I you come down to the the final games to the Super Bowl. And for this thing tick tick come across the news wire on Wednesday it Brady hurt his thumb. To what degree we don't know but it is is the worst case. Scenario that you could imagine. If it is true about. The worst case I don't I'm not convincing gives you know I don't believe it's time I I believe that he hurt his spot from I don't believe. That it's going to have a serious impact on what happens tomorrow afternoon that's the difference. I believe these her. Can you picture. Wide going back to that can't we just talked about Bledsoe came and the fact that Tom Brady and this is you know its first full year as the starting quarterback taking over from Bledsoe when they when he shocked Pittsburg if you remember that on the way to their first Super Bowl. That's the last time Brady got hurt and got knocked out in a game in game other them of the knee injury first game against Kansas City where back in a way. I can't a vision Tom Brady. Being hampered in a way that's going to cause the patriots to lose at home and in an important game against T let's face it Larry. Doesn't really belong in the AFC title game not that anybody in the AFC belongs in the AFC title out of other patriotism as you know the most important position on iffy on the teams is the quarterback and portals does not strike fear right. With the way one touchdown right thirteen interceptions. Although it looked great last week or you know it is funny with him he throws a pretty safe ball he doesn't grip and it's not like one of those. 2000 safe while he he's okay. And you if you can keep him awake armed art keep him away from mistakes and turnovers and stopped in for a net. It nine touchdowns over a thousand at rushing I mean that that if it's okay to have here hearing the defense with them really act carried them all yet that defense that yeah they are completely shut Pittsburgh down they only gave and for your points it you know if you wanna sit here and explain this season to me now it's it's gonna do my unexplainable defies explanation we know that. And we consider all day and whining complain about all of the football gods are finally. Decided to curse the patriots were this possible injury. Yet even Tom Brady. With the one thumb available and on the left hand is still better then case Ki Nam and Blake portals. And door nick foals with all farms and I want to a person who set an abiding is now nails furiously is good Dell. Because boy if if you end up with anybody but the patriots in the Super Bowl. You talk about a ratings killer. Certainly went and it you don't think that the I don't the breaking out the ever liking Jackson the vikings would actually have a little Jews. Only because of what happened last week. And and and Larry. Because they're playing for the first time if they do get there they beat the Eagles are not sure they're gonna build there what tomorrow I'm saying. You gotta have a bad guy Pittsburgh should have been should have been relevant in this if Pittsburgh goes to the AFC title game. The rays were have been off as you like to save the hawk yeah tomorrow by the way though the the highest rated. I'm single game of the year. In the regular season was Pittsburgh. And the patriots in the Jesse James call game that was the that was the highest rated game of the year can you imagine the numbers of Pittsburgh to come back and won that game. It would have been on believable. And just Pittsburgh would have played better. Than Jackson Hole play tomorrow there have been more competitive but you know they have a shot last year Larry. I don't you know and and what do they do it Tony Brown I know was not available but they spit the bit they got blown out of Foxborough they were not competitive. As much as I probably would like to see Pittsburgh verses from England certainly over Jacksonville overs is New England. What is with a steel is really gonna come on in here. In unseat braiding company I don't think so so what will be interesting is and of course the Jacksonville will counter. Pronk and put their best DB on them. And defensive back on them look at though have the speed to stay with a rather not go have a Ramsey talking about have the strength of stuff that they were them who who knows. Right now we advocates consider him analyze his game and caught every step in the book if you want. It doesn't matter the only thing that matters is. How we've Brady's hand. That's the only thing that matters really what you don't want I'm not convinced that even if his hand in and we know what can be less than a 100% even if it on takes 50%. Of his game away from him tomorrow. They'll find a way they're playing at home against the jaguars know some people freak out. Over well Tom Coughlin. He pulled off a miracle and in 07 a weighty dated again several years later and in the Super Bowl as well as I thought it to accomplish. As a little bit to do with what indicated what it is I'm gonna hit Brady found I'm talking about