K&C - Why the late push by Kraft to keep McDaniels? Happy Birthday Curtis! 2-8-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 8th

Hour 3: Kirk, Gerry and Andy Hart discussed the late push by the Patriots to keep Josh McDaniels and the guys celebrated Curtis' 34th birthday. 


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He's Kirk. There's only one coach Belichick. He's amazing he's in New England. I'm Matt Patricia Bill Belichick said to him I want you to be by my side I'm an open my world news we were disappointed and surprised we've agreed to contract terms of exactly who that it's possible that the why do we will get you are the measles shot make Daniel who. The rivalry is back on patriots was their biggest rival with Gerry Callahan could spot for the larger your locker would not be good co host Andy heart makes his return to be Kirk can move. You can't accounts they are really struggling right now I want don't forget it but that and a place any time you lifeless humorless dummy that's more on golf sporting MacKenzie let what does he have that's it. I first blocks and knock off Phillip how do you think is gonna go tomorrow. I think it'll be salvageable laid the mines and Kurt Mann did not enough rule one that campus of EFB and we'll meet a lot of black athletes I'd look at my app. African American that's not a we have been let go every five doubt that stuff that's been put out there are bound them just the spot. That ill treatment that they have receipt. Good players candidate for bringing up that issue on Sports Radio W. Fields coming up I started. February 21 201213. Thirteen. With John and Jerry wants a guys knew I was good few months and after I'll never forget this may seventh 2013. Jobless and now locked him. Before the show Jerry was their new in Saddam and open my world view. And I think it was it was and I don't believe you all eat everything I do when your arms and and you were thinking leaving that job somewhere else but I said listen. An open mind on world to world showed me by my side and one out opened my world view by myself I was that a yes and this city a series and you become stuck there for me thanks to you. The like we all like Greece Ireland Greece. Does anybody think that Bill Belichick said that for keep it to build out of sync Belichick has opened my world view. The ability to work as a globe. Some justice Bill Belichick sees a fresh and Parcells did that very thing for him well sort wide following in his tracks when for like eight years he hated the man in the children's. Well I think you talked. Might might take on that is one of these guys who's grown over canals that you know the old me whats is problem. Maybe Robert just felt like that than it. Yeah I don't ticket don't check with slick supporting act to slumming in this tribute to part is he's in the he's upon ourselves and. And it we're pretending that they've mended fences and other best buddies or parts of Canada and ourselves would decide on that road is anyone in Kirk's when he won the last gasp the last moment and and by the way when you put on the same. Level as Belichick. That's quite ego boost for 75 for a guy but he's not a and its its faults is not. Correct that's the thing if you're as tall as well that whole thing yes although he was a great all right college coaches should all feel Belichick's on another level now. And but we pointed this out the next days that. He tells them he's been to weddings coming of the summer Belichick has wolf you know his own children amazed even a man Steven. And bill at Wimbledon Parcells was Diane. And saying you know at the end of congratulations and he's friends of Yemen the bright when they're walking on the if the yen and go to Netflix husband and your heart on. Parcells like cats are my colleagues guests when I was really close their separate ways there will never abductions but that I can reclaim goal for so why is he following the path. And I feel like what this is all about on now Josh is gonna be my knee will always unity my successor widely in the ESP. Though thirty for thirty said. I was defensive coordinator that's very narrow scope just to defense you know they brought me and he showed me contracts and you know pleasures of pricing discipline they showed him what it took to be it could. Seattle thing that I Belichick was even being. Q there I don't think he'd parcels of the way Belichick won and did it and he won more. And I Belichick view likes Obama became is gonna do it right I think he's trying to better and impartial Josh is our done. Obviously he wanted dead or he ran a franchise quarterback at a town heal well right right but I'm guessing he learned some but it's not like he's eyes were not only in Denver presented any problem. Take away Tom Brady. And the John McCain's people worst record in the game feels snarling Ellie do we believe in Denver. Two to hit people in the first run and couldn't get any worse off season correct our profits in the league correct tacit reference and correct it was hideous beam. How does that look at what it might close the guys that columnist from Denver yes Josh McDaniels is the most heated men. In the history of that he's gonna have to do things different respect and act now that's two cities that it right now and Indianapolis usually but considered you you win your first six games and you don't make it for your second season and that's our went wrong. Where they were Scarnecchia is Katie you're all right stuff wrapped it wasn't just looted the Belichick act to communicate to them separately had three and that's not when you go to saint liberal mark Sanford and you scored twelve points a game. Historically bad offense and this guy like that you don't have a chance going to be the next coach in the pitched a top rate clearly that's that's your future isn't the story like yeah. But to say what obstacles in the court next week on nice