K&C - A rough afternoon for Tony Romo; The Patriots are losing all their assistant coaches 1-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 3: Gerry and Kirk talked about a rough afternoon for Tony Romo. 


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. The first that he. Number one offense one we'll it was a great year thanks to all of you guys it was a great way to win that championship game was also. See you next year. Perfectly said no sounds Nowak had that these color US and yet you. Quite duplicitous or if he's from make fun of them Romo we talked about this earlier. Somebody told Rome where you're right that it's funny when you wacky trying to be yet so rilya person every single time before personal every player romo's biggest play of guys career. It's sector it's. Here we go. I don't want and that puts the sound effects were in a little TDs. But it was a chemical roll over on you when you already. Just kept making noises and Nance said he's shown up in the real issue would send as he was just don't you know what's going on Ramon knows exactly what's going on. In fact he anticipates plays as well as anyone who called were as good at that too. As well as anyone on what's better than Romo. I would disagree he doesn't do his do the dumb stuff which I like I. Should I you don't like that I cannot make enough I do not a guy Romo almost funny squeeze out a fund guys fake problem. Well done and that's where you really. I will say this wasn't his finest games neither. It's usually very observer nor. Romo pointed out that Jack miles check. A was not touched and got that that fumble away. That should have been in Jacksonville touchdown they got caught up bigger cities arresting bear cub in the confusion of the plate they really did and the ball was out we could tell balls out then you move on to did he touch Jack and we've seen if you replace. It doesn't appear that he didn't if they did not blow the whistle to only seventy they would have brought that back of Belichick to the red flag that's 2710. Jacksonville legal injection Wednesday came you know what I would say at that point displays of intent I would say may be out and have my doubts and never. Thought the pick who's gonna lose nets. Even after Graf quit down and think they could lose it. Fall. He did get we knew they'd gotten after the first played ridiculous on Austria after it was but you never see a player but you know but honestly of the refs just didn't blow who was highly doubt they didn't have to you know they could have been not proactively could have been linked to set you back. And said we'll see what happens. And then you know if we called a touch some boats circle for the red flags in the custom he did not. Point 710 Jacksonville wins most likely when I heard maybe I'm wrong pick her Nance or almost say that. Cooks out of bounds either. That they ought not listen it was a question I'm calling to begin with but it officially before wild bounce probably go bolts in appearances were stupid these are good corners who have add who were where there was supposed to be only a had. Cookie that come cookie. Had cookie box out of the play but ran a good position where you can are just kept pushing you can argue that you could argue that call I think you know I think adding it was a PI. But the graduate and it was obvious but it was also stood spirited look at again I'm not sure they complete the pass. Because the end maybe not it but if you hit come you definitely get the flags he knew what this I mean he's a rookie. Jones' rookie. Second year. And as a scout first team all pro whose great. Absolute stud but he. Pulls him when he didn't have to just Ramsey's second and he didn't have to you know he didn't have to yank Mike that he did it. And the of that strength those two corners that hurt them yesterday but. A suit the other thing to Romo did and advanced it is didn't question Blake portals in question all the jaguar that's 55 cents or almost half almost society it is not exact question he endorses it right away. Because it at union springs up. Romo's has not yet yet situation casual did not say I'm not sure about this it's a good question and answer is at least a conversation I mean I was my conversation. I don't know the other thing and they spent very little time on this there was an issue on Twitter Richard Sherman chimed in other guys on the players. Barry church's hit. If you look if when brought comes to his senses and is probably like today or tomorrow I think he'll be fine I think you'll play them and it wasn't like. He was knocked out cold I don't know. Obviously not slowing at a goods while we could conversation two weeks she's right bribery but. Bronco when he comes to a sense is going to say thank you Barry church is when he was knees taken out a Pollard and and blows me. He he. Wished. That they could go high when you said that who Larry FitzGerald said he would pay the fine of DB which some much of something I've had a couple years ago tiger with a one as yet. And bar charts and thank him buried at church said if I go low a dirty. Who like Ohio I'm a dirty I get a pedal have a Beagle in the middle. That's get run over that's right did you go to the middle on a guy who 6667. To seventy. You're gonna get hurt on or or he's gonna gain ten more yards right and by the way he's gonna catch the ball. He dislodge the ball the ball was perfectly thrown out of the it was necessarily dirty as it was in the moment and it did happen to get home at the helmet now priced it's a notch or how you avoid that if you're better Richardson my point. I guess. His plan before we don't know what they need to consider that there are people let it go. So flat so. So I guess if you go in between and you go like shoulders and arms first and kind of don't leave your head. But that's not what you that's not insisting it shelling cross linked him literally cannot win you can't win. And I think in on crawled will be glad that Turks