Coughlin is the guy I understand that engineered those two Super Bowl upsets and because he's the president companies on the sideline he's not operating. As the head coach but there are people who are freaked out. By a Tom Coughlin because Con Coughlin is a Belichick Brady killer we know that. Do you I guess you don't believe that that has any real fact are absolutely. I think in terms of the structure of this team. In the direction that's going and I certainly think confluence one of the better mines. As far as drafting and putting a team together amazing job yet he really he's very very very well remember Larry he built up that Jacksonville. That first iteration of Jacksonville from scratch and they were competitive early as a matter of fact what are your greatest prediction ever do you remember your greatest prediction ever got remember when they beach Denver. Yet you said this is how the patriots got that Super Bowl Bledsoe you said and in in Denver blown out the patriots and fox rumor that botched. Fourth that fake punt with Tedy Bruschi and had a regular season game and it was a great play just in cast of yet them then and it was it perfectly designed player except for the fact he dropped the ball. On cell at the Denver was going to be coming in if I actually had to go out there. The play and for some reason or another I don't know how what happened Jacksonville beat Denver you predicted that don't forget but I average about predictions. If you predict an upset in write write write the new king right but I you reject an upset and Iran nobody K okay you king of the Jacksonville upset predictions. Jackson who were coming here tomorrow and upset the patriots I don't think so Craig but your little shaky just a second you're trying to parks mean to a corner. In any idiot would tell you that into you could see. The extent of Brady's injury. I'm gonna sit here and make a prediction on that if Brady's 50%. Do I think they have a chance against Jacksonville not really. Not really. I don't think you rushed the defense that they do have a good defense they gave up forty. Chew well again if you IA UN explained the logic of this league. And much going on this year you go right ahead. I'm just telling I I think the patriots to win but. This business of you whining about having home field advances stuff that's been blown out. We talking about the patriots have lost some games at home I'll check uptake of the games they've lost they've lost so few games at home I can tell you off the top my handle games they've lost spirits okay all right that qualify while gallery I'll give you the teams that beat the patriots at home in the playoffs you know they are Baltimore twice. And the jets okay within the last ten years all right. Are they gonna do the Jacksonville jaguar I don't know and I get older also the ravens they're gonna sit and every Embree he's found ms. really. Sore. In night and in affects how he throws a football that has no bearing on the game let me ask you this and I don't know what you're watching let me interest and other topic. Big to dirty use words in New England patriot war right now Brian Hoyer. What do you think about Brian Hoyer. Each. Average quarterback just average an average quarterback back up quarterback can't I don't know I don't think Iraq. You know listen the red and it pays you to get after you die on a wide receivers. And their running back. The end Dion and why eight and that in and they're gonna have to if that's. Even even more so if Brady's finger is from. Hinders power effective he can throw the ball and certainly. He hasn't been able to throw the ball downfield that well even when he was healthy as a matter of fact last week he threw a couple of passes downfield or several yards short -- of the intended target again he's improved a lot and that aspect over the last several years but you know that's that's an open Drew Brees last week you know that's interest in his that's happening as you can get a lot of respect you they were talking a lot about that although Brees had a tremendous second iMac and I love him I think he's terrific so you know let's face it again Brady compromise. With the farm is is still better than. Any one of the other three quarterbacks he's probably gonna face in the Super Bowl a couple of weeks that we shall see 617779. 7937. Give us a call we're here believe it or not we got. Three action packed hours we got courtesy of producing if you want equality and yell at them make them feel comfortable here we have certainly fair come over and incurs I think you may feel law a little disoriented we're not gonna rip any other member of this I WEEI staff between now on 12 o'clock so I I you you may be completely out of sorts what is going here Russia gonna be talking sports for three hours to compensate I hate the morning shows 6177797. 