Late Night - What does it mean when Belichick says he is going to open his world to McDaniels? 02-07-18

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Thursday, February 8th

Hour 1: Ben Maller is in tonight and the Belichick vs Butler conversation continues. Ben also talks about a report that came out saying that Belichick will open his world to McDaniels and mentor him in more areas then just calling plays.


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The case he's late night speaks late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Bust in sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard factor tonight. You too mr. overnight he. And then Mallard let's get going it. Late night on Sports Radio WB EI asked. Like a circus clown you've got diplomacy. And you have. Have a mystery we're gonna be juggling. A couple of themes here at least beginning. Of a late night and then we'll be doing what we are we're in it together here. In the air everywhere on WEB EI and there's two stories in particular to have might change. And I wanna talk about here and one of them a balls bill Bill Belichick the other one is Malcolm Butler. And they're both. They're both compelling output in a much different ways in much different ways now. Everyone's Chiming in still on Malcolm Butler. And this story he's still got legs. It's still got legs what happens who was to have Lex rewards and that's obvious when you lose a suitable and one of your better players. Doesn't play. On defense you know the drill right you've heard. I was I was in the mud at night here they were talking about it. And and throughout the day here this is still being an eight point of conversation. And the beat you home. Seems to have shifted away from the initial stories about a some kind of ethical or morality violation by Malcolm blow out there that caused. This suspension and now the lion's share the blame him. He's going to the shoulders of Bill Belichick. And people are accepting it as the gospel many of the quoted quote media leak. That would not Butler said on social media that is the story. And since Nolan has. Rebuttal on the other side don't give the other position here. They're taking that in running with offers an. Op skip Bayless. Who have diseases show fox was one he has chimed in on this is latest position he's blaming bella checked. He's jumping on the and it died Belichick being wag leasing Belichick looks more and more foolish. For not playing Malcolm Butler obviously. A Bayless said Belichick was trying to enhance his genius label. By beating the Eagles with the corner Eric role. Who he had stolen from them when they gave up Monroe and then doses backfired. And on genius. Our I want to chime in on this. I'm very bull headed here when it comes to this particular story. I I can't imagine that Belichick would be calm the biggest moron. On the plane he in on that stage. And there's no other way to spare me if Bill Belichick all of a sudden woke up in this Iowa there's nothing written. None of this other stuff happened there was no hole. Violation of the code of conduct of the team the team rules and all that admit this is purely based on. The fact that Malcolm Butler isn't good anymore. And I've decided to wait until the Super Bowl and this is the Kryptonite and I wanna get ready does any sense. And it could be true I so why I gotta think there's more to the story. And I I wanna give Belichick the benefit of the doubt here. I want. At that there's something else that's not out there it could be that. Belichick's midi covering. The people around the pages covered for mark Butler these can't be solved. And it just seems soul. Over the top stupid. That you would make that decision and it is no guarantee that patriots would have won if Malcolm played as he had. Played great. All year. But it is a very slim chance that the reason that Marcum Butler didn't play is purely based on performance. And Nate is if I think. We're not on the inside here. But what typically happens is you don't go from. Driver and a hundred miles an hour. To being parked on the side of the road you you downgrade. You go instead of playing an 88% and 97% of the snaps. Malcolm Butler would eventually he'd he'd he'd settle in maybe half the time or you leave any duty here. But there's not could. Nothing zip ball up case. And so that ended timing on a day is it just is so bizarre. And it's great because we don't have the it's you'd think you know. What she don't. Really know we got slim pickings here on information when it comes. To Malcolm but now actually. Pretty jaded when it comes of these counties in my position has always been given enough time. That this will get the the full retrospective treatment. I this'll be a chapter. Of the final chapter in this run this Euro appreciates football. And when they they look at this in micro analyze it and put in the Petri dish. Then there will be it's. The SI gonna happen right away you have to wait for players to retire for Belichick this does not coaching anymore which might happen sooner or later. And then you get the documentary treat me you get the ports start popping up and you