Larry Nassar is on the road to getting what's coming to him, and Reimer is winning over more listeners

Mut at Night
Friday, January 19th

Alex Reimer kicks off this hour talking about Aly Raisman's powerful comments regarding the abuse she and other USA gymnasts endured at the hands of former team doctor Larry Nassar. We also hear from some callers who were not on Team Reim, but may be warming up to Alex.


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He's much at night on Sports Radio tell you we. He. It's. I mean anti gay I don't want a gay host on my show. I didn't. It got so personal this morning. I love my I think we have a great relationship. We're just talking business Super Bowl week I'll be there he'll be here. If arm got out embracing poverty do little ten Peta to weigh. Loose fitting here with me during neo late night hours. It's fun. In this I'm having a blast now it's always supply costs always asked what it did eleven in midnight. Eleven to midnight yes XM a four hour show when I don't know about two minutes. In advance we'll get you got into their Facebook's I don't think is enough and so I didn't sound like it now now now Lucy night. Not like we're planning this extravagant FaceBook live show for like three months they bought new equipment for everything you know they debris plans for it ought. They did buy like a lot of new equipment for it spent some good money. That Ian every time rob Bradford came in use give me status date doc. Moving I would ask for on every week not problem it's moving scenery plan that is we did test runs its. Not about the same rate as trumps of wall I would say on the Mexican border its move and add about that seem so. But perfection takes time. That's that I always say we CR patriots calls from doing that throughout the night we'll do it throughout the weekend we'll get TU. So hang on but I do want to mention briefly. This Larry Nasser story the former doctor. For the US national women's gymnastics team pleaded guilty in November 2 molestation charges. He's in the news again this week because he is sitting through. At least 120. Victim statements and. Several gym this including diaries Minh made some impassioned speeches against NASA this week race men I spoke up today for about fifteen minutes. Here is the New York Times is that they had described the events today some of the victims this week. Has spoken of how Nasser. Made them change to lose shorts the captain is examining room. I squid it has eyes tightly closed as he was touching them they spoke of their discomfort and pain during the abuse but also their confusion. There were signed photographs of a lead out beats on the walls any position their bodies apparently young girls gymnasts. So that parents in the room can not see what he was doing they sat. Some said they were abused in the basement of his house. We're on medication for anxiety. Develop eating disorders or spent years trying to avoid feelings of guilt. I race and told ESPN earlier this week she told USA gymnastics about the abuse that she. In others it suffered at the hands of this monster Larry Nasser. And she said nobody did anything about it that is criminal and not is. Par for the course as you learn to Harvey Weinstein and all these other monsters. The story is about that yes as the other ones committing the crimes they are there one molesting people and in this case Larry Nasser molesting young. Under aged girls. Most of these powerful abusers if not all of them have a wide Garrick avenue boys and after reading about the story and hearing these victims' statements this week. The question is how is. Any body. Affiliated with USA gymnastics still employed honest to god it is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace and Larry Nasser because he's gotten away with this perversion in abuse or so lying. Still seems to think he's above the law still thinks the think he's he's above the fray. Above the process. Because this week he wrote in impassioned letter to the judge the judge of this trial. Saying how he met we can't handle the anguish of listing these victims' statements but at this judge let him. In his place we do we have that's on radio we have it ready. I listen to this like a dozen times this week and I love us. Collective we. You spent thousands of hours. Perpetrating criminal sexual conduct and miners. Spending four or five days listening to them. Significantly. Minor. Considering the hours of pleasure you had there expense and ruining their lives. None of this should come as a surprise. GU. So while pots in a year yet spent a few hours was ninety your victims tell their story boo boo. You during these people you're in these girls' lives. Will though. The galleries been delivered the knock out blow today do we need him proud. You do realize now that me this group of winning you so heartless if he is over such a long period of time. Are now sports and you like nothing. The tables have turned Larry we are here. We have heard Blake says and we are