Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Cleveland had a big trade deadline

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Friday, February 9th

Hour 1. Gilroy is in studio and he is breaking down the big moves made at the NBA trade deadline. Also, The Celtics beat the Wizards in OT and Gilroy has some thoughts.


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The case he's late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard tablets get it going would Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. It's Sports Radio. WEP it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy happy to be here would you guys tonight. Taking your phone calls all evening long at 617 7797. In 937 detects the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops act. Gilroy on hoops it in your virginity because. I've been listening all week as you guys know what was your Sunday I was here Monday bolt into the wee hours of the morning. And we did a tremendous amount of patriots Malcolm Butler Bill Belichick talked and we of course can continue to one packets are left over thoughts from the Super Bowl everything that took place last week. I think it's really interesting we do go a few more things right now than we knew the last time you and I spoke. We know about Josh McDaniels and he is staying that was the shocker of the day yesterday. We know Matt Patricia is officially gone we know to me grapple with now the highest paid player in NFL history on a per year basis. And we know that looks like Bill Belichick is back. If only for the short term I think it's a little bit longer than the one year that some people have speculated on helping Belichick is ready to go. Just anywhere yet. And the proof is in the putting here if there was ever a time where Belichick was gonna go and start anew somewhere at the writing was on the wall this week and it didn't happen. As a matter of fact. If you wanted to sort of Reading between the lines of the stories that have come out this week about how Belichick and Kraft sat down when mcdaniels together. And encouragement Daniels to stay and everything that Kraft and Belichick promised mcdaniels for team Tuesday in addition to money. I mean essentially Belichick giving him the keys to the kingdom and teaching him the ropes right so. If Belichick were to leave or Belichick were wanting to leave. And Belichick had any spite spiteful feelings left over towards the patriots in the patriot organization. Why would he do that. Why would he agreed to you essentially two hitter Josh McDaniels and prepare him for the next deputy he's coaching career. It Belichick truly were the spiteful jerk. That some people think he use then would he really take the time and make sure that. He was doing everything in the best interest of the patriots and I don't think you would so we can continue to want to it talk about that as well. As the program goes along it's 6177797937. In addition to that I started to try to go down this road. On Monday and I'll make you stronger effort to do with the the fact is it is your winter teams are hot. You winter teams are two of the best teams in all of their professional sports that there's no doubt about that the Bruins they are insanely hot. And the Celtics they have been consistently great all season long currently with a third best record in the NBA the best record. In the Eastern Conference the Celtics are beat the five games into the season. Out of an eighteen game schedule you've got the all star break upcoming and the trade deadline came and went today and here's the guys the Celtics pretty much stayed put. No trades today they will be active in the bile market coming up in the coming weeks there are some interesting names that will be available the Celtics. Guys that they are most closely connected to. Is Joseph Johnson I think you'd be nice player coming off the bench but he's no longer the impact player that he wants what are you guys OK with the Celtics not making the move. I am for the first time in a long time the trade deadlines came and went with limited hype around here right. The Brooklyn takes no longer belonged to the Celtics so without the Brooklyn pics here. That excitement that adrenaline rush for. Some sort of season altering roster altering move goes away. But here's the question. If you or the Celtics was their move to be made today to help cement yourself as the favorite in the Eastern Conference because again I think the ceiling. Has been lifted on this edition of the Celtics this edition of the Celtics should represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals and to me that was. Finally established. 100% today as we watch the Cleveland Cavaliers essentially. Take their team and tear it apart they took an older team and god bless them they brought in younger players and they are sealing ultimately is probably higher. Today than where it was yesterday but that ceiling is only hire probably for next year the year that. And higher LeBron James comes back and helping he's coming back so in other words I think that Dan Gilbert in the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are beginning to prepare for light after LeBron. And good for them at something they didn't do before. The last time LeBron James left they failed to realize that there was. It was a real chance that LeBron James could of would leave LeBron James is not a guy that feels a tremendous model loyalty to anybody anywhere any time he is the self. Appointed king. And he will let anybody that's willing to listen know and understand that he is the self appointed