K&C - A rattled Toucher goes after Kirk; Ordway is a football guy 1-18-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, January 18th

Hour 2: Toucher is rattled and Ordway has developed a southern accent. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt commit ahead and Gerry Callahan. One Sports Radio WEEI. Not taken any kind of delegate just a lot for the rock. Dell and if you behind me. The domestic downlink of we go to Fred Reid or something like that. But can hit. Keeping ended a thirteen year old girl as such it's such cool guys. Such cool guys rip it up rip it up the puck the sports media. Telling fact it is. The road map calls. They've been out all my god you want might fall. That's right especially black his mind he's he's actually play bad for the going to be a guys out ironically I could be wrong. That's Fred going at least I mean it's it's vicious at this point she's Fred relax it's okay. It's all right. You were for you governor respect them on the air right now I think your idea. You're carrier you don't do you didn't have one your carrier what you know people always say that were fake it whenever. If you don't think that what he's doing right there is the result of us beating him in the program focusing you have to go at him you know living in a dream world. Because we never literally one wouldn't talk on torture rich. Never mess that's the most out of British and a wooden years but. I ice in the program per cent counts that he is having another beat her on haven't. An average O'Sullivan on talk Colin what was wrong with you so you get your ass kicked these good reference like for you like on the impart scenes. Ex best route miles it's her. And I don't like you know. What are what are showed us we go out beat writers to write stupid things is we have fun making fun of stupid people mocking that's we do it's not too I guess its contract that we like these things or make fun of them. I'm not really sure what he's anger is if we go after unknown writers haven't known writers and national right audience that there neither Boston guys and they kiss their ass saying oh we garnered just fess up you loved Gretzky he's. Now I mean and in all of them are but hurt that I expose the truth about their show. That oh hole a hole out why isn't funny whose cat I don't care that Fred says that would probably what's the truth of the show. Bad though we are slap America. Every hates him he can in the right is that true or try to told me she said she didn't like and everybody says oh but that's me line making yet this is serious trouble up in the planet never remember which one they like you which one is. And blundered when he has rich. Evelyn heats with only the media I think I'm at once OBI I don't know. I don't moment all madam I'm sure I can do a great guy like yeah improves on some Greek gods love much love to. That can't skyway and eyes and I think it's his duty you guys are talking about the fourth line the Bruins we don't talk about sports is the caller on the dates yet this show the whole. Premier sports debate in this trip. Perhaps this is that your guests are back in baseball cards called making a living Fred and then next thing you say is that I had this net that was rich back into reverend once which is it. Was it working or was ire rich which won it that's always one and now. Which one is it. You're restricted by get spread a street suite adjacent fairway after my parents that's actually find it's not a problem you can do that he got now that's in this. We'll get that. Can't if you want I mean we can played or not plate it's actually fun we deal. Is this thing's going on in their lives I would never go after them opens only missed particularly funny but that's okay. Aren't you know things about their personal knowledge none of them saying I know that one of those diseases in this as very serious bids had some answers how he's which is there a terrible thing I feel. Very badly for. I'm a guy that what you're gonna reach out to him when his work cited no that was the that was the original Genesis of that is correct and if you're remembered later on Twitter front apologizes if he's wrong to do that that was a great guy members tweet it was a great guy for awhile strikes over twenty isn't it president alas what's real what's real what's fake and confused on the guys fake. Walking tour for a beat the sister radio regional unity not pitiful small by Howard Stern won't which Israel which is fake. I annoyed I don't. How how long did it take you to go from radio and nobody radius is he makes it sound like he's a complete and utter failure for years and years on my radio at all until Kirk 2011 attack or something to do things freight seventy years not that long. And Alec Fred and I don't lose and aggression of the guys. Where they can have to start small markets and I respect it worked their way up and get big opportunities I got started yeah ice fluke. Old flip right you had did meet here who wouldn't it help. And there's no doubt pick out of this trial right crazy Colombo they thought they had us dead and buried near the kings of the world right and as it turns out. Our show was better than their show we get higher ratings seven months throats not fifteen years like climate say I agree we've done pretty well last book. Eighty New England Patriots the Boston Celtics. Every night one of those two essentially. And we beat them in the