Late Night - Josh McDaniels is getting beat up nationally, while Matt Patricia is welcomed with open arms. 02-07-18

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Thursday, February 8th

Hour 2: The Detroit Lions welcomed Matt Patricia as their new head coach and gave the basic stock answers during his press conference, but the question that Ben was most interested in didnt happen during the press conference. Josh McDaniels is returning to the Patriots, but does that mean his only chance to become a head coach is in New Enagland?


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These these late night takes eat sleep. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in a graveyard factor tonight you too mr. overnight dig then Mallard. Let's get going. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Plus another parts to these stories involving Josh McDaniels and the patriots in the change that took place the last minute change. In that situation and it's the fallout. And it's been going on over the last 44 hours is too little more than 24 hours is it was around. This time ash a couple of hours before this time yesterday. At the news came down that Josh McDaniels. Was going to stay with the patriots and a whole lot of venom. Whole lot of venom has been tossed out. In the direction of Josh McDaniels uses a lot of a lot of angry angry enraged. People. Who happen to be around the course and I'd just around the colts but just in general. Who have chided us I wanted to get into it now the fact that mcdaniels. Walked away from the colts as one. Why. What has happened since then easy piling on Salinas can like be goal line defense. Where everyone has the unique linebackers or defensive lineman. Guys in the secondary come up. It's called gang tackling. That's what's going on and Josh McDaniels is the crash test dummy here. As he's essentially been put into the blender. Because of his verbal agreement which turned out not to be a verbal agreement. Answer we know that mcdaniels has been called in no particular order. A rat. Haunt loser. Fraud. Selfish little jerk. Well wait there's more is even more who. So so where are we right now that you that's that stuff that's been out well where are you right where would we need to be honest. Here's the ladies and Josh McDaniels. All he has an employer. He doesn't have in aged just regain his agents say get out of here you're done. And he has been fired by his age. Problem Monte. Terminating the agreement that he had represented Josh McDaniels. Because of that eleventh hour decision. Two goal right when you were supposed to go left and that part of the story here which I light more than all the other parts of it is equal. From the age this guy Bob LaMont who sounded like he. Eight character from an old mob movie. He said quote my word is might Barnes. Once you break that there's nothing left. Doesn't sound like a scene from late. Godfather. Goodfellas sure. The Sopranos or someone that my word is my bond. Sounds. It sounds good that now we Dale's agent he'd flee. Now he played down or use you heard about this he says is the agent that he was blind side essentially blind sided when he got the news. At the very last sect that McCain loses his stick around with Bill Belichick and not go to India. So he he claims that he was just completely shocked by news. And he he says the agent that he thought the conversation was going to be about introductory news conference which was supposed to happen at 4 o'clock. Today so that had been the case we would have just played sound bytes of Josh McDaniels talking about the Indianapolis Colts didn't happen. And instead the call Teddy a a different. A more uncomfortable. Agonizing. News conference where their general manager got up there and acted like a tough guy and said I don't care about Josh McDaniels leaving not an. I've moved dog. Yeah right anyway so back to the eight city aging. Who said that he was blind sided by it is. She claims he advised Josh McDaniels that by staying with the patriot she was quote committing professional suicide. That's the quote that's the professional suicide. So I wanted to discuss is not a question for use race. Do you believe. The version of that the story that I gave you from Josh began as agent in the version is. He was caught off guard here that the agent was caught flat footed. That this was a total surprise. And that he said my word is my bond once you break that there's enough. Actors. I saw the first you you can chime in on his biographers that I you know because I I don't see you frogs all over I. Does say that I believe I'll go 30%. Of this. This dribble. I bully. I here's my perspective you've got saving face. Bluffing. In the mouthpiece. Get those three things and I will attempt. Like a magician I will attempt to link these things together for you but number one. Josh McDaniels. As we've talked about since the very beginning in the opinion has not changed I have heard this in the station today efforts of people call up and tried to rationalize and defend. Mcdaniels. Good luck on that. It's a tough sell he comes across here as he weasel does he comes across the racquets he can't spin it any other way. And eat the fact that he hired coach les. Who worked on the study will get one thing if Josh McDaniels had just said you know what not from. Not for me I'm out I'm a stay where I am I wanna work of patriots I'm sorry. He ended I ended up. Even