Late Night - Brady injured hand in practice is it anything to be worried about? 01-17-18

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Wednesday, January 17th

Hour 1: Ben Maller is in tonight and he starts the show off talking about Brady's hand injury and how it is being blown out of proportion by national media. Ben also breaks out the Maller richter scale of panic when it comes to Brady's hand injury.  


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The case he's late night is easily. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard factor tonight pizza mister overnight big bend now. Let's get going. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. And Eric doesn't get in my old plot twist a very mild plot twist. India AFC championship game as we are in the everywhere here tonight on WEI. And sometimes you come in here and you. You like. And just start thrown crap against the wall. Just as occasionally there's a lot of meat on the bone but there's a there's a decent amount. There's a decent amount. On this night. Which use which is it addiction makes it more fun. It to be here in the apple way and all that too we have some curiosity. Now how much of this is real. How much of this is greatly exaggerated. That that'll be determined this week. What if he's there is absolutely there is a layer of intrigue. Thirteen Vince. Is being created by them that this is immediate creation via Egypt and you know the assume you know. Tom Brady. Feeding the content machine here in the NFL media world there because that interest has been. Piqued. At least it was a few hours ago and I was still at that level now. Is not necessarily wouldn't mean Tom Brady said because he is we've talked about here and it's been talked about all day Tom Brady did not say anything. The valves silence cedar Knoll. Either you know chit chat with the media he skipped out on that if you. Just turned on WEEI. You've been in a shoe box. Andy you were working all their support that you missed I. You imagine you would but who knows you never know can assume. Can assume that your plaudits of Tom Brady. Even go to the podium the Internet is cheap jet that was scheduled and that rays and red flag because. The NFL network. And they have a whole big giant block of time that they garner are. Dealing with these news conferences for the championship game. In the AFC and the NFC so they were left scrambling gentle little bit of time there they had planned and they did a lot of meat. We call a grain of sand. Coverage I don't go to the beach every grain of sand were they were going overweight fine toothed comb. A for championship games this weekend in the NFL and they turned out I did Brady was limited practice the initial story was or Tom Brady was. It practice he was meeting with the training staff and that's why he couldn't go out there and talked to the meat. But don't worry he'll talk to mark I was the regionals. And NI of course at that point. July vehement while all that can't wait. You know the the standard. Championship post season type of average which would be. A class on diversionary tactics. A bunch of cliches. Buzz words catch phrase is it the vector of the dots. Is what it is when when when he is. Ought he's gave Tom Brady at least he's not quite at the Belichick level when it comes is just a foot when Brady's role along there. Not answering any. If he's just it's an art it is an absolute art. Said they a lot of guys tried that but. Miss that they year they put their foot in the but very rarely does not read any get to the point it's art get to the a so little Iran. Just giving in my time and your word might so the patriots then announced that Tom Brady. He had to Haney for like guys at that point dollar effort for about a few minutes twenty minutes or so people freak out. About wanted to talk about is now we are told that Tom Brady. He had X rays he gene and his throwing hand. And there was a full daisy play at practice there where he had that was accidentally running to. Who rated you haven't seen the name of who. Who rating to Tom Brady back come out we see that name did a sex even happened is this. Is this goal. Being created is is this something else going on. Your conspiracy theory tin foil hat on and go down that road now the X rays are said to have shown. No structural damage. And everyone circling the wagons you're downplaying this that is standard operating procedure would anyone not just Egypt with. But any team of players get hurt the playoffs downplay its not that big deal who. Are so let's get it is now the the question. And I think it's a rather obvious this is not not that deep how concerned. Should the patriots be with Tom Brady's pain. Meaning that. Yeah he likely will Larry it's it's out of nine TU 9% chance that Tom Brady's play in the AFC championship game but. Is he gonna get it done you know is he gonna be good. And it is is actually going to be anything that handicaps Tom Brady's performance in the game I'm by my reaction. Easy matter of fact. Reaction I would like to pull out though the malware richter scale pain which I do from time to time. Very valuable tool everywhere that gets a radio show if you ever get a radio show you should use your own richter scale panic. You can't use the mother richter scale panic because I've trademark that but it's Forrest Tom Brady's hands concerned the level of concern. We use the skill of panic on the Mallard richter scale of one to ten with ten being nuclear fallout or worse. Being at Cleveland Browns period that would be worse. I will give days. Give it a three. I only given to three ad I don't go on high on that