The McDaniels Backlash

Mut at Night
Wednesday, February 7th

Mut and Keefe are talking about the largely negative reaction that Josh McDaniels decision to back out of the Indianapolis Colts Head Coaching job to stay with the Patriots as their offensive coordinator. They get caller reaction as well, and debate if this will be a black mark that follows McDaniels through the rest of his career, and if his word carries any weight in NFL circles anymore.


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I'm very disappointing day from Chris Fallon out in the press conference this morning Monday night Sports Radio WEEI to Cairo. He took the high road essentially yeah they turn out like a little bit of a jab at the end we'll do that at all. Rivalries back on ban. The bad but I doubt we can definitely not. I wish it was at I was I was an area where it's gone these two teams had a rivalry that really don't right now maybe they will going forward but I wish I want it more from a Chris Ballard today wanted all that the status in the back we talked to us yesterday an hour later is the longer the coaching at this of the altar. He wouldn't do it and so we are left with Indianapolis fans and agents and NFL like talkers to be doing that. We're bloody sound for over the next four hours and we will hope that we get as much news we got tonight. As we did last night during the show your phone calls at 6177797937. Map that map Patricia introduced today in Detroit he's the longer the story. The story continues to be Josh McDaniels and as much as people want to. Talk about family and stability and other reasons why he's still that coach or so the office coordinator here in New England. Irene is convinced as I was last night when the news broke that there has to be some sort of assurances. I'm tied to Josh McDaniels being here. As head coach post Bill Belichick for him to of did the colts thirty like he did last night. Who also want them I mean this is just a terrible look if you're Josh McDaniels again you base it off its head coaching track record. One and a half years or ever was in Denver on that did and many had to come back to New England to his reputation. Back in good standings are you get a head coaching job. They basically takes one that backs out last minute. So if you're older around the league large wanna do that I know I don't time heals all wounds guys get all these other chances but. Either a couple years ago appoint right back that like well you don't wanna happened to you would it would happen India couple years ago. So I think it would have to be here I think would also have to be relatively soon which is terrifying as a pitcher CI. I had a different take I do think down the road. He could eventually be a head coach somewhere else but he's gonna miss a window here the next two or three years they'll be a bunch of prime jobs. That pop up and obviously retreated the colts job he would have been eligible those for those jobs anyway but by. Treating the colts the way he did it. He is crosses name Opel now for the next two or three years the only way he makes it work. Outside it only went to. Is by winning here at a really high level again they went as the other Super Bowl or two and some crazy scenario with Tom Brady Bill Belichick still as head coach I guess that he could spin it. They get the job but in the short term. He has no show and writes tonight he's right he's he's toxic he's a toxic commodity right now in the NFL and so to do that and to put yourself on the firing line the way that he did. They didn't put in writing. But I think it's pretty clear when Bill Belichick walks away after next year rafter 2019 or 2020. He will be the coach I heard a burp rear. Talk about this today of one of these little musical MM QB video type thing with the hostage type video but he talks probably isn't the patriot that he's a care. Any suggested that he had heard that. But Dale's gonna get like a four or five year extension. He had a year left on his deal anyway and assistant coach usually get one to two year deals and eggs you can pick them up every one to two years. That is a massive commitment to Josh McDaniels I don't think there's any scenario. Would Bill Belichick turning 66 and April. And he's going to be coaching by another five or six years so read into what you want. I'm convinced more than ever that this is about. McCain is taking over head coach at a transition of that job out why it took this long to get to this point why didn't talk about it's a month ago two months ago whatever that's what we I don't know what doesn't make a lot of sense but. You know maybe it was a situation rich where they they saw a drop global Altidore and set off we are not letting our back up plan for the for the quarterback and head coach leave us. The in my iPhone would be if the Bill Belichick who had told the crafty communicated with them what his timeline was. Before but maybe now the time lyzard short of analysts' and they said wait a minute if you're tired beat coach and one more year. We can't let mcdaniels though is that the tertiary indicator of polls go returning bill at this point told. Josh the timeline was if you believe that and reports. All the meetings war bella check craft craft and mcdaniels met and that's already been on what I want to know what else is being said that meaning except for. Hey bill what do you think I might take over and what can you do for me. If I stay here are saying hey Josh what do you think Alex are we need to get your thoughts hunger Josh can you cholesterol that's all we talk about these meetings don't need you to talk about ten Guerrero have an office back in the building in the final addition a Tom vs Auburn episode by the converse is time. But I he had extra support Tom Brady in the fan we Swede now idea they're too let's stating I don't know Mike reset a lengthy break down today Here is a brief snippet of his explanation. As to why it could be he's still here and not McCain is still here and that I have a separate civil questioning tonight