the day that he Satan all right up until the last second there he was calling other coaches try to get him to come work. For the colts the colts that's just too early. Is what daddies. And those like I told the story a little bit last night and I had you a radio job. Early on in my career when a shuttle work my way up the latter radio and I got offered a syndicated radio bush. And this is like a big deal is a big thing and the the celebrity was trying to get you do that you he'd been. Meeting with me is several times and I was interest did in the job. Because it was a better job than I had paid more money than the job by. But there were some conditions. Right there a couple of caveats to the job that I was a little uncomfortable way and I met with the program Rick to the final time I met with them he said we need and it's. And and I said well might my position is I would like to job. But I mean almost asleep on Newton. SA YI I went away in he said sure absolutely product I actually talked to couple people in my posse. I did sleep on it and then this came back. And I woke up when I was I don't want the job is I would have been like a wicca sidekick I wouldn't site you can come out of sight. And I'm not good at this either but I'm certainly not psyched. And so I turn the job count and I had to make vocal about it and hire a bunch of people. They didn't announce that I he was hired there was that pregnant pause moment there if it wasn't that it. Soul in Joshua Davis case he loses any chance of kind of legal and out of they stormed the wiggle. When he's out hiring coaches and they're relocating the Indianapolis and now he's like now Michael. He's got the wonderful backup plan of riding the coattails of Tom Brady at least for the next year. And maybe next couple years but as for Bob LaMont lead the aging. I this is. Almost more troubles. Ike is he looks like a total talkie in all of this he happens to represent this AG. Represents not only Josh McDaniels. Were not at war but Chris Ballard. The Ballard the ball for the Indianapolis Colts you talk about totally awkward situation here. So Josh McDaniels is flying right he's got a job and all that he's he's gonna eighty be the next coach of the patriots the next head coach put. The other part of me didn't wasn't actually do when the nitty gritty of the way it works. You know that the coach is not the one that does the paperwork that's the money the age he was the one putting the finishing touches. On a contract that was never sign. And and silk. There's a whole myriad of issues year. It in trust is one of economic inequality a godfather movie why weren't my word is my bond. I'm not to do that but I will tell you. If you ever. Worked with an age and you probably have it. I don't know what agent it's not got a little bit yeah. Sleaze and it goes with the job. It to be a good age got to be loose sleeves. You got me. Even better ones are sleazy so it you know local Monty playing the whole thing about my word and all that. The reason he got rated Josh McDaniels is because of the fact. He also represents Chris Ballard. That's why and it just makes financial sense to keep McCain has a round. He's he's getting more money from the patriots if we are to believe what is being reported and so that's the case. If he is getting more money well that trickles down to the agent. So that would have been easy just keep mcdaniels around you'll extra money and then. If you play your cards right Chris Ballard hired oval what are your clients and then you'll you'll get a new guy as the head coach of the Indianapolis holes. But selected happ and it local money the AG. Overly dramatic here. When you get down to. If if teams feel like they're going to be bamboozled. By an aging. The more so than other agents then that's an issue I get it I understand that put don't nobody's perfect is SATs Mother Teresa. I don't bite out the second part of this. As we talk here on the VI late night with me Ben Mallard. And here's the part where I gold separate. Ways I go I go a different direction from from Josh McDaniels age here. The part or he says he was totally blind side. I don't apply to you why. I don't apply. I don't want be called the soccer this is called Lofton. Believe that this is a classic bluffing technique here. And know what is my evidence and it's our Josh McDaniels. Has shown she is kind of tendencies. To waffle. In the past right he's showing through the 49ers last year. As an example there was a Cleveland ground rule were several years ago. And it's of these things that popped up from time to time this is not the first rodeo for Joshua is now it's the worst. It's the most egregious if you will was not the so the only time and that he's been wishy washy. On one of these these jobs. And after the rumors were circulating. During Super Bowl weekend that he was having second thoughts. You're you're telling me that the Egypt was completely in the dark and all this come. Really. In Adam shift if you listen this morning the Turkey Callahan show after was on there and he said aid. That there was some meetings that took place after mcdaniels had it initially agreed to leave the patriots in go to the colts because he had second thoughts. And that you know they got together they had Apollo while there they had a meeting to try to calm things over. And it's almost the agents Livingston can as shoe box. He's lying and I'm a pillow as keep it real here