Late Night - Who doesn't enjoy a good rant, especially when it attacks Roger Goodell. 12-07-17

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Thursday, December 7th

Hour 3: Ben Maller starts the final hour talking about if Tom Brady can become the oldest NFL MVP in league history. Ben also talks about Mike Mitchell's rant about Roger Goodell and how they handle suspensions in the NFL. 


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These these late night speaks. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard factor tonight. You too mr. overnight Big Ben Moehler let's get it going. League night on Sports Radio WEEI. Everybody's angry about something. Everybody's angry about something. And that's using your feet right and that's not bad that's not bad for business as we begin a another hour here on WE EEI. That would be bad valor in UAE in early Thursday in early Thursday morning in the conversation. We ate very fiery passionate conversation. We've we can continue this hour about the the Michael ruled one interview. On earlier with dale and Holley would he. And I do recommend the not blown smoke here it was who he was solid because Michael will bond who's. Politician politicians. That on the stuff forever. And he became rattled. He became route now the issue of the interview was about the Rob Gronkowski. Suspension. Rock away from the patriots still makes Tuesday. But it was more than that. Be 'cause he got into. Will bonds whose issues and he he got caught in a couple of things he's been saying. That were inappropriate inappropriate access the right word inappropriate but incorrect. Yeah that's the right or incorrect that would be The Who the proper way. You phrase that. Compelling. We'll see what happens next week that now. Tom Brady. There's a couple of things that caught my attention. Regarding Tom Brady one of them is involves would go back to it's a story that has been started essentially by ordeal back a month social media. And Beckham just released the video earlier today. We age. Compared what he's done on the sidelines with the giants to what Tom Brady's done here with the patriots. And especially again. Saying hey get a fair. Rise in these this these the video makes it seem like Beckham and Brady are mirror images of each right or use Beckham is just doing a carbon copy. Of Tom Brady with his antics on the sidelines facility. The question of whether or dot. Tom Brady is giving the kid glove treatment. As opposed to Odeo Beckham and other random players but let's just focus in on a little back of and Tom brake and the answer today is the same answer. That we had the other day when this became an issue the answer is yes. It absolutely top pretty gets different treatment in auto Beckham and that's the way it should be there there is eight pecking order in the NFL. There's you call a social order if you want and it's not about race it's about dominance. And Tom Brady's dominance. And the years and years of success he had him. A lot more wiggle room than photo and I have a probably go to open Akamai I think he's entertaining guy who die without him up pertaining to urinate like a ball. On the feel like could've done without that but hey it was I laughed at first round ask us to. Just to but they're not interchange. And I'd like to do Beckham the benefit of the doubt here. That. He's got to realize. That waited sports were cut. If you. Starting in little ego or pop Warner football Peewee football. If you're Coolidge did. Treat you differently. It and that scene rankings Yale is no different in other walks of life would read you throw it. I if you are. I'll just pick a random job here. Itemize itemize Abaxis salesperson. I use you're in sales. And you're the number one salesperson your column you sell more crap than anybody else. You have to give the dad and you are a authority. It's selling its. And then knee your coworkers okay. Got on top. Who think's gonna get all the perks from the com. The number one salesperson. If you're a police officer and you know you'd you'd get all these. Auditors and whatnot for years you're your local department. You you're going to be treated differently than they do. It's just wing it and that whore. Should not your typical. And I probably isn't typically most people realize that's the storm but but Beckham in used to bring this up. And make city a big fish that can. Yes speaking of the robbery. And I teased this. Before the top of the before the midnight hour. We could see that in the sport so we still have a couple of mountains decline. In the NF the other four weeks ago in the NFL regulars. And what's happening right about this. Right about this point is who we called home stretch. Tom Brady and the patriots who have been cruising you'll. Not that it's gonna get any worsening he against the ball but like all but about an individual on BM VP race in the NFL. EU's. Too close to call at this port and Tom Brady. His name prominently mentioned in fact you mean you might have missed this but the the evil four letter. They had their envy people they released and there was a change at the top eight had cards in Wayne's knocked down you'd be in. The lead horse in this MVP race according to there. Data or data and I anymore Tom Brady zooming past course in Wayne's. And he is number one. Right now with four weeks to go with the first time since the middle of the an apple season. That someone other than Carson Wentz has been. A top that particular ranked and I don't just one ranking and I gain I understand. Why. Tom Brady in the catbird seat according to this. It is an arbitrary service absolutely but let's talk about it anyway the question here. Looking ahead with a lot of cupcakes and that you got a big peace state. With the Pittsburgh Steelers left the patriots yet. In the real world what are the chances Tom Brady takes the MVP award. At. Post for that he's an MVP in the NFL at this day. Now appropriate enough I will set the odds and I am an amateur book maker I am gonna set the odds and I think there's a 40% change. Which sounds really. 