Late Night - Ben awards DHK the knockout victory over Michael Wilbon. 12-06-17

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Thursday, December 7th

Hour 2: Michael Wilbon joined the Dale, Holley, and Keefe show earlier in the day and Ben reacts to the interview and how Wilbon tried to dodge the questions but wasn't able to. Ben also talks about the extension for Roger Goodell. 


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Seeks he's late night Steve Slaton. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in a graveyard factor tonight it's mr. overnight dig then Mallard. Let's kick going. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. This is the gift that keeps giving it was just the mere play a random moment in any of lopsided patriot game what it is provided. Endless hours of chatter. On Sports Radio here on WEEI all week in not only hear about all over the places a national story it's the Rob Gronkowski play. And it is back again. And 1 of the central figures leading the conversation. Nationally appearing earlier on Dhabi I will discuss the Michael will bond. Appearance I I hope you had a chance to hear that it was a very good radio. And that we will discuss as we are in the air everywhere here with me ban valor and the pictures you mentioned preparing for the Miami Dolphins. Muster much preparation actually need that particular game the patriots a double digit favorite. And Rob Gronkowski currently barred. From entering the patriot facility he's as you know been suspended because of the now infamous play. Until next week but that does not mean. That he is not on the minds of many no we put the sound bite last night from Michael ruled blind and Tony Kornheiser. That sparked much conversation in the race card was played with a Rob Gronkowski. The fact he only got suspended one game this. Set off a number of mostly ESP and led personalities. Who felt this was a great injustice. That it is unfair that the NFL game gronkowski special treatment. As opposed to other NFL players were black. And the connecting the dots it's his gronkowski is a white guy. That's. Pretty much what the sentiment was of many of these people and Michael will bond who was. Out in front on is he did appear on Debbie Ireland has been talked about a lot maybe you. You'll turn on the radio here at night you misty you were doing some stuff but dale holly. And key they had. Eight a chat fest twenty minutes this thing one about twenty minutes of of their time here. And it was all about the playing of the race card in the gronkowski store. Now if you missed it and if you didn't hear the whole thing I do recommend going to the derby I website. And or the app I use the but usual websites and stuff. And he couldn't even hear that from this afternoon because Michael will bond. Again he was out front is usually guys he has created. Claiming that it was his great injustice being used wrong only got one game so we he popped up to talk about that. And yet the highlight was in the middle got off to kind of quiet start. Up to a quiet start. And then there was that turning point. Much like my belief. That if you watch a sporting event you remember a turning point in and you remember the final score. In this particular Michael will monitor. The thing that I remembers the turning point and then the fact that it did not go so well for will apply overall but the turning point. Was we keep came in and things got a little uncomfortable that's below the audiotape lets see what pack. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know you did and I'm curious why would you point out that. I don't know I don't know how to count but I'm curious why you can point out why Michael why do you point out back planner Michael got a point out of fuel and I aren't hearing. No I know I've I I've taking let her work on your want to ask you a question Michael. Why did it I thought. Single question yet let me ask water. OK let's those guys I'm asking questions and you know why do you know what why did you point out that the wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point. Yeah that's part of dynamic. That's the dynamic. What how what do block well Dwight little dog and white or would you want about how do you going to let me answer the question did you ask. Yeah the the great. Right. I guess that would be great yeah magnetic bit. The dynamic candidate is what brought about the politics of race you're talking about black and white white a white not black and black. The most part you could be an exception or situation. Sports section is all month people not in a way. There's quite player again you'll god and about newly reinstated about the patriot but the technique you'd. So don't worry you don't get. White player being suspended. You and the black Bob in other audit field activity in the previous week. I that was great. The key here will bomb was yelling at Keefe it was so rattled. By that particular situation that he was off he was ease its usual calm self. He was like screaming into the phone is that how dare you know he's thinking I don't you don't debate what's rob EU. Aren't so what's the big take way that was the highlight and there's a little more do what did that that was the highlight all of what was twenty minutes of radio and there were a couple of other. Other things that stood out so let's ask the question if you heard earlier on on Debbie I hear. And you were listening live to the deal