Mookie Betts Player of the Game Interview 09-12-17

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, September 12th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts who had two 2-run Home Runs and a 2 RBI triple as the Red Sox rout the Oakland Athletics 11-1 in the series opener at Fenway. Mookie talks about getting his swing back, and the dance he did tonight after the win.


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We'll keep matches whether it's a boutique congratulations. You hit them for rocket that I want to lose that caught by the third baseman but six RBIs. It must have really thought through the groove yeah. Darwin Day. Two. I think he had about 850 feet home runs and I think that the that the birds first one was the that it was a changeup over the middle next Melissa left a little bit in wasn't yeah. They've. And yet the triple off the wall right sanctity that was going out to naught but it didn't catch it just about not have a copilot do so. I think he's there on the field well yet they are opposite field home run over the past keep phobia that I haven't that stupid. And we're gonna you know I definitely hit back backlash a funny thing too is that I don't know people realized I think you only have three home runs to the writer's second base is not right. You know without the far right the fifth at. We know you're only the second Red Sox player ever 20/20 season home runs and stolen bases. And the first ever to do it back to back two years in this. That's great combination of pirates may yet feel good about that gap in. To let's. In the. Look at what is it upon hitting when it can be contagious like it was starting in the news in the second inning. I really don't look like the shop was set up first and second nobody out in the first in the and then in the second inning all of a sudden things just started to go what is it about their hitting being contagious sometimes. And I that this year it's just I guess you see. Guys can it's him against them I know changes. You grew up in the book there and you raise it to those dislike one of those things right if it's kind of momentum. And really watch Eddie Rodriguez to pitch like that gets his first win them. Since may 26 but he really threw the ball while with nine punch outs only one hit DA did. You off balance there's going through a lot of fastballs too so. Know it yet life on it. Spells fun but I'd. Now I'm Roger do the dance at the end of the game he did better this time it wasn't his solo so you know it's kind of hard in the best. Thanks fan anyway I want make sure and we look regulated news staff tonight did out of the new and I gotta I gotta get back on Twitter and get a couple more this. You have a name for. That's called the Bernie. That's called the burning man ever for a and but Joseph doesn't sometimes between innings the right that this that just to keep loses I think. But congratulations boo yeah that was agreed that a lot of fun to watch I think. Right we'll keep that last that we talked to be used times in 1980 Kiki. They know that China and the heat you know in the great read. I'm ball hit counts are right center field and you guys who would you look at I'd watch anything different from the but the as it has sometimes science to the game sometimes there there's just reaction and ability and and and natural talent he's got that. Why he has an olive. To go whether it's two award winning personality character. Wonderful young man Red Sox win at 1101. As they now are four games in front of the Yankees who lost to Tampa Bay to see you at Citi Field.