get all of that. That will micro analyze. What in terms of the outcome the result is a football catastrophe if you think about the way the defense played. With just complete. Lack of it was a football follies watching the patriots defensive players try to stop. Make fools a backup quarterback. Who socked. We when he left the Eagles and it'd even the first couple games he played this year he started three games at greater won the game against the giants. And now he's eased being worshipped SED eighty. For the rest of his life. In in Philadelphia and it's a great compliment. Two. To the the one and only. Defensive effort of the pages it reminds me a years ago. When I was it was during the NBA. My first got a radio and you you know it was a long time ago he's Charles Barkley. Was still playing in the NBA but it was any of random NBA game and bargains with the rockets it was he was he was not with the sixers the suns can you the end. I tried it was near the end of Charles Martin's career. But the rockets were playing in the the LA clippers and there was a guy unequivocally tie Iran is be who. Was not very good. And keep the lead up. Scottie Pippen that night with a hit like 35 points that and I happen to be standing. Near the media. That tunnel where the rockets were coming off the court. To some rain and NBA team and Charles Barkley the entire way off the court. Woods screaming profanity at Scottie Pippen. Congratulating him on getting now is be a new contract. And pointing out how bad news he was and how it is lack of defense. Allowed him to be doing but look like it got a basketball and the reason I bring that up is because it reminds me of what the patriots did defensively. To make fools. Night it it's it's I was against it guy ahead. Success against the vikings the week before getting. Put that. Look like a product of just horrific deepest will also back around here too. Be the point of conversation Malcolm bought. You've heard. A lot of the scenes stuff five. You're engaged in this rate you're engaged in this. So. Where are you on this particular store my position I maintain very stubbornly. That we don't have all the information watching these factual we don't know. We won't know for a long time. Now we've gotten a watered down version which seems like he came a version of events from Malcolm butler's side. That presents in any glowing light as you would suspect. And as is standard operating procedure for the patriots in the franchise charter. Undergo vote check. That. You know I didn't I didn't straps or is it that this state run NFL media had their report. There was a essentially cornucopia. Of minor things. They all added up. But he's got to be something else. I just I can't. Imagine that Belichick would just lose it at that particular moment. And I'm not looking to come over former miss a chance he did maybe just he had a really bad day at a time you can't have a really bad. But that's tough to wrap your head around rationalize that that would happen. She missed. It's just craziness. Art it's it's bad about other and you were too late night here on WEEI now speaking of Belichick is another story that caught my attention with Dixon pulled closer to it. These are called eagle and I don't eat. Right and about giving out there but here's a there's another. Bit of mystery. And it it's about Josh McDaniels of what's going on here and the dog and pony news conference. He's very stoic GM of the Indianapolis Colts try to put on a very positive fraud. On one of the most humiliating moments of any professional football executives who reader if you. After you do the walk of shame when you lost your coach but. Forget about XX Indianapolis is prop let's focus in on the patriots here. And while we don't know alive about what's going loud knock Butler and that's stories. We've reached it a dated. And we need some dynamite to blow the wall down so we go through and going the other side. That just beat the angels their lives will. Because we got a little scrap stuff who were hole. That Bill Belichick. Josh McDaniels. They had a horrible with Robert Johnson crafted that Powell while right and ultimately this happened on. Monday and Tuesday and ultimately resulted. In what we know that Josh McDaniels. And the change of heart republic change of party year. And decided to kick it colts in the nuts and not take their head coaching. Edsel. There are some weeks now that are cleaning that that there's more clarity. To what happened in that charmed circle if you will. Of the brains of the patriots and so you've not paying attention maybe you've been out doing stuff you haven't had the radio on. Which I like is that helps media but let's listen just put up with me for a minute here is not everyone had. We are told that there are things. Cool magical mystical things. That cause Josh McDaniels to the old flip rue the old flip flop and what those two things that caused the flip. You they are. No one. Bill Belichick told Josh McDaniels. He wanted him by his side. Belichick also court the story told Josh McDaniels that he was quote going to open his world. To the patriots offensive coordinator. And he would show mcdaniels. Belichick would. All of this secrets how to build a roster what he does the things that he does that tendencies that he uses when he's building. Out of 53 man roster in practice squad. How to handle the financial. Elements the draconian salary cap of the NFL. So that was point number one that was the the first. Then the second thing was Josh McDaniels. 