MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred with Joe & Tim 09-05-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 6th

Joe & Tim talk with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred about the report that the Red Sox are being investigated for using an Apple watch in an attempt to steal signs from the New York Yankees. They also talk about pace of play in baseball and Pete Frates Day in Boston


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You are short as he investigation now stand with the accusations that. The Red Sox have made against the Yankees in the Yankees against the Red Sox. Well we're in the process of investigating both complaints com it's been ongoing for. A number of days and I'm hopeful will be resolved reasonably quickly with a decision astute to what should happen with a respectable for the points. When you first learned of the her first complaint number and the counter complaint were your reactions right away. Well I think one thing that's important to remember Tom there is never has been a rule against stealing signs on the issue. With respect to signs relates to the use of electronic devices. We had allegations of this before we head actual situations where it's occurred before. Com and my overall reaction was you know this very competitive situation not unusual that you have this type but it charge and torture. As you say many accusations in the past about the other teams to answer any precedent for penalties. I'm not gonna talk about. Precedent for penalties because I'm not sure exactly what I had in terms of violations at the tech. Knology can sometimes be a good thing sometimes not a guess you know just the old fashioned eyes and ears in terms of stealing signs. That this seems like you were take it to the next level I'm not I'm not necessary level nobody wants. Well I think that's why we have rules about the use of electronic devices and aid if in fact. Bomb it turns out that one or both who were improperly using electronic equipment we will take appropriate action disciplinary action. It's been this occur and Eric disciplinary action mr. commissioner. The Yankees and the tigers. Had that fight to suspensions were handed out within a day or two. But we're not served for over ten days in what is the policy in that regard him when suspensions are served today. Well it's long been in the situation in baseball the league players appeal mom the suspensions are held in abeyance until the appeals and hearings can be held. Normally we try to get that done within ten days you when you have a large number like this it becomes more difficult. I'm I don't think there's anything unusual. Calm. About the processing of these complaints you have to remember. Players are entitled to appeal discipline. And you can't take him off the field before that appeals been heard to see kink in the games back. And speaking of games are back to today's winners this afternoon's winners. We're again not knowing what discipline could be there I heard you say earlier that games wouldn't be in question. Yeah I didn't say that earlier but Tom you know I don't think there has ever been a situation with a violation of this type where. On game results wins and losses have been altered. We talked a lot of outpacing game when you were on when this earlier the pitch clock. I've ever any plans to limit catcher and infielders visits to them how we seem to be increasing every game. On this a topic that we're currently discussing with the players association Tom I've said before publicly something that I'm interested in. We're at a point in those conversations where Tom I can't tell yet it exactly where we're headed but it is something that's been on the table. In the conversations with the MLB gave been very positive. And are here in Boston today for Pete Freddy's and ice bucket challenge when more positive stores received come out of that situation. Yeah I mean Pete Pete treaties. But really an amazing recognition to have today BP crede stay in Boston. He's an inspiration. On me he is taken adversity and turned it into an amazing positive. It in terms of moving the fight against dale west Florida I can't say enough good about Pete. Pizza and clean and that treaties foundation. And they connection with a baseball has been going on for generations. Well I think one thing that. The crease foundation. It gets real credit worries. Reminding us. How important the fight against sale last system baseball how closely to Beilein who baseball and energizing the baseball community and support the effort.