937. Sunnis must ten shots Sports Radio. Point seven. She. Ever candid he's transparent sound crazy. Nothing for transparency down there fox are all safe yeah like Tom Brady's not going to be. Under center when that game begins tomorrow that's there now I think anyone dissent or do you do Shaka well that that's a very good point I think our Ryan Hannibal pointing that out in a very fine article in this morning's WEEI dot comes piece on. The patriots suddenly you have a web. I do have the weather. Other weather tomorrow because people are concerned the market before 63 high capital it does some of them yet climate people have been sitting under yeah be great positively balmy right now it's 39 degrees in Boston sunny sky council that. And you know what Larry coincidentally. The weather is brought to this hour by northeast men's clinic so thank you for ass wow is that oracle people exactly do you have do you have the weather and I happen have a right there next that dad and Bradford clothing line that the other question I thought oh yeah people say is Bradford really look backward in person we also yes. Only say the operator of full sartorial I was just wonder it's doing you no good no one's giving you when he called girls called everybody Arafat attend make an hour cut but I'm Bob let's get to the phone 6177797. You you go armored Craig no Brad lobs says radio go out there broken hand and I'll not a problem in the world meanwhile. Andy from Framingham. In search of that first championship since 1960. When norm band rock one. Pete read slap let me McDonnell led the Eagles ever read. Oh yeah oh yeah they don't want to talk about the total budget for the mention the president Jo-Jo white. Yeah slightly younger generations to. Made really remote British but he well you know he ate it rundown before he glided down. I'll say watt I have the game five that classic game 51976. In Phoenix on truly dishonorable that it is so on old VCR. And I'd watch that came from time to time over the years. That was. It on an unbelievable. Performance Jo-Jo white was the MVP of that series. But that was the greatest game of his life in one of the greatest games you're ever gonna see an individual player. You know I do think bodyguard twenty game would transfer to. Very hard very hard to. What was he is he bus excited now about six to sit. The usual burger immigration solution. Why don't of that is that they used a variety and the Chicago all of us yeah. Sorry I truly would British mobile or go to Google revolve. And he can also took over the gave up I definitely feel he would be factored. Well Markota soft guy who was the fact I didn't have no idea that he had breast cancer. Wrote another like lotion to grow up without any complex functions better roads they're one of the product. And it completed a receiver is attentive to all of the basketball but I. In and of course his career was in. Whose career was delayed eating come right out of Kansas who's in the army for a couple of years. We aren't talking loud and access on even after he reads I had a brother was clean. Probably at best probably get him in center Max wrote two of the best dressed Celtics are gonna talk about his hygiene are you. Now back to you by calling him a blazing set as he says yeah that's enough little brother's crimes it's. Well they should have put a lot of shouldn't look at I had like America meets its audio and I'm looking down under review for more such people. They're okay I'm really low around the country about to act. I'm problem. Mainly due to its employees get a little duplicate chart neutered different forces and it would be scooped up and far but it totally. Well yeah because they're pretty gets a second shot he's had a great first by the apple hears is well look at it this is certainly not an original fought but it certainly on an echoing a lot of people think she easier is injury really to protect defense we can't yeah and he was a galvanizing force both on the field and off the field. And you can't have a ground showing up for the walk off mark on practice for showing up bright lights and drive it into practice is over as well that what does that tell you. It's hard this whole oh it's virtually full. Who would somebody you can I don't. Way men and women hold on a second don't you remember they were doing that same stuff in the first championship in Pittsburgh when Brady got hurt and Bledsoe came in just you know all those that are expecting. For a bit overlooking. We're overlooking the patriots a Mac game ports and already going of the secretive or pat. They that that game is very similar to last week's game they thought they were gonna play the rams in the Super Bowl they're already packed and ready to go. And I heard that nauseating. Interview that your friend Leslie. From mom formerly the Boston Globe. Rosie Vista that she had with the she had some Pittsburgh Steelers for Kordell and it ends and in bad as most people where they're basically talk in public it was due to. That it it was a huge it's over yeah. We're looking towards Jacksonville running. They go poachers chancellor just but I mean of course like that you have