18 stability. And the fact that Robert and Jonathan Kraft offered him. Long term stability. And a path to take over from Belichick and I guarantee but a path. And more money to stay in New England. He chose to do that because he's a great father. Andy's got cute he's got four kids 12106. And three. And that's why. And that this story comes from Mike Reese Mike recent story a solar talk about it. With you in getting to the days. Now the question here. He on this particular stories. It's it's just kind of get that the temperature of the rule. On this chapter. In the Josh McDaniels bill Belichick's story that we're argue act. With this story. Mare. Position on this I am skeptical. I am skeptical of that being the the the reason that beat the angels. So that that's my my position but my viewpoint you've got the old pinky promise you've got the secret decoder ring. A fig leaf and wishy wash you know put all these things together we were forced the ball. From what we do know about Bill Belichick the public side of Bill Belichick. Tell if I'm wrong on this but this seems. Out of care. Is that a fair statement to make like that the part where Bill Belichick. Says that he would quote open his world. You Josh for games thing about it. Does that sound like something that Bill Belichick would say. And can open my world. TU. That sounds like to me. Today that sounds like eight corn ball line. From some hope he. Old football. Or any sports you know a number of sports movie you can do about it. It's the Hollywood treatment. Escude met Belichick should sit across from. Mcdaniels and Robert Johnson crafted there and he's he's gonna look. Josh we gain as in the sciences Harmon opened my world. Just it's just makes us. But that's the story it's update now is this a case where this is what the patriots and the people running the patriots want. Calming the waters you're putting the kibosh. On the run away freight train of dysfunction. Which has been kicking around here in the last couple of days. And it's it makes it seem. Like this is going to be ace moved. Transition of power. And even if that is that a search let's just pretend my god it's radio continuously to. Let's pretend that actually happened was pertained. That some version likely not that exact version on an open my world but something like that. Was presented to. Josh we can't you all people should know that that is what's known. As an empty gesture. It is as valuable. As we were back in elementary school in Europe of the playground in the fourth grade. And you Mickey pinky promise with one of your classmates. It's about is valuable is that right at even listen rightly say well if it's in the contract which. We're told I heard attache after it was on with Kuerten Cali and I'm more on the morning portion here and he said it's not allowed you can't even had it in the contract like there's no coach in waiting this not a lot out in the NFL little habit. In in the rule book you can't do it which would mean. Even if Belichick said something like this. It's it's not. Valuable. Because is not in writing and getting but it wasn't writing you know to beat these things. A written down in the report Opel to. And don't get me wrong you're all on the surface it sounds. Glories it sounds wonderful right and we think about. Back to that possibility. You know it any professional. Operation I am working really rewarding radio from. Howard stirred when he was in his crime what a gift that would be even on the back nine like he is now he's doing fluffy interviews with. But still be an amazing again. If right. I get the decoder ring here to the mind of Bill Belichick what makes the main thing. What I know what that means to be outdated Belichick is done things in a very unique way he's done it his way. And you can take shots at him if you why people do on the outside as well he's got Tom Brady Vietnam Grady this would be the case. But I think we can agree on this. Josh McDaniels. If he does eventually SA into the top of the mountain. On the coaching tree for the patriots. You cannot just be a copycat kid he doesn't work. It does always like comedian. Whoever you think the funniest comedians I don't know of any funny personality I like Curb Your Enthusiasm. My favorite show on its non very often but Larry David Mattingly David rate love. Right what it's like learning how to do comedy from Larry David and try to do exactly the same thing he does you can't do it. Great project to do your own way. People will see it is a cheap rip off end and that's one of the arguments. That I brought up we talked about Josh McDaniels you know been here few months and when his name has come up I pointed out my brief sojourn. In Denver radio and in the legendary source by Joshua Davis was only the coach of the