fall book which is where they made it for those that too and that is an unbelievable accomplishment that's because of me first. Jerry I can increase the listeners and listeners are insanely loyal and it pisses them off the we have with they used to have we flipped it on them entirely Fred knows it. For those sounds a little older now. Time's passed them by he does not handle and so that's how we handle on the guy calls up. He blocked keep on Twitter yet soft Twitter gets in the fight to people who pay attention from the show at all you do not. Amazing how you got our number one liberating owed a psychic yourself stuck in cartel and the way that I don't really sell bootleg and if they'd take flight today. The negative laughter. Shaughnessy. I was wrong would go have to show on which president shall do so monetary demands of them I enjoy the fight when you're in the lodge some guys that that's his. Alive did you even go after she currently the honest ever. You go after your own guy who got too much when you have to show as a child at all order way yeah or key move it or hold on after more Michael Holley attention to its good points on the possible moment Dan Shaughnessy you know tries to give them a troubled child he piles on -- laughter that's the and to a U these fail writers on your show coming out creating this manufacture ultra hold on hold the failed writers want to talk gonna miss them who was he top it was like a failed writer who's talking about him. You regret the loss yeah what does that feel now that our offense that runs at me like as I guess like we call it now you you guys have the failed writers and you guys have the boring because Joseph Hagerty and forget and you know. Whenever it's it it's that got Arnold all these calls have been look at that call. This is these calls since they've started this morning these lights and these lines have been blinking in the have taken an and one and we have nobody in this look. I'm the happiest prisoner Lucas Chris trying to get to Chris Patricia gets out of chris'. Setting up to produce for the defense took him and cans. Putting deals podcast together or bush I guess which is not happy with his money per hour yesterday it's a part in Spartanburg DA panel thanks what they say oh awesome right line. Well they do everywhere but the tenth this week that is needed or not heeded where why don't you have any wood to help you Curtis why why. It's or just up the street today good days at 54 lines are gone and out every line was lit and the would you just hang up on them. Two for two right now I'm well I was going to be the voice of reason here when Kirk loses mind because I'm going to be compromised. His comic but he's right honest but he's right we don't and we we the only sure producers. Have other duties and by the way those are more important duty because of management duties. Right Kirk yes yes I mean I'm not sure yet I guess. Much short procedure much any tomorrow's issue and so phone and nothing else to do I assume I've been really contributed what happened why parents are starting to today. When the semester starts and and why can't they help you do this all the lines were lit blinking now they're gone what happened. I was coming ups down in the other room so waited all these callers go. Oh right now one chance at another article what what do anymore from Fred I mean yes we have some more for the mysteries literally just losing his Ahmad Al. Yes she's coming here it is going to be some more of the good. Obama going after him. That's the most nerdy thing in the world. So you don't talk about sports which are concerned what the sports that are of the globe as saying. I mean how how do you think you can tread water would do stupid fake ads crap. I'm interested in that. Talk it would talk talk talk unsure talking about. Felt I talk about touch your ritual Boyd's friends lost him we never do you guys listen every single. We never talk about them ever in it's I am sure Fred discourage them a Chicago last night no doubt about that he's it's a big inserted his mind right. No question. You're still young you're reasonably healthy how to correct about the same on the physically healthy color. And I'm going to nor do the same age and a young editor in touch and I'll hold. Among many others this forties. Looks he's what else to do some more joint. Meanwhile units and they're drowning in a C a garbage that you created yourself. In addition favorite because you're copying the stern playbook from 1984. Give to complain about the amount of money and may go just go in sake putting Howard Stern's last stage YouTube it it's almost a he wrote it down in transcribed it. And he'd do it would I go to UC Howard Stern's last day. And WNBC now this is after he said he doesn't listen never and I don't run into a second eye people tell me people fill it and I should the Fred listens every day I write an initial states of autism meter. Gadget obvious he's a big thing that's OK. I mean. Frazzled those guys start listening every day in private music on the island I actually they showed that in our Amazon with that much or more you can do is text sort of like rich and whoever their producers they're like. Yet tomorrow we're gonna have a Kevin O'Connor on 930 and and they don't like little cat and our honor. And boy is a great without story Jason gave steroids yeah Billy Jaffe in studio and even law. Showing how do that