Keefer Madness - Cosplay Edition 08-17-17

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 17th

Another edition of the madness... with a Tony Maz sound-a-like Cosplay King!


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Their madness that's great to keep her madness. And I that would not directly tremendously easier talked about ducks weren't close and stuff gonna be like reefer madness is going to be an original moment and nothing I hate hate. Rich he can. Do I. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. Final drive cosponsored by any arrests restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster and Richard commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place and make your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more at Erik served dot com also brought you buy cars for kids. Don't HR healthy child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or it cars for kids dot com. Golf onion back you can stay right and table top. I don't see how that would change things might work well. I'm not bitter. Socket yeah. Artery he madness on a Thursday because guys that wanted to share with you how cool is that you know what are they misled about our record ever that is really. Michael decided to do it peer pressure right into a socket. Does because that's what the officials. A I guess Michael one Peter nothing ever thought to have him on the ball I don't know confirmed that he will be on his paperwork. Era that I did I hear you get out yeah I'll jump on very. No turning back warehouse. But I wanted to hear the guys I was demise weekend this past. Well I don't think we need to know everything I've got to tell you advertised now are out there like to hear this while so I've you know I've a host of the the hash tag or podcasts heard about it movies they're video games or comic books and what better place ago. And Boston com. And so my body who does podcasts in the right gave you were walking around interviewing people try to use over the audio war. The podcast mile to figure there are a lot of people dressed up a lot of people. Good move by the way if you pick me up utilities common people are always in very good moods including this gentleman who approached us. That's your note if you could argue would you say interesting characters and we are. Academic level weirdos Wellesley I would say we're those places will we are those. This gentleman saw odds. Wanted to know who we work in item microphone in my in my but it camera wanted to know what was going on so he approached us. And just like to get his consent I started out the interview in the it was supposed to do whether it's for radio podcast. Can we use this for the year so this is. Some of the the the whole interview was on the podcast and we don't have gotten lucky yeah why would you have thought to see how it goes and I'm gonna ask him if he. He wants to be on the first look at uses for the podcast. I hated religion generally my name is Josh France's. C can't find a toddler nation. Really documentary all about causeway across America from Maine to Seattle to one Puerto Rico we won three awards. All mirror quietly. Com this June the costly community as well as we interviewed the guy who coined the phrase caused play for millions took me she Takahashi. Those not a yes. Well that's a question they had is they talk yeah. How. How. That was as nice conditions affect current bumper won't hurt he's not a very cute little daughter you can hear the cheeks these yeah sounds boring that he is importantly they are more importantly. Passionate and Takahashi Takahashi. It shook and I don't. Lab guy hit the ground running though you already added they're ready I don't Jonah hall and some movement and right to users and I don't listen to him on the short tracks. Again I children total disregard actually. That I did you muzzled the John Farrell treatment goes out yes. And yes I'm a specific exist yes this guy has a lot of information is gonna find out what's the best possible he'd ever seen. This guy should know right there's a lot of caused play that the only thing that's characters on the other characters he did a documentary about it and so he should now all pretty good actually. Judging by. Why everything else. Actually you can't they don't they caught it judging art and not to ads which are judged by a panel of judges and they crowned the best odds play at every one of these bonds. These guys going all the more positive there are no losers and caused. All pretty good actually can't judge him by. Why didn't denounce broadly I know it's kind of like the generic term but all different and unique in their own minds. Mostly. Because it doesn't does doesn't put this afternoon and that's what some people as well as people who bit of my head. How much help with this story in his cheeks. Well yeah it could swallow the main reason your browser I'm nervous yet he approached the hot item I approach your IP that little unsure move shaky. Sounds like you've got a microphone in his face and my body had a video camera. Oral in this video do you really see it looks like that may be bothered but the bigger production and that it was. But I do love. He boiled down to God's way is that that if as well as people who bit quiet. It's buys. Options tell those of the tablet yet. Was that Tony man's. Come line but they've got hardly beat that his name was with an address public voters bitch. Are at a and this kind of video you can looks like Charlie Kelly you would have bet Charlie Jones. That you out of it yes. I hated religion generally run at the start France. Senior thought Florida toddler narration. And Newton. Goes to people that actually the best shots. Are you sick a Harley Quinn because there's a lot harlequin harlequin I can anybody recently is so wrong heroically and who doesn't sit bolt I. Yeah it's funny but with a right big I gotta I. Was swallowing food opposes doing looking around out here answers forced