not going anywhere. And now Larry. It's your turn to listen to me. There is no map that shows you the pathway to healing. Realizing that you're a survivor of sexual abuse is really hard to put into arts and magic feeling like he had no power in no place. Lee yellow Larry I have both power and blazed and I only beginning to guess he's that in. I'll these brave women have power and really user places to make sure you get we need is there. A light that's suffering spent weeks playing the words delivered by this powerful army adds I have. UN nothing and you have to listen to us while also by now a race and we are one UN nothing and I just this mine again you just read this. Alli told ESPN outside the lines and an interview that again she told officials. With USA gymnastics about this perverts. Sexual deviancy is abuses molestation of young girls on the team. And and they did nothing about it is USA eases the usaid that represent us in the Olympics the best of our country in this is what we get. This should be one of the biggest stories in the country right now on the outrage should spread from sea to shining city disgraceful. Got Eric inclement bring things back to the patriots let's talk a little thumb is down for some. Briefed on top Eric what's going on. Re right though that's such a tough sort of. All it is and I colleges are put in the top spot but we have to we got to make a transition some ways out. Yeah that would have created a wanted to talk about it just recently release that what that was our first automaker bought that story was made it was still had to be some higher kind of people. Involved in USA gymnastics that you heard a bow their heads some inclination of what was going on that. As it was a monster and nothing was done about it I mean that is. It is sickening and you know what you saw this could be the biggest news story in you know the country right now and yet you know the Olympics are what like Montero or glitter much about it so I wonder does a connection. Yeah in an again whenever you have a of course people know in all these abusers how their employees in the enablers are not committing the crimes obviously but I certainly are complicit. Exactly right what you said they might not be you know contributing to a buy it somewhere effect on capitol. On so I guess yeah to should to a much lighter note attached in this weekend so to speak so. Right right so that's kind of what I want to talk to organize and there was more question of what of what I wanted to ask you. We were kinda like minded in this shut Jacksonville gave money from weren't as soon as they beat Pittsburgh I was. I wouldn't think that's gonna be a cakewalk for the patriots you know they. A legit defense are really good defense. Really good ground game at their quarterback correct he had taken a couple key players on social I was already taken Jack built seriously. Now this pre injury as the you know are concerned you know almost panic I would say about you know their chances in this game and I wanted to ask you rigor you know you think this injury has. Is legit or is that something that kind of blown up by the beat. Now I ate it up when woods yet I he was wearing the gloves on during and again today he said the past. How much discomfort that causes them he wore them at the press conference. We've had numerous reports three stitches so yeah he suffered a legitimate injury there's no doubt. So that's why conservative like. I I don't know maybe they gave me get it again. Shortly injury could affect radio what one casket kicked off because it. I I'm concerned the patriot might be a balloon and kick some of the reports injury doesn't affect the. Other reports read a practice NATO that Brady was throwing the ball really well so there on the ball well on Friday even though he. It only takes Dotson shot and it seems like still be there on the ball off Friday. Still get him throw the ball Sunday I would think so I'll put it Erika says that earlier I can get in 95% Tom Brady on Sunday which is still more than good enough to win this game. I would agree I mean that some people saying that you know even Bryant Portugal when the game and I'm not underrated eject though that but yeah on the right so would 95% Brady should be it would do it I hope that I mean I guess this injury I hope it is only hurting our percent of his you know full potential but. I guess we'll see and I hope he doesn't you know I hope to Picassos a couple of big plays in the game. Yeah and again as I said earlier against take snaps under center only a shock and that's concerning. And on off that totally goes away 48 hours from now Tom kerns that he thinks it's going to be a heavy run game on Sunday perhaps. I'd and other reports Kurt touted source says Brees threw the ball well Ian Malcolm port city was zing in it all over the field. So that's likely going back that 95% number in just look at rays history when to have. Contra Bart Scott may think after any game when we reported to Brady's performance in