holly if you'd feel or you happen here on the website the big takeaways here from this appears. I know my thoughts you've got trained politician. Dodge ball. A clear agenda. And as I mentioned I just used the word needs the appropriate word rattled. Obsolete the title is together that no one. EU battle. Like most of this interview I was listening the first part of it right until we played the highlight words sounded. Unhinged therefore will want but for most of the Wilpon was like a train politicians. By. I'm not talking about it trumping political figure. That some random senator career politician in the who happens to appear on CNN and and says often. Might get some live doesn't really say anything of note Michael will bond has been doing these kind of news views and like will buy these pretty. I watch PTI from time to time and he's pretty good beat her polished it right eat eat very polished. And you'd be hard pressed to find anyone. In sports media who is better at play and dodge ball. Then will bar eating is a skill so four key to get him rattled I I was great. And it will ons like a politician he's got this year old of being able to talk. And probably see all that much if he wants to use that scale. But I is so aside but that was that was something that that I took away from it now. I know from the the story of the morning showtime about they they tried to get on tricking cal and he wanted to get one on. And will bonds accord that those guys that he didn't want any part of the morning show. Because he knew that would be a blowtorch situation you wanna walk in for a blowtorch. And because that would have been double barrel action. If he had gone on there we wouldn't nonstop peppering. It will bonnet and appeared on Kuerten talent so instead he goes on deal holly key probably assuming that it would be a soft landing spot. And up from what I heard there it was for why it all and end game. In mimic that the ax team chop. Chocolate. And what what it's so this was self destruction anyway well why is he trained. Interviewee and interview her and he's really good at playing dodge ball what. I talked volumes blind side because that the first ten minutes or so of this interview. I go here to get on the Debbie iWeb sediment the app is. Is essentially. Uh oh will want to be a very comfortable right very comfortable he's not not worry about it and then like who's like the third made it. I wouldn't vote die tomorrow I can hit my kid a solid guy and and then he ended up Stepan. And it got to the point where will bond was unable to even confirm. What he heads to aid. All unpatriotic. Caused all this conversation here on his radio station. And mark what do my favorite part was they play the clip Germany interview. On on the deal Owhali should be played the clip. All of what will want to sit back and forth with co organizer of the kind of ignited this whole conversation. And what are just got to put weight though the whole time. Now the second part of this. Is the fact that as we yap here and Debbie I'd Michael will bond is one of many people at ESP. Who. Because it's their job micro analyze. Every city and through the the the prism of race. And this is part of the the conversation at all. There they're seemingly can be nothing that goes on in the sports world. Without there being some kind of racial overtones to and and that's how it's presented by many of these personalities. And if you listen to this. Here's what we ought to do and something the website should do this the Michael will wine drinking game. Here's what you every time will bond says. Racial politics. Take your threat. Every serious you'll be. In the grade. That you get alcohol poisoning. That was the buzz word right where racial politics. And Wilpon said he 7000. Times in 22 minutes of run radio or twenty minutes whatever laws. Typical market that was the buster racial politics. Wilpon attempted. To accuse. The dale and Holley show with key there being disingenuous. And dishonest. Right is Jeremy Seaman was not about the patriots not about the pages Bob. Even at all. He admitted it do you view the attention this has gotten is obviously because of the patriots. And their place in the pecking order. Of the NFL the fact that. Rob Gronkowski is a star. And while certainly if it had happened in Jacksonville or Kansas City or Houston or some other town in the boon docks of the NFL. It would've been a big deal but we're not really have been as big a deal. As Rob Gronkowski. Who is. Headliner I headlight tide is a hall of fame Friday. So no well odds seem to put his finger on being just news. And his comparison. Was the most absurd comparison you can. I did you hear this. Go back and listen if you heard you know exactly where I'm going right. It was well on trying to say because Michael Crabtree had a key to lead in that reader bronco game got into it Dottie brought. And they both got a two game suspension which was appealed to one anyway. That gronkowski was getting special treatment this he's a white guy those guys are black guys and and Rocco we got one day. Now it's it's a silly premise the start would it's apples and orange. To ever run tell us see what he paid. You could say savage and the only goal and dirty and all things that apply those are all things apply but it's a totally different set of scenario. Our snare. It totally innocent or listen we have let us only I listen this this is is another important part of the you know