Late Night - The Celtics turn it on in the 2nd half to beat the Mavs and the Tatum trade keeps looking better. 12-06-17

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 1: Ben Maller starts the show of talking about the Celtics win over the Mavs but how they looked sluggish in the 1st half. Jayson Tatum continues to make Danny Ainge look like a genius for trading the number 1 overall pick as he gets better and Lonzo struggles. 


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Late night Steve Slaton on Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in a graveyard pack tonight. It's mr. overnight Big Ben Mallard it. Let's get going yeah. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. And we are back edit in the air everywhere. That matters here on WEEI in the I want to get to Roger Goodell the start of the Celtics and I was locked in watching the Celtic maverick in which just indeed within the last. Half hour or so back to those of you were. You're acting game or you watched the game and you won yet but this would be the place to do it I have some other things on my agenda. But you wanna talk about was a surprisingly close game. For the Celtics is of the game that look like it was going to be a rat kill situation. When you anticipate. A matchup of random. Wednesday night game against the bad maverick team but you wanna fill it up right now at 6177797. 9376177797937. But I've some observation that the Celtics won the game by seven. Al Horford team this close. To a tripled always missed a couple of rebound short coupled this is short but short but he filled up the stat sheet. But he was not the guy. Down the stretch as is the case this is a game where there is the Celtics. Stumble and bumble in the first up the mavericks and grow we were on after the game how is your after the game. In Dallas it was a similar. Similar store that was it more convincing dominating comeback earlier in the second half. In this particular game but does the Celtics ended up holding Dallas to 33 points. In the second half so the defense lockdown after halftime. And I did like seeing Mark Cuban. Who could be the next president right Marty was one of those guys it's. Considering a run to become the president Padilla he had to sneak out now before the game and actually you know a few seconds left on the on the clock at the garden and he was sneaking back Chinese to beat the crowd there as his beloved NBA team. The mavericks. A got outscored by seventeen points. In the in the second half so awesome some takeaways here from the Celtic game. The the obvious one that pops up is sleepwalking. But I have to have adjustments smelling salts. And the closer. There and all mix all these together and a beautiful. Holiday package just in time. For the end of the year holiday yeah that's. I know the first thing that the Celtics in the beginning of this particular announcement which I bring down one regular season game but they were. For lack a better term a sleepwalking. May word that the mavericks who have been a brutal team and only played a little bit better lately. But the the mavericks where the more aggressive team they were the ones that had the Celtics. On a plane back it was some sloppiness early on any lack of overall energy. But. These are the type of games that typically that happens. Reggie you you're not gonna if you play for the Celtics and the Golden State Warriors come into the cavaliers in the someone like that you're going to be locking and I that's it that's a big game this is not a big team. And the Celtics did not respond early on and they gave the mavericks. An opportunity to kind of pair either that last more than. Really the halftime. And the second half. Things turn around repeat that lack of Boca he would leave the door open for the mavericks in this particular game as such did not shoot. The basketball well especially early on in his liquor glitch. Which also is tied in to the general lack of energy. I would say for the Celtics today but they the glitch did not last into the second Brad Stevens. Who many people called the magician. But a magician uses deception. This Brad Stevens used deception. Diet smoking Mears the mental tricks. Mind tricks analyze that what he's doing. Whatever he did at halftime. It worked is caffeine to the pass that can't being coffee smelling salts I don't know what it was but it that he did have very good results. After halftime and it was not just the core of the Celtics Terry rosier played better in the city of the bench. What do on Iran. Early in the fourth quarter. Of this particular game but in the end the the second point your kite re serving. Continuing to be. Mr. Fourth. Quarter added again in his game and he had 23 points but. And nine of them in the final quarter bits and it was like seven of them in the final four minutes. Of the game when there was that final separate issues that the Celtics now at least at home I already do this on the road. Although so far they've been able