underwritten normal what they chief. Field probably ought to partner more offensively he thought there was a couple meetings patriots were talking about an out of tool belt where they are. It has provided the quarterback and hold the ball adequately well I mean I'm. And then how do you know though seriously on trash king Mario and central to and and and they are just an infallible and. They're the car do indicate until we can talk I don't know law and its youth ball inside and having little. Actual body work plateau where stolen awfully good Stockton he's quite. He's quiet and we'll do curable if I do a quick obviously as well the world look for her all the way to do that as to let the lady didn't adequately. They have their character would grow the culprit shot the the more who. I don't I don't think Ramsey's gonna do it though there's lot of speculation out. It's just people aren't living or dead engine at sixty. Let's go to court at all to run the ball below thirty deployed. Virtual digital positively towards George dolphins coach and. No way he'd go all right it's sort of game notion of nutrition and purple ball where we can rules or Randy. Well to sharpen their emotional tribute to our patriots and how does and how does yeah Rick not a lot of important. Is embarked on the what do goodies on the hill a little he's unavailable until a few fortunate wanted to offer it. Health always hosted Arizona and a and refer to our heads up stars are down 61777. And 7937. Joseph when the car you're next in Sports Radio morning jog a joke. I got a guy played on it it'll send sort of forestry quarterback is concerned. Couldn't let noble and it's to get you to pursue snaps. During the pre season last year maybe so the British Spansion to Brandon Bolden. Was he. Was the quarterback which are going to be the third street. I never heard I've ever right well he was would have been the fourth at that point because at that night a year ago element would have them thirst. Exactly what you play in Mexico appreciate it and probably to keep suited up and that's emboldened to customs announcement. Anyways some talk Flickr Brady's in the place you know in the summer without. Sue and different and people like you and Greg say like those sounds like Brady's gonna play. It's not a question of whether he's gonna play and not the question is how effectively be. Well I mean I'm sure he's not effective you know you can go in the streets. I employer there. Well you don't want sharp I don't know I can't imagine even if these guys have 50% username percent whatever it is he's probably not gonna be. I do you leave McGinley unable able to do what Tom Brady's done in the past. But you know I just can't take its key figure any scenario he's taken out of the game. Well he's. Over the you'll be able literally he will not be an occasional mobile X one exact moment. You gotta look at this where you're never gonna so that all the sort of ongoing moment Brady and the and publicize and so. He's he's probably 80% all the time. All right if he takes a different taste one helmet. If he takes one helmet Joseph today took it to the thumb area. And that's it for the game sure what the likelihood is that what looked like was that not happen now they did broadcast and everybody knows he's got a bad hand. If you're pass rusher what would you do. What are your goals for the year yeah well. And but that's the thing is is that she hasn't you know he's been hurt you're insane thing you know he's got injuries. And he just doesn't publicize their bodies but they're my eye to certain logged into the substance. You you want the stump he'll play but if he becomes not a stroke away options that are. He's holding his hand you know he's gonna YouTube and Kurt Warner there and support a short sample all the and we would wanna have problems some it wasn't you know use some problems. He's gonna affect them most important employment council but I'm. You have much confidence in the orient. But for that particular game yes but this game yes. As far as Jackson those concerned that they are receive a long term typical 56 games with market could be a problem but a different feeling that. You know the bill just gonna have the right to our game plan. To Hannibal situations and certain Justin Jennings has you know a plan to bolt bolt quarterback actual. I think that's why one our show facts and Belichick flowing with the information that will certainly be able to find out and he's not sharing his a game plan with the media that's a shock rock. Brian horn here I can't again and I'm trying to come up we have some sort of realistic scenario. The Brian Moyer goes in and and Joseph right. Tom Brady throughout his career I've I I've perch for I don't think any NFL player. Can make it through an entire season unscathed they're always her whether it's a shoulder whether it's the knee whether they're always compromised physically. Is this an injury any learn the shoulder and hand. Two areas that you'd you'd definitely can't