Late Night - Is Gronk the next Big Hollywood Action Star? 02-08-17

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Thursday, February 8th

Hour 3: Ben opens the final hour talking about how actors such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Sylvester Stallone said that Gronk could become a huge action star in Hollywood and could make the same amount of money he is making now. 


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And back yet we go here and oh look at that you see what that is she would yes. That is as the NBA trade deadline but no don't let that we're not going there yet none of these is much more to talk about. With the patriots much more talk about. I do like to treat him Michael I mean I mean I'm engaged here I am engaged whether the Celtics do anything whether they're able to trademark is Smart. All right make a big deal for. For a backup. We will we will see is also the possibility Isiah Thomas the the old Celtic could be treated like clearances a stuffed. At the NBA trade deadline. But but a story that circles around the patriots years that they picked up some. So much activity. On on Wednesday in balls Rob Gronkowski. I not Malcolm Butler that Belichick judgment day is those roles stories that are there as well. But in the last couple of days you had this. This soon nominee of stuff it's great my heads exploding some talk show host this wonderful. Right it's it's so a lot soap opera ball about the soap opera good good things to talk about and keeping keeping track I know you've been keeping track. And you've middle list on your Smartphone and you have the Malcolm Butler. Story where he called out Bill Belichick on its degrade him and and Tom Brady's door state. In a myriad of current and former patriots having the number was around 245. Commenting on that indeed Josh big game you'll story he left no he didn't leave. And wanted to hang out with Tom Brady some war eagle a hole. But wait but wait there's more write another patriot related story. That is also delicious. Another subplot. Has kind of bubbled up here I kind of it has bubble. If you've not been paying close attention. Bad job. But let me give you the inside skinny on this now Rob Gronkowski. Might remember the story on after the Super Bowl ease and that's issue of it goes right after the game heat of the moment and that your wants to come. And then the rumor was floated that gronkowski is considering retirement. And now the story is that the reason he's gonna retire you were mistaken about retiring as he wants to go and act. And at the store that popped up as an eagle Tribune it's been tossed all over the play's been bounced around the echo chambers I like to say. Of sports conversation over the last few hours and it's again it's like a pinball bouncing around pinball machine your visit to juicy story. Is that going toast he would say CEO later goodbye to the patriots. And and leave them high and dry. And transition from the gridiron star to the silver screen. And as the story goes if you've not heard distort you haven't seen it. And the story goes that gronkowski. Has been told by not one but fool Hollywood's. Parties. That he could make me. Is it millions of dollars and never have to worry about getting a concussion again. By becoming an action. Superhero. And goes to Hollywood stars are Dwayne Johnson better known by his nickname rock. And sly Stallone. As right Rem low Rockies Sylvester Stallone so those attitude that's the story. And supposedly gronkowski is whispered sweet nothings to his friends that the injuries have taken a hole in his body. And this is a possibility. So let's discuss you know the question. What are the odds that Rob Gronkowski. Leaves in the middle of the night. Goes out to LA and tries them making it in Tinseltown. Opposite the odds on this at plus 950. Plus 950 you cannot if you're not a game. And if you don't know what that means that implies that there is he less than 10% chance. Of this happening and it's. My position. This is my working theory eyes. That it's all about the bargaining chip right you've also got fingerprints and play sweet nothings and the Tooth Fairy associate yep four parts to this. And I will attempt. To put all of these things together and all of these are light in the walloped a number one Rob Gronkowski. He he clearly. Wants to get another paid. I wanna get another payday I would assume. You work you would like to get another paid I think we all have that in common. The patriots though here's the patriots have all the leverage. In the situation gronkowski has two years left. On his contractual. Obligation. Of the Kraft family. So he's gonna make me a base salary of eight million dollars next season. And then nine million a year after that and that's great money if I told you right now as of the eight million dollars you see me I don't well in life I am doing good. Amid a migrate you call all your friends you post stuff on social media I have 1 life I am making eight million dollars. But you know the drill right in in in the football world that is below market rates. Our current house is the third. Highest salary on average for tight ends in the NFL. But here's the problem. With the salary structure in the National Football League when it comes the titans. That position ease the word is devalued. Nice about in terms of money ranked Huskies impact on the pages or do you agree with this is that all. Antonio brow. By Antonio Brown in Pittsburg is the guy. They have they have Levy on bell and they've got Roethlisberger but the one that moves the steeler offense more than all the other players is