conversation that thing is a great eventually he's going to be what whether it's this year whether it's three years now. The patriots are going to have a quarterback we don't know who it is in their head coach is going to be Josh correct it's a defense according to Reno witches but that's part of the story the sixth and that's where Christian nailed it right. He had that friend of bill's who he wants to put in this dynastic succession plan right part of that was oracle. That didn't work and I think that's why they scramble to keep Josh. Because if you let's go right okay well let's just show you what's my succession plan out of a quarterback coach I didn't do much of the Belichick telling the craft and Brady said hey we want this. I think Belichick was good and he added crafts are you better for Belichick it's better to have right now Andre especially if public key players about what -- right and left you to Brady's portion of McCain's head coaching but the appellate right now even. Even with that Belichick gets to decide when he steps that. Got some exciting but he's got the impression he made this you know what screw it I wrote a number of people including. My Franklin always say that there was flat out definitive. There is no date he's not quit my appeared to not quit next year I don't believe I don't either because you. That there's no date yet now I think he probably knows this is an indication they're planning on something right if if Belichick isn't geared five more years you still jobs being at exactly three years to Josh McDaniels wants to have Tom Brady he's head coach for the year to at least I mean you have to watch a move that he is agent fire right like that's how bad I mean you're the guy who follows Bill Belichick into it without Tom Brady. Good luck threats if Bayless he thinks that's going to be a failure better than being in and he I don't work I I like high of well unless the crap dad which Ballard's sounds like luck is even that was the mistake Josh made is taking the job when Locke hasn't thrown a football two years would you all saw even then I'd still rather beating the I'm my own. And follow ballots right with no debris because in India and win five games it's two more than that you're looking for weeks he thinks ownership is more stable here that's a good thing marred our Internet. Technocrat. Many in I mean this the biggest factor it's not the only factor but his family wants to our does that matter the dollar doesn't know that matters they not. Nice fancy titles that rich coaches conservatives do and you know he's a coach he's note it's closer home it's closer to Cleveland there weren't Romans here Eaton on this case I asked you the other day. If Aaron Rodgers would ever gets in the fight McCartney fire McCarthy today. And now McCain is the job is gonna take it. I'm not sure okay 49ers how Shanahan. Again use the flames out meat to move but the okay he's he's assaulting women left to right I just hit authored a quarterback job the only reason I say you know what. She's and we of the school system writes it's just too technical committee on remote chance in. And I don't people know about it and we know nobody. It's different situation. If the varsity athlete I think you're right the earth and back during the middle of the country's Stanford's win out the other side I Gerson factor in the luck factor were huge agri. Yes and it's never committed to the jobs that once you master limited to Johnson if she spot they hired a guy Tara who did no one did you commute. I totally Josh McDaniels and you're just the guy you know let's be honest if they definitely if they didn't invent football. Do you think he would have been like Elon Musk he would have found you know Merck and many billions of them I think probably tell you got a right to be gym teacher whenever I gotta be it bill O'Brien and stayed New England now maybe things are different right in McCain is just like I'm solved soon. So is probably make it two million album prefix as much as four million as usual I need to agree. Say 22 and a half. And he got a five year deal so he's got ten million dollars guaranteed. Whose wife had these kids are at his house everything's good Tom Brady's quarterback what did you say at the colts right away. Because this is the the the art of the deal from Bob Kraft ceiling motives as on purpose to get more money from the page no he didn't think it was impossible to know why also the state might open up Craigslist I need to talk to you so why did McCain say all of these things and that we all these things your signature when he says the colts and I have this great situation now. Because Kraft made it happen on Tuesday. What changed the white McCain is going to be for all these jobs last couple years why didn't like Josh the first week of January when he's interviewing for jobs why didn't I column thing I did my job that I don't interview right here connection and I liked it's much of the bunch I think didn't happen. If the ball everything didn't happen I believe the pushes our game and it rocked to keep my organization I predicted it was the final struck rappel one. A Butler to and they said you know what. I believe crafted you know mature wood tools doing some time now for the first time ever. And I want somebody else you're just in case a Shia on a plane to. Have you ever heard why are we hearing rumblings Scioscia on know he's not a he's gone but he could you gotta have been the coach in waiting yes I think so and Delgado is not coming and we got to keep Josh now we need a coach in waiting have you ever heard from assistant coach gaining twelve million dollar deal guarantees. There's a lot of high paid coaches waited so that would not here. Not here but that would omens Cortes and assistance that have made 234 million a year in other places those who what assistance to make a four million year. But I can hear one