on the CP. I. Do you think right now cause play is at the highest it's ever been somewhere in the middle is there room to grow with the state of caused blaze one. This caused player lows drop actually we were talking about and thinking about doing a worldwide documentary because there is cost plan across the. The United States and the golf all the even though we live in Massachusetts and it's kind of a puritan town. Massachusetts that they pure pure and our town we live in Massachusetts and its appearance the town here in Massachusetts is the town and I'll correct you we go back to her frequent real quick if you like there. I'd say Margot Robbie sort of set the bar pretty high for how her record and look how would you say to her records at the convention floor. I'll take Florida quite four not a good look for a lot of the late fifty Euro street walkers now and this is again is gonna come across as mean. On I mention this on the on the podcast we'll put you wanted to say it for him. So I would just say listen. I don't have the whitest teeth in the world I know that under a lot of coffee at least you why they're not anymore but I don't dress up as Harley Quinn and redress for the Harley Quinn you paint your face and white. Along those super red lipped. So your teeth or even a kind yell it really jumps out and most of the Harley Quinn that on at the yellow teeth that's about it attracted. Other caused players that are in Germany caused closer in France caused players in England and you know even in Germany until two original dress up could possibly go to classes and possible. I imagine it vitro is England puritans that could be that it ever was watered and sound. Would you say that Halloween was the original cause blood. Actually you know. Oh not. It was interpretation of costly but if you want to go dating back. It goes back to threaten the stone which all people wounded yeah. Yeah that's right delta. Cubs play costume play go back we'll do that they've done a photo that's only cost you and I. And only. Are you mad that needs to actually no not back. Up. All people whom practically dressed up teams public and taunts. Or even though Ballmer took weeks and just a precaution. Were there plans and other things like that so for America's well yes it does its act to follow me. But true pause play has connections or if you did got to run the mid the mid to late thirties. And that's how possibly in America. Didn't want it but. Alleged lies caused play cause plan was thin dark from the mid thirty's to early forties. Now somebody who's just getting in the cup consequence and it never done it they've seen it they say that looks upon what kind of words of advice would you have for them. It's pure and simple. Don't rip if you do that you wanna go with partly yet on anybody or block yeah. I've played I thought you would expect. I live that Syria toothpaste and I figured it collaborative goes through your members. Single that. You did a little bit. I could sit pits should positive and stay strong no matter what you do and a lot of Hodge hardened troops or even if you can't make it hardship. I should just actually stand strong and send positive. Because he knows that I had her ups and downs on its. People don't want to. That's really cool under a nice people dressed the big cardboard wedding gun demonic. It's god show physically if you want to just. You're going to have problems. Just everything else but stay positive and stay strong. Where's the other night and let alone caused by the metaphor for life and away yes. We. Asked him to. I don't know. It's just this that's not where I'd where there are reported Redding got no money was divided on an opt out you must weather metaphor for life and away. Yes are you dressed up and toss play right now. So clutch. It does sound like man. The Google of condom it looks like some kind of transformers. Giant robots were prepared Jabber about. Cardboard box Morgan. And serves he was like man. Part that that last answer that this in his last answer yeah. I have problems. Just everything else but stay positive and stay strong. That the minimum mass blunt like a 150 pounds. I would back him. That took issue Takahashi. Actually. Great guys there was no there are more of that than that guy's name again with Arabs I didn't listen to him there's just radicals are I'm between a picture of theory now you can retrieve. Very much views and there's more to that interview if you believe it's on the not comment on iTunes right and you wonder what to do tonight let me yes I've seen pictures already being tweeted. Pedro Martinez and number 45 Red Sox uniform it's over at saint Peter's field in Cambridge is the old time baseball game. Large portion of the proceeds will benefit the John Maarten on one of my former nets and colleagues is battling ale last. Lou Barlow is going to be playing in the game and and Pedro is gonna pitch. Pitch Korea. And I think game starts at about seven so you've got time to get over there your out about a particular rate time. Iraq for a few days conflict convention center where Vegas I hope side out of pocket on August oh we have to ask you what. Which you're prosecute if you could have any possible to choose from I'd seen before seen pictures of Busan built their own iron and thousands are pretty sick would it be that that's. Maybe the publisher. Is that's an easy one. Teacher today Iron Man the last movie I thought there were armed yes yeah. It's just is a registered users to just be strong Wolverine navy with applause we thought it might alienate so I'm kind of tail end of the show hopefully if I'm. I don't know our guys that run the evidence you want to hurt others. With who love Gilani. Right flaw is that why not a house yeah that's coming up next Michael and I back tomorrow by. Even though we live in Massachusetts and it's kind of a puritan town. Our problems. Just everything else but stay positive and stay strong. Took him did you start gushing.