team. So LeBron James. His buddy Dwyane Wade gone. Isiah Thomas gone Jae Crowder gone and I feel like such an idiot tonight. If you guys go back and listen to view shows that I did last February march April. I actually had the audacity. They tell everybody that was listening that Isiah Thomas and Jae Crowder were foundational players here for the Celtics foundational. Players. And I feel like such an ass. Going back and listen the show's earlier today I was on a plane at the time to kill I went back and I listened. I called both of these guys foundational players and I guess Isaiah Thomas at the time. Could have been considered a foundational player but monologue because I took calls from you guys the last two years that said that you would not trade Jae Crowder pretend to love. Gay and out Jake router ought. Isiah Thomas gone so doesn't that tell you one thing. We all know. That Brad Stevens is genius he is the coaching some months. We know that Brad Stevens is. If not the best coach in the NBA he's got two or three right you still have the look at a guy like Greg Popovich and and sort of say that's the guy he's the gold standard. But Brad Stevens right there. And isn't the proof soared in the putting when it comes to. Everybody else around league look at Isiah Thomas he's a guy that was what fit six last year in the MVP. Vote. Now I know is coming up injury but he's also a guy that has not only not performed on the court but the cavaliers he is Scott sort of mixed up. Pointing fingers being cut distraction in the locker room that's something he never was he was a unifying force in the celtics' locker room. He was a unifying force in the city of Boston. That's what Isiah Thomas once he was beloved here in the city of Boston he unified the city he. Brought Celtic pride to the basketball. Right back to the forefront after Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen left town Doc Rivers let them. It was Isiah Thomas the brighter ball back. That same guy that seem guy looks so out of place in Cleveland. It was sad to watch. You only played fifteen games and even last night as the cavaliers. Did the old Christian late or play with 12 left out of bounds tossed the ball. Late in the court LeBron James it's a fade away but when the game. For Isiah Thomas the videos layers as they desperately wanted to celebrate what LeBron on the hunt just like ignored him eagle and it just you get over there I don't want to. It was awful lot to me sad. But now Isaiah Thomas on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers and rumors stories reports out of LA tonight. The lakers probably are not going to keep. Isiah Thomas there's already talk of eight bio. They'll try to reach a buyout agreement so the question I have for you Celtics fans at 617. 7797937. And understand this before pose the question Isiah Thomas will not be here long term. Barring his willingness aside for like a mid level exception deal long term he cannot be here long term but do you guys remember. Back in 2000 and or 2005. When. Danny Ainge really acquired Antoine Walker for the stretch run he came back he won number 88 he played exceptional basketball. And Celtics fans got themselves all excited because one was back. And it was Antoine Walker Paul Pierce Ricky Davis and that was the school and they were a damn good team in the Eastern Conference. The question really becomes now as you're Celtics sort of make the turn for home after the all star break is there interest if Isiah Thomas has bought out. In bringing ninety back to Boston and bringing him off the bench as an explosive six men because that's the only role that they would be for him your Boston. And I look at it from the perspective of Isiah Thomas. Would Isiah Thomas consider. It a demotion probably. It's already reports right now that if you were to stick around with the lakers he's telling Laker leadership that he does not wanna come off the bench. But as the only role that there would be four for him long term you know they're not going to stop the growth of one's a ball for Isiah Thomas there are gonna do that. Are they going to start Isiah Thomas Alonso ball together so the only role for him in LA if you shortest day. Is off the bench but I look at it from the perspective of Isiah Thomas he is now on it's it. Even as short NBA career and the only time that he was considered an all star two time all star was Europe Boston. With his Coach Brad Stevens last year he was what a top five top six MVP candidate with Brad Stevens has coached. What are we hear from Isiah Thomas the last two years we heard back up the Brinks truck. Right that's what we hurt. Poor guy now what what Brinks truck his zipper Isiah Thomas might not have you ever seen somebody lose so much value so quickly. That guy went from brink's truck so like the Wendy's drive a right. Save the NBA is starting to make a market correction the only evidence that you guys need to look at as Lou Williams in the three million dollars that the three year deal he signed for like 27 million dollars today. With the clippers. Right the Williams is having a great year and afford this well last year the year before he would not paid at least Evan Turner money but he got happen. Right so now. Isiah Thomas is dealing with a market correction and dealing with the fact that he's played fifteen games so far this year he looks slow he looks old he looks like he's not yield. And the fact of the matter is this and Celtics fans hated to hear this they didn't wanna hear this. While Isaiah Thomas was still on your roster but the fact is this the RR zero dollar