Late Night - Is Tom Coughlin Bill Belichick's Kryptonite? 01-17-18

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Thursday, January 18th

Hour 2: Ben thinks the national media is losing their minds hyping up the Jaguars. Ben also talks about the theory that Tom Coughlin has Bill Belichicks number and the idea that Tom Coughlin will be the difference maker this Sunday  


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He's late night excuse. Me on Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack tonight. You too mr. overnight. And now it's going. League night on Sports Radio WEEI. You gotta have. Hi Maggie yeah you can really do have promoting something you need to have a height that it makes things go much smoother and much much smoother. And we have that for championship weekend. In the NFL's we begin anew here this hour just turn on the radio hey what's going. It's me bank. Here tonight and then be back it via a future date the couple nights. Couple nights a week here WEEI late night where the insomniacs get together have a big party and without that there would be very few people list. I I I really in an awkward spot my entire. Adult life when I've worked in radio. I have been depending. On sleep issues. 'cause if you don't have some kind of sleeper issue. It's a czar you're not gonna hear it so it's yeah. Without that I'm Doug. Those are people who were search again I've worked the entire. He was my entire adult life so I I understand and is not authorship is still this is prime realistic for me its 11 o'clock at this time. Proud realistic is it safe but. Let's get to the topic at eighty that I wanted to yap about nine. And give Tom Brady's hand brake. On the circled back around to Tom bradys in about a given a break for right now because. There's another thing has gotten under my skiing and I touched on a little bit last night but he continues. To. Bounced all over the echo chamber of Sports Radio. And it involves. A male in his seventies. Who is being propped up. As a Heitmann now the latest to take the low hanging fruit. And to run with the Max Kellerman. On ESP you know Stephen A Smith Max Kellerman one on a rain he's been against the patriots for some time here. And eventually he will be corrected then he would do victory lap. We know how this is gonna end but he has been right so far is look like a jackass but here is at Max Kellerman earlier today. Really selling. Jacksonville. A lot for this AFC championship game. By the way what is been the patriots Kryptonite. They are the Superman of the NFL what have been their Kryptonite during this entire Arab they've lost to a Super Bowl and think about Tom Brady. Tests have been Super Bowl wins. But it worked for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning right was he like that it's spectacular quarterback usually know. But he was big under pressure and went Coughlin shoulda office in Jacksonville method what headline where is he today. He's pacing the sidelines with a roll with what how is that good or call was like hey I'll tell whoever what ever I think including the head coach. As if Coughlin showed up. Based. The defense as soon as he showed up and they have a quarterback who was drafted high just like you guys who there's some questions about it turns the ball all over maybe he's not so good. And in the playoffs when needed it the most. He showed up big so far. That is dog formula that has given a kick the patriots. The lead to a football they lost and here they are edged Coughlin team really has Coughlin is hands all over it all three levels of the defense are top Steven you made this point. I thought it was and is two point yesterday they can bring pressure with which Tom Brady or any quarterback doesn't really like with out. That same right they can bring forth could bring three I get pressure. All three levels of defense linebackers can come up or drop back. The secondary is totally excellent they can match up all over the field. This will be the patriots toughest test of the season. Who. This is dreading what what is that at these. If I said a month ago that Max Keller will be on television and he will be hyping up Jacksonville. Jacksonville. As this mountain that the patriots have this to scale this peak that they can barely reached five. We've lost our minds. Does anyone in Dallas I not been a house made here at all late portals is not only a quarterback he's garbage. Don't tell me why you won two playoff games you come. Did you watch the buffalo game. The first game Jackson who played in the play up you you didn't watch no one is watching. Eli Manning or site column Elijah. He had a couple of opt out of body experiences. In the post season is there any indicator. Any indicator. That Blake portals. Is gonna nonchalantly. Walked out on the field. In Foxborough on Sunday a common cool collecting. And when the big games tight if it is tight points spread says it won't be tight what if the games close. In the late states. And Jacksonville's down by four let's say the patriots have a four point lead. And the jags get the ball back. Burst in ten from their