Mustard and Johnson - Butch Sterns is in for Mustard; Thoughts on Yawkey Way being changed

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Saturday, August 19th

Hour 1. The Teacher is out but Butch Stearns is in with the Preacher. Butch and Larry discuss John Henry's comments that the name Yawkey Way has haunted him and if the name should be changed.


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The creature. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots and you guys sports. Inside this tax season and seeing him. Open WEEI Sports Radio. Plus mustard and Johnson might need all of it must be Claremont. Find Matt Rollins behind the glass. As always a matter how are you this morning good good my computers at double to right there and done factory. I have a saying at my desk at home network embrace the madness. So if you expect things go wrong then then you're starting at that point zero. But alongside filling in for Craig mustard I'm what Stearns joining Larry Johnson a well. They may agency's alleged they had to go way back to get the legend at retirement today I brought my new area where he left I'm kind of got an American liberal project today and you know him at some blame a certain thing I've made an error and yet. Wow that's a really work you guys we're gonna stuff is great you gotta immigrant parents say getting a couple things out the way first and foremost congratulations. To WEEI. Dot com to the on your personalities to the produces to everybody else at the station. Into NASA and and all of its participants by helping with the Jimmy Fund again raising over four million dollars. Pose such a worthy cause I'm just proud of the station empire out of all of the participants and some great testimonies in store reason I'm being a cancer survivor barely touch my house. I thought the Chris Sale interview by the mid day show was fantastic and boy is he like a part about likable guy. They really is a likable guy remember the first day came into spring training and of course we were all armed and ready to eventually asked about the scissors incident yeah all of this and that and he was prepared to talk about it. He answered a member only. But you're right now to our offense while. I don't know what I say they'd back I mean needed and yet there was nothing that he wasn't willing yet about yes yes and so my point about the scissors and so when we got to that. He answered the question first from with a joke the second when he answered seriously said he had an issue with the third money joked around again. And he said during the question and forget this. He said that you learn from your mistakes who so I asked the fourth follow up I said see you admitting that was a mistake. And hesitated. And then he said. We'll just leave that. But to me he said it on and let you know I will talk you guys. How will not be a surly guy right but they'll be so much else and that's it because baseball is what I'm all about the thing about Chris Sale since he started their Larry that strikes me. For all the he's been and he's clearly should be an MVP candidate with the season he's having I don't know if he'll win. But for all these big and he said this from day one and he's gone out to prove it. That the good thing he's most excited about his play off. Baseball wants to participate in the playoffs while they may need him to pitch every third day with the way the pitching staffs going with the injuries. And David Price and drew upon rants and all I know that's the one. Black cloud in the silver lining of the Red Sox twelve into August and thirteen into overall in the last fifteen games here on fire they're playing really good baseball. Well it's almost like no matter who they bring and I think the hero of the game I think Mitch Moreland certainly this pinch hit single again driving in two runs. Was phenomenal I thought the seven inning one hour five minutes for eight runs right now if you're like scoring now when I do I mean that's in but it was that's ridiculous amount of time that. I think I thought workmen coming in out of the pen and I'll spare of the moment had to bring a guy in any had to get ready. Little shaky at first but he gave him two winnings and that kind of calmed everything down I but he did a phenomenal job. Yes for the people who wanna see the Red Sox bullpen is in trouble when you look at a game last night. Again Red Sox yankees isn't where it was years ago but it's close it's getting married and it is getting so if you agree with that I think you have to take these games. With a grain of salt for the bullpen this is a heavyweight fighter and always has been. The bull pens are gonna get tax Matt Barnes gonna give up a home run you know Joseph Kelly's gonna give up a solo shot to Gary Sanchez but then they come back. And this team has been resilient all year you can say what you want about them based on a lot to prove. In the playoffs but they're one of the best teams in baseball Chapman is it. Asked it to me and for I don't know what you've had a chance to interview him on Ali's not the most likable guy in the world apparently. And he gave up two more two more runs. Last night he's just a man I would be so depressed of our Girardi in got to bring this guy and that is to pitch Torre he just seems to be an accident looking for a place to capitol's Red Sox certainly not to worry about their closer. And it's Moreland came through whether or that with a clutch pinch hit single driver drove in two runs Jackie Bradley. Was a participant not also which is not a thing I really really like about this team this is a sign of a great team to me. It's not like he hasn't 67 carrying the team which phenomenal onto itself. But you have a series of players who step up some guys get a little quiet for little island somebody else steps and in fills the void in its. It's becoming if not already in Augusta notices for interest in the two participants particularly price. And then Pretoria to a much lesser degree but the two participants who. Had anything to do it the team up in that likable for awhile but neither one of them are involved right by the themes on a winning streak in no price. And I guess he's got more stiffness in his I'm now I don't know what's wrong with him. But Troy to a lesser degree but still I found it ironic that neither one of those guys have been involved at all we don't know how we're gonna do about what women value. I'm trying to remember the phone number 6177797. And 937. Or 61 sentence OP wanna call and talk with us yet that's what they have to do that big of a phone dial six once you have been out on seventeen while. 