can go low cause he was in that vulnerable position where it could really. Done some damage would be gone lol these puke Russia skin. Yes I hate you so after school temper such a massive pink with you do should school massive. Where is that what Twin Cities of bills fan was taken some solace in the fact that that world lost they hate that right here somewhere. Of the buffalo buddies he's a DD and obviously been able hate about late commerce undefeated like he's a bills right. By by rocky dirty thought he tweets. Partisan undefeated this light so on I would see him it is it is if your if your older and you. You know you're a lot trickle on your. Your fat heart attack arm. Could be seen that way I mean I wouldn't say that myself I would vote. Everyone liked Tim Russ to understand was ankle and an entry like if you treat you so but does that give you answer yeah excel public's help so he was that's obvious he was glad grunt got hurt in musical admiral laughs from maturing within it was a tough day for bills fans tough day for a an analyst who a New York fans in general and real efforts across tried to paralyze. It was a choice she the kid's name is pretty obvious what vote right tree Davies between himself I think as well. But yet GD he said he tried to paralyze paralyze that was a goal yes. Oakland at a price cars and a few misplaced by bike on dirt dog. Which is a toll cheap it like he deserved every pucks going to the Super Bowl that loop he. His time and those are good representation of America it's just misery eight. Patriots hatred all of this leg elect Jason Lott and for a and that's we forget all the time you try to paralyzed straight white smiled about it afterwards. Smiled. Remember the smile out of a bad moment for but you Parma and we got into question come before we always declines. Always six was I mean he's only you only get an elegant anywhere in light of his name right halfway. Now let's say product element probably and that's will be seen cheap enough Curtis afar but I liked him to Russian degree terribly like them like this book actually. Whose dad like Bill Clinton's big Russ and a great book. My dad my dad to some try to be nice if maybe it's karma dagger cancer if you like to that's true when those all coming together full circle. But but I am unsure Gerlach will be. Playing in the super bull oh works to get another test today than on the one moral the windows like in a Mac posted a world has changed even. 34 years on the quote lock his back and it just to play the ball around to maybe a series which is a good thing right Gerri it's a good thing Kurt yes it is but this. Can't imagine again this could is it was gonna miss suitable only a true. I'm an unfunny tweets human growth would be pass and cut contestant arrangement again stupid he can step up to. But radio wit and we it's tough. You know people around the country are grieving their hurting right now it's like in tees and Alex rumored be like. Elect the moral 9/11 what's in the news. Boy oh boy away where it's as well well I feel I mean people are hurting in the frustrated and I don't care what. Second bye week in Vila. Tim Hasselbeck says it in and is the end their grieving and you know they're they're hurting me and say. Tim Hasselbeck biased and always I think. And some aren't they can help you Tedy Bruschi and he has count count count he quietly worst player. Not really me but yeah every day is there's not a real analysts early reporters return balls like he chose of these pages into the Bruschi shared on these and craft box is mad Iverson wants evening shrimp cocktail Bob Kraft it's an issue. It's by about two HI eurocard for Brooke because he makes a good point plays well I think John's in the coat that John. That is why they to think about the market number one. You know everybody knows are to beat and everybody knows but he can't be defended. What does that really mean that you got to cheat. Sue to stop them but the other thing is. Kind of honestly sort of threw tonight. Achieved by the ruled the way the rules are built right now Roger would you say make it almost impossible to that attack the Broncos yes why would say he did what he had to do we have a mine. Any dislodge the ball and he knocked clock out of the game I would say it's a very productive it drew was worth the fifteen yards. Well my my problem is that. Gee I you know what we'll all play an injury well we'll just say first sake of argument that is not intentional but after the that Adobe is called. They're all celebrating. The big guys knocked out of the game seriously injured and I just ever. Well I'm not big fans celebrating the head into the green and it is kind of danced overgrown who's clearly. Clearly win that point. Mean but you know what the celebrated reply now it's it's every tackle. In every incompletion there'd dance and celebrate them it's just the way it's. Played now I think. You point out five years of program misses or ten years ago who promised to place. The Jackson object was don't get a penalty and they are celebrating you send to celebrate his bats football that's. A great hit wicked good guys drop your I grow up and that's they attempt to see Steve I want to do that game. Amid capital time it was the goal when you were Harrison was decent fox that was you go hawks right I'll do anything to hurt guys or boat you know being them. And to dislodge the ball that I was you why you were in a in leave it hit too hard a today what. I I would agree with people rooting dissipate that's one reason one thing would make me root against that James Harrison who's a rotten human being lives that was. Any such. Such approach in working 6:12 this morning tweeting out pictures of them a lifting -- to handle both ways change you can't pretend you don't know anything not paying attention and say the commute the tweets like it doesn't work little ways to read their chest today you know that beat guys like god he's already working now though