to do it but go home with you simply can't hang around. For three quarters and you have a shot to within striking distance. It tiger and you can be it has been. The battle ax and you bring in there at the at the finisher if you well. And that's so there was in this particular game is there anybody any NBA that has a higher level of confidence. Right now. The entire year why believe over the last. Ten games he's shooting almost 60%. Before. As anyway regarding raise it 57%. Over the last. Ten game stretch. And from three point range he's it almost 50%. And from downtown is it almost 50% has issued a ton of those and and he's been averaging close to thirty points a game. Over this last this stretch you so. As the Celtics get the win and and plus Brad Stevens he's gonna like this does it gives you some of the bitch about complained about is he didn't shoot well. The united energy early in the game. That you 41%. The Celtics missed the bench. Play not playing mildly well having some sick some good stretches there especially in the fourth quarter. Getting it done. For the Celtics there's the dad was at 100 Ron Lieber in the fourth quarter. So these that continues to pileup. After that start at old too. And do world was coming boarded was basketball orbit yet. Which you didn't look like after the open when Gordon Hayward leg battle mutilated. Which since that point now your Celtics are 22 and two. Ed nasty now they've got some better matchup coming up that they will be locked in on. As stated Tony that's a national televised game on Friday in the Alamo see. Against the curmudgeon Gregg Popovich and then you also get a date with the pistons to win opens. Brief three game road trip before I rant about Roger did Dell. The Who doesn't wanna hear that the beat people would like to speak the number 617. 7797. And 937. At 6177797937. And let's go to JR. In Boston who is on WEE. I would eBay matter what's going Od JR. Rendered barrier as usual body two record was pretty. And Sanford for America and the public support weathermen and they just. Terms that are at the end socially carried. But on the call into the mode where you normally work over on IBM is stationed at some Laker fan boys national publication in the Al. Great disputed implant. Sure sure when you look at Alonso ball back I couldn't have done. Kinect. Ocean views on a boat and Jason Terry Adams three point percentage is over certain percentage of some freedom on the richter. It's just it's amazing how badly the lakers messed up got taken out. Crazy it was a game in North Korea Cuba and how. We've maneuvered the draft economic gap and I want to get a kick out of its plant it is my right now he's one of the reasons of exile are. Yeah no I also GI that the fact that Ainge had in the all of the lakers were not gonna take eight. A he had he knew I don't visiting the some of their recent draft picks that they Tatum would have been adding on to that. Laker Rossi party supposedly filled that void with the skillet for they drafted last year plight. Yeah I do it worked out very well so far I've he's been no contest Jason Tatum has been that the top. Rookie in the NBA I don't think it's the real close and some of the guys played well. Simmons and an open command carrier. From lashed out Jenny did a whole year to chill out insulin. I really slave oh after. Just seems. It to him squirm migrant right now I mean obviously worked. You know. And so much more polished than some other rookies that are coming stripped from him amazing Donny shooting it. Q you mentioned the three point shooting and there's no comparison between well the only comparison does is definitely loves a ball but Jason Tatum had levoir ball as his dad. Mean about how that would deal if he's the promotion the marketing the showmanship. You know of their measures felt Moshood that is that it just you know the issue of government but bubble talk about the issues. Concrete wrecks toward the bottom of the ocean like a log of all shocks. Yet if you AJ government there right now if you're willing to buy those shoes. I can contact Lamar you you make them if any. He'll put the logo on the concrete blocks. And he'll send you some. Yeah I not allowed to present recession demand your idea much less. Yeah I don't know what else is smitten are thank you to appreciate it 6177797. And 937 guided the overnight show a box and I am surrounded. By producing staff all of Laker guys they love. Lakers and I've quarters point out they are terrible. And horrible Taylor and do that on a regular. On a nightly basis in the middle of its that we you know. That knows. But that is and that is that picked a decent paid him picked by the Celtics with being there if this continues and it's only a small sample size area you've played. Half the NBA season it's hard to imagine it. That Jason data to fall off the cliff you that he's he's gonna continue to play well he's. They had to play as well as he's played but if they'll be a market correction to a statistics