and you guys cannot name me one NBA player that has come back from the same injury that Isiah Thomas had. And come back to be the same player. It doesn't exist that guy doesn't exist and Isiah Thomas because of his height. He relies so heavily. On his speed his quickness his ability to be elusive that without all that what you have left over you have an average guy who can still be dangerous out there. At times. But I don't know Isiah Thomas will ever get back to the level that he was that last year where he could take and put eighteen money shoulders at five foot nine. I don't think he can do that it's a shame. There was nobody more fun to watch in the league the last two years and Isaiah Thomas but here's the question as they say Thomas desperately tries to recoup some value. Going in view of essentially what was going to be the most important offseason over his career he has been looking forward to this offseason for two and a half years. He has been talking about it for two and a half years us fans here in Boston we know that better than anybody because. That was the one knock Isiah Thomas the last two years was that fans were upset. That he would go in like post game interviews and talk about his upcoming free agency in the brink's truck. Well now the Brinks truck is not gonna show up to his house the only way for Isiah Thomas to recoup some of his value and still get a huge deal out there. In my opinion would be for him to sign with the Celtics be willing to take he reduced role as an explosive six man off the bench. Because look at the five teams played four. The one thing that he's got here in Boston. That I think helped bring out the best and Isaiah Thomas would be had a brilliant coach that knew how to utilize him and embody use him better than anybody else in the league. Because of Brad Stevens the basketball genius that he is Isiah Thomas suddenly found himself. Open in areas where he was open before. He was loaded up with confidence and knew how to go up there and essentially take it game over five foot nine which is unheard of in the NBA. Brad Stevens put him in that position. Brad Stevens has done this over and over and over again to guys. Mean you look at the guys that have come through Boston's Brad Stevens got here guys that he has turned into rotational NBA players that weren't that before it. My god he died Evan Turner 75 million dollars. And look what happened Evan Turner since he left the Celtics he's not worth even half of that money he's. Shadow of the player that he was your boss. Brad Stevens gets the best out of his guys so. Are you guys are Celtics fans would you guys be excited to bring Isiah Thomas back here assuming he gets bought out by the lakers you bring them back the Boston. He comes off the bench as a sixth man. And you ride him into the playoffs. With the understanding that more than likely 99%. You'll only doing this to help him recoup his value as he goes into the off season and looks to get a long term extension elsewhere because the Celtics they've got bigger fish to fry. They've got the road guys need to pay. And those guys include next year being the final year of of Kyra yearnings deal. Al Horford steel becoming up and before you know the young guys in Jalen brown adjacent AM we'll be looking for extensions as well. We just had market Smart on the trade block the of course he still here with the Celtics but the reason why the Celtics threw him out there and had conversations about trading market Smart. We're because market's smartest who pretty big pay raise he is in his restricted free agency year so there's a lot of financial. Movement here taking place with the Celtics. But it can Wear short term fix a short term offensive option up the bench while I go after Joseph Johnson if he's bought out. Want to go after Isaiah Thomas if he has bought out that the offensive guy I wanna see the Celtics go after and target and bring back here. That's the guy that I think could potentially but the Celtics in a position to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals it is. Sports Radio WEEI I am Patrick Gilroy it is late night nobody join us here tonight 6177797937. To more. A night with Patrick deal on Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night right here on Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy you're continuing to take your phone call at 617. 779 and seven. 937. For those of you guys that are sort of loyal listeners to the program. You guys know that first and foremost on the Celtics guy covered the Celtics for the last nineteen and a half years. I do that primarily because. At 38 years old I grew up with the Celtics during a time by the way where they weren't. The perennial power house that they have been for the majority of their existence on earth but the one guy. The one guy that I enjoyed watching a more than any other during that time that wasn't sort of championship contention time. Was a guy from Croatia a guy that really came out of nowhere former second round pick of the Celtics came out of the blue give the Celtics. Essentially seventeen points and six rebounds a game for four years until he was up unceremoniously traded to the Philadelphia 76ers and found himself going back home. That guy's name is venal Raj I don't let people tell you the Dino smokes a pack a day because I don't think he does that anymore. But I'll welcome to the program Diaw Raja thanks for a take some time Dina. Our honor that I'm great the horizon how are you. So I I know that you and I have tried to connect it's never never an easy thing when most of the time