K&C - Ron Borges is a horrible journalist; Trenni praised Mike Tirico 2-9-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 9th

Hour 2: Ron Borges got exposed and Mike Tirico is being praised by female reporters at The Olympics. 


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Its current and Callahan. With Kurt commit an act and Jerry Kelly. Sports Radio WEEI. Board is as accurate news stories that or Ron Borges is really the story. About it Tom Brady and his plans to wanna get paid like drop below him. That. He would be willing to sit out of camp. In order view there's definitely an offseason activities right right to OTA's success specifically irate so. Eight in what is the deal on this is this considered this is considered bad information. That's true looks like yet it sounds like it's some of it was were we're once again. Hearing that saw. Yeah GB agent. Rich is out I'm a part. I'm shocked. Howard stepped up. Yeah that did that add that I have that I got. Kirk Callahan. Exposed him you YouTube morons you got back you do your thing I like prevalent allegedly beaten all the time you're neighbors and look your best friends looking forward dinner on Sunday at him we have dinner percent. For you and Freddie I. Coming with us right now I don't pretend to know I know he's one of the best friends that is under president Q we've had some listeners telling us that we need on a friend's house not opt out. I want that courage surely forever and up a bit of a. We know get a cut the segment before that when they discussed his facts yes which by the way is to your point might you have to ask to be somebody birds and their two. I'd we've just got earlier. There's no doubt like your show Agassi goes on. So if you're bird yet disabling this isn't really if you ever get the brains so released questions before we go along his back and that's she got off a great story. Doesn't make any sense. In his we've exposed Ron Borges if you just tuned in. And it's complicated way to the back in front herald's all over the place. Sports reported that Tom Brady's gonna hold out let's get to Jimmy grapple contract he tweaked let's get to grapple contract he's holding. Well we found out that they a minute fan cal fan a fan of the show nick opportunity used on you got forces phone number texted Borges back and forth. And convinced him that and his retreat object between you know that they used on you distances or. Brady's prepare to sit out all lost season team activity that's a gets a new deal with the pro money similar to what you need that's. Nick our listener pretending to be Don porch is sounds like any to write a column today. Ron nick slashed on. Up you old friend. It's chef you probably haven't by next week's I have now is a question that I should happen now yes I do writing as we speak shift the dot. Vick doggy go at a showdown with the FBI doubtless just tell you nick just scent called and same. Borges keeps calling him trying to talk to him about the media outlets who call us. Oh what could is that due nick is evil means wonderfully evil is like you. CP and he didn't see you when despised as a government hands like Christmas and you know eastern here's uprisings like Andy Kaufman thing I'm actually connect it the whole fall commerce and Laura that's good question that's true that you prove that you weren't neck and we have done many and it's coated Curtis to selected and nick spoke with sentences correct yes. We've done many things here we've ruined Ron bourses career patriots lovers and Ron Borges haters I'm one of them onboard some debates when it was. I like because boards always been addict and he always treat me like he's he's bigger than that I am Kyra I was like well. A wrote I would say yeah rehearsed over dot. Why this story still on the front page there'll what that question until I'm 1720 year old boy. The threat of sport I would only three and made mistakes slick little mistakes I would call the editor like at 6 the morning and head concede got to fix this for me notes yes. He's not there and always a nice Greg is a really nice guy experts we should we read Rick we've reached out to shut him speak. In Norris. It's it'll be done shortly Enron's weed out his phone number last January with a call me with his cellphone number on there so anyone who was also the time they. Pat equity reaction you're either rob or. We do and he's favored by you do them a favor by exposing this so early now they can take it I apologize and move on. If you waited like eight or nine it would have been around the globe and would have been everywhere. You know all that's shall we. We do what we did that's right yes we did some McCain was we're we're what. In his Brady's feet and I say perking Callahan can give them credit had about I. Old diary system our they were hurt did say that name on race. But by the back. No no and then and then and then per gallon and Jerry. Percent half of credit from this project a guardian or 3% excellent predict that I'll give Curtis. 