K&C - What is the risk of trading the #1 pick? Bill Cosby's mistrial. 6-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, June 19th

Hour 4: With the Celtics trading away the #1 overall pick what could be the negative consequences of that? Bill Cosby's court case ended in a mistrial but Callahan and Trenni believe he isn't free yet. 


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It's Kirk and Callahan shine it just matters. My. Stutter his way through it. It was such confidence on the spread this lie in we're going to be you know Tuesday. With Kirk committee ahead when you say parents think it's their children that people get near anything collect a lot of within OPEC about. Sanctions are they don't get angry about this job. And I was on the eyes looked at all the angles. My statements awful for the media. Even picked up more and Gerry Callahan the number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to the Boston Celtics. Getting a divorce they beat you patrol attracted you read this field. You better not that. About perfect this this record or your good years ago on Sports Radio WEEI. I have 101000 marbles please. What was that management said. You better numbers are so I think Soledad that is inside that eight that if I take. I heard for a lot of people it is obviously fundamental to obviously obvious you know you better not mess it up. Because messed that up means pulls becomes a super stuff right correct correct and in Philadelphia. Have their young core of Simmons comes back all of the idea that they like fools he's good fit because he doesn't have to be the point. Well was not the problem here we heard a lot that fools they already had a point. And only they say they can work together play together but might be limited to one of the others they are or. Polls now Simmons is gonna take the ball then and appoint polls is going to be. 02 guards throughout gone riding in and shoot and score which he can certainly do at least judging from the pilots and is his numbers I mean he lost and called but he. Scored but he scored he scored thirty against real scary but they lost a no amount isn't his fault as it is that's Eric's. Also on the docket what happens if loads of ball is available at number three great question if the lakers pass on launch a ball because. It's been reported it is not a guarantee to take his example that makes. They don't go you do not take on some of that as a whole topic of alaskans think of us for playing basketball perspective here we've seen him play someplace along Muller's hopefuls and that's true anyway and even into. Other guy you can move the ball or any need a guy who can shoot the ball. They need visas or error learned issue. Learned to shoot the score at the regional network that's all while I sat there Jason K yeah said the dined at Jimmy Boller and and you do make I see time at six Magic Johnson himself became a much shooter there there is something to be said that if you have Jimmy Butler and if you have fuel Gordon hay ward to. Up on the team. If you plausible he does dish right uses on the race this year and as some that at all as long and I don't care about a father I don't care but I liked the fact that well one it's just ruin his Father's Day if the lakers passed on about them out companies and Kirk Callahan and ball and in the morning and that three ball I don't know I'm telling. Match seem magic to me obviously he's fairly new in this job that he's in now running that franchise but. Police seem like the anti change that he would have news. You know he is listening to everybody in reading and truly everything but just understanding. The though all the ramifications if you pass humble and he would operate out of fear that if people that ball go the ball became a star in Boston. And haunt him forever I almost got in Los alarm. I disagree you think Eli English degree I do. I disagree what's Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson is one of the greatest players of all time is it statue in front of the that performs tables traded for Carl Crawford to forget. No he's teen and his team traded and I don't think magic crews there in the room making that decision is gonna give. All of Magic Johnson all of Ervin Johnson. That you could think he would pass from vulnerable mean it sounds at all sure if I mean sure if he finally he sees himself in La La and Alonso but he that's been his buried at cellmark in the final. His biggest church in that he sees much of himself and while the greatest game of everything and he doesn't and not to be a great player of the planet in need. May appeal level and I know he's Smart and always really Smart. But he doesn't sound Smart will go to school to learn new CBI I don't know if magic is Smart I think he's. In I think he's put himself in the same circle with a lot of Smart people aren't. Which is why pitchers aren't which is going to don't know but I don't think he's this brilliant bit high and I made it ease. He surrounds these are odds of seven million up before your spectacles two things I want an update from slugs from the Exxon note that the guys like. It was holes six to brief pause Irwin at nine you know we welcome call addictive so they do they'll all handled all