Broncos like two years. And he tried to be baby Belichick. And it was a hot mess in the mile high city is Cho live. And I filled in there years after he did not use the trouble there was a short period of time after. It was long enough where there was separation and and people were still upset it was tilts out his name and all might that is terrible. A C can't do that. It would be even worse here with the patriots right you're you're not going somewhere else you're following in the footsteps you can't beat that guy. Can't. And in by the way here. It's obvious but if this particular story about. I keep going back to those words opened his world. If that's true. It's been going all of these bill Belichick's been coaching the patriots for almost twenty years. And a bunch of his assistant coaches have. Ascend need to pick coaching jobs whether be in college in the NFL and are we supposed to believe that he hasn't helped any of them. Given them inside information on what makes him tick. I mean maybe maybe it seems. Seems like that would be a B hard sell right what what you're doing is he's doing his own thing and everyone else got their own. Their own deals like you know that open concept in the house wants house now it's open concept or which those HT TV shows. In what for years but it's a little house where it was at their own room walls everywhere. I the second big lunatics and phone calls in a moment so you can give us by the the second. The Horton story. That sounds like the fairy tale is the part. Old Belichick just opening up his soul by a tickle like that I would file this in. To be fig leaf department. I hate it helps ahead. Oh nice thick layer of body spray. To calm overall. Josh McDaniels and what what is an embarrassing situation. For Josh retain those write me through for him to to. Take that job to hire other coaches in the into walked back on that. And that's a tough spot to be. Am Bill Belichick has been. Very. Ruthless. With these activities with player movement and what not and lack of emotion. When it comes at least a public lacked emotion. And so now he's going to become a father figure. Who at this age is going to be ruled his replacement. Would be soccer and wanna be the soccer. In this particular store and go check. I believe he's still in pretty good health. I he's he's got passion for coaching. And we've we keep going back to the other question is what the hell else is he gonna do. And two is you'd like Tom Coughlin sitting up in a press box writing down notes and drinking a cup of coffee is that what he's gonna be doing that his future in the U. The game of football x.s. That's his post coaching career. And he's got nothing else to really chase down old right in our own people gonna kick him out. Of the sidelines with the patriots. I guess eventually there's gonna be. A changing of the guard. Chip I and you have no idea. How this is gonna work. If McCain goes takes over and Tom Brady. Is not. In the puzzle that piece of the puzzle is gone and accessing actress I think we kind of know if that takes place. Like to take its offense will be serving up diary. Is what did it hot diaries what they'll be serving is it's not it's not going to. It's not going to be pre it's not not the last thing here. Last thing you start call if you want. I was a wide open 6177797937. At 6177797. 93 said. Josh McDaniels. And he is spot. As the offensive coordinator and the de facto coach in waiting. Right the fact that he. Didn't. Honor his word is the reason we're in this particular spot. And this is not some kind of a Star Wars you know learn the force. A situation. And that's the other problem that if you look at some of the stories that have popped up whether they're all sure. Appears to be a solid. Pattern. Of some wishy washy activity. I Josh McDaniels. If you were to compare this situation to something else kinda like when you're back in school. Back in college. If your because right now and you've gone out here at the the club. When you're at the bar and there is that the somewhat attractive woman. Kind of floor to the right buyer couple drinks flirts with the and and then eventually she leaves with a girlfriends and that you don't get a number there's nothing and that's. Oh Josh McDaniels isn't this. I try to be used and he's he's learned last year it was the 49 years there were stories at the niners wanted to humans finishing and hand. I'm originally mcdaniels wasn't all lean on that in the Cleveland Browns few years back. In this case when the moment of truth was there when the moment to sign a contract. Happen Josh Gaines didn't wanna leave. His house again like you're eleven once. A big scary world out there it doesn't go well for all the time in his safety Blake is Tom Brady it's a good safety. To really good safety blanket and he'd rather hang out. In his happy place with the patriots. Take your phone calls get the number 61777979370. Text in at 37937. My emails work I I think you got a lot of email and I appreciate. Very XX if you don't do social media you can email me at and dot Mather at WC guy. Dot com and if you do social media. Picking up on Twitter at. And now