you're overseas still but but your back in the states for the week. Humans aren't the term. But this week I'm here lecturing. Can't principal terms similar shop here. So. So you're at the super blah. And I do that that's primarily you know why people started to. That. Notice you agenda you know here in New England was a few months back there was pictures taken review at patriots practice and a couple of reporters reported that. You were there to see Bill Belichick. Do you guys have a an existing relationship between yourself and Bill Belichick. Know when but Cutler is an orange Orleans Kurdish currently. Swollen. Our restaurant. So removed from students from the and other image sensors and. And is that that somebody is he somebody that that. Sought you load or did you seek him out when you when you are in town. Q actually accelerated. You told counselors will be good the on view in Croatia and then realized. Sure. Our own them as chicken. Children. No little ball historian. It is you he's in his own parish council. Yeah is it that that's key you trying to kind of let us we'll put us together. That's great Gig Young he's also big basketball guy he's at these at Celtics games with his girlfriend quite a bit. So he's also a guy that you know understands the game that you come from. Dino and I guess. That that's sort of my question when it comes to your relationship with the city of Boston your time here was only about four years. But it was at a point in history when the Celtics weren't. As as good as people had remembered emanate it was before the new Big Three with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett it was a it was a strange time. In Celtics history but you became a fan favorite was it was a really hard when the Celtics traded you to the sixers. In total count but you know what that is something that you can achieve like every time you want him to stay where you want. Let's Austral. We don't mind you account vacant land and move toward an airport that mark page. And that's because we're sort of relationship with the people that. Left behind their general Colin. And Karen Newton winning. Just won't do unfair or care. Shall pick. Altered some bad ones firms with. Two Canadians that I keep in touch with them all the time. And you know incidents it's also true. Ought to reduce or mostly you know old also got them. And its concerns something that you can or kept quote acute you know when your kids. Two little. To turn the page stupidity ever within. You don't etc. and people know everything on that and unity and respect old days you have 000. Uptick. And then. NBA you could see maybe that he wants. All of our national word. Of English. You know who knows what we thought Leo. Shut the line yeah. Well not a levee north Americans are involved well all those shelters most of their solar collector. Been pitched to you. And me being able to play for them close on the social experience of my numbers are sort of inevitable effect on them how does that answer your game. You disbelieve. All told this Ben knows all the rules. Like. It is really happened to diesel or. Quickness up. It is Sports Radio WEEI it's late night Patrick Gilroy on the line right now in the former Celtic powerful word you guys know him rhino and Dino arise indeed he said he your first game that was an experience where. He said am I really hear wake me up at that first year. As a rookie. You average with fifteen points and and seven rebounds a game you see you succeeded right away. Edit it at the NBA level. What are you sort of attribute that to because don't forget you're there. Well before sort of the European Russia of players the flood of Europeans it was you and draws and patronage that really started it. And what you had success right away from day one. You know I came I came from from relief. Great schools. Might he let that play it forward and split or one or ordinary. Like the best he holds twentieth century and and then my national team but those days and scrimmage as strong. Religion were he not only. And then the you know. I've. I've come Kendall went. In general before Eric Cantor you. And but I expect those days Celtics. Alike or alternate. They're big big Big Three and with couple shall quote fortunately. Or shall we want our person. You were resolution. Small. It's sort of really unfortunate. He that didn't have. Too much success but pulled me close this situation to see how glowing article occur. On can be in the ball well some assurance that shall there. Lines that you fight yeah. I think that on Saturday night Dino it's not a joke it's OK if it's small forward. Sort of days. But then the moment that I sign a concert Einstein and so we're all just quit idiotic quote something about. You played you played a long career well after you left the Celtics in 97 other trade happened with the sixers the trade was voided because of injury you went back home. But how many more years did you play in Europe before you decided to retire. Let me on like far far far more it's like that's. And it's three greens one on two breaking election that's great to you know Verizon and now at this point what's your involvement with the European released the league in Europe right now he's still he's still involved. I am I'm working with a Croatian federation. And and I'm hoping. Team. These Clinton. Went implies there. You know that's definitely. It's reputed then. It's its local work now. Before before we go you said you're here to be at the Super Bowl it clearly I think here is it as safe assumption to say that your patriots fan. Welcome as certain as the itself what that anything you help us make some sense out of what happened YE. Why did Malcolm Butler not play. That something that's and so to my pictures sit up and looked rather. You know can we can loosely one sentence and it's what do leads the league he achieved Peru achieved rule if you and so. More than an option. 