closed as a whole malls and ask the malls police. Happened I was problem on guns shoot hoops and now he's taken soccer balls he's he's hit a bucket of balls in the gulf in a sexual job is is open now do you think he went out and it's. If you went down there he's with threats which is open. TX. I mean enough to have one of those at the square one mall but he's pluses and donors wanted to Burlington long as he's probably elect make in the comps change Danica I'm gonna kill myself recently taken free throws and he's pretty proud parents you guys is a somewhat mistaken advocated today that it offers ads metals analyst after his chances in their free scoops of cookie though he's just gonna explode that dozens of Killian he's he's. Secondly we got to get to this you can only on the live forever you line you're gonna see us his less stressed you are definitely you know that me and minute man. Yea you're stressed allowed you to lose your you lose equals. Idea I said this about Ricky followed I receive an in patient I've never seen. The only golfer who is less stress in his game Rickie Fowler the kind outlandish and land arises when some tension in him. In when I mean. Yeah a little bit attention it into yes but he and I am a loser Dustin Johnson who's had a bit of attention to your error right now is yes. Unease ball has yet to my friend training cup I gotta have you now I've I've got it was thought it is and Peter King we usually Markham on Monday because hello I'm Peter King Peters thoughts come out non football thoughts and there's some stupid one's as usual would Peter. But he I always picks the column of the week and some New York Times column in a major one right there is one Warren is something. But this is Thea. The terms of Philly daily news this cold. It is the horrible another talent of the week is the column of the week horrible column of the week he acts. Yeah. Added a feature and you never receive this woman columnist in Philadelphia is blasted by Peter King. Any of these and she earned it maybe she earned all region some of this call it's about cost this woman's heart broken at the cause. Can't go back to you know to see all of just on the clubhouse to obstacle. We will get to that tweet takes more calls on the on the on the big trade Kevin's and breast like Evan. Good morning guys and gal. Are you looking at everything body count on today's show. One. Chinese will knowingly let cabinet Japanese could should be or might not. Just gonna happen I just deal with. Two and we will entertain me like no one else. And the point of my call is number 310. Way it will usually always be wrong on almost all points. No we're gonna do here and watched mark mark help colts play the police for a long time when I watched I could shoot shot lead anywhere on the war. In March helpful. He matured late Gary. You keep what. What Katrina. Shortly. It in the tree did you didn't you lady he wasn't a starter he didn't play. Our eyes it's demonize all blah blah. In the past few years. He's progressed at light speed he's six Portland and it Davenport who against China hands who wanted to take shot Jack. They will respect and I entitle am. You don't look forward look forward your ability I had things to me but would not answer. That you really want the subject to rush the. Hang on super high strongly on my real hard you didn't hear what he wanted to do cabinet I I don't have too many of those problems. Hyperventilating Alonso ball and according to Mark Murphy the the top four people on the Celtics tough sport. Pulls all of Jackson and Tatum what do you want them to take if fools has gone. And and ball is still there. I don't I don't want people. All unconventional politicians people all of that is Marshall. To seek progress. A fuel let's say you can't have mark health olds who would you need an instant that we. We. Bill scene epic having had I had a cavalry scout everybody wants a ball as nine a M I just absolutely simple panelists Kevin. Kevin yeah I'm telling me. That you're so despondent. Because they're not taking Markel Fultz whose nineteen years old and played at Washington. Yeah carpet gonna walk in part ever got hit in the gut. Stupid team tomorrow. While. That's already declared that EU could be right about you're probably right about that because they have why things going to be an expert player and indeed. You know they have no well on the track you're Okafor so they have some bigs they have some players actually. And what. It's Simmons and Simmons but he you know so I think they're already that team whether they get Fultz or not. But I just to be so upset I feel Brad fi use so upset about that didn't take this guy well what's long balls wingspan and there. It's not much bigger than his height. He used. 6667 ridiculous. 