for patriot fans. They want to laugh about it at the highest level with owner Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick Jonathan Kraft and they say would you consider say. If we did this and the big question is what is this and they were in tune with things unfold. It really needs not react in a shift here number one. Bill Belichick said to him. I want you to be by my side coming up opened my world you show you these how I view you're building I like the big financials and the salary cap. And to mcdaniels lost 41 years old. The chance to be with Belichick arguably the greatest coach of all time 65 years old to have that opportunity. With you would add to be extremely valuable to him. And the second part of this. That appeal to Josh McDaniels was when the patriots sort of sold him on the idea that his kids you report 12106. And three. Would have stability because they were willing to make a long term commitment to him that in this coaching profession it's hard to have your kids. In the same school system for their entire youth but they were willing to make a commitment to him from a timeframe perspective. That that was possible so Josh McDaniels. Take that information that he didn't have Macs up to this point I mean this is Tuesday. And he didn't have that information. Now we did he get them in that decision do I stay with the patriots are two I'd go with the coal. Hold up for question why he didn't have that what's gone on there with a time when you write that second part. And everyone has that Reese chapter current family family family it is a nice. Byline and distort and on ice by search and I think you're right the nice thing to promote like family family family. It should be dropped what would it be quarterback in Indianapolis. Josh McDaniels and have a new school and a new house in new playground picked out. Five weeks ago this is about the job itself and the opportunity here in new win console family might have been a small percentage of it. Rich I don't believe for a nano second. That family it's as big of a concern. As everyone's reporting here tonight the nice spin to it but I'm not why did he have a cameo to a month ago Jergen immaturity and install as they remember oh wait a minute. Well why don't wanna move well pudge. Up there what that does it makes like less of a date for not taking the colts job well when you say Sam Malia makes you look less of a jerk believe in the cold to the gulf Arabs are items that they keep saying fan I'm sure there are coaches who do make moves faced off there and their family but there are so many that we know don't. It's ridiculous our Urban Meyer he left that our health and family Florida I'm probably done in Ohio State by two years these. I think college football vascular dirtier than pro coaches but probably they'll probably at the same kind of thing league if they had figure if they had a better situation there chords and what so what say the patriots we've done a contractor who was with her is under contract for the patriots for next year. Or was anyway right so before the success yes it's not like he was looking for jobs he had a job for one year. So if Kraft and Belichick don't come to him yesterday and say. Hey will you stay here's more money more years. He went on in the event anybody would have gone Indy with his family you had taken its family and gone to Indy had crap Ackerman and and change his count he's using family as a shield in this case from the slings and arrows the national media and the national NFL people. Burying him. For doing the colts dirty and really for typical for second duties as the coaches sign their during the guys who sign and jobs through those guys got jobs got the Tony Dungy Chan sharper buried them and to be honest look. We evolved on this rich you know kids yet you will eventually do this. You'll use your kids as defense they'll build myself a bit of weekly they'll be well and I'm saying off the year did that he and he did on the radio on a year to. But they'll be some event some your your wife your whites. Coal workers Christmas party. You'll lights coworkers or people back to co workers that's on that's not really here's a story is something you don't wanna go out there and guess what you eventually do. IDF did a lot my kids are sick yeah I can't go that is what what do you say to somebody says let's underdog young go so well. No nobody out of big I don't know I don't west Annika for second if you drive around listening pretending he's not on this ports we have all done issued you to keep to get out of things. That's a mcdaniels that's what the spin on this is doing. Getting mcdaniels out of the hate of the colts' media in the national media and saying family it was a small percentage of it it was not the big percentage of the big percentages. You can coach this team doubles you don't tee you can coach the team you don't take that you'll verbally take the jobs are hiring a staff and Nelson the last minute. Oh my god course a lot and I got to move squads. And yet it happens every day people move school's all time guess what during seven million dollars and that'll be a little bit easier to move schools that Stanley would be in a new school in beautiful city of Indianapolis in the patriots had not set a Josh. Wink wink nudge nudge your the next guy after bill and by the way bill's gonna tell you his time either this year or next he's gonna give you all the secrets as well and so did the aid we're gonna play a bunch of sign here tonight by a very simple question to start. It appears to need Josh is the head coach in waiting would you agree that yes. Our patriot fans OK with that now because last night it on me more about the shock of it. It was more about the almighty god he's back this is great the patriots and it is bad for the COLT ended his. You've now seen Josh is act he saw and flame out Dan Greece on coaching pretty bad team there in saint Lou which you saw on the young of gig be wishy washy here at the end. Leave the colts where they were and appear back in