44. Options but some question views. And that's what I'm you are being lost three minutes Google's side at great. Looked to be. Achieve certain issues for. Went to unbelievable and some of course. Moves and he is also. Sports loose oil have to do that too. Of course and we won't know let's look. It before before I let you go before I let you go last summer. Ice cube and Allen Iverson started this this professional three on three league to play in the Summers here in the United States and they got some pretty big name. Players to come in and and play. Did you guys get towed to watch any of this Big Three league over that at your home and overseas. I actually it didn't inform students thought that that player let local. To my coaches from split. On her own play in Benton instance experience Rudy. Competitions. And then do it does remind parents agenda but the only thing you know the thing I can do my social. And post. I thought. Charles Oakley. You know Charles Oakley played last year OK so that may be thinking you tells a police fifty years old and he's out there playing. About the mess of why can't we get you know demilitarize it Kevin gamble chairman Douglas. The expertise to. That your young man you know I appreciate you yeah it. I appreciate you joining me you know arise that I gotta tell you when I was a kid playing that playing basketball coach. Nickname mean -- no horizon because I was a little white a little slow but I found a way to put the ball in the basket so it's it's a thrill for me it's not TD don't have a safe trip on them. Much aren't there he goes. Former Celtic power forward Dino Raja. Big time patriot fan Diaw Raja like to thank the you know for taken some time. And joining us on late night tonight we come back we'll start to take your phone calls we'll talk patriots will not Celtics and we do want a laugh at Cleveland Cavaliers just a little bit tonight. Any opportunity we get to laugh at the king we take it here in this program. My goodness wasn't it a funny day a funny funny day for the thing out there in Cleveland it is Sports Radio WEEI. We were doing no more of late night here's Patrick Gilroy Sports Radio. Good thing better about health plans Isiah Thomas. What are you talking about it. How could you possibly say that. I saw what what what's that's what what what are you looking at what's what metro clip on the idea that what they think they ever get an overall player I don't know. I like you're getting Irina does really heat up better defense of player that I say it comedies and that's not say yeah. Isiah Thomas negligible deep defensively. Our carrier to blow average OK next rebounding through every easy 63 out of the three rebounds a game Isaiah two point seven. I can't. They're career numbers ability to finish at the rim by far. He's better for carrier ring. So I got to ask you guys back there I remember Ali going on this rant last year when the Celtics picked up. Carrier Irving and August are right so was this back broadcasters this this recent. With a guy that now the Haitian detect that it was that a replay it was a tonight. Really so so Michael Holley who like is one of the most respected guys. I think it'll Boston media Michael Holley is pulling the next element game here eight this really happening. What is he doing. We make fun of Max Kellerman twelve hours a day on the radio station it's giving us hours upon hours and hours of program. All right Max Kellerman an idiot Michael Holley is not an idiot lysine digging in like this I understand last year. Michael Holley I do because we were all emotionally invested into the Isiah Thomas experience here. Top six MVP guy two time all star here in Boston. And that's really rallied the entire city around the Celtics. We're emotionally invested into the entire Isiah Thomas experience. You were ER 45 months into the kite re urging experience. We can't admit that we were wrong last year I was wrong I wanted to give IT a Max deal I was wrong. The problem easy to say. A lot of people wrong as they're Thomas is gonna struggle to get. A significant deal this offseason so let me ask you guys it's. If Isiah Thomas and Tyree Irving were to enter free agency together this offseason who gets paid more who gets the long term deal. Who wins the foundational piece. For your team moving forward Isiah Thomas or carrier. Isn't the answer pretty simple here and it's unfortunate because again nobody loves Isaiah Thomas More than I did I thought that guy. Was not only if phenomenal basketball player but a phenomenal human being and he hit this city so well and it's tough thing to do we've seen players coming go. For all four major sports here and it is hard for some of these guys to come at a Boston and it just. And adjust as well as as as Isiah Thomas did and thrive under the pressure like Isiah Thomas did and give up everything that Isiah Thomas gave up. Last year let's face facts here obese are Isiah Thomas do in the playoffs last year was on believable something we may never see again. Goes through the death of his sister loses multiple T has the fractured his job and everything that we saw him go through in the playoffs last year. And he played until his little body couldn't play anymore. But now you ER I mean. When Michael hall he's talking about