K&C - The US Open was lackluster except for some things, The Celtics trade the #1 Draft pick 6-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, June 19th

Hour 1: The US Open was not very exciting, however a couple of the analyst's "talents" were on show. Over the weekend the Celtics traded the number one overall pick the the 76ers and Callahan, Tanguay, and Trenni break it all down. 


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It's Kirk and Callahan didn't shy away from these letters and I. My putting. Stutter his weight really. That was such confidence all of his friends like him we're going to be Tuesday. With Kurt committee ahead and you say parents thanked their children that people get very things you know what let's a lot of within a hundred. Sanctions are they don't get angry about that god. And I was on the I looked at all the angles. My statements lawful for the media. Even picked up more and Gerry Callahan the number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to the Boston Celtics. Getting an aborted beat you patrol track if you read this field. You better not do it. But purposes it. Record what you put your background on Sports Radio WEEI. I have 101000 marbles please. At weekends sad weekend it's an ambience the it's flounder longer. First for first four or or whatever wars or flown to cut down in the prime of life 63 years old. Was he known as older than that we know he wasn't but I think you know he was. Not exactly the picture of health no no no no understated but. It at a legendary film and legendary character honest I'm sure Kurdish zone and have been a great motor problems and yeah would you like rot Rob Lowe was Stephen firsts a frat brother. He was written that goes to a gift up you trusted. That's right it's ratings on the receiving end of that right and lots of as usual are actually my favorite is when you could. It's his or any tip or. Or when they put his picture up on the screen and endless has blown. Out of these legacies. Did you see animals turning I did it's been a longtime that I have seen animal house you know flounder and yes. REP. Also one though was in Mosul and saint elsewhere I don't know sentinels would you know signals of sound and I president asked Hudson and Luke. And costs. Yeah yeah. Do you use the east saint elsewhere was. Altogether the big moment dead show with ER ER ER oh yeah it was insane hours. We're supposed to be saint Elizabeth's via in Cambodia yesterday tribute to your corner shots I was born right you work yes that was. Born right there was years ago on the corner. You. Stephen first that's one of the via Ted's stories of the week and won one yet though I was they suck the US open you guys are should be relieved we don't have sparkle. It was a candle whatever works kept. Brooks cap on the air park kept amicus western like McCain has he's really handsome. He's a handsome guy you that's he's got a hot girlfriend and a hot ex girlfriend now I didn't I guess that's because I know that these Joe Buck identified miss identified the girlfriend he get the notes on the old girlfriend. We were balls and no but someone did the research and an old. Accident that was a legal aren't they know better I think he said if you don't actually sick a college student and in effect my wife was watching Agassi he's in college student again and he's like he's like 22 point seven I guess it's weird it's a little weird always push don't look she's in with Clinton called student but that the call to get there is port captain new girlfriend new girls. She's not a post it just let me guess swimsuit models it has opted. She smoke in August in the old one was smoke and to just the guests. But. Did they have corrected and she's an actress yeah actress Janet sends axis. In the catchers and I don't know I don't know what excuse that just. That I wouldn't be surprised. But she's not kin rights is not a college student is cells used. Well they at. Ali sits out Becky Edwards is leading this identifier ads she's a pro soccer player heck yes they mentioned that the choose soccer player in Florida State where he went. Burks kept his girlfriend steals the show. It's pretty but she's at gulf although she's not blonde usually the bush finds she she's like I'd like outlandish production and on brain. I don't know I mean it's easy is that we are guys that look at these jabs she would. Number an arm bracelet when that topping your hairs over dark and then it gets later it's a little break which I'm here for you guys get the roots are showing Scioscia BC she needs another dollar that you get that I we pay for that you pay for it out yes lots of money central and Latin. You're rooting for the course and in your home state that you want it I I did I want it to be tougher course descended to Gerri this morning as of them never having the US open and there are hills. Scores are always all of us play his music. That this office into what's not shocked. I want Rickie Fowler went so at least we know who writes these. And as soon whoever Joe Buck or. Pointed out he's the most popular guy on tore Rickie Fowler. He's not the best he's most popular as large as he resorts pants and it looks like Justin Bieber and people just love him and he. I was missing kids it's two years you know anyone that the Deutsche Bank. He bought champagne for. All of the media he put cases of champagne so of course segment review rock chip CD. So Bartlett homered and you know dollar that's. I never heard that story is another story I did not so he bought champagne for the yes you were champagne lock for the media while he was only here got a couple of little transparent as he if he was here for a week or so that would change yeah that's true here's a different couple players got many Twitter fights and he's hanging his. Boys used to ship they don't bring it the other big story. We count on them all the best players in the world eight of the top twelve I believe mystic medical in the top 3 PM in the world