Keefer Madness: Week in Review

Dale & Keefe
Friday, February 9th

One of the wildest weeks in recent memory. Monday was the aftermath of the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss, and the Malcolm Butler story was front and center. Tuesday saw Butler taking to social media. Tuesday night, Josh McDaniels decided to stay in New England, which made for an interesting Wednesday. Friday morning, Ron Borges was duped by “Nick From Boston.” An all-time week for callers, guests, and news between all three shows at WEEI.


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Yes you make a cheaper madness. Rack that when up directly for medicines he talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like keeper Matt. Could be in a great deal of the men and nothing I hate hate. It's got so it's just I'm sure. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. Keefe. Army and Keefe. The maid of honor hit the bottle hard holes that the best man wins his own car. Of the changes some of the ultra nationalism deals front I hope you die in a flyer. There no way action packed week in review on Kiefer mad at a higher outfit that's all we got something from every day this week and it just about every show on the station let's start with the Monday. And we are trying to make heads details of these Super Bowl loss and why Malcolm Butler didn't place in the gay head scratching decision. By coach Bill Belichick and dale and Michael. Disagree I'm not saying he's infallible nobody is right but. Most of the time don't you think his decision making is pretty strong panel about last it was a bad decision but they don't want I don't really see I don't know that one yesterday. Don't go home I don't. You know what's a bad decision until a month Leo it. Or form I like to play and you don't like the explanation that. Haven't explained that I guess I don't well I got a good explanation it's not in a note all the Michael Holley says that now. I won't tell you go out and I'll bet that you like at yelled at liberty and our before they don't know he's a wide was on the Internet if it's not a good they only had three quarterbacks so they only had that's why it's not a good explanation that they only have three quarterbacks. And you take away a good one it's stupid. You've got Michael I don't know what we got to say it's still putter not a right but it was still okay what he I don't dollar. So you don't know what the client money definitely Belichick whatever Butler whenever he did it did not keep them away from US bank field US best and I explain our back. So so. If he's at it as if the if he's allowed to be at the stadium these a lot of in the locker room he's a lot of in the sideline. It only appeal or eight. I don't think about it. Let's go out there. Of Rebecca started a nice note apparently there's a fire starts the week their bodies pretty fired up after what happened in the suitable. And then we got a very interesting call. I think what was supposed to be informative call from John Matta pan although he didn't necessarily bring. The most that the longer call it and dense this. But here's. Here's John out of Penn Johnson out of them and lots. I. The law we stop that way that that's a pretty good response from an incident pretty good. You're actually wrong. I think they're they're frauds that are. I don't know we know we're at and how many jobs honestly when words all the government like economic independence yes really I think we could block twelve and terrible and they don't don't act. Hacked it out they kept this on the roster at gateway got off. And an additional job this city I think everybody now dumber for having the audio yeah exactly I know bad. You can argue there are you can't. This guy yeah. Trouble is that we can review. Yeah all of us. The only thing that you all very didn't need to re live goal but it would take an important and Austin are a lot of him trying to tell us that the patriots sit. Don't spend money you're the third lowest spending teams in the league to the calf and he was saying was the other one that also knew that dale and these days I'll come guy is about the Butler is they get the same thing is Jim Jones Jamie come. Those guys to get that. And it turns out they're like a number number eleven Heidi is spent as businesses that are wrong way off it's it's very Robin. Yeah and give it that it back and still calling the station pounding us until source. So proud of the worst calls of the day then on that's saying they're gonna be one of the best calls all of the week this guy sound a little bit like mad dog Russo and he was also very fired up though that Malcolm Butler. Was not playing in the Super Bowl deficits and Hyde Park Kate genocide on I. Don't want that's okay it's not about it didn't the guy that saved as a global yes that was. About what's shocking about it yeah that's right. 100% right the only two Atlantis. How could you do that your team on Super Bowl Sunday I don't know a little bit applied to kick them another way you would walk. He. And he's fired up that has inspired outrage you get a little mad down a little bit like mad about it as odd part great. Like that you weaker morning tee shot it was a sensible last month's. Let this is like the only that's weaken them on revenue of 8050 pounds of lettuce if you want tricks that accident that I don't know actually on the salesman. Of the Portland at this of actually make it. We got eight a key spears the on Tuesday night at a date is at a that we didn't he well I hear these all week long bathroom in the end we don't know we don't know enough boat didn't play. On Tuesday. We have a caller open system Kristen Norton hey Chris. I have a friend who's pretty. I didn't hit it in the organization the patriots have president historic. That thought it was actually an altercation did come back late from curfew. Which even Belichick. It we'll kind of altercation what you got until at the coach's son. Gotta do it with a coach's son actually does is put on. Telecheck when I understand. Was. Very very aggressive towards Butler Butler snapped Adams Bloodhound didn't go out and go seraguso neck. You that you fought Stephen bell and I think back. The there and hold them as a hostage through college bill bill bill nor I at this point is if you look at. We start we don't we're going to start review board. Although we we've heard that they are rumored to end literally -- he said it was either gently on curfew yet gotten back late from but it got news what's the Stephen Belichick beatable right now I think that we heard that on Tuesday we heard that we're litigant in a lot of guys you know they fought the thought in the back I had Borges is numbered. Thought I. I. Ultimately that's our right I would still be talking about it so on Wednesday. John from out of hand the other previous call that no I forgot all about it again called back