Isiah Thomas is he understanding or taking that into account the fact that Isiah Thomas may never be Isiah Thomas again the fact that. As highly watched him lady's fifteen games that he played so far for Cleveland this year where he had a couple of little part of swear it looked like IT. But the fact is if he looks a step slow he looks older. I think a lot of that you can attribute it affected his hip. May never be the same again and I challenge anybody out there you basketball people find me somebody that has. Had that same injury that Isiah Thomas had to do is dip and came back to be the same player guys have come back but. I've yet to find a guy that has come back to be exactly the same player that he was prior to the injury I don't think holly confide either it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy so continuing speaker phone calls and the patriots Malcolm Butler your thoughts on the go Rob Lowe deal the most the highest paid player now. On a per year basis. In NFL history. And of course the Celtics NBA trade deadline data Celtics they stay pat. I thought it was a chance that they may flip. Mark is Smart they decide not to do that and at the end of the day I think the Celtics will be big players in the buyout market we can take your calls on that. As well right here on Sports Radio. WEEI 6177797937. Let's go to the phones let's go to Andrew injures and he'd roll. Enter your first appearance Sports Radio WEEI. I got two group one's going in the initial proposals for that Tucker I think hip injury had ever heard of somebody. Having hip injury like in past tests. Had never heard anything like that it's I've never heard that no you don't. Like captains have hip injury you continue to have an injury I'd sure like that the legal way. Not something that it's chronic it and I think the one thing that people are leaving out to the side here is when it happened last year. The story kinda came out that Isaiah says that he had been dealing with that for a couple years but he had he knew how to manage it. It got to the point last year where it was no longer manageable and I don't think there's anything Isiah Thomas can do physically. To get himself back to that level again you're right -- you never it's never past tense you're always dealing with that hip injury and so you have to retire. Not a dish you know I've the political action. You know that took down what would that be great actually equitable pastor injuries yet but. But I've I've made one of my cards right now I'm trying to heal the patriots lost and try to look at other different sports anchor and up football because of these very depressed over the patriots. And once they haven't taken on this. The most electric players in sports I have Ford guys. And I think of the most electrifying players in this sport I got carrier for the basketball I don't think anybody had been handled that guy has. In the history of the sport. I got Patrick came in hockey there's nobody in hockey out of watching Patrick Kane and given night I love the way in the pot I love the way you lose in the offensive zone. And the way he can you know get a shot off. I love. Looking out football Antonio Brown. I think he. They'd probably the most electrifying player or football hot what he can do. You know I even against the best quarterbacks in football he's he's incredible and I I honestly think loopy in baseball do with how he would potentially winning two gold glove in a row. And you know what he can do it the plane you know you don't fastball inside and looking bad thing year old Daryle. I didn't think about the most electrifying players I think in sport that you don't watch at any given night and we'll work guys I think for me. But think about that for a minute because the two would throughout the four guys we get to what's in our own back yard. On the little biased and this is a I think fiery fiery I don't think you can you can argue against you've been in and unbiased. Not mean you what you said I mean if you wanna put it in terms of who's got the the best handle in the league. I think its hands down carrier ring you can certainly make the argument that there are more electric point guards out there may be of a guy like Russell Westbrook. He's somebody that you know your taking the team today you might have to pick Westbrook over Tyree but you're right as far as handles go to watching somebody. Maneuver the basketball and do what they want to treat the basketball essentially like a Yo-Yo. That's that's exactly what Carey doesn't nobody better at. And packaging for the Blackhawks so I mean when you get the puck in the offensive zone. How he can dangle around our Zoellick in public can move around in the oxygen on and you know what he's English law guide and guide to it and making corrections. Watching that I mean you know you watching in the playoffs yeah you're watching on national television he that special hockey player and he's one of those guys that I children to walk. Now you right here right listen and I appreciate the phone call and we'll talk to get Nelson. Look. If there's there's a lot we can get to tonight if you wanna bring up red and stuff like your top four players we can we can do that as well that's the beauty. Well late night output for me anyways coming in here today and and sort of trying to figure out the best way that I wanted to take the show tonight because I could I could come on the air we could do four more hours of patriots stuff and if that's what you guys wanna do. Been dictated the phone calls right I was just tired and I was tired of doing it. That was tired