afford to take it it but Brady has played women don't sore shoulders over the years while that we again we don't know the extent right. This we know a little bit more about this one seems to be more definitive than other injuries the injuries to Tom Brady sustained and had to play with the the past. Oral sort of amorphous. You know if you view the patriots though would you have cheered too much about the injury why would you want to. Why do you wanna get well as Jacksonville pocket but it's obvious that you heard is them right. It's obvious to me I was down there probably missed practices and he's showing up but to rob yeah I don't think Michael Jackson had one I don't think their play acting I don't think this stage craft errands so it's obvious he urges them. It's obvious that he's somewhat compromised yet so that when we need to say that and they don't know more questions on because. If you're Jacksonville what are you doing right now you're dug around how we view game planning for tomorrow are you really thinking too Brian Hoyer is gonna commanded any. Point in the game to take over or would you think he can understand why would you think you wouldn't. OK Jimmie does is to limit does this change. The predictions for this week's game compared to a weakened to a goat does that does this. Have any bearing on that on your opinion I think Brian Hoyer. Taking over for Tom Brady be at any point in the game at the start of the game or you know halfway through the game late in the game. Well maybe not late in the game but it. Poitier has to come in early let's put it that way. Jacksonville has a much better chance yes of course they do who think that Brian Moyer is gonna post the center rather Brady that's an event that's and I grant you are right so. I agree with you I just don't think it's gonna happen. Name of the game where we don't know Craig Perry I Brady had a thumb injury like this before Eric I'm not gonna speculate I'm gonna go by. The evidence of it where they have the evidence says and he missed a couple of practices at the evidences. That Tom Brady got when he starts a game. In all the years he's played for the patriots as a starting quarterback are all the back to the 2001 season. Has left the game because of an injury wants. OK why why are we the first time well that was the first time without solid and that was that was sixteen years ago but has he ever had a thumb injury like this before I don't know I'm not a doctor I don't play the radio RT I know and yeah gripping it and there is another job because I opera I am. What do you think. I think that Tom Brady will do just fine thank you tomorrow duty injures them. In your opinion yes OK architects of that that she has a bearing on how he's gonna play I crisis ride to Jo school while they all give her. They all have to deal with the injuries not yet throwing hand is Tom Brady. The greatest quarterback of all time yet it's sheer physical. Talent now OK there's a lot of other factors are going to draw right but you've still got to get the ball where you needed to guard and and I that was fascinating and Ryan led the piece today in WEEI dot com that. You're more likely to see Brady in the shotgun you eat your rhetoric and get Iraq on the sidelines. I think about. Not my answer right after the arms round and after about 6177797937. I US ski and it. It's time Brady hurt. Give us a call 61777. Guys 7937. Jimmy gee isn't severed Cisco and Tom Brady is in Foxborough but he may not play tomorrow is that likely scenario we'll discuss with you yes all the way to twelve. A clock yes we have three action packed hours today I'm not sure why but they've bestowed three hours on us Larry you're. Absolutely thrilled. And terribly excited about that so will be here until twelve Brohm Borges comes by next hour. And all your calls coming up on Sports Radio W media must Johnson. Sports Radio point seven. UPI dot com. It is mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. And ex patriots as you know when their seventh store hate. AFC title game going for. A record six actually it's not a record because the Pittsburgh Steelers have won a six as well about one quarterback and one coach. When he although is that's a pretty. Amazing phenomenon. And farm injury or not I I just again Larry. Looking into the future basing on what I've seen in the past. View do you really think. Either one. Either one of the three quarterbacks Tom Brady's going to be facing. Over the next 23 weeks. Really poses on a major threat. The pictures not winning their sixth title it would appear not but again. Health has a lot to do within hours of Reading pro football park. And current Tom current event BC sports Boston added details to hearing. About Brady's injury and he said Brady needed four stitches current indicate injury is worse than just a bad cut. Brady's right thumb bent back badly according to current. When he running back Korean into the quarterback the ball GM did to the webbing between Brady some. In index