2%. Margin myself and 95%. Up as being part of it gets more than two predict on this is only artist gets more than it is only is Vick doing this. How much credit do you give nick. I know ripple percent to. You can take all the credit you'll across our borders except papers he deserves all the credit world. Israel have a way to go on let's talk to Mike and a card like this is important for the Dickey in the past. Always been a little bit of a few short speaks down to me right it is no reason don't we should beat down Chris Kirk bell god. What's up Mike weren't. You can't connect looked like on the yours spoken what you share. It's good quiz question its current tied or just a great lesson today it all personal screw blood yes great job. And I thank you appreciate that you're right thank you very much. Q what you've been very good I would say it's sometimes one month you can you can be to pour millions and hurt you could be Jew by one source of edited what's he gonna report and usually can be won easily duped by once or that's hours for example if someone suggested from the globe that Tom Brady got bit by dog you might believe it. As someone else in the global Brady was divided. He was right that was factually correct ages at the time and little but a couple years couple. At least our squad. Nick and and in my favor puns would call Norah what it is what is Michael nor prince gunning. Let's go to Jared brown our eyes and I wanna after that we've we've big breaking story line one OK okay let's have Jared. Told Roger like you're not every stock that your efforts well you could be IQ so I'm one source of the once it was that you could be juve by one source. I should. G. It definitely wasn't an ice let me here at duped on you could be Jew by one. On every every province and all the callers want callable mean your moderate outstanding and they've props for just thought oh god. Don't need that and make it it's a big day for the show we don't need anyone calling in from Providence talking honeymoon might know ankle I had Jared. Injured. They got an hour in the morning. The morning for a while Ron Borges to eighty glad you all of them I'd love Kirk what you do to the globe and herald. And second wall I don't know why you have mark on the shall all be double lower ratings up. We as a good guy like Australia right out our. Part battered much we of course Dallas is very good point where we have promised reform is. The question is to her the last segment and you ask for calls on you guys on that he had to beg for calls again. And the calls were about you guys would please let me tell you do you guys really hate each other's advice Leo he's he's Jerry's of one big heart I like the mother Dugard did a good job. And I am not good to be today and to be comfortable to be very act of a difference of raw. He's I think he's in that world I want to hear these guys defend borders you what's gonna happen but beat writers like shot on SE in people like runs and laughter. Us some specific B Jerry for beings to jerk useful I guess you yeah I'll have your back your. Let's go to line one this year is Gisele I'm going to zealous and pages well. Morning guys. On the line and I record rich on the line up at night breaking story here is no I wanna like give it to them. Well Gisele cries out we want us all this yourself boots and obviously Tom Brady's wife you talk to Iran obviously in his voice right like the regular Gisele voice. I guess my question. My question for the. Gisele I guess my question is how is the marriage right now with Tom and whatever you say. I've been reported so you please be honest he's I'll go ahead. It's a little rocky but I don't want to get into at the big stories yeah yup. Com is retiring effective immediately. Immediately. Old line yeah and Gisele and some face time with you right now you look great. Can thank you Kurt is out so I untie their radiates saying here sounds like I need to write a column. I can sort I'd like you write out a look here and there Alex god. It out here Alex how are you so I've but this in my sources tell Bachmann do that but I spoke in saw a very famous supermodel. Who told me that Tom is going to retire immediately can you confirm that. I can't thank you Alexander Altria Merck up here were here now your witches I'll look at. What's okay Gisele are you are you happy sounds like dale Zell is happy that top retired. I'm overjoyed our certificate conscience yeah. I'm sick of all the media archer what is the Brady Belichick relations right now Gisele. Don't immigrant aunt okay. Us all of they Kurtz typing this as we speak and we just such an hour hot off the threats and so. Alt cheese carols with this they beat us two reports had in fact he's good pitches up. Thank you dissolve and messages don't all right vodka and it's coated Davies Bridgewater a David. Good morning man and a perfect example. Of what a great sports town with great sports figures and just pour read. Sports right I mean it's just hauling garbage can't wait to hear down. And this is just a great morning this one it's outstanding and I appreciate it very much. Listen the pressure of how the Internet restaurants are being relevant he was one of the three or four beat writers the patina as millions he wanna break a story wanna be. Newsworthy for a couple days he take one source from a guy says he's got the