all missed the cut the current NB. Or father that's fox fox account you're ready to like and use also as you watch there. You know would what's a bogey double bogey in the final few holes and then perceive for the weekend Texas mosque killed. Problem with coal is of the golfers are in great shape. There are no more characters they all look well not true that that boost again I look there's one fact there's a sign that nasty ones that the bearded yap at the bit the column beef we need more guys believe that you need guy he's smoked good unique yes OK fine. You need guys on a daily eating John did you guys are you smoking cigarettes like Craig you know you need the walrus. You know everybody it would help that and there's plus belly. I between some mumbo character and someone says look at the top whatever 20/20 five they're all not all the more many in my robots that they'll they don't want have personalities. Kind of like being into an attendee. More boring can be the more of the league alone you know they don't want the distractions follows different he likes the the attention film I want him to win. Look at read the name of another guy who was even in the in the Maxi alma. This you little guys Brian Harman ever again rules were for him OK he's like boys like 150 pounds or something right side status who has yet on me Fowler has major now now crisis he's gonna be a new 15 major Carlton you know the money. Other FedEx is an effect on this thing and play as I was saw the play progress we have that seventeenth island green that supporters here and Sturm but no he has not so he's the new guys that we root for yes this new guy with a monkey he's got the PGA please Sergey out for search right in this sport and if you had a slow and girlfriend foam around the course all weekend to. I she's got a lot of that she had to me she's she might be as she's pretty she's burn right yes yes yes. I don't own name I don't know who she models for but she's she could be. It is they I had more information on sincere. Bills for out of the schools visited out and she's an app. Actress and a former miss teen Georgia USA 2007 whose Wikipedia page. Ways updated Sunday evening to also described her as kept his new girlfriend lets you play can we play. I'm Joseph bark and I heard one of the over and it shows just it's not his fault it was a researcher. At. In turn so mode blame always play in the in terms right place. And so I just kept it. And that's generous. At. My guns we. That's awesome all right now this is an odd to have less than watching the Alex Jones meg and Kelly hasn't backed government is correct and you books actually at the wrong Chia that's awesome list yeah answers with you on that chipset us. If she didn't look like a college kid but he Sachs and knows how quickly hailed change conference on to a meaning no that's true in this you know he was going on this kind. Holes two win and and and battle of the biggest purse ever more than two million bucks. Just for this term. Two million bucks in limitless open yeah he doesn't even like smile just like ponson have pomp and just walks away they're robots and that's not good. There are all robots on the yeah. The chick tour to. LD LPGA throw robots is no one has no no fats those with cigarettes it's a year. If you look at and a trip. To address. What's the big east tank. It is tanker Laura Davies authorities gates of very healthy women yesterday doughnuts and find Celtic will admit I used to see remember ring name mayor and this ties. Publishing a slight destroy him. He was like all fun and that had whatever which was sleeping at that they lights. And he he was purely competitor. I would think it would be difficult to be that day in golf and when you're winning big boobs and Mike and got it or is it swing that's what beverage Stadler Ben Wright the effort in weeks to have been right on British music color guy innings goody was kinda. Two on track any one day he said to the big boobs get in the way and this week. They never saw you never heard from again and I mean he was fired. And excommunicated from golf and and you I scan some of that the other day. A little. That chizik a little older I'm art. He controls national question and am telling you it was perfectly for us like we just shouldn't. And we said before does that help hurt them big boobs in the I backs I would. NIC I mean you're. Think you have to sort of squeeze your arms to guess or did you really big boobs. I'd I think you I don't know I think it would also weary years. I'm in their elaborate I'll let you know we're not to let you can't see me I'll. Literally right now I'm tired and monitors in the way thank god that's an important role of men and is what have been some things just. Five Ben Wright you'll think moves have been. You'll I think it's you know harmless and what your record program you mentioned body bags anyway acts in it at the masters he says that if he's he whacks the greens and yet he he's still on TV just isn't allowed. At Augusta Augusta because he also pretty well since you often also sell a stock but will the masters is the worst I don't think it's as bad anymore as a great backs and why it was a terrible. US open but facts in the great value in there he's excellent he's really next. And and the rest of Fox's production sacks. Although he did got to say weird though I gotta say I don't like Beck rally and I myself that Logan when he was analysts now box while you can tell. Well first policy went facts with skating expert who is the young woman that was two. Crowley's colleagues Saunders thought about her she looks like Ricky my guy I mean facts kind of looked a little freebie next to like she'd do it I mean it was that talk about. I mean he's a great but facts isn't the best look into the car and he's a great I mean listen on the price either but you know he looks like it about crane up there. You know he's got a long neck yeah I looks like children of the corny. You know. We don't know but east