I'm going to high three and do the richter scale panic. And it just to expand my thoughts you've got you've got the play. Ageism. Alien. If you hate football you can say football Armageddon. He got all those in that it ties them all the other night number I want. There were briefly some pretty big headlines. Some some very interesting headlines about Tom Brady before more of the reported details came out the mirror. Which is a UK outfitted. Patent law that Jacksonville's a UK eighteen these the plaguing every year in one. They ran with the they headlined Tom Brady injury scare. Ahead of the championship you know or some other people thrown out. Doomsday chatter. And a lot of Internet scare mongering going on in an effort we know two goals in the years. You're bright you're you have some knowledge you know the goal is to. The effort to work. The patriots. Supporters in the way latter. And convince. Convince. Those nonbelievers. That the jags of Lundin. All right live dog that did jag wires are going to walk gain. To Foxboro walked out and if you didn't think sold for one vowed Tom Brady's paid is all messed dot. And because of that because Tom Brady's it is all goofed up because of that now Jacksonville really got to genes. Again I. Not buying. What they're so I'm not that it would be advocate pushed back in the fact that it would be much more compelling. If I thought it was real kid. Might I add here for the purposes of some to a radio show here. It would make for much more riveting. Talk radio if we thought there was something to use the I thought there's but it. It is there a conspiracy theory if there was a conspiracy theory. What would it what would the big conspiracy theory be about all. Quarterback injuring his throwing hand. He midweek practice before the championship game about take a swing. I don't in addition. To Tom Brady. Singing his hand here. How about this how about he what conspiracy upping the conspiracy. He was actually coming down with a virus. That's right Tom Brady. He's got the plate he was a a 24 hour played. The infamous 24 hour flu in this case the media flew. And Eddie Tom Brady and yet the limit himself a little bit didn't have to sit in front of the the media amassed their for. An extra day. And they hand in so. And though the number two. The main reason. The armed goal with a three on the map out the richter scale pay him the main reason I'm doing that. Is because of the fact that Tom Brady's four. The the ring you all the real concern should be somewhere like it minus two. On the richter scale of a panic but however are almost they have. Listed through. Even on not why any. It is this something go. Now atheism. Is it real and I am I being guilty of ages and yes in my stereo typing. In my if you Ortiz who were discriminating against Tom Brady because on the basis of his age yes. Light. I'm sure he's right now in therapeutic. Job as he's got those going he's kept the ball roll was ready ago. He says he goes to bed that you go to bed like it either 9 o'clock so there's a reason I even awake. He's you know he's he's got his pajamas he's doing that is normal. Nice big glass of water near the bag he's good. Betty and all that stuff. And the view did actually hurts the view if you wanna make the leap of faith that Tom Brady injured himself practice. Or go down that road and takes a little bit long little bit longer for everything to recover to kind of electoral lights you have your body a little bit longer for that that. There'll us that this whole team bruise. Is. In my knee my initial thought was well this is a pimple on. Ryan was asked some that it it Tom Brady does have. An obligation to its paying could be hanging. Why some ligaments and he's gonna end up having to play he has the they view the word is marketing. But until I see Brian Hoyer run out of the the sidelines on the field in the horrible. In the game on Sunday. I am not going to be soft I am not going to be second you can be that guy you can be that guy about not gonna be go wired we were on your last night was crucial last night. There were a couple of guys a call up and tried to make all these. Compelling arguments and I've seen a bunch of all day I was checking out some different different media outfits that were try to really sell Jack's. Really really sell Jackson. And eight and it just felt like this stuff was was a desperate reaches and there's nothing to there's no substance to it. And in all this does that again I'm already gullible you put all this does. Is ahead. To the bill it adds to the bill up for a playoff game where you've got eight. Massive. A massive mismatch that the patriots. Or nine and a half point favorites there'd. Almost double digit favorites year I was is Tom Brady gonna be a 100% even if if this painting isn't true. If this is a red Herring here. Even if that's the case he's not under to say yes have been owners they played well last week against the Tennessee Titans. What does Tom Brady is easier sock that's about that's about the only way. That you look at all the that the numbers crunch all the numbers that's the only way Jackson who's going to be able to win these games is. Multiple turnovers via interceptions fumbles things like that a Brady would go out their place we throw left handed. And and if you look at the Patriots offense here. We're not talking about the vertical passing game most of the time talking about. The date didn't dawn the short passing game which is really the running game with those those check downs for five yards the ball the the global screens optical x.s and those rip it this is also plays the patriots there were a lot of those. And by the way. Why do it lower out of here as we yap on Debbie I will take some phone calls you'll be part will takes because you line them up. Bad this year have been Charleston as 6177797. And 93 said. You call me right now 6177797. 