the will bond appearance here. I'm with Dale Hall the Crabtree and lead got a two game suspension as opposed to one because it was the second time they'd done the same thing. Are yeah I'm sure that it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that their blackened rock is white it's that they did the damn thing already. Because the NFL you got a note note that the idea that they got punished worse I think has more to do with the fact that they've already done that same thing. We're talking about the politics of race when me if you're Craig Adam publication I hope I get a dog. The conversation it raised the possibility that's still. It's not happy with the no suspension or to get pigeon was fine boards to lead in and prep tree and what a big deal to. You could spend. But it would totally out of politics a bit and the perception of the accommodation we're gonna happen if you don't like it personally Charles de damn check. Our that was like he has soldier raising the white flag there at the beginning it's like. Good Delgado Wright he's got to have is like hey base open more rotten. Hey look you made a mistake here. And and and we'll bluntly he does have a pond there at the beginning that. It the worst in Paris. And the guys mention the the better comparison. Mike Evans. Of Tampa Bay who. Took a cheap shot and a scenes player. And he got suspended one game. That didn't fit the agenda so that was not brought up again brought snapped. It wasn't. Choreographed it wasn't premeditated we used the term last night at those still applies who was crime of passion. It was a spur of the moment type thing with two Davis white. And in me and he admitted it he NFL last season Crabtree had to leave that goes back as bill pointed out an educated will line goes back to last year. I don't know what the last thing you know we're gonna take some phone calls and so you wanna be part. Of this particular. Our conversation. You operators are standing. Operas are standing by you give us call the number 617. 779798376177797. 937. But just to put a ball on news. For many years it seems like it Eddie espionage had his mandate some of their personnel is not all of them with some of them will bonds on that list. Of a plane plane up the racial angles we talked about. But in this case. Will Y and ended up talking out of both sides is a and you heard it in the guys bottom line and it was great because he said that Gradkowski. He he repeated he was very strong about this it appeared in the years regardless of what's that he said he wasn't. Accorded to will buy it wasn't the fact that gronkowski was written motivated by race. Is taking she'd shy. And being in what was I never accused the patriots are being racist at all. What did he use the buzz words and racial politics. Racial I think we'd be hard pressed by any of these soundbites from the interview where he doesn't use some combination of politics and race. In those two words. And like the fact that he got called out on eight and and they started going to spin zone. And and you heard him I think it was in the clip maybe it was in the clip that we just played there were. When he was called out by a I think it was rich keep session called amount. A for that particular. Situation Mike Evans and a deal that as well. And then Wilpon likes YI I you know one catalog every penalty had become a day. He was in a vacuum. Was the term. But not a Hoover vacuum I don't think it was Hoover. Hoover vacuum so I was good job I enjoyed this gutless and it is a a good list in. And the fact it will bond started out very calm cool and collected. And was a political type person. And then. Then it all came tumbling down. I ate it all came tumbling down he was rattled that he was stumbling a bomb went there. And that you even had will bond. For some odd reason demanding that deal holly and Keith have Tony Kornheiser. Call in the show because corn will bond he's a white guy. Who is quite bizarre a world those who was so did the break take away from days. The big take away from me listening to it as an objective. Party I'd like Switzerland when it comes in this travel I only come here late night on W I couple days a week I am not. I'm not in the belly of the beast all the time but the fact that wrong. What long wondered you know he's not race is. But apparently the NFL as racist. For handing out a one game suspension even though it's the same suspension and that Mike Evans at the box got foray. Relative similar act he could claim what might get used it was worse. That what prompted or vice Versa. But it was it was good theater good radio. As they say are we'll take some phone calls year. Let's go to rob. Let's just rob. Indicate who's next here on WP I was going our rob. And it's going comment quickly here you are really glad that you are not that beauty. And I sure I'm. Well things up with what we've got what you got will be rob. I mean I did this whole situation Asia quake it's just seemed like it always dump connect they try to bring up like you touched on the idea yeah that's great. There always need to be trying to make something about race. And they are not that that's a climate gate that well earlier that it and it because that's what they keep making. Thank you really got a break on country we can't allow our game by a white cornerback back into seeing me back in England that Eddie actually been there have. I I really don't think he putts out there I thought well that's quite