by. Even if he goes down a little bit if the trends down a little bit for Jason paid them. He's still light years ahead of Alonso ball who's now own. He's in that area I think I look at the numbers the other Alonso balls like ranked 400. In the NBA of every player has played the and he has only been I think it was like. Or seven years and maybe force of it's not a high you know it's not a high number the amount of people who play the abuser he would like one game and now lines is down to the bottom ought to be fair. Mark is Smart of your Celtics is also. Down there at the bottom but the day didn't like it quite the Heidi. That it's Alonzo guy coming out it's at WBI late night he Celtics wean the tonight and they come back in the second half at. Most NBA games maybe I'm overstating this. And I have been accused of that in the past. Which a lot of these matchups in the unit which are mismatch is light. The Celtics game with the mavericks or. We we don't really get tight Cleveland. Who had to come back against the Sacramento Kings at home. A lot of these matchups that are mismatches in the NBA. They end up kind of planned out like this where it's a closed. Me hang around the bad team goes up and then. The fourth quarter. Be the better team in this case the Celtics years deliver the the dagger as these outlets go back to the phones. Who's next I tally. I'm Kelly in Amherst is next on Debbie I was going on Kelli. Not too much as sit here and doing your show. I completely. A 100% agree with what lacked access. Honestly I'm sitting around with some of the radio all day is waiting for any opportunity to Taiwan while all the but he did so terrible what summit am coming out of college so all over Italy you know went to a back just like don't back and watch for game it again let. He didn't take a single. They jump shot. At any point in which you can priest but he did it not like before I or gain seeded accepts. Like a shock you know he would he would get away. It's in Africa so weird and that he was high are trying to light. I I don't know it was private but some. I don't know what they'll hump and our vote really reader market exhibit number two. And I think it's gonna vote out one of the worst it's ever until whatever they talk about the worst pick ever in a bigot possible time. It's not like at that. Aren't you wouldn't know it was going to be a B you know what the but I'll robs you of and you can you know again you know terror figure it also outside but he you know. But it does it look at picking up and I'd never. Every being illogical while he never at any point but Ricky you do. Anything's select what are you that yes they pick Herbert who. Well this week you know the answer that Kelly that that the star factor if you will in an LA will. While zobel all the lakers Magic Johnson is running the lakers now and and he's been doing it for about a year. And he is trying to get back the the it factor. Is he need to act in in LAL. I had the lakers have had were read a lottery picks. In recent years and none of them have been. As good as they were supposed to be one of the the things about the lottery and in Danny's got lucky here with Houston paid him would pick he's as good player. But mare experienced a lot I I despise the draft lottery. If I was running an NBA tonight dazed and I would like you run the Celtics for awhile they still got a couple of a first round picks at the he has been hoarding. Over the last usually straight I would just I would trade blotter news I would much rather have proven commodity then what would a lottery pick is a lot is. A lottery pick he's a a scratch your ticket. And you might win a lot of money on a scratch your ticket and again looks like decent pay and has been dispatched ticket that hit the Celtics put. More times than not you're gonna get. Probably not Alonso ball as long as the ball is Wu Masood. Like somewhere in the middle we get like kind of a middle road player but that the hype around all these guys. All these guys that inner. The MBA at the top of the lotteries to east. Off the hook. But I'm gonna lie I I could not make it decent pay them was gonna be as good as he's been I don't know how any what if you're. Reasonable even danger I think would say. That this is not the case because. Let's be honest you if you look at the Celtics in the way this season broke down. Had Gordon Hayward not has legs mutilated. In a freak thing in the opener. Would Jason paid MBAs. Is big part of this team of course not it is no way he would have been playing the the role he's played. But given the opportunity he is obviously take advantage of the other situation art 617779793. Seven and I think I can speak you know I only coming here at WEI a couple times a week in a late night. They allow me here. But I would say that from eight talk radio perspective. As good as. Jason Tatum has been and he's been really really good he's been great. I still maintain that from conversation. On the radio. If imagine of Juan