they'll make it that's did you make a lot less not more for a long time to get pampered titled what I this year great complacent and you show comes in in and beat you when you get it appears he's looking happy and I mean this is this. Is looking at the Jacksonville. Paper and saying that the beat guy at the end get tomatoes at me as soon as previously and on the next week and be either Philadelphia or Minnesota get the beat guys. Sees as an assistant coaches within there's an immediate guys on the get him unsuitable symbol we turn his gold yeah lord I get the moderate I thought with a viking ooh yeah really tell thighs and talk about as. Yeah she's what else. To and this is from like 1984. What here's what it was from a dreadful arrive and they'd see how many times he's brought that on Ichiro. It's a shame on all of you who buys into that you that you hold which starred. What thing about being influenced by stern and there's another thing about I'm going to completely copy this one thing. Which is called being hacked in the world colleagues are being hacked in the world and radio have recalled a hack it to keep tried a different had to do you fight your personality. You know what other start up is. Guidance talented people to sports debate that I'm returning to the guy that stand up for the city would go to deflate date talk now wouldn't that be the guy who's you don't make it happen to be tough talk and keep trying to personnel to look at. Wall. Street bank. Yeah commit vacation time Fresno. Was afflicted by what. We were contrived and that we. Oh now we these writers on and we were standing up for the patriots August which I don't I've made that point. A question. And we put on people with different viewpoint the argument that he's in the dark like okay and we like the fight though Kirk used to put into some action now. I don't know I don't where he's coming from too little thing about Kurtz voice I mean I think Kirk's been at Dix since day one of the fact that I don't I don't finally changed I don't think he's fake or disagrees fret you know when they lost shed in his when they lost him when you guys always had their guy was the war right and they said oh and actually wrote that we beat them. And in it spins on the fringes on American act all hysterically whenever I mean you and I both know as we deal with its all time is the reality is they have. A program director Mike Thomas who comes in two guys. You lose in every week you lose their monthly what you got to get to our second place you attack they covet their niche is straight sports shall I did that four line what line. And has them in a beat guys with Jeff coming up and that's that's OK sure it's okay awesome it's great it's like a then there. About I Abbas wants one of those two that every day every segment. Islamic. Talk about it for the blues on my favorite shows calling all sports protectorate. It's just like it. Does. She's going to sleep on it you want that to build those guys on Tuesday was right good studio album I hate it when Andy told the put putting in the should we pay the Bruins hockey series. A solid arrest hours ago so he's and in the mountain where we talked with the exports to write a cocky if you want good meat potatoes. Mashed potatoes and meat loaf sports and Rogers. Fred torture torture me be your guys and they just when you look at the tournament so far. Do you value power player plays in the tournament. In terms of there the way it will be played into the arms or am I checked out right. I text Soriano had a couple weeks ago. Sport if he'd hold different cultures radio Roma owe you a question that's true was I was when I was what does that atlas oil and and sported. Four I talked he he's gone till till 10 o'clock and they need lol lol that's his favorite Joseph Dumars goes football takes a McKenzie that he has the ability to with the show hatred. In and remove crush in movies the Glen talk for pride which I rate mechanism and that record for overtime please. Q wave of people that play her plea in the turn and that it will affect the way that they play in the NBA. I only. That's two O'Sullivan I just felt that guys on their large mates yes it's good question. He's a really good question that's an excellent question we have there lineup for today once he's done ranting. Mark Kirk Pete Abraham he's of course you do get on the roster and I the latest JD Martina stock and you're. The due to use it to your recycle the non roster who has weathered through a monitoring the idea yeah always is about consistent. We use this Thursday yeah excellent excellent a bigger earlier this latest. Culture. Actually you're walking over here where the telephone and standing in front of the building. At what happened what you think a massive deep mortgage eloped you fate gets hokey or corny show that holidays. Unbelievable. And the way they cry when this is the best so they cried and bitch because the numbers and looked their way so they made their program director called the papers and say. Make that that probably implemented the prophet in Arabia do you still you know you can you keep saying you're right talk to you sort of talk about I think Lisa if fake ass bitches and he said. What are residents are mourning the redshirt lead as the biggest fake ass baby body envoys that's a lot on my right on doing what he. Have a real conversation rich you phoning you fake whoever they are talked to