and the knicks heard in my. All the money. She almost every day someone who knows what most access to own that down. She's spectacular I she's your you were offset. You're hurt anybody said I'm happy and I'm sure. But it's distracting issues surrounding its distracting is also opens its overtime like that aid flowing hair in the super tight dress them like this golf tour and she's a golfer to NC since the rudeness one. Absurd she does your husband is a little bet not because he's married seized British air to silly so Sakhalin that's the 10 that was the whole thing like he went then the eagle chance she sort of golf yet writes all the difficult. Yeah. Yeah and us. Texas lead us sir nice person you know Sergio Garcia his girlfriend is also a former NBC universal Golf Channel employee. Oh really adding that on tour and of the story is that she was told repeatedly do not date the players on tour really heated and then she started posting pictures of her in my with Sergio Stanley and a Golf Channel what's ours are discharged his friends are just friends and then they find out owner you're not just friends they relate CA don't want via. Out social surges censored dumped by difficult task because they're like we told you not to do. That's what I was gonna say it was news in May I have to say we should hope Americans who have an incident in it. That is in in full full disclaimer. That the gulf trio is part of the NBC Communist sports fan Jonas or potatoes and there Putin's incestuous relation to try to write you can tell when NBC does golf because of the Golf Channel and at the duel with fox shows up to do golf. A couple times a year. It's not the senate now. Just it's just not the same thought I. I don't think Joe Buck I Dan hicks like listening to Dan hicks is is like. Spotter I'll get into nets took a nap I I'm not a man stands but he's he's great. I'm not a net you did but I think he's the best golf golf commentator period it will Ben Wright also said that lesbians in the sport hurt women's golf. Yeah that I invited him march and and then he said women are handicapped by having who is not easy for them keep their left arm straight and that's one of the tenants who gave their boobs get in the way. So if you sit here. Wouldn't you make us flinch wouldn't we wouldn't think twice but he's on a network TV. He didn't say that on every senator to the Delaware news journal. My that a couple cocktails in room. So tell me because that's part of something tells me it's less about the that would backed dismissal is less about the boobs and more about the stupid lesbian. But as to I would agree that it that it market Margaret court's elusive thing about and again not Iraq. Yes she's all the lesbians running around and spoke she set infected the dealer so mad that they're wondering if they want they want the Australian Open to re name. The main court that's named after a martyr our Mac from artists it's terrific he went after that if this were. Betty Ford clinic theft so that's what I don't know have. Lee did have a couple of cocktails he said. The east that he insisted. I missed it like hell. So where when a real town down spent after the dumped them on the net increase that with the Betty Ford clinic they re educated me. About how I should behave which means I can no longer drink vodka. He's doing the interview you get a glass of wine and yeah. So apparently gave up the vodka in just drinks wine but he never saw him again because of those comments. That's that's gulf security etiquette father's been excellent Father's Day. Will's boring or US open. Exciting Red Sox came to Celtics and there's a couple minutes ago. The Celtics. I'm still digesting it. He I'm one of those people that trust change in names we trust to five involvement when Rosen and a poll L a vote for an injury trust. I think you have to respect him because most GMs. There's a reason this never happens. Is it takes real balls mean you are as Chris medics writes he's put his reputations. As is is cool. Legacy when latest would have you article on the line because folds the holy could be a superstar have been can be full superstar. Right now on the road. An and and we could see all the time. You know just like I thought Tomas he wrote groupies. And media com. Your partner in crime we can yes he did I like tide but he. Made the comparison to the 1981. NCAA tournament against Notre Dame in night he's a risk taker. I just. You know care. What color. I was. When you first heard that you thought I knew it was going to be a player right an iPod player and I was already for the narrative that the rig did this with Joseph Barry Carroll and gut Mikhail parish. Some think and obviously Mikhail is who have just Jackson. Who's the parish. And who's the parish I thought I mean player. Is just Jackson no we've Kevin O'Connor on Saturday and it's just Jackson and these six bass player has scored well now Goodman thinks Chicago Tatum. I'd always additionally Tatum. I read I read something like I. I mean I Tatum months ago and he was at the top of the draft board for a long time and for some reason Annan it was after the it simply turn it maybe didn't impress. For people but that's to me that the best fit because he can score and became defiant. And escorts us. They can't say much Ainge has a guy right eight has arranged it simple he watched all this pulls film and he's obviously seen patent C Jackson and just said. I don't love fools I he'd Ainge doesn't love falls obviously if he thought he's going to be a transcendent player or just was going to be. Apparently Irving he wouldn't do this right. If he thought it was going to be a superstar. Point guard scoring champ car which is what you know of the NBA right now with the go all the great players who were there. Courts O'Donnell guards are good scores Russell Westbrook is James Harden its carrier Irving it's that covering the point guards who can score. That's why file the were to take them until Friday when they traded