finger co. Them I'm just Tony has from. Oh my he's reporting it's not like a splinter restarting it it sounds you know not Syria and you talk about if Tom I I just on my you can under played out like you are doing. Because it's Tom Brady. But and Tom Brady Superman I heap pretty much it is close to being Superman as there is in professional smiles as he flying around the stadium well he metaphorically has that been doing that for a long time and I don't know what is Kryptonite is it's probably something to do with Tom Brady Tom Coughlin a ticket cica does that nobody loves and respects. And has become more confidence in Brady's and I do. You have a habit like have just. Right no matter what's going on just. Pushing all that to the side. I played at a senate still trying Larry I'm I Larry like I played a percentage when the president senses how many times has Brady had and cut injured thumb how many times is Brady left the game. In his seventeen years as the quarterback of the patriots. After getting her. Once again how many times has he missed the cut back to back practices. Lot of times Larry these guys go through and have to cope deal with these are he's getting all okay throughout their entire career is summary didn't. Questioning it this is not an everyday thing get an idea I don't know where at least I have enough consensus say I don't know listen I you're acting like it's not a thing I've seen Tom Brady. Let's see you might have to I've seen Tom Brady come back from improbable. Deficits including the greatest comeback in the history of football last year. I don't count Brady out in any way I don't care it's that the score in the game. I don't care if he's down by ten touchdowns I don't care if he's got a got a broken leg and he's out there Tom Brady's gonna find a way to win he is super human. There's just no way that this thumb injury in any way is going to deter Tom Brady from his appointed rounds which is going to another Super Bowl winning. Area and as another excerpt from this that he these articles according to Mike our follow of an NFL network it was running back Rex Burkhead. Who accidentally ran helmet first into Brady's throwing hand causing a cut. That required stitches the report says it was a blog all over the place okay. So so means nothing if I don't worry about it. Because it bowl because he bull he's bleeding that means that this injury is I say one thing serious one of the reports I read it was it it was a big it was a yell. In our the F how much turned it directly toward Brady and that's how severe the the the injury what are the moment are you comforted to know that Brady did throw we didn't participate in full practice but he was throwing arm to Danny Amendola Amendola reporting that Brady looked for was sideline pass down. That's different obviously in game action thank you are all right so you're taking much more pessimistic I am I am right questioning him. You Cordoba you live and die right quarterback communion question Jim make me and with the players. You gotta have a I have a war of Jacksonville or the Eagles or Minnesota and a out when there's only you know what all these attitudes Minnesota should he be NBA you know them well they also had a big lead in you can make a case that they collapsed before they pulled off that miracle. But you know those all those savages and maxim is about the quarterback being they determinant. Will be at the end because Tom Brady will be hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy again. Some of that money into two doesn't matter because what one handed Tom Brady is better then a two handed case KM. Nick foals and or Blake portals six or 77797937. Bothering walls are about it 'cause he was at the practice Bob the wall. What club I think I really am agree we view here because. When Brady came under the press conference and nationally got a play I think it he would say something like either AA. Yeah I'm OK or yeah I'm expected to play which leaves them without. But this will see that is just it puts another layer of doubt you know. Unless the plant some kind of game which is always a possibility. And let's step back for a moment and go back in time to before this injury happened. As objectionable log I saw all are now don't look like the Steelers and but I struck. Gee that's too bad that we don't have the latest news and there were dug out. On paper their mortality. But with the Jacksonville Jaguars you have two things you get paid a much better defense than the Steelers. And big you've got to coax the Dutch and how to measure that would gain but I don't think there's likely to have that was the year that Jacksonville Jaguars as it did with that we could. Are you saying that Tom Mike Tomlin doesn't know how to manage your team that yeah you can't. Which could it is just felt funny to watch what's going on Pittsburgh here though and the whole controversy unity Tomlin dot com and click. Why won't keep compatible. Well what does the school fought out there that