K&C - Tom Brady on clinching his 8th trip to the Super Bowl 1-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, January 22nd

Tom Brady on another remarkable fourth quarter comeback. 


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Already interviews brought you by house would Decatur. Northeast electrical distributors DCU digital federal credit union book and these UC if you. And northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively immense sexual health pom droids does each and every week on good morning graduation I don't. More I guess who else will start for you to the game itself we'll start with Tom's we all heard about were talking about it. At what point during the week did you think did you think there's every chance. Wednesday Thursday to weren't gonna play this game. You know wasn't sure really wasn't Wednesday it happened and now one thing about it that wasn't sure. Religious creed you injured practicing. You know. It didn't look at different look bitten and fortunately. You know first. And in practice took some time off Friday it is a little bit more and unthinkable. So a lot better on Saturday and they yes I was able can do it easy to do so. Yeah them. Yeah I mean everyone. You know everyone deals with injuries so. It's just part of the season part of a year and you know just a timing and where exactly it was was part not the best and will for quarterback. Knows what it is. He did it ever get aggravated it took a shot from. Jack at one point who came in full speed and alleges seems like your. Your hand was involved in that or did it adrenalin get you through were you feeling no pain. I think it was it was a is a game melodic got better and better and better so I thought about less and less so I was happy about that I'm home. He insists. It's again not a great place for injured or quarterback. It is you know kind of is what it is and it won't be a prominent couple weeks which really have to. Thought ten stitch is that right. I think it was twelve point. It's your sister group is just brilliant cut and. Yes it's a really good to. It's not say how sorry sounds so fluke you know right so you're basically handing off to to Birkhead and practice and what that helmet just collides with a thump. You know we just ran into each other and my son just got them back it was in the commoner reasoning to. You know kind of got got them back that's why close a lot works and you know the doctors who have checked we do know that things just kind of check on everything and fortunately there wasn't. You know the damage it normally comes associating with cat so I think we're very lucky. You must have been almost hardly a thing given that what you you know how much you prepare like you're ready because obviously your business but they used specifically. At that point on the eve of the usage of your game on Wednesday night you must be flipping out now and what's your mood how you handle that. I was pretty you know it was pretty stressful and I think our shortstop that is. And again you know you drive home you get all the stitches in the name of the place it's. Yeah you're driving home when I got home at some place it is and how. And that's an analysis and action practices and it would look so I don't know what's your local. So you don't you get them out Wednesday and good to go correct. Yet I think in some are open sometimes it's sometime this week and at that point you know can't because I was fortunate not to tearing ligaments that are. Or anything like you know there was a Coke and bones and you know that was probably to most. And that was obviously doesn't like it over here based on. You know what we which target could be and then we just found out that it wasn't. In and you know and that being yeah. You know a lot of good luck in our country pretty. Unlucky injury to turn out be a lot of good luck that it wasn't more serious what. You know Kirk and I airborne pessimists most people knowing our board pessimist but when you're. Ten points down in the fourth quarter I have no doubt on your coming back I have no doubt you're going to be at least in position to win the game. Is that how you feel is that how the guys in the hoe feel like no big deal we're down ten we're home we're gonna win this. I wouldn't say it's you know I think there's no coffins and based on you know. The situation as sitting in profits from a couple things from experience. And then just from the one that you believe in the guys. And I think Archie had experience. You know this year we've been down we're going to be in Houston. Little unfortunate Carolina and came back impacting. Before they went got an extra week that we provide in. Mean just game content from being Barton and I think all that's a lot of cocked to one another. And a you know itself was brought that was you know he's a big part of our offense. The other guys the other guys just rallied in step do we needed to do make the plays they championship type play that career but it won't. It felt like momentum toward Everett is delicate it totally changed the feeling in the building I don't watch on TV could tell if it just felt different after the third and eighteen play with and dole them what three or four plays later you get again for the touch out feels like that third eighteen play. Was just enormous. Yeah most of those huge thing and you know he needs for. An immediate term in nature. And you know we are losing minutes. You know which plays you're gonna make that's gonna release coming in sight everything and you know that was one of those please note kind of got sacked him. Backed up and then you know being made an incredible catch and have played in the it all night meeting. Sponsored incredible catches that it will Politico quote play Creighton. You know. I thought the line did a great job block him and disagree char one victory and going gets one best fronts. You know we faced all year. You know we hung in there we battled them. It ultimately came on top. It when grunt goes what changes I mean obviously you use your best weapon in one of the best players ever play the game leaves it feels like. It's got to be demoralizing but you don't have a guy Dwayne Allen can't like step in and do attempt to do what Prague does Kenny think it down the field. A grown those. I think we'll go to burden compared. You know aside speed Petri yes. I mean so clutch. And you know it it hurt when he goes out absolutely does and. When he could charm containing particles and confidence. And couldn't look kind of critiquing those elements of a lot of personal opinion we never. You know cold and I you know when. And you know there's just there's just stay. You know one of those one of those games