zobel had been insulting now the team would be as good. Because he he he's not playing well he's not he's not doing much of anything but. Imagine the one. You you'd have every show. We're would have I know some of the guys like Ellis of the curtain a Callahan morning they've ripped. Kirk just. Unloads on the marble what if was owed him playing in Boston you don't think it levoir would have been on like three times today on every every is single show here to be calling him. Absolute. The bigger issue here you you can't talk about Juan's own Jason Peyton but the bigger thing. And the reason that the team or the lakers is royally screwed if you follow basketball at all. Over the years and you pay attention. Two guys that can't shoot. As rookies in the NBA. Guys that are brutal when he first come in the NBA. Very rarely. Do they ever get all that much better idea can probably look you can make. Small improvements. What if you are shooting 30%. As a rookie in the NBA you're not going to end up shooting 45%. From the floor. It it is not it is not going to happen. So that any guilt that we should thirty sent to you. I make a statement on my my over show news few days back and I will make it here no one has been able. No one has been able to. It's not him. Right there has never been a superstar player. In the NBA they couldn't make shots from the feet. Different guys that have been superstar players that sock it making a foul shots. The charity stripe is not different of a lot of guys that they should act in Wilt Chamberlain. Always legendary figures in the NBA that could make about shots in their life. And he's still been good players at an all star players. Hall of fame players. What a guy can't make fuel goal shoots under 35%. I I challenge you. You you can go to basketball reference or any other website you want you'll not find eight true superstar. In the modern near the NBA that can't shoot can't do and Jason Tatum appears like he can shoot blindfolded. That he's got. Long distance rain June it there's no no concern at all art let's go back to pause here it is. Late night on WEI. Would be a bad Mallard was rule through as many of these calls as we came in and see here I mean. In Bedford is actually going on Ivan. It. I've if I was any better arrived in I would be a maverick but not a Dallas maverick is they got run over in the second half by itself. Our I wanted to get it in question yeah I am I see how was one buried yes eight point five million dollars of that book is out. Is it to us on does start to look you know what do they need. Acres feed him for that money and it out to them. And Tyson Chandler. What what do you think about it. Back out big man was sent. Yeah. And we are it is never. Too early to talk about traits. I'm a guy that ran a rumor web site. For years I was Mike my job was taken up by robots put by social media. They kind of killed that whole business model haggled for about a decade but I love rumors and I'll. You mentioned back a big man he sets obviously obvious. Answers that Danny's gonna improve the team is gonna try to improve the interior. We saw what what happened would Audrey dump Drummond or dumb. On country Drummond. Who just took apart the Celtics in that game was it last week. We monsters that line and then there are some other big guys in the east the a look at Hassan Whiteside has been hurt for the Miami Heat he could run into. Now on the line in the playoffs. But as far as Tyson Chandler is concerned. I'm not a big gift not a big. Little too long in the tooth from my place. Little too long Newton. For he has been able to get some rebounds Agassi in just one guy can get some rebounds and occasionally. Blocked a shot. If I'm dating though I'm looking at this team I am setting the bar higher. This team is is treating the opposition. Like excelling party. Are on many nights year and it's so I think you got us at the bar higher up you can't get anybody yells. Then yet you worked your way back down. To Tyson Chandler. And that's is that we have to go that's fine but I'll start out with Tyson Chandler. And usually with a the trade deadline this stuff around the trade deadline doesn't really get cranked up. Until. After January as we still got another couple weeks ago before. It's crime trade rumor mongering. In the MBA. And as someone who has followed the clippers myself over the years. Much to the chagrin of many Dion Andre Jordan. Could be available I would rather have the Andrei if on the Celtics I would rather have the Andre Jordan as a shot blocker as a rebounder. As a defensive player. And who cares if he scores anything. As opposed to Tyson Chandler is a essentially gathered towards a younger. Tyson Chandler. And he's going to be a free agent that's the concern that you would be trading as a rental player due to get a guy like the Jordan also. Marc Gasol from Memphis. Could be available who's more of offensive player. For the Celtics not as the defensive player. All right let's go to a Jordan