40% sounds really good it is not overwhelming. Is not a warning if they were Tom Brady now my perspective on this you've got the fatigue factor. Popularity contest. Flavor of the month. And closing speed. You got all those things I will link them together. I will attempt. To link it together and ice will change. It and will be here with a assuming Tom Brady does not fall off the cliff. Which seems like it's a pretty pretty easy thing to look at me they would have to be a vortex. A level five tornado. Economy. And not Tom Brady down at this point of the injury clouds always an assistant with plane real real world's. Tom's not gonna fall off. The clip with four games ago Lotta Lotta cupcakes hostess schedule like call. The big dog food pie. It's all there the twenty on the schedule. So he's doing what he's doing now. Post four. That is insane it. By Tom Brady's statistically is the MVP. The hard facts are he leads the NFL in quarterback rating. He leads the NFL in passing yards he's tied for second in touchdown passes. We've Russell Wilson just behind cars who wins tied for the NFL lead in yards per pass attempt. Tied with the Shawn Watson who hasn't played. Mean several weeks and all parties without. The safety blanket of the patriots truly an admin. Who's been gone for every regular season game had been right. But in the the reasonable legal 40% not sixty that's 7980. A big realistic but also there are many things. Working against Tom brake you know what I. You've got the fatigue factor specifically. The patriot fatigue factor. If you will affect that the picture to an old story. Nationally the patriots journals or people like that news story this being the age of the patriots. It's it's kind of like the the police academy movies committees to make and years ago at least make these police get news and having seven of them. Maybe they've made fifty of them I don't know why did people stop watching but. Part of that you're okay it was about the same. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady heap. Turning out new hits and insulting corners you know the drill here the people are worn out. The top you'll go down as the greatest quarterback. In NFL history he is one who. MVP awards. Two you can make it compelling case based on team's success individual success that race you have at least three more. If you are delusional. Diabolical. Over the top lifetime patriot lab goal that you'll say that Tom Brady if you paid MVP award. That about half of history should when the MB but I go back to the patriot fatigue factor. Being employed. Part B of this one of the other things working against Tom Brady is in BP campaigns these subjective nature. Of the most valuable player vote. And these things I always hate school ever pop. The popularity. Ever like and how popular. Is Tom Brady. Outside all. This area right outside of the WW WE I listeners. Listeners how how popular it is. Tom committee you know the right and the other thing is Carson Wayne's ease ease the new kid on the block he's the flavor of the month. Is it number two page last year. And he ended up. Be OK but not great if Carson went to keep enhancing his stats. Then. He is in the hit and BP. I even though Tom Brady statistically leads in many of the more important categories. Carson went because he's the new guy. And the Eagles have been very good loss to Seattle in the sunny active we know that. But Philadelphia has the rams in Los Angeles this week if Carson wins please watch the big game that's the big box game with Joseph bought in Troy. The Eagles win that game he plays well. Then am I assume that Brady is not due to be unbelievably great as the ball is because if you blow out he likely won't play that. You won't be throwing the ball down the field as much in the second that's an assumption. Assumption. But the leapfrogged the but the leapfrogged the Brady in the MVP race. You know would be in favor of course without that the last thing on this will take some phone calls. And if you wanna fill it up right now couple lines opened 617. 779793. Said and you can be part of the fine fine Reid broke but the that the the final things varnish on the patriot dean. Against the Steelers that's the game I was it's certain that were. All. Seemingly all season. And that will be the last best chance. For Tom Brady to fatten up his MVP risen if you care about such. And he's going to need a very. Very impressive performance there because it's difficult to get style points. When you play in the won't be gone bull when the bills. It's just not a lot of be left on the ball here to impress any. These are games you're supposed to do well. And so if you do well you don't get any credit if you don't do well people condemn you and shame you for not being axed. Now we also keep things really because Russell Wilson and he's. He's pulling at some voters heart strings it's yet. He's got a problem it to the semis at my overnight show he's got Russell's got a geographical distance make. The fact it's you have goal. Is seen as the site B area of the NFL by many. That's far away it's it's in the investigate the ratings alive. And so handicapping. This weekend media BP battle Roy. You've got to figure this in terms of a brutal force. A big showpiece horse race. It's all about closings writes all apples and speak for other things are backed it in you you do you're handicapping there you back almost in the equation. That why goal. Impression. Matters