sent. He was hurt that's why they did the injury to rout them we never ever say that about Tom Brady. And it won't be saying again Sunday maybe the patriots lose to a dominant defensive effort by. It won't be because this won't be because in this. Georgia's imports and George. Yeah you guys are you're on what's up. Yeah you'd. Warm welcome to but it now. Now. Richard thanks for the call we George Ball off there on George wanted to bring up though the Tom Coughlin back. And here's a story about the Tom Coughlin factored Tom Curran. Said to us earlier tonight that he takes its legitimate Tom Curran a Smart football guy. Thinks that 71 year old Tom Coughlin. Sitting up any owner's box. Or luxury suite or wherever he ends. As somehow make a difference. How. Someone still needs to explain to me here at 10 o'clock explained to me how Tom Coughlin. Can make a difference in the game Sunday. What in Tom Coughlin told the jaguars that doesn't run camps. What is Tom Coughlin is secret I know. His giants beat the patriots into Super Bowl as well the patriots still left. From those two symbols Brady obviously and yet Nate soldier dead and McCord beat Pat Chung and by the way Rob Gronkowski. Would severely limited in suitable 46 with a bad ankle injury several yeah. Pop woods giants beat the patriots considerable 46. But they did it with grunt. Basically being a non factor. Front right now looks great some of the situation. Is a little bit different and don't players on the job whereas right now. Played for those giants teams Iger. So yeah we've we've been hearing this all week at terror solvent in the globe. No article talking about out Tom Coughlin is the patriots boogie man. But somebody needs to make the. Arguments without relying on cliches. And it got in without relying an utter nonsense. I mean here's a Tara Sullivan writes about why she got reveres coffin so much. She talks about how the giants responded. Ought to the patriots in the regular season the season finale. In 2007. Coughlin didn't just go for broke that night. It's skewing the popular trend of resting starters so is not to risk injury he never even considered it. Not for a moment surrounding the objective of every game he's ever been involved in. Winning. The giants and ends up on the wrong side of history anyway. Or rather than be deflated. Those chads were emboldened. Convinced by their competitiveness that a rematch would end differently. Again. How that history ties into this jaguars team I've no idea. I mean the idea that the patriots. Getting its blue Sunday because Tom Coughlin is in the building. Is just so last night they went undefeated through spy gate. They won a super ball packed the height of the played 83 years ago. Yeah it's some up top with attendance can throw them off. Again grab Xeon RE SP and in his game previous week asks if the patriots can beat the Coughlin Kurtz. He says Coughlin can regale the jaguars all week which stories about how to Celine contain the patriots. A caddie again he's slaying contain the patriots in 2008. A completely different offense. In 2012. When Rob Gronkowski was severely limited with an ankle injury. I just don't get it I mean how can Tom Coughlin sitting in the owner's box play a role in this game on Sunday I just. I just don't see it to anybody tries to make an argument doesn't really give you one. They talk about cliches they taught let history we get that cop would be about beat the patriots twice when used with the giants understand that. I'd get that. He's not the coach this team none of the jaguars were on those giants teams the patriots are practically a different team. How how does it apply. How does it apply. Robert in Quincy. Once defend Brian Hoyer Robert what's going on. I out first time caller long harmless they're creative content thanks also possibly disagree with you which you know what are the business ever. So Ryan lawyers and at both quarterback yes Flickr I I guess that is. His record in ghosts is and so good you know like now we got to give the guy a chance because he may be the hero Brady's his. A. Are now Brady will be fine reports say it was thrown it well at practice is no doubt an injury is there but I mean. Oh I yielding Brady's gonna be all right Robert. Now I think will be put it it's against her lawyer Kamal room so you know he heard it yet itself. So he is you know he's the quarterback but the thing is back gut leaders go reps I think it is all week long has all orders this quarter that where this Tom liked it hired a guy is natural quarterback in the post did one. Where exactly exactly but you know what its sweet time doing I mean it's weighted how many other quarterback backup quarterback you know that are good. Jimmy dropout was a good back court. Well that's me. Yeah but I mean Robert a lawyer though it threw four interceptions and is out on the acre plant started the Texans the as a weak he replaced by CJ. Be had. In San Francisco. Guys known sex I just have no confidence no lawyer if you're playing this