writer I can't I've never heard that it has happened it is is currently now under the games. Would you guess where you feel that you Wade Phillips is made one of these guys three million each remaining year okay what is your cameras to Asia obvious problem again making it to zebra guaranteed five year deal. On shore area and assistant coach yes and look that up and yet they're coaches this quote sellers coach's seat. A five year deal okay a four year I don't know exactly why don't you must write the product of sumptuous say Briere Britons take between my guess that's me with a three and a pretty. Tribute let's fifteen million but he also how to spend our money in the bank Josh McDaniels had never heard of such a thing to do need to think was possible but he's he's but she's taken a million half a strike. And he made it three million for five years in Denver what do relatively similar but you also and until also it also of that contract is somewhere and advocate doing legally but there is an understanding when you become head coach pumped up to five or 6% whatever number is right again. You know was a producer that. Which somebody else that he's going to be when highest paid coach in league by the color is segment did Alexandria buzz and the agency. And Ekpe Josh. Who AutoZone is a nice job the patriots no doubt has accomplished nothing. Nothing right. But just not all ages on Tuesday craft audit that's all I gotcha and and Josh says holy crap. I can I can coach Brady I can wait for Belichick retire which might be some of them thought and taken make fifteen million hits on the phone with a life. At what she wanted to leave and here's the question he's that's going holy crap I'm believe this right situation to be echoed by Billick Andy said OK why that happened then right. I just explained because it well enough hours leaving mob I didn't. Have to leave the eagle left last year he want to not lead he says you know what I'm pulling my name is likely to have a system for and were insane apparently no fifteen million guarantee just how much how much money didn't know they talk. How much money to carry it's not stupid. And I thought yes I just explained to watch if you go back and forth with a ray money it's our money. If you wanna more money you know it got more money. The colts did after they announced a very unfairly cast your buddies were let me ask your most listening to the white effect I feel like when butch Vegas fifteen million. Was out of presented a list. Kirk's gonna list so many ways for money. Yeah it's a cushion there have less money as they from a right that makes no sense no one's I'll just look at me and they told Leone and I. But never ever understand this may be unanswered is why the crafts and and suddenly get so active. I think I've definitely right exceed the end they felt level I think Paula how does Butler tied he said it's like I think the reaction well a lot smaller. I think it's the second time this year where he's done something where they said we on the white did this why did you do this grapple one I think you'd agree. Calling all the teams is bizarre short right it was clearly I think the needle in anger. We were cracks at him you gotta get rid of this guy anyway you want you have to keep radiate to get to grapple whatever he said fine if you left stopped away. Called the 49ers media panics oh cents right. OK that's one to a spot and work. He didn't give any incidents at the start to say. Wait a minute here where we might have somebody off the rails a little bit the recipe doesn't like him there's issues that Brady no question craft of the line of cells of Brady they're saying we want somebody. Around we now want some Iraq we think maybe a year maybe two years we want to be home whites as well. Assessment I think I agree with Kirk I think a Butler plays the entire game Sunday McCain is in Annapolis you've beaten him that's an anyways yeah I didn't I don't know I don't know if there is what it is now it takes a lot of appetite. How hard he's a simplify Kirk's a long way did I call if they win does anyone talking about Belichick leaving any time soon. Now of course I always added I only last week on us and Kirk I hold them tobacco was x.s and early next week when he surprised when he would not surprise me from. This guy will he went on medical for the game I saw these three is telling you cents a you have to just at least consider the odds are it was a listening to Indy last week and so I didn't hear you guys were hanging out and not done network not ideal disingenuous to try and Brussels. We just went into some that was voted where they were pollutants went pick as a Melissa Gorman or whatever and Meredith who was informed American woman was that your life. Reform bills as well as it's on him what's that about your mother and Kirk I'm sorry high school. No one can Muslims and you'll get a Little House on the Prairie that's most Gilbert yes and there are so electric issued more in the works Fox News now. Wasn't warm there. And I don't know Melissa Gilbert's. Yes Michael when it's daughter of the show I don't know and I went well downhill the song yes I think it's term which one of the stars of Little House on the Prairie as the host computer shattered boob job reduced that. Since I am your assistant coach salary information. Wade Phillips makes two point eight million liters ice anyway the us is wrong I'd actually handles life. He's made like thief and a mute the Malia doll house and what do you bit of a terrorist problems he throws that dollar is still against bush you know no doubt goes on a bomb goes to a late Wendy's for denying goes there's no question that drives a Camaro he loves the water got over one thing is no doubt it's all Nelson Washington. Melissa Francis school conference he's he's just you know it's Turkey and the fox departure yes yes or I mean from the shuttle nimble without her