K&C - Tom Brady on how the TB12 method works for him and Goodell's extension 8-21-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, August 21st

Tom Brady on the TB12 Method and Roger Goodell's extension. 


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Joining us here right patriots Monday is Tom Brady Tom Brady be brought to you by DCU digital federal credit union Joaquin DCU. Say view Tom Mike and Andy good morning how are you. More. So how did it feel you didn't play week one he got back out there we too as simple as I get back and bite taken the field that Houston on a Saturday night. Yeah it was fine we have worked against them all week out and out West Virginia and including use I'll agree there for like you know three weeks. We had been sick in the hotel outside your but he was anxious to get out there play and the united. Play time you know certainly played enough to get out there can't deal with rhythm of the games like applaud and appreciate the ability to so. Got a chance about it score. And you know hopefully we can build on this week. Tom I know coach Belichick has raved about him DiLeo is raved about on these joint practice sessions as a quarterback as a veteran player. What do you get out of them and are they becoming more valuable than the pre season games. It's quite a bit of a value I think he commissioner. You know you'd go to ensure our team. The entire spring. And so you rarely see one ballot defense you know the strengths and weaknesses of every player playing against you know where are your match ups are and then. In you do get through early part of camp so we've had two opportunities Jacksonville Houston. I don't see where your outburst different team different match at different strengths and weaknesses are really identify the areas where we need to improve and I think that's an a real positive part of those experiences and you know I like that we knew that we've done it for quite awhile now. You know we're not really new to it but it was the first time effusive and we know that caliber player that they had their top ranked defense. In the league last year or so. Which is great and it kind of see where your rap verse the best and you know election we know. All the different things we have to work on now. What kind of feeling you get with guys you played with and Vrabel is one of on that have hung it up and are now coaching and you never feel all promenade is a big topic around here we would view but. You DC will Vrabel over their coaching these guys you play with now are out of the game and now they're trying to teach other guys how to play. Yeah it's it's done. It's very you know it's great to be able to see that I think Mike in particular was such a great player first team and you the little bit older pills so. Are there for the most part all the guys are going to be old are going to be older than me you know that I played with concerned that I am stoked by hand but I. I think he's done such a great job in his opportunity he's really taken their German he did as a player I would do as a coach and you know. He's really got those guys going he was such intellectual player you know all the ability in a world where he really. What a coach on the field and now he's really coach and other great so you're you'll see those guys make that type improvements. You know that they have is is that really credit to Mike and all that Sochi in west. Coach in the receiver Larry Izzo coach and special teams that have good relations with Billy. You know it felt. You know area and actually accused insult our last question year cycle like I know that team really well. Tom I'm always at your press conferences and it seems like the last couple years there's every time a question about your age summit to fulfill that quota but in a different way are you sick of talking about your age. Now I think it should very natural thing to talk about. You know I think that's just part of it part of that question that you get to be you know an old rapidly. You know I'd love talking about it so I never mind it it's just. And work. You work really hard you know. Kate carrier body it's you know it's your only asset for all of us all of our lives it's only you know you got wanna vote. And you know I just watched and learned and I feel we're fortunate to still. The ability locked airplane take the field at you know forty years old now and you know caught parents play a game that I love to do so it's been a great part of my career early enjoy I think this year has so much fun playing. Not only Gauthier Specter. Beginning part of camp and hopefully it. You know feel that same way into this season you know I just really enjoy the game and adult experience in my body goes Creighton. You know hopefully have reached a great performance had been able to you know he's their best I canceled my key every single week. I'm gonna fall on that because she's is something last week that it does it seems hard to believe Tom you said he could practice every day because. You don't get sore. I think most guys in their forties play around a golf they play nine holes of golf and they are sore a for the next couple of days how is it possible. That you are not sore given what you put your body through. Yeah and that's a great question and I get that you know a lot especially for Motley. You know and our relief. It's been an evolving process take out. You know twelve years you know and you know you still on. Certain things that work and you keep adding different things cigarette shipment and they all had to. And over the course of a long period of time you know my routine they've gotten. You know to the point where I'm really count towards what I'm doing I'm very efficient with what I'm doing aren't. And it's like there's a lot of cumulative decision that that out so you are wrote about it and you know I've. Coming out with kind of a blueprint. You know fraud athlete could I feel like I've. No so we are just my own experiences that athletes in general I think really wanna feel good everybody wants a yogurt and everyone watched. It certainly out they they want to work hard. So I think if you work hard doing the wrong things. You know you'd get better to it works if you work hard at the right things. You know you actually see a lot of improvement and I think it's very confusing. For a lot of athlete athletes what to do. And you start try and you know all different types of things and something like he just made no sense at all the people on because they think that it's working. What let's something that's not what something's on the east say give me example something you see did that in you know