now the parting shot on this. We're takes a phone calls. If your report is a line open for you at 6177797937. And against 6177797937. Question is. Are you biting. The Asia the former agent of Josh meet the angels his story. So the last thing though that the propaganda. Is in the year you're right that the propaganda ministers on both sides of this you've got the Josh McDaniels can't. You've got the colts everyone's trying to do their version of the story as I mentioned when chapter appeared on WEEI. This morning it's sound deed. Like he was he represented. Represented a figure for Josh weakness that he was a mouthpiece. For Josh games that's what came across as a everyone tells. Seemingly agrees. That Josh again as is he why Ohio hazard. For the other NFL teams that this was a treasonous act. And yet attache after paying this glowing picture that this is not gonna handicap beat the angels future employment. Went on and on its place them. Outside of Josh McDaniels having one of his all for charity friends. Getting him. Coaching job he's looked. Ski either that or winning the Super Bowl as head coach the patriots and that he can go somewhere else other. Monopolize. Now let me allow. This this narrative that keeps getting repeated over and over gain a buy out. The fame. Playing the favorably card. It is one of my pet peeves when coaches do this drives me it's and it happens all the time the reason it's one of my pit appease. Is it's kind of like signing up for the military and in saying you have an issue with guns. And you don't like weapons but you've agreed to join the military it. Kind of goes with the territory. All or flight got to radios and I don't really like talking to microphones but I wanna be on the radio how you do that. Like it just it's it's up with is a family playing the family car from the bottom of the deck. It is it's illogical. The make candles agreed. To relocate his fame he agreed to leave. The New England area and go coach the Indianapolis schools. It just beat a coach in general it is a bag of bond. Who rear admiral week we talked and for a talk here somewhere else but that Bruce aaron's. Pro series leaving the cardinals. Lifetime football me. If you are bored out of your mind and you have nothing else going on cool cool Bruce Iranians. Resident is coaching experience. He has lived all over God's green earth lifetime football man. Bouncing from coast to coast East Coast West Coast north south and midwest. The plains you name it he's been. That's the life that's that's tote works. In that profession. The rules of engagement. In that line of work that the brotherhood of coaching is that you'll pretty much go anywhere as a mercenary. And you'll draw x.s and o.s you'll do all that. For a price you'll go anywhere. Bounce all over the place. I'll take your phone calls on any of that. And the number 617779793. Said and also on Twitter at bay Mallard. MA LL PR's last name and you can email me. So looks at them promoting my email activists big deals peak bleak in the that's bay in the dot Mallard. Then dot valor at WEEI. Dot com. I try to send it just Ben Mallard a B I'd accounted work. There's got to dot the dots not there's not gonna work in the dispute ruin your day. You'll be you'll be screwed. Are out now the meanwhile secure phone call what would you have people waiting in this they must talk to the people like Kelley. Is in Amherst and he is up first this hour on late night on WEI hello Kelly. Hey what's up quick quick thought the listener. If you could and I'm sure other people agree with me if you could please not allowed holes to go on for quite so long have you let him expert for. And then give it an act because like two or three minutes of work remains to get to be a little bit tough unlike a regular basis looking the other. We'll tell you that's fair let me give me give you my side of the yard it to me Blair is like a punching bag. And I'd let him I I give them enough rope so we hangs itself. The thing with Blair's you don't need to give him that much rope causal hangs up pretty quick you are right about that but I'm fascinated by the all it does call radio shows and play video games what life that is Kelly. That's it's about apple what I do with my legs so we're you know it's. Whatever you know. I'd stay there this area at the beginning. I tell you gotta give me Tom the terrible that's that guy's good he's so angry Tom terrible that's wonderful. Sentencing thought oh the first time that would like you know maybe an indistinct after awhile it not interest. I disagree I I could hear him rip apart the greatest dynasties sports. It's just Internet enabled what even what you had veto language is written everyone else what what do you got for. Are not I I ripped people as little as possible. You get in on the you'll note that that is not my game but I just wanna be realistic it's hard to listen when Paula call at like five minutes troll. I want I want you know Kelley that you are in the minority on this because they got a whole idea I just opened up my my new shiny WTI email. And it's a lot of praising of how great Tom a terrible as they enjoyed that. My my fault then a bit but you know another thing you worse and that you've got to offer of one to make more money. But he acted either back up. And so my question for you it argues saying that was like let's say for example like Kuerten Ellen and you would be Kirk what you would a lot of talent