him away. But think about it he looked at 45 names it's that he's not my favorite. So the EU obviously you're depending on the lakers to do. What everyone expects moved the ball and take ball. I think that will be I I think ball is just too. Attractive for management to pass up on them to. I do because he put the same position heated. He's in LA Cade all of marketability area right in all of it but the one thing about although I will say about magic if he didn't think that he could help him build a franchise he would take them. But he wants a passing point court which is what decades so with a Q what happens what if he doesn't would have what if he decides on Jackson would have mattered to take Tatum did this is the way I feel and I was trying to initially. Because when we first heard it rumored at Comcast sports sincere since X it of those early crush. I thought OK well there's going to be a player involved like somebody's coming back from Philly were gonna start to see some names that it's gonna be another team involved and at first I was disappointed to. But when it comes to the drafting Jerry you just said how many kids are over twenty. None not it's not it's all a crapshoot so there's no way anybody can tell me and I respect all the college guys who look at this kid. You cannot guarantee me. That fault is gonna be better than Jackson Jackson is gonna be better than Tate dome that ball's gonna be better and on down the law school. I just heard what nineteen everything and do it all these picks think you have to I know you injured after Anthony Davis but what if they can't go after Anthony Davis well let that's not a possibility well I think we're stuck. Would you say do they practice session at three and taken whoever Jackson Tatum because. That can be managed one of those stores this morning speculates. Down against Sacramento for five and ten yeah and that you are brought you such a US and sixty particular event is Tatum. That is paid him or whoever someone else and he says he's going to be there five that's all you steal you make sure. Five and ten and twenty any minute he could turn those fictional player any minute now. He could be another you know news flash. I mean rumor and I had to make some of those picks and turn it into Jimmy Butler and try to get Gordon Hayward and that if you if you Gordon Hayward Nigerian dollar cool but if you described it Jenny Bartlett an essentially traded in number one overall pick for Jimmy Butler I must say Detroit free but what if you traded. Next years pick lakers pick what if you trade it. Five and you kept ten or something like that and and you and have Butler in the full I think. We and annoyed do you overestimate the value of these kids who are as I said polls just turned nineteen. Folds or Butler who's gonna have more of an impact next year on their team of butler's going to clearly. Yeah and adding and I compete and mean now at them then murmurs about Paul George and how he's told the pacers that he's gonna go to the lakers after next year. And now publicly shot cents one year deal and what if Cleveland does not sit next to visit to meet next year does it matter. Because Cleveland has Cleveland could have Tyree Irving Kevin Love Paul George and LeBron James next year what would vote bought third. Even if they don't even if they won't have Paul George. Clinton's gonna when east generals say it's gonna win some can't that's what I that's I cannot and makes sense falls made sense if means he's going to be good it's it's gonna take a few years he's too young. Fine you're not gonna compete for the east and for an at least two years three years. 333. Or the numbers for a while unless unless unless he goes to charge. And bra LeBron ballet together that hasn't made up story. That was a great news that's at NATO statement I thank egg which I loved because it made tone reality in the rest of the around the horn blows those looks silly but they debated. And then five minutes later how long did that whole segment that talked about a little it was a three and don't three minutes cell chimed in on on Paul. On on LeBron going away right turns out it was a hoax account of parity count and we don't care it wasn't and I am sick anyways of airtime even detect a hoax account like Scalabrine exits I mean that I think their basketball people who think it's possible it may not be something may know for sure but they do think it's a possibility I think. These kids in school Indian ruled again and I truly not true it rolled LA di cat that maybe that was part of the fake new best friend and that's going to Scalabrine a separate story according discount bin and. You'll also have the hot recently so it's okay with it would thief swastika that was never actually paying almost a stop go stop stop stop it still happened since what seventh seventh tonight so the nightly through senate. Turkeys out today it's language very Cali and we'll get a break down Danny's pick traded innings at it again. More Kurt. Callahan Sports Radio WEEI. Here's one in my room I did I hit. I have heard of a pretty big gap between mark pool and everybody else immediately. What I think is secret that this type of point guard out it was. It would be a pop he applied what and what collectively. Felt very quickly if you make it feel you'd better not. You'd better not be more helpful to come across the world for their growth type of player because backed by the decision but it occupant you've become. That's Chris medics and also from a if each sports if you stay ahead on he would be in those early. 