who's driving around on WEP guys with me band now here late night was not Jordan. You don't meet Joseph it is do I see this correctly you know you are you a supporter. Of lives old ball. Light blonde like your family can't afford the additional lump all of a lot. Portrait. But you know he can't shoot though he's he needs tough love he doesn't need good luck he needs ballclub is he can't make this shot. The dialogue. Like that with a unique outlook on national and let Jack look at this. You know at point nine point you want so bad do you bounce higher than either block. As law in rebound block ills. It all. They head toward Jordan you should are you hi Jewell what are you doing to not. You realize how silly this sounds pure. C'mon what. We doubled. Or run round on the ball. You have Kyra that with the Celtics. And they don't vote or it may be next up on it now they wouldn't single out. Now the dialogue wallet out because you know disperse young kids when you look at the evidence. Well I think a lot of points. You realize you realized Jordan he's done more you sound more optimistic the Magic Johnson about loans. Life right now you keep it real already Seve in this and I know you've been tormented as a Laker fans in recent years because he was terrible. What should be realistic about his idea he can't shoot. End it there essentially this is not there every night and he's missing a punished just like you as you say in day that many shots these. Just got any better he's in the he's he's not improvement. That level ultimately. What the I've. Our I don't hit pitching again when they're in great debt I want a thank you right away I in good game. You should be a producer of my overnight showing that each of the data seller data AG or. Recoup the guys that I work with the over. Completely irrational illogical out there you. I get enough of that foolishness. And unreasonable. Nonsense that night but I am of course the voice of reason. I'm less on. And lessen our politics are more ball cause you're you know the drill you wanna be part 6177797. 937. You can be part. Of the year festivities here and something it had been whispers. In hushed tones over recent weeks is starting to happen at any new molds. Scandals. In sports we'll get to that. And who. That's a moral late night with the then manor fox Sports Radio WEEI. I feel good about where we're headed move out long way to go but. Number one concern. You know heading into the season was going to be familiarity. And you know learning how to play together. Defensively we've shown an ability to do that we've added some coverages which were not great that yet but we'll get better as we as we go through the season which is good. We've been forced to do that because of the way teams are attacking us and then. Offensively we've improved so you have to have it every night at that it is you know at the highest of high levels on both ends of the court there are nights like that. But you know if you can if you can do it most of the time where most of the possessions and get a good chance that. I would say that has happened yes to that owed to start Celtics of oil lost two games they win again tonight. Over the mavericks are you a gamble though do you. You wager. You see that three pointer at the buzzer the Celtics. I believe the final point spread on this team and tonight the mavericks was. Boston favored by seven and a half they had a ten point lead the clock is running down. And one of the mavericks hit a three point under. That winning in just before the buzzer and so the game ended at seven which means. That bunch of money shifted Haynes. So if you if you bet on the Celtics who laid the points. You ended up losing the bank even though they had a ten point lead. The mavericks were just gonna be dribbling out the clock that three pointer shifted. A a fair amount of money. At the end of the game. We a couple of guys call that oh we're just loving Jason Tatum and that we get Alonso bald guy. Which was very odd as a curve ball and that last portion radio a petition Tatum. Who is out in front I know the guys in Philly might disagree with Jason Tatum the rookie of the year race. That would be another good game tonight he leads the NBA. In three point percentage. He has been mr. money ball. For the Celtics and he's over 50% almost 52%. On a year from three point range for Jason paid him the news on. And on and on goes Kyra your begin. Tonight in the fourth quarter. That that it turned it on. In the second half in the fourth quarter and nine points to a seven in the final. Four minutes I think was the final. The final total that on the bench. I'm getting it dunce of my yap about the Celtics here at we will do that you're more than welcome to join us your 6177797. 