66 win spent seven Sunday according to my bile he earned nineteen you know months six months older than falls four and a half feet sill is my feelings and it it's an issue. Shot a ball at his hall all's not gonna shoot he expeditiously and now always act that's how it works these guys get better he's not going to be an artist market. He's getting better and no more. No he's just so they've got better Jason can get better much better became a good three point shooter discounted that no small ball is gonna be needed to to distribute the basketball that's what he's good he's good dad did to the rim to take on national agrees would be. You want to record nest though our nest though what's happened. Any I guys jealous yes Gary I do actually go to an opt in but I agree with under a banner that. I think I don't understand the speculation is mark hill all are stuck between a piece data they gather what nineteen colleague. Even that yet actually let alone in the NCAA it appeared number one overall pick. Just by default he get in the media 98 I think it's. As far as you know being that that transcendent player no can't but I think I I'd love the change. Are the same way that we Gary that. You're not gonna be a quarter dollar and you ended up getting what do the guys who want electorate follow or art Johnson like at. Yeah it got jacks and Alex need to learn learn what well you don't and you also gain. What will could be accused of five pick next year or something in between ninety and the Brooklyn. Exactly that everything changes on starting back way and you made that Alan Il and then it'll products to the finals we want a championship we also got back audience that I think. You look at what what happened since then and that's all he did it hurt her and unpopular trade apparent because. Pierce and Garnett was so loud in this town but look at a dump truck. Or was unpopular you kidding me that's honest reply yeah that blah blah anyways it was like and LaMont was there. Yet our boat loving pierce and Garnett and I was emotionally as hard as they were you guys again. I think you make those skepticism like Belichick does it only got it in a position where I think ball and I Jack and I are both better plays and mark -- folks in electing another skit got you know what that's what EC and I'll go with it because so. You can tune million. I've done. And the united at that I can't you know legacy here a veteran I mean how Aaron fox I'm not DR try to let it sit here and say that I've I've. Watch these guys can watch a lot of film on all is all another all the whole team the all female to Switzerland's own two weeks apple acts. And you know you don't win the ninety year old kids issues. Which I never missed chords and Roy Halladay Korey. More and demand ski training. Report Bogle arbitrate in Nam you don't exit to rapidly indeed. A look at the strap you know the guys on the court in receipt you to rent. I think these guys could be very good player I think. Here would be. Superstar guys would order eight time go to Arizona and it's. The problem Guardia and Bob would go to Texas so I beat you look at those guys and see you know those guns superstar Bigby you know changes in targeted two top five. NE ED 212 of them cause and I'm gonna have a chance at number one. Yeah and I speak. Read news go to Washington wouldn't doubt as coach got fired note that the Larry I eat political incidents. Go crazy and I don't like wow that's that's why don't involve. Mean that's that's what it was I think it just got shot out maybe you know it's it would at our record a picnic for carpet they ought to beat what your experiment. That the market but maybe next about they do that he had the dead and this year. Well of course right about that he's here to mayors whose season next spring trade deadline or offseason via I'm on time representatives on don't feel like it's real I think I want I feel like there and always says this doesn't feel little creepy that was sent her value Wheaton 1990 girl wingspan and in on their facial features how old is he does that look like he's matured this because he's still growing. A mean look you know open your Mulholland and teeth. Like are to mean. Your money flows on had a horse at that Iraq and is used to feel attitude and they got in my. All we know cause all I. How has outlined these breakfasts for all had to get their turn and bad news. I'll just you better be hacked cookie dough and it's never got a butter. We. Should. Because you want some don't buy airline can't illegals then. They don't have. That is technically you're ever eaten some clubs and Ali right I'm and the morning. My life nice to have him probably when do you eat ice in the morning. It. Kerry into something that's. Let me see that this Sousa and injured his full fat bonuses team that border. Peter but which corps which means it's good from my core that's. That's our. When we get tackled read as promised. We're gonna get an update from sawgrass to see whether. The a guy who is sold on jet took the whole mall hostage nobody since it's pretty easily if we elect a Pall mall corporal Paul Clark I run around the tibia and night. Anyway it was in Dix earlier dates he tried to get the guns we don't think he succeeded. As we haven't heard any reports of shots fired. We have heard it's not an act right Scheyer and not an active shooter situation and yet he said he was going for the guns but he really just wanna placing corn hole. Come and when he went on a pretzel and everything. Orange Julius. Is the giants weren't short on dec I had ala and that's what it truthfully in this voluntary and there is no. I'm at the whole rundown of what's in the mall suite your Jerry's animal we