779793. Cent yet when pressed kind of makes sense of pressure here on Iraq as a media continue Bennett you know just a couple of small points in a move move on to you know whatever it is we talk about Brett. Congrats to Steve Barkley in his old timers of baseball game board what do you when he snagged. Pedro to come and participate in throw two innings for amendment Maloney was involved again I am so proud of him park he's been doing that. Along. Time and he's just gotten great participation from people. They raise a lot of money and just for such a worthy cause and I'd just congratulations to him that was just that was from the and I know buck would want us to say this it's not it's not just him he's got a hole. Amazing group of people has been doing for a long time. And Johnny Martin. Can use all the help we get back everybody mail us and any. My disease can wreckage and yet MI prayer and I found out she had it as that void either healer or please take her home quickly. Any program quickly and I was so pleased with that because. It is such a rule. Disease yet but there's hope. There's hope for them I mean what peace treaties and the iced market challenges done for research. I know Johnny very well and we had many discussions about it. You know I'm proud to say that we've had a memorial turn in my dad's name for thirty years. And John was one of our recipients this year. We brought John and his wife Fijian and his two daughters beautiful daughters. And Johnny knows all too well that is diseases about his family it's not about him there and he holds out hope that the research did peace treaties and others fought form might help him. Well I by the other. The even the Jimmy Fund thing is so important for people understand when you contribute. They're contributing. For research you're contributing for them to make the treatment. Better and work better and be more comfortable I know when I get cancer and I had a chemo. It was brutal I mean I could be I could name mark Donald Hall where it was just it sucked all the life and energy value so. Even the treatment process is much better now they still have to go through a lot but it's much better than a wise. And that's what we're striving for. It's funny seeing that because we always hear the expression we heard a lot this week cancer affects all of us yes. And it's so true obviously just going down the line. I have not had I've had we've had tragedy like every other family really haven't had cancer affect our family but would you just said. There's a neighbor of ours Frederico is in their daughter Marie said Federico died. Here and half of don't know 35 years old to breast cancer 35. If you wanna check don't go to Maurice is mission dot org it's a website just started. But what their goal is Larry an amazing event rate for the preakness flashier the cameras in a horse racing. There is a ton of money but their goal. All the money is gonna go to families. Who are suffering with with the same thing Machida because what they realize when they did it. Was all the cost that are involved all the just staying in a hospital overnight. I'm babysitting things that you need to do when all that happened so. And I did one of the shows actor and wait but when it allowed me to prominent Jewish ago. We Glenn and company in the we have Finley coming up father and I looked right at him and I said. What do you do with the where. Not much is for you personally. But as a million. And the amount being chauvinistic conscious thing as the main and you're you're ahead of the house and I don't you think you're the provider and all of a sudden you start wondering about. Who's gonna take yours mine and into that I'm part of an answer Ali and you can't get insurance then obviously by. All of these things that what you just touched upon us so important and that's right we're grateful wells who are healthy and things are going OK proposed please stop complaining about the did you go through the why me friends now. No never went to only one that doctor first told me I need to see you next Wednesday he had a little pity party I day in and artists from moment I said in my mind. I did what I meet him in the lord I continued viability and to me several who would you like it to be. You say mustard agent now how how. He had as an Obama win it if you I don't know I'd sell jest of course yes but anyway thank god for all of those people bark. NASA and the guy for the part that's wonderful. To help artists and I think everybody listens this stationing contributed doesn't that are penalties in Matt Maher mat work right twelve some twelve hour day yeah producer and and he was like he's young he's a machine you either really was. You know the other quick things that are going on today is again that there if you wanted to cause. Caught a little rally going on and you talk about Al morale Limbaugh I promptly you know what I'm just about let me jump in unit that you are not cover no you know what's happening today. They're closing. The Swan Boats here and the frog on Larry yeah so I thought about that on the driving in a might. We need that closing the fraud upon like what. Are people swimming in the Frog Pond a degree blogs pissed about and is is that the you know and an ice that it just another tweet on the majors television stations except sparks as well. That oh and then three including Boston yeah five out of our parks and but I just. It is this any way that they could work out together in just not cover the damn thing you expect that expression of one of there was a war and nobody showed up you know it's like. Who cares it's like these people just wanna have nothing else to do but got out there and these rallies and people collaborate on and on and on. I told a friend of mine specifically I called him out but I said but every you do. Don't go anywhere near the commons today you just someone comedy any excuse for me to nab you for something just stay away from the place completely. 