68 we now sixty back home but I do know that you like trivia should I let a great risk of good chemistry I should stay home and let you to do your thing here before I was yes I'd be six hours of these are sounds a lot about him I like Gary Bennett is that a teacher Monday you know I'm sure he tells Newsday we we have that we identical moment I got some T shirts around. The first Tuesday issued Tuesday at a Hillary is there one yet so are like you can you compare this to a Joseph Scarborough and guess Micah Mika I feel like you're like touching each other under the that's OK so yeah records ago. Did he get divorced from it and others I think also of course there's process and that. Lucky beard Garrett Aaron on namely divorce is real smooth sailing ahead. And and get his an arrangement that would Chicago viewers fueled go near you know coaches have confidence. You listen to pay the bills have Mary Tyler Moore and different guys I am I you know again last that that is currents they're two more applicants from the Mary Tyler Moore Show before that in which you zone. Dick and I know. Did you the chip Grachev blown blows that the disarm them. Rob yes I was yes actually I was moved picky and kind of six what's that would have accidents have been through so I retired at the cellular talk a key Dartmouth street. Yes here's what is sort of look at mechanics makes a good point if it blows up in your face. You gonna look like a fool you may never recover as a GM. But it did a commendable. And admirable that age that doesn't enter his mind I'm convinced. He shares that trade when Belichick he does not place scared there's a reason no one of portrays the first pick. Even if they don't like the player even if they think some guys who were three or 45 is better they're afraid they play scared. Aides never plays scared I know that's something you hear all the time but I believe. Sure about my against my alma media concern at that play devil's advocate here is Danny Ainge has made some. Poor choices and recent drafts made and he's made some good ones. Obviously but don't you think if you sit there. And he's swatch analyst and he decides that he doesn't love fools most GM many GMs would take him anyway. They would be in out of fear and most owners right because it traced right when it comes to some of the draft picks. You know I don't think market's smartest order to be a great player but many feel that was the question we're gonna do it right there I think Jalen brown. I didn't think was a good pick I'm wrong I think Danny's gonna be proven right which browse our we blew wick everyone pulled wake which what are you doing. At the net takers done and I think he's gonna get the last laugh on that. But you're right to be somebody with you get a sub facility was guards who are all these guys mean Avery Bradley was a good pick I don't think he's a great player he's a good player. So I Kelly Atlantic catalytic you know and you know you have the Syracuse class ability picked fab Melo out yet. Jared Sullenberger. At that didn't work out too so. Right I mean yes and a perfect. Well I never had number one exit number one but but you know the problem is is people compare him to San Antonio in the B compare the Golden State. Local state that yes there was a lot of luck involved to getting staff. There's a lot of electable and giving clay. On you know I'm green I don't think drama will be used as she didn't have those two guys but it starts to be great it. San Antonio he they've always been able to make their picks because they'd go on with the fundamental they've gone with Tony Parker they've been able to make these picks and put him in which bars. So I think it's made those picks. I will say I mean I liked the fact that he's not afraid to make the deal but I am. Trying to you hated it right away hated it and I said let's let's wait that's the way I do like the way I guess your very ranking and I. I thanks Carolina I will sizzle back will solve all Wilson agents I will say this I thought to. Who's going to be like the news the package that Chicago Bears gave up for a what's is name. She what does somebody who is their quarterback killed Robiskie that's right mystery at ski I'd that. It's clearly see Philly in this case somebody. Just lost that after fools and Ainge was going to people are way more I thought it was going to be more. They weren't and initially I thought it was more and I had the wrong tweeted this so that I am. Is ultimately what did you say what did you do now you get it wrong on the air noun and a night and Sunday. I was at a lacrosse tournament shock. Bomb why. I was driving to the lacrosse senator bats in over in Wellesley and I heard on this station I heard that the we want someone New York it's Saturday then it was standing Picard and mean it is hurt but I heard on the radio. It was. Swapping and I'm ones for two number ones in 1819 and I didn't I didn't hear the conditional part so I just tweeted out right away. Great deal by Danny is he swapped one for three gates to future of one's. And any people just went bananas on because I didn't mention that it was it's either eighteen or nineteen it's one of the last. I protected against can't be number one. It has to be between the two and 525 which it. I don't. Good chance it's going to be there right in if they don't get that they get Sacramento in nineteen right there. So I consider an I this is held that I am it's people going crazy Indian Twitter. And I just left that ultimately people. Might say it's from the accuracy I'm just gonna screw these people that think that. Like I really care. I've really scare people now like I really gave a damn what you date if I got the facts wrong I don't care. I love driving you losers crazy. I just love that beautiful Sunday people are sitting at home tweeting. I have to sit home to us all night man I get us all I was nine yen eighty yet I I hear it's a beautiful day yesterday but. But I think that. A lot of owners and they give whip some credit here to. Because even though he hates me but that's. A lot of owners who say it is no way you're trading at number one pick because I want a big night. What a big moment right I wanna sell tickets. I wanna have that number one pick wanna have that big corporate sponsor party we are not treating the number one pick for business reasons in which is that stated he was saying. And I talked to any made a brilliant