Antonio for a Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh is making seventy. Million dollars. And in the modern NFL. That we've got to a pretty odd unique situation or were doing. Because Gradkowski. Is clearly. That kind of impact player it's a but he wants to give more money outer Robert and Jonathan Kraft. But he's got two years left in his contract so the way to do it is. It's kind of obvious you are going is you play what ever options you have in this case the bargaining chip is. You know I'm done I can go go to Hollywood. And make crappy movies. And I'll get paid a good amount of money. You know art goat become professional wrestler a little combo called dual wrestling all appear to some big. Monday night raw. Gigs and I'll go against the big stars the WWE and then make movies. But I feel like. Now the second what does it tell us he's 28 years all right he's in the prime of his NFL career. It's. He is time to get paid right now the person that has their fingerprints. All over this story if you pay any attention the National Football League you don't exactly the name amen to bring up. Drew. Rosenhaus write his fingerprints as the super agent of the NFL one of the super agent. There do you need some kind of dusting device to find Drew Rosenhaus is a fingerprints this is eight carefully orchestrated. Set of stories backed it orchestra. And it's worked so far it's worked Pete some people a Biden doing it now there's others that are more cynical. Like me and really add up. What you float the story he. That Hollywood is knocking down gronkowski Stewart I don't he's done some acting stuff he's had a few cameos and in what. But if you're the patriots if you're Jonathan Kraft. I mean you're doing a lot of the data de stuff for you sit there sit off crap. Off cross believe. Six. That the play here for the patriots if you really wanna do it the wrong way. Which is seeming to win this is probably always you just. Said don't brought you wanna go to Hollywood go make some movies do. Test them play gave a check and see what he does. He's not ago. It is an 888. Million dollars that exists aria and a bassinet next year. Second make eight million dollars in the movie business is first year. You tell by the NFL being a cut throat business. Hollywood. But that the movie business and Dwayne the rock Johnson. And Sylvester Stallone. Are the exception to the rule. And it it it is is the the story or did they really tell gronkowski. That he could make millions of dollars and action films or is that just plant. By rosenhaus. I don't sheep I. And I don't know how you feel about but I actually bite an out takeaway because. That's kind of how the town goes rights also worthless. I have been fortunate enough and maybe not for our defense they look at these things that I've known a few people that are connected. In the movie business. In NF I've come across these guys over the years and almost universally they have one thing in common. It. Ignored the one thing is. A phony. If that is mr. Stallone rocked. Up I wouldn't. Doubt for a second that they whispered sweet nothings. In Rob Gronkowski easier. And that's great people in Hollywood. Tell you what they think you want to hear that it you know only a marvelous wonderful that was great acting report. You get become the next big thing in Hollywood absolutely. And then they're working at a coffee shop on Venice Beach is what they're doing. There waiting tables there that the restated Starbucks. And there waiting around for their big break in Hollywood that's it's cut throat that's what happens. Was it different is not a house he's got named I U preseason NFL player that's a little different. But that much. There's not a lot of Jane you winced off. A coming out of the mood is the one guy who did cross over. And I should get this guy. She get this done WEEI the top is that there's two things I don't like do a lot of interviews doing most interviews are terrible. On the radio and I knew when I was on the radio to bad interview about I didn't dawn analysts. There's that in the end. It like Fred drop of the guy's Fred Dryer if you're of a certain age you know him as hunter. From from TV back in the day and he's a cool guy he played in the NFL actually had a pretty bad experience with the patriots. Back in the day did wanna play for the patriots but he he's he's good dude. And he made the transition he'd be the perfect guy to talk to excuse played in the NFL's number one pick. They with the giants of the patriots in the the rams. And any became an actor Indiana the good run if he's still a stuffed ten times to radio now. Fred Dryer that's kind of how I came across him. But he would know the the pitfalls of that better than anybody either because of the other names bill Romer now ski tried to get in the house how'd that work. How we long petty brief. Brief trip made some movies none of them good. Brian Bosworth is usually the gold standard he's the barometer. Of failure for an NFL player that goes to Hollywood. It is a lot of other guys you know even over the door that fought they were to become the next big thing. In entertainment. Now of and the last that your eventually he. That's at some point gronkowski is going to transition away from the NFL and he will dabble in wrestling and likely in Hollywood. That advice year is to suck every taller. Out of the Kraft family you can possibly get. And you go to the movie business and you go to wrestling when the door to the NFL this is locked. That's when you make that move. And if he wants to follow the path gronkowski of the rock. And remember to keep people loved the Dwayne