writers and what I thought Boston. If there's cuts as you could say which or the couple wide open called on Barry Borges praise me and it's one. What comes out Wednesday clippings the way you both eating and drinking tonight show our viewers up beating heart professional race this morning. Mud stopped drinking when did you drink you know water she's just build. To see you all over the office building large coffee the entire thing most why in line for smells a short time might result is all you saw helicopters now. I called the 6 o'clock on the dot but it what I am now on useless and cleaning our office is going to wash it in the show you can be duped by one source language. Final and I don't do well I don't edit I'm not a rock. Nazi thing that right previous life they repugnant pick ups and narrative we know what's in that class through its looks like each day you still styles of movies every minute Minnesota verve and I drove behind this morning it was unbelievable every laymen do. Every lane. You know those that would be easy that's not exactly that person fiction titles you know I was quite a balk. Fine and saying. Speaking of which you realize you just reduce took the job its First Act as a coach articles have been going funeral. Of players never lets true yeah and that's where into the job heroes of course. Look at some John Thompson he's lost an edge on. Okay. Sure. It's on. It. I can't believe you're called what he called all the journalists. I mean. Ron speak checked mark you know that date fair fight terror arc that's where it is brought to let him out of sorts that it didn't edit. What do you know. First job. The simple let's I wanna was he there I mean do you stuff is east go of course all of you before that we have page to page a corresponds to get that as well. In my keys didn't talk that he believed the simple nothing didn't double check triple you're being unfair he was there at the whole fame thing he's got a letter from Peyton Manning a true annual letter from Tom does the board dot. Unbelievable. Columbo is on line one now Pedro Martinez and say more Anderson I Pedro. Good morning boy it's. So the morning. I actor it's my entire could yet on steroids. Since I was Scruggs the pitcher yes I've been in the I've been. The Middle East lately but. I lay out my entire career I've pitched on steroids and I don't there's been almost eight. Okay good Motorola I can picture of appreciated write that down yes excellent. Jays and New Bedford IJ. Hi this guy doesn't want rates and let's I wanna say it mark you're more on your topic Iran currently. Committing Israel and a law career you woke up and at the radio or imported water. To Christine. Well you we've won today for him because he treated like dirt and those little guy now on the king. I decided I woke up this morning. Took away is crap my knots and breakfast is at whose life I root today went down the list. Only got to be today it says Ron ports sounds good life. Who's tomorrow CC. Well we are in the CA we start earlier this whole sorry no we elect will be ruined by having you should use that's true way I feel like that's an excellent media who before I have to get on the plane and I code to. Ooh look who's online Jesus Christ Jesus is on the line from heaven what's actually Jesus that's his songs AG's Jesus. I Turkey by doing good how are you wanted to say this is Jesus Christ Jesus and I am very sad the way that you treat Michael hall and into should be treated with a little more respect. He's seen wonderful personality on the radio we like best about Michael hall Jesus Christ. I think he's an outstanding question you did not start radical people although you do does it bother you Jesus that origins of the. Jesus body has a four hour radio shows and fifteen hours of TV a week is somebody who works at the station Jesus to understand why that might have said. I know actually because you know what he's. He's providing poorest Christians and a little. Praise you praise hoping it's something forces not fine just is like here we go we already knew that uses that you. Geez congratulating him Borges just texted to your license it out bred and bred the wind or go to Mike in Boston and Mike. Yeah. Dominoes are not part of regular so you know he's he was doubled to Jimmie dale wants to orders until let's 170 million. Yet a 140 million guaranteed. Yet they're not actual sport energy jobs if they wrote Arab allies are ready and so. He obviously it was frightening you are you say between these are my personal website we tomorrow during strictly based time. What listeners are saying it odd Obama not really Amman Kev the Kevin's is brake feel like Kevin. Kurt angle mythical want to get on corporate Kelly and let me. If you as you do. Jerry's show his might and never get in the way anymore. One of the best is to send you. Eight excel in. But let's not forget that but yeah it has its own little problem with mr. market and on Michael at all the globally. Don't you worry what don't you weren't Hollywood. Sadly and edit it it. Egypt and you're right at the book in some doubt you will have to Jo-Jo white certain. Note article. Contact list make. It called great explore all