93 said it also gives its exit 37. 9378. Do you follow on Twitter I tweet I've read I read them occasionally maybe them on the aired it's that's I roll here at Bain Mallard. He's my Twitter account that enemy LL ER. On the the last funeral mass open. That's on just you and your teachers more than. If you an honest respect you but. How buckets riot holier. Let's sing happy to Brian Hoyer played a Blake or not heard much earlier. And at that the end of his show pointing out that the patriots cannot win with Brian Hoyer. Here's my position. My position on this hypothetical would be. That Brian Hoyer vs Blake morals is he even match. It is it would also be a biblically bad situation. For those that have to watch the team. But this idea that Brian Hoyer is light years behind Blake morals I don't apply that he is not a good quarterback Brian Hoyer. But neither is Blake Boortz. And it importers starting which was not. At least that's what we're told but if that somehow craziness took place and Pizarro world happened in Walla. Ryan horn had to play. I would still. Pick the patriots to win by a field. Out ticket to win by a few that's how little. So little. I think of Blake ports. No last thing on this Celtics focal it is more probable than not. That Tom Brady is simply. Seagal and a half speed here Tuesday and there are reports he's gonna missed practice again on Thursday there's chance of that. Is it possible. That this is a veteran privileged situation. Left that that this hand thing didn't actually happen the way it was it was said that this is all some kind of diversionary move. And that it's more of mental health is the right phrase but it rest. Cable fly used as a right handed. And he's you know when Brady gets up on the podium. The line of questioning is going to be. It investigation. And interrogation. On the overnight show that I do we have this thing called Mallard of the third degree this'll be Tom Brady to the third degree. They will be attempting to neagle and they're gonna try to get the bottom of Alex Guerrero. In bill bella check. And that dynamic and and that's that's going to be the story line that's absolutely. Gonna be the story line. In that particular match I'm Tom Brady is. He's gonna have to wait at least the day but if he doesn't talk on Thursday I think that CA. And I'm I'm pretty sure that even if you have a hand injury you can still have you can put ice on in your vocal chords the work you can. If your hands being nice you can still. You still working out livings are right. But. Does he talked to the media on Thursday. I I do I have any inside and is that I assume there's a 40% chance. That he does. I think you got to do once right don't have to do once this week and I'll be there meeting on Friday with the media at least the players art. You can always use the I'm getting more treatment I cannot. I cannot do days. Now if you hate the NF. And assumption that you don't hate you but but if you do to is feel like he's in the NFL. Because of Colin tapped me. Or or your the other way your Donald Trump. You know you're Donald Trump hater you'll now watch NFL is Donald Trump. I'm upset with it what you guys still a lot of people out to like based on the ratings for the divisional round. Which were down across the if you want to see that definition. Of football Armageddon. Let's let's pretend. That Tom Brady cannot. Cannot. I'm and then you've got Brian Hoyer. Vs Blake morals in the AFC you've already got he's kingdom. And make fools of 12 jokers. In the NFC. Championship game so. That that was pretty close to football Armageddon that those particular magic because you think about. I've always been told. And this goes back and you probably heard the same thing I've been told that no matter what. The Super Bowl is beyond. Beyond damage that. It is a cultural events in our country. And no matter what kind of bottom feeding franchise secondary teams are in the soup. It doesn't match he doesn't Matt that people go to watch the matter. Now that has been proven correct over the years is have. In relatively close to the same they've gone up they've gone up and down really. Any noticeable is suitable as it's because people they don't like that don't like sports. Check out soup. But this would be real dispute beat test and you have all the media guys sell and Cinderella. All last. I thought let it out many time there were coming up after a football season in its college basketball's been takeover of the much talked about here. Put the NCAA tournament selection Sunday is always a big deal. And jury selection Sunday I what is out many. But in college basketball people always I wanna see upsets I want SEC and the rat. And there was trying to go for the Cinderella picks it was CDs mead made using smaller schools get the final. You know what happens. This is taking place a few times it's George Mason made eight Butler schools like that I've made the final four. In the last fifteen years. And the theme that has taken. V ratings have nose guy. So you got a bunch of people to call radio shows us and I. Really be wonderful policies of the the boot the ugly redheaded stepchild. Whatever sport make. People write these nice things on social media about how they want this. Lot of media people write these bleeding heart stories about how wonderful the underdog is again. A lot of people don't watch the blue bloods get the attention