6177797937. Give opinions about the protest rallies if you are part of one of the groups would love to hear from you here. This morning between nine and eleven on mustard and Johnson the 6177797923. Show tomorrow remember the number you had a quick the other. Many topics that we just got to knock at the start about the red tart game last night the excitement of the this opponent of the football game but even another really big topic. It and I give him a lot of credit that tip of the cap to two John Henry for being so sensitive. To the Iraqi street sign over the air in the fact that he's been struggling with it for a long time he said and onto it. Yeah it is haunted by it in the debate. Holiday debate I'd rather have people. Just an opinion on it but don't if if you if you're in favor of it that that doesn't make you're bad person if it if you wanna get rid of the signed. That doesn't make you bad person is just a question of a debate. Whether or not you think they should remove the signs life here are a bit is this will this be an act of opening a pandora's box. Then you scenario now been around Charlottesville opened I know that but you can start by George Washington statue on this and you know you can go to the annals of time the egyptians and who built the pyramids following Donald linemen got people owning slaves and all of these things. We all have checkered past and things that I like that were out quick but if they decide to renaming the street. I would not name and after any individual because. Everybody's got things in their life that that they were ashamed of in. Eventually somebody will dig up something on the if you wanna name for a cause are for a new direction in life. Personally would use the money that the television networks. I'm paying these leads. To televise the games and access have I don't know enough trouble on his tortured me in us some ridiculous amount. I'd rather see these professional teams. Adopt a couple of schools in the communities. And support these schools down in some money and they better equipment better teaching better supply. Better anything if you want to solve some of the problems in terms of racism and other divisions and hatred in our country. It all starts with education. Really an interview and educate. Kids and give them a better environment and better schools and the like and support them that way. I don't get what they do with the street side changing a street sign is not gonna change the culture as much as if we could invest. In some people would you consider too what about cabinet. And I think he should be playing but the guy donated out of his own pocket a million dollars does to some cause. Money solves all that that when you take this kid doesn't but I think that it. Helps if you took a school and town if you look at the jockey legacy a little differently because of all the good that's been done. I yucky I am a child with what Jean yawkey did. And a lot about yucky I know Jim I know Jean yawkey and I met her current Iowa when they went to court with Roh and everything and she was there. If she came up to me term one of the bright tonight an almighty god she's gonna blast recount which he says. You will learn that did the count tone of Meehan body will rue I had him in a standoff there like a shoot off like it and I said yeah why she says like cancel its. If you take pieces we've had sent into it and hit it aimed. At fashion. How 1% owner did nova seriously she was the most lovely person. We all have bad things I don't know what Tom jockey went through in his past to make him have the opinions and stuff that he did. We've all seen statement. Yawkey foundation put out the day after disheartened. I thought of that right away when John Henry came out the first question I had was why. Acquire right now why go public with a year. Pitcher. It's been haunting has had a ten years so I know Mo we bought in 2002 we had a team for fifteen years past fourteen year and I only thing whether it is a DRG foundation issued a statement the next day. That they were disheartened think about it. I mean this team is a public trust if you will but privately owned yet and it's been owned by the yawkey legacy for ever and it was sold at. By John Henry of course it's. Our good buddy on Easter on the garden last Kennedy's name told Bible Belt of fixes and move you remember yeah Charles Dolan was gonna buy the team and outbid them by hand and now. And all that I counted about changing his but I guess. I'm just saying to me I just think it I I I salute John Henry to the highest degree for him to even think about it. But I'm fearful that this thing here well stampede in in in in work to a point where. People start looking at statues and error very thing my gosh in history and don't look at Jefferson and ales stuff I mean who knows he could be a great great great great great program rather of mine I have or Reggie Jefferson went on and I'm an old Thomas. But I I just think for me personally. Sport I wish browsers ready. I could I would rather see. These teams adopt a school or to. In step in in in and give money to them to help them make it better make it safer educate these young kids. That's what's gonna change out our country not not strange in street signs of pulling down statues. My only thought I'll give this morning with a less than two hour show about the shocking name change OK that's enough put that they could put it to a fans vote. What do to a vote to the public thrill I think you'll revoked because Jenny John Henry said it's not their job to named streets it was named after Tom yucky by public officials that was put out there. Whose name it. You have a problem that put to a vote. Just like elected trump put to a vote on CL happens I liked him at first seem