and a lot of what I'm hearing. What say you look back upbeat yes sure I mean in my at that point in my IE in my career I've established myself siesta until like I had been. The guy and one of the problems in radio. Easy get pigeon hole. As whatever you are they don't lot of places delighted role and I think that's an image okay. Okay you what you are writing in my truck here so. I match. Yet but you're Bachmann now or wherever you are but you're kind of you're on the air but until are saying is that. Look at that's talent and many against setting that used to be Kmart as a third are. He would like extra special ingredient in a week but analytical you're saying. He works his way. To keep it out. So you're social short. I think it I think that's different and I think I think the plane had been out on a non management that he got I think the planted and that eventually. Kirk was being groomed for that. To be a lead guy on that show I think that's the ways and that's where I believed to be self. It's a little different this the job I'm talking about was years ago. And trust me I was not being groomed to be the the air to any kind of thrown that was not the not the case. I usually without speaking in French Arabic but I was on long enough on the. All right thank god thank you get a hit the killer so polite look at that with everyone to have the proper amount of air time. You see that. Mark. Right cities' day's market in the he she loved thesis on the terrible is cracking me up. And he is much of the race and thoughts year. I think that's that's the way I see that headline I go outside. To get them. It's pretty good not at all 6177797937. If you would like take part and also on Twitter at bay in Mallard and is at that Mather. The old low speed question. He loaded question was as though. Matt Patricia what the he city today loaded question we'll get to that. And we will do it next talk all Boston sports withdraw from dollar bond late night. Question Matt Patricia was ask a loaded question introduced as the new head coach of the Detroit Lions. And unlike. Unlike Josh McDaniels who got cold feet. Matt Patricia did not get old cold feet takes over. These will be gone Detroit Lions is their latest head coach and we'll get to be awkward question in a moment. Couple things here. I know I watched this news converts on YouTube I believe I was sleeping when it actually took place because every ridiculous schedule. Which I don't wanna get into here and it's just don't sleep. A during the week anyway. So Patricia is introduced as the new head coach lines and the first thing you notice is he took a shower. End he went to the barber shop. So he's not leading to the shower he also to the barbarous. Which is it just didn't look like Matt Patricia. And that's disappointing. To keep it real that's that's how he has been at his. Is reputation that's at least know rise trademark beard and all the Eagles to a barber shop as he gets named head coach anyway. So there's that ended it was asking questions about. The patriots in what it's gonna be like interest lions their general managers of former patriot guys and so. Connections are being made and Matt Patricia he did say a lot that was all that interest in but he did address. The the future in the possibility. Of noisy gonna be a copycat of Bill Belichick he was asked about that he talked about. I mean just as far as coach Belichick is concerned. I'll say this I mean he's. One of the most amazing coaches I've ever been around the way he looks at the game his vision of the game. The way he sees the game moving change before it actually does. Is is unbelievable. I'll say this there's only one coach Belichick that's it he's amazing. He's in New England. I'm Matt Patricia. Have him I'm kind of my own person in my own guy got my own style. But I certainly would take all those lessons that I learned. From how to teach and coach and with fundamental beliefs that. You know that we had in England which I think are strong somewhere it's take from my learning experience at Syracuse. Even you know it at the lower levels Amherst College. And even to my playing years and RPI. I think I continually try to learn and try to. Take any situation that comes up doesn't matter if I'm. The professional level or not but if it's a situation comes up that I see that you know I can learn from gonna you know I've seen put that in my memory bank someplace in the morning Easter. Come out and I need to use that situation I'll try to. Pull from that experience. I suppose innocuous or that was that was non talks in Rome from Matt Patricia is a lot of good things though. It it'd deep dive into the Bagger cultures he was on sports GA dot com which I'm proud to remind you I mean contributor. This back in the old days they sit in cliches to sports machine that and so. Nothing nothing offensive by. Gave some wonderful compliments the Bill Belichick. I know many people were upset. Win the questions about Malcolm bought third did not come up. Jury in the news counts no one no one in the Detroit media. Decided that this was worthy of conversation at this particular event. Either they were blind to it or they just had no interest that either way. The the bottom. Of Malcolm Butler the hand grenade was not brought up but after. After the open media session. Weigh in Matt Patricia went around the low one on one interview activity with different members in his short media. That did come