there that is ad then man out there and always pocketed the reading of the tweets. Which is it's a Highlander Wednesday this is a base in Charleston production. So if anything goes haywire. As I always say when I blame the producers you're OK with that that write your fund that I expect nothing lasts exactly. I need someone to throw on the boss. It gives me plausible liability because I can possibly yield from lady right screw something writes if things are not supposed to say I'm gospels say. Anyway so that's the art the boating is baby what does that give me the bonus baby will get to that and we will too next. That's a moral late night when this matter fox Sports Radio WEEI. So a wide range in feelings from cold stand that we heard from downtown tonight take a listen to what they had to say. Blame he's been a head coach before he wasn't that successful. These gate until then there. They do need somebody takeover. Can't believe he turned down the. Hello we need them there. How does believe. Typical New England cannot win this this is an early in the rolls into may. Handle that pretty well colts fans yes. A gaggle. Of angry bitter jaded Indianapolis. And media reports there. And I Josh McDaniels has been called a punk a loser of fraud is selfish little jerk. That's just the tip of the iceberg. It's just the tip of the spear. If you will it's late night here on WEEI. We are yapping away and taking your phone calls the big stories Malcolm Butler. Now what's going on there we don't know a lot about that is now a lot to other than his it's degree imposed from yesterday. And the meeting this super secret meeting. Between Bill Belichick. Josh McDaniels Robert in Jonathan Kraft. And the the story that got leaked that claims that Belichick said he would open his world. The Josh McDaniels. I'm skeptical that. By it I hate writes and makes angry. He says menu were not in the room with Belichick mcdaniels and craft yet you seem to be able do a lot of speculating. On your part is we're missing a very little proof. You don't know Belichick's motives. It's from. Remain no but if you take speculation away from talk radio there is no talk radio if you're listening to. Public radio and no one wants that that is nine government funded radio we don't that we don't do that that's not something that'll. Yes. That the public Bill Belichick the the public purse on a tells me that he's not going to. Say I'm going to open my world view. Jimmy writes in he's has been I'm feeling a little under the weather. A tonight's off he says I'm going to open my soul up to you. I'm off work with raw garlic pulpit well it works from Jim. Will work from region. One point out that I did successfully found a cure. For the common cold. You know I didn't know Gresham caught my my wife was sick last week I was. Freaking out that I was gonna have to miss some radio. Which is I mean I can't act world come to an end. And so I explain my wife listen listen ninety I have a carrier. He she she was sick for several days as it does he isn't used the the malveaux raw garlic trick. And its patented it worked for me you won't get sick you or your your illness will go away much sooner and she said Nelson I hate garlic that she's out she like a little garlic but it's too much. It's that I civil here I have. The cure to what's wrong would you and you don't want. And she proceeded to tell me that I'm an AD and that this is actually hundreds and hundreds of years old it's not new and it's I act went out to her arrested it's new to me. So now. It's new to me it's all. I don't care if it was found thousands of years ago back in the biblical times the reading garlic and doesn't matter. Matt I finally figured out my in my age to the falls we go. And let's see us go to mark. Who's up first year on WD EI late night for what's going all mark. Hey he was going on. Yeah I yeah I just one express money out. Opinion about what happened Malcolm Butler I mean they're bad for our it and bench like that. It coach's biggest bone head move he's detonating his entire life. I don't know what was going on. You know all he. Does bonehead thing swaps while I cannot give an example. During their four game suspension percent. He let him aired out I'm not a coach I don't know anything about anybody could she. Airing Internet. During the football allow me it was gonna lose that game. But that's. In get away with upon it like in in the fourth regular season game but when you go to the Super Bowl. And you'd take you'd take and hero. Like Malcolm Butler of the chains. In you mentioned my debt. Global markets are you about the markets about les Hugh road fans and he had been. Eight key part. Of the talking about it what if he if he wasn't playing bad and then there are people that follow patent into the scouting report play by play right stat geeks who analyzes them. And it is what about this that Butler hadn't played as well this years he's played in the past which is far. Yeah if that's it's. But you you you don't golf from 98%. Mark you don't go from 98% to zero there's like a middle ground there. And especially considering the way the game was going where the patriots