whatever he'll get he'll be oracle bought a matter of fact want to vote with the there are thousands of people around Boston Common this morning I asked her about I don't think lawyers speak at these schools I did and over at South Boston during their problems and everything and if you wanna change. The culture you can change the education and Mike the last common illnesses. I'm interested in changing the future not the past. I'm well Fierstein change in the past a mention investing trust. You got something going on that I don't I don't wanna go back and tied Cheney had taken these names off of buildings and all these other things ideas. I'm interested in now in the future. Speaking of now in the future a phone lines are lit up we have one open phone line it's zero point 77797937. Patriots played 8 o'clock tonight Jeff Powell the Boston herald's reporting for three days. That this the regulars. Although who's who sat in game one. Will likely play and stock. You had a good point when I brought it up you earlier and it when it comes I don't really want Brady said why. They get Fleming and an hour at left tackle Neitzel has not practiced all week not play during the joint Mario is like all week and as the as they've had pressure on already get sacked three times and Brad yeah whether Brady adds pulls a tantrum or whatever polls. You cannot afford to have him out there with a but that does functional offensive line. Really it's not a riot that Canon has so many problems and they wanted to get rid of it then Nike come back in this packed like the best lineman on the team now old line whisper yeah. A hole but that's what is it is it but yeah I mean. I think Brady will start and I think the place series or two I think to be a couple of short passes and only keeps I read this morning on. Five things to watch Jeff yeah an article in The Herald the morning in Ryan had a great article to honey yeah I don't common they both said the same thing. Will we see the first branding cooks. From Tom Brady can actually I'm like no lol yeah there's only a matter unless time unless it's a crossing pattern three yards off the line of scrimmage and Julien settlement of the 22 pass off knob and I I think that with all this in out of these teams to scrimmage and with one another during the week. I think is even more of a reason to cut down the exhibition games well really I really hone his again. They wanna cut I stuffed their pockets with money and Chad season ticket holders that you have to go to the games. That's another atrocity that that the league is putting on fans and stuff that they have to go to these games. In March people who you've never heard of it you'll never hear from again. Other Iraq court now. On the patriots you've got to feel bad for Derek rivers you know. But given Downey camp and met the kid wanna solid Katie B had a good camp he's out and looked like he might be a contributor now he's gonna be out for the year. According to Ian Rappaport with the 21. ACL and a slight tear in another ligament but with him out for the year all of a sudden the focus goes on call me Lee a little bit more. I don't know how much we can read into all the reports I mean I've seen them down there he's been sporadic from what people say that have been there every day. He you know supposedly had a little issue common in one. We'll be straighten it out we'll Belichick he left a little there was ambiguous police said it but now all of a sudden they traded. A pick for coney Elise so all of a sudden this guy needs. Step up get a break or he's gonna bring Ninkovich back. In most serious but. The other guided talking about getting these 37 years old is formally with the falcons but I'm trying to think of his name he's got that phenomenal spin mode of John Abraham now. He's like 46 now has been known I'm John Abraham forget his name I'd get in a minute. But he's got that phenomenal spin move and you can only be used a valued training graduate freedom he's phenomenal what that I mean he's 37 I know that but. But still you know. Put him in on pass rushing to the guys listen I still think the biggest weakness on the patriots is that is that defense the secondary. Is fine but I think the front seven. I'll murder bio but anyway we throw out a lot on the table to phone lines are lit up go wherever you want to go let's go. I it's mustard and Johnson which stands in for Craig Muster we start with Jim and fox for a good morning Jim my Jim. Good morning guys that I just wanna say one thing Larry you have calm sense or for the fact that. If the news station in cab of that thing on the common morning. And the extraction on the left the bad guys there Obama doesn't nobody tipped about ads were just tepid spring like compensation. And I believe Donald Trump and a waste they're both sides. Corporate at each other and it sounds. Yeah Jim let me take the other side for second or summer works full time Fareed news' major news outlet in town. Coming out here you're the news director of the station yeah they've got this planned in Boston every single public official. Is on edge about what's going on this in the city that the marathon bombings and now it's coming off of Charlottesville. And you're gonna just turn your back on it well let me ask you question during a transient. Yes. You back money. I don't wanna know what's going to start I just don't think all we know actually how we noted point of view but it showed up and they were there all by themselves or they had to confront. They got a contract I just educate our unrealistic I have not cover it million you have to cover and it's no you don't you work for fox right you mean that Tommy Austin 25 Hugo Boss doesn't have a phone capabilities of a conference call. Why you can't get 45 and seven. And you know they could do that but they're great and they don't know why don't they do. Because they don't wanna get beat that's what the usual reasons why there's I lose in this business and they both trying to get the is this another like such a razor as part of his deer in the business for ratings and this is one of the. Talked about this notion