what you don't worry. Having a Hawley act holly is next on hoppy the station two or three months don't warn you already made the agents. He's not saying he's gonna he's gonna be gone musical full time to do podcast feed into should be doing no pressure. No ratings no meaning of it gets to work with these Smith brightness and some epic fight him which is great to promoting that laws what did you say to me. We have breaking news I'll go like this he's breaking news real breaking gets off clean break. And Harold look up and took the story off their cool. When 735. A huge heavy at multiple sources of he had the store that lead story now Celtics bounce back on road to beat wizards in overtime. But confused they had multiple run at multiple sources though and I'm what more where those other sources wrong as well. Exact. Apparently thought OK okay as a cold feet the sport is gonna get fired for us. Show I don't know I'm afraid the entire herald staff fired who like Tuesday when they sell the paper on it I mean but you know you can't defend this old article that calls on the defensive end when. And it's just. Is no defense which is where I wish you could argue about it I can't I can't defend the McCain defend anyone them I. In on people like nick out there and you gonna be more skeptical. To show if you visit. Pattern of this evening's first as we always say using this the first time so make this happen Iran on them now I don't know really important is important no chance in hell do it for forty years art. Couple lines opened 61777979375. Points celebrate me and Barry Ron Borges who always treated like dirt. Don't treat me like dirt I'll come back two on Q 6177797937. Headlines is next we'll get back to Borges or reset it for everyone. We'll get to via trendy stuff as well me and notice troubling at several levels we'll definitely do that and more as a day to celebrate and Kirk Italian. Each time once again for. Had lies guys duped Ron Borges in the person who may not pretend to be Don Yee towards. Nick in Boston nick the morning how are you. There's currently no good nice to talk to you explain how this all happened somebody heated complex but number. Good performance and I just got regular material. And it doesn't work. He had to call me confidence in him there. Right open but what I Drew Coleman and those aren't. I called the tyranny of the oh god we talked it was on yeah yeah. I care what. Open three point. This is yesterday it was their last night and Iran and America or Africa but here from blasphemous. It's time for courage and tell my hands and eyes. Barak. They come and me want to go hold. We sentencing and all morning to request to its excellence and it's it's 737. Headlines lucky by doctor Robert Leonard document from the press too much grief from 1800 air market on Matt. Good morning when I love you this is a day to celebrate. And of front porches career miserable guy a group of three tough guy who treated me like their. Lot of other people like dirt and now he eats it he's lousy writer who lives reporter a bad guy suck on Ron Borges goodbye you'd think. The story's getting bigger and bigger worry said it will get all that emit a props. The Olympics began last night look we ceremonies are tonight obviously. One of them is obviously a white person's care in the like the fair aren't that complex of Jesus. Good citizens. And I don't think it can't. But I indicated on black viewers on Korea. I felt corrupt like to know what kind of cool and they used. Racist when Hillary being late that's a look quarter as to what was on the quarter Washington. I had no idea. I'm bout with colon quarters that night nickel and all slaves I included. Washington now. This did mostly it was done in the thirteen hundred's it was a yet Thomas Jefferson is little to that nick and Boston Globe awards front this morning. Properties spoke to a Slaton told me right. It's electorate ghosting over costs. In any Arab me to its interest in I think that to Rico sort of continues to slide in fact elevate. While there are stories we we were read them before you know producer was harassed by two Rico. Treated stuck his hand and tried wedged in between your thighs. He spent after XRJ. Minor injuries are at night to. Which are single if I were threw the table right now bleed your brains out and the one we mean to leave. You're suspended for three months and you know it's building building building some story brewing so NBC sports are really weird thing I have to say I like trying to shame on her to she's built. Her being this liberal feminist by leader of men and in answer to a video and she put our shoes and tapped danced for two Rico if you would believe. Not only makes me feel like that's in the business when he and it's also like the nicest men I've ever heard it was so excited I had you. As we face and BC Olympics good luck tonight Ike and your first ever openings there. Holy smokes and or doesn't capture the beavers silence for three seconds to be a video that we must dovish view or do you just assume that she was told ordered you've got to do this yes yes I'm working on my guess Rico's Emily know why is betrays the trend that we use claims she