Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Does Brady want more money?

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Friday, February 9th

Hour 2. A report from the Boston Herald says that Tom Brady wants more money or he will sit out os OTA's. Gilroy discusses the truths and falsehoods in this.


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Please he's late night Steve. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard backlit getting going would Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. It is Sports Radio WEP guys our number two of late night here. As always it over to join the program 6177797. 937 detects the program 37937. You found me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy. Who sort of all over the place tonight. Of course continuing with the patriots conversation. Continuing to unpack what's left from the Super Bowl last week help you guys. Get over that and move on news tonight though and it will get to the calls momentarily but news tonight. Ron Borges reporting that Tom Brady is threatening to skip OTAs. If he does not receive. Judy route below tight money. And when we talk about grapple a tight money specifically he's talking about the 74 million dollars that drop below received that's guaranteed. So while the rappel got a five year deal. Worth a 137 point five million dollars we all understand the way the NFL contracts work where they are not guaranteed all that really matters is the guaranteed money. And for garage below he got. Roughly seventy foursome me five million dollars guaranteed and Tom Brady saying that he wants to renegotiate. And get that sort of money up front guaranteed. Or he will skip OT days I find this interesting because Tom Brady has always been the guy that has been willing to renegotiate take less money. Now he gets more money it probably does he always gets more money up front based less on a per year contractual basis. He does this to help this team to maintain cap flexibility. To help this team build the best roster around him but I can't remember Matt can you remember a time where Tom Brady publicly let it be known that he wants to get paid. I don't remember this ever happening. And that's ever happened right and eighteen years and you know most guys in the in the NBA and NFL most ours do this at some point they they make a power play move. But Tom Brady's never been a guy and it just continues to hammer home the point that something is different something is amiss in Foxborough. And these guys need to get it together I thought yesterday coming out yesterday with Josh McDaniels. Coming back. When Bill Belichick coming back. I thought that maybe were able to sort of turn the page and look forward to next year would roughly the same team that's in coaching staff the same leadership in place in these guys will be able to put. Their differences behind them. I don't know how this plays into that. And it opens just Ron Borges being Borges and you do have to take everything Borges says with a grain of salt but I'm gonna trust them on this one. Because it. It sounds right this sounds right Tom Brady knows that his days of getting. Huge dollars are coming to an end contractually. He also knows he's coming up an MVP season. He also knows that he's coming up an MVP season where he was magnificent. In the post season. I elated by his Super Bowl performance where he was historically great. So there was every time for him to play a power play and make a power play move like this this is the time. And he's gonna get craft exactly where he wants them and ultimately Tom Brady will get the money that he's looking for and you know it's not. It's not enough reasonable request in my opinion if you're Tom Brady. You deserve that money every penny of you looking drop below he started his career 70 no that's awesome good for Jimmy G. When you look at the body of work did you meet he has vs the body of work Tom Brady ads and any even look at the most recent body of work you look at what Iraq below did. In his final handful of teams this year vs what Brady did in the post season. Tom Brady was magnificent in the post season the numbers will tell you the Tom Brady had his best post season but he's ever had in the history of his career. This year he was perfect. He was absolutely perfect this post season so Tom Brady making the power play taking a stand and saying paint. Interest being that it's coming out publicly. Number eighty strikes me as the type of guy. That would like to keep something like this behind closed doors it's very interesting to me is to become public. At its peak become public ninety minute week removed from. The patriots and the incredibly sad typical way. But they managed to lose the Super Bowl this Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy there's room for you guys tonight at 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go let's go to Blair. Blair's been named Larry next up here on late night. Well one thing say is that an early morning here but the Eagles are again I keep. Billion billion billion being really really get after seeing the prayed that it