that it doesn't override. We're getting hurt okay. Also because of the news stations are covering it. Not because WR rally I would not make the Barbara because then I don't instantly blamed in the new nationally and in them and I'm saying why couldn't they make an agreement nobody covers it. That's right Larry. I'm a common sense but one other thing I like to make a point Larry that day did you notice they that was in case stationed. Lot of wind got that victory came to wade through it or not know. At. It happened in Bosnia that they had showed. A black fellow walked out which came walking cane industry person trying to get through and the two output that and so secret escorts there for the NCA. One pushed them in got to orchard cater to on the grounds that they showed an NB AT and PGA my game. You know to the guy get into that he had the out its way to get it right. And I looked like it might cut that to people. That do that in football. What was once more demands of how. Now white people what I would've been going on here right now yeah variety. Did an unbelievable I'll bet that all works. Discrimination Q what are you up as a matter should be distributed you know. They're good people in the world in their bad people in the world I don't care what color they ally that situation over in Spain the other day. I don't care what color people there's just certain faction of people out there. Who just are are motivated by Havoc in pain and hurt and they wanna be heard and that's what they do. Texas has butch of course there are more bigots like you hear who would obviously vote to keep jockey with thought what I said was. Put it up for public vote but apparently I'm a big house voting fair to the local minorities blacks. Who were the object of yawkey bigotry but they can use a computer right absolutely. And if there's people who feel there's injustice say this is what I said about the so that bothers me greatly because I've heard it discussed a week. Let's not turn this into a personal attack about somebody's opinion. If you feel I said all right let me I don't really care. I don't sources out of the bottom out there with the current and Jerry's Qaeda itself I don't I don't know exactly it is changing that we should people have an opinion railing. I think I'd rather have an opinion number I get our goal meant to allow that they've had to address some money in some of these inner city schools. Believe me changing a street sign is not gonna have Johnny get to college. He got mustard and Johnson quick break the back of more after this. Speech and shocks us. Point seven. You said to these crew. Various groups I assume you're not welcome here don't want them a little bit and stop always tell you can't stop them and I think that. Today this morning actually for another few minutes the pressures and have a meeting with. With a group west it will meet him off approved by the way what Roger's meetings the group of the so called freedom speech groups will meeting everybody to let them know what to what the rules are and what that. What the implications will be if they break those rules and rescue people not to bring him back packs and if there backpacks on the common. We're gonna confiscate the backpacks rescue people want to bring sticks him. If you decide on a stick we're gonna take that away from so what I do all these different things is to make sure that we protect other people on this. And Marty Walsh on the Dennis and Callahan Dennis accountant Kirk and Callahan for insulin. Earlier this week talking about the rallies the rallies are going on today they started noon. People gathering on the comment as we speak here it just past 930 tonight. Fenway Park the Red Sox take on the Yankees who Chris Sale on the mound after they beat the Yankees 96 last night down 63 in the seventh. Which wallet at the big pinch. Hit it to put them ahead for good Craig Campbell closed it out and Sox a five games up. On the yankees' 41 ago Chris Sale before we go to the calls everybody wants talk about yucky Wii's name change when she quick question about Chris he'll think about four units are. Don't wanna give you a couple of stats. My question is how he's never pitched in the playoffs and never additional clips from mapping New Yorkers who Federer broke up with that worldwide from that you but that's not what you think about this intimate questions very simple what type of playoff performer do you think we're gonna get from him this year. Here's a couple of stats tonight is his fourth start against the Yankees. In his previous three starts he. Has pitched into the seventh inning or beyond in all three starts he has given up eight total of three earned runs in the three starts. You know what his record is in the three game hole in one hour. Because they haven't had run support for a so. I don't know if that's an indication of those high pressure games and I'm not talking about Salem talked about having a guy that sold dominant compared to the rest your staff can be into the rescue league. In the post season. He may pitch the best game of his life and they still lose game one and then what do you do. In game two how do you think he's gonna do in the post season and why I think you'll be fine the only thing is he has a little bit of a history of wearing down a little bit near the end of the season so they gonna have to be very cautious. In terms of how they use him and if you can slip in an extra day off here and there for him I think that would be wise but I think you'll be great I think he's been consistent. And he he's he's got the the speed and he's got the control. To be a dominant so there. So women who meet the legal right to your Papa I agree with you. Down the stretch I think seamless solutions for the next two weeks to six weeks left in the baseball season yeah they're five games up on the Yankees not that they can arrest yet they still have six total games against the Yankees these two. And then four in the Bronx. Monday they play four games in Cleveland. The end of the season they finished with four games in Houston at the end and if the Yankees again in New