right. And also keep in mind if you are you superstitious. Type of person. And you want the patriots to win another Super Bowl. Then. If you believe in superstition you do not want Tom Brady went right that's that comes up every year round suitable. It came up last year. Right you regardless that's by the NFL MVP yes. Right these Super Bowl jinx. The last most valuable player to win the Super Bowl the year that he won in BP. Was back in the 1990s. The stone age up Kurt Warner. For the old saying it was Graham's. Was the last quarterback turned the trick we've had a streak a parade. And Tom brings on that list. Brady's on that list. That a street what are they and that is correct would've made it last year had Matt Ryan. I dot. Wet his pants. For the Atlanta Falcons. Way that we know the school says that was the thing you remember a 28 authority. Atlanta league that box graphic box. And then Matty ice turned into Matty ice and the streak. Continued. The streak of failures by most valuable players eyes get football right now. And that's the let's go to and drove. Who's next up on Dhabi I was stored on a growth. And ballot. On January the and then Allah from Boston and I get used to it yet. I love it man he talked unibody screamed at me all night. From my seven year old Red Sox fans in the band Alice I mean analog yeah the only. I can't I can't wait to break down the add depth chart of the Red Sox minor league system. That'll be fun and not the ones at me it's about the absolutely I get a double reports now want on the MVP thing like we're talking about there's one quick thing on the Bruins. Yeah everything's an avid Dallas you know I think. Bringing I would with a clear BP because without Brady up in their own four in the first four weeks. And the way played those first four we agencies that kept this patriots you know from disaster. You know what I'm a little potential of over body and then you know when you look at all the stats that Brady number one pretty much besides touchdown passes. Not us Niagara area he's he's got the statistical edge in that. If he's doing it and at the age matters I it to me it doesn't matter because. Historically. Guys typically fall their face when rates are Brady's age. If playing in the NFL and it hasn't happened yet eventually is gonna happen but it hasn't happened so far. It. I would think he IR off the top my head I would think yes arrive is certainly no quarterback. Has played as well as Brady has played at his age and in running backs typically fade away at that age of thirty years or 32. You have to think about a look I do look it up put it I would say off the top my idea. It Obama report Al spare the Bruins stay volatile in BP thank. Russell Wilson I think in the dark course guy I mean are I was talking to a couple friends and that we can as the name your top five quarterbacks that Brady Rodgers Wilson. I mean I loved Wilson and I mean he has this. This that this heat and that I make so many big players hiding act as great and I think he's definitely one of those dark horse and VP candidates. You know when you look at a burn burn burn outside. Horse yeah added he's the problem he's got is that Seattle but they're not a lock to be in the plaza Minnesota look like you're going to be in the race with the rams the NFC east back. As opposed to the AFC I think you Andrew and that tell a friend we need the market again drew. I need to market. I have no marketing budget here. I don't you Lucy no billboards you'll hear no wood TV spots nothing nor shall there be by the so late night radio so we like doing it out Russell Wilson also Seattle has zero running. They have no ability to particularly the ball down the field on the ground. So what ever office again it is on leave the back of Russell wills. I think he's their leading rusher. At least he was. Last I checked. It was couple weeks over the last two weeks he's been there. They're leading rusher in his night clothes it's been a mammoth. Year and Russell Wilson did have a stretch. But six or seven games where he. This was this goes back the the end of last year. The beginning of this year where he wasn't very valuable he ran pretty mediocre numbers one touchdown no touchdowns. But he is cranked it up and being in remarkable. Especially the last. Six or seven weeks he's really be in. Really really art. What we yeah we play the will bond thing earlier go to the WEEI website in here Michael about earlier. With dale and Holley what you got here and all the rain. In the NFL this is a good one too and columns from Pittsburgh. The team the patriots will be playing in a couple weeks. And this is an anti Roger Goodell Reyes you don't like you won't get that back and we'll do it next. Tomorrow night with the matter fox Sports Radio WEP guys. Like a volcano. Exploding. I love rains. My eyes I do. Q who doesn't like these things I've yet to meet someone. That likes sports that doesn't enjoy when a coach explodes. You know Peter ray the York. A player gets all of says it or broadcaster. They're great there there are wonderful and I have seen myself. A bit of a historian. When it comes to that I loved in the stout and it's sometimes and I have a bad day. What I'll do is I not a pioneer is but I'll go on. On YouTube in all alt click like Jim Mora. The old colts coach in saints coach when he was with New Orleans you were arraigned in about diddly poo. And with the coal supply house. And I'll watch those I do some radio which you more years ago is a great guy awesome. I've worked with some guys that were shoe box but he's use your guy. Normal dude dollar a watch that Danny Green the late Danny Green. We are who they thought they were you know that is just crowd their asses that cast though. Most of these rains have been Dolan. Like