mariner players. Man after hearing their players and what they had to say about being an underdog. You saw the underdog. And they are the underdog and they are just gonna keep doing what they're Dylan. And they're gonna keep doing what they're doing. And it's just going to be tough for the patriots after losing hello Larry and losing Lou lists. And losing you know place that dictator loses some players it's hard to cheer on the patriots right now for me. Well hold on Blair Blair the slowdown a minute here is so I understand that the Eagles play the underdog card I get that put. How can they continue to play the underdog card next year when they're the defending Super Bowl champions by definition. I don't think you can be the underdog if you're the Super Bowl champs and you. Yeah you gentlemen here they need all the look what they've got they got out there I mean I'm pretty sure the whole future of the comeback for the Eagles after winning novel being written ultimately I think. Actually that would. I think nick bulls could get traded I'll answer that Puerto that they've got they've got a bit of a great sucked it a great starting quarterback nick pulls me get treated. Any any number of teams which would flip first round pick or 21 round picks and it falls tomorrow. Yes. This absolutely. Absolutely if you could possibly if you're starting a team tomorrow right who you who east or the team with Nicole's or consequence. Exactly so it and as we just went through here in New England it's really really hard to keep to. Starting. Caliber quarterbacks on your team and keep them happy on your team right so there's a chance that they may be forced to trade Nickels and coming up a Super Bowl. It's not ideal but they may be put that into that position. Yeah I want to avoid this phase. Man if you can still hold town like they've killed and help people jump about all of us doing what they're doing it. And I have a pregnant now like those little dog here and do had a vote to put their web site they did it in an underdog. And they might as well keep. Clinton went to get rid of all of our key part of that they can. You sound you sound like you become an Eagles fan because you you what I've spoken out. Four times this week and it's been funny watching the watching you change from a patriots fan to an Eagles fan but tonight I think that change it officially done like. But you you have it's would've met a more emphasizes that is that what happens to a caterpillar metamorphosis caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Surely what does that lead the patriots should totaling one and so. Oh and that you don't skip out. We get out of deep the player. That approach. To download check made the most important you know you'll have on Mandela and listening let him near well. Endowments in I don't know and I have been yeah. Listen Glenn then you don't that diplomacy and. I hope it never happens again Blair listen I appreciate the phone Koppel talked to get out tomorrow night to be backed him shall hear from you again Blair. I don't know what's left for Blair he's he's completely transformed from Blair diehard patriots spent the Blair the Eagles then it's sad to watch. I guess. Unbelievable this Sports Radio. WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy root for you guys tonight at 6177797937. Back up to the phones ago. Let's go to John John's and acog John you're next up here on late night. I get the ball knuckle that Packard that's dynamite that makes you look really good job. The debate. And amendment. I got a theory on this poll mcdaniels. While not Indianapolis. And it goes something like this yet so the patriots loans those simple bullet. I think we can all agree. A better. Later on the bank rather than what they put out on the field like that I think that it's not debate you write you a bit so I think. App and game at some point in time they got back to doing. Brady went to crap instead I have yet beyond belief and this is gonna happen. And I wouldn't at a political war might even make any day Libya are opera between Bill Belichick in me. All right well I'm done I'll leave in the NFL I'm retiring in yo without work. And I think that's what caused. Meeting on Tuesday if that happened when it. Belichick crap Grady. And mcdaniels went to keep him here are delinquent. Because Brady a lot of guilt apologetic at all period in the senate then I'd think you'd be on its. That they lost gain when they had. What he wants it and on the sidelines watching all these guys when all you need was one. It was like makes it a night game at and that. Caught in I get smarter than everybody built at a it finally see over and exploded. And and I think Tom Brady put the ultimate fought scrapped and that is why did you know spot on. John I don't disagree with you but what do you make out of the news coming out tonight at and Ron Borges in the first when reported that right now Tom Brady's essentially saying you know what. I want the same guaranteed money which is 73 and a half million dollars that Rob Lowe got around look at outcomes OTAs are not participating I'll see guys in July. Honestly