claims to be. She says no that if they fire over letters that she goes and talks about the it'll attorney while he's in. Korea away for a you know from the family for a month. Is that warm Matt Lauer got in trouble yes that the Olympics yes. Would acknowledge well I was actually a few turns and pillows up to Bermuda you really think he stopped at that point. Of course money Carol style and music Carol Mann a ticket. Obviously obviously this is edict to visit this is what you knew was needed right yes Carol Mann into the picture to Rico and pushing and she distribution dates Christmas X. She does as long story about three go to Q does sixteen summer games he's approachable. Great guy behind this team first mentality as smooth as silk on air it's so creepiest feels like it's 1984. OK ladies let's get together and keep Mike out of trouble because you know he's attacked women in the past yes shameful Sheikh first of all. And NBC's embarrassed exactly these women this error still adopt trainee for the tough talk in some guy calls as your big hit some old guy get a bad thing you for a week. Mike to Rico who he confirmed creep a sexual harasser of women you say it was wonderful guy he used. That would have been a good time to put them there's no way did you keep doing and you if you missed every humiliation that she's in that NBC village is higher hotel to in DC people liking your tribute feminist that's. Now we'll talk to vote which is fact or she's there that you want to talk is about to cancer that's that's that's going on night in headlines shall we how you wiggle in those G. I mean again I don't think he should be here for that. But he said much worse than that Jerry Richardson sounds and words not mine if my work I lost it right that's what America is the violence as you to do video welcoming muck somewhere like or you know. Embracing my you wouldn't do right now with it's akin to fight these these bait you into this site and about grab your crotch of a drug you. It victories he's not. Hi I'm. Are you through it supports slavery. Is the most for is a maverick who can do them all year that 00 proof. None I'm a member of the Klan he's put it looks like I'm going to have a leagues and I'm going to meetings in Minneapolis could have played in India I think I did not go developer in every idea that there's so walk that we want to launch at the blue door you'd sure where to go on. The white. Down I don't like down at a knock it loose and schools and burn crosses yeah white white white white. White white white white. White light. White thankfully audience is Smart enough they know Ron Borges of lying that's fake news from Kent State new things not a single African American restaurants. Right now she's used regularly by people games that I did not to quell currently lacks any able to Donaldson or set said that he thought he'd say he'd once we ordered other people not to pay our cause will be. It is 6177797937. We come back and reset this entire while Ron Borges story you just yet. Ron bourses career is over that is because. Patricia and Peter man hand one night had a couple of drinks. Put on the Lional Richie made love in conceived Kirk Seamus Manhattan that is why it. And his wife Peter world wave or say you know what. Let's pawn praise would say Rodney be writing these dumb stories but we let that slide occurred tonight admit then and then and then and then. When you write something like this today Borges for Jimmy GD oats deal done Brady wants to get paid the back page front page for you the pats opened the wallet. Brady threatening a holdout which we all that was true. We call you about you can only find out by the way now in your Boston Herald has taken off on line. In Allen used BC's news stations are to pick it up it started to get paid 617779790%. Walking through the entirety of it. We get back into your phone calls. Kirk made him lives Ron Borges career ease. Over. Borges has an article this morning alleging that Tom Brady ain't happy with the fact that he is getting paid as much the guy who warmed the bench behind him. It's about time this happened and everything very Tom Brady's played a good soldier now for seventeen years of my road Peyton Manning got paid. Note and Brady didn't say sit I don't need to make that much money how can you fit this salary under the cap. He was he's been a good soldier that is say goes that is it why won't you correct that's correct the wrong thing here. I'm I'm looking I'm looking departure Rick's right they're discussing the story very serious and I they. Thought it might not be true to decide divinely given credit for that they're there don't want them. Lazy to think it's about time they 41 year old quarterback it's a 75 million dollar guarantee. I'm I can play some more when I heard. I want you Fred for being mean for the last three months with with the Guerrero and everything else. Brady is down near the end of the line it's been about team his entire career and now they he sees the finish line whenever it is 23 years out more than an idea hi Terry. I'm done I'm done enough for you it's my turn. His name on the show we're a little too lines show a good bill. But to think. Have