either black tie Domi getting am anxious. They just do our ratings that fail to act like they do it to try to get their viewership I feel like they just. Like there's a swimming now you know dead in the water and that is trying to grab anything they can stay afloat. I just want attention that say thank you. They Keira. If that's what they're doing is not gone so well over having some. There have some issues there yeah Big Brother Disney fairies is not happy. Bottom line is they say things have knocked on let's go do. Us go to. Who's in Boston and d.'s next year it's WEI late night with me band Mather are. Post will body interview extravaganza here as he was on earlier and it was very fiery radio what's going on date. They've done. A man packages real quick correct you are with all due respect. I'm so I did your interview earlier today. In an armed. Instead the reason why Michael will want to call in the HR shuttle arm of the morning show is because you're afraid to mix up those. Actually the regal what company's current Michael all and actually made bat boy. During the Schobel flawed you know all that plot can be sold. Well I I heard that outlook the I heard that but I know the guys in the morning show horse and he tried to get will wanted to try to get money would go along with you know. Like all he's friends with. My global on. That's right that their friend but you should go along with the other people than just your friends are right you should go on other shows as well you can't just go to buddies. Now but I'm sure shall Michael Vaughan didn't expect assault women you know Tony and Michael Ali's not. I. Disagree of that because take a lie because if he's afraid you're gonna assume that he's not going to the pit bull attack is not gonna take place there that if you know the guy. He's not gonna collapse you and that's why don't like you if you if you go it was in the U deep in the middle of the if felt like will ball was honest Avery because he didn't expect keep the column in the air is like at and deliver a blind side hit. You wait a minute they have things gone fine he was doing the political stuff will want all of a sudden it's like what are we went after me with that war. You thought you guys are you Talking Heads and I don't mean just you mean Michael will want Tony Kornheiser built all all you guys. You need something big that injures you don't bite into. And until a future Europe and around words come all based forms thousands all of centered and not often don't exempt. But I'll tell you what Michael mobile wanted change topic today. That made a lot of sense and I'm surprised that the guys on the show did very like expound on the act. The fact that we hear it willingly are hypersensitive. That's what Michael will onset and you know what it's absolutely true. But I'll tell you what. What you get all ought not. Yeah impartial round because hey not baseball team won't change an able street outdoor racist I after a hundred years war. Your basketball team lots. You know pick up our Jason Heyward who you don't want to give up because he's already in the next. Bra and you want on aqaba. Only I'm gonna blow us Gordon Hayward didn't need rock band that was on saying. You be my equipment on small dose haunt him. The issue is why were hypersensitive. But there with the amount of tulip I called in earlier tonight his name was mark from Roxbury. This storm was hypersensitive. Because he lives in an area where. Yeah audience field and on a different. Level that he won't help. No but no. This is not Reese the NFL been settled and give going how's he. A soft landing spot he's a white guy it's just absurd when this kind of stuff it's brought up. And many people pointed out the face of the call the obvious no one to add onto it. Is that when you cheaper in the conversation. When everything. Is racism or. You know the buzz words that will barred use racial politics in all. And maybe somebody will on what almost everybody in after all he's a prominent national media figure. For what 2530. Years now with a columnist and TV idea is BA and Sunday a guy who who's the person at the NFL it's well let's give gone cows you soft landing spot is is nobody. Bloody idiot is zero. I'll take some more phone calls if you would like to be part 617. Is one wild at 61777979837. And now a riddle now he riddle and will pay the rural off year in a moment what you do Shawn Watson. He's he don't partisan wins. Tom Brady. Matt I'm not done. Matt Ryan. And deck press got have in common with Roger Goodell now it is not that they all work in the you know possibly. I get. What you do Shawn Watson's case you don't Carson wins Tom Brady Matt Ryan and deck press got haven't common. Where the Roger need to know the answer to that riddle and more of your phone calls next. My little boy not because he doesn't fit what you're talking about. All Boston sports with him dollar bond late night. And the night away. Rave on Wednesday and played almost. Almost Thursday. Forty minutes or so ago Joseph in Rhode Island. Shortened suites as playing that well why and Sox. Go patriots. From the GO. Thank you we just had I think he very complete. Very thorough. Recap was it the post game show. Roamed the interview earlier on the radio station here on under VI. We. Michael will bond who popped up. In the afternoon we're talking about his position. On Rob Gronkowski with dale holly and Heath and it was just a typical boring radio interview for awhile and then. Yet the plot twist in the middle when he came in and unloaded. And will bond was rattled. He recovered he got back up on his beat. And then. At the very end there he again admitted that he was a little bit off his game and he stumble and bumble has so I scored the fight. 