Keefer Madness: "The little hairy guy"

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 13th

The little hairy guy with glowing eyes was only the beginning of the alien saga. A man goes on to have sexual relations with “Cresent” the female alien. She has black hair, maybe a wig, large black eyes, a pale face, long fingernails, and a body like a human. The man paints pictures of the aliens, but does not take a picture. Are the aliens actually real?


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Yes you ready to keep her madness. Rack that when up directly for medicines and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Could be in a great deal of the men who now think I hate hate. It's got strictly just got to. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. Let me say something I played at a high level myself. Being nice. Send me naked pictures on my cat yet won the World Series. I was doing vehicle you know she came up from thank Enron top. There go right Tuesday Kiefer madman let's get it let's Janet sure might go of a keeper madness revisit we go back to the same show there was an interview that we had a few months back there was a woman that. Who love me sweet love to ghosts puppy yeah Meredith are currently. She made love to ghost yet she never saw that goes. The classic ghost yet she'd go into the he's going to a certain room of the desert Pacific they have if so it has to explain what it's kinda like that and timely. Weightless is is way. But wait list that is where I don't think most of you wanna be described that way. Definitely weightless during the act there no living thing Leo let us know that's not an hour ago inside a compliment to me how to interviewers. From. From a England but they were angry people come back on the program to get it. Well so this these sore back and also a man eager to hear from they are back with a story maybe more interest not post this time. We deal with something a little bit different to you all fill us in encounter was the agent right what what happened. Alien encounter talking and older gentleman there are different locations. So they're doing their show from one in this guy. With the New York City background her final words from world later on. But a ambulance revealing that earlier encounter that's right when he was eight was when he first. And count and we are we are we talking encounters their interactions. Or you're gonna find OK here we go all right. Well I was. Living on a farm. And I was behind a barn playing at the base of the tree. And I heard someone say David behind issue. And I turned around and there was this little hairy guy coming out of the woods straightforward. Okay see you know one. Do we know about that good to me I get under the bridge equal. Out of that time and. What are they let the little area while I'd say well I'll ask you what would you do you heard somebody call in a decade yeah. Turnaround Crandall hairy guy. Would you lose weight and say it was without I don't. A diet depends on how much I think you look I don't know each other odd not to get out that I'm a white guy a terrible question I think it's a waste that time did you by the does get out I'd probably Ronald got you got out of rob I would do the same thing yet and I turned around and there was this little hairy guys coming out of the woods the way toward me. And his eyes were allowed to go away. Classic alien by the way glowing dies it going guys he was. It was an area and charging toward a new little hairy little hairy guys could have been much maybe it could've. Who's that who's been coming up. And he scared the hell out of I didn't know what to think horsemen. Scared very scared so I scrambled back. And I ran to the barn and I looked back and he was. Turkey had turned and was going back into the woods. You know and out later that day out still remembered it and I went back out to the barn I still well remembered as a way that you can never forget it. How could you meant by date of it slipped your mind Mark McGwire back out to the barn. He probably left something there. The Orioles a temporary out of the military guys intrigued you and injury now now. Well I'd probably things in my eight years old and yeah inquisitive he's in inquisitive mind I think you know we talked about moving back to your kid yeah. You don't wanna move at that point I think I wanna move yet in there and I was looking at the edge of the trees. And suddenly the little hairy guy stepped out from behind the tree. Then outran them. This is the beginning of many encounters. With many different kinds of aliens. Yes that's right. What's amazing about society what that art that you could be it could be driving along yet could be on the bus on the train. And you think. Hey you're having. A similar experience. They're not the people around your not there and I have some clearly have different experience range. Folks out there and interesting gentlemen all sorts of things running through their mom that's correct. I'm one of them at one of the ANC had seen picking the tainted says it had a relationship with this wasn't just an industrial rigidity didn't seem well. Let other. If this gentleman I had sex with aliens. Has had sex avail and it's what he's that the he's about. And he lost his virginity when he seventy's no matter at eight the courtship began when he was they and then when he was seventeen. He added one of the aliens. Speaking euphemistically. Minorities I actually talking about a cent real novice and I tegra aliens yet the people probably is day you know going over there. History no Arnold they. I was down on an activity it and I think the I can't see you picking McCain tinted to have a relationship with this wasn't just as you've lost your virginity Dayton team. Yes I've yet but I'm and they and they said this is crescent the BA inquest yes. The alien is named crescent she's a female alien you we're gonna learn here is he. He's a very good artists this gentleman and he will paint. Or draw some of that what you see from aliens and see and hear the BA in press yes he wasn't there right belittling Henry like the guy that you seem to fully since this is that it looked at different form of alien