knowledge Melissa Gilbert's appoint a person put on national. Little Francis will name. What the hell that I don't and that Jerry. And no one listening as talking about little house on the I don't care about the listeners I don't care or that's how they're leaving your feet and don't let any of the hour and a half and we knew we and we think we need take a break Indians to lick his wounds he was wrong about everything. Yes that's a point love that song when I don't understand what I'm arguing against a good argument. John McCain knows he's played brownie that he might taking half the money here like it was now being the highest paid assistant coach in the article yeah. Highest paid head coaches what's crazy is we felt like three million a year. But pointedly I had to pay a star a lot of money I get that there's there's like where's the value and pain we felt if football was never lets talk collusion should be put to get it's we're not paying these guys any more than. You said all the assistance. Go street come back if you can make more than 500000. Dollars let me know. In the world wait socially normally and foot almost never bad to have Abner double then why don't we don't football right now would be due to be driving a truck somewhere Kona Wal-Mart today that Sean did a reader State Department so well on Alabama linebackers coach makes a million dollars a year but he's not denying it and make any sense right. But it's the world looks at the world you think way too much money I can guarantee that don't I really cannot reach out I got up and I look at the last hour and a half we have actual ratings and revenue we can point to what revenues Wade Phillips. Well they've now. Just another part of football team around him. In the house and the death row of art that you know Sean McVeigh is the only reason they get better this year as a four million dollars more that's crazy crazy if I underpaid most underpaid horse person in the world is lumbered his meat. He made to play in Super Bowl made like 64000. That he put gas in his private jets yes he's he's doing OK I play best form yet ladies and are not play next in the post season to leave more money patient yet I was like 6177797937. I your calls and more we get. If you look back at this match you have to look at it the fifth then what exactly went wrong for you guys an offense that. In a couple of shots and the first scenario is to make the last ones then try to get some points. You know when I talked with coaching at halftime he expressed that is it's gonna come down to misses or makes when you look at the fact that. There were some misses. You look at that takes some positives from an elite eight you had control of the match and you can go back and fix those things. But don't. Question I like try to book on the question please list of seven this is an exception and that's why it's early exit to cynically because yes passport to did you see her room by the bush treatments. Just a few futures on the beach. But it's in is at the ocean there I'd rather be in Brockton and be tuba. I'm going to be in Lawrence just loved that list I mean it's beautiful place a and as I'd rather be in in the bathroom in the sweet hearted done much for splitting in Minneapolis I've done the Olympics before for newspaper and it's hard you're working all day right like ten. And you have a roommate she is an hour flight the lap of luxury she stand in the NBC go to and hear each what is emotional facility Ford via a real idea. I read that she's just cover and curl in Sonoma is watching children go out there whether. But here's something beautiful sixteen hours and sixteen hours. And of which says business class all the NBC people she likes to its annoying all understand I'm safe might just probably didn't you know. Has some NBC executives will be grammar notes you fall asleep like Al Franken that the issue huge headaches are okay. It says is some stressed out at all just out of myself it's no it's not about now is not about me I'll things what you want that's not true. That is natural to blame for a lot of things god knows but trending hopping on the show was not a mommy guys not that it incurred upon me to mitigate. About relax relax. In my day guys the general oil thing that's true amid. That's she's mad about comedy that that means could tomorrow Sweden might be the most fish on a station that is true. I did not not my PR they are the worst I told him that there worst indelible Keefe. What a meat loaf from radio quality nothing's worse dale is an act. That's scientists suggest that I'd. A mr. her to meet. Well I think rich keep that energy with India that he's AI right now and it's a big Richie fan and I Estrada's friends. Well he did our pre and post game show for a couple years so. What did you watch the Patriot Act and he goes to the pre imposed shocks you remember that other guys are hurtful you guys are really hurtful what was that. I think it's pretty self evident before the game and after the B Shepard was that you no he never. Beatle did. On what add on related. News.com. Apps various ways public and not done network. Which is for big obviously he spent them I was unbelievable to you work quite as an element. I don't narrative going Melissa Francis who lost the ball in the graph you'll remember Jeremy Michael has anyone ever heard that name Melissa Francis went. We he mentioned somebody on Little House on the Prairie you there was deceit and when did Melissa's friend went when that show off the air I don't know he's seventy years ago a war and everything he watched or 83 why why are we talking about. What we do. Talk about stuff that no one watched him on talk about the failures or else we'll know more about all this stuff and PF he would actually Jesus football talk PF FDFS as a B and her fortune magazine again PF. Patriots football weekly Tim Freddie and Paul W. Tim and Freddie. You him you know