own 25 yard line they got to go all the way down they can't kick a field goal. Field goal doesn't know good they have to get a touchdown let's say there's a minute. Minute fifty on the clock. A very stressful situation. I feel right meantime that situation. Mean Blake morals is gonna be that guy. Like portals will be the guy where the heat EG these cute tool in the wouldn't be that they did. There's nothing. Nothing that looked at a lot of the way too much time when this. Is nothing here that would indicate that this is a volcano. And play portals is just ready to explode on the world and rained down ash on every. No it's not just like Joseph Flacco having and also all the world the type of performance Bakken. Now I have been keeping tabs on all these different story. It's just kind of job here. And I've come to one conclusion and Max Kellerman touched on. That based on many of the mainstream media and remember I am not mainstream media. Because mainstream media 6 AM to 6 PM anything that's not 6 AM to 6 PM not mainstream media retire. I'm very Everett. A but it Tom Coughlin has been described. By members of the media. In the lead up to this game as some kind of combination of Jesus Ghandi and the Dali Lama that that is his presence on those three. The trifecta. For Tom coughs. And it's all my nerve not I don't have much much skin in the game here when we had a guy call last night if you were listening to. Late night with the ban on the VI. And he agree I'd mention this was an annoyance he also knows very upset parties. And you've you look at the overall body of work here and Joseph judging by what people have say. And I I hit that things are coughed up ended. There's a lot of stop Goler the a lot of time on a shelf space that you got to get a you gotta put products and she'll understand. But the way that Tom Coughlin has reached deity status. You would've sold. You would assume that he is thirteen in. Water and there's something like that against Bill Belichick and his coaching. In the regular season. I looked up I I was wondering as a what was Coughlin must be like a million games above 51. And Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick you've gone against each other five times. Tom Coughlin whose team has won three bill Belichick's team has won two. And the games were were all pretty close that the couple rose the games the games that. The patriots won. They were. I think combined four points or some. But then you toss on the Super Bowl wins and while lock you have that dramatic may need for television in subplot. To the AFC championship game how how much face time is Coughlin gonna gay. While he's sitting in the press box or the idea of the luxury suite there at the game on sun. What's the over under on how many times a year earlier talk about Coughlin obliged but they have to show home at least. At least three times also the over under two or apple to deal. I'll take the old economic times this year Tom Coughlin on the CBS broadcast of the championship. Don't know many seemingly. Educated people use that term loosely. Who work in sports media have now convinced themselves. That Tom Coughlin. Is. Eden Bill Belichick had. That he has mental control. Over Bill Belichick and I'm fascinated by news I think it's absurd. Hit and maybe a missing so be given the the question two year old talk about this penalties and phone calls here a minute on the patriots and whatnot but. Do you think. And into her house menace on the PB mildly objected. And realize that that's asking a lot but do you think that Tom coffins mere presence. In the stadium. Is going to give Bill Belichick heart bird. I'm absolutely not months. I am going to go capsule that now might might perspective your you've got overplaying your name and memory lane and a nice big spread of food. In any attempt political season edit it out now will be given by a Tom Coughlin stays Roman silence over he's a 71 year old me. So wonderful things seventy once great idea that. Still were rugged good you got two older wonderful people of the great life you get a but two years left you hope wonder. Pop Kaufman is the executive vice president of football operations. And check it out some of the jitters gibberish just complete not sends. That is out there you would have thought. That Tom Coughlin is bill Belichick's day. The way these that this story is being being packaged. So just reminded to roll and who was doing a bunch of one liners himself they're trying to do the funny guide dog Barone is the Jacksonville head coach he'll be the one actually roaming the sidelines. On Sunday and last I checked when you're the VP of football operations. 