now at this point your mind that does not work that's done they should be doing that. Our. I think in general like a lot of cold therapy that I should people do in our leaders like kind of a one that's. In Sadr right now where you'd like FaceBook trying to reach her body. You know like two or three minutes at a time you know I just couldn't make a lot of sense you don't you know people try it that they liked it. You know go work but you know to be some like that doesn't make a lot of sense. Tom I've always wanted to ask you this the TB twelve method clearly works for you you may have good genetics but you've maximize those driven you've done over the years. How would you say that you would train or Alex would train. In a line many guys that may be need to have more brute strength than a quarterback need to be a little bigger carry a little bit more weight how how does the TV twelve method fit in with those needs even a guy like brown whose dabbling in it now. Yeah you know I think it speaks to not just you know football players that ever got you know I a football I think there's such variation. And body tight you have a quarterback. Where you think of where my job is action by the reform. Which are apparently different than what I. You know 300 pound linemen. You know needs to be on. It which is very different than where golfer needs to do which is very different than what. You know a marathon runner needs to do every body type is different in your after body to do different things. So. You know for an athlete I hear it's so important to train. Exactly the way that your flight and as opposed you know. I like it shouldn't be doing what a quarterback social worker and vice verse it's a different body type is different needs. You know so I think in order stimulate our mind we are like cross like that in. You know switch that work out are that important but if you've also got a catcher playing to understand what your body. Needs to view and arts and sometimes I think we can use a lot. You know where after our bodies to do you want. You know run around it cut was fortunate we train them. You know to be something very different and I think that's why you know our bodies can become very balanced in that yet bounces lead to a lot of injuries. So is it a misconception to say that the TV twelve method is just about eating vegetables and using rubber bands imply ability I mean is there room in the air for. You know defensive end weighs 300 pounds to do heavy squat and things like that under under what you guys do. Yeah absolutely absolutely and it's all against the varying degrees and it depends on what an athlete you know I don't believe virtually a one size fits all approach. You know I think you've got a really evaluate where your out of player what your needs are. You know some people are very actually straw. Now so in order to create balance I need I believe you need to create more liabilities. As some people need more shrink so they need their corporate marsh frank put. No like you see golfers. You know better trying to incorporate so much strength. And they lose their liability. And there are a lot of injury. And it's no it's not surprised in the mean mean. But also very fluid movement just like a strong emotional work you know even baseball players are swinging at the very fluid move back. And I think you need to keep the fluidity of movement. And muscles that are too tight pants are stiff. You know don't create that solidity they actually take Wafer. And you know that creates a lot of you know issues certainly were a rower. Liked me and I need to be very sort of my movements they eat out you know really great timing inspects speaks about mechanics certainly I need enough strength. In order to do my job but I also don't watch too much strength where impair my job and I think that's always the ballots. That your surgeon or as an athlete. Tommy Aaron Rodgers came out last week and said that he is adhering to a lot of what you have to say about training and getting ready is not get rid of the night shades out of his diet but he's. Saying he's doing a lot of it in fact he said he spoke to you about it how much you be spoken air Rogers about your methods and you take pride that other quarterbacks now. Are saying that we are following what Tom is doing. Well I think it's I think it's great I really think what I what I do is really going to be the nor you know in this and you know and not too distant future you know because I think. You know I'm really trying to give athletes information and and you know you'll get what I questions and approved the thing that I can do I think that's a big goal might take callable at about one. From all the people that I have learned from what does that and yes. Start. You know and you know. You can. You know received a lot of improvement. In in your own life and you know in the lives of people that you know and your kids slot. You know for me to hear the order. Make those type what they're looking for the same thing that I look at. And a lot of athletes were or didn't have the right information. So. Hardly see this that there's really everywhere like Utley and you know saw the injuries that I see here so many guys that are tired. A lot of and that being in the same thing they just haven't they're right information and they you know some may be don't have the discipline. On which this planet and yet they're our trade as well. Edit you out at this point you work hard directing I think you can continuing. You really wanna see your investment pay off the investment of time and energy that you're doing the right thing you wanna eat out. Pay off in terms of performance. And you know Erin is the united is where Russell Wilson and I've talked you know you see those guys. You know playing better and I think that's a great thing I I think that'll make for better days. You know she a lot of players with more back to experience that can continue to. Maximize they're. Let the tribe their career they can just makes for better game. And Tom are they reaching out to you we have guys like Rogers and wells who actually contacting you to get. You would your plan and what you do do you reach out to them. Well thought you know they called him a lot of it obviously and where other genes that we published work. And it set a date we hear a forty about it but if you like any veteran player you always want to help these younger players and that's just battling on the field and get off the field as well. And I had a lot of experience. You know it. Obviously on the U you know a lot of people last week that would certainly got the dew does well on the choices and make