Freddie and pol gets above and and these articles printed out artists necessary I don't think that's necessarily need to find typos that I hopelessness. I'd like to I'd like to read some of the Indies work and we haven't you ever presented in these were used to have already sent in here don't happen fired Zoller. Yeah you don't get any knowledge don't know I've seen unfortunately is that while it. These for the patriots PR effort to ones who brought stuff in to us all atomic hats and shirts. Then you camel and for Rwanda everything right Hillary. After I get a couple lives over nor Colin. You know this department to be asked him during the break PX he dislikes mugs like it form. I don't win the comfort I told you. Would suggest is you started I don't know. Like I'd he's just to me when he comes in here he's just trying to please you to like pool is not please him what are among many like what is zero. He has no personality perhaps a nothing you're just you're flicking a fight a little forty MacKenzie thing that he does I don't know what's called Tampa tool late. I champ what does he represented after your it's nothing zero mrs. BZG associate not to defy what can I tie him to champ O'Toole what a million widely Terry magnified human right. And what you have mod we'd like effectively. Why. It's not entertaining isn't telling us not to not to everybody listen any thought to type this again I don't care of these lessons tell and that whole thing went. Art our job is up judgement mean listeners we have of him as my content correct I don't mix of some. Iraq. What do you think your on patriots dot com write up a legitimize. We actually know how many listen I know how many do you call 127 countries listen to the pre and post game show how many do you usually under a night. About a hundred twenties whoever was number 827. Countries if you knew how many let's make birdies that's what I was told by the way people write an article that's when I 66% of the country's on this planet listened to our pre and post game show 34 really deep down. But when I'm 66% of the country's listen nonviolent. I'd I would have nowhere in the name 66% of the country's on the planet now a couldn't I couldn't. That's what's so my target tonight news some countries it was said. No idea San Marino we do math anxious to have me do this we're like now we're in the world of like. Geometry and Al Oliver and I just do what I like I asked mom I literally have no I don't ask Alexa because I can't think search us oh like tomorrow. I've done that by with her Alaska let's take you to go Russia to get that swept into the answer the work which are Smart. Mr. maker dumber future and so what I would today if you happen to know any of that stuff that's SAW waiting tables say that's a pretty sure if you say elects a plate patriots football weekly they'll play radio we're pretty sure I definitely don't. Yes I you know look you know more about little ball you did that when you're looking at the number of listeners would as is usually four figures five figures I will tell you the post game show that you're wanting that you're mocking. Is always in the top. Forty. ITunes podcasts on Monday morning I'll look at that alibi I know here's Egon put a lot of it is still do the right don't coming out today I usually goes on Reggio help. Actually good to say it does. Can Melissa Gilbert I'll believe you as a as a write about it Wednesday that apart and it has a shelf there's no doubt about it rod a let's go to Mike in Rhode Island what's up Mike. They've you know what I know him pretty scumbag move McKinnell. Took only pulled against it before it felt jacket. Crap. Knew that he had a yo. You know the game I think they're looking at coming via. Why they're there and their jobs to lookup from the wing right patriots had to make any promises to Jimmer saying. Oh. That's that's a low blow that's on kids and and they certainly don't care about screwed colts pride that I've ever. I don't think hopefully I got is the I'd guess our lives over rated if it is if you go somewhere else they were in the situation they would try to do this. Here's a side door unless there was some owners that Robert is closer to what may be a different story but. I don't think they feel they say anything to think that played his for the colts and like a duet I threw it wouldn't what's his face is Britain's no question at you but friends I mean I'm like so what who cares about what you have here are patriots fan. The reason why Americans hate the city of ADB twelve. It can do so that anything outside of New England. Some children are he has actually don't think about it station on a course of these kind of things are that's the very hot right now he went to China and people on all over he's a global army of one off and shine a great historically usually always sells anywhere else. I think it's my thing as you think they opened it's easy twelve pop up shop there won't solve hats in the second half of TB twelve started and now finally have you noticed the hat everywhere you're different Guerrero. I am at a time cycle I know you guys humanity totally toast or whatever the hell you met soldier's uncle well that worked we opened the company's business we write down in the food court won't do that probably get it flexed your leg back and forth past us about the need to go all right you're in there. That's significant the name of the network from that feels good. Not done yet and Harry walked in the room and whatever Fred Fred's in Boston what's going on Fred. Aren't I this morning. Thank you would think you'd ever serial. Run would help her. Tsongas. And they wrote church street brawl oh. But thank you so sure. He says. There are my contract's. Sort of wrapped up sir. Yeah and to bring this yesterday and her on the bureau I really. Let's say right now I'm doing runs this theory I'm stealing it you guys can have taken from Iraq