109 in favor of dale holly in key. I give them the win in that particular matchup like to know what did you think about all that let's go to Wesley. Who's next here on WEE I was going on Wesley. I have. I if they think they thought about it. Now which you find more likely that rocker of the art collector. Suspension at the pinnacle of Turks. Suspension. Because if our priorities that he he improved the range and a balance you. He's simulate that darling maybe other than outlet but he's a benefit that darling part people at the NFL and maybe it they'll review it well are gonna be a little easy on him he improved rating. Be the star. That. Oh I do but if you wanna go conspiracy theory guy and I like conspiracy theory got a conspiracy theory guys they had to make sure that gronkowski was back for the game against the Steelers. And how do you do that you can't suspended two games you got only suspended one game at this war two game suspension. Like yeah. I don't understand like the argument that it should habits against Reggie and will odds premise and he was called out on in the interview when he tried to compared to a key to leave. And Michael Crabtree. When that was a premeditated. Situation when Crabtree. No going to like in that Ritter bronco game he wanted to take out to leave and that's why those two novel has got two games. I anyway yes they end up getting getting reduced to one to eight. So it's. A lot of that's on it Ndamukong feel added his respect your opinion like a playoff game back. So yeah that thing out probably only wipe it would give it one game at if that was if your opponent the more experienced yet yet. Why love a good conspiracy to affect US. Libya and the Steelers had as some guys suspended also. From the Monday night game. June jus me Shuster. He got a one game suspension which he has ignited the steeler locker room. And that's on my list we'll get that I don't pay off the riddle. Too bad job by not paying enough what you do Shawn Watson case even Carson when's Tom Brady. Matt Ryan. And Dakota press that's his real first name. Dakota pressed well they all have in common with Roger did not other all quarterback. And details not a quarterback. But here's the fun fact that here's the fun fact the day. In business. Roger Goodell his new contract. Will pay him. Roughly forty million dollars per year. That's is extension. That starts in 2018100. Was toward a million dollars forty million per year. Cash money. The value of the cash value of Du'Shon watching Kay's team in Carson Wentz Tom Brady Matt Ryan and Dakota press got. If you combine all their salaries. You're living in a good neighborhood. You can afford to travel were every wanna travel you have to drive anywhere you've got a car service relive motor drive Iran. Other combined salary of all those quarterbacks is 38 point nine million. So Roger Goodell next season's gonna make more than. How what is starting quarterbacks. Be six starting quarterbacks of some promise now case Keenan's played over his head for the vikings this year. We still put up some good numbers the Shawn Watson. Who surprised me with the way he performed Carson Wentz who's in the MVP conversation got Tom Brady Matt Ryan. The two Super Bowl quarterbacks and last year and a deck dressed. It's a decent sized list. To decent sized list now it's. And I saw the Turkey Callahan and they untoward they tweeted out that. This contract for Roger Goodell. Is going to be more than Tom Brady has made his entire career. Believe that's accurate and them I'm paraphrasing him have it written down but I believe that's between. Early so Emma what you're saying that Fidel shouldn't make a lot of Monday. The NFL is a multi billion dollar business the CEO should make a lot of money but he's also doing your job properly. And do it right and when you don't do your job should be rewarded. And certainly appears that the NFL owners. At least enough of them. Decided that I'll put up with all the things that are not good in the NFL will deal with that did leave we'd like you and off we're gonna give you a ton of money. And you fans that have been upset and complaining your budget gulps. And lame brains and that you you don't matter. Unlike. The University of Tennessee. Their fan base that she's doing great Schiavo as coach ordered New York giant fan base that had so much resentment. So much animosity. Towards. And Mac you do for daring bench. Eli Manning was sort of bitterness there that the giant order team dean. To the displeasure. Of the giant fans and made the irrational and illogical decision. To a gold backed the that's essentially what that firing was about the NFL's like well we're gonna fire Mack adieu at the end of the year anyway. But let's just appease the masses. Will be NFL's not worried about appeasing any. And they don't care how much bad blood you might have as a patriot fan. And in all the other bitterness directed towards Roger Goodell if it doesn't matter any owners clearly. They don't mind the nasty news. You think that the level of venom. Is gonna go down own any time soon directed at you del. It I realize he's hired some Spin Doctors to try to change shoes in the June present himself in a different light in all that I did I understand. But I am also acidic and the well the tale of give Dallas commissioner. Is not there he's got. Van debtors. For some reason. And I guess everyone's got a little bit of that night is a little bit of that. It that bad blood if you will. You have but it's in the it's it's on a higher level. With Roger Goodell. I'll take some more phone calls if you would like to be part of the number 6177797. 