of the blue blood get the attention. But that doesn't mean that the soup was simply fall off the map that you match that would be football market. Just that but all those possible matchups. Since we're doing hypothetical which is always good always wanted to hypothetical if let's say public Brian Hoyer congress is nick fools. Now that would be that that would be worse replica portals vs heat and you could make an argument. That hey Keenan was great this year for the vikings and portals. He was the number three pick he's been there for a couple years and all that. Put that. Peak that was some but to the Arizona Cardinals were in the soup more years ago people watch. The Carolina Panthers have been and they don't have a national following. People check it out but pretty much any combination. If you look at this from a sex appeals standpoint. Any of these quarterback combos that does not include Tom Brady playing. In the Super Bowl bad news. Bad bad news. Would be the way. That we were described that are its bed Mallard hang out what do you you were doing some late night on the insomniacs the creatures of the night. And its people work in the late shift. System like the swing shift. Third shift time of the swing and ship but if you wanna be part. Give us call 617779. Said in 937. At 6177797937. Also the I will will juggle a couple things. We'll juggle a couple of things because the I know the Bruins game their two little while ago while I was in full Mallard monologue mode. About Tom brace of your you were acting game tonight would like to hope my my friend might might advisor here. He's like units assistant producer. As public gonna cost me my job is that my guidelines Scott. He's the guy calls up and he's he's demanding. Bigger sidewalks. In fact he would like to get rid of cars on the north and he just wants to have. One giant walkway. For for lines got he's advised me he's he's told me that I would not be doing my job properly. If I don't Q. Some love to the Boston Bruins. Now mare my instincts are. That the AFC championship game bigger. A bigger deal AA and the fact that Tom Brady if you believe the patriots if you believe the media reports around the patriots that are circling around you the Tom Brady. Leaving practice oppose illegal and again X rays not being able to talk the media. X rays were negative but he might missed practice again on Thursday of the hands why why would he missed practice. There there is some curiosity. That is I've got much higher up on my board my big board. Then I'd do the situation with. The bruised but I did watch the game. And which I admit that might c.s so my guys are listed by I don't want. I don't want it to get back to the year my friend Eddie who work with that night because every the end but he did I did. Check out a little bit of that art to the phones we goal. And where oh where oh where was we the Cisco and that's made the sale of Bruce a Bruce in Maine. Who is up first years we yap the night away on Debbie I was taught our gross. Not much then I was in addition Obama we have a channel to bear lake right and I enjoy your commentary. I'll thank you Bridget are you doing the full Mahler marathons and added the half marathon. Well. Also. Yeah oh I hope you don't know you know from for my purposes I hope you have trouble sleeping yes all right. Let's not you got. Well I'd say a couple things I know it went a break it home Tom Brady does take its children to school. That's what I don't better. Now he sit down on thirteen cal and I heard this a few months back out of the all of the time I am back with time but he he said. So his body has a chance to recover that's what he said. I only has into these these kids is these disease. He's worried about. Except Alice Guerrero isn't as well and it always thought rob aren't you supposed to get like the 8910 hours of sleep for your perfect health that's what is it. Well I mean yeah I mean that you get a good night's sleep I mean that that's very you're ready go out. So you're telling me then that my four and a half hours on average of sleep is not good for mile long term health is that you're telling me. Most likely drown yeah I'm screwed all right let's do it nice I. Hit it worked out what are you. I think you're. All the budget trouble they have bad. This is a level to that idol I'm not gonna push back on that and I went through the timeline and the initial story when he came out there were people freaking out and I always got something. We got something now he's not going to be over the play. Yeah you know that's what I did you know what you're talking about that's outbreak you know everyone saying oh no doubt. AJ it's remote although no. The exact exactly what is our mistake you. Appreciate the call art so. The there's a bunch of of numbers out on an arm and this is vehemence the white. Now the you can bet on championship Sunday. You can bet on who will have the most receiving yards. In the NFL for the two championship games and the favorite. The favorite to beat that guy. Now you know this is disease yes. Rob Bryant. At least actually tide go the wrong at plus 500. Tied with Adam feel we're who's supposedly battling a back injury for the vikings. As they get ready for Philadelphia in the NFC championship game but. Based on the implied odds a year a sixteen. Percent chance that raw leads all pass catchers in the NFL. In receiving yards this week and stuff on digs is on the it was raining quotes Al Shawn Jeffrey. Of the Eagles is also listed on that now speaking of the yachts. I have done something here and I I just got an email back. Right now I I have friends of mine networked