I don't know that I'm donut. Thank my parents are great theory in particular was well I don't know sounds like you have always said the size and I actually agree with the unaudited sales Belichick will be gone too weak Alice is a lot. Eventually where we are in 2018 there will be a way to get from when Fred calls the station. And then Fred gets on the air here or there will be content of this new salad too you know there will be in between. Somebody who's summary of someone could squeeze all they do that that's all mask we like that calls volley that Michael bad calls okay young girls adult. He was he's famous Irish friend and save the forties now in excel yeses fifties so ounces and is is is actually younger than I thought to present. And so we celebrating a birthday here today. Oh that's right it's a favorite thinkers if 34 and British and don't take a trumpet every how to hunt these same reaction and everyone knows how much personal like any age though he's weird he's so weird Al Angeles holding tennis but again. And. Is. 37. She's. Only as of August 15 I was kicked tickets and I could easily 18100760. Start appealable. Site. Radio Curtis Curtis has lived a hard life. Yes I was in mid forties. Yet looks all the music right occurred Kirk's weighs heavily Eads was like go home is gone I don't know but that's about right he looks so we go so well here at 500 he's the weirdest looking person. What do you do for your birthday. What you look good. And I used boats were going to Giacomo in the self. The most news. Curtis plays who has been met these that the place Portland until I don't reverse did you. And you know what do you know chick chick come on yeah he should stop. With the ethics. And chicken and jockeys who. A couple of is folks is your jets Pellegrino justified herbal budged much income Mel Mel do you get any action a new group that is supposed to I'm an old rule yeah. Well he's right in because it was snowing actually a flat truce is that it's. It's snowing have to do with a easily assured. Actually the only if you meet the shirt on during mattered I have a picture. Reuters late the united church of the columnists aren't on that church were the beats that that neither mother that's where my fat guys were yet what are the rash guard. It isn't keeping him there and that it. You're keeping an eye you organize and gifts for uber. I don't. Of that pitch out in thirty how do you 34 that is unbelievable. Before I was the discussions and negotiations in terms of procreation go. There doesn't interest does like this congress. My blood and it's my belief is Chris is so screwed up physically when he looks we speaks that I believe in god but it is a god. God said you just can't have it he can't procreate but honestly I think it but they're not trying I don't think. Is that true. Oh no would you consider adopting. We got those discussions etc. that would have a tough time to signature that's that it happens right. Credit Chris that's really understand. If to put some things some erotica and something has the easiest when. I had never never dead at the top of him on the opportunity to place through. They've never had that talk right. Milk and so we report. Respects you know I think I honestly think you would be an excellent so annoyed thought. I mean he would it be to lead me to advocate as jeans. But don't you think you'd be like you would be helicopters at a QB Portland's can collect free agency that a good thing perks kids now climbed trees now. Climbed trees in a perfect world would. So we'd isn't it when your round. Yeah works and if you break out when you see you in a tree down on but you know he's exaggerate the appointment is the sort helicopter parents doing drug laughs. If you get older she worked at work she can do things right now really in all. All I mean yeah he's a runaround when I asked pointing at himself for something but right. If he's five feet off the ground and a tree and alls I say when I don't go honestly I liked what he's our car. And they put a cast on and in couple months he's fine with these guys. I'm gonna die innocently enough acute archer Curtis you can alternate option plays like on how to nasty sort of like grab one punch list which this job on my worst. That's front concurrence. Of yourself workers who have much when did you quit drinking a Longo. Points on sixteen. Six and a bunch of shooters and I'm enjoying. Apology just we have to protect the dad that he. Does that Christmas tape he's looked like curly Joseph the region political podcast were drug Curtis has an actual conversation Packers of today which talked Chris. A lot of things have to have done that in some in the brewers in the shrinks officer rehab or anything now. Portal to Mario and truck and so you have to job like you burnout part and should never admitted that him and meditate for an hour. You have no. I honestly don't we have you can you please I ask for lie god knows he ought to throw that you read that letter to the truckers. Or don't you get truck again be drawn Curtis wrote that letter and I did ask telecommuting problems got one off yeah. It's. I was three occasions I columns. Could you imagine easily gets thrown in a blog wondering can you be wasted these pictures and he's a dip in. No oh no what are your vices and audio devices wind down. A pleasure to sports talk radio assertive going back to the gym lifting wanna get some young tells us that our eyes we do that mean Jesus. I'm like why such an important weeks of energy says previous Boeing next week look at him you know it's this guy is closer to his twenties in his forties back I rate there. I don't think that's remarkable tumbled to let you are already on accurate did not match point and cause thirties or he's emotionally in his twenties having this outs against gray. So we met we met she renewed twice us. That's an unbelievable incredible that is incredible back I