New England. It's about the guy's gonna coach or team heard Luke talk about this today like this is OK to do I want this guy is not that committees Brady take the job at Indy now just hate that. Terrible it's a you're you're saying I don't love people as long as a coach now I wasn't sure I wanted to and anyway and then this whole little maneuver I think it makes them even more I can say I and I I bad gonna last night I use play a little Dick like ten time want to when he did verdict but did to the colts is is that. I think I'm actually okay with Indian head coach the patriots nearly and I get a lot of guys aside you know Ottawa well maybe not this case made it we we learned from the Super Bowl. And I was on the fence about this. I always thought that night on offense I leave the other way I thought bella check is more important and Brady I always had the article at people that I'd rather have area. I'd rather have bell let's check in Flacco. They say Brady and Harbaugh I want the better coach over the average quarterback at but after watching the Super Bowl. Well I'm sorry it's it's quarterback I was wrong willing to admit that and so going forward. I have seen Josh McDaniels. Worked really well the high level quarterback in Tom Brady. I've seen Josh McDaniels develop Jimmy Rob Lowe into Arnold he's a top five top eight top ten quarterback when he is right now. Eight top upper Echelon top tier quarterback in the NFL that I work will drop one on that a city or tell people. Thank quarterbacks most important position that you better have a guy that can work with quarterbacks and he might be kind of a dink. He might be wishy washy this guy can coach quarterbacks he runner offense. A mile border gain of being the next guy's patio either 2019. He also coached the St. Louis Rams Jersey office recorded for the rams for Hazen and they scored the fewest amount of points in the league Al the while ago. And he was in Denver and their offense was kind of in the middle of the pack and got worse and even make after his second year. So amassing guys can't get better look at Bill Belichick could be just took him from Cleveland maybe you were a warrant them in new England and had that been the greatest coach of all times some foreign guys get second chances. But everything he has done not in New England has. Been very underwater. And he drafted Tim Tebow. I hate how they're they're different Marshall out of there it's a bad track record but I think the the relationship with Brady. It men's a lot of fences here in a way inland and and I'm not that it. B is it's a scared as. Michael Irvin sounded today yeah I think about this so make deals this year in part because as great relationship but re entry the crafts at some levels said. OK if what it would bills here I'm gonna hire new head coach to coach Tom and I am sure that led to the acceleration and it can make Daniels here. Well who better to still be here when Johnson's coach the Brady like I I'm sure there's some part of them that thinks it'll help us out year one with Josh as head coach. Possible as it is an area everybody buys in so. I I actually looks better be a year to right where Brady and Josh revolt the year and the crafts. Kind of sort of walked that because you don't worry about the guys buying an adjuster Brady still. His mouth not his mouthpiece but his his guide your organization right that would transition process yeah I so I wouldn't rule out. A you know everybody's back for next year and the year after that spell check is gone McCain of that coach Brees the quarterback at age 42 yeah. Maybe it's 43 as he was well lately yet at this point at a pace up forty based on forty yeah immediately regret. I say I've I've operator or three years ago he said five I think two or three is much more realistic so let's say he's done after age 43 season. Now materials that two years where you would assume just having Brady alone you're ten wins even even without Belichick now. That's a huge loss bought Brady is so good. You saw a lot of young guys on the roster so it's not yet to think about all that's going to be such a different looking roster a lot of same guys back if some young good players on both sides. But then that your after that that's where where things to be announced them. Well this is where it's going to be a huge thing for nick serie a stick around and I know projecting had a couple years and should repeat your fans who are. While look at next year in the draft and build the team but I'm looking ahead here for second. This area played college football and John Carroll is great piece a right Hannibal on the web site. You detail their relationship. And I think that's part of it too they they know that this area is here to pick the groceries he's been a huge part. Obviously Belichick credits and all the time all the different things that he's done. If if they're gonna make this work he sort of has to be here to. It's not only do I think that Josh McDaniels is the head coach. On this team I think it's 2019. And I'll think you're gonna say anything exits a Smart thing because I don't think Bill Belichick rich. Wants the Dave Ortiz sent off I went to coach this team. Tell nobody's leaving leak it out the week yeah he's got the post season that's what I just move on or not leak out at all there's anyone who could part. Any code editors there is Belichick who could not allow this to get out. I mean it's it's bill mean he could to. Go through an entire year. Without anybody knowing except for mcdaniels and craft and quicker sham it is in my last year while we're at I think what I went and other government aren't you wait for new quicker ship's story yet each day you at this point that's the next shoe to drop is that what you're champ ball. Because he's probably working on something to get the the whole Malcolm Butler story figured out ray whatever wherever he has sources are is doing gather them all the other to the Butler story. But that there's so much more to it then there's the mcdaniels or the news you'd corporate tiring