I just heard from an area that but I why not. At this late easily and I I I am unconvinced that that conversation that happened and one up what. No it was beat them but had not been let the pro federal. There's Bloomberg saw the pick we that the public at the ready at the greatest so all of this did streak all all week. Already does that he does at his best post season that he's ever had. Altria. Realistically get sicker lurking on the quarterback and I wonder why not. Only. All. I had let me actually funny I don't look well. In the real world he. Why not ask them. That's not important. T want to not ready I want to cry out to Nate is 888. Or take you might like Butler IKEA and you'll never see me. Let's Don appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger to the program as Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy when we come back Mort your phone calls at 617. 7797. And 937. All Boston sports would Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. What is left. Patriots shouldn't totally white it's totally and good defense game. You know there are. People that player or coach break it down there to check. Many parents do my best you know you'll never Belichick's listening let him near the well. In balance yet I don't know about the bench. Listen Glenn and an attitude. He don't. That there is black. Flare up in Maine a highly. Thought I. At the request and on as labels and there it is Sports Radio WEEI it's late night Patrick Gilroy he would you guys continuing. We your phone calls at 6177797937. Celtic with a big win tonight in overtime. Against the Washington Wizards clutch performance from Tyree Irving and look big win for the Celtics coming up a very disappointing performance. In Toronto a couple of days back we're talking about that would you guys the NBA trade deadline talking about that would you guys still have left over patriots Super Bowl but. And Malcolm Butler talked about that would you guys and Ron Borges in his story that he broke tonight. Essentially saying that Tom Brady. He will skip OTAs. And that it cannot beat not participate really. In the OT program with the patriots this offseason in let's he's able to renegotiate. And get the same guaranteed money. Jimmy Rob Lowe got it 73 and a half million dollars the pay up Tommy you pay Tommy or. Tommy are gonna be there for OTAs and really the story of that isn't so much that comes looking for the money. Is that that stories become public. Because Tom Brady is generally not somebody that would that negotiates. In a public form so that's an interesting development you have to be wary because. Ron Borges is the guy reporting it's not coming from anywhere else tonight except Ron Borges and borders is camp but. It's my job as a host here to report a gorgeous is saying. It'll be very interesting to see where that story goes in the next 24 hours of talking about all of that would you guys at 6177797. 937 back out to the phones we go. Let's go to Brian Bryant in Swansea Brian you're next up here on late night. Right there yeah yeah I haven't yet met yet sort of area below the belt object Butler situation. What are. Current color yet but it made Belichick no doubt be in the game. Ordered Butler on the it computer free. Of eagle orbit declined. To struggle all summit broke out people on the bench looked at the prelate. What is all Annika. Make an error should know them. And that's what that eloquent that it. So bright I don't I don't think it's a bad thought but here's here's my fundamental problem with a my fundamental problem with. All of the theories that have been presented right because whether it's the theory that. That he decided that Belichick and Patricia had a game plan. That didn't include Butler for tactical reasons or the theory that he was being punished for something that he did off the field. Or even your theory here that it was more strategic than anything else my problem it is it was clear. From jump that your defense of game plan wasn't working. And analytical the first quarter political for the second quarter let it go for the third quarter at some point regardless of what your motivation was going into the game. For Malcolm Butler not to play at some point don't you have to do is try something else because clearly. They're their game plan that they went into the game with wasn't it wasn't working it was an effective coach you have to mix it up at some point. I I think I agree with you but if you look at it. With how we're happy to put in the game. You have all your country coming back making a comeback. You feel pretty good out of Albert. Are we get all we don't go in the game. It would give up strict sect. So ever oracle updated Malcolm welcome it won't let go look at it we'll play. Idiotic like they want played not intersect. It legal battle with that team and then after the game. Sorry pretty volatile gotta go I thought that the that this patriots team is very about the worst in people that is what Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Patrick Gilroy here. Taking your phone calls at 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go let's go