93 Seve can also text the show it's late night with me Ben Mather I sneaky and don't tell anybody. I do not do that they I sneaky here with Ben my producer it's bad in bed not Mike and Mike that shows dead it's better it bend the new with a new name show. And that we come in here a couple of times a week. That sneaky. And I sneak out in the middle of the night and an idea I have my own marathon because I still I don't overreach it's in my in my main gate. And so I have to run off and do that here. But we've got plates on the get an hour plus year which you tonight on the V guy let's go back to the phones and ignore him. Norm wants to rant about Roger feels good normally Kate was going on the war. Today experiment our RW EE. Look that good listening to all yeah man hey Ben you're a big time national celebrity's you know Michael bodyguards around. No I I I'm not mainstream norm I work overnight radio. You're not a big Cecil I appreciate the compliment norm but but not I have met will bought a couple times and NBA games over the years you've been very nice I've nothing. Back to see about will want people love him like people that normally look the guy he's wonderful. He's got like five different houses around the country got a house in Arizona DC. He's got a place in Chicago he's he's done very well for himself. As a writer and television but now I don't know him personally I was number I'm Larry king's number of them in the world. Well that's pretty impressive but yeah very humble but let me just say. I heard the yeah I interviewed today and it was. It in the global ought to ask. Why they ask him on the show that part because. He is doing it and Tony go harder at bat I would think it's probably a reason. That could be that could be area a fact both I don't think Kornheiser does that kind of stuff I don't. I don't think Tony calls into a lottery your shows and he pretty much does is all things isn't he doesn't do the interview thing you know he's the interview he but he is a wanna be won his interview. Yet there's going to be there. Go through it could tell. The reason I called it because it has dealt. And you know he got a huge contract and make a lot of money out. And I actually hurt you might sources that he's buying up all mobile how old Mubarak to a higher over the remote entrees. In the good you amidst quote paper. He got that much money. Why not all right thank you. He used to get those I was barged they'll still selling those dolls. I heard got on us actually have one. I have area. A weird. Collection of Bobble hates. And bull crap that I picked up to a different sporting events over the years in my in my office. The Malibu mansion is I call out there I've known who don't have the clown feast how's the one item I don't. Was actually not the one I was a lot of stuff in but I have. Are tied after the institute ABA and we'll get back to the phone calls year a lot of of anger and rage I likes. This is compelling talk great even late night compelling talk radio. I here's here's the trivia we. Rob Gronkowski. He leads the patriots in parts now he's not add to that this week because he's playing we know that suspended by big bad. NFL. Guidance. But you only got one game is like. Our Rob Gronkowski. Leads the patriots with 85 targets this season. Which player. Leave the NFL. With a 139. Past targets. Now pure fantasy player you don't count Michigan that you already know this I don't care about you if you're not a fancy player that masking. Again right cows even reading the page is he's got 85 targets this year. Nobody has more but which player leads the entire NFL guys got a 139. As targets. With four weeks to go in the NFL regular season that is the instant trivia the answer is next. Jordan Lochte until late night with the any malice college Sports Radio WEEI. We're all on the witching hour and then beyond. Wishes now are you here and after about my goal will bonds' appearance with dale and Holley in keys earlier. Very compelling radio. Will bond was roll on they got caught off guard he got off caught off guard kept using the same buzz words. Racial politics and all I can repeat those but if you have not heard that go to the website go to W I was at the act which is what I use. And you can listen to it's in twenty minutes. And it gets off to Canada a typical radio interview styles barred. And then all of a sudden there's like that plot twist. In the middle and he gets pretty good. It's pretty good after that. If you're a part of this we won't give it used should be here mall at the answer to it the number 6177797. 