what does she look like. Well she has. I think she wears a wig I'm not really sure but she has black hair because it's. We have these things daily reviews and you know what would Jerusalem Al eat figs you black hair and I think he's going to be away and so Qaeda. And other states we love is love is my guess lovemaking M. Or large black guys. And Miller's go when that. The first time matter these guys go wigs felt we got a large black guys' eyes I am very pale face. The humor the body looks quite human yeah and they'll think she has run along fingernails. Lot bigger now on okay. Is it a week. They guys pale. And long and I would sweet picture of the aliens and so that he didn't and yes how are you hated your pain that he shared this yet. Why why why do you think Canadian would Wear a week. I think bush that it reasons. Yeah. Okay you've you've painted hundreds of pictures of that of your encounters with the with the ending some of them terribly graphic that you pet. There he paints naked pictures of the and that's eroded terribly terribly ground and do you have and he tweeted that are here. If he's effort he's still working okay effort you're gonna get a good look at that. We the end and some of them terribly graphic that you have painted guys like Sheikh shut and he said that you fall that hundreds of aliens. Baby lives he's fathered all where hundreds. Are alien base I think he needs to be more responsible and who figured they. Well they. They put him on the ship. And they stack them up there in like cases that religiously. The babies that from the yeah yeah paving on a base that they stack on top each other in like these likelier cases you can see him. They look a lot like doing. Here are some of the that he. And I've shown you them. Yes why do you think they chase GA it was aloe represented to record what you did that sort of guy he works in the deli counter and how close can. Wait a minute. Already there what I noticed Barack judge that is extremely why may you always bodies and disrespectful piano like wow. I was stopped the interview right nobody answered the question that you wealth. And that's that that guy he works in the deli counter and help locating new agency what what what is it about you. I don't know maybe it was just because I was a little kid playing at the base of a tree. Aren't confident enough not fact that you and I don't accept that if there. And what the team today ninety telling everyone what they know like and that they come and visit you I mean why don't need to show themselves to everybody. You know that's something out of luck you know have you lost them. You know I had evidence liked ABBA is always there are four reasons and I would do whatever they asked me to do. We've got that you have hundreds of kids yet pretty clear. And do you still see crescent. I saw her about 45 months ago. From well we just showed a picture of what they did that apple. He pain in the news that it blurt out as one questioned in the NASCAR what's the analysis he has relationships with alien craft. What happens that you don't you never know let's say it's a random encounter. What happens if he starts to date somebody at the deli you know somebody at work cure. How will they take is it is an open relationship we think it is yen. I don't know are they bound by the same. So life. Decorum that really happened here and definitely our I don't know and can't date me and hurt I don't it doesn't have arrangement now I don't think so. You think I was looking at sunset at instead of that in the touring how could she pay lots of pictures of them why why don't take effect and then it's pretty. I you've. I don't know I I just never that's. That's him getting busted. I feel like I tried Johnson would be right you know because you do that for us next time you say one yes. If that's hand yes I don't ever tell you honestly tell me about it before and yeah I'll do it. Because just seventy full now if that's any encounter at the ages of eight. And so they you know that you know you spent Seacrest and remain until the very well now on and on any sort of relationship you might like a little sort of keep -- little picture volume that. Hook or crook I think yes. And thank you very much for joining us today David as if nothing is to me it's fascinating and we we wait for the fight takes a variety of anything you recommend this to get logged. He could tell she can keep a close some of the ultra. So this really bags which to answer this question the age old question Michael more realistic having sex with a ghost. For aliens. What's do you believe more. Or do you believe the ball. Well towards an hour and I don't know about that I'll organizers that what goes woman had a week. It's her boyfriend saw the coast through our window report predicts ago as a neighbor workers. If the I think aliens. Morally nor can trust him. Let it go about his eyes and I turned around and there was this little Harry got coming out of the woods for weight toward. I know that. It because the showed that we've reached we questioned dale holly WEEI and it picture of your nose you know it's wasn't as hot alien two Rossi. O'Keefe and. Currency here over the the Owhali a Twitter account what like that you were her brother liked it to work I know this won't do it's totally cared for rewards. A lot about PH here that's where we're working here and now rush Hannity and I T shirts about their past they I love the show them. I dropped that hand. That's a little out of your way don't quit and I had a hand in hand yeah not a wit might. That's what you heard that the manager's attention through the the top there I think cells and that ain't over how important it. Anything else going on how they're not I don't think so art that's gonna do for us we are all back tomorrow. Starting at two Mott is in next I'll be here for the that first hour. Though go nowhere. Why do you think Canadians would Wear a week. I think bush that it reasons. You've lost your rejecting Clinton team that yes idea. That he could tell if she can keep a close on the. I think she wears a wig I'm not really sure but you had relaxed here are we'll large black guys. I'm very pale face. The body looks quite human.