937. Get me on Twitter. In my personal Twitter account is at then Mallard and the text line is open for business at 37. Ninety. Three seven. Ends the suns get right now to go out on the road and now wanted to pivot here for a second. And a story that had been talked about and whispered a little bit is now starting to come around. I first heard this yap about. On the Turkey Callahan show you're talking about all the scandals in Hollywood. We don't know and who hasn't been doing right it would all of the stars in the actor's movie producers and in politics now. And all these scandals being uncovered and people very successful people being taken down. But the world of sports. Has not been imported. It is being a year and no fly zone in this department where. Even. Gotten over to this there. But now it's starting to change and in a couple of things that caught my attention here in this front. Any one of them. One of these stories involves an NBA owner. Who has been dragging. To the Harvey Weinstein. Story. And that NBA owner six women have accused this particular NBA owner. Of knowing that Harvey Weinstein was a creek. A a predators sexual predator. And that owner is the guy that owns the knicks. Harvey Harvey Weinstein and his buddies who Jean's golden. Which it is not surprising because it's NBA Hollywood people hang out together that's what happens. But the New York Knicks owner James Dolan according to weigh a tabloid report. Which goes into some pretty good detail here. Ahead. A lot of inside info. On Harvey Weinstein there's a lawsuit that has been. Been brought so that you throw that out that is part of a lawsuit. But James Dolan. This goes back not that long or a couple of years ago. Like that Dolan was aware of what Harvey Weinstein was up to. And what kind of predator. He had bin. And because of their personal relationship. As dole was directing a project. And this is according to a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court was just filed. Earlier today and it means goal and as it the maybe. And you're six different women were named in this thing. And they they claim that O Weinsteins. Former production company was complicit. In all of this debt Dolan has not commented gay. What power the commissioners. Of sports get a handle. I'm not just this particular store to object I think what's the floodgates opened up. Much like in Hollywood and in Washington DC that eventually this things and go home full circle. And if you're a sports world we drag. Dragged down the seedy underbelly. Of this kind of stuff. And late. If you're Adam silver lake there's a difference between being complicit and in being the one that. Did the deed right we know that. Put it in Hollywood if you've been tied to these kind of things you're you're typically kind of blacklist and your ostracized. For lack of better term this has not. This is not come do this or try to that the blue jays broadcaster. I got game and he lost his job and I did see Warren Moon. The hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon has also faced. Some litigation there's a lawsuit against him. Which she's. Claiming that he was to some this kind of stuff. Back in the day. But that is that not just the tip of the iceberg you would assume. I would say. Yes or. We go illusive much more to calm. In that particular the part. Ours let's get to The Who in my game this is what we pretend to be somebody else thus we called The Who. Am I game a blatant attempt to get you to listen a little bit long. A little bit longer and and we'll get back to the focal Rouse ran it about the commissioner. Roger Goodell. We'll do that but here's The Who MI game Tom Brady he's got six games this season. With two or more touchdowns. And no interceptions six of six of I am the only quarterback. Who has more such games in the NFL this season Tom Brady again. Brady's been marvelous scenes. Right there at the top of the MVP conversation in the NFL he's got six games this year. With two touchdowns to a more. No interceptions. But I am the only. Quarterback who has more of those type of games. In the NFL this season who. Am I Heidi. We return no more of a late night years. College Sports Radio WEEI. It's got the ball well the first thing off of who am I game as we roll on further and further into the night here. WEEI whoever my game Tom Brady of your patriots six games this season two or more touchdowns. No interceptions. I am the only quarterback who has more. Such games who am I that is the question. What is the answer. Brian tweets in he says the answer. Is Russell Wilson. Steve is going and going with partisan way as well obviously I don't usually go obvious. It is not obvious no one got this right. And the the correct answer the only quarterback who's had more games of to a more. Touchdowns. No interceptions more than Tom Brady. Andy Dalton. Of the Cincinnati Bengals is done it seven times this year. That is tops in the NFL. It's. Awkward his bones not that he's so he's okay c'mon Brady's second by Andy Dalton and he's got six games like that. Alex Smith who got off to that. Silly star went bonkers for Kansas City beginning year. And it's still had good numbers even while the chiefs have been losing games any rapid