95%. Of the work that you do is on win. It yeah that's right it's done between February and July. That's what is done you're building a roster you're looking at the NFL draft you wouldn't get free agency. You're picking players if you got to change coaches you're advising on who should be brought it. Dean plans. Are not typically a part of the job. When you're just the vice president of football operations or yet but Tom Coughlin is different I hear and he's he's an old Joseph what's your coach you're always a coach and just. Stop. It it is Tom Coughlin adding extra advice this week. Probably so but. What he did I what's the dean starts. That's when it's up to dog Rome in the coaches that are actually on the field and less and be in less. Coffins get a break NFL protocol. And be texting the sidelines there day in having a secret phone down to the visiting sidelines in Foxborough. Which I believe is a violation of every NFL rule. Remember he beat Cleveland Browns had a general manager copiers but it was the browns that their GM was like sending text messages that and the the sidelines. So I should be allowed to normal for. I think you should have executives view of the text plays. That would be new layer of strategy. To be game of football that's big of strategy that this is it a commodity strategy easy wonderful commodity that blood. To actually wean. It's not. Strategy it's the actual execution. Of that and figured I got to remind some of these dogs because they keep repeating his call the thing all over it. Like somehow he's got to cheat code to the patriots making those. How to how to get by the this secrets year. Like Belichick's been doing this for a long time. Just made bold changes. That the other team knows what the patriots are trying to do they know their tendencies. Don't sit here and tell me what our Bill Belichick such a genius that there's no tendencies and the there are very few secrets here the teams watched the scene tape now. You can change it up a little bit. There's some layers to this well let's stop pretending. Like. The the Belichick patriot run here while it's been marvelous and wonderful. That. That they're doing something so outrageous where the other teams have no idea what we don't. You know what they're doing they just can't stop the patriots consistently because they make the right Tom Brady in particular but the defense hello all as well obviously. But Tom Brady makes the right decision. More times than not and many more times the seemingly most of the other quarterbacks and the margins are thin in the NFL and we eat you know the you know the drill only to remind you that. And in part B of this that the idea. That Tom Coughlin has that that wade who circumvent. Bill Belichick and the patriots. I did it's comical to. Its core relation. But the causation thing is just it's just wrong and that the the weight of the NFL set out in. The the innocent blood scheme and as far as the hole going down that relate to if you wanna you only get technical and I realize that. Giants won those two. But it. Tom Coughlin is election because David Ty re. Made that catch if he doesn't make that catch. Well there's one less suitable for the giants. And jet bring up B Wes Welker Wes Wes Welker. One misstep there. Yeah at Cecily can make that let's play that Wes Welker usually would make even make you bear. So because of blows to rein them occurrences that happen to shoot the pendulum towards the Tom Coughlin giants. Eight Luke David Tyree catch and a drops to ease by Wes Welker. Because of back now we're supposed to believe that Tom Coughlin news. Skyrocketing. Ahead of everywhere. I need I'm not. Of course none of this matters as far as the game on Sunday and people are trapped in history. When we see history strapped to them I think this is that quotes like that believe. You have. Late portals. Is going to come in with the Jackson off. The defense for the jags is gonna have to score two touchdowns. Three touched this report to touchdowns two touchdowns. In this game. In the the old line about what's it's a knife fight and Tom Brady's on one side of the night by he's holding a machete. And Blake morals is on the other side of the night fight and he's holding the butter knife. And they're gonna get into it they're gonna try to cut each other up and portals got butter knife and Brady's got the machete who's gonna win. Just meeting once a while the guy with the putter and I've winds may be may be that's the case. I'd spend Mather and you went to when the game starts Tom coffins one point he will be enjoying. A nice spread of food peaceful QB right that's where he's going to be in the is that the press box of the level luxury boxes there. He'll be it chowing down. On the the nice finger foods. Having a drink maybe a cocktail of coffins of Boozer or not he's not. But that's where he's going to be. And not to beat a dead horse here once the game kicks off. That is where Tom Coughlin you'll find it's not to be roaming the sidelines that could be sneaking back pertaining to be a water boy. And give a device that's that's what's gonna happen I'm sick of full call real quick up you wanna be part he'd been number. And you can join the conversation you're 6177797. 9376177797937. And also text me. At 37. 