game. Yeah I mean either but I wanted to talk about something so. No I. Hey gal on his talk with something like that this is making me uncomfortable but we thought like. At least half dozen cars instead kind words to me tonight. That is uncomfortable. Aryan comfortable. Not gonna break it's a little so would tell me please. Going back in my element. Six or seven cents or 9797. Rimmer and from what back after. So I've been begging people. To give me a coherent. Explanation. And some coherent to reasoning as to how a Tom Coughlin. Could actually play a role in this game Sunday. Maybe we have some on the line is indeed Mike in the cards that you want to let Coughlin. Whose record against Belichick has gone on. I don't let's. Saw. Don't understand call a portrait record against Belichick. Coached ever again. So I do still to come up with some game plan. Or that I could get that. So he's gonna coach the team incident Detmer around. Know regular game play he can help with a game play out on click click basis but actually it set up edit them down excuse. Doubt but I do you look at the at bat there. But what do you but no one on the Jack and I and I and I get that I picture that's attend a reason confluence tiny tumor on during the week they're going back and forth. But what you say this patriots team is that different than the ones that cop when faced most notably the fact they have not Rob Gronkowski. I'm not I repeat your effort so but the quote the quote. Saw. Where the atmosphere at some point he met. And that again that app or. Yeah and in Coughlin has that record in those giants teams. You know obviously he had this to rule 42 suitable forty sex. Big defensive line second pressure Brady here it is again without blitz saying. And the judge has to do that to you with clay is Campbell and Willie Jackson in the middle and young nick and going Yang on the outside of the strip sack Roethlisberger. That Tobin Smith returned for the touchdown last week the jaguars could certainly make plays. They can do that making kind of follow that giants model. But that's because the talent the jaguars have on the field I'm just not sure I can draw that line. Between bat and Tom Coughlin. Talking to them around during the week it just is it's such it's up to reach. For media. Especially on gained nine game day conference in yep in the box on the lines. Doesn't Marilyn's job. And yet though heard you talking about you know be right back at. In the big game and I think you know if you look silly being more of this short pass. Gains in it you know regardless of whether or not because. Someone hasn't hurt him or not I get me back at a consistent offensive always always been the strength. Of the New England team ever since they started winning and I think that. You know being the long passes. Let's be fair here branding cut. Back the recipient of some nights and long thrown ball when he was wide open. In. He has been shown me that he had. Outside the one catch. And yet shall he had the hands of the Juliet adult men and. And India and then great if not connected the last you know month and a half or so and I think AJ who day. Might be on and then I would not expect to begin from and the ports on Sunday. And I don't want one either because he. You know those long ball there are other risky ball and I think. If they're hurt they're working knowledge I mean this deal is through some of those a long balls against the jaguars to great success last week it can work if he got the personnel to do it. But knew it would never had that kind of personal has never been the game and he lost the red. Red red. But being the exception proves the rule and and same with a bunch of the past the rock jets you know where he cabinet puts his hands up and get the ball even. You've got to retrieve people draped over him for no flag and that the reason why I'm not good looking at. For too much from and tore this week because I respect. Defender to be quite an all day it and area might be thrown so I think the thing that the patriots can do. And without you know having to worry about just happened drunk. Punched and in those short shorter passes. Is that a man and Paula Hogan last week showed that he was willing to go get some. And Dion Lewis James White you know that the guys on you I think applicants that. That they can do and just put their defense keep reporting that'll keep him in the game and action. Got in and Joseph thanks for the call that that's another so we talk about the running backs in this game Dion Lewis. James White expert Chad talk but the running backs and the possible impact it would have. The third wide receiver has a job is to have a great secondary with two EA in jail on Ramsey in the safeties spots. What does it agility it was Chris Hogan do you figure one of those guys might screw loose as well but yeah I would expect a big game from Brandon Cox and radio and connecting either. Rod can bring you have their big plays just like Ben Roethlisberger Antonio Brown. Other big