like the patriots. They're the best team I thought this year another loss but the other they're the best team all year and the best story and that they are. Soap opera of all the stuff going around here in the Nazis it's it's it's it's all like you the for those let's follow the Red Sox before they won their first World Series like run 2000 but it feels like that that much stuff yeah a rod stuff every the biggest deal everything and and right now it is because you lost the coordinator. You head coach many bone headed move. By not playing Malcolm bore the Super Bowl which is bull who will still talk about tonight is scheduled for knock he's ready about it in the Boston Globe. Are your your second best defensive player didn't play enact gain your quarter it was about to leave now he's staying. It seems to signal the beginning of the end for Bill Belichick he seems a loss of bunch power struggles here recently. With Brady crap there's a lot to discuss and it now a question on top of that. A like dad is pretty simple addition all the stuff at 6177797937. Bleed like rich and I do that McCain is is that coach in waiting. Are you OK with it or you now pissed off and a second level that you'll want this guy I heard those calls today and those aches today. Based on the way Josh hailed the Indy thing people want and as head coach I don't one guy doesn't want anywhere and I Shannon Sharpe. Mcdaniels today on TV we'll hear that and get your calls 6177797937. Day three of the aftermath patriots and Eagles. Mott and key Sports Radio W media. Bill Belichick your first gold. Talked about it yesterday accord Belichick you go back and what about you agreed to take digit job. It's been a day later he of that that what he did so Josh McDaniels. This also appealed the judgment and it was beautiful sleek that everybody thought well. It's hard for me to believe that he doesn't get their vehicles and English. That delivered his job because at the end of the day skipping situation what if all you have to work yup very heavy preferably. We're having a press coverage all we have its wishes today to about argue their coach judgment day. Committed filled me with the crowd didn't know that you're yesterday that I think that you had except that. Good job to go through it and of course we know. But now all of us but made a good way out. I'll let you. Because judgment day would eventful for me this what we know. When he called to operate. You know of the bubble was born about a bit more about if they fail true he went to shiver he was seventeen he called league the Saint Louis you know he was birdies that. Italy bird to team. I Shannon Sharpe and others digging their I teeth and Josh McDaniels Tony Dungy did so as well we'll read some of that stuff throughout the course the program starting with mcdaniels and the patriots Mott at night's Sports Radio. WEEI average people long 617779. 7937. In the phone number in addition to all these still conspiracy theories of what happened here what's going on it'll get back. Or that X three and half hours pretty simple question are you OK with the idea. That McCain is gonna take over as soon as 2019 in my mind as head coach the patriots rich is not I am because of the quarterback. Abilities the issue on work with Brady and also maturing to be drop blow from whatever was when he got here to. And all and quarterback in the NFL I don't think it's the only right now everybody has played well everybody looks like your coach with Brady doesn't mean they're they're not good coaches. But everybody Charlie Weis on for how it plays Ronald and I think that's is as important as Brady here's the high heat and they'd ever had he'd on the second round equivalent passed on ice pick in the Belichick jumper or short oh OK but I also turned him into. The shortage or price hottest commodity not alive it was against college settings thing how much is mcdaniels here for Ryan never who's in and outside I don't know I'm Tom mcdaniels working with the Rob Lowe. Specifically turn him into a a player yet heading get the best return formats on bill yes but now is considered in San Francisco up to five or six games whatever one's. As a top ten quarterback annaly I think it's gonna get 25 million dollars a year that is in part due to mcdaniels tutoring of that. Other parties he's a good player I am right and got part of it I think. You know bill O'Brien look they're a great quarterback who rule we used Tom Brady that he asked to go through like ten guys fully funds to Shawn Watson. Charlie Weis never never did it in the NFL but he went to college had success of Brady Quinn we didn't even recruit and then nobody else after that. So I think rating does make everybody look better and sure if once they grow up will find. But pencils liver small sample size and there's nobody else there's there's nobody else even to the hangar I agree but I don't know anything about him one of the options the other options out there who you feel confident in the be able to develop and he'll pick out with this aerial Belichick that ex quarterback because that. That is as important. And probably a little more important. Then replacing Belichick at this point all right scenario and we don't we don't rule we don't know is mcdaniels and I don't think he has a lot to do right now we've roster construction so. What did you tell us yes or no on drop lower yesterday on mallet a note none of that is is true. I just. I also I this is such a bad look for him. That. I know he's staying with you organization but what does that say about my I just. As the person to say I'm gonna be your coach of our shake hands say I'm going to go to you know it let's meet twice and we'll start hiring some of the coaches. Well wait now amount I got a better deal amount. A cuts that would Belichick in New York though not really Belichick almost it was I don't wanna burn there was so much OK I was already at bat owner in New York bad owner and it I don't own eyes and no public and is fueling the heat on the staff for the jets and and Bill