connect the you don't say who is getting is that a shot takes place the cut that competes against him in the middle. Is there a pet store that hump that's closing when I don't goes around on. Would get the rundown play out this agony all strewn out and a reading. The least partial reading from the worst home I was say right now on the competed in credit he worst call on an enemy of 2017. So far. He skirt and Callahan hijacked by everybody that are very good free thank you would be great accomplish aren't just hurting I'm so sorry Jerry Kelly it's and he could pinch. C front Sports Radio WEEI. Me. Call me I ain't eight thanks a lot on to that whole time knowing to the training that is helping him. I got so sick and I falls. You do you know what just remember showed me could do that this year spoons advocated else's woman the answers. I like come on morning Joseph when I'm with you to where you can article chemistry Dunbar Hamas. You might the only guy that's on the and I like Geithner ice level and thanks to still on there I thought it was too that our deficits over in the corner Wafer. This thing then they might get. Good gig but the system we now know rubbed each other's feet under the desk so Q2 Q aria adorable and added I'm telling you the state police have surrounded the square one mall we get pitches. Victoria fox I suspect believed to be armed after break and it's Wear and scientists hold up according to. He Z holed up in Dick's Sporting Goods we. Have learned he's moved on you've really got time to Palestinians. For prejudices you know what we. You know well it she last save big freaking mall I didn't know bigger ones got a lot of stuff they have to present its sixth if I know he's the best I can tell this is on route one north of the city fell to six different places to get body six. But if I'm him obviously my father and exporting is that's a good place to start. Then you get a pretzels and may be good taco Taco Bell who's this ice cream which Kerry Wood go for. GameStop won't play some video games. Could do that you could pick up some stuff they have done a Nordstrom Bloomingdale's have reported yes. You rarely anchors our store. Good question and on the some big stuff there are lots lots of jewelry stores today at the place treat India eyebrows threaded. I don't know what that means that a Pak express auction and it stores that is now. Pet food out candy and I don't think there I don't exist and you have like months. Thanks and thank you let a mall go if you wouldn't let all the this remove these guys trapped in a mall you don't let all the animals go when O'Meara amenities during their training he's been he's listening to a probably you know what he's doing he's pretending he's armed and dangerous so we can play some more. Cops are calling someone killed I would kill think everybody think he's you know the pennies out of fountain if a if you plan like street idiot you there if you if you are listening to us. Would you war in animal 61777. Nights of an ID 37. You call Antarctic personal portrait of struggle oats guy bars to the bar IR. It is our doesn't like airports. And many unknowns this guy by the guys probably have so we're gonna tell us this morning cocktail. Wanted to the most kind of you know who's we Imus asked this senior citizens who do it morning walk away bag today are really surprised. As and it got them all watching Nickelodeon all and the some coffee and that was a winter thing that's not a too humid like you know I didn't hold yeah I think Nader you all if you go to the Natick mall in there at 9 o'clock mania getting run over by people who are 65. Lots of you know cell phone places. Always get those at the yum kiosks in the media great stuff right we need everything from love by cellphone case who about this when Charlie's at least slice on national and it's pretty immediate talks Dunkin' Donuts is David shares our mashup linked. Ruby's relies kitchen lots of eateries. Lots of fast food. I have to look at I want to look at it lists and stores Selena. Let alone small print if you get a copy of this because I can't give Peter incredible Peter K. Pristina and how are your name's Christine closest call was from a Philadelphia Daily News. Writing about the cause we verdict before came down obviously was a hung jury obviously justice did not prevail yet again retry him. Is only get a fifty other a chart of cases have to deal with including civil cases. Hopefully if the energy to take this on back to court right as I tried again because he's so obviously guilty. What I Corey. This was two days after you today saying the Fat Albert thing leaving court educates his care and they left court and he did. He did Fat Albert. Okay. At least two leading to the crowd when police got fans there were signs and apparently one of ms. Christine flowers but check this out the column is now running on the website. And is editor's note the top of said we've received such a strong response to this column. That send to Shea managing editor wrote a piece in response. Apparently the pieces China and save face 'cause this nut job. Christine plows writes a very sympathetic. Column about cause. Which you won't believe she says. In the jurors deliberating where to find out she