plays last week Brady in during house you how they're big plays this week just when you have. Is good offense can be good defense he saw that last week can it can happen and I think breeding ground quote get their yards no matter what the jaguars planes. But. But I think one of Hogan ram Abdullah. As a big game and it's mostly Lewis it's Josie Burke added Tom Curran again earlier tonight. Said he thinks what this com. You know Brady reportedly there on the ball lot practice they think it's going to be hands off heavy for the patriots on Sunday. And I could change if there's a quick turn over in the jaguars get a had acted change but. Right now Tom Kern thinks the patriots go more to the run here. Scott Brown Portland Maine Brad what's going on tonight. Pellets while watching will you love this stuff could do armory it would it would issue in my view. Put that out there and your greed and he's just. And you walk OK so buying up with that I want to break up and I do have confidence in the patriots coming up this weekend. But I think that the physical defensive nature of the jaguars could cause problems. I think we need to remember. What he. Yeah talk was going to patriots. First Super Bowl win back against the rams about the columnist in Saint Louis talking about how the toolbox that stadium would last longer. Then the patriots. Editor patriot obviously putting together physical game plan clearly the rules have changed as far as pat Buchanan's going. But I thought that he Jacksonville defensive line in defense of arms have been very lessons I think it's time to be aware of I don't wanna be ya wanna overlook anyone. In the. No Brad an aid and they Danny of people all week have been saying uncle rob we'll put up 44 on the jags the Steelers 500 plus yards that's true but. I watched that game. The judge is defense had their moments where it seemed like they were dominating the Steelers to turnovers they can make I keep going back to the fact that they can make. Big plays they can make big plays and change the game like that which the titans defense frankly had a chance to. Yeah I'm curious to see how lineups. I'll be different confirmed that the patriots you set up late portal and really think they're going to try to. They let the world speak and that's where I think the difference will be however I am concerned about that. The defense and and their ability to get after operating as far as Jacksonville goes so. Again great work I hope to hear from you out there are so long it's been well deserved yeah. God born. I wouldn't worry about it I think he has to do what you do. Try and Brad thanks man and feeling the love feel in the lot of this is it's it's a safe space. These WEEI studios and I did notice that night cards in the tournament late night or more more my speed I speak with the night house we got like. A six cents gone I don't know what's going on. Like I said the jaguars defense that can make big plays. They can make big plays and and I think they can't be do of the ability to get to Brady getting Credo get hit a lot in this game. He could get ahead a lot in this game. By yet again the X-Factor is handling portals outscored the patriots. It boils gonna have to get close to thirty at least you would think. And I had I just don't see happening I just I just don't see that happening I think portals may some decent roads last Sunday. Big third he had to make. It left exactly see it but key third downs the title handed touchdown drive and a big third down completion to DD Westbrook Netherlands TJ yelled then. Fun marquee sleep on a third down the long 45 yard sneaky when call also played portals made some throws last week. And a partial beyond this we totally it is Steelers allowed Leonard for an actor Ronald over them in the first half. Now not happened near the patriots and mysterious cant of that game seemingly in prepared. The appear to overlook the jaguars and there is dysfunction going on in Pittsburgh we found out today leap beyond pal. Nearly missed the entire walked through the Saturday before the game. Tweeting close to midnight the night before the divisional round we love ran to use get ready for the patriots. Dreading to retire. Last week wavy and developing got franchise tag again so it is apparent the Steelers. The not to eat the job very seriously the overlook the job ours and I know that's intangibles how do you quantify got. I'm not sure. But it may be looks like again. Going down 21 to nothing or throwing deep on fourth and one which they did in the fourth quarter or going for the onside kick. At the pregnant deficit to seven with 210 that's your pocket into seventeen remaining not being ready for a late game situations that's what it looks like. That your team that overlooks an opponent we don't patriots want do that and I know John Ramsey has been talking this week from early in the week are we gonna win this bitch. I know OJ on Ramsey and again today says that maybe that'd the jab at the patriots are trying to get us. It's