rate Alex Smith has five teams. Like that so get the answer. Is Indy. Dalton. I assume a couple of things about. I would assume that you have a job that's the first assumption him. I'm also go to assume that you work mildly hard that your job that you put effort into your job you might be working right now I mean who listened to Debbie I only working but you. Working the night she put you you work right you have a job you work or whatever and if you maybe you're in school and you work hard that. How often. How often do you booze it up a little bit. On the job have you ever done. Maybe back in college you're in college and you. Show up. The buzz to. Not hung over I don't want my account home over on talking about before work you know a couple of double pops. Forward. You're direct. I bring this up because. Of that. Very interesting tale. Chaired by former NFL running back Clinton Portis. Did you see this story. You might have seen is with a Clinton Portis who play with the Redskins among other teams. And at one point it was a Pro Bowl running back I remember him with the Redskins would you dress up every year every Wednesday I think it was was news not reserved Thursday dress up and clown costumes. That's what I remember and I Clinton ports this big interview this week talking about his playing days and revealed. That while with the Redskins. He Santana Moss and the late Sean Taylor. Before games. They would in unison take shots of Hennessy. Before the game. That was their move prior to a game. On their way to on the on the road on the way to a game it'll shock. Tennessee now Santana Moss I've not seen him cornered on this would. This came from Clinton Portis. And port is plain dull. That no one ever knew about it for years these guys did it for several years they got away with a they all went the receipt Miami together it was a tradition. That they had it started it was one of those pregame rituals. That it was any eclipse they didn't do it to get drawn. What they just wanted some adrenaline. Liked your performance enhancer. Donna Hennessey got does that give you a little little bit of enhance performance there. With the show be better if I had some Tennessee with me right now with the yes I'd. He some head shaking and it would be better okay. Very. Here's the question I would like that. And there's no way of knowing the answer. There's no way of knowing the accurate answer but it's fun to spit ball speculates though he's a mechanic questions. We know in the past like the Red Sox views back at the fried chicken and beer in the clubhouse. Eight legendary tale from Red Sox baseball pass. And there have been other examples there was a running back at the old St. Louis Rams had. Who. Like on the sidelines Johnny Mann Zell appeared with the browns to. I have been in biting. Prior to some games in his brief NF vote Crusoe. We have seen examples of what percentage. But just this focusing on the end of focus in on the what percentage of NFL players. You think. Where will pop up before the pop of a boost for the I'm not gonna go through hard the hard drugs to stick to. Alcohol. They'll consolidate tests were not illegal. You can you have a drink you before. Before you go out and play. Chilly numbers a lot higher than you think you would be. I I would say the number out a goal. C obscenity. 15%. I think that's a pretty high number 15%. That's that's a lot of people involved in that it is 15%. That's a good number and 53 man roster of 32 teams you can do the math on that your head. That is a fair amount. All of boos being consumed. As they sit. As these and any symptoms or is that typically only come out once a player has either been a boss. Or long after their careers zero. Yeah you're not gonna see some guy and the patriots come out and announce LA before every game. When Bill Belichick goes in the other rule and talk to the coaches we pull out a bottle of moonshine and we pass it around it would tickle shot a moonshine. That's what we have a waste we called it whiskey tango before game it's a pregame huddle we all pass out those shots of that. We'll cups whiskey there we've read north. Output that's the kind of stuff the comes out and in books. Or in this case is Clinton poured his dated some random interview. In in the Washington DC area that's on that stuff operates it's the the way that he goes yes. Are we'll take some more full cost of you would like to be part the number to join the conversation. And be part of the fist and we you know the number but it's 6177797. 9376177797. 