York before actually there really battling force to keep this lead and win the division I. But then catch Houston or Cleveland which they possibly can do right now they're five games behind Houston's sale pitches tonight. He pitches Thursday in Cleveland he can pitches against Toronto that he pitches at Yankee Stadium after post is next four start are you taking him out in the sixth inning with a 32 lead. To Saban signed what I don't know missing one. It's artsy you don't know any other ball please hurry and I know that but it also depends on they've been hitting the ball much better way of like also get attend to one lead not a lot of kind of finally but I hope they get into a three run lead that brittney getting like spreading now well that's my point of everything he's nuts. Four games now this will be the fourth yeah games and that having any Ron Foreman a tight game if he's given up three runs and as I don't. Our staffs have questioned Maxi C is pitching tonight he's coming to the Al. Palmer and has the back problems we don't know other recent presented itself. Because unique IE even if he performs well usually have abused any of the players and he's going to be a quick question for you have a right back to the phones. Is sports. The should sports be responsible for our social problems. Solving them when you have Capra neck. Not and I got very simple answer this UK and it's my boys Springsteen. Yeah line that he's always said via trust the art not the artists and trust the performance not the performer in other words. Take sports for what it is. Charles Barkley was right we're not role models Tom Brady is a role model he wants to be a role model fine. But trust the performance don't trust the performance of always let you down yeah this seems to be a movement of late though to get more of these athletes involved in a play for one Larry I know that and more and more they will plant a lineman as a platform with social idea that a statement you can make is donate some money to a cause invest in some programs I'm gonna keep saying it over and over again. On that that I believe put out the school your choice and it will start to go I don't believe AJ Jeremiah Burke the some of these other schools in town. You know I I really believe that I'm Tonya back to the phones to go to Kevin in New Hampshire would mustard and Johnson Kevin. They guessed it mortgage that might call them. You know I don't know it's kind of curious to me IE RE listen to talk radio. I watched some of the footage. Of all these incidents in its peculiar because it seems like it's nothing but white people discussing these things. Attending these rallies. You know Altria might be kicked in at the nail on the head it decided to change I think it should be up to the black community in this city to to determine us. See I thought as an African American I eat the question needs to be as old are more. Why should more African Americans get involved in this in in care. In I think you might have a question of data people might say what difference does it make. Larry this is what truck you know I I I I could I live in New Hampshire that I worked in Austin. Be so sick about this state all of this dialogue and I'm not trying to be political year as the driven by white liberals white liberals that. Exploit. And used black causes were their own political advantage is anybody truly believe that John Henry stick to stop the minute talk. I wanted was here Hondas and we're you know. It on the yawkey foundation I say you know what. You you're gonna categorized coming out this way you know maybe there's some evidence of that. But I'm gonna say you know what we're gonna withdraw our funding from all the hospitals and one of them. And happens to be lost another step. Up the medical center help people Rochester matter in Roxbury you know having your reading the idiots on the. So Kevin let me let me go let me comment when you should use the word curious and peculiar view also. I agree with your premise that to me this is less political than it is right or wrong it's not left and right it's right or wrong there's. But it is but this is a problem and look up in the book right now. About Jack Johnson okay one holes and fascinating stories that piece of black history in this kind. The average person doesn't know that is you know why because Jack Johnson was a guy that didn't fit the tumbled and the narrative that people trying to craft it was a it is very independent guy. Strong. No he didn't count out anybody. Only. The black community is used. Time and time again and I'm sorry I think this is just another. You said you senate begin on this call that you need said that the black community needs to unite and rally. And be the voice that's heard. Well what I'm saying is I think that. These white liberals should take a backseat in the community decided this is an issue or are about. But this is Boston it is predominantly white it's just the way it is. Intra let me read you attacks which I think sums it up we I said the beginning I would put to a vote if they wanna change that streak is is not the Red Sox. One of the text here many of them says dummies obviously voting automatically goes to the vast majority of white people he would get it. Blacks and minorities could never Al bolt the majority white and gone on for an. Who support keeping yard QA it's not rocket science that's not true because you're what you're seeing Kevin. Is the opposite point that they're like people who are speaking for blacks or representing blacks in them. Well violence there and then I think I'm saying that they're using black ran amok and put up to a vote I'm saying that this has to change. I think to the black community should be should be given me the opportunity to basically what this but this processor are not talking about putting well this. They have a thing now as you do that you look at John Henry what does it did he have a motivation in this what is his. What is his real purpose in bringing this to the front rated. Does he benefit from that I don't you know what Parma way damn if you speak out damn if you don't. So