he doesn't know he's even though they're playing in the Super Bowl cute little and he had tweet a picture of himself. With his two sons and if you look close it's you scars on the face of the candidates here almost makes fun of components and you know that's not that's not really there ought to know that some plastic here 'cause the people root hero because I mean the people bully particular 4050 times. And they we're gonna X acute the pimple but you are receptive he saved it right thank god to cap a couple times. So your side and you can really take. The wreckage had warrants way. Plus now how to yes yes the jaguars can keep a close and watching us going got it going to all bets Jack was in keeping close some commonalities in the when my wife for. And be all laughed at 2720 out of you wedge over email to secure woman he wins it seemed to me like it's a deal that seemed to get to pick the manager Cecil yes it is would you pick. Probably but it's not illegal best. Don. Except Wednesday it while it's FaceBook lives. Remained jailed in the way he's going in going to Minnesota and do that and six pages by fort. Definitely and probably a bit too is unbelievable where we were wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Polling we've known. We use points we point spreads here to be fair dead wrong and all those people who said it rejects the world winner because they were right Rima was right on the money on mobile portals wrong with the game wrong totally wrong. Wrong. And general plus and one minute I pick them but I want the vikings that was kind of disappointing Olympic vikings yeah. There were kind of role and yes that was a little for too as. Somebody pointed out the last week that was the the vikings those like the ultimate win that is no. It's human nature have a letdown after that that's I guess for their chance to awfully hard have a let down when he when he goes suitable in your in your it's not his intention to run seven nothing they scored the first so intense that it happens it just happens innately. Does so it happened within a forty year old quarterback trying to chase fungi. Jeffries who. Powell Jefferies Alec Alec Jeffries Al Sean Jefferies. And you get Terence Newman Todd Jeffries are trying to chase him down that that is. Doesn't appear to be good matchup in my opinion ram football guy. Bad matchup. Bad move by the vikings know the number Rome Mon nit pick them. I mean. Do you think he met he mentioned the offensive coordinator for the jaguars enough. And Paul Hackett can mean the defense of the quarter wash aria is kept saying his name Washingtonian is next genius washed will be right wash wash wash. Ever the guys yes you do and you like drama like him through these fine if he's got this in in in. In same group as well. Everybody's great quarterbacks great outscored is great the coaches are great this guy's great great great great great great great great but the two coordinators for the patriots have already taken jobs their head coaches sounds like coordinators for the Jacksonville Jack was he was predicting I guess will be the next hot guys who thinks the tax which of course office of corners a new job somewhere in the but this so this week will be Jim Schwartz writes what's he's in the Philly correct. Right yes people those kids the big all right just slowly closed the one that turned Carson Wentz and we'll Ford job. Arizona let's diocese have been forced to write all the way what is he can get some face time they showed Patricia antenna on every show we can play. Prime floors happens to like walk in front of the camera once in awhile but. Usually mcdaniels and and the Patricia every play. But you're right John. BCA deeds gene is the quarterback coach in a real hot commodity. To be coordinator for a young guy. And Schwartz CIA. Belichick disciple of the Belichick trees for its quarter and you can hear a lot of mobile for those guys share. As it's kind of thing we do now we kind of really. Emphasized the coordinators. When you you know announces do it analyst who that's what they do that they give all the credit world record news yeah well that's it that's not that's new name is sort of new years that I've never seen a coordinated his face on camera will myself to do a lot more yesterday and almost an hour and a purpose ever heard and I've seen the current economic Islam has ticks like that Saddam you have heard anyone talk about wash which is now home. I was I was last in walks and a glass of beard that kind goatee thing down passes yeah I'd never seen just kept mention I'm G a brilliant he's yet but he's not in the job right. It's too late now ought to wash on wash yeah. I don't think so unless. Arizona. Unless there's some two on an album I guess that's at the Madrid is going to India and rage got the Tennessee job you know because in the security. Patricia has got hired as if bush is gonna be fat has had back was in the beard Detroit venture yes she Patricia laying on the feel like two hours after the game was Kidman's wife I mean obviously it's his last team. As a patriot in Netscape to lead in that stadium but he was extremely emotional and he's just like a bullet in the Patricia likable guy easing to a great job based on almost nothing that I usually do a great job because I think McCain is gonna flame out. I don't I don't like the owner I don't like the quarterback like like he history. I it's gonna be attended bad easily ops or the patriots like three I think and I think with the all the conforms to the the next Belichick the next brilliant mind the next wonk and that has to be Patricia. Because think of it. He he you know he earned his way he doesn't have a father of coach I don't think by the equation to play you know how much of the Belichick that's a question that it's a good question but you've heard him speak once in awhile. He's Smart as hell yes we're in this he's a rocket scientist to know that he has a great tour did not know until it's over.