coach. Right in there haven't been too many in Boston sports because. I Belichick for twenty years he does that. He's his rants his sensational. Moments are when he pretends like he doesn't know with quitter is that FaceBook needs degree and a that's that's his little mini rain which isn't really a range. But I present to you. Without an eruption. Without interruption the safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Mitchell is is that number is set this up and we're gonna play the the vehicle appears just marvelous. Now he was upset. Mike Mitchell the Steelers safety why it was yips. He was upset because the NFL. Announced that bagels safety George I Loko had his one game suspension. Turn to no suspension just the line on appeal. And this is in the post mortem from the game Monday night that bloodbath if you like in a Phil's name. Between the Bengals and Steelers and on the same day that Roger Goodell agreed to a five year extension to be the commissioner of the NFL. Mike Mitchell. Not always listen it. In the day this is football. You wanna think let the ball and let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us life for me to pull off that way I know what we're plan. Not behind the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for meeting that you right now before it. That's crazy I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and all but the player because he's gone and an overall damage you'll quarterbacks in the food and almost them. That happened two years ago about I I'm I'm not open at all. And you don't go all the other hybrid two years ago however added I work out in the fourth gut. But if you don't die you know give me that's between brain out of my pocket because any drove the bad ball. Make that makes cents. And Edwards are taking our money but now you know you got and like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and I try my character we've never met before. I'd donate more money into and out and I don't. Underprivileged kids to public think people on the bingo. Don't give me that in mind that you go to school their man I think all that personally if you don't know me never had a conversation don't be don't judge doesn't always feel bubble for the football my competitive stuff. None of this vote is just so what was going on in the game right now yes obviously I'm a little closer but. Mean we've got to do better we got to do better off that yesterday we got to veterans players can be found in the united we got to get better leadership as we run in the league and obviously everybody from Spain as the owners players all disappointed and Rodrigo. We just we just got to do better we can have a guy where you just. Handout this clinic on how you see fit their needs to be effect guideline of how we do what we do. All right that was wonderful probable. For Mike Mitchell very straightforward this is not that complex right. Especially says that he did say this is a man's game. This is a man game. Now I have a feeling in my in my overnight show a movie rating a lot more about this but just just between me. Is she get fired for that is that find worthy. Well with the NFL let that go or they gonna bring hammered out and what they say that was wrong. Like the sooners and what what is there. Was incorrect. I mean he mentioned means owners and players are disappointed Roger Goodell is adding correct. I can give you Jerry Jones I think Robert Kraft. These the big guy here with the patriots is not a big Roger Goodell mean I don't there's a lot of fans that are upset when Roger Goodell and it would appear judging by the players. That that their reaction their topic. And you bill. Did they'll continue its five year contract extension. And then you heard Mike Mitchell say at the beginning that this is a combat. Contact sport. Take that. So your Pollyanna. And I know there are a lot out there we had I call last night here is like the NFL's going to be on in twenty years. Dohmann you'll and it's because you stupid idiots like your violent put. Go but it clearly Mike Mitchell does not. Does not mind. The the violence. In the day in the game before it by the appears to be okay. Here's the views do the to enjoy it again. As I said this is not that complex. I liked that Mitch who won the rain it was a solid ran at the only cruise a couple of times you could feel the energy through the radio. You that that this is a very passionate issue. That Mitchell. Feels like this is something he had that he he had the yellow bow. And I thought it was also. Right I thought it was off and now again. The the NFL is trying to appease every. And as the the line goes I am assuming that your parents may be your grandparents maybe your uncle behavior and thought you if you try to please every. You were going to end up pleasing. No one night no one is going to be happy. And that's her spot that the NFL's in here. And I can't imagine I played football. But probably like you I didn't play at the top level with why I decided to go and the art of gas battery. And get radio. A pain in the ass. That it must be when you're defensive player in the NFL and it it's kind of like the strikes on baseball. For a lot of a lot of times that he go to a baseball game and the strike zone is about the size of the head of the of opinion. You're having is late. It's ridiculous they hit the actual hit zone. In the NFL. The part of the body we you can make contact and not. Violate one of the maybe NFL rules. Is. Really really small then. And when you toss on top of that peace be that the game is played. And the yeah and Emma Thompson will always mean so differ it is. It is difficult. And it's also I would out agrees unnecessary. It's it's and as it might Mitchell as he said there in that clip that