what he speaks Japanese as has this been bothered me for a long time and I'd like to make a change. They don't get ripping criticized for that saw me answer your question directly you just passed an interest in question. There's John Henry IE the Red Sox benefit from him coming out and saying that I've been haunted for years by the name on the street you are right way. Clearly saying that he doesn't condone Tom yawkey behavior. His Rachel Berry registering and all that does he benefit from a well I don't know this the few organization has had. A directive. If you will all yearlong about racial equality long before the Adam Jones and the they've worked very hard at. Know this for a fact that. Not to choose the right word tinsel gimmick worked very hard being making Fenway being an inclusive place. Rather than it is divisive place nobody among blacks go to the games I. Minority view. As I had earlier Larry but I am like I note that so well so you want me to speak with a leg and in the end that's gonna change soon. To go to our does our huddle answered that arc towards another minority over to go to Todd and certainly bill hello Todd Howard you know he. I do a good. In addition to Nicholas. As make a quick point at all yucky and make. Everybody. Well nobody seems to have a problem of the foundation of south and Ireland it's not that the foundation has done. And I mean you can't help but think that some of that is Chang Q changed there. I don't know. They're shade underneath if you know what I just Edward foundation. To the name of the street and anybody can get. Got to get on things and instinctively realize that in that it's not about the about don't slow it. I'd love and my Boortz has suggested a lot I really do Jimmy Fund away I really but I wasn't mine that was attacked her okay what texture summons and I don't fund I really like that but Todd makes an inch before we take a break point. He said why not separate. Tonya are keys legacy with the yawkey foundation. And while you can't because the money. That the Red Sox made the money that Tom jockey made is the yawkey foundation you can separate the two can't chew because all the good it's been done with the Iraqi foundation. It's certainly a 180 compared to what Tom yucky spent four years ago. I'm just saying as a minority. If they changed the name tomorrow. We'll have no effect on my wife whatsoever. I thought I was a minority in the show you. We got like if you look like Jane brown mustard and Johnson more after this lured the. Watch Sports Radio 93 point seven. It WEEI dot com. Well Hulu I'm. I have to work on this story for awhile taking it from different approaches about what exactly goes into. Our street name change in the city possible involvement. Of looking at those angles and record a charge and they're very empathetic. And. Well all of like out all the believe it. Last night he got activated has a lot more communications today. But became forever Lou I was gonna just ask them now why. Are you ready to make a change now that's not why not and so. Just do it and in your diet you know I I included everything that I doubt he news included in this story. And then there's pretty strong or stronger the response and. Frankly aren't reflecting it. As the Boston herald's Michael Silverman on WEEI this week earlier waited rob Bradford and Chris Maloney. Talking about how this all came about how we called John Henry. And asked for comment about changing a street name and led to this these strong comments about John Henry being haunted. By the name yawkey way your fault lines are lit up about this we'll be right back to wood four we do Larry. Have a quick question at 8 o'clock tonight when you turn on the pitcher's game will you be disappointed if Tom Brady is not plan. Absolutely not I don't wanna play and pick up. A back up back up. Left back and Fleming who has been our guests and practices I just a risk so I'll answer it this way. It be disappointed he's not planet while watching Tom Brady play not but I condition but I agree with you. Do we not such short memories. That we forget anybody that wants to argue that Brady needs to play because he has to get up to speed for the all important week three preceding eight they can't just every round running edging for the past that we are these teams they've had this to reasons I think why that's nonsense number one breaks practices like he plays yeah you can't replicate the speed of the game number two do we forget last year in week three. When Brady was like caged animal on the sidelines with the bands around his waist trying to get in and then when he came in in the game notched up like ten levels he threw 33 yard touchdown pass to Chris Logan and legally. My goodness rock gonna have that's for the first four weeks. And by the way to steal your famous line Larry he missed the first four weeks of the season or California while they're so he does. Need to play it week to the reality is that I am too many exhibition games okay that's that's on top of your question. Have too many damn exhibition games it's ridiculous Italy one simple question and he place and I what do they have to gain. Nothing. Keeping him and you know shop but he went shopping this in the images. We mortar risk in the game dogs in Gloucester where mustard and Johnson got her idea. So page I'm gonna lie. Doing good. So one as he looked around a little bit. So I went to the last Israel in May and these people are being let go over TV. Which people. McDonald on any sort of qualify he went to the rally as one of the protestor what's been just kind of sum it up yeah. Treat you like and the patriot. Was in the them that then go on the side but not on anti you know the far left that trump speaks well. So these people. All my guess they're being paid by the LAPD. And they're coming into the rallies. Obviously computing you pay because your phone shut off points he passes go to David and cars next David has some thoughts on yawkey way hi David. All right undergo. Expand on this show a lot. Soledad too far out radical politics as well I'm not just a thought occurred to me over the