Parcells is like I'm out belts it's gonna be your guy meanwhile Robert Kraft and sending faxes to the jets because they want to interview him. They don't even show on there and let him interview anywhere else. There owner died they had the Hess guy call the shots until Woody Johnson. Who in the two bills documentary apparently adults acted wanna work with I don't know what their history is phased out and I'd wanna be with a with Woody Johnson so. You didn't know who was gonna own the team. And he's being told basically going to be the head coach that he bails on it that's different body Daniels willingly going to interview with the cold advertisers stay several times. Understand all that but the difference but Billy jobs so we were doing Bill Belichick kind of a date when it comes to coaching his team. At some level he's a ruthless guy who makes decisions best for him and the team. That's mcdaniels made a decision best herself it's a bad decision for the colts he left them high and dry. But I don't think that personality trait precludes him from being a bad coach I want a guy who can develop and coach quarterbacks I know mcdaniels can do that. We just watch the Super Bowl where the quarterback for Bible five. And Doug Peterson include corporate quarterbacks turn to backup nick pulls. Inappropriate for something he had excellent quarter on quarterback quarterback ordered the anti does get a quarterback Mary details. Maybe bill and our bloggers and outlets I don't I don't know if they ever while I'm out I think he. He's not going anywhere because of family pin you could get well definitely I've had mics in Boston at 6177797937. Mike what's going on. They get veto on the night. Tailored. Terminal materials are on YouTube question. You don't I you don't only quite concerned that thinks all the rich immune. You know at the end of the day some some guys have been a you know affect the captain did not general and and it and that is no question that acting notes offensive mind in what he's done. You know with this offense in the end with these quarterbacks you know it's it done a great job but. You can look at some that the biggest criticisms. Coming out of Denver it was just. The way we interact with others coaches do we manage situations. Just that as head coach estimated John a day in and day out and maybe he's learned from from that media it but you know one of the thing so question I have to you know I wondered. I'm wondering in in getting him to come back to New England in a co chair of and and I think you are a good point mark with a cereal and that's huge piece at a lot of people haven't haven't talked about and now I think he's. You don't want the tester man personally in what he dozens. You know I think overshadowed by dollar check but you know Q do you think that it will it bring him about it you know there. You know the next quarterback in this upcoming draft that hill. Because we think about it. All he's a Mike if the quack. The question is is he gonna have a say with this aerial peeking out that quarterback and second or third round because hell yes he has. Yes and I don't you think I think is it's going to be I could see Belichick staying two or three more years and giving you know and and and genial screw and a quarter after the Brady transition I could be wrong analogy could be gone after a year. But nom I you know I think the other component is quick with McKinnell can you know spell checking in the and it sounds as coaches I think we're bella checked out. You know when he needs to have the angels in no that is it's 22 with someone that they antitrust because you know he's gone out of his way to to bring up this show. And I thought my. Might that might that's a good point or I'd that the longer called it's a good point that if you have that transition is from bella checked mcdaniels. The Belichick is yours long's that under whatever position Josh we'll have those counts also that that's. I feel actually good for built I do feel like if they wanted to joined now Patricia staff he might take one of our guys Brad what I did little Ohio State you know I guess I'd be there and play well let's if they like New England right there straight out half the guys that crafts will be healthy and we hear dead right and that's key for billed as a transition for bill might just be. Going from head coach in staying in the organization I don't at some level rightist president for a couple of years I think going to be two time ago could be putting a lot of pressure on mcdaniels because. If Belichick is still there certainly was one call every day to respect what he's going to take over the tonight I had a big I of the best coach there organizations are there three and out they almost lost those two that one game I also like the idea of McCain is picking the next quarterback has maybe can grab another Tim Tebow on the first round. But that's definitely got in Rouse aggressive Ralph what he got. Hey guys personable it is unethical and took a look at it is yeah it was a very ethical what he did real cream yet but you know it's funny because. It's his decision. And every time typical that we assumed everything this. Every reaction that it well played one game that should peninsula Russia which were able or peculiar you know but the thing to tackle what are. To bet is that over here is how dysfunctional this organization as. If it was shut out this optional. Yes what are the main characters coming back in in what I'll find what ever happens we're oh checked. Even thought of that too sweet and Minnesota people all point should we Philadelphia. Political prisoners connection and that's what we need to book I want to turn the page this is a good way to do it this is bill's. Lush picture I'm fine with Josh picked. I am too idle rich and many others are not as for the organization. Vick this this stability this adds Barbara mcdaniels back. And the two other coaches they're coming with them cannot be overstated because there we're gonna go this huge overhaul. It's up and thought about