him. What airway we're not here when all day carriers out matin I was I didn't know that it was him right away but anyway he'd be called back. Well gentlemen I called Monday and I was shattered up the ball by mr. cleaning your feeling whatever his name is there. But they that I can't get much chance to apologize Serbian absolute. AJ feeling you get the name right person that we haven't talked about it being rich buddies where you know now we know we don't have anybody without last man whose retirement mean rich. He called global so it's not. All the other guy okay. That's fine. What's the problem I called in and I told you what I told you what did you tell us why it's so not everybody we don't vote I don't know if I want to hear screaming at me. I've no idea what you're talking about served. The concern is there I don't know I'm apprehended in sincerity in the surrounding. He. He kept reveling in the and we we had a compass or two at risk of saying what it just kicked it looks. It was that he kept wanted only talk detailed than bill hung up on the patriots are cheap and they were that's a Multi Color so and would leave but we were trying to get him to say. But whose stats were wrong they're not the third lowest spending would come on mr. McNealy remains. Really scary feeling meaning car. And we had a mr. PDs delighted that he's still alive appointed world principal and neighbor is we are concerned we in a row that the insult enough. I think he apparently has just been added. You insult I got Atlanta yeah. Ultimate fillets ultimately he'll do you know tactic. Are running out of room at willow road pillow. Under but if they key is late. He's not close Feeney and yet the quality anti. Government or win with which. So that also on Wednesday Michael you missed this gem Michael Irvin who. I don't know and make us feel better no he did not. We're on board on spiritual thing going on it aired on color you you're you guys you know whatever it is going out or our own. And you are Gordon like I don't give all the credit in Los Eckerd know what the situation. I don't it would go about it or are covered it. And according part. Three. Code blue vehicle per undergo. Ordered to hurt her. And they'd be peeled back like on us and Michael. Yeah he's just don't say that it is our own particular selected I'd make anybody feel better know how you did get news though that Josh McDaniels who's going to be back. Mike Reese had a report as to why Josh McDaniels was going to be there. And the big question is what is this and they were two things I'm told it really made Josh McDaniels shift here number one. Bill Belichick said to him. I want you to be by my side on an up opened my world to you show you. How I view roster building. How I look at financials and the salary cap likes David the patriots were to write. It says Sony words. I can show you the world how do you turn that down now this is simple this is easy that's the smoking gun. I'll show you the world. Shining. Shimmering please blunders don't ever sang again OK and just sent out spoken word and thank god. That it he's gonna films were almost worth I I'm I'm a lot on a limb and suggest that that was some editorial license on the part of my crease. That at no point did Bill Belichick never let. Josh I value my world shining shimmering under their what is or is that a that was the catch bows on Wednesday. And a Thursday. Or way reloaded for you had to be a very original idea. Did anybody really believe this is just taken out of context this is the quote. I don't telecheck. Are going to open my Warhol's TO does anybody really believe that I. National Mall in the world I think the last hole there. Isn't it it turned victims like a musical variety I hate meant to deter the duplicate his musical in many areas thank you I think. Come on my magic carpet Josh Ahmed I was shown its cars but I don't you ride just the label is just and then here I Robert Kraft pizza. It doesn't go below. Its. Low numbers does look for Oprah. The court of. And I didn't know when he's sitting in the east room. That. I mean they Clinton Luke person so's on from 263 judge Ellis and that to monitor. They created Paul wouldn't surprise oh listen Aladdin song is already in the system wow they're gonna put that in the system probably visited as a bumper I didn't have one of those guys think the real player along the regatta boards don't sit there. So we're aware of picket Paul's all American Muslim and Christian. Can do with this great ideas and dad and even thought about it and I've heard it's imposed Thursday and I did a very high level radio and drugs and you that's how we introduce me he's got he is cat door podcast going on on iTunes you fall on Twitter at key 21 rich key. And and at the act. Have to act ads time in addition like that the game. They want a god or podcast I mean you're of the race like they're did you win that dorks I wish I could of waited for the question about Star Wars or something what did you do to help them out at the annual zoom right yeah. If you're already slated relatives of its radio on a Monday through Friday afternoon drive Boston once a week where we are a door podcast on iTunes once a week for twelve hours a week yeah every day that's true but about it that we really good hour every week on the door by film YouTube compelling national. I don't give up from Deng Rong pop. Yes it's going to bring it I aggregate you know why it and you put this together at San Diego comic con is the ultimate con I gotta go connection that they'll have me there are two correspondent. It's not logical back in the other way it's not written Dirk Meyer that. To put it to the guys are beyond talking about just got us an old story now we don't. Aren't last thing from the day of course nick in Boston made a lot of news in he was on with perking Callahan earlier this morning what they're. Out there. We we actually we got those three guys we got to put punitive because we have signal floor well and ever Keefe at this point put and on average these for the united crystal I'm Lonnie in the hall lines crystallized on an announcement about its former cold coworker how much lost Horry changed by Monday. Well let let down eighteen other things that happened by month and I heard somebody say the stories about a century ago but I'll. I had all agree on The Herald that. We've taken it down like that all the 25% that got it taken off the web sites and I. Suspect if if I thought about that glad I'm Iverson got the good argument that costs. For center. I guess them love the apparently die with you guys next week I. Mr. meaning your daily or whatever name it there will be leaning. Which clearly your body there still. He's got he is at or podcast going on on iTunes you valmont putter and keep 21 risky. Shining. Shimmering in London don't ever saying okay this thing now is spoken word and thank god. Or hurt.