of listening to and I got the feeling may be some you guys. We're hiring of it as well because how many more times can we relive the pain together. This was one of the more painful. Super Bowl losses that I could ever remember this to me was more painful than the giants losses because this game was their. Who was in the air to win mean it was theirs for the taking. And the patriots not only to lose the game. They lose the game in a manner in which. My goodness it's it's so its head scratching and if you continue to try and think about the fact the Malcolm Butler was benched right wolf what you do the first question you ask yourself is why. And on the unfortunate part of this whole thing is we'll never have the real answer. It's gonna be twenty years from now on somebody writes a book that we get that the real answer the 100% truthful story. Behind but like Malcolm Butler didn't get an opportunity to help his team defensively. In the Super Bowl if we have learned it'll come out 1520 years from now in somebody's book. So it's been driving me crazy because I listen to the Sports Radio I was at the station devastation and it listen nationally drank get a feel for what people are talking about. And every single answer that I hear is pure speculation. Because the the story coming from the patriots and coming from Bill Belichick is that it was a football decision but nobody wants to believe that because it doesn't make any sense so what do we do next we speculate. Right it's all speculation nobody's got the real answer nobody has the real story. I don't wanna sit here and speculate anymore we speculated together for eight hours both on Sunday night following the Super Bowl the Monday night for four more hours. Pure speculation it doesn't get you anywhere. So what I'm trying to do. Is take a positive approach here and and start to turn the page a little bit because our winter sports teams they are doing something special specifically your Celtics who by the way are an overtime right now in Washington trying to get a win. Against the wizards the Celtics up five with a by the mid fourteen to go. In OT your school right now one away 1030 continued keeping guys up to date on how that game sort of wraps up here. And as the Celtics. Make their way towards the all star break. The question really becomes. Are you satisfied. With the fact the Celtics were quiet today they were silent at the trade deadline. Or was there a move out there to be made that could help solidify the Celtics is the favorite. In the Eastern Conference because I think the Celtics are the favorite in the Eastern Conference right now it's no longer Cleveland. It's not Toronto it's not these wizards I think. Your Boston Celtics are the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference. In the NBA finals let's talk about it at Sports Radio WEEI 6177797. 937 back out to the phones we go let's go to Kelly chilies in Amherst failure up next here on Sports Radio. W ia. Amen and good shot we talked about how much I appreciate it make you understand him OK and you already is accent wasn't too bad for you. Yeah I Croatian or whatever so. I do you it would great great he did nicely did but he denies smoking a pack today and you know. I wanted to column and on that because everybody goes out the big smoke a bullet that Latino Telus it was a a cigarette or two would ban out of Packard Dudack. Who knows right I remember there was this boxer. Share member's name usually get a little bit nicer early thousands of whatever you're up late or. After a big story he would love that we can swap or whatever slice it or look pretty. Cannot now though it's kind of cool you know figure he didn't last very well and his later years. They you know it's it's not very conducive to like a long term athletic career bullets are in my techno. Not at all well what some have but I Jeanne. That guy than a minute ago the typical quote Jack. Saint saint Albert actually agree is that people. I'm not go to a whole thing. But I want to Allah I agree completely I think vote exit is one of my top you know beside her and I equal time. Irwin you know Jordan Deion Sanders Mike Tyson in a couple of cats but sure I just wanted to throw that out there. And I think he said he you know it to the point where we're talking about Isiah is hit and it. Essentially a similar injury and did Bo Jackson's career he was never the same again. And here we are trying to do it figure out if Isiah Thomas will ever get back to level that he was out last year. And it's not looking so good through fifteen games this year and now he's what it will be a Laker at he's got to get caught up in LA it's not gonna work there. I don't know what can happen in LA but in the car with quick vote checks and IP is an article. We'll play running back you know don't say that it's a different thing is the difference or and he actually let us say it next couple years right there with a well on. Let's think about that outright if you are playing in Cleveland this season and chew. He's playing at lakers into their about a month our budget law. That means that you can go right back to react and pretty soon you can have a whole lot he came back real fast in trying to prove something. And we proved they shouldn't about the fact and so my luck whatever ultimate flip it. I say it Tom let's say the only I think that might be cool right I don't think that the about him being sick and besides you wanna develop one though I'll have Easter I think part of one of the most awful apple player I've ever seen in my life but. He can be you know eight point and achieve