937. And that's where shall we lets us see a low. It's. Too so we sell overseas travel around the car Steve what's go on not. Steve. An hour ago and cardinals edged. All put on some views talking about a negated a bunch of garbage. He's the Kryptonite for the patriots probably the year and I figure I don't know where they're gonna showman but he they can't. China did the patriots. For that matter but I also wanted to bring out my favorite bit of patriots trash talk that I can recall and it. The left Welker for an interview. And I was on the podium. And every question he fielded. He. Mentioned something about a foot. Subtlety about. About how old Rex Ryan has a foot fetish and he's done that would do little smirk on its base of continued every question he entered. He's talking about you know put your best foot forward and you know you can't did you tell him or are you took all the way if you do everything you can do it other I would pretty funny. That is pretty good I forgot about that at videos like he he mentioned he used like ten foot references in the span of a couple minutes of I remember. Some like that it's been years. Probably almost ten years ago. He is and it has a great job of many shared by us on the same page in. And thereby it's been their best foot forward Candace stick your toe in the water personally and your foot up in the air and go out there and just put your best afford to greet the you know his defeat he's an a because her feet you'll make sure that. And bring your best afford out there those go out there and and being able foot soldiers you definitely have to be on your chosen and make sure that you're ready to go. It's good bury those 2011 that was seven. Seven years ago so mid. January 2011 Wes Welker had the the news to him and there were eleven. Mentions of either feet suppose or fort. Forget it's bad. It's that Mallard a Celtics are more focused and if you can't get him on the phones in the phones have been hot here. That we cleanse the phones after Blair. Blair we have poured bleach on the phones after we talked to our guy Blair in Maine what are debacle that was earlier if you didn't hear it could be a view is yourself lucky if you. Consider yourself lucky. If you didn't hear a budget that he you hit me up on Twitter at bay and Matta that's at been out there able to call this one just. Eight regular got just a regular guy you'll get to that. And we will do it next talk at all costs in sports would Mallard on late night. Calls here in a moments and it just a regular guy that's that's what we're gonna get to a right now to the phones and do right now let's sale lol I shall we let's go to Nate. Who's in New Hampshire and he is up next year Adobe yeah what's going on they. And day in day what's up here on the radio they would be bad what's going on talk to. Sorry to stick out your crown senator appreciate that it's. Make sure you have to hang up argue I don't wanna hang up on have to now. Appreciated the help. Third the couple quick things. Our docket off topic when I'm not huge patriots fan but. Stults was the caller that called in a while ago I thought they use a little on point about that Kate and thing. That Blake to see Tyree as comfortable as he is right now in his role. Kind of mold some of those players I think that began nice to see but. At that. Target the way and I. Is it any earlier I'll all of we think we've got no shortage of time no shortage of this right now not at this point here. But you you do realize that New Orleans is not even if you wanted it he gave us right now. They are likely not gonna trade him the trade deadlines and in the few relatively few it's less than a month for its early February is the trade deadline the abuses that. There's not too much time left did you see the quote from. From the pelicans coach Alvin Gentry who saved. Of the possibility. Of trading. Anthony Davis to the Celtics he said they're going to have to give us the New England Patriots. And the two planes that they just bought. Would you be willing to trade the patriots for Anthony Davis if you didn't have to give up Jason Tatum. So your first two children. Earlier. 10 yeah did you of the entire heat I have no NFL team but you get Anthony Davis the patriots would have to I guess that shared New Orleans with the with the states that don't go well. I want nothing to do would bet. See you got to see the patriots you watched our you have loved that. Or picked and I did they yell no trade the trades offs lines. It's my decision right. You'll all the power Clinton and the more you are more juice than Alvin Gentry does coaching the New Orleans pelicans. I don't think I'm wrong and that he doesn't have a he's he's hanging on by a thread he's he's not not likely going to be the long term solution there. I'd LA where they're headed I was my main point on the cellphone now what could you heard here. You're basketball comment there are so like all talk back. See you saw a review eight days you're you're an opportunistic type of person you saw an opening much like you know the in the at the beach gap and you went for your lap goal at four I'm to a daughter audience. All right all right hey well thanks very appreciative there's neat. Do his. Where he goes no one knows keep going of the falls this is this show ago let's go to Steve. In Amherst who's next up here on derby I was going on Steve. And not a whole lot then motor program I just kind of