it but bottom which to be offshore. Sports wagering out. And I emailed my guy and nice. What would the point spread be just. Dooms day situation. Doomsday situation Tom Brady. That this is all being under sold in the yourself into it and he can't play. He's got a bomb Haiti can't hold the football. Screw right or just brutal. Site email Mike guise of us in what what the point spread be. If Tom Brady can't play and Brian Hoyer. Was. Hurled into the starting lineup for the patriots in the AFC championship game. I have just received an email back. From my guy Jimmy Shapiro from the media of the offshore book and I will reveal here. Do you do you think you know it is you think you know. The what the point spread would be an idea that the rough estimate guy right now it's nine and a half 99 and a half right that area. Depending on which degenerate casino you look at. But I won't reveal the answer what what the point spread be if Brady couldn't play and the patriots were first forced. To go to their backup Brian Hoyer I'll give you that we'll get to we'll do it next. Back to more of late night with the matter fox Sports Radio WEP guys. However I'm Charlie Weis here in a moment but first I just got this email and the the point spread now this is what the point spread would be if Tom Brady couldn't play in the AFC championship game because of this. This Hayden knee injury which everyone's downplaying saying X rays were flying he's OK even though now are saying that Brady might not practice with the patriots. Later today so I didn't even noses from from the people over -- bottom that the offshore book. Oh what would the spread be without Tom Brady this weekend now right now the patriots are favored by 99 and a half. If Brian Hoyer core of the book maker Brian Hoyer replace Tom Brady. The patriots who go from a night and a half point favorite you know with the line is you'll take yes. Then Charleston you're digging yes. We make. How many points is brought as Tom Brady better than the Bryan Fuller. Guess in the patriots are still at minus two or something demise you a pretty good. Equitable a lot of the patriots with out Tom Brady would be a three point favorite. Three points to be three point favorite over Jacksonville this week it said that using Mallard Matt. Court this Tom Brady is worth six and a half points. On the spread. For the patriots this week. Seems about. Is anyone worth more they these a so this really goes to use those and Aaron Rodgers was worth. And it was like 77. It's usually that the top quarterbacks are between six and seven and a half points somewhere. In that there is speaking of point spreads in gambling. In all act the assault he's these numbers going around about big favorites in the NFL. That the record of certain coaches in the head that the numbers of Mike Tomlin. In Pittsburgh compared Tomlin. We got over pro football talk actually compared. Tomlin vs Bill Belichick I'm Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh who's. But really on the hot seat in people. Snoop or routes that. The the limited partners which have no Jews. You know it's like yeah it's like the interns say it I think that guy should be removed I don't like that opinion immediately don't have any power in any juice anyway Tomlin. Since she got the Pittsburgh Steelers have been favorites by a touchdown or war fifty topped. And they won forty of those games so that's an 80% clip 80% of the time when the the Steelers have been favored with Tomlin. By a touchdown or more they have won the game that's not against the spread which if your gambler you know was much more important. Much that's that's the holy Grail at the points but you still but the money. So Bill Belichick since he came to the patriots easy ride to New England the patriots have been favored by seven or more points. All hundred in fifteen times. And all those 115. Times. In the Belichick Brady era. The patriots have won added. 88 point 6% clip they won the game straight up. At least straight up and I don't believe this is against desperate but that's a 102 wings out of 115. Types of you. These past results is guaranteed him he's gonna happen the same against Jacksonville. On so they'd bought it does give u.'s own. Some comfort. If you're at winning in 88%. Clip in those situations. I also saw it this was. Sosa and surprising. But I thought early on there would be more of this beat the patriots. With Bill Belichick. Have been double digit underdogs how many times. How many times of the pitchers in double digit underdogs. The answer is. So twice that sick and it was back in the the early part of the run in 01. Against Peyton Manning and the colts and the patriots won both of those games. And they they did cover the point spread. Obvious underdog in that comes the points for the when the game outright won by locked on by a lot of points. Are excellent health cooked robbery. The Krueger film style coverage here. In depth team coverage. On WEEI tonight and Charlie Weis was on this afternoon with dale holly in Keefe the former. Patriots. Offensive Porter now a media Mobley Boston media mole on all different platform some media. Which is just wonderful. Did you hear this I'll listen that Charlie Weis years he is always he is up Celadon. Is former quarterback. Tom Brady. Now he wanted to watch it yeah Christie told coach he told so in the open I had conversations over the years that were slowly. You know you view about where the reckless he knows. Never felt better you know so I'm not gonna lie to me I felt better particularly have a better year next year. When you got everyone there healthy I'd like that. You're