couldn't tackle anybody couldn't stop up backup quarterback. Nick pulls it at the Eagles had over 300 yards off it's the first half. Of the super walls and saying it was like a it was like the easy mode on Madden the way they run an up and down the field. Well well what I think yeah I mean. As a fan I'm watching the site wolf. What why the heck is she not written Butler ranch and a hunting dog he's gonna say or for the fourth quarter keep them fresh and unleash a might occasionally eat. In the Super Bowl that was ridiculous I mean it's no matter what color rhetorical nonsense going on behind the scenes there's. I really think that Belichick old Malcolm Butler and the fans a big apology and take the blame this years to blame for. Well our mark or that he's to blame if there's nothing else. And if this is it if there's an old grain conspiracy. And there's. Some kind of cover up here we're all ignorant to it. And then there's more of the story mean guys have beaten. Punished we watched the suitable. Back in the years when the patriots war in it all the time. But there have been a handful of players. That did the thing you're not supposed to do and ended up missing the Super Bowl but they did in uniform like Staley Wilson's legendary story for him. A different era with the Cincinnati Bengals who was doing cocaine. In the hotel room and missed the team meeting and then the Bengals didn't play him. In the Super Bowl and Cincinnati could've beaten the 49ers last year in Joseph Montana and that's suitable. If Stanley Wilson had played and played well he didn't. As he was doing some Coke in the hotel room on Barrett Robbins is another organism this upon cities. And then there's other ones Eugene Robinson I believe he did he play in the suitable after he got arrested them the night before. With a prostitute he ended up I think it played eighteen. Years ago. Differently and I think he he he played here. I would spend Mallory knew to some late night but I mentioned the bonus baby. Bonus baby know what the hell does that mean bonus they opt out. The the numbers are in and Jeannie drop well. Who was long gone from these parts for these donkeys. Hanging out the boom land of the Internet there just down the road from the home with FaceBook and who rule. In stick Graham and all those big web companies that are northern California Jimmy Rocco. Has monetized. Not being a patriot. He is we what you're watching the patriots in playoff team eagle dropped below watching on television. And you're cheating. Chick cheating. Should change we have the final numbers. The playoff bonuses that Jimmy Rob Lowe has cashed in. Jimmy G. He made 51 grand. For the patriots. In the AFC title game he he made another. 56 Graham. When the patriots lost to the Eagles in the suitable so using some Mallard math. NC 51000. Plus 56000. That works out to a playoff bonus. Of all 107000. Dollars. Then Jimmy your Rob Lowe gets. And he did not show up to any of these games he did not throw pass seat and other. It's merely watching on television. And if the patriots had one. If they had made a couple more plays against Philadelphia grapple would have cashed in. Another. 1121000. Balks. If the patriots have won. The suit what ifs and buts were candy nuts. Etc. etc. etc. Art meanwhile time now for the whoever my game is what we pretend to be somebody else thus we call it. The Who in my game any blatant attempt to get you to listen if you. Minutes longer. Hear it. I am the only member. Of bill Belichick's coaching tree. That has gone on and had a winning record. As an NFL head coach again. I am the only member of the Bill Belichick coaching tree that has left Belichick's coaching staff. And gone on and had a winning record. In the NFL. Who. Am I the answer. And your phone calls next. We return to morrow late night here's. On Sports Radio WEEI. Moment but first the cool in my game means were we pretend somebody else that's involved who in my game I am the only member of bill Belichick's coaching tree. That has had a winning record as an NFL head coach who am I that is the question. What is the answer did anyone get it right here the -- we're looking Joseph is going with bill O'Brien. This is answer. We had several Nick Saban guesses which is very funny. Charlie Weis a stone out there that's also music. The correct answer which no one thought here which I'm happy about that I was trying to find the question old yet. A bad who skills by UV corrective to the only member of bill Belichick's coaching tree that has any winning record as an NFL head coach. How old Grohl. Al old row we spent one year. As an NFL. Head coach with the New York Jets back in 2000 which happens to be. Happens to be the year that Bill Belichick is skewed data lout. From the jets or he was the backup plan outgrow the stopgap. The band aid the human band 89 in seven. It is only year. Coaching B the New York Jets and then when automatic rears college coaches at Virginia. For awhile but Al grows it that's the answer. 