question Tom do you see any similarities. With our game one against Jacksonville was like 09 ravens where. You know it was a great. Defense. Good running game sub par quarterback fly I don't care what yet he commentators that Joseph Flacco battled each. But he's getting civil Larry between us why Jack they'll look back see in that out you know night. I don't IE until summer trying to connect the dots there it's it's a whole different animal. Today other than the standard stuff that say about any football game and Steve were you turned the ball over a bunch. You're gonna lose the game and you played poorly you don't tackle well you lose the game other than that to standard basic football. Stuff which is kind of boring to regurgitate on the radio. If if if if it's iffy at this game is played clean straight up. I don't see a way that Jackson was gonna win the game out it's even close. Is this should be a two touchdown plus win easily for the patriots in this game. And I hold it to look at I'm putting my whole week's paycheck on this game and let's look at her you'd better we can't cover about half point spread. As long as you bring to baseball bat would receive on good you can break my kneecap some final why not. All right thank you see. Is that my and my wife probably wouldn't like that but if you know if you if you go ahead. And protect your plan for the Red Sox in just a loader. You John Carlos stick with the Yankees he's one of just go for now with the help. You wanna be part B number. The means it has notching 617779793. Sentences and wide open for the first time in awhile 6177797. 937. Now I thought this was it. So I'm talking about it now what is this just a regular guy just a regular guy talking about. Late morals now did you see this audio I'd much room. Win this was recordable assume that this took place. Years ago when Blake portals for us got to Vienna. But I'm assuming I don't know but I aside. Bar stool actually posted this. On their FaceBook page are those hilarious it's Blake portals. Jacksonville's quarterback. And he was passed is to like a one on one interview with these beautiful warm them very lovely lady. And morals here he is sitting cross and this woman and he was asked what he would be doing if he wasn't playing football and his answer. Was wonderful even. No I believe he's a bomb as a quarterback I would give him ten stars listen to bore holes respond to that question. What you do it you weren't playing well all I wasn't playing football. Working construction of the space. A. I don't know I realized that. When you listen to the radio city. I'd be driving this and always in the back. Day is this this army was or you're trying to fall asleep where you. You try to stay away can maybe you're not all there I mean look at the time I get that. So let's play again that I produce or bad it's bad and bank here late night and Dhabi I've listened to fix it and Larry it's. Yeah blow this late portals here and again he's just as this re animator I don't know how old this thing is I always battled but it's a bore holes as. What are you would be doing if you was not. Playing quarterback in the NFL is barely twenty million dollars he's done nothing special during his career. Nothing special at all by the way. What you do if you weren't paying them off I wasn't playing football. Or construction records it's. What you. These are the as ousting. So I got me thinking here and old Tom Brady's public persona. You know as well already follow who's the patriots all he's he's out there. Eight and clearly portals was embellished it looks at that and but but. Oh let's let's throw some hypothetical. Chain of events but let's pretend it's make believe one. Let's pretend that Tom Brady somehow or something happened and he couldn't play football anymore. And he lost all of his money I he really ended up in the daughter of life when things really turned sideways for the men. And he had to get a regular job he's forty years old rising grown ass man he's forty album and I'm forty that'll. If time where he could no longer play in the NFL and because of financial. Reasons had to get a job. What would lead to. I quote cutting jobs. That meet your reaction be while he'll be a model you know Tom Brady will be a model that is what time radio or. They'll be a personal trainer. I know from hearing him Brady was tricking tallying every week it certainly sounds like. He he's going to be a life coach Tom Brady's can be. The port port not four meg he's wealthy but he's a wholly Robbins pipes self help a person that kind of thing. That's what Brady would would likely do but. What if Brady had duly. A reg huge not one of those model or trainer life coach what does he had to get like the blue collared. You think you can handle it and he's been he's been living the life of Reilly for a long time here I'd mention here mansion there. Supermodel wife. Needed a bunch of starlets before that happen. You think Tom Brady has cleaned deploy early in the last. Twenty years. May mile or not twenty years he's let's go last ten years you big Brady's if she became the alleged. You think he