articulate articulate will be better next year until he's 41. Insist they broke the ball on the nerves and another one of these steps amid the closest thing Mikey drew reached he's. Hurting herself as an incident that these guys. It showed no evidence. Benched that there are any work done. What is it I know a lot of TV and radio and stuff and you know they overall tone about the stats and shock. And I said. You know tell me how outrageous that's word September October. In November and I have a job at December's it. It's Nicole it's called box or would century up right. And playing in an outdoor stage in another direction yet he's got that you know people forget all the other factors determine the deploy but also those come playoff time. That guy shows up all the time does this and in it he certain. And once it's on route and certainly is some room for the patriots will lungs okay they wanna see Brady all of those days they they wanna see Belichick all the slaves and you know and most well. Most often times they're going to put the same result. That let's I was what would wouldn't you think he was let's or we would have been headline grabbing news of Charlie Weis had come on WEEI exit I think Tom is about done. I don't think you play anymore English get a wheelchair. And we should wheeled away and send them it's so you play shuffle board. And checkers in August Roma. Of course Agassi and apply it the same time. How much money. Did Tom Brady make for Charlie who has never lets it was it was it last year or two years ago story came out that Charlie bucks nobody. He left Notre Dame any he was it Kansas. Coaching college hopefully alas they're very long that was a debacle. He ended up making. I was like 245 million dollars assuming that like that wall not coach. Eight that's. That's Tom Brady right without Tom Brady and Charlie Weis doesn't get that China. Mechanically Indy he can't get jobs even after the Notre Dame thing that work I tip get big paychecks. And and and people gone by the level isn't the guy with Tom Brady daily fought early on repeal Fatah that Tom Brady was made by Charlie Weis. And that he was the genius behind Tom Bradley when Weis let people were were convinced. That that this is gonna really destroyed Tom Brady. And here we are zillion years later and a whole lot enough whole lot of nothing. In that particular. Department and he could you have. He was the office coordinator the first. Three years living three or four years Tom Brady's drew he left. Fifteen almost fifteen used a fourteen years ago Osama. When he went to Notre Dame Charlie Weis right around that time I'm bad with numbers but it was like 1415 years easily that. And that Brady's it and continue to march. Obvious art. Dad you wanna comment on that 6177797937617779. 7937. And it to the phones we give. Tonight the Bruins with the nice win over the Canadians what's going on I shot which got man. They I don't to decorate show and yeah I mean they're looking great right now it's almost like both untold story of Boston is so busy with the patriots from the pulpit and everything else I mean. 125 and and any you know they keep the they're going to be looking at a playoff run and misses this is fantastic to be playing great young kids are doing well. Yes your your happy man right you very happy or is not a lot of drama that what what but no couple weeks ago I isn't couple months ago was the there was the great goaltending drama that's completely go away that's it's not. Yeah and a number on you about that as well as they have yet to. And he's gotten back up as well so. I don't know is that the new NHL manipulate the Bruins cut by an insult to be a younger team. They just played the game and yeah you know commit. Here's why it is my thing and I don't talk too much talk each of you upset with you but here's the points. Like in hockey. Well we we talk about IU basketball you're a great team during the regular season you were you're valid. And you're going to be good in the play. It doesn't work that way and hockey Sawyer he watched the regular season and you watch you with me. Not a grain of salt but you realize that at the top teams often don't even in win multiple rounds in the playoffs it seems like. Why. Exactly well that's the at their ownership but that's disasters there. But ever since things are going lasso and a nice I know I saw that attribute all that for. For a Claude your are I think he shot goes he's aux. Yeah I don't think Shaw was at the knees in. Preacher was he watched it. About that. Arts up then Mallard hey get out with you on WEEI if you would like to be part you can gives by 6177797. 93. The seven time now for the who am I game this is where we attempts to get you listen couple minutes longer thus we call it. The Who MI game. Our securities. Now in the NFL playoffs at these season the opening round of the NFL players the LA rams have a linemen in Andrew Whitworth. He tied. A record for the most losses. Without a playoff win in NFL history. With seven strongly tied for the record. Body in a former patriots player. That also shears that rather. On welcome NFL record so did Andrew Whitworth. Is a lineman for the rams you don't know who he is most likely if you do know Louise boy you're really in football. About Andrew Whitworth. He's he is high for the record for the most losses with out a playoff win in NFL history was said and I. Any former patriot player who was tied wish him well am I the answer. Are your calls as well get to that will do next. We return no more of a late night here's. On Sports Radio WEEI. It all Linz and Tom Brady can't watch. Mr. you're all here united as one