already used trying to its seeds that get us whacked. I dostum mop that's that he wants to beat this as the patriots trying to gas Mia you and Ramsey said. They're trying to gasses up a little bet he can't really awesome but he yup was dirty gassed that's what I do. Didn't really matter to me that one Q you said something I don't know we really is it is what it is that kid is likely Adam Butler. Who I've told him Wednesday you're gonna make a statement like that you better back it up but this is this is innocuous this is. This is innocuous stuff this happens all the time it's not can be a factor it's regenerate it was supposed to sneeze at a rally. From his fans and Jackson after the putt that's amazing upset over the Steelers what's supposed this were gonna lose. I hairy guy and I've been more more at home gym and Rhode Island Jim what's happening. Oh Roemer. We Marie Marie. So are there ya I want to know that I that he OK it is. I it says that on your on the call screeners that's why isn't it human I don't. I literally said I literally said can I just tell revert to. Don't know and I want to go home and I don't usually look at night Kazaa to start and hopefully gig and and I'm usually here and you and these other requirements and I've. I such a little thing. Are you guys means Spain. But that being said and this is infuriating me more than you can imagine because of the things that set about mutual friend and colleague. Can you what do you said about me to friends and colleagues. You can say on the air he can't swear Jim. Remember that. Team. Spotlight like this guy is shoots himself upon suites which with. You know I. That's what they agree it's it's just awful on the button. But you know here here here that they looked at me and it's just kill me. I have enjoyed your show tonight. Well I've been on Obama wrote I had a on the road for a long. Time to night listening to you and every ounce of my body that's I hate this guys hated him every morning when you're Kirk. Telling him. Eric Reed. Afternoons we hear what you're doing other things like he did tonight would like. In the place of mine and all that it's like your could smuggling operation but I I don't get it manually set installer movie right where I hate it and I love it. The push out. My actual yes so I just I just described is me calling up their hate you but keep it has I don't know what happened on that. That remark. I'm speechless Jim thank you know thank you for the call. Let's go to break me back after missing day you're ready for Patrick all right while. Yeah. All signs. We heard from my 617779. And 97. I am thinking of something. I couldn't outlast caught him around they hate you not think he knew I hate you but I'm liking you tonight's. Pitchers pitch is actually paying it up hang up the earbuds. And that's it that's it from any EI out thinking get a higher praise from that I hate you so much but it was in queue for hours I am actually liking it. Like a fungus Enron people. Vs in Maine birds allow. And doing all right what's up with the well are a little bloodshed anarchy there is no. Yeah. He's not respecting them. Everybody. DD DD will yeah we got a week and I eat at. And we don't expect it. And since we are well at the point edge on it eat there. You tell me Bruce. Well yes. Ya the patriots have a damned good defense Richards has done a great job but my only thing is Bruce. And Jacksonville's defense is better because they have more game changes the Patriots defense still has a lot of yards or more bend don't bend don't break. Talent. And don't break Bruce. Gaga just couldn't say what then OK yes. The patriots. Me rational and not betray. Slam dunk what's what's the person mean margin of victory. And now it's tough spread seven and a half Bruce at that how. It. OK but the eggs and more dogs acre spread big deal what's more. While 3110. Mean sounds like most people around here 31 to ten that's not too crazy. Jack is an ever jackal out. And NATO. A couple of quick things time. Prison though I agree with the last a little bit to take its at a pretty good defense and I think the novelty up and down pretty well. We're pretty bad down. I may be someone mentioned I haven't heard that you'd think they might come out hurry up. Keep the defense on the field when they do that lack of substitution may be where down like they did the falcons. Got an handout to handout Dion Lewis again Tom Kern is this tonight he thinks that's in the game plan hands off to Lewis Birkhead CI vacancy got hurry up but some. With a lot of running up. Yeah and I'm not pressing a lot of running back in shotgun with a bat down due to quick passes when he when he does that hurry up you know it's hard to substitute for but it defense. That they keep London for awhile I mean I know that kinda young but still. Yeah now Jack I agree I think god I think got the hurry up. Could be the patriots always have the hurry up they know ways. Unveiled a hurry up and know do it again on Sunday. Statute that comes if that sounds