cleaves is on toilets ought to go and how about this would when's the last time. Tom Brady took out the trash. Now let's talk about like throwing trash because he probably does that. Why don't trash day comes you get get rid of the trip was the last time Tom Brady did. And how about this war. If Tom Brady had the wash his own clothes. You think he could washes on closing the you pull that off. It's like that that at least he's so again this is an assumption he's got a what you people around there that helped mount that these two backups. In the toilets pick don't take up the trash. The laundry we know how's Guerrero puts his whole menu octave Brady he's got he's got all that. It's fun to throw. By the way my backup plan when I was always radio jobs I will be pushing shopping carts at Costco. And I will be driving uber. That is my fallback plan when Kendall williams' job Henri is the low flying the in the parking lot and he Pasco. Will be pushing carts around as what I will be. Will be actually it's my asking me my. Ball plane got to have a backup plan. To have a back plan. It's about valor and you we will get back to the phone calls. Trivia a blatant attempt to get you to listen economist longer promised its people on hold we'll get to the with temple effort. As they say to get you as quickly as possible what Tom Brady. Peyton and Eli remaining. She air the record for the most passes completed. In a single championship game. Championship week. A so they share the record with a blank again Tom Brady Peyton and Eli remaining share the record. For the most passes completed. Any single championship game and we if blank. Fill in the blank who's the fourth name on that list that's the used to trivia the answer. We get to do next. Org structure so it's Jordan locked until late night with a grand malware on Sports Radio WEEI. I thought after the instead trivia. This is anyone. Can anyone get this right was get ignored with people these things right I. I spent a week too much time trying to dig this stuff I really. Some pain in my acts should stop doing this but anyway here's here's the trivia Tom Brady and Peyton and Eli Manning. They share the record most passes completed any single championship game with blank. Can you fill in the blank that's the instant trivia. And let's suited anyone. Did anyone get it right rusty. He says Aaron Rodgers. Joseph was gone with Philip Rivers that's his answer. Loves to it's looking. Teary Bragg should all lets us united terrible guess because brash I actually played in. Played a fair amount of big big games back in the day. Are all going god which makes me very happy. Very drew is a bad you know this is by chance you probably don't is obscure one. I do not yet it's the answer this is crazy. Tom Brady Peyton Manning Eli Manning shared a record 32 completions in a single. Title game. With Neil O'Donnell. The view that O'Neill the likes of Basil over Neil O'Donnell in the in the mid nineties. Briefly had a run with the Pittsburgh Steelers. A big contract out of that if I remember ball big time but in the in in 1994. AFC championship game against the old San Diego Chargers he had 32 completions he's tied for the all time record. I Indianapolis a four way tie so low. If Tom Brady goes out and completes 33 passes he having another NFL record he's already got just about every NFL record. For the post season. So arts let's go to the phones and no sale loaded Cho. Who's next on WEEI what's going odd gel. That's motor road GO first hole roll it Joseph is that I didn't see that. A big fan of the show big the final caps loss so it's time. I'm a patriots and. Focus level test to realize that hitters. We're on tell boy I'm not Wear makeup to I didn't realize it until then you know we're we're cameras at battle see the cameras produce a bank. There hit it there's all of really. They're talking a sophomore. I'm actually watching we run home improvement and so very. Dutch British similar. Verse of the show and home improvement. One in the same. BetaNews about Coughlin. You wanna give back to the show general go like thank you. Simpson Joseph had some other. Enhancements going. Says it's mine might my radar says there were some other enhancements that might have been in place or evening. Think they only go to BSN. A moment ago I absolutely. I didn't that you believe in magic number you one of these people who believe in magic numbers. This is something that is popped up this week. Beaten. Hyper. Analysis of every single angle. For a big playoff game. And and the magic number has been in this is the point of demarcation. For the patriots in the playoffs. In this particular run with Bill Belichick is the coach and Tom Brady is the quarterback. The magic number he's you'd give you heard this this week the magic number is 22. 