up that loaded question. And remember if you've ever taken a journalism class. You know that the most famous loaded question is when did you stop beating your wife that's the most famous vote question. In football parlance. This week the question the loaded question is why didn't you play. Why didn't you play Malcolm Butler and soon. Now the reason that is a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. For Matt Patricia. Is either the the way you would US of that is you're gonna have to rip somebody you really gonna have to say on the 88 I didn't play them because I'm a bad coach. Are to blame ballot check. It's his fault he made the decision or. You then have to rat out Malcolm Butler for being a boo Purdue once up they cost himself to did not play. In the Super Bowl most of the only three possibilities. And that's a that's a look questions all right so shall hypothetically. I know what Patricia said I have I have the quote from here. What do you think he. What do you think these former patriots defensive coordinators say. When he was dashed. If he would've played Malcolm Butler more in the suburb. Do you think he Eddie. Said no comment. Or seat the last option said contact Belichick. Eight Beers. You're your answer. Changed not lawful here's what Matt Patricia say what again he was asked if he would play would have played. Malcolm ball more in the Super Bowl loss to the Eagles nutritious response quote. Those are good questions. For the patriots. I am just going to steer away from all that end quote. I think that does that go in the category C is that like hey go talk to Belichick. It Canada a producer bad does that would that be like hey don't ask me the last ballots that it sounds like right authoritative yeah. I say he didn't wanna answer but it sounds like he's ahead Osama put this operative back in Belichick's lap not my fault. I don't work for the patriots anymore it's they're probably gonna talk today. Interest interesting interest in it is part. Your thoughts on that and to the phones we goal let's see here it's which art and this has been on hold. Gulf war eighty minutes and he he does the full Mallard marathon he's a trained. These trains springer's Woody's. We demand hippie. Is on WEB icing and out on South Beach hello we man hippie. Bad idle thought you wrong I. Bought in I think Dillinger of the night. You. Know I've read their take him to Boston I'd like for a hell hole waited and waited for me. You did just what we meant. I keep telling you not trying to train you one radio you have I went to Europe might project we is that correct sacked. Would get the Connecticut called rod getting on an imbalance gold market. Yeah. As is the magic the radio. Is that the listener. All that's started us aren't that. And cause all that all of this or I do not actually in the same opinion. But I represent well known them give them to us and now I would. Are you won't even listen you're so fired up look it's you know the way this works when people listen to the radio secure it's a gift you get to eavesdrop on someone else's conversation. It you know talking to the masses of people listen to the radio apply themselves. People listen the radio and groups I wish they did my life would be a lot easier if like forty people huddle around the radio. To hear what that gas bag at night has to say on the radio that's not how it works one guy who spying on our conversation that's what's going on we've made. Put more than a year that was continue like. I see that's what I'm talking about youth youth snoop around our annual es like you wiretap maidan my thoughts is what you do. Add Adam I'd look at that we. All you need this war adults hard. This is not always. Don't just what do you what do you call about what is on weak man's agenda tonight what you want to dazzle us with tonight. The glory it supports. That that is the annual U balloons. It would seriously. Like we do in New York opt out like he's wearing argue Harry and act. Goal. Like we got got my guy average college. Now we get mad how long have you lived in floor. For the Florida fifty years we may leave New York alone you're your mind if you're Miami you break down the Marlins depth chart is what you gotta do. Ball and with. The local radio in Miami oh god the odd dollars a little. Let's not mine I like little cry babies and surely our audience and then. Amazing radio yes. You're all my aunt Angie they don't have one. Thought I'd light will be a good or apple that. Why don't I mean. And out of that later. Capable of operating. Let's the kingdom of our football you're mixing them look for. Honesty. Are you kidding. Shelly but winging it at or are you or anger them. Are you guys when we've been listening you're you're you're yet another half of the marathon egos just review settle in relax. Taken that would every you have to. Since. The day irate. Check my email here Steve mill neck tie game we man on the radio what the hell's wrong we view. That's that's my guts. I can is that these Mallard militia guys but weakness the most lord ease that some other guys that listen to stupid but we admit it's always there. Whether I want him to be there or don't want you there ease hang out he's hanging it out. Mister mister wonderful. Writes in leases again all this Boston conversation out of your system. He's tired of hearing now Belichick mcdaniels and Butler. Very upset. Chill out mr. wonderful fun with this in the sour