937. These Celtics winning tonight we assume amazing Celtic conversation earlier. Compelling entertaining stimulating about a random Celtic maverick game. That tiger your Irving put the the jets on. In the say and the Celtics get the Winston Allie go out on the road. And see what Kyra your mean Jason Tatum and the Celtics can do against a good spurs team but not a rates were. Put spurs team not a great spurs team on Friday. Seems like the sperm is and the warriors. Out in the Western Conference serve. Off dissimilar started got good records but they haven't really played with that locked the energy and the Celtics have played. On a nightly basis. And Brad Stevens we played a clip of Brad Stevens earlier in the hour you're talking about the Celtics what they did in the second half they held the maverick the 33 points. Pen dot I I did like there was once only we play this clip from Brad Stevens but when he was asked on how the Celtics were able this the lock down the mavericks. In the second half he. Said that they eat they played hard reset quote I thought we played harder. Was the quote from Brad Stevens. Which means they were playing hard the first accurately about right isn't that the big take away from that that they were not. They were not lighting the world on fire in the first at the the energy the effort was not. Was not there. I think that's. I think that's act we've that is. That we played harder. They're saying Aussie there's the clip I played what happens there were what are you are in the first half right how else do you interpret that. There is an odd that there's no other way to be a yeah at a blow to some NBA insider to know. That that's the case watching the game. You could tell in the first half they were just awful they wanted. We have is not of course never. I always bring maximum. Always bring maximum effort unless I go. As some guy was the bust my chops but this Clinton porter's story as can you stop talking here but I'd rather hear with Jack in Salem has to say a Jack. What's going on your WEEI. But I techies are so personal battle back and it felt excited oh my god that is such fun team to watch so. We are blessed to have them. Now was it Jack was funny the first at these they were really doing much in the first half. Now but I. I don't know I mean I guess that is I while the end yet young team. Came back or city so it wasn't on the first up from look at the big picture and I. Well yeah in Laos and local I was young. So I was like listen to your comment on the football with the guys trying to before and I'll tell you. And the guy who has played a lot of football I was in college and want a rare public college the one thing I would disagree with is. You got it wouldn't sums up the shot four in the technicality. Focusing eat and for all. I don't a lot of guys Trojan hears you or maybe they don't stop by. I just think alcohol which is different in that to do before gains. I am not buying it charges after he used to actually disagree with the battle. You are I'm just quoting Clinton Portis he's the one that said they were doing with the Redskins when he was planned there and I know of the late warrants Phil Lawrence Phillips you'll running back for the east St. Louis Rams. He he was draw the gains. Oh wasn't that did Ricky Williams admit to showing up hiding games with the with the dolphins back in the day. I don't. Yeah that haven't been well I can imagine Washington for organ and try just facility alcohol is really. If it's such a depressed and it's only the physical skills you need now is should they can do that got it right. There. Well they are superhuman athletes are be safe yeah active get back home Jack thanks for toon there. He enjoyed the use of T. That that goes back to one of my my theories on. Watching watching sporting events this has been proven correct. I was a lot of time watching these teams will we actually remember. I typically. An object Huntsman a good amount of money to go to Celtic game. He's got to remember I'm assuming the end of the game. The fourth quarter comeback. Prior year being Jason paid a couple big plays there in the fourth quarter. And the entity the fact that the Celtics one. That's typically how close do you remember. When will we watch sports whether your acting game we watch on TV. There was a study done this cup is back and I bought it was silence by just repeated that regurgitate I think it's true. I find it through like you remember the turning point in gain. And then you remember the outcome. Even big games that take a super ball. The patriots last suitable here against the Atlanta thugs with everyone remember. They remember two things they remember the fact that the falcons blew a 28 to three lead. Right toy its really patriots came back a one everyone's been flashing that number for the last year. And mocking the Atlanta Falcons point 83 lead any remember the fact the patriots won. Do you remember all the nuance and all I know you don't you forget about this that go to the stuff can put your brain. You can't think you bring up with all the other nonsense she could you remember a couple things. That's what you remember. All right eight in its low doses explosive. A radio though on WEEI earlier in the day a full recap Michael will bond. Very uncomfortable. And he'd try to dance. And he almost got away it was the party he can get away with a that we got the audio player that will get to that. And we'll do next.