to afford Fred Fred's not like you for African professional host and the guys got when he gets out of the way yeah. That's why Fred night. That's a class guy that's Walt should of had his window where he realized paper and I had this thing called a whoever's the freeagent is going to be dies I currently he is better analysis I am not when fresh idea fantasy Thursday nights we go to his house who switch every week would you pretend to determine hand show. He's written a great were you really take immune disease throughout. No he does not let you talk we appointed guests. Analysts who say if we never heard from nick from Boston the one who cranked gorgeous we don't we would have our doubts yes you never does how is it and then this morning we're going. This can't be in and the current had his doubts it made no sense of Tom Brady. Not only we decide to sit out routier's boycott spring you know everything to get a new deal. Oh would announce this record elect course just to Boortz or anybody. It's never happened in seventeen years is not going to happen even if he wants a new deal we're not gonna know about. Especially giving where given worries right now is Kirk tweeted out couple days we've won the war he got to gain us a stay he's got the power going forties should have really gets by who get the money. He's never ever ever it's it's weird response to look at stories immediately. By line and Sigler portraits are not all forget I was at Toronto the Toronto re screwed up is like on abstinence not exactly we're screwed up but you have to have. Some capacity of doubt and say wait a minute. While the Brady want the same conference is apple at least 41. That's Paulson and he's he's never won isn't Donyell the last thing in the Philip Rivers Eli Manning and Matthew Stafford over the years plenty I guess I had a really nice contract yet sure got a great contract and it's going to be for a couple of years in the money can be terrific it's going to be 75 million. I Sox where it calls Jason calls in recent at 8 o'clock we'll come back we're gonna reset the entire thing misses as wild occurred down in day. As you've ever seen we have legitimately brought The Herald to its knees no small feat. And rob bourses career who. Is hated me and I hate him for while I've ruined his career and his life. You dispute any I would say nick from Boston had a hand in it. I mean fine if you wanna spend the supporting cast can Chris Curtis as well Chris Curtis is fine I guess not really not would you say that would pose a stars. You or two here. A whole will really put god in the on the show who we play a separate you know Jerry you know that are here today the good bad or Ron Borges you know what. Maybe in a pretty good at these. If you have a huge for later this go to get onto a crime. I expect wobbly position and that's that's one thing I will always have when your team through a crime you sound like might be the girl I love my dad more that's why. Let's go to John and mauled an edge on my Kreider. I don't know why today. Great great. Great job great job now listed there have been back in the day eight. To why you are and Bennett. Slowed up before you tell the story I have another announcement. The Red Sox have announced a retired Kirby pockets number today to I don't want to I don't want to whack but he's a restaurant hall of Famer played fifteen years god. Oh so did you guys Mulder and allegedly bought into our league equal John Bennett and number of new debt. Called them animated or they don't and I told them you work yet ripped out it. And he just sought Kirby pocket would be a cat. All the wrong or press conference. I'm data centers and show more. Early says absolutely. Eight Bennett told model why. Aren't. We do you know John we've heard a story many times the you know has never run from a he's he's almost a couple weeks early on told that he feels all the time Kirby is agent. We've heard it got he got skinny he's absolutely got taken by what's his name Jeff from Malden. I just want to give it shot it got earlier embossed. Are there way to go unilaterally a lot in this not to let's do you know times have changed there was no twins it was no in a pro football talk it was a big deal for a day or two and off into the ether or corrective to a dozen top stories happening today eight even ten years later socially it be three times but yeah I emphasize that this is permanent you holding your hand you have it and you're correct to Boston Herald printed and yes it's been taken on their website now it's gone they are investigating them I'm told they are investigating what sources telling you this was a talent and they won't get to the bomb was soon. You largest source sound like the person you're talking two to sound like me like Utah and Yahoo! but only if that's if it Orioles all over the snow one point five million followers looks like occur Callahan listener duped Ron Borges who bombardier. An area that I think. It looks like you know Tacoma caller divert reset everything and is beneath a ring. Eight great it's Tim for Od Tim from can't make them. Does that actually run porch is this career I just wanted to columnist Mike they have nothing