971. Year everyone else every single one is either 500 or below 500. As a National Football League coach who worked for Bill Belichick. Back in it that. Josh McDaniels will not be on that list right now at least not in the short sermon Matt Patricia will be met Patricia. Taken over as the coach of the lions more on that. And a little bit of Patricia. He had to showered he trimmed his beard back again. He was. Uncomfortable. Uncomfortable would be the word I watched a little will be the new estimates on YouTube. That's our role and it seemed like he was not and is happy place. The has gone before its top is in Boston and he is next on WEEI. Hello Tom what's up. We'll bring out a large lack Amaro da mall bella checks. Larry you know mcdaniels. He purely. Patricia. Patricia is going to be run out of Detroit two years and tell you in the gonna give him. Personalized ticket. Yeah anywhere in the world champ Michigan. Antalya and Ed Wood right in Minneapolis dodged a bullet. Would meet gay unions and any problems I was sick water notional bull team got to win the game and what we want to. Listed their greatest quarterback in a world Tom Brady went down to one negate what you lieutenant sideline. And you did it's reached OG it would figure reached. Running into each other. Apply he had just cranky days they've got Derrick Ward coaches when they're bad I think Belichick that was. I know you were you told me that last night not if if you become a regular when I'm here I want to give you the nickname Tom the terrible. Because you think everything's terrible time you think all these guys saw they're all a bunch of jerks none or any go according thanks good time different. Coach if you think you and I got a year. I didn't go to Baltimore Bob why he's very he's. I saw out there actually. Are you think Dick although. Atomic terrible hole mount on the to see you if you believe. That Bill Belichick is a disaster or catastrophe. And that Harbaugh. Not Jim John the horrible law but he's good. She's very good what do you related to almost like he goes dead let's go to our. Yeah on the terrible how dare you. I know there yeah I just yeah just let me Jacob sort of under the patriot players. Into our Chelsea doesn't resign or retire. I'll get away from Ballard checked she's got a wide a battery in Waziristan and every towards where he knows. Well Tommy he might that he might actually like and are coming in every two or three are you might have that right now without the bed pan you know saying. The outage enjoyable radiant heat retire. And you are bigger and a judge in law don't feel infrastructure. And nods yes I was gonna be tortured him around and where Nokia on ideas. And and drug shot. But but look. Yeah about but yeah it would be as I am telling you. Moment a ball much ahead money on Seattle veggie only actually they acted pretty. I can listen to the top Thomas and Thomas Terry I can listen you give the insults the entire net I love your hostility. I love your bitterness it's one of our. Guys you don't like the patriots. If you want the pages the sucker get right is when you were younger they saw you wanted to be like that c'mon be Odyssey you wanna go back to an old ball. The old days they'd bigoted or greatest quarterbacks. In history. And then let me just bring a marked sobriety. Yeah you are I noticed this court was a bomb when Indianapolis they had eighteen point lead and have they want to beat you were beat division all right yeah. What did mom. They do you like. Brady hang out to right. Our I don't know why are you. Why or why. I have no idea I could think of five reasons why he might have done that but that's six or eight. Let me enact but I love the venom even of it's fake venom but it data against Bill Belichick. He's got a blood feud against all these guys. John I got a friend of mine's as radio Baltimore. Might play sports with Coleman. I'm gonna send him a text right now you I don't know when he's got a weird sleep schedule but I'm gonna text in a letter out he's he's actually friends with John Hartley claims to be friends with job. I'm a Texan and say I just did a radio show I just on call from Tom on de BEI Terrell Thomas terrible. I'm a terrible Tom and he just told me that Belichick says stiff. And essentially right he's hapless and horrible and all that and John Harbaugh has. The only thing they can top that the only thing they can send us further and further into the cosmos. Would be Blair in May need and he is next on WEEI. Hello Blair. Hey there's there's some stories going around. They own. And insert patriotism now they can about going to wrestling. What's his name what's the tight ends they what is this. Drawn to ground what's his first name. Rollout. You sure about that. Robert yeah Kato here in my right. Oh you're calling to talk about the senate. I don't I don't but I've heard are ardent. And BC sports spot stating. What Boehner and another guy forget Davis. Yeah about it today. You know ideally I'd. Particular you don't know you know which dog yeah. Yeah I'm list they got blue eyes a little we are you assert singing like he did the other night. I'm not no I'm not. I just wanna put the story out that. I know the story. You don't know oldest. Don't know why isn't true that you can go to Russia and India and start battling