says. I had my way we'd never come to a vertical in this case the greatest damage has already been done. And that is the shattering a beloved myths and accompanying relationships. By the proxy of television in the cells. Bill Cosby is cliff pokes the ball regardless of what the critics say. We are mall made up of perception reality fact from fiction and aspiration confirmation. Is ridiculous to argue that a man who was capable of creating the character. That fathered a generation did not at some level possess those nurturing characteristics. So does that mess does that mean that someone who plays a socio path or is psychopath on television must have all class. Okay. Because that thing is those those characteristics they must actually deep down be and who played the. Chewed Gary you watch the show the one the following with Joseph together mournful and committed mass murder reforma. Battle there is no I became a pain choose who is a serial killer is a showtime show. They did for good or risk losing almost all of no Dexter that's the that's exactly who played Dexter assets. Edged Michael C. Hall I can't I mean Michael C. Hall deep down most likely a serial killer Christie flowers this of this. I don't know how an and say no penalty itself well it is an opinion piece so it isn't just an opinion piece ready. She says yes he is an adulterer who admitted to giving women's women drugs for sex he's confessed and a secular confessional. The betraying the trust his wife and perhaps of the women who consider him a mentor. Before you move into another spot on the sliding scale human interaction and says I'm not able to say now that he is completely good and that his legacy is one of putting pops gentle mugging and pitch perfect tributes to a disappeared CD on the edge of the cultural revolution. It now includes quail alludes sex with the women not his wife. And betrayal and desist aligned but I am proud to refuse to believe that includes a right god I am entitled the police by the jury's out too crafty out and well BI and at that time to craft the different narrative from bits and pieces of complaints and testimony of women who waited years decades. To come out. Of their self imposed shadows and say meat to listen to me too I'll be called a slut chamber equal skeptic. The reason that rape victims hide their shame in silence. I'm prepared for that she says because I think this case is I don't know this word Suisse Jenrette. Analysts. There's Jenner and much of everything here too many women were saying the same story. And instead of showing consistency I think you could single signal of the mob affect. Too many people willing to pull down a man who because he happened to say the taboo things that chain young black men. We're living down to expectations. In considered a traitor to his race. Too many women. Who sees in this an opportunity to exercise the ghosts. Of all the meanness in the world. The assault on their assumed dignity the trump affect. Guys I mean just crazy sort of doesn't even make sense like no this is a terrible writers says it's here this is the real reason so many people want to see conviction will confirm. That the world is a dangerous place for my gender. And get a condemnation by proxy. Of the age patriarchy. Well now that's why that's why they wanna see a conviction no idea conviction I don't even know what I mean resin base of women should go to jail I wanna see in our Christine the conviction because it's clear. That he is a serial rapists perhaps the most prolific racist. Brace rapists in US history and this I would like to see him die in prison. And this is a guy who told Eddie Murphy to clean up is that the smell of that yes it and I did I had a Chris Rock I had a friend who works for the Tonight Show and whenever this guy I was on Cosby. He expected to receive oral sex from women in his dressing I mean this guy came but we would have his pants and a. I. Thought it was funny. Mean so sick it would turns them on as a woman who opt out of that hole turns a monolith not dead two's pesto. Oh good Gary called for last four you've got a live report from the square one mall and Gary is in a curry Gary. I have gone. I'm over here of trying to deliver for you're a network or and liquor store next to it. Obviously not move toward open. So if sitting here waiting to Autoliv fourteen of the state police and everything. Wonder where he is anyone can listen like the police radio fun we're using still and Dicks to you know have you seen Dix is that where most of the cops are. Well there on the other side I'm on the side where like. I've got murdered. Who's a five hours ago. They still while disease settled six stuff. On do you see a chopper near DeLeon Murray state police Contra. Really. Those guys cause and quickest or. You know. It's I can understand why he's alone. Right we confirmed that you know there is no hostages involved. As a few minutes ago WCVB. He's alone in still inside still active. Situation as the Americans too they really thinking like grabbed the four can be begun antics mean to say it's impossible. Get a gun and loaded on maybe he went in with a so would you do is wait them out he's got plenty eat. I think it's going to be awhile before they get