decisions that make just. That allowed to keep them but I am about to be and I think that's what it comes onto you because I'd love doing it it never feels like work. Tom we always hear the passion when you discuss this topic but I'm wondering do you ever get brushed back from. You know the team employees in nutrition as the team employees trainers the team employee strength coaches. Or other teams you know Aaron Rodgers has those things with the Packers. You get brush back from those people saying once you leave it to the experts that they may be your weight isn't the right way. Well there's always that belief I think you just have to respect other people's beliefs they like you guys figured out they can make your way is the only way that works. And I am not saying I would go out it's been this way it works for me and it's that you'd accuse. That pat you wanna go down and if you don't wanna do it no problem it's your choice. But I do you wanna get provide my experiences match you know how this all came about. He told Jay Glazer now that football is easier. For you. What was. It's a hard sport that what what's the easier part now what makes it easier now when your eighteenth season. You know I think a lot of things you know I in my life is. You know it's so center around what my profession it. I'll say it quite similar what you guys out of your life and along you do not then. You know the better you get out and eat here is sure you guys don't prepare the same way now are you prepared your first week that you were on the radio. You try to price shall know that you often temperature dual mandate. You know what you need to do are prepare. I think it just logic dig deeper into what your sport is for you what I perfection. You don't want to do it it is the more efficiency you and again I can keep our bodies on the way out the old bent. It is very enjoyable like that I had so much on this year go on not practicing. You're seeing my teammates improved hopefully we can. Have a great offense and all these are. You know yet to be determined we think we've built that foundation were continuing to build it ultimately got approved a great whereabouts were to achieve a broader group week. To really group where you're out to see you face a begets another team. And we have that rock musician so if you could talk about what they ultimately got to go to QA and you know no one really knows what an app that's why it went through in the sports that you go out you can. Really watch in. He or she were your out of and again try to appeal throughout the course that he and put yourself in a great traditionally year. Speaking of Jay Glazer you're tied and told him that he spotted you in a special teams meeting earlier this summer. Taking notes are you planning on moonlighting as a Gunner this year as a kick at turner what are you doing. We get a lot of trouble problem specialties I didn't get to pick I did everything. Back yet Rocca dropped pretty studious themselves by not politically cargo respectively. You not to be returning kicks this year right now I don't know. Our quarterback question of the week is brought to you by northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively. In men's sexual health you have the lions. Pre season game this Friday we know last time you're in Detroit. I you visit the alma mater they are given impassioned speech to the wolverines is there another plan to go back to. And our Virgo C coach Harbaugh steer this weaker at some point this year Tom. Well it's possible as we got archer order schedule like yeah I think we're a bit we're gonna get it today but I know. You know they had wanted to come by saw hope I can make that your not too far from we're we're plant in Detroit and it is fun to get back there. You know hopefully some other key date you know which would kind of concept I achieved so they're sort target gene. 00 we kick off beat. While they shoot out a lot to me that's weird but out there. Anti we'll get shot on this the report this morning that the commissioner Roger Goodell is gonna get a five year extension through 2020 for any thoughts on the commission. Being here long term for your lead. Tom thank you we appreciate it. Our guys take care predicted that is Tom Brady joining this year and he's our interview with Tom Brady. Brought to you by DCU digital federal credit union what can DCU. Say to you and the question week brought to you by northeast men's clinic he is. Passionate to say the least about all things training regiment age when you we you'd asked. Are you sick of talking about H no we just talked about a price of demons there he likes to talk about his age because now I can see it there's a business motivation there. His age is his his his billboard right. The case study. You know everybody looks at him and says if he can do it forty maybe I could do it at forty it might start doing things the TB twelve I'd better go get the cookbook in the bag and knots and the Colorado and go train in Foxborough and do all that and we got a month to figure it out but the big question I want I should've asked was is he gonna do the big hit it we get enough on the that he B twelve stuff yeah I thought today. Is he gonna do the book tour though in a group my guess would be no. Coming up a lot of things he cares about that book a lot you can tell he also cares about winning football games and head coach and not being in trouble with the head coach I think you'll be focused on football. I just I had to ask him some questions as is my first chance really to go back you don't get in a press conference you one question may be and I. I have been a little dubious of the TB twelve method and the idea was she said that great. I insinuated enough with the he's a quarterback and get hit a ball and I'm Bible he's sort of liable he's skinny he's everything that. A lot of linemen can't. And that's why I want you know how do you treat alignment you can just tell linemen to eat avocado he's gonna weigh 315 pounds and squat or fifty. And be able to block JJ watt. And I still am lacking details on how exactly they were those work. In all we will find out we will come back who'll lie you'll want glad you button hooked and at the end there. He's right he's right you learned over the years and do your job better what do you get asked about the commissioner with the first question because it ruins the whole interview you wait till the last question and end on that I've won on. Sooty thought about the commissioner ought to give us some very good answer them yet played. All the country today we'll get a break welcome back away late my heart in for a Kirk injure. Please.