says he's a good leader. But he needs better coordinators. And better assistant coaches. The academic and enemy you know Roethlisberger kind of threw. The coordinator under the bus. Yeah its big amendment and he did it again. Because our memo and Haley was we're Kansas City and he was frightening people Lafayette doesn't have that kind of personality to be a leader he any also realized it was a head coaching and failed miserably. And he's probably good coordinator with the right maybe young quarterbacks are certainly in Roethlisberger were not always on the same page. I think so if you take this stuff bit out of the equation. Two and it was only going to be a tougher and it against Butler would lose would still win. But what this something in there you know it's under very tough game let my prediction is and I still think the patriots were aware and are able to predict patriots twenty. Jacksonville's seventeen. The I would always pick patriots with my hot so. If anybody if anybody tries to force me into a prediction I I just can't make it because I'm not reliable get too emotional I I got an emotional man I do overs I thought that if I do I always go with the with with the patriots aren't gonna pick against the patriots but. As we do I feel comfortable with this whole situation absolutely not by injury or no injury GAAP I don't think there's anybody out there. Either locally or nationally. Who thinks that the jags have any shot what so I don't where you get this from. Have you been paying attention the point spread. Pay attention points from talking about you know watching. Shows and ESPN and showtime listening to satellite Sports Radio mad dog radio. Listening to a variety people reading articles on line. On that the country does not believe that the jaguars are gonna come in here that Larry they shouldn't be here anyway I don't either but at the same time I feel better five could have seen Brady for a few practice that passes again I I think you can get away you don't care you just figure it's no big deal he'll be fine it's not a question of caring it's a question of look I can be a little more objective than you you put your heart and soul and all this I can stand back and say effort guy gets his thumb wrapped and has to have three or four stitches are concerned about it well there's cause for concern I'm not saying you shouldn't be concerned. But it's not going to do to block the patriots from going to another Super Bowl 617779793. Several slipping and Fred before we take the break. Hey Fred what's going on Brad. They keep good morning gentlemen. Larry. You know I I I agree which you know it makes me nervous it really makes me nervous. But I'm hung up on the facts. Seen and when things look at Jacksonville's. Run down the stretch. They have a little bit of a bumpy road now. If I had Bill Belichick. Being able to break down sixteen minutes of tape. Against Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers. Opel 44 points up on that defense. And then another six minutes or eight with Ben Roethlisberger. Put up 42 points are 98 cents. I kinda think that it used reds is overrated and I promise act of ballot Jack Daniels they're going to be able to earn the breakdown the weaknesses. I don't think it's gonna be as close to gamers everybody thinks it's. I plan a terrible divisional that divisions in the national football like a Pittsburgh Steelers you're looking past Jacksonville. Bomb I just don't think we'll pitchers don't do that we know that patriots will never be accused another loss and pain at all no not down you know but I don't believe the patriots. Would we be looking past Jackson paid. That was Pittsburgh problems last week they'll be losing what all okay very guilty of looking past why you think they were looking past Jacksonville. Obviously they wanted to read that we went every yeah yeah yeah they wanted revenge. The problem was they forgot they needed to get revenge against Jacksonville first I got blown out embarrassed by Jacksonville. They forgot about that little detail six point 77797937. Larry gonna dig down deep can he do we got two more hours up all the way to know I can think I get my fellow he's killing do you need some sustenance. My thumbs killer about some sandwiches pizza sandwiches to make it through twelve know they do that anyway do that he brings him which is an honest. What happened to a friend in the Parcells. We're sharper with his name now yet you work State Street deli yeah that's that mounted on he actually moved he's no longer run state streak he's on broad street heavily there and I love for Alec commend you are down there and work within months he had was I I was. At least I've been told by more than one person in the fast food business that I wasn't made for it 617 argue had to do was handout so whatever and you could even do there I got fired it dairy queen when I was a kid and I was told by the boss I've just wasn't made for the fast food business that I give you a raise if you stay home.