937. As we press on here on WEI here's the history. Rob Gronkowski who leads the patriots. With 85 targets this season. Which player leads the NFL with a hundred in 39. Past targets that is the question what. Is the answer. Ends. And you guys like that he and I call yours. When you can anyone. Get this right here looking at them scrolling through the answers here. We had Randy Moss yes that's a a very accurate guess very worthwhile he's got a lot of a targets this year. Unless he hasn't Jerry Rice there's another good one assumes the no it's not. Not your eyes not Wes Welker either which was guess I'd be the correct answer. Would be none other than Dion Andre Hopkins. Of the Houston Texans so he's the leader in the pac. As far as the most targeted player in the NFL. This season let's go to Wayne in this out the I remember Wayne Wayne is the radio guy. As OK I'm. Hamlin have collapsed and I don't know real I was taught him and then wait. You don't think no allegation in on that scale would like one out structurally doesn't talk of aliens are a ballot says. I was sort of elegant spirit Cuba I well I think. The legitimate commercial outlook we like king now and we don't bloke yeah I mean wouldn't wouldn't call those people that are under the chin. The union monitors are open now know. The anyway divisive PIC is the the underlings what are what were you going for here. And you add as poetry that that's how it treated at 200. YouTube and what about 200 million dollar. Well that's what I'm told that AV GB hits the bonuses at the numbers from one. I want to read through a lot of. But really he looks good he looks good as he looks good assumed what outlets they would Eudora already. Didn't abuse children. And working group appreciate. Hasn't it hasn't been good but it's good for business wing because it gives us lots of stuff by the talk about but I it's been an ambassador. The in the NFL the way they do these the discipline the NFL. Consistent. Lee inconsistent. Like you you know all. From week to week you know one guy is gonna get suspended for game another guy get two games a different dog it no suspension he'll just get a fine. But judge on Monday how they all we all weekend and and let me just say one thing Michael board I mean go go chemical key sound like the biggest cloud each at bat and a ball is worth. And then what do name Richard Richard trying to go nobody would elect is like no that apology and I await what. Apology a way to do I don't know what it is what. Yeah I'm the wrong guy asked him that when mama. I'm not an audio expert or are. I I he just he got that the book that word those two words. And he just kept repeating them whatever you know what to say and even when he didn't know what to say will bind he still would toss that in like extra seasoning at the end of the sentence because it's. Early in there am I don't care and now absolutely absolutely greens amazing. An original. Now risk did I ever did a good job can be there unexpectedly might act as well Bob was not expecting that I'm assuming he does not listen. To that show and he was blown away. According Montoya caught like I didn't get the call and Tony did Tony like yeah I mean you don't want me or are you. Talk. And I want to try walking a piano like when he article and god watch commitment grow larger. Just then out a lot of people did that people lose their job over there is people are watching me. And I'm way I'm Wayne Maureen and what you got out there you spell it and earned in day in and. Aquarium. I mean now talking about arranged under it's sort of you know you're a guy. I I heard Wayne I heard secondhand from Matt the marine who was producing this radio show last night. That there are some off their conversation I know you're Maria hello we are marine for Wayne and nine years look to where are you based out of way. I die inkjet would you own. And and I Iraq and Afghanistan and I came back oh escalation in the so when written English station I do what you academically Israel. And I ended up to one too much all like the idea accurate and I only had 23 years or are. And President Clinton would close it out they usually give it to him to get out now would it be and I'll pitch out or really Chicopee mass. And I don't need a little math I don't know where that that. If you don't quit. And you wanna get on the map in the fund are Roloson Dwayne out thank you you guys that's who spoke about this is that's cool that you're in the in the military for. Appreciate entry you've got some interest in tales to tell. From that experience are it is spend an hour late night here. I'm Debbie I win was bring it right he was he was at is they attack like. Harada style radio. I can tornado. Coming in a monsoon. I just overwhelming the the Airways which is not a bad. Which is not a bad thing I'm a more on the will body interview with the fallout from that these Celtics win tonight and the most. Aesthetically pleasing way. It is in the second habit at first avenue it was a struggle struggle is real on nights like that. For the Celtics but. They ought to go on the road the spurs coming up on Friday game that early season game to get some attention shall earlier that NBA season done even begin for most. Until Christmas so we still got a few weeks ago four. That begin a little less than three weeks through the the Christmas. Festivities. If you will are right dia the patriots getting ready for the Miami Dolphins. And there's something that's gonna get cranked up here over the last four weeks of the regular season. That is of a lot of importance to very many people in the NFL you what days. You know what the thing that's going to get cranked up is in the NFL it happens every year around this time. And it's gonna happen again. Now we will give you a primer on Macs we were reveal the answer we'll get to at all. And will do it next.