for WW years something. I don't want until I saw it didn't come back nature of distinctive about that. He told me you're not even a patriots day you told me you're raider fan now. And now you had walked back. Think absolutely. AJ and I didn't just know. It's hard to be a raider fan out there and see what they can. RC you judge your phantom based on the results of a Madden football uses actor. I'm playing in home I don't and the rigid and I condition but everything can play Super Bowl let me. That's exactly. I I can understand the way you would have that Hamas. Even greater not cheer interactive and play the patriots. Still active young gun rat. Is you don't Blair again I think you're on my list of fascinating callers I'm amazed that you call these radio stations either radio calling war. Are so what's what's the day in the life probably like you just pretty much play Madden all day and then you called great friends is that right god. NBC sports Boston on TVC got that going on. And you you go to start shout is that right. Now on I'll tell you right now. But what I heard today watching TV. Yeah an analyst at some mileage glare at some violence on the money list. You know the same thing you did today you called radio shows UC stupid stuff you played bad apple and. A high school game where I live in my area. It is. Congratulations that they he's still trying to get a job some should hire you. Arnold what four but the weather with a heart. Or sports for college but I don't. And the way it is. All right I gotta thank you are done with thank you. Not you it's me. But don't worry because I know there's another radio stations dying to have you call for the mindless nonsensical. Chatter that you provide endless amounts. Analysts amounts of the way. Our rate at DC says grow as part of Parcells coaching tree probably why nobody got it right. Well he's actually part of the the Belichick coaching trees on the the list of Belichick coaching the branches of Bill Belichick. It's pizzas to read that on the year it was so he's sort of people on on social media to stay instruments. The commentary comes in here. Our anyway. You can email me I'm excited about is an apology email from guys just it just fired me up here people there are all about the email. Which tells me that on a social media but if you listen to a wall and form. It's paying dot Mather at WEE guy pay and dot Mallard and it. WEEI. And you can be part of the festivities. As we've. Taken a deep dive into the the nonstop fun. That is Bill Belichick and his the the word to get out of I can't repeat these enough fear this story has been thrown around here. That Bill Belichick inning in that meeting at that legendary meaning to convince Josh McDaniels to stay around the patriots. At least Belichick McCain old Robert Jonathan Kraft they all got together and Bill Belichick said the immortal words. He's going to open his world. Open his world. To judgment day. I just that's got to be a teacher to get put that on T shirts that's that's gotta. Gotta be beat lost all over the place it's marvelous. Absolutely marvelous. Martin says Ben that. He thinks that terrible Tom is actually the boss than their hater when my nighttime callers whose in disguise. Not marred that's not the same guy. I check I'd Dunne who was known as the Boston calls the average of negligence toward. But not Toms and it isn't lost but he really. Tom will not be satisfied until the patriots or three and thirteen. And in the opposite of where they are right now and they have quarterback. Roulette. Your plane is spinning the roulette wheel to find out who the next quarterback's going to be. I can't wait to talk to next time I'll I wanna hear who he's attacking next. The the water's gonna calm here for the patriots over the next couple weeks is I could be as much stuff. To discuss sewed it not to get some other things like actual NBA converse. Asian. I have dared attempted in the past talk about the Celtics for. Here at night and if in no reaction no one cares at least when I talk about this is very little interest in that. And it's a big day on the NBA calendar because. It is the the night before. The NBA trade that. And if you love the transaction. And I liked the transaction. Of loves the right word but I've really enjoyed. Trade small body and this is a big day right the afternoon in a Thursday afternoon as the trade deadline. In the NBA and one of the names that was supposed to go to the Celtics was Mo Williams. And I'm always Lou swell more with less of ratings slip. Lou Williams. Of the clippers but he's not signed a low of three year extension in the multi year contract with the clippers so he's not going to be treated now so the Celtics are gonna have to turn their attention. A somewhere else is trying to fatten up the roster for that late season run. Into the post season would be still it was it's February's was so that get through the rest of February march. And April. Were three months away is still the better part of three months away from the NBA playoffs. Pay. Is Cox goes on and on not. All right you'll all our body hitters would get to that story. And we will do.