was what do you find believable. Any idea owner Robert Butler this night but he looks a Putzier. In my forties he you know you look like a young spoke recently you look at your both sides if somebody said to me did you or fifty years old. Or you're 25 years old I would guess fifty. Which are closer to 25. Yet a 44 onslaught I would beat me in 25 to go on fifteen when you let us quote did you see the picture we just two of drug Curtis he looks much much better it is different he's older but he looks better. He skinny. Adam's little glow to whom. Is it as tough as well that's that's the best of what that included in this time in my I think you should have kids I think he'd be grateful entrepreneur right now he can do it this is going to be desperate as have we your feelings and guys this year. Oppose him in my election they give odd like something that not like you Brad for what your yes saudis older than Jesus he's nervous I get him get like hit by car something weird happening kidnapped that he did so famously easily go naming one house that's true. Outlast them wake of last all the predictions go around the rebel group Crisco is alive and here Gerri yes and yes then yes I'd say no Chris maybe amounts to have yet ordered said. It's what seven it's just nine courses. Got him a little how he's not diluting or it just as he predicted as he's rooting for housing and a dozen not. Right but you didn't initially you you freak accident began we would miss him so much of it he bought you like copies for years now and that had a mind of you know how hard he works like the rundown books and yes please play fights for us yes slow to three more relaxed waiting for us the airport no one else will do no instruments and matching number influencing things can happen positive happy using entering freak accident and quite what he's weird ones where you get hit by a car and adding tip sold so nervous anyway this whole neighborhood is under construction it's healthy it's all on the structural and that's a -- could fall in your hand and say. July 24. A contradiction. And helped this happen at buy dot expert but if it acts chapter was thinking. 607779. Set and it through this cruel one was hurt want some Kurz had Bertha which you know house. Call which first person happy birthday and I watch you guys have predicted the does that. I had July 24 the crisper his death board Jerry. I have. 2040. Cent on projected for five mean idol he's gonna live December's at a healthy. He easily wasn't drink tragedy he's a little piece ice and he's like you exit and mentally ill. He's mentally yes he has through uses a lot like you you definitely. You bald bald too I sudden spurt in cookers which spurs had broken well at 61777793. Several. Market skated in vile and bile kid noise or both. And a little boy record. Strangle what exactly right. In the water. As the missed yeah not a word in the world and I'm grateful. Pump up moment. You know judges in those important Derek Jeter get a free pass new York and Georgia has not missed that does not stalking my now moment from or contend that. The cowboys. Beat the Redskins back to succeed at what would put the next. Three or from Jerry who says. This I have very high levels of things I'd like filter it credit for what was it. Had a very personal stuff five phone lines people persons that people most people say they hate them whatever hate me. That's part of his jobs through 34 today reviewed the rest of today before a big dinner tonight Jack almost. At home walked apartment ready producer. And it's more like going against gonna get ready for dinner. A warning going out again monitor monitor Soledad oh front and government group point three whose. Chris. It's for your Bert than just you and him boy and his wife just got a lot and while it's awful. And guard them there and what we have to do you imagine me doing that now. She's such a couple of calls is we say goodbye to our fight for us a good buy you can stay became a business wants out here. I was told seven what do you think so far we have reef. I'd listen to TV should concede tonight it didn't get that police can leave. Even I was told that I sent and forgot to write an exceptional the first six to aid in the end. You know the fight but he does have a clocks reset for tonight what I shift on Sunday Chris. Disappeared workers say this for you know how many times he texts me can you come in tomorrow at six archived through five minutes later I know why did you. We'll get your news hour a look at your face Chris were upset about that happened once or twice a little sensitive to things on the table and again Curtis is bird they don't wish me happy birthday. Or predict when he's been 61 all right yeah 779 cents not seven or. If from analysts language and you're right that's the that's the prize what do you think of the Andy hearty be he did a good job that he's at Rutgers and Alaska new stupid and it doesn't matter always say he's gonna decide what amassed in the callers if you thinking do you agree job he must think. If I lose and it's going to be could be on sock puppet and crushed Jerry please please Gerri Gerri here's a god in him to emulating when he is he asking questions except here when asked what you are able to get back up a great friend asked my pleasure knows what to adult court it would take right now JD Martinez and Willis tells me what seat if I don't actually go to Jack Adams award at. Twice and I don't remember any thoughts on Francis the united needles to anybody who don't wanna say do watch little house on the program I never did. I don't know I don't Melissa Francis while I think to an expert. She could you do that you are no trivia. I know I knows what the Ingles famine there Charlie Wendell address tonight to mark live 704. Hauser. As a straight. Are good there. Whereas critics Astoria court and I know the quick ascent or you can Christ. I took it