we play the Steelers safety. That this is something that he signed up you signed up the plate full contact football. And that's what did you. We heard older players Larry FitzGerald the future hall of fame receiver in the cardinals who cleaned up it was him. That he was willing to pay the fines of other players we'd rather be hit high it hit low in one his legs taken out is he's taken out he'd rather. Yeah it hit near the head. Which might not be the brightest thing. I that that could be one of those things really well that's been stupid. That's how these guys feel. That are play. Nickel people wanna yap about the Cisco phones right now and analysts say hello to Max. Whose next up on WEI would be bad Mallard hello Max which got form. I won't you remember rain. Look I get the whole family Yemeni other relatives they can call the show I do actually if you want to mark. Yeah I wanna go through the entire family I want the hole in fact then we'll go it's David fame. Did you ever got a couple articles in Jamaica I think yes absolutely I assume what you doppler we right now moments. Or the law will come out my brother I'm upset. He doesn't know factories would absolutely be called Kennedy cabinet that I'm about I don't know yet. We should Xiamen menu washing and noon and a producer Ben. Pointing out that it's Tom Brady is already the oldest MVP in the NFL he will break his eat he would break his own record. Ella. There. You thirties and the he won at least 37 years in ten months and that is the the record right now for all this and BP. In the NFL according to the WB I research staff. The immense research staff that we have here which is bad Charleston that's our research that football. Not a regular season a B. Oh. Sell us so we don't bet bet wed is that we have an update a bad. Knows many that was 37 in ten months when he went oh man I thought I was ready. Oh man to man. Eyes screwed up it's Payton man why need Brady do I want many to have any records we need Brady there to win this year so many cannot have that record. And aren't so what I really want to talk and I lost my voice over the past couple days screaming about it. So why do we. What guys like Max Kellerman. You women you know then. Talk about the victory yet found out about it and everything wind I don't know your Mike Mitchell you would say today. We just play my match we just played the second go on exactly where Carl. Do it. They get these children all to please contact sport. And we all know it's it's just as dangerous that are offered to play defense and play is every situation. They accept it. That you weren't that keen to hit it all these sports and listened outside. Blowing up these situations. Had you heard. Too many at a pro players complain about it can I haven't. Loudon and have match there have been solved and that did not lose don't have a coronary thank you to call backs do not have a cord a corner it's. Because in those guys Kellerman will bon. Stephen A Smith these these guys did their job. Is to be lighter fluid they have to see things to ignite conversation. It's part of being an opinion that guy on television. Yet. Radio for that matter you've got to be a little bit of polarized you're not. United troublemaker. Who who the hell would pay any attention any of these people. But you've got to create a little bit of anarchy a little bit of chaos. And if you don't do that. Then that you're not to be around for long and I can keep that job goes with the jobs. In these guys and it fits some of their agenda. Let's be fair about that art it spend valor late night here. On WEEI. As we continue to some more phone calls. And up also you can say Turbo time what does that even mean though in what context we'll get that. We'll do next week returned to morrow late night here's. On Sports Radio WEEI. That guy. Will say what this troubled time be what the heck does that even mean we'll get to that domino momentarily but right back to the falls we go. And we say hi to Jim. Who's in Rhode Island what's going on Jim. There are great sure we're ensuring that afflict did you tell friends and we need advertising and promotion a mall here a couple days weeks and let people. Okay corporate world it's been I heard or your flat tire or when or wearable power. On utterances Gordon sports replay. Of hockey for forty years the best. Cup final I got routine and I didn't mean to do with the way. We're that you. Orange and it was in. Prague. And it was. Would we take optical. They want to recap for people who. You came. And or. Well at home. He pitched in so important this. Yet we can't listen to thank you quality of UK pitches psyche you pitch inside and then the same guys that are all rattled and triggered. Why what they see in the NFL they've been move over to Major League Baseball and then they go on the attack. I'd. Thank you Rick a terrible time with that does that. The patriots take this up this amazing stat about how dominant the patriots have been here. Avoid their four weeks to go in the NFL regular season the last time the patriots ran a play. While trailing in a game. Was in the first quarter back in week eight. We ate the last time the patriots ran an office to play when trailing any game first quarter of week. And saying. And they've really cranked up the running game of late as well but part of that is because they've had big leads in. Running out. The clock if you will so the numbers they are amid a little misleading and should batten up the stats on Monday. Against the Miami. All thanks to the executive produce men Charleston and thank you for listening as well and we hear gain knowledge on every night wishing you should keep your station I'll be back next Tuesday night. Have a great night keep it locked right here on WT yeah.