a lot of guys that shoot yet she but he pat if you had ninety. LeBron on there you know he's pretending like that he didn't come back next to whatever. Get those guys go another study will all sort whatever. The interior achievement and acting as a comment. Could get back. And not quite where you work before but I don't know whatever he's going to be. It's gonna take a little while judge it's only been a couple of game in Iraq back if political hot it will happen. What does it before I let you go what happened to Isaiah this offseason let's let's assume that he. He he stays in LA let's assume he doesn't get much better than he is right now on the court. This guy the twelve months ago was talking about the Brinks truck being backed up to his house is is this free agency year this was what he was counting on. This guy got to be lucky to get like a mid level exception type deal unless he she he shows something pretty drastically improved from where he is right now in the coming weeks and months. Yeah you know that old saying what that those who say don't know those who vote don't say that you're making a lot of money eagle eagle those thought I mean I put up and a bad situation level I'm back on the beyond that you met. I would call it we don't even before he got hurt. And don't be surprised if but it comet ever at another year like it ever get everyone looked like Al. You know he's not there yet you know whatever he broke out. And he's going to be noted all of our outlet is an amazing year of planets where life. I don't get it out ever doing anything quite like that accusing it back pretty people shooter but but even the viability and I don't. Let's enjoy or appreciate the phone call to documents he had the celtics' season rolls along here is they embark on. The final few games before the all star break the Celtics were able to come away with a victory tonight a big win in my opinion following. The debacle that happened in Toronto of the go to play another tough Eastern Conference team on the road in the Celtics beat the Washington Wizards in overtime. It's a big win you're Celtics we'll talk about that coming up in the trending. And an hour two of the program you know. It's sad though it it yourself and you put your heart soul of this team he rooted this team the last couple years watching what happened was it Thomas is absolutely it's sad. The good news is for the Celtics this weekend they are retiring Paul Pierce is numbered and out all the and have to worry about look like a jerk. Because there can be no video tribute when Cleveland's and down. Right as analog plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don't think he's gonna play for the Los Angeles Lakers the rumors coming out of LA right now. Is that he is looking for a buyout and LA is willing to accommodate him in his looks for about as he looks for by. The question who will. Really come up at that point. Where does Isiah Thomas need to go to maximize his value in the Nazis. And the plays they keep coming back to as the Celtics they are by far away. The the biggest contender to reach the NBA finals in the Eastern Conference not in Cleveland and the only reason Cleveland has got to still be considered contenders because LeBron James is healthy he's awesome he's playing. So no matter how few regular season wins. LeBron and his calves racked up this year it's irrelevant we on the what happens come playoff time and LeBron is still very capable of putting a team on his shoulders. And taking that team all the way to the NBA finals he's got a before. I think he could do it again. So you know I he's not going back to Cleveland. He's not going to Toronto. Because you look at their backcourt is no room for him there front is that one of the best back courts in the NBA he's not going to the wizards they've got another one of the best back courts in the NBA. So the question that has to be asked where's your home right Isiah Thomas. And the Celtics keep coming back to mind because this is the team that is still looking for. An offensive punch off the bench and my god that's exactly what Isiah Thomas was when he got traded to the Celtics. Its first game of the Celtic was coming off the bench. He was a projected sixth man it's what he was with the kings of what's he it's what he was a news with the suns I know that it's a big ego hit for him. He made wanna take that. That situation. But if he wants to recoup his value. And if he wants to be guy didn't get paid big time dollars in the offseason the best thing rising it's a long and deep deep run towards the NBA finals. And then you wave but by two Isaiah one more time and he goes and he gets paid in the off season. That's the way that is the ticket. To get Isiah Thomas the Mac that is value the question is can you get Isiah Thomas to agree to that plan. Are the Celtics interested in that plan we know that one guy the Celtics are interested in. Right now is Joseph Johnson Joseph Johnson was traded today stories coming out tonight Joseph Johnson will be bought out the Celtics are among. This suitors looking to possibly acquire Joseph Johnson who of course started his career with the Celtics like I did interest thing. As we start to break away from the patriots and we move away from the super ball. And we're still months away from the Red Sox. The Bruins are the hottest team in the NHL and the Celtics are one of the best teams in the NBA there's still plenty to talk about right here. A Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Diane Patrick Gilroy when we come back there is room for you would 6177797. Ignited trees.