weekend but discussing it sort of rally. That you know Jackie Robinson's numbers obviously memorial I never thought art. In the natively. And I got to bank that satellite market they only ballpark. That's right outside if you have a street named after pat was not record as calling in the N word and the only. Right and so to me what I like the equivalent to media capital Robert. You know on Malcolm X all the artists on select them Barton package that all our sides just don't Wear our economy that have and I hit it. If itself and acted as believe that god has frequently got to improve the relationship between the in the minority. Then fired it's for the better at so I I just wanted to get that out like just the fact that we memorialize. Our ultimate Robinson and all part of it. You know you gotta got right outside the street and now there are there street. I think and I think it's an interesting point David but I would say this. The people that want to get all hot and bothered about what harm jockey Stewart for years ago. Have the right to do so how Weber I think it falls a little bit flat because of the fact that Jean yawkey in the rest of the people that represent the hockey foundation. Ever since Tom yawkey died have done everything in their power. To sort of change the legacy haven't they ever went on and you say yucky way what do you think of I say yawkey way I think of honestly what I think got. When I'm I'm gonna offend when I think of yawkey way are you think of Utah street with the Orioles cause that's what they built it after they wanted to an atmosphere down there that you rally Wrigley Field like Camden yards and you can hang out on the streets in the. All part that's when I used to bother me alive and then that afternoon real yeah are you kidding Willie amazed. Why does he get those in. Ought to get those Enders are the field. Joining named as yucky way you you thought when I think when I went down there and I'd see you can't help now that it's right outside the will call window that you see the sign here. It did bother me because I'm December to have like at his name out there for. But after I mean you just become in different I think that's what happens in a lot of people you become indifferent to some of these things. I don't mind them changing it I just don't wanna stick on this violent campaign of examining now while these different. Statues. And whatever else out there announced that tearing things down left and right I mean. I'm ready I'm interested working on you wanna get on list. Well in this case it's his it's his team. An army has nothing to do with the name is doesn't buy it as a matter when he drives into that. Ballpark and they and the packer lineman. Is cat turns a corner and he sees that street sign out there advisors OK so he's already got. I'm contrary to some I'd give them the benefit of the doubt if that bothers him. And he's got to make a campaign of trying to rid of it while he's already. Made his statement John Henry gap he's haunted by it doesn't change the he's ought. Well it doesn't I don't I if I mean. I haven't thought about the yawkey legacy for years when I go to Fenway Park maybe it's because of the professional men maybe it's because. I think of the Red Sox and a whole different way maybe because in my lifetime. They have never been there's never been a dearth of African American ball players at Fenway pumps he green and and also. I mean you wanna at all into this and diversity and inclusion how about the intricate trade from Pedro Martinez and changing Fenway baseball forever. But his threat from his name is not jockey. He's he was a Steward of the Red Sox and you know bring it to see nobody thing anybody's criticizing the Red Sox boring and as you said after you get past. You lesbians I think about it and I told you know I'm giving you reasons why bright because they've always been one of the most despite the fact I don't typically don't let us not quite African about his fans and sign Andre you've got to look at what I want I that's another great question I don't know Larry I don't know that is that the money always it is people say they don't give a damn about me I don't care about them. I don't know I don't know let's go to Alison in Cambridge. That process while allows more used to writing used to writing music. Well spent I'm disappointed I couldn't. He just wanted to see I think. Usually the independent. And then they ultimately wouldn't. Until it was evident that alone. I think I'll look at everybody. That they have been. It is a black woman. Backup. It's important that publicity for who let the fact that he started when he when you get the fact of what. Even par. And we headed into the angels came out and police in the independent political team was running like. Everybody in the new England and I have a feeling that the people of course when he presented to in fact I'm just directly into Iraq. And even. Went. Out to the people who have been. I didn't people who have been getting into the Internet with the instruments have been indoctrinated that Islam Jihad. And that they would fair if anything outside of let. It's. About having not having the worst week I think people we didn't want to have any American. It is not about this all the things that connect. And everywhere. I wouldn't everything blew it and we haven't that they would have gotten there. Now they wouldn't have gotten it they wouldn't of that is so deeply entrenched they would not have gotten it. But yet the people that matter the people who did go and enjoy themselves a much Pedro and though and Lou in the light. That's important but there's certain people out there and they so ingrained. I'm with hate and bigotry and all of these other things that. They would not have gotten it if Pedro came around to the crowd and talked to a Stearns. Final hour of mustard and Johnson coming up after this. After rest John too mossy and Alex Roemer then John Tomas in Kyle Draper from one to three and then Vinnie Picard. From the 99 restaurant and saw this today that's UW the guy Sports Radio lineup for this Saturday stick around a more calm.