Johnson and you women just swoon all over. Dwayne Johnson and he does very well in that area. But he's also made movies such as the Tooth Fairy. There that he ever see do you receive that. The hologram thing Reno 911. That's a classic. But the the Tooth Fairy that's my favorite every time I hear. The rock in a movie I if I judge it compared lead to the Tooth Fairy. Did anyone see it producer Ben did you see the Tooth Fairy movie that that he was in Dwayne Johnson. Never thought did he played a hockey player. And the hockey player at the punishment was 'cause he's he stole from a kid. So he got turned into a real life Tooth Fairy for a week. Somebody an instant classic. The what's the more amazing part of that that they. It's somebody wrote that script number one. Or that he movie studio. Signed off on making that movie and thought that people would wanna watch that. It's trees. Our rights we'll take your phone calls again your position on Rob Gronkowski hear the story being floated I believe came directly from his agent. That they want this out there that Murkowski has options in Hollywood he can go to the movie business in. They want this out wanna throw this weather balloon up and hope that someone with the patriots is like Mike we make Huskies were. I would like to see gronkowski need to warm. I'm always. In favor of the players make him more money. But I also call a spade a spade I know what's going on here. I'm real quick is go to Joseph in Providence. And we'll say hello to Joseph what's go on odd Joey you're on the radio what's up. Redmond. This year when notorious territory. In a course. I applaud them from. There was no real plus on the and I and have been absent an absent from the airwaves or can. At. Decompress. From that nonsense books. As much as the bullet stuff sent me and is much that all the turmoil surrounding it sent me. I feel the page report for one reason the wont because they couldn't tackle any one. Allen who poorest tackling game I've seen. From this team and have very very long time. Missed tackle optimist tackle. This one thing you take out of this game in my opinion. This has always been the re eighty Belichick sitting. Oh who who the real hero here. You know you have to people they will Belichick never one not to without Brady figured the other half of the people click. Oh you know what Tom Brady's system quarterback. We feel will happen if you I don't know that seem remote code without. Tom agreed to a 4505. Yards three touchdowns no interceptions. Against the very highly ranked defense. They had to do everything within their power. To beat that man. And the patriot defense with heart garbage. It's. That it isn't Joseph that there were we all we also Symbian is in particular on third down and those fourth down plays when the Eagles went for it. You allowed. The that you pitcher's defense allowed nick fools. Nick folds to look. Like in established front line starting quarterback in the NFL. Before you can repay computer Belichick defense allowed that. Now it's really does a lot of that. The players who played in the game. And now they have the excuse of saying when it ain't my fault I was were devastated because Malcolm Butler didn't play. You show must go want to meet a Belichick is it appears he made a mistake there although I still think there's more that story. You gotta be accountable. Not one guy made a play the entire day for the patriots. I am able lesson Cuba doesn't fit in Europe against. John McCain. If I would just again the admired my only question why would ever argue that it considered. Leaving you are offensive minded coach and offensive coordinator. Playing which now brings the critical time. Even if you wanna have an argument nobody can argue he's not cops and real time. You'd you'd coaching. The greatest quarterback of all time. Without English Channel without one of the greatest quarterback tool time in your forties. Why would he wanted to stay until we don't. Who wanted to go to Indianapolis the coach Jacoby percent. We'll see Sergio. Oh lead on that too but feel but did you listen to some yoga or. Take of outsiders who started on the bouts maybe who smoothie. But the answer is because you wanna get out before the walls come chrome and it means some doom and glow over at think once once this is we get close to the end right with Brady and you've just won the MVP award. And sliced up the Eagles but the point is it close to the next year or two that's. So if you're McDaniel as you wanna get out get a head coaching job. Get a ton of money and even though the colts and I agree franchise. It's a pretty soft division. I is a winnable division is not as not an imposing wall in that particular division I. It's while I am plausibly on time Malin but I won't be if I don't stop talking here for a second bad job by me we'll call eight meeting of the minds. A meeting of the minds we'll get to that. Do it next. A meeting of the minds we'll get to that it would appeared in a moment with two phones. Wiig oh. Man this Steve is up next in north. Attleboro what's gone on C drug WTI what's up man. Okay then I'm a huge fan and it looked. So exciting to hear you on EI and the the last few weeks or however long it's been used to here you are on the eyelid and I don't fox Sports Radio. Well thank you Steve yeah I guess they'll do the fox Sports Radio show in come in here it usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays every wants allow some some all the time but thanks appreciate what's up. I gotcha I gotcha you're probably aware EI. You have some regional affiliates you have the pick and embarked you have