them. I mean he can make sandwiches for a definite symbol. That's true he's got. Some of the greatest restaurants he's got some of those taken place he can make himself a practice tackle around he's going to be fan than you what comes out what I am not act. I am Paul and I bet I did he is nice and I haven't. This is serious Dan now a police you and I. Although I threw huge boom full once I base this contains once or lose half a cup a city that that so far. Caller's 300. About this when saturated fat and grams it's 50% of you do in your request whatever that is a long one coming grams of sugar hands. A lot of stuff and attack and he milk and that that's the thing here. West Point four hours for Gary with that today that the hoopla you're neighbors. And walk the mall after this what he can do it and it all our Ron I'm gonna want him. Only taken after meeting coming up to any sport swimmer bogey in 48 right now though more of Kirk and Khaled. Sports Radio. TE. And it's. Down this is Kent Dorfman is a legacy from Harrisburg. Career here don't doctor Davis. Picked up liked it or not. Well what's my delta top. Dorfman. Given this a lot of thought no I'm innings flown. When you're in good standing there it's. A vicious mother isn't he can't do that are played. Only we can do that to a place a stand on your chest and just. To place pins are huge and and you'll fall on this tell me mr. what fraternity would pledge. Men like you. It's up to ten sir. Only each. Did you not done. I didn't want to gun control lease. Their warm blacks and that got Betty had a heart attack on Luis. Warriors barely score. All old that's part of lower seed it's a big guy comes into the motorcade and a chainsaw on business owner and I really liked that movie. It as a classic it's even had a blanks kind of a heart attack I am. He's no longer Wear this that's a tribute to flounder Stephen. First. Always takes three here I FBI unease in the weight issues and parents pulled died of diabetes and alligator tough. Afflalo recent in recent times are tough go don't go health issues post. Fairway it was a lot of stuff by the way you named some of the battle on five and up to movies is a pretty extensive. As a working actors you know I mean it like you can love that's right out by the way I Chappaquiddick will be coming up soon. A movie about the does that tell the truth it does have read the whole script and it does tell the truth. Could it it's very out it's no it's very it's gonna be very good move beyond Jason Clark stars as Ted Kennedy. It's critical radio IC plan news Caster for I guess once again here aside to. But I did negated on. I need to borrow against cancer circuit girl tucked into the area plus a cash thing and anglers to audition that I do have to audition cities I'm we we tweeted out that cause we can't go read for yourself in front of I have to its Sonic Youth or something else you guys. If you haven't seen the Norm MacDonald special I was Netflix. You have to watch it calls them the name yes it's called hit loose dog bear and other trickery. It's a Larry I like him he's learned Wednesday was so awful wall that we can't focus writes like a finesse comedians. He's right it was probably early in the morning but he's he is one funny guy and easily Judy this is the sound. They condones and know intimately nuts like that just stands up there in existence might tell you today and we had yet only get some great lines. Two and now it stands scanners are mostly power scream all the projects. Acting as did shut intern and a perfect in a sense Ben and Jerry's this morning and he's remained in his remain makes automatically awesome kid he's from Freeport Maine. God bless him he's no had a look forward to working with you this summer. And says yeah I sort of from Rockford egos who attempts thinks that's. It's a paper mill town and literally at those but as my father would say. It's the smell money you know how well. We've we've got to move skinny or was minority but you know behaviors you know David Price doesn't like it here in Boston. He should appreciate it today because he sucked last night he got the W two and one. Gave up eight hits and we watched three runs in five innings to get the W. There's not a position standards saved is about those are the kind of games you won in Tampa Arizona about I don't wanna talk about not talking about I'll just a couple of seconds. We'll know on justifying your your decision. It was only eight to wait until the end 1987 I'm gonna head up saw this and go to. Deficits for a pocket and how's it but it tackled well again the lots of pictures still of the place around that he's still in the our pets he's freed in the snakes are free the states and the mice to hold a terrible since intervals in the balloon junkie pigs are all free insurance is at McDonald's manager. There's every marginal. Learning time and it's it's unlike ordinary. But he did a pretty good thanks for coming in tankers you know without any without Kurt hew did a pretty good job. And attitude he could do and let's work with. I'm sorry. While I heard the end organ began Thursday that's true will soon to try and Mary's I don't know I mean Friday a good look forward to that the can be and do better next time out.