to talk about a man it's okay that is what you're you should do some of them off. That kind of awkward. A very awkward but here's the hula in my game. And here it is. Rams lineman Andrew Whitworth. He tied a record for the most losses without a playoff win in NFL history was set in. Why any former patriot player he is tied with. Whom am I that's the question what's the answer. Robbie. The mariner fit checks in with job Joseph is gone with the big coats. As his answer the real Marten checks in with the great. Samuel Adams. And I've got several other people with names I don't even recognize legacies like 1970s. Patriots but I don't want to. Can help you on that year old wrong you're all wrong the correct answer. I'm Andrew Whitworth the rams tied with former patriot eat truly plays in buffalo. The rain didn't hates the answers brain didn't eight. Who who's also tie would Andrew where he tied it the day after whitworth. And it takes much more present but whitworth was alignment for the bank rules and that's how he racked up. Most of those losses thanks the Marvin Lewis put Brandon Tate. Managed to play multiple seasons. In the middle of the Bill Belichick Tom Brady Ron. And not be part of a post season win. This one of the great accomplishments in the history of professional football. America think what you were married was. High draft pick I expectation. Raining until eight. Played for the patriots and 09 and in ten. And that. In that run the patriots they lost them wild card weekend against the ravens that was the Ray Rice scheme known nine. And then they lost the jets in the divisional round in 2010. Who ears with the patriots. And not a playoff win to show for it and now all for set. And that that record. Will go on and on this book GI in the bank goals that. Because of Martin Lewis of laws. Six games and all that put the two with seven or whitworth and in Tate Tate also. Also played with the bags as like common denominator. It's it's the two or three degrees of Marvin Lewis. In the middle all of this that's that stood out works. Our back of the fault we go all and I am being haunted by Blair. Who is in Maine and he is and not sleeping early what the better early yesterday he's wide awake cute today was going on Blair. What's going on. So loud clutches an opt in that penguins are beating up on my duck. Just what not. What you wanted to say about what message does this say about that player would not what you wanted to do you wasn't the Telecom sir I was at a throw aways David what are you looking for. I don't I don't know much just saying it. Not tomorrow but Friday it ducks split into didn't. One I wanna talk about that the hawks. Don't wanna talk about it. Trying to sabotage the show is that we've tried to do that you trying to get me get all upset and start yelling and screaming. I've been very calm very Mel you won a ticket argue that I can pagan arguably if you want. Well I want to play it right here what you. Can win the Super Bowl this year. New Orleans. Almighty god. Didn't make it. They're not even if it yeah. What I want to admit right now that there and what lessons that Blair listened detailed is a guy right now driving his car. Who is saying this is the worst radio I've ever heard this is terrible radio. I want to admit right now Blair that you have nothing is that you just want to talk to me which is why I'm OK with that network radio friends and you let. This call you talked about the mighty talks which made the Mighty Ducks anymore. You've been. You are breaking down their schedule the last eight who's gonna win the soup global question which is terrible sports talk radio. At this point you wanna go for the trifecta here you wanna one more state Bob that we can blow you up. Went on might might might blow you up I might dared me. You don't know who's gonna win the super didn't like he's been with Super Bowl. Not all that's a hot as a shocking prediction. Now the ball but I'll pop where's the dynamite to. 01. Hole. And. See this is actually your fault all right this is your forget you listening cheerful because. If you had been on hold then later. Would not have been on the radio. Very come here. And now not to go on full blast moat not do that. I'm not to be a menace when my nicknames he's Dennis the Menace but I will not be doing well not. But if you want any part 6178. In the great thing is. The bar. You know we're the bars right you know rose. 6177797. 937. And operators are standing by producer Ben Charleston and boy. This is is it is it may atom based. Revolt here in rebellion. You don't read what I immigrants. Is. I felt pretty tough but I had been doing this for awhile they're committed couple days a week else's. Some fun things like community and beyond their via an idea the overnight show it's my main. Source of employment. Pays most of the bills and all like to commend them and the flames or whatever. We're talking about. And when I'd be doing this consistently Federer elect them you know were months ago. Building up some consistency. We built up a pretty good group of guys that were regular. Callers should takes a long time I am. I got some of my regular guys that if fuel my regular guys call the Chicago. What trying to trying to generate. The next wave the the Boston Mallard militia like I got a guy in New England now malicious site and generate this aside in my head these gremlins. That just kick in the nuts last week and so I was unable to do with the issue oh. And here I am back and I feel like I'm in the buildings burned down. In I've got to do some demo. This weaknesses this odd. Uprising assembly. In part. Will look to explore