seriously was next to this woman Melissa Francis was on is on Fox News in was on the Jefferson's. She was knowledge deficits. It was just it's funny I have a Barney definitely yeah. Shamelessly trying to bring wells the wells you were quick Lugar Lama and in the belittle Obama who Elmo knows what normal black right. A little that was good episode was great so it was let's get to that -- they closed at the Brooke they call they literally just gonna say happy birthday and hang my basket or I guess he probably not calls on the news can be more. What do you think of Andy hard shall we Ambac we have small opening to ask three questions current. Well wouldn't you John Jennings your hundred if you like and you wanna back you don't you don't want him and his matters if I won back to be back how it's gonna and is closely with the bad. They guide to bio way of background so I've worked with chris' father John one of the big accounting firms and John would bring crescent. When. I hit. You view you as a present shortens. There's lollipop walk out was. I was I was Curtis is a kid was fat you you would not in the world and Dow simple but here. President and drink your realm back. From day one you it's huge yet he gave one's huge huge interest in what's hurt. Tortilla addresses that is is that problem. You know I talked of a couple weeks ago I called him to tell them how often my doctor was doing and you. You could imagine how have ideas for. Like this allied commanders couldn't I thought he was gonna spend slave bagging groceries get I. He's got a job by the way both of producing more money bag in their thirties mid thirties all from married can as a kid Cruz has pudge and they both cars were both given to them other fathers. I kind of got is that the kind of attend the summit I don't Ericsson to try courtesy of our rich cast a workforce. What was Christopher happy Brokeback. After you are all I also think he's going to 80 good night tonight. Yet dinner. To choke the chicken yucky. I'd be believable that you conduct smell good story these guys tonight doing. The Philadelphia tomorrow could point. Particularly social Oscars. That's of the roster probably big bites. Was like that's the food with that of the doctor Johnson accounts of John. Hello Ross won't dump that 8090 Amy's in Melrose I Amy. I'm. What do. I wish Chris well that urge all my you know I thought I hit 32 bit wicked sea. In January. So I'm very proud of Chris and I wish him all the best and it's not like to. Well I jar is there's Rinker sorry about that history but she is she purses going to follow her fortune I think she uses to it was a big Fredricka director. Well actually no she really wasn't. Well start here in the white youths with the ones that do Chris. Which. She broke all the lap he is the pro life but prior to that she she wasn't heavy drinker you get fell on our time. And I if we create all the luck in the world I am very proud of them and being in the situation I'm in. I hit. Don't think that it funny that talk about Chris. I don't in there I think it's disgusting really do. What's that. I'd go I let him dying my joking I think he's gonna join I'd I think he's going to guy that pays him and I think my sources say I think he's gonna die like lots cruel ultimately it was yeah that's right it's easier by truck right cancer liver that's. Around its looks like he's he's a big truck he gets his you'll run from the one organ donor Curtis. He is the company amber who would want his liver. Cedric vocabulary I thought I don't you know or know we're gonna who's gonna get all that flash he could it. Off television every burn victim and liked what we do that this year and he backed off that thing. We'll do that this blogger got cold feet it's a perfectly fair we bring him in here and he rips that access for traffickers of body before. As any legal obstacles all given what we're gonna make of that some we nutrition is a subject of Curtis has some analysts have we seen from Shanghai. If you seem assured a fiesta that that's just the changing unless the excerpt flash incidental to Teixeira stuffed picture however I think Omar call eight your guarantee is not one person on this that they liked and he wants or by 10 o'clock. I hope so you'll be. I'm Nicole what's up. I. I'm happy birthday. At. And if he'd start and I have come up Lowell. Surrogate. And Mike Mike in Tucker does it sounds I want to certified dice and commit and Kanye West's mom to fix or if he's getting neurons that workers so she's so you say you willing to just skip the whole thing and just have. In the course of course and indeed have his baby. I mean I was thinking more along the lines like that big. I are not issuance volley to his direct inject yeah we that we don't we have him restaurant here. If that's why. Are you sound let's take a number Chris can you discern that identity console off the fox or we'll see you soon I doubt. It deserves a job soon might get three hours next and two hours into our all right Chris well done to our annual doctor Su and 6177797937. On these globe bashing. Always a global action. On just. And sad scene to go back that's. Well our new book these free in Super Bowl souvenirs. Assured he's got the hospital and as well I'm not hostile to craft would tolerate that over for the it's comparable what did you pay off today about hundred nines so you see but I think I made more money and you might guess I would never pay a 109 idols ash charitable week he has to check Obama's troubles into one of those guys in my letter jacket he's yeah 109 dolls for a short. The parents that's the going rate for Apollo that's a bad bad bad enough if you go to you know mills ditched everything that purchase on back story moderate the globe. Let's replica and we can put somebody. On usage when ruined their life. Man knows it's widgets can read the facts that's totally do that's all we can do that we get back.