a little beat up and brazen a shocking I concede quick passes hands up keep the defense on their toes that's raked in about the job boards as well. God did occur here tonight Dave. Hey I don't river what's happening. But that is what a follow up on a cooperative a couple of minutes ago right back up as what to say that you you'd better got that it could be it. Wow I am I just put my pants on 11 leg at a time he'd like everybody. I know I know you're human like the rest. Seven. I've been driving all permit those made by the buyout the western Matt and a bogey all week and other corporate department at the respect and admiration. Up somewhere around Brunswick. I haven't looked at the Q and you don't brought it back quite a driver and great to get home they suspect that do. They've got the lip and what what little thing that's what I want wiped out but I like bill that caller earlier that was kind of magical back seven mutt yeah. That the little bit that I dislike it it's got to be careful what you know. Yeah I mean Dave I don't feel great when I I but it's been great teams and a big proponent of the nights like I said. I'm just thinking about what is best for the station you know I will be there. Let's say it's a secret we've talked but this for a couple weeks mean. A pet what would it appeared that day you know I go back like like what. Like you almost did occur article how bad really really sort of borderline unforgivable. And it. So what that would be your maker just be careful about it at all that you would have sent. They're saying game and I appreciate the pep talk. Yeah I I agree there. Two but that you know it's yeah a different outlets they actually Tom Curran a night where. Bring it up a little bit in between a break in its not not a shining moment. Not a shining moment odd but the only point is again I will be there live and he joked eyes and Joseph ties and I'll be right next to judge Isaac asked about his injury. And I'm now. Are there other teams of that sort of like. Joseph Eisen is like DD quintessential. Super Bowl radio row gassed Joseph dies manipulate he's the quintessential guy you bring nine. Saint couple football cliches. Are wire. In neighboring in Jerome Bettis. Or ia name year milk toast acts NFL player here. Tiki bar bird doing his rounds on radio row I gotta be there in person. Those interviews are not the same on an ISDN line I gotta be there in person. Did spout that football cliches that guys talked about it with the vikings know they can pressure Brady as well here's what I like. I dropped this last night with my Anthony Barr. Ended Erin Rogers season. So he could and Tom Brady's season as well woo that's something new Lola. Two Q1. So certainly lots more patriots and jaguars coverage coming up here all weekend and WEEI I'll be on tomorrow afternoon with fox. At 4 o'clock 48 Apache story coming up at ten but real quick before we go. Crazy story. Breaking out in New York. Ronnie Anderson accede to suffered in Florida bodies here for the jets Robbie Anderson and our rested. Yesterday after it threatening to sexually assault the cops wife. After speeding 105 miles an hour in Florida this came out a few hours ago. Anderson was driving a 105 miles an hour and a 45 mile per hour zone according to the police report. And drove at that speed for three quarters of a mile. He allegedly ran two red lights or speeding away from police Anderson his driving quote over the roadway. Intel to maintain a single lane on numerous occasions according to reports. The police report also says after being arrested and placed in the backseat of the police vehicle. Anderson stated that when he got out he was going to find it's my third part the officer's wife. And bleed her. In her hot. Nights and nine charges have been filed against Anderson according to reports are resisting. An officer slash obstruction without violence Dolly harm to public servant your family. Felony fleeing slash saluting all rights and sirens are active. Reckless driving. The way to drive and a single lane to courts two counts rather disobeying such avoiding a red light speeding in turning without a signal so. Robbie Anderson the jets in a boat load of trouble. That is that that is that is hubris man that takes an arrogance to recoup I'll be gone 105 and 845. Mile an hour zone. One of five and 45 mount hours on India threatened today. And police officers white. In in in in in in spring interface. Man oh man. Robbie Anderson he also apparently talked but a much money he it's. Tough look for him to. I'd like the Emmys again played out Lucy pat terrific job as always tonight. Patrick Gilroy is coming up at 10 o'clock is more in this Brady and injury and was telling me. I'd during the break he has eight conspiracy. Theory. About this Tom Brady hand injury he thinks there's more to wit. That meets the eyes 617779797. A lot of effort go right to appear to midnight on the back tomorrow. At 4 o'clock. This is this is get out your music there again out see everyone taxiway.