to Rick rakes in land that richt you next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. They've met out. The third save our farm Brady bill let me millions. What exactly is that Palin would you say it. So here's here's the deal so the rubble today god. A 137. Million dollars 137 and a half million dollars with 7374. Million of that being guaranteed money. And our broad board they'll run gorgeous Ron Borges tonight will melt the thought of the upfront money not guaranteed money and art. So Ron Borges tonight is reporting that. Tom Brady wants the same guaranteed cash in if he doesn't get the same guaranteed cash and renegotiated deal. The same guaranteed money and renegotiated deal that he won't report to OTAs whispering. Yeah what is five years or. Outlook that the contract is over five but the guarantee is over three. So I mean and at art. Green on. Again it's it's the NFL right makes us so the NFL the contracts aren't guaranteed. So you decide Tom Brady whose route to a one year jail it's it's irrelevant it's only the guaranteed upfront money that that really matters because that's what you're short you know that you're gonna it yet the Garrick. Semi. Solid that's the question right what would you do yes I would because what else you have Barbara. That it's Tom Brady and you Tom Brady's coming up an MVP season he just had his best post season but he's ever had in the history of his career. Any had a Super Bowl where he threw for 500 yards and three touchdowns I think he got to roll the dice the minute forty years old. That's where quarterbacks are now I understand that. You know it's it's not a rich it's not ideal but it's the best ally now. I agree it was I didn't know it was doc toxic side is you know column on them and appreciate both go. Let's direct obvious into the program it is what it is you know that question here when it comes to Brady is. I think I think reported out there. He says would you do yeah guilty what you have no choice because of nobody left to who's the guy. Three different holes I mean cliff. What's next maybe you had Tom Brady aunt and a clip you know that's which you have Tom Brady and then there's the clip after Tom Brady you have a choice of Tom Brady puts. The craft's speed to the fire and says pay me or amok at a show. They got to pay him and you are they gonna pay him anyways which is what makes this story. So maddening and it makes me think twice about it because you know Borges did put out there and this goes against every single thing that Tom Brady has. Has sort of showed us to be. He's probably a very shrewd negotiator. Right he's probably is but he's a shrewd negotiator behind closed doors he's a shrewd negotiator. You know not in the public guy. And for him that make this thing public. Something seems a little bit off about that it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy review guys tonight at 6177797937. Let's go back out of the calls. Go to Mike Mike's in north Providence might do next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. I Patrick yeah you know two years ago the Celtics. Do it. A lot that a lot of talk about that meeting another scorer at and me and you know what role played OK and I am I look back. But the big problem with just the it's come down to transition offense and also just who's taken the shots. And her for example it sometimes seems like they wanna Golan but script to shut that everyone. Although they inquiries inquiry takes many he want to make you need everybody else are they let. And honestly I think that you know Jalen brown. And Jason Kate need to be taking so much larger percentage of the shots especially when they're on a roll you don't want. And it just seems like sometimes there in the groove and they just not going to like okay now the time to go to Marcus Moore like you know what. You don't dog Balkan. It would brown for Marcus Morse not yet I don't Mort the step aside I don't it would. What's what's what's been difficult to Mike when it comes to. The Celtics is yet they've been successful all season long grip when you look at their recent four game winning streak that they had without carrier ring Marcus Morris in a few other of the veteran leaders on this team. It was it was Jason Tatum and Jalen brown and Terry rosier that really stepped up and carried the team but then that's come back and they feel almost feel like OK we give the that's the ball they haven't had their entire team. It's a sort of form this cohesive unit. Yet this season because they have been battling various injuries here and there I'd like to see this teams they hold for thirty days and then take a look and see what their chemistry looks like. I see you're talking about but the reality the NBA it is not fair. And you have to establish guys being your lead scores so they get the whistle on the postseason pitcher and the and secondly. This is also import import to. I was checking out their transition offense numbers today that he got comp they are atrocious they're actually their patient are their respective field goal percentage which combine the two burglaries. The only team in transition