until today. Was that there was a me a new guy work with a brace of bravely forty going on 41. He's only work with certain guys he likes certain coaches. Enroll in the last 32 or three holes of his young career. He's gonna get a new coordinator work for the it's Chad O'Shea somebody's been there that probably would have bin. I don't think difficult rich but it would have been something to keep an eye out and I don't worry about that. In the final years for race are all those guys that's a huge get for the team I don't talk with him being the office according obviously they've had great results I just. As soon as I heard the news last night. My first thought was maybe this is really. Shortening how much time Ellison from White House definitely I could agree more Ralph fees in Florida on the colts aspect of this they ralphie. Hello gentlemen. I am with eerie you know that the small game today. It and have a theory about this new deal deal like theories and yes and and you not gotten the patriots are very. Vindictive and and so what they have bad blood of course with the Indianapolis in the management so work. I can't believe that. Josh McDaniels. Just all sudden at the last moment decided to go ahead and in switch around I mean they've they've been declared for everything. So solo around the eerie. Is that. This whole thing with Josh retails Kona to Indianapolis. Worst area inside job. Your crazy man. So he caught he caught it all and it's so so. OK I get if you wanna they still pretend that this COLT paid two things a big deal they made trade they trade the filled bush said the only trader for Dwayne Allen. Right Greg's not there they don't hate the colts as much as some patriot fans at this point. One of bleeding due to deflate eight pieces basically are gone from there that haters out there but I'll put that aside. John McCain has hired guys like Matt whatever his name is from the cowboys made on the defensive coordinator. And then said thanks but no thanks to describe those guys. I mean most almost Toro iron and an organization they were not bailout they certainly not one guy in the cowboys and the guy for the bears I think. They were not get out of Iraq IA which is this just makes McCain has looked so bad and it's not worth now given the the cold some comeuppance for for you could be. Besmirch this way I am an ocean after that tweet last night it got a million retreats or patriot fans. I I don't. I don't think the set and you do with the colts now if it was an owner that Bob Kraft was really friendly width. And I only super probably would Jimerson. But what if it's what was the friendly craft guy who's another power broker Arthur Blank may be known I announced that it very it's true after that who is who is his. I don't even know who the next and all it's cracked three owner friends but whoever's best owner friend Jerry Garcia if they were hiring mcdaniels. Would they have plucked him back. And made the push or said well. There are you're already there. Yeah that I realized whom it is easier to do it to when Jimmer says yes and cities there yet odd days of the cape on Josh McDaniels a day. It was wrong dog Nigel and I'm 52 yard McDaniel and at guide but if he started to go. Draft a quarterback form I mean Davey said that I wanna recognize they get a first round two sectors that it will block this six or seven guys would be draft mayfield. What do you do bad that people so right. I act out like me to build nobody I tell you know I Ariel nobody's Tebow Tebow as his guide gave that. Couldn't throw the football and everybody look past that several look past the fact that he mechanically. Could not throw an F in football because again he won games any jump don't offenders are needed jump pass and he wins anyway and anyway and any lately when he couldn't throw baker mayfield could throw. The little guy decay of the little bit of a guy is a little time to celebrate a row will dues peppered all summer repeats her view report boy he's got a little. He's Smart he's our Senior Bowl legally cannot decide that a lot of good quarterbacks come. Is she writes unbeaten ball serial ball I think they have to give the guy even a bit of brook Trout. And rolled him easily this I'd Brady could be resettle there is kitrey. They're getting a quarterback him that there is now I'll say this there first and two seconds right he just said yeah it if they had the Cleveland pick. We Dari be turning the page to were they taken a taken Josh Rosen thank you Josh Talladega baker mayfield it'll what are they gonna do. They don't have that but I'm convinced now more than ever when his mcdaniels who they're going quarterbacks of Yuri patriots fan draft nick guy likes look at the quarterbacks. Let's Goldman nightly you can start digging into not the top tier guys but. Anybody that mid first round to the of that and the second round we think might be there. Start that start to be doing your draft works start to get Turkey committed to these guys don't want it taken somebody to probably get knots if you want to vacant trade they trade up they've done before very rare challenge on the trade up so late first into second half probably get you in the middle the first round if I wanted to bury all your draft currency in a quarterback so probably you can't get up to get that guy but he late first round when you look at the projections and I'm not on this recently. There were there were quarterbacks or grating up pretty high outside those first 45 guys that are gonna go others say outright Rosen and Allen and Arnold those guys after that. On paper mayfield could slip because of small you be so happens your faith there which are happier when they got Chad Jackson are Florida on or baker made so fast because he's only shows that he promoting his back checked with him like a guy. That he could really relied fast with the Florida as he sees the comfort isn't. He was here for 617779. Cincinnati 37 the phone number pretty simple McCain as the coach in waiting are you without the patriots and let the coach