move because in and I was initially would try any idea what she's saying. He can still turn these in the players and did you pointed it out Gerri. To get Jimmy Butler he does have to treat them all right prior with the picks they had in order to give Butler he probably did. Now you don't have to right now you can only tripartite had a man I do think people think I'm nuts even management some of these guys don't come around. It to be Davis I'm telling you. It's no fantasy trying. And they do really. Stuck on you call that Obama fantasy time changes. Green dream. And it's a new windows is an important you don't win at quarterback dream content library Friday it was like to satisfy her statement and I swear stayed on under early December wings who's the favorite was that that you stole the they were after the coveted and it was my own ticket I it's your signature that I don't get I will give Gary credit it was his own take it it started a big stir in and day in and. New Orleans they picked it up and thought he was like a real Celtics insider he just threw it early so Walt Disney it was Tuesday just off the old pissed off. And it's and it's weird man I love management views on who's on our show the other night and the legitimate scribes. They got pissed at me because I said. You know it's an davis' you know when we go get it through Davis cups and it's just a crap I throughout the so everybody in New Orleans is asking Anthony Davis in the GM what about a deal with Boston what about doing Boston. Wouldn't say anything to investors that angling for just act crazy as ever are gonna start my own that considers the vertical. Right they'll have their outings I'm gonna go on the read and name it the horizontal essentially we that the sanctions stash the free Trout and 50%. At the end headed to repair who edited three elect a horizontal Belarus and I think I am in horizontal and years of. This this from an air act is no I didn't think nothing. Kevin or Randy Kevin held that ESPN insider. Points out that. He picked the lakers picked as the reported protections. On the lakers pick a fascinating. My work the eight. While Boston would get the pick of related number one predicted Philly from losing the best product best prospects in the draft expected to feature. Missouri freshman Michael Porter and Slovenian superstar Luka don't tick. So we have to study up on these guys as the Celtics could take a look at Don T Lugo dot. I go to a go to notably trade but I go to Goodman knows stuff and end Kevin O'Conner yeah it as good it's been a gym rat for the last fifteen years he says the port it is like. Unbelievable lows everybody in this draft but they don't that they can't get out. Right if he's number one than its other less well that's not entirely true they do of the Brooklyn pick next year and that's on protecting that week that Portland we forget about so you that's that today Danny doesn't trade away and that Brooklyn tech that I would not part ways damper upon that he might not. We should comedians and I guess that's what he's got all the picks because once that trade the third for the fifth and tenth in the Hamlet. Dozens of first from papers this is what I do agree to pray for Butler. But what would you trade from Butler Hayward was no interest in coming here I know that's that now I've got wind that the only way you would trade form because to Butler really tree to really change Arctic and Arctic duplicates to play the same positions at all in all more of attending but Barbara wants to end his war three and again as its interchangeable this week. It depends I think a Boller is a gardening to Hayward as a form it depends on what it would take to get bothered because. In my opinion would Jimmy Butler should be in the playoffs is he's not like I thought he was rights real in a he's I thought he caved in some of those games so. If you buy it without Rondo he. Wasn't as good he's not transform and you have talent or if you have Hayward and Butler. You're pretty good it but I wouldn't it all depends what you gonna give a football there which can also cross Paul George of the list yet I don't I don't I don't want to erase that day. Who stabbed to whose whose team is on Larry games that bowlers. Oh I clarinet but stab them in the back they had their screwed they can only true in one place essentially. That for him anywhere else it's one year deal right amended to trim away. In LA why they gonna give up some form and they know they can write it again and yeah greatest acclaim this group totally screw them trading the clue for Kevin Love for you. Well what would you give up Kevin Love well Cleveland feels that if LeBron is leaving. A aegis you go for a warriors try to I did the bronze kids or they are at according to the Hollywood is something I don't believe that's got to be true if it's I was so proud of how. The Hollywood life Hollywood well that's fair confirm the average. Said I'm hands as she said school officials confirmed on Bryant hasn't oldest kids in new schools in Brentwood cal officials were kind of officials now. You can't call school officials say that he and ruled that yes he did it sure I mean you insight bright part liking and I think Hollywood lifers old bird roast bear trainees on fire will. The back. But put up the skirt can tell. Mary Lou clarified very well and I'm very well because you were Smart package under this like I know what you're rating was right when the show after the it's that would be rocker can Callahan. Yes fox Sports Radio telling you. I've been on its it Betty Davis thing or about two years that I keep shooting it down. You're reputable NBA writer she's everything. Well let you bring up Anthony didn't hear it there's something to me well there on the yes though you know we'll play my handy now we. Yeah yeah that's on confirmation. At his at his clothes on and again could not possibly like to see it is this is really good. Block. He's the only franchise player that. Would possibly be