as sources from Brooklyn nets. Points per play all the Tutsis were the them are Dallas Mavericks. And the Brooklyn next. Which is Japanese business a young teens young legs got great open court players like Jalen. And Qaeda read and decent Tatum via multiple breaks. They happen. Bet that at the top defense in the league when jock ran the team used to constantly say. Whenever they had problems of the often futile they had in the interviews that what that would not get stops we need to stop so that we can run good running is what makes us. Efficient and that's from the truth basically almost every Celtic championship. And yet this team they have the defense. They have been guys that can't run but they're just it's like it's like this second practice that in all the principled now. Yet they had yet they have the best record in the Eastern Conference in the third best record in the NBA Mike so like yeah I understand that offensively. Some of their numbers especially the advance that's. They're ugly but somehow some way this team this is finding ways to be elite in today's NBA. You that the problem is stature is when you have the playoffs you cannot be leading point on the board. You can't beat sane oh yeah we have this great record when it art not one record east accomplice to slash play offs. Got to the conference final and that you got lax and yet they got destroyed Iraq's they thought they don't lax and the question is you know this year. Are they are they better to the point where they can compete in the conference final waited a conference finals against Cleveland or Toronto that's yet to be seen but and they put up up a 67 game series and compete to potentially make an NBA final that's yet to be Sima. Oh I bet with a bang they have that great defense but you'll have to go and why you have to go and squeezed out point every which way you can't. And and an intricate OK I was sick and they are horrible in a way that they shouldn't be in transition before. Transit compensation table Brooke those points though goes it goes stops the steals along the bounds I missed lay ups it's easy point or the other and and that would mean a lot to be able to do. That would victims fundamentally better dignity if there is like untapped resources. That are on the roster that's what that's. I get a Michaels and I appreciate the phone call end we're gonna get to the point here where. You know you've got to take the Celtics and and take it deeper dive and look at them analytically the way to Mike did and we'll get there eventually. Right now I'm still just wrapped up in the fact that they do have the best record. In the Eastern Conference a third best record in the NBA and I think remarkably better than they were last year at an I think that the combination of the Celtics being better. That they were last year in Cleveland being much much worse. Than they were last year could equate to the Celtics having a real opportunity to represent the Eastern Conference in the the NBA finals let's squeeze out one more in here before the break. Let's go to Clift clips in the car click next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. Call me about right what's a list. I'll I don't know what he's talking about pretty much but no. I don't want you involved minutes on assault and players whatever. The keep it below a year ago cited specifically when he got that. I am that my Big Ten was. I think. Matt Matt Patricia has walked on this on skated. Yeah I'd yeah debate back toward the album of fans of all I'm not I mean whether it's family whatever I don't know you know. The white could be looking at at Detroit overall plan immunized well kids go to school going all bets. Alice and I appreciate the phone call could be the wife and kids I don't know. They are right now Patricia got out of this thing I'd escape and I was pissed off that it because I did listen to the press conference and not one media member not one. Asked the former patriots. Defense of coordinator about Malcolm Butler what the hell was that like whether it was somebody from doing that got sent down there to cover. The press conference which is what what I would have done. If it were me I was ready yeah I notice that Ryan Hannibal down there you know out of I was the globe Otis and somebody down there The Herald would sensibly down there because you're a public forum it may be. You get him. It sort of catch himself off guard he's no longer under the umbrella Bill Belichick maybe you'll answer the question just a little bit. But nobody be it a member of the New England media or member. The Detroit media asked him the question and by the way you know there's this media that's. Welcoming their new head coach whose last. Last time he was seen publicly he was getting supports this team was getting. Ports as a backup quarterback was marching up and on the field against him don't think that maybe. Maybe the media would be a little bit curious about that hey I know that you're the new leader of our team here new leader of men in town. Away last time we saw you you are getting your ass kicked could you explain that a little bit nobody went there. Nobody went there it was shocking. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy we come back there's still room and time for you would 617779737. Patrick Seale and rock sleep. On Sports Radio telling you yeah. It is sports radio and W guidance late night Patrick Kilroy here review guys taking your phone calls at 617. 77979370. Takes the program 37937. You found me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy on who we got a lot on the table that I continuing to take your patriots phone calls or Malcolm Butler phone calls Jimmy eagle rock below with the huge. Huge deal today the biggest per season. Average annual value contract in the history of the NFL gets a huge amount of money up front then Ron Borges comes out with the story tonight saying that Tom Brady once. And identical deal as far as upfront money goes. The what you need to wrap below gut or he'll skip OTAs now tonight. Tom. He's tweeting out tonight that he says I was told that Ron Borges is reported Tom Brady that he would skip OT gays and less he got paid late GG. Is quote unquote off. The reservation which makes a lot of sense and quite frankly. If he had to trust somebody when it comes to patriots information and my choice was on the current. Or Ron Borges kind of a no brainer. Turns out the only one on players and that falls falls for OK so what's forged that motivation for that if he's if he's got to make something up right like what's the motivation report. I don't get a I'd like I understand that Ron has a reputation to uphold as. They got like the big guys that. Says the stupid stuff the guy that hates the patriots a god hates Belichick. The guy that you know he wants Drew Bledsoe and the to come back and play quarterback of the patriots right now. Let's don't Parcells should be here right that's Ron Borges bull why. Why is somebody who still covers the league. Somebody who still after all these years I believe he's a hall of Famer like greatly he is. He's somebody that I think is the sports ready hall of Famer some something like that he won multiple awards you can look them up to me he was a respected member. Of the media for a long time and now he's become a caricature of himself. So I don't understand if the story is made up if Borges is just making it up as he goes along. What's the point that's what I don't yet could be bad source. It could be a bad source to bite don't you check that heavily blurred here to check our sources Joseph wants checkers or is this place. So again you know Tommy current if you just tuning in now Tommy currents weeding out Batiste told that the Ron Borges report on Brady. That he would skip OT is a must he got paid late Judy ground below is quote unquote off the reservation. We can talk about it with the guys at 6177797937. Back go to the phones meego. Let's go to Darren Darren and Framingham Daryn you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Patrick thank you but the call with the Darren. Yeah well there are the factors where character for breaking up they like I wonder. It's expand a little that up to the field right up to me that the Aetna and the bank said Alex I mean apple they might not. And I don't know Tom Brady. Well picnic I think the magic who caught it and Brady the guy is always there behind the magic all not every time that we'll all that I want to. He he's the got and I'm all learned the game on the intensity was the Patrick was Tom Brady can play that back to. Well like last year I thought I I don't know it's because the ballots because Al objected to mental patient and you like but I think the match. The question becomes Daryn you know it let's assume Brady comes back and drug comes back and you've got a Josh McDaniels back in Belichick back. They're still talent wise in my opinion I Chou win barring injury issue into at least. I get to the AFC championship game and compete it to be in another Super Bowl so high do you. Regain the magic and and you know what do you wanna call it magical event that sort of feeling that you had around them you're right there was something missing. It happened last season I'd like to see them find a way to get it back and get Everett everybody back on the same page and I think it was somebody in the morning show floated the idea of that the easiest way to to do this and repair it. Is for Kraft to open up this checkbook and make them all happy financially and maybe it just comes down to that you know all these guys have taken a bit less to be here. Maybe it's time at the end of their careers here we give Brady what he wants you Belichick what he wants and sort of take that angst off the table. And just pay them handsomely for the next two or three years and let him ride the thing out like that I don't know. Well let's hope. I'd love to magic back to. And I don't I I hope you're right Patrick and in Derrek Lee money talks as it does walk. I appreciate the welcome Darren thanks for us staying up late with us. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. There's room for you it's 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go let's go to Steve Steve's in Florida Steve you're up next here on Sports Radio. W yeah. Round tasty what's on my net worth. Couple interest. We're pulpit than when I agree. Left it on the trade deadline and bruise on Rangers and because you didn't you weaken and all that it is amazing how. No we know one championship yet. But we have had success wouldn't last year and IPM. Eastern and as the teams are now it. We could be that it's actually going to Leah where as the papers on TV and match here if you remember who clamor in my. Why don't we make treatment and well he could. You're right you're right Steve and a lot of that the last last year and the year before you're absolutely right but the thing that's different this year vs those years. Is the Celtics still had Brooklyn picks and everybody was anxious for the Celtics to flip one of those Brooklyn takes her back and there's the Brooklyn ticks left this year they're done so. What the other issues is that how that become a pencil that's right I know one of the yeah. But that's what you. And make people look the other way and they had. Not one. Eastern Conference where you and they were still floundering in the net crowd they're not that old record rip does not let. And we pretty much better feeling out this year and because there are there any chart and heard light light he. Heat humidity and it's each show I mean he should. He got what you want. And that great and an assistant to power. It's a total reversal on the illustrious. The other one it was great Ian and Belichick in on that. And two. Without doubt OK and back to come here. Everybody who's saying hello and that we are. Our ticket and back the question is how long we're back now. I am I'm gonna ask you do you think not he can not let me. Repeat the all time winningest coach. Do you think that matters to. You know I it's something that and listens even appreciable come up against and I think it does matter I don't think he'll ever admit it publicly. But I think of course it matters to him because if we don't want in a Belichick is the he's got a he's gonna Eugenia Wright and when you get to this point your career. And you bet. As many Super Bowl. Rings is Belichick cast an opinion yet the couple once he's got here with the patriots and of course the two that he got with the giants in you've reached the top of the mountain that many times. You start that. I don't wanna see you start to run out of reasons to be motivated but you gotta find different ways to motivate yourself in different ways to keep things fresh in interest. And if he's got sort of that that all time win total within his reach in a year or two and it looks more realistic and it may look today. That I think that something that could drive him but the one thing you got to keep in mind here is what. That seventy so even if the coaches and the five years and averages twelve wins a season which has got to be hardest robbery ages delegates to sixty. So that's not gonna be a tough thing to achieve let's not forget here the one thing that Belichick has told us he's poll doesn't hold as much right because he's very. He's very quiet when it comes to his personal life you know much of its contract. We don't know much about anything that goes the inner workings to Bill Belichick one thing we do you know was that he has publicly said more than once that he doesn't wanna be like Marv Levy. And be in his mid seventies. They're walking up and on the sidelines coaching NFL football games so he's got to be 66 next year. And five years at twelve wins a year gets you sixty wins. I don't know what he can get seventy wins the B 7273. Years old and that's only if this team continues to win double digit victories a year in and year route so. I still think getting another seventy wins that may be a little bit. Out of reach it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Patrick gill re here with you guys at 6177797937. Let's go to John John's in Northampton John you're next up here on Sports Radio. WEEI. Thank you Patrick hasn't done. I'll gladly been that hard to say that out an NBA more wild and run wild horses and he's prancing ponies that they got that's our subject is to keep market Smart. Said that they don't need to worry about rabbit out because he probably forget about I'm a retired as a coaching. And not for we get from Florida I lied column joke I'm Eli at left guard didn't shed the debt has to turn the page. Was. That he was too far out man. As ethical sense that it be it the quote what is going on in this is late night at this is good to get a late night. It is Sports Radio WEEI Doug compatriots talking Celtics who can talk about ground but having guys wanna talk about. A let's squeeze another call heels and Andrew injuries in Westfield enter units up here on Sports Radio. W the. Hey look around at what's a better. One part about the Bruins a little bit actually there being little overshadowed now with everything going on but there. Playing ridiculously good hockey and I mean wrapped in nineteen counties in late November. Is that never really gave up front side of bank that they're being a little overshadowed by other well or implicitly. I