waiting. But he did it nearly a year away or two years away. You OK with that I'd be your coach that edition everything else would get to grow up next I'll get the ridiculous Boston Globe story called the pay too arrogant of all people. The Boston Globe once the cold of the organization arrogant that's amazing. Mott at night continues. One of the guys going after shots. Today he's Asian. Bob LaMont. Says today's greatest relationship to Josh McDaniels in the late. Of indeed now and still often supportive for the patriots surprising decision to turn down the colts head coaching job remaining offensive coordinator. Forming the patriots call my word is my bond. LaMont said told the slug sports journal does sports business journal once you break that. There's nothing left is from Jerry Maguire. My my bush could push it adds that word is stronger at oak sorry that Nokia says of her was right in the eye and say is now he's an anyway and now back to admire our air spoiler I'm meets him. If they support a source told ESPN. That LaMont was stunned Tuesday when McCain has informed they would not a typical job instead would stay with patriots. He expected a phone call for McCain goes through be questioned about preparation Bob applied it happened. I guess he told. The sports business journal that this was Paul committing professional suicide. And quoting source talking about. The mcdaniels here if he doesn't perform well here. It essentially is if you SE hopefully gonna get the job here anyway I did just that. His is a suicide because he's a coach the patriots at some point. Yeah at some point right and means no desolate desert civic so that's a desperate have to be conveyed. They haven't announced that obviously they can't make that offense well but. I think if you read between the lines it has to be because. I agree that partly or the next couple years what franchise but even interview him and so he still wants to be head coach it would have to be here artsy say next couple years yeah. AFC title game appearance is back to back years Brady. Won MVP close in an X by year three. All that professional suicide tag be knocked off the bolts of teams say the kids at least 43 years old. He worker Brady Belichick not going anywhere he's decided to stay long term said that happens some way shape or form. At that point after couple years doesn't get a job if the team performs the same. If 600 yards and oh all possible pipe on the problem is if they played this well that means he's still. Playing until February committee run the same thing right of the same issue where only two teams there are higher in their head coaches and I were committed to our guys were good. And Ellis February 7 in need to start looking again. Cited so I don't think those teams would now gotta a winner here is all this crap it cures a lot of it and maybe. Dale brought this up on your. Thomas to Mitch -- team order Bob Quinn's team Leno the other guy now but if you're if you're somebody was at maximum you're connected to the patriots. Maybe field but safer could you you know better and they win do you dirty and Toms and a car talking about Shannon sharp stake on this at all. Yeah I didn't want you know I never agreed with CNN sharp until I heard that take are struck by car that you just played bad yeah. A public static route about it because if you think about it on this guy. Disaster and amber he never really succeeded anywhere the only place she succeeded with the patriots. In the can think about it the easiest. Coordinator job on the planet is in the offensive coordinator the patriots because if you screw up. Radial pickle for years so Belichick ethical she sees that now. It is and this is a guy. Decision making I mean this guy walk back and forth that decided not to go to go. This is not a guy you want your head coach bill might take a little different. Look ahead of a different team now the patriot. Well see this guy to be your head coach. I. But the fact of the matter is that mean if you look at it from the way he waffled back and forth. In the way he's performed other places. Really think what there's only been one coach for Belichick's coaching tree district and idle at any kind of success. I I I love that is measured approach yeah I. Mean I'm me. As someone who follows the patriots I would have no problem and I think fans blogger com state rich does that they don't wanna see. Make yells and explode but that is the reality at this point that's lack of success whereas the coordination when Brady. I guess I don't think it's as easy is a we have Brady so it's easy bit late this year for example. No Julie settlement all year. In on line up is Chris hole you know a lot of was Rex Burkhead. And as we know now from commerce is time. Pretty demanding quarterback at the age of forty like he's got to go about his stopping certain way and you yell at him on the sideline he's going to yell back. Usually if if the team does not perform well guess what happens mcdaniels gets the heat not Tom Brady so I would argue with Tom in this sense I don't think it's as easy. As he just put it to be the coordinator for a Tom Brady office especially given what happened this year for this team. Well Don I am sure it's it's not simply obvious role balls up there ever the same time Brady has had success with. All three of his coordinators. You know he's he's winning Super Bowls earlier on that he. 07 things comic collector or change anyway and now it's all about him thrown for well over 4000 yards or four more touchdowns but he had success. He it would go O'Brien when when mcdaniels left their own materials came back. So. I don't know I mean it's more like. But Phil Jackson in a sense right we look at him in LA yeah he isn't he has to be good coach but he also has. Jordan and the Horry had Shaq go recently he's he's gonna have. Crazies excessive it's kinda hard to gauge it would you know he's working with the greatest of all. Well he also at some level we believe right. And sad sight Tom was part of this conversation another without