dealt and that has been my theory all along because of the fact that general and in it kept accommodated whose crushing it for the ring of Broadway. Wrote this great players those that would bad teams and it's been might serial along is that great players shoot themselves should shoot their way out of town. And that's really what basing it on its head at some point. It's an davis' gonna say give me at a new loans. And their GM and their coach of one year to fix it if they don't fix it. My opinion they could be starting over. And they certainly didn't last ditch effort bring in but he hasn't and that was training that was desperate. I was desperate look two years of our wrote this article because I was bored I had not been posted to our ten I say next products. On its Anthony Davis thing or about the New Year's Day and you know and I got I got hammered for which is fine I don't like take care. But I I I looked around it was a trade deadline and I was looking around you know who could we trade for look at the Celtics are still who will go between now and you know. Everybody knows Paul George he's good puck he's very good he's a great he go to Butler and a Grayson who you know I get LeBron you're not getting to rant you're not getting staff. I can't Westbrook. Let's look I don't think so how can I doubt it not yet at gonna get them but but. You know there's that big guy who you know Tony forwards center right New Orleans and see stocks. That's the one guy who was shot that I don't want getting treatment the deadlock. One they might training who packed room for more years under contract yes which is great. 232527. And 28 point worse than the mid every die every panic and worth every time the world's deal and just concede is unhappy. And they may be unhappy to Gerri because everything you clear that money off these start over he's Arnold get ten you can see how things get these decks. You know talk oversee get rid of the seven footer whoever's twenty points a game and they've been in the playoffs how many times within. And once once I think remain an automatic assault anniversary majors have done a horrible day tried to bring in complementary players around them like Ryan Ayers and when there hasn't worked. They've tried to draft a bringing complementary players hasn't worked. It just has not worked down there so I think he could be both now the owner Tom Benson unfortunately suffers. From alzheimer's indicates have taken over the team no I'm not saying that they're in disarray. But you have you have new management so the kids may say. It's time to go on a new direction if you talk to change about us. Now that he is he aware of the the Benson kids wanna go wanted to direct dollars I think that Danny Ainge he's been thinking about this all along. And I think that if you put gave him truth serum he would say. I hate to admit but anguish has a legitimate point. Jawad want the games does knows how many picks as if this is not I mean it is pretty now there's the next shoe to drop could be before draft is that some of these. Inequities is I think that in Chicago I do I think treading you'll eventually user for a player. He clears next year in Austin first Brooklyn first LA first of see through five write to you to have shoot top five picks right. And if not hitting it to Sacramento deals when in nineteen. Slots have sex is that verse and accept and I usually don't get the eighteen if they don't use putting anything curtain from wrong that 71. Round picks the next three years. Sevenths economic deal that's exactly right notice what thank you Jerry I think that's. And you didn't trail at like those those nine plus Memphis I mean that's a lottery pick. The cheers that and that's as when I seen. You can do like the LA first in Memphis first and 29 when he already and 122 when he read in Memphis first it was artists you. Seven plus then you my man dispersants points when he won. And it is not physicists. And you originally from Butler like you said it's still keep the Brooklyn put it just seems like change when he's does something it will be like title field that's one. Well there's a couple of examples of that working first of all Jalen brown no one thought it was a good pick in acting expect it was announced that or contaminated food bad food at opal wick and traffic nightmare awake. But we were wrong we were area I was an idiot what LeBron is jury's still now that Jerry you don't basketball you can Jalen brown is old to be a player fantastic athlete he seemed you must shoot the three EC he's had very well written he's a Smart kid thing. Known that he's got a via. Throw a little body art I've attached to as the onion neck. You attentive to what you face now let's MS thirteen you should do that polygamous thirteen that you face tattoos tattoo Tuesday. Tatis is to have Tuesday yeah I've made any out of a five wins it tattoo artist commencing stuff currently one he tweeted a picture well the tattoo on his game was household and boy has to them. While he was like pocket of people that to a set there and an arm sick. Ended act as I I would be very tiny needle hit by one taxi that was that is cricket where the good and I know it's on my name. Back it was the thinking I just relax and a data so long ago and it's like if I may it's like above my right butt cheek from coming back this stuff that's it see it from rights and super now doesn't. Penguins tend to look like he was enough votes yes or no that's why it's here. If there's it would be in my wrist this in my forum like Hewitt yes sir my usual large couple inches while hers was on her shoulders she for a crucial because of that. When you get divorced and removed I'm just gonna say I got it in Vegas the chains like Lee Trevino used to Wear a band aid concede that tunes. What am I getting divorced the deal goes I don't know his brain even talk to you now just figured eventually shall real salt hunter sensed she gets to keep the you know I gotta tie it my way tonight Fannie is