and you know just. So that we can wanna talk and so happy you cannot open cute cute in that allows us. Known. Or. Since you last week Jerry disagrees that settlement babies right and I don't think anybody's got morbid past dispute and and Google senior in your career that was around longer but yeah I'm only so I don't yet has been around longer about I don't think I mean. The guy's been in big spots unbelievable the touchdown catch yesterday it was incredible to do that did you have to workload at that high was that was that an accurate throw did you did its sale and a little. Only after. A commitment. And the moon on the birther usual comparable high on the back and are there problems political obviously. We're committed to conclude parties under look back at the end of sorts and they're. It's rather hard as you just never given defense which and so we talked about I throws on the on the. Back and line no effort each and I think those guys no wouldn't expect it. And you know the fact that the any clues as closely works for them to background. And they to catch them that in order to get. So down Homeland Security catch you later. You know just left no doubt in people's mind was put in credit so he's got incredible and incredible body. We're missing and body control and I maps make a lot of great catcher but you know it could and hand. You know he really showed everything you know last night. And the punt return so Greg played better that's clutch too good he was thinking in when he went deep amount by two in the they poisoned call that was him but how do you have an appreciation come for how much. The rest of America is just heeding this I mean. They used to say Larry Bird that he loved the win but he liked to watch you lose you like to beat you more than he liked to win I think similar things have been said about tiger. You look to you do you relish the fact that the unit about probably 300 million Americans tours Haiti and the fact that your going back and on the suitable. I on the inactive in the shared you know just. You'd probably look to see that the people who than other people your chances. You know I take this every year's been different in every year there seems different you know Rasheed and Gifford and noticed she murdered and so. You know people like that that's been in you know. That's their prerogative they do that they want Britain you know to make it just follow just Sheen. From. You know this is incredible incredible these women. And you know. Yet whatever people want it is filed yet as a matter what they want your serve or against us eat I know. This stadium last night and they returned plows are currently all Rex Crumm consume gluten. You know I just think about all the support rallies we left the stadium to recoup about super cool would lead you to them the kind of support you're not going. You know that's that's all we need so it's it's pretty special. He yummy we ask you stuff like this I guess all the time but do you ever step back after the game yesterday I think I am going to claim might be. Super Bowl nobody else has played seven you're gonna play in your eight Super Bowl you go check you know no coach caught QB combinations played more than four. Eight Super Bowls and basically sixteen full seasons as starters. Obviously unheard of. Yeah I mean I didn't know what to say to that niche. It's it's just been me incredible support during the year and I couldn't do without a lot of support and I got. You know my wife my kids. My western couples who like all of our wise picture taken home. And it just freezing have to think about things. That you can about work. Mike stand in my parents and sister are thrown out of my teammates and coaches. Nothing's achieved obviously didn't this. Work done nothing could ever be achieved from you without ever ones. A lot of support so apparently I reflect on and that's what really creeps in Jerusalem last. The best. Of them carrying it. That marks the Booker to make their little girl. It's even back page in New York Post says the worst Super Bowl ever paid to his vs Eagles. Is a New York fans and nightmare. I act as a I guess so. So. They made their computer course burger so it's a group of people in New York edition we're certainly to actually. I never a mythic a full this is closely as anyone I didn't think about Minnesota being a special place in your heart into that post game interview on the field. But obviously your grandfather passed away their correctly and and your mother came from somewhere around there. Yeah my mom grew a couple hours. It is kind of in central Minnesota and a small town cult car so. And my grandparents lived here my grandma died of multiple sclerosis you know quite a few years ago. I was in the nursing home and my cripple the former. News that Gary farmer and a lot of 2000. In any form corn. So every year we go back in the suburbs and creeks and you'll like it took action in the summer right which occurred. I'm Margaret solar and build the 2000 craft. And you know just kind of kind of reform and it was a great it was a great experience for me it was wanted to also wanted to go to our police. You know felt a connection in Minnesota and you would be fun can and so you know might my uncle's here my cousins. We're just back from last year my craft of gasoline at a and it's just it's a great place so. It was as simple factor in last time we played Minnesota or a lot of Stanley. And expenditures and we sell. It would be like a lot of great supporters of Minnesota to. Did you get a chance. Talk to grunt after the game. No I didn't see them in which he was he particular laughed when I had met with so. Just in the world about. And we ask you this every year what do you tell all the young guys new guys who haven't played the Super Bowl what a folk. Stephon Gilmore says you know Tom what's most important thing is as he's ready to pack compared to Minnesota where did. Well it. 300 acre oil and it's like we played all year that's not that I think this. Everything around in the built in that whole other level got a consortium with those couldn't go to concur. Com our current co director of the current government. Can't be focused and and you know you can be and has focused its. Didn't beat. Because it income corporations. And lenient and you can. Well suffered on com. You know you gotta you I don't think there's a big week this first is try to mend group. Kirk of people who kinda ready to go would go. All feel so content there have been. In could come. Home in preparation and then. Google here to look at the clock. Our Tom we'll talk to you we'll talk to you next week as you get ready for the Super Bowl and a congratulations again. Creighton worker here.