looks like Tom the terrible called Lipper. Anyway pressing on pressing our time now all. Two a blow your mind away with the the it's attribute I couldn't find another. I confided of the football questions so I had to change it up. And I hate to miss this it's like all football show pretty much but I had to change it up. So here if you wanna send me one of these dopey who admire or instant trivia questions. And I might use it on the air you can send me email band dot Mather. At WEI. Dot com so again the militarist. If you wanna say in what these questions that I might use it is its ban dot man alert at WE I don't count anyway here's why team up with right now. The issue trivia. I don't trade drama. Of the Detroit Pistons became only the third player. In the last fifty seasons. To get to the fifty games played mark having laid or she feared for his team's rebounding lead in 49 games. Now he's imagines the third player to do it. Blaine and Dennis Rodman. Are the others in the last fifty so you gotta fill in the blank again the list you've got to Andre Drummond Dennis Rodman and blank. That have led their team in rebounding or shared the lead for rebounding in 49 out of fifty games played. Immunity individual NBA season that is the instant trivia if you understood all that there's a reward for that and the answer next. Jordan locked into only knock wood and malware on Sports Radio WEEI. No payoff these kids that trivia back to the phone calls as well here on WE I here's the question Andre Drummond. Dennis Rodman and Blaine. Are the three players in NBA history the last fifty years to play fifty games in 49 of the first fifty. Either to lead or share in their team's lead in rebounding. Did you understand that the B this is an exam this is an exam was seen anyone get it right. We're looking. Relief Patrick the sober driver. He's going with curly Neal. Curly Neal as the answer there Reggie Evans the great Reggie Evans guessed by two that's a good guess a light that. Here's a guy frank whose job it is to suck up to me he's going with bull with a Blake Griffin. Very funny are right the idea Zack Randolph was yes there's a good name's Zach Randolph all wrong. The correct answer. The list of players the last fifty years that led there NBA team in rebounding. Or tied for the lead in 49 of the first fifty games. Is it's Andre Drummond issue with the pistons. It's Dennis Rodman from the Chicago Bulls back in the need. Ninety's the 9697. Bulls and the last name on the list. Kevin Garnett. But not of the celtics' Kevin Garnett when he was in Minnesota. In the mid two thousands. That's it they go back old school Bill Russell. From the championship Celtic days and Wilt Chamberlain. Also dated but that's solid in history he appeared in five players. They have accomplished that rather pod. That odd streak it was you know we pays touched let's be honest I go to the phones we goal. And Wayne is in south the and Wayne is up next on WEEI hello way. Game OK okay illegal bang now you know I'm aggravated right after watching that game and I'm still should say it was created when Jane doe aggregate it anyway. Right or loyalty. I'm loyal then I'm loyal. To shout it meant sweet that you probably can't read well on it modeling elementary my life. That's why we're saying that's not true the sin. The woman's I don't know you'll only a month you waited two months you know talking about him. Oh no no not me don't know regret anything you got an email but he came along had to register register it and actually again and taught mallet. Act WEEI. I wrote I am dot com. About. The I was a ten minute somebody about bed I'll tell you off the air about that it's it's. Yeah LA LA what I want to do by three gangs I got one. I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't think anybody don't gonna know what happened quick you know I mean ballot checked in his he would eat. He had like a whole world changed that day came somebody different. I don't I don't know a culture and you must lower back from major. No matter how bad or what Egypt is still put them all bill would go to actual formal actually clearly and they're all. Barrymore. He know reclaim it and anybody else who withdrawal well. A whole lot of appointments and there are things. That Malcolm Butler could have done it would have warranted. Not playing in the Super Bowl but if he's going to be uniform. He clearly didn't do any of those things right if anything I didn't really bad stuff is a lot of bad stuff we can come up with a reason why I supply center. But unilateral. Margaret what. I quickly and you. Think when I said I said play am passing game but did not play in the all it's just. I am I don't blame them who did it we need them public. Well yeah look at our right away and. What we're going on and we're. And and I almost certainly been a problem malware can't you know Jack. Arose out whether you know the cold weather in Minnesota inside the dome really mess with the kickers. Exactly exactly military welcoming an old lady Shelton well it was so cold go to McCain I can lady bureaucrat I don't need court agreed. Bit by bit at all. It wasn't ignored interviews. It wasn't that wasn't the Arctic inside yes there's. And what I think Brett who legitimately called. Well. You know who it could be only a total joke or do you normally it. We count by eight point we got one minute well we know high note we confusion to report to act. By Ted and kiwi