for us now meanwhile. The many of the the media yet immediate media actors were there the page's locker room today in the doing their thing trying to get it a great sound bite. And one of the story lines what a story lines is in the trash can we talked about this will be yesterday my position has always been parole. Rational. That has been my thing I don't have a problem with it like it I'm in the media it's good for talk radio gives has sought to react to its wondered matzo. It's the currency of what we did so I've no prob. Realize that coaches have an issue with him and other players get upset people called radio shows seem to be in the buoyed by the the trash talk but I and I'm in the minority but I like I like the flamboyant satellite the in your face like all. I saw I some are against it at all but the the patriots don't dabble in eightieth. They do not insulate our locker room or art give us the inside skinny what's white why do you guys not talk trash. And the beauty is Danny Amendola asked this question he. He then blame Bill Belichick. He said because Bill Belichick. Signs my checks so that's it. So I know an adult played with the rams before the community the patriots if Erin dole left. And was still like a relevant big time players somewhere else does that mean he would start talking trash or received in. Been turned over to the dark side of not talking trash with the with Bill Belichick. And and into Matthew Slater. I saw his quote I'm going around and he said why don't we need to go there. Responses because I'm looking for things to talk about that's what otherwise had a breakdown Tom Brady's right here. Is right hand is getting any work out with ice. That is that's the deal. I'd let's this economic call it dollar I want to cleanse the phones because after players phone call is a stage. I need to get some body spray and the falls let's go to Josh in Fall River. Who's next up on WEE I would meet Ben Mallard late night Josh please you can't be any worse than Blair Josh. Tell a lull there on the. On the new malicious in not sane outcome done and I don't you change. Nice welcome we'd like that we were glad to have you what you got for me Josh. All of with the Celtics you know the they got a really good young group of people. They play hard and they come back from the trade deficits and you know that they don't stock it political gains all four quarters and you know there's a lot of people. Around ramadi area have not seen it on the Internet and stuff. You know that won't give a seat of their ground for inking Davis it is he's he's good. That let last night. He's beast mode put you know Qaeda and news. You've got to grow up and disarm. Phenomenal in to get that late sir. It is certainly he's 2425. Summit that gains at nineteen he turns one and in Jalen brown to unity you know he's good on defense is just too good at it can team. In couldn't answer that that was I mean what they've got with the new piece of the wanna give up those two. And it is still going to be a great idea especially can kind of kind of Bill Clinton's sushi. It's yours is the let's IE if you'd have to think long and hard about it but if you're looking at the actual overall. If you're looking at winning a championship Anthony Davis. Easy easy better player than Jason Taylor right now yes. And there's only like was or five years each campus like Eddie Davis when he for 25 I think if things like that. His agent. But you're making a lot of assumptions Jason kids off to a great start. It is NBA career in looks like he's gonna be really good player. For a long time. Which you know other stuff goes Josh I don't know how old you probably knew you know the aging process stuff stuff comes at too fast. And even your great nineteen doesn't mean you could be in that much better when you're 25 years old being. That he's gonna continue get better better you know all Anthony Davis. Is amazing you imagine pairing him with tiger you're going. As a super team in the Eastern Conference especially is LeBron James gets older. And then he's 33 years old now that's a really good spot to be anything at and you know they're gonna. It would trade I think Danny Ainge would treat even if if that's what the the cost is to get into these games as yet Richard Davis is a round doesn't just leave and a couple of years. Although that does distinctive you know it's. Is this is to gamble you know I'm not I'm not taking it way I know he's dynamite played out there so. Book. I did. What's more about it the other thing is that what's more by you is Jason Tatum going to be you know. Paul Pierce Kobe Bryant type of transcendent player he's just gonna be a good player you don't know these are all open any questions you know the old anti Davis. Is he trains Singh Indian player easy herculean type presence in the middle. And he stuck in basketball purgatory in New Orleans is their off the that are off the grid there in the by you our debt thank you Josh. Now this is odd to me I deleted as by the way east you reach 45 on March 11 a little voice in my head tells me 25. And march and let. Its. Like last night after the Celtics game I was on here knows I was talking about the Celtics who it's faster than. Stir the pot and it was very little conversation. About the summit venue. And here we are back yet it and then on the Celtics not playing in. That when you guys want talk but so. Are men out there and use we hang out here we will press on it. What are the other story lines of championship weekend here. There's an old man being used as a hype guy. We will get to back we'll. We'll take your phone calls wolf they won't get to do it next.