one point seven that a Providence so while there are probably due to contracts tribute Foxx were to regional out of Providence overnight. In bought I think the children. In fact I had my way it's deployed just might overnight show which I still do it's 2 AM is on it like in the cape pay enough fuel the other WEEI affiliates get the average. Your rights and the very moment yeah federated network that's been in here. Alternate for that. I'm just people listening to the shows last few days to try and figure out competent people finally heard a summit today in public chosen. I'm as well person and put it on the Butler thing was a point that I don't know it's been bothering me it it's it if you. You know so there are two sides and it's kind of like an all or nothing argument seemed like there were people argued it all week on all the shoot the guy. Our own it was. Just a bad week Foreman he wasn't practicing pewter having the flu or have a cold or whatever and had to go to the hospital makes. Puma private jet a leap to meet a good team and in the system that she had it for the game but they addressed him. Some people were on that side of thing and oh. You know culture just did not competent that we circle we can just had a rough we can erupt with a practical except that you have the other side that. They took disciplinary and the culture will tell the public about and it's he's going to be stubborn and just not play him because it. It's something horrible for the game were told Europe like the first quarter and went off on a cloture Belichick or something and amid the boy you're done completely done and. Yet that there is seen up with the good things since we don't know what actually happened we can all excites his lines that have been drawn I'm on the side of that it's more than just a performance issue. That there's something that we are not being told here. And I just I got to believe that you don't make that kind of moved from a hundred to zero. Or hundred to one mile an hour unless there's something else whether it was a weather was in his seat fitted or he got into with one of the coach's son is a decent denials there. Oh that's attack literally here and there ought to think why you're getting torched on defense. Why not try him on a less important like a less crucial let's apply it first down situation and trying to pro player who has opposed to play in him. All that that there are. Well this is Steve I'm honest bull headed as they come in Belichick's clearly stubborn like I am but even I as pig headed as I am. If my doors are being blown off at halftime I'm like okay. If it's not that big a deal the trend in the transgression in your area. So yeah this guy's it was I think you see god again every Tuesday Wednesday for me but you should always used anyway. He should know that as well let's go let's see who's next have a Eric. Employment who's next here on WE I was going on Eric. A bad look America could political hole in the thick of copper revolution but we can talk all potential coal powered double from the U Clarke author Cokie you know potential Hollywood the one checkout so you kind of computer. Our children really that was compelling conversation how dare you. I don't look like the board to kill time Italy review. Does not Jones was those micro analyzing Rodman task. So you're given the call would have a minute to talk to you don't want to put a portrait. Does knowing you complain like this in Iowa his blow you up when things. Art is very. You probably feel you on Twitter because global appeal by developed a total two point you act greatly though a couple creek recorded in the lead or truck. But I thought you were talking oh the creek with Billy as co players of the in the he's a good defense and I mean I kind of agree. Because technically you'd asked if there are. But that is nothing new to global the concrete parody. Who can. Lee Rinker works pretty well with the Atlantic and the football game and that was Malcolm up Peter did there. Pick him up from creating treat that in you to treat for him didn't they acclimate him into the system he would sit. While there must be fair how many how many. He plays that Malcolm Butler make it's play devil's advocate and he was not he's not an all pro level at her and that's not. The question though that's not Eric that's I agree with you I know I've seen the same number as you Jean Eric I know why I understand. The question is how we impact plays did Malcolm Butler make this season. This year. Not many I can't point to remember about what to one super people can put it on I I didn't want to go. I didn't but I've seen as a hold his defense and you agree with me which one of fighter you wanna push back and I like that about you because I'm the same what I like to. A well she got. So the important thing you know Nick Folk talk about Nicole Erica quarterback concur it's got beat by airplanes there. Semantics he was a backup quarterback coming back up quarterbacks and seat in the that you're 27 touchdown to what they complex. Nicole it's going to be another team in the league definitely better quarterback situation Philadelphia Eagles they will probably better than even the patriots were we get creaking would be look at him maybe. But with the. I I couldn't Eric I couldn't disagree more nick pulls that was an aberration what he did when when he played for a record number he should clean. And don't let the cool air he went for the to the rams and the chiefs had a quarterback rating of 74. With two different NFL franchises. You tell me that Nichols is God's gift to the quarterback position to. I I due putting