K&C - Tim Hasselbeck on the Patriots comeback win 1-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, January 22nd

Tim Hasselbeck joined Kirk and Gerry to discuss the Patriots 8th trip to the Super Bowl.


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Low shot into the portal. There's about what's important steps up. Throws to the right side. Great putt like Gilmore essentially closed. They ran out the symbolism run close the game. Our conversation Tim Hasselbeck has brought to you by New England found the drugs that we can joins us right now what's going on him. Where. We're big takeaways from the game two or three takeaways that stood out. I'm. You know I thought that unity adjustment that. You know kind of a win would do in terms of how they call their passing game. You know them protection wise vote until the beginning of the game. Or the community game protection could be issued special inside. And upload them you know between you know this kind of prepared for action where it back out in the passing game. You know helped them which I think in terms you know help Brady and then. You know adjusting our guests you know that your display that sound and you're right about the play Gillmor makes me and that. A tough. Route to cover when it is this symbol on main coverage that would cover the war on main coverage with a guy running deep crossing routes. Mean that's you know that's one of those plays where you can have a lesser receiver yet to really your corner and just get it opened just by the nature crowd Parker just. Chase somebody across the field and land football. While in a terrible for a while portals also you know that play you don't like Gilmore true Republicans started off season much worse than it did. You know Kyra this is our executive pretty good example of and the patriots have always been you know me guys that you can get things figured out there fixed at some point in the season. To be playing better later in the year. They. Tim the in the first half play portals had a terrific have to make any mistakes too jaguars were looking pretty good but they get the ball. On their 25 yard line with 55 seconds left to get two timeouts and they take a neat. Does that matter to get affected luck scores. Aaron when you in the locker room and the guys stand. Oh we turtle in here we are playing scared. You can bet that the baker what you're king. Look at their fingers is clearly led by their defense so I don't think you know that situation. You know would would be complement our other guys I. Where I saw that changed a little bit. It will. You know there's about eight and a half minutes left in the game. And and other then all of them simply that they were to pull off you know couple soccer gear like at that point. You know. To me I think when you're in that situation. You get the same. You know where they may have made that last picture you're hoping that the clock move just out the possibly cam. You know there's a reason they call format and hope that you know they'll call and a half men and all that is the former at all that when you're trying to run out the clock and so. You know I think they have a position they eight and a half and then you know just inside six minute doesn't let their that you you know roughly around where those. Possessions start. And there are real concerns. Are well. Or what what one well more teams learned that doesn't. All the way through mobile teams learn I guess particularly its patriots that's not gonna work. Yeah I mean you're playing not to lose and it just doesn't that doesn't work we said we've seen teams that we subway to do we sent Seattle do we saw Jacksonville yesterday doesn't work. Yet look at IV I agree with you I understand the reason you do with it certainly looked. You wouldn't order a pet trip try to just trust our best unit and well we're trying to trust or best unit we you know pictures don't have crawl in it's. We'll I think that part of your own in Brady's gonna get arbitrary. Trade in the should. But you know I think. In the process before in the post season and I think that people need to give Josh McDaniels traders he deserves. For her some of their creativity and the risks if you take it and post season games went quite our. You are prepared and play great I mean he goes to the double passing goes the police flickered out Brady makes it currently Flickr that. Truthfully like. That it currently installed commitment to make those calls in that situation. The open not easy call to make for your weapons coordinator especially. Which you head out you know the greatest quarterback of all time you know in the game to be thrown passes. You have other guy to throw the football in some way. Mean it. That's not something that easy to do and you know I think in both cases not secure the ball ball on the want to get both chasers and it was kind of a jumpstart that also. Do you did you watch the game that ESPN. Oh my did not you know it is could boomerang X ticker. We're doing it well primetime. Let not a. So you know I'm heading out to do any of these shows. I assume that room have like black bunting on the slopes studio and the public black arm bands is very tragic. A for ESPN is because they are easy. Really want to pay to see that on the flames. Didn't look like. You. I think it was you will tour stories you may have tweaked something about you know kind of I. Maybe that. I know they're the history and stuff but we're live via Shannon and you guys so I say that and I'm certainly not you know. Bombed that where we're talking about the pictures to battle. You know what Jacksonville doing my brother works is company. Same thing pressure he picked New England when the game. You know I don't think. Friends. Come across as anti patriot whatsoever but I don't I think they're like it very. Is very national feeling much like you know people probably thought about the Yankees at some point middle look at the hole. I'm astonished I was so I question I was sacked him that it is the most hated team in US sports history can't think of a team were. Consistently or more people rooting against them and it's gone on for a long long time and I mean I realize you wouldn't and you brother me you know obviously your father played for the team but. What do Bo Ryan Clark what about you know Mexico element or about Janelle hail what about the whole crew on. Like around the horn I mean they want this team could go way. I mean I don't know I think there are some people who. Again like. They've been collecting yankees they're gonna light pole let it like. I think there are some stringer out there and then in the capture of those people that. You know maybe. You don't work in the B industries that. You know they were Tampa somewhere I'll quickly you pick Ryan Clark is Ryan Clark wanted to beat. You come across as pro patriot. Tedy Bruschi like no cards but liked. But don't you think could come across as. Is I think I think I think I mean you're mining it's it's only he's he's almost sold Pope pro patriots it and then he goes the games are worth the shorts I think it's embarrassing myself yet. About I I think the differences but I think this is sort of widespread belief that people used to get together and say. What's from the pages on that's the case to me it's more of I think people. It ESPN really hate trump and they really think Boston's racist city so there are people there who continue to bang that narrowed down what the deal with the next two weeks that's I think. Yeah and look and in Lipton and then in that stuff. Look I'm not a lot of pins shows where that still comes up at the best thing about that in the past you've got the bet you wouldn't doubt that task. And look I'm not I. I just took me about parting is that. What I guess I'm sort of a football perspective. I get which is saying about their particular but there are some people that. You know like in the you know to pick it down all the other. The popular trend of you know it took about fifty I got there it. I'm not a part of that I mean you know and you know what I would certainly put back in their art whatever arms you know who can't show occurred however what I do. Yeah Apple's next week. I'm be in studio. You know for the Super Bowl will immediately after triple altered. Kind of a prison time. You know when I think you're going to start showing video game to a lot of folk can't stoked. You know that'll be there for. A full virtual video. I'll talk to next week and sounds good thanks to. Art got I'd seats and Tim Hasselbeck joins every week.