22. That if the patriots can get to 22 points. It is a guaranteed win. Now what's the evidence on that the the numbers indicate that when the patriots in their home playoff games. We games in Foxborough when they have scored 21 points or less. They have played seven games where they've 121 points or less they've won four times and have a winning record to four in three. On the flip side when the patriots have scored more than that which were 22 points or more. They've done it fourteen times in the playoffs and the patriots have. They've won all fourteen the fourteen and roll. In the home playoff games with the Belichick Brady run. When they get to 22 or more points that's the the magic number but. I get up you know. Just who poor battered downplayed or whatever I want releasing that I can Jessica's on the radio but at the point on this that's like this it's like you see those numbers. Were you know some random running back doesn't like what if this guy gets in fifteen or or twenty carries. Now you can pick very fair right Emmitt Smith back and they would cowboys' all time leader in Emmitt Smith Jerry is the ball 25 times those old school cowboy teams they never lost and only lost like one out of every fifteen games like that. Or any league the great recognize this that'll come up and the argument. Is always what I've I've always said well if I was coaching. Whatever team whatever team. We'll take Jackson with Jacksonville has statistic where with Leonard four net. When he carries the ball 22 times Jacksonville. Does not lose wolf that was the case. What I would do this out my mind works I was coaching Jacksonville. I would just hit the ball off to Leonard for debt. The first point two plays of the game. For based on the statistical data I cannot lose. I'm guaranteed the win easy. Easy guarantees situation. What is it quirky 322 points. It's a good number appoint but if you look at this era of offensive football. A lot of teams that are scored more. More than that. In these games it's not like that's the the end all be all for the for the point totals. At all. All right let's achieve the gone on the phones and though this goes go to Matt. Who's next up in Matt's got some anxiety right now in New Hampshire was going on Matt. Not so much was going on like show. Just work to give you a capacitor get them you know they see they're talking about like tablet Bordeaux and I've been very strong quarterback. And you know they got stronger defense. But Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl against Rich Gannon Oakland Raiders. What high powered then and they weren't lit grad chart. I mean I don't know what you. What you think about that I mean. There are facing. Off I don't think a lot about my goodness I'm Obama's here's an in my entire life thinking about that but I US he's so here's what I think. Those are exceptions to the rule. And we have a lot of exceptions there I mean there's a there's three out of the four teams that are left have sub standard quarterbacks. And we know that at least one of them is going to be in the Super Bowl whether it's the vikings with teased humor nick pulls. In Philadelphia and if the patriots win that's who they're gonna have to play next. But in every beat the out wired doesn't mean that's the door and this is an exception to be. The normal. Sit there and after gonna tell me that Blake portals is gonna have an out of body experience and go full want Joseph Flacco. Hey I don't think that's possible. And I and they will play in the super mobile and it'll be one of the least exciting soup apples of all time. As far as Earl brown. Went. I'm not saying that just saying he had Brad Johnson and Tampa bad describing. At Jacksonville. With you know Blakemore rather strong the. Now I'm gonna go with that Tampa Bay defense. A lot better about that like. Couple hall of fame players better about that in Ahmanson. This still young so I don't know mostly. All right. It is thank you in this match the guys looking for something to be bothered by. We all have friends a guy a couple of all my god we're screwed. IEA IE when a pain in the ass. Ability. I'm having. A paralysis by analysis is what's going. That's that's the terminal. It is everyone's slicing up stats they're cherry picking random stats it's like rule ever. What ever do you you value whatever stacked about Jacksonville things. That the in the patriots can predict. What they're going to be did you see that story which is been making the rounds here one of the the storyline is is that the Jacksonville jags they they believe they're so they're convinced at least based on the reporting there that they know this is from dog Maroney and and couple of them Jacksonville players there. That the Patriots defense. Will mole. What plays what plays Jacksonville's run based gone in the formation. Which is no different than a lot of in Appleton is his belief that it's that much different. That there aren't a lot of secrets. That's my position. Not a ton of seek. I expect now overdose in late night on here on doubly key guy instance everyone's looking for reasons to be concerned. Have we found a secret weapon an added bonus. That Jacksonville. Have at their disposal. In the AFC championship game we will reveal what that secret wet that the Jacksonville has in their arsenal. That has not been talked about much so far in the week we'll get to that where your phone calls the whole thing and we will do it next.