the money out totally she's totally the money. It is it training after working with me for awhile I think he's realized that my wife is listening. I forget bowl on the slob. I don't pay attention I don't listen to anybody. I'm not a good coworker and I lose myself in the good husbands that same. I give it to your that I hear an apology and a lot. Talk Medicaid Cox that he could get the jet grandfathers did you get to light a great fathers do you know why because I get to pounce Justine clients that made my day cooked in beer garlic and onions. Two months of steam client where I did did bring sixteen number or your honor I don't know what it doesn't cook pretty crazy I mean I haven't unbelievable kitchen it's never dirty. What went halfway cafe is unbelievable steamed clams which you would think to have McAfee doesn't have a set like eighty now. But to have McAfee is halfway cafe well there's one right Dennis treatment town but there's one over water test when you when you get steamed clams. The kind of standard that they steam the menu or annually. Right WiMax and so unbelievable. While I have Adam in years and it was something it was of body experience quite dad and I used to every summer we'd just sit down and get a bunch of steamers that was our thing she oppression of black and but when you eat steamers that authority. Of the blotter. It and that does seem Gary parts except Britain and a and you Joost and YouTube Justin masks and she sets issued just look to me if you go if you just look like such a slob. Right now is him barter inspectorate. 20 I was and was shot that's next few states have me. You can have the best sex in the world or two pounds of steam which from the applicant. I have taken that steamed clams. Every day of the week and I tell it owns and traumatic incidentally so would direct. I'm surprised it's an area I like. This gets me off the hook. My wife is awesome to me there's no ice sometimes appears there at central time and it. You know do you ever sit and wonder like why. Yes she does issue a man I ever and. Every day for her yes she every day every minute every time she was sharp Dresser she small I see what did she catch you doing something I don't know lol I don't know. Just get flowers I think if I was really go to do an issue that is coming more money. Yeah missed a chance general. It's his radio thing takes off Rihanna guys weaving them back because I like you can actually be good about it. We got lots to get to it was a big week and we we already did our gulf Democrat Democrat. The Biggest Loser was Wisconsin Sartre and in our Erin hills and cardinals failed. Biggest winner would be Brooks Capcom and or holy Saunders would you say for the weekend. Added upper cap app then. Molly's on all the songs man that she photogenic every pictures as well. She can take I don't even know you know like which looks like and regular outings but you you can put a dress on. They. As she peers she stated our hotel of the Super Bowl and one of our producers said that every time she walked into the lobby bar. Like they lose I stop you she's super I. What exactly here's the unfair thing about it is she actually she knows all she's played golf right and she knows what she's going. And we just sit here and think she's of them and the which is a less do not give aways an adult but I. I cannot have a right out of rocks like. She's she would be justice pretty if you didn't have her skin tight dress and again I only got out like they address or does she dress yourself now know that is a fox mandate nowhere added at a fast save the Heisman candidate like kid the first years she did she were golf clothes yet that's a fox. Really that's a fox wouldn't impact of that at some point number is that what you Faxon and a breakdown you wanna get facts and we didn't talk about our facts and you can get fat if you get that extra so may he can you. We we I think we're we're playing half of them I think that's one of the few guests at Comerica says hey that incurred hasn't but I wanted to talk to try to tell him we're not talking about golf we could talk about her facts that's what's so good he can talk about anything you can think about we corrected to bock is it the wrong kept a girlfriend. Now do you think kept you think that stuff -- because he's the big man you know he's the I don't yeah I bet you I'd bet not covers a whole hair transplant and found out about it I didn't have a video of this but that Israel is no -- and he's addicted to hear her transplants. Of that one of those I don't read national football now now days and as an excerpt and he did all these things about how it runs much about himself and the weirdest thing I've heard any talk about the gay rumors. I've heard those dollars. Fifa fifties or now Alia she's I think that was Jack he's married to he's married to Musab Eisner. So he could dabble right he dumped that's why they make that's when he made you don't have that apple what is it -- make rest stops and for many violently abducted. Yeah you'd is not yet. I'll stop where you daddy you went crazy is that we not out. You will never be better than Tracy and net. It's good question good question but it's. About the sex there concern. Always on the other elements Steve McMahon. How about fear it could break breaking news ups August we have to get to do it's it is it's. A report of quarter and armed and dangerous intruder in Dick's Sporting Goods and escrow in multiple guns that is you know its assessment guns along a mall for. Problem Dix Hills like they don't sell their fifteens and sellers and they probably got I'll note that opens of Eric he thinks the machine guns for it isn't and meg and Kelly finally we have the Megyn Kelly with Alex Jones in the view. This is not gonna help you know Megan's career mrs. It's gonna hurt wasn't flight to send us and I wasn't quite Al Capone vault I am old now. Now nothing without a pond came up empty nets will get to that and more I love driving you losers crazy.