wood off and if so it went. He's so quiet Eric we don't realize how bad he was when he left a little because it was so bad he thought about retirement. It. Talking all crying when you're you know this guy cracks except in the NFL we can get its. I don't sorry Eric I'm not gonna sit here and praise and thanks for the call I'm documentaries. Nichols not. I know now he's in a never have to pay for a meal again in Philadelphia is that. The animal eagle for answers are gonna have their big celebration on Thursday good for them Altera there's cities some more. All right oh we will get sue I promise the meeting of the Bahrain's so it's that more phone calls will do at all and we'll do it. Well a meeting of the mines and we have this is an audio presentation while the radio show is audio right as we continue on. And I thought this was pretty cool now it would have been cooler if the results have been different after the game. But everything is Mike that you know how it goes in the Super Bowl there's microphones are everywhere every grain of grass. Or fake grass has a microphone somewhere it's a ridiculous with the and so the NFL. Film's crew beat the they release these little clip sizzle snippets. From the Super Bowl. The pregame meeting of the minds. Bill ballot tech and Doug Peterson try to suitable 52 you know they get together before the game you know the teams a woman up. Here's what it sounded like let's go to the audio here. And here's outsized from the yet the National Football League audio files year the meeting before the game Belichick and Doug Peters. Maybe they're glad it's good thank you so much like I'm not a gamer here behind it revival. Others living hell yeah thank you very much you. It's okay because they let me get this week and you like it finally the game somewhere in area. Well I'm glad great to be here in the DeBoer did you actually write the president. All right so a couple of things number one. Telecheck killing them with kindness right Joel what was very nice. We're cordial that's the loop hole school of butter him up right even before the game I'll buy you guys active by the game you guys were behind all that. That's number one. Number two you could tell Belichick I want that to end. He didn't want to do he's not the small talk guy he's like OK and then my part let's move law. I'm good your good. And that's right in and Doug Peterson count wanted to keep eagle. The Eagles coach again keep thought and mortars and I like how he's pointing out to two Bill Belichick who's coached in more Super Bowls that anyone. His experience of what it's like. The media not a he's consumable foursome players back a clinic as a as a coach who holds the stat. Interest. Are right down to the phones we go and oh let's say hello to Paul who's next on WEEI. Late night activity was going all tall. All call it there is recognized the voice all the. Yet potential everybody wet shall I out kept people outside but why aren't. Right then why aren't. And one journal where Pablo will be lucky game it was still because I'm gonna come back in bad coaching no rapid. I read this year you know on the younger than it really knew about the party and they're regular agenda the favorite to win I'd say rematch and just bring it. Mallard Malaysia. So that's your that's your recommendation Paul the vote is just to have that. I think people I had an Tim let's get Tim in real quick Tim what's going on here on WEEI Tim. And it better we're doing. Well I have been. To hear that things are jar regain. Our he'd spent he spent a lot of time where Tom Brady. And obviously. You understand that our how important jar you know is sure cover pre sort you're buying. Buying into the rumor that crap. Eight Belichick poker rubble if you buy into that. Are if that's true Britney and start crap year and if that's true. Crap you are going to let it gain a lead without much. Our Alberts I think in spent the Brady jar has got to be aware of how important you organization slash properties. Firing him. Sort. Of a possibility. That he knows. Navy blocked. Basically do what he was to the organization. Instead I. Gordy in the heat didn't really want to leave any need to go to partner nick could have left. But I think. You know I might leave it. Tim Tim you've done a lot of introspection than a lot of examinations reflection. On this I. Is that a good chance that they are considering. That you know. It didn't want to leave at all but you how much not to let you wouldn't aperture you're darned how important after Barack. Contribute to the came I mean losing angles are different levels. Tom Brady B five he'd be upset any RB angry he got Pietrus who said rob McConnell ice cream. Oh victory but where is our. You know with Guerrero being out of the picture as well I mean how many think you just talk radio laughs. All the regardless of grip that I got two girls they are rowdy it's a little different but it. I heard you know we listen occurred in Cali and the curtain reining in two he rainy day Guerrero at the mall in Minnesota he's saying out he's there he's at a hotel with the patriot I think it's him. Appreciated. A real quick the odds are out offshore book where will Bill Belichick coaching in the 2019 season. Patriots are not the favorite the New York Giants are the gambling favorite and plus 12544%. Chance. If you go by the offshore book God's. Patron to second. Is also an 11% chance he's not coaching anywhere. It in the NFL after this upcoming. 2018 regular season thanks to produce abandoned Charleston great job by you banning fake you heavy how wonderful like keep it locked right here. On WEEI.