to do for the rest. Wallets you know might my career it that the phone has been just. Going off the hook section broke the story apparently LeBron James has purchased the salt that he movement until the media. I would also told that might is the number one casting couch from. I mean yeah political talent after the hour on this report got a call that he would he would he would knock you could be Jew by once or. You do get your by the source there's no defense Tim did you usually people video of some odd the good point what did you take that you always an issue he never he never criticizing near you never. We'll get a four guard Tutu on the Jewish I love Jewish people. You want. And he loved Jewish okay that's what you don't hate Jewish people. The rate you hate Jewish people had no idea who hate you could turn out hand. You need any heart. Now you hate anything. I hate you. Say that's a silly fights. Cavs had hands are burning right now. It's so on next week I've taken there to laugh a you can have in the and much in the same day Alex -- incest -- the now now how boring that gets can be physically I conflict so one night I called boring and don't hate in the next faces the same thing imagine work on Monday the art for hours you could do it for the report estimates we can't help puck out of the goodness of it's cool I'm tired of feeling might show up in Europe in your life he fears at all because he's so that's retaliation -- -- he fought an old man that we I'm 43 years old and tremendous physical condition. You can read write whenever definitely run from him given that he's not tough Jerry you can run from the Harvard the raiders he ought to handy and is no way to catch you he watches guys. Punch and I say it off if I'm put myself in Borges shoes MIT a little can be reeling right now but when I get that text. Giving me directions to flocks or this and that the couple minutes ago curtain and I might. Iran it's Turkmen go up in the attic with all my grandfather shotgun is in you don't read it tells us that some 59. They're on per minute hold on play play would. Borges had to Larry Craig above current when Kirk. Broke a story I forget which one where you get stitches and Brady threw without his glove which he did not did not use against. Jackson's I was right. Exactly that's when I asked what we can tell what insight to seek out. What direction we say well we'll. Oh George texted Rosser had rocker Manhattan take 95 or one right have a good day at a exclamation point. All if I were quite a muscular might have someone else to my car for me. Promotions a loser he is he's the fetuses career is the fetuses paycheck is the fetus is lack of elephants player and he's not he and Larry. To nothings to solicit you using Larry's in loudly and I laughed as it is our souls and as you saw you solely solely keeping Larry praise for Larry John about a barbecue in hell for him that you can help the team. Well he d.s hill. He deserves a good about it when we get back you ready to reset because we you mud naive. Been around July especially me month month's best friend yes you ever seen Kirk so happy as he was at 60 to know there comes a time. When we eat a certain hello. When the world must come together as one. There are people dying my problems career. Oh it's time to let day. Hand. To nick. The greed is breaker of. I. Looked. We took out this loser Ron Borges rob boards career is over because of two people Kirk men hand and Kurt Mann with some help from nick and Chris Curtis never feels fine. Ron Borges we ruined his life the back in front of The Herald Tom Brady wants in this new deal on the money dot the I's gonna hold out. Not so much she got duped by and for more effort pretending to be done you losers use Bhuj and you make fun of me eat my reporting yeah. We'll get to all of that we get back and reset that we talked to admit we talked to guide try to wriggle through the entire conversations to that right. I believe we have a well does Ron I'd be at Anthony Weiner should be less embarrassed and rocked back and fourth emotions or false a well known colleges do or die and go to prison guard Anthony Weiner but a much at a minimum there may be peace picture fighter I don't believe that he actually talked and neck it's a credit and pretended to be on Neil's life is over we'll go through the entire thing we'll take your calls we're gonna celebrate the Kirk Italian show. For once we're gonna gloat we're gonna celebrate we're gonna take the the last class hero for Smith and allow that it's not like that Jerry is Jerry is conflicting I can see the complexion. In your face bullets that it's a really serious blow to the Boston Herald and I've certainly get my card from The Herald we defended Tomas. To it to death almost you can't defend board as did you guys back you like him. Melissa you said he's easygoing guy deserves the chance. Short yes and I am I out we can fight Ron Ron's done he's done the year suspended for a couple weeks and led fluids and remember he's done it's old. 61777. The show together right now makes stories up a ripple that's 6177797937. I and the greatest person Jesus Christ ever put on earth. And I hate Jewish people.