will say this not this Sunday but also weak from the Sunday WEEI is recognized what you're saying. And does Sunday skaters coming back with hi Anderson and it intently so there will be dedicated Bruins out here in the station coming up in about a weekender. So we appreciate the phone call those you guys when it comes to the Bruins will say this the winter sports here have been awesome. Not just the Celtics the Bruins as well bowl teams right now the Bruins I think our gamer happy gamer points essentially out of first place in their conference the Celtics are. In first and mayors. Both will be competing to potentially represented their conference. In the finals beat the Stanley Cup finals of the NBA finals which is crazy the Celtics. But maybe get an outside chance as the season started the Bruins had no chance the Bruins were just looking to be a playoff team at best. And it it took the most optimistic Bruins fans the sort of convinced themselves that they were potential playoff team and look at them out. They got younger they got faster and their surprising the hell out of a lot of people but what happens in in the NHL. NHL as a lot it's very similar to the NFL in one respect. Get a Phillip you've got yourself a dominant quarterback. He can make up for a lot of new teams since and a lot of it seems the team's deficiencies. Same thing in the NHL when you've got a dominant gold. That goalie can make up for a lot of your team sins in deficiencies. So you look at the Bruin squad you look at their roster you look at the talent. The talented value haters out there thought that Bruins team didn't have enough talent to compete to be a playoff team going into the season still the same guys. But you've got a dominant goalie right now and you look at the difference the decked goalie makes it is Sports Radio. WEEI we have time for one more here before we go to break let's go to Jeremy journeys in New Hampshire Jeremy your next appearance Sports Radio W via. Patrick has earned the German sentiment. All so I heard you talking about the Brady contract and you know. I heard another college and that's completely uncharacteristic of Brady which I completely relate. But at the same time though you know that you you basically bold but this guy who then got shipped out to DiFrancesco. In that I mean you don't what do you expect Kaminsky you just got the biggest contract in in all the all. And you'll harper eighty years old. A lot of them deep in Kabul obviously. I mean why wouldn't you. And look I I agree with you a 1000%. The only thing and look we have the to the report with a grain of salt because it did come from Ron Borges and there are other guys. That are on the patriots beat that much more respected than Ron that are saying that report is garbage let's just take the report. And to treat it like it's fact based. I agree with and I think that Tom Brady deserves to be paid and he feels like he needs to have the same amount of money has dropped below and god bless them. The only thing that's different about it is the fact it has become public I mean this is that the patriots stuff never becomes public. And when you take that an added into everything that we went through here towards the end of the season. Beat the set wicker chair report about a month ago and all of the quote unquote infighting in dissent in the locker and everything else it just sort of adds more fuel to that fire that things are exactly right in (%expletive) are these days. And I mean you know I I do agree with that I do but at the same time though lake. You know I I Anderson the patriot way and understand that they've been doing and so on time the same way. But you know if it's. At this point you Brady should get paid for what he's worked. You know I mean he's always taking pay cuts for. Other players which I mean is very important but at the same time. He is Jeremy he is he playing lights out and I appreciate the phone call and he is forty years old. And look you can't get paid for past performance when your forty years old that the difficult thing patriots got to deal with right now. Is that paying guys for past performance is never an easy task. They have to project what are you going to be next year the year that the year that and now we're in uncharted territory and we had been with Brady and will continue to beat. With Tom Brady. So it's not like the patriots are seeing Tom Brady play that would ease the way he's playing and he's 32 years old and you could project out the next 456 years. If you project this thing out of the five years he's gonna be 45 years old. I don't what you guys. But it's not easy to project out of 4142 year old quarter a little loan of 45 fuel quarterback it's a really difficult job. Let's just hope patriots get it right it is Sports Radio at WEEI. Coming up next we guys we will continue what talked about. The Celtics the NFL. What do you guys wanna talk about Turkey Callahan coming up at 6 o'clock. And I'll be back here again tomorrow night out will be joined by Dan Greenberg from Bartel sports tomorrow night on late night until then. Enjoy your night talk to real soon but back.