complete 112 on. That should be quite OK you don't do that. Well let's see them at the list the list of suspects Wayne that Cisco's Melissa you get. And Josh McDaniels in Tom Brady that's the list that you list Wainwright then that's a place. And I Belichick and he induced anything with the offense he's a defensive. Guy an idea why these days away from the offense in the eat it's that. The it's it to be Belichick the way I look at it easy hawk. Looking over your idea of defense and offense again. It was Armageddon and pretty damn sure can make a call. We Dwyane you should call a clue what what player would you quoted as. And McCain don't campaign well I know it had to be 280. Took it back in order to get the ball between. Immovable apple I'd get I would put the team go up or shortening got to go to white. For all that other Al. That is how close did that hail Mary that the played DA would have bounced off grant's hands that could do. Yet to be secret shortly yeah. Don't tell you about ammunition at a much. He swallowed the whistle weighing this while the west is what happens in the super boy swallowed the whistle they'll call a lot of these super. And locally and show I got you to weight you've lost its nightly a lot of you mind and their initial global question are ready to. Would that not true planet beyond out we bobbled. Or due to go to catch. I'm OK and you realize. I thought I it in the modern NFL that's not a touchdown and the way it was called all year that's not a touchdown and the way they've done it for several years that's not a touch a dot. Now the answer ways it's not a touchdown it should be a touchdown but it's not an if you're gonna call the way it was during the regular season that can't touch down. Born big. Cool orange and what needed to let. I think they got to change they had chains that it might hallway they got to change that doping rule by the way have so it's so annoying. It is corporate rule. Judge what is gonna catch we don't know anymore Richard between black and forget what I want more. What's good for radio but knew that that should be a touchdown but it's night it's not a touchdown. But they gave it they get a touchdown which is very confusing but you know what I am I the last one dog got. I'd really like to point and it would change in my opinion get act to handle the last one. It would be game changer look at it don't you welcome anyway. And that was I don't want to know and I talk much we've blown away when they were gonna put up pretty troop out I don't under Lou I don't. Yeah that that didn't surprise me don't surprise me. Sect that a second rate cornerback in the polls making the patriots look like a budget derelict. My judgment when it. It really broken and probably know what I'm doing emotional blow up bad blood showed up boy let's spend shall get Brady. I don't know until the end and you don't don't don't I don't I don't that I. And encrypt it. And I I'd that you Madden curse clearly that's it yes. Is picture appeared on the cover the video game and the pages were duel that anyone the end VP. You combine those 282 things Madden football cover. End in BP you know what that is a football catastrophe. Is what that is yes is he couldn't win. The pictures were screwed. No chance of winning. He overpowered. It doesn't cover jinx is in VP jinx. Slice them up. Did. I I realize that this photo last time for awhile that the patriots are going to take the the headlines because things are gonna come down. Right now the focus will shift to. Other things so things will pop up in the next couple weeks next couple months. I get to. But whoever's call the shots and we assume it's doable Belichick. With the patriots. Got to find a way to get a couple of players on defense. That are not off the scrap heap. He got a he's just give yourself a shot. And I realize they got to the suitable so that could you could say headed that we got there with this hodgepodge of defensive players. Put it so much easier so much easier. To. Win games and you get a couple of guys to commute to. Ernie three you don't even need for enough to move total once not enough to lose about all right who's a good. Three you feel pretty good three but it all needs to. It's. It was tough to watch. Out to watch our takes more phone calls the number of you'll be part. 6177797937. At 6177797. 9370. Is the it was after midnight as the legacy is his NBA trade deadline day. Anyone excite anyone even mildly excited about NBA trade. Deadline. Day. My level of excitement on the malice scale of excitement. One to ten. Ten being the most excited. And then it and of course one being and I just rather watch a WNBA game I would put. That at eighty. I'm ordered out of four. I want to report it it it appears to me looking at the the names that have been floater around listeners that last minute surprise. The biggest name is art even trading the biggest name that's going to be moved to the NBA tread that line has already happened. That's Blake Griffin. From the clippers to the Detroit Pistons that's the biggest name. You're you're gonna get a of all you ready to be a lot of players traded. Put their secondary players and I can get that the headliners. I hope I'm wrong point that would be great if I'm on that'll give us a lot lots of talk about. It's Ben Mallory knew late night out into the morning into the witching hour we goal. In his hip hooray. For Hollywood. Would get to that. Do it next.