obviously wanting better hours the connotation to craft some ballot check and make Daniels but. At some level Brady wanted this whether it's for selfish reasons that he wants him to coach over ballot check it that relationship is as bad as some people think I don't think we're there but. I think he likes having him aside from a buffer. Printed bill and I can talk to mentally I'm sure there's other voice notes a surprise or nerves on the rifle out Chrysler when he apologized to. As press conference he apologized for yelling immediately thought about all absolutely but I thought doubtless are that was a Monday game that was Saturday press conference yeah I think those Moreau de. Hey look NFL this is not a big deal so he I I have respect for him so if you're another team turn hired as a head coach you still should the should not stand in the way you would back to lower too with our entire team back to all squad there you go to rich key for the deal holly keep program Thompson Manchester. He joins us here Monday night hey Tom. Hey guys Andy North about it. I'm on the Mick McConnell and the ban on finishing actually most guys comment about it so reluctantly do it. You key your question I'm OK with making a fictional oh but I do have a concern. Basically because he took a blow torch to his reputation. On policy is gonna affect his ability if he becomes head coach. To do business with that the teams whether it's treaty draft picks or anything else you know it's gonna be. Something that's much ado about nothing or other coaches and GM's gonna take a look at this guy cook. This guy's got a history of reneging on agreements we can and we don't want it going one here. Yeah I can tell when it is and Tom it's a fair question I would say this if it's Josh McDaniels Peyton making the call just the channels all the sudden given. Complete control the patriots and I don't think we're headed that direction I think that just deals coaching this team next year. Buddy nick this aerial stays on there there's a when he when you look at it from 30000 feet that the the plan in place year. Involved mcdaniels. Brady in a scenario. Where Belichick after the next year or two he exits out. Brady is still here at that point working with Josh paid since then drafted a quarterback and his stereo stays on a as the real player personnel guy. These are guys who played together in college they get along very well. I don't write Hannibal wrong about this WEEI dot com they wanted to stay together one of the things that he kept Josh cheer was. The idea that at some point him in nick will be. Like bill and neck if he'll be the head coach here and nick Sara guy played college with eighteen won a national championship John Carroll. Would work together in the NFL. And so with this aerial making the calls I think it has zero effect. If somehow some way Josh and the brunt of the entire thing then maybe with the colts. It's an issue but that seemed like a long shot tell the patriots pulls right breaks and a major trades of the cold they send Kobe percent. They brought in Dwayne Allen so they had that they had no issues there. So seems hard without a B issues with transactions going forward. Teams up with who tonight hi Tim. I just want to. And aren't at one point but. Just look at the past about church notorious for that earns it there not be a year too early. Just looking you know that our soccer. We didn't trigger regime Collins and chairman Jones. I think what one night game and I think it straightaway that the core core she. I mean they want but they were you how can you say that they won last year timid or back in the Super Bowl this year. Well this'll this'll give a twenty. Eight points and you know. Although I I I understand that they won last year said it take you go back to Collins and Chandler Jones in year after they traded those guys in one and without them. How far back you wanna go like out at thirty years he wanted a hold moves over the team said they they prove they pool without them last year. Or another item in that article slamming you know there are a lot of a lot of great but places where they are struck out. It looked bad also. Yeah I guess work for cooks I I was critical him with him at the end of the year I thought he had a bad. Final month of the season four while the post season and and again on the of them who knows but not Cigna they would have won the Super Bowl. It Malcolm Butler played that's my opinion I don't know for sure talent field. If cook stays healthy and that's Super Bowl is a monster game. He gets a lot of those Chris Hogan routes those double moved those moves against the outside defensive backs of our bills and Ronald Darby. That's her Brady tact in in a bunch apportion the scheme. Am a dole and of course the outside and so those plays Phillip or set and a couple placing crystal with huge. If cook stays healthy is a monster game and it there's a lot of potential there with cooks. I thought I was may slightly underwhelmed. With the season based argument first round pick and there were some players their downs Coca taken late in the first round when that pick went to the saints were for cooks. What days explosive playmaker like that. And he saw that this year there were games there were stretches where cooks and Brady were on point and carry the offense. Sun not gonna second guess that I'm not gonna be shocked when cook has a monster year next year year two in the system. And really gets and he's here long term with the patriots but I just you can be critical of the moves they made. That's fine but I don't how how could legal back and start to reevaluate those moves years ago. In Collins and Chandler Jones respectively. When they won last year. And won in freaking epic fashion. 6177797937. As the phone we start McCain is welcome back talks and Rob Gronkowski. Rob wants to be an actor. To the patriots pay up for their tight end or levels dynamic that ends in in football history. We get to crawled in your calls much at night rob Bradford joins security Sports Radio W media.