quit people over the air. Hate your guts on the honest is what we do. Will we do is we don't do it Chad Finn does it. The ratings are these period we don't take Providence numbers we take the people who listen to be Providence station in Boston in the market. They are now added I'll also say this in rich knows this too. If you don't take those in the last book we win we win no matter what anyways shaken rich knows that this admit they were having problems numbers it was. That's a myth it's a lie and he knows I mean you should know they may be some of his talks French had been a lot of December's people are stupid enough to believe but he's lying and he knows it. He knows he got beaten. He knows there's nothing to do province by the way you know we're doing quite well on province as we are in Worcester and Springfield in Portland. And all of a New Hampshire. How you do in those markets palace where are without having to add a sec ratios OK to you don't should do bring us your checks show us that number one rating motion of the fall. If we don't ask you know why won't do that he could treated you could you could even. And I'm blown. Blot out the numbers if you want chose the number one O rating most because you didn't get on for years they lie for years the use Chad and his they're write him a better guy and they lost thin right fit wrote that we won no matter what you want to add province are not at Providence is Boston numbers in his last book we win rich. They're not Fred knows that and that adding province that is a lie it's like if you know they serve in Vietnam when you lose Walter Cronkite who lost the war. When when touch a rich lose their boy Chad Finn they've lost the war. They know. It's a virtual dom in it's a lot of that he thinks like when I walked over to focus thing was the fact that nobody was there was a part of the joke and that's stupid. Dodge he's hurt he's it's he's really pleased that John and I think that wasn't funny. Evenly divvied out if he didn't the matter to me and these and he's losing to tiger all that had bought the hair transplant like me. Like when he was already laughing pocket. Please Fred. You're my hero. This is what this is just it's at exits so if the psychological things is what defeats sounds like this with somebody losing their mind. They each draw it was hard for torture where it like. Howard twenty minutes and where at theaters are run by gathered the band has broken out into getting dark and sort of played Salem high school Fred. Take a deep breath you'll find him make a nice living you're loosing all. News to what you would actually dated Purdue was a lovely gentleman. He achieved if all the crap that you. Since there is Kelly at. I grew back out there Pritchard is not such a bit back a bit 'cause its owner and customer like Chris Curtis is a lovely guy he was blasted out of his freedom ring content like it was going. And I look forward yeah Loveland. He's spoiled and I got to work on hope we're like right next to him and in Minnesota damage to now. And we can get some of their leftovers because you have guest after guest of gas that's true list. That's a good point about what to talk to Bob trump finally accomplish a lot of itself. I can't whites semites and that's a sad day protector to predict amber dies right up the list usually am on that's true it's a week to catch up that's true ran Renee wrinkle retire as a cause to have dinner Saturdays were named. I'm actually think in that at Chicago White Sox moment of the day that could actually become a regular feature lets him as one might have to be it's a full lines and displease orgy guys the way in this war. It if Fred's right where fate but they're having a real war right now it's war. We texture rich six or 7779790%. Last before wise I get them. I want them right now I just simple question where you stand on this war he with Kirk and hand. Or fright archer what is it are two different case from would you quickly and thirty cent your flick. They're pretending you transcribed. Howard Stern's Lashoff 1984 at five ha. That's the thing like I'm I have you ever hear me not say hours from a massive influence wants. And every day growing. I would say via a ones I would some of taking you to 21 we do and I do constipated he does but he's a huge huge influence of course you. The idea of sort of open the curtain had been talking what's behind the scenes. Is not just stirred it's interesting. Works if you're good at it right all the guys at Friday's. And I say we do with my answers those we do when there's nothing better we don't do it the day after the you know AFC title game we don't do it today after the that marathon bombing it is more important things to discuss what the day after Grady breaks him punching Belichick and faith. We would do its resources O'Neill said on the air or Holman despite was unbelievable well did you see. Belichick doesn't Wear the patriots logo is it that often fight I'm wrong blood. Many used to dislike is Brady's hand yes me might look at forty Jeff Darlington on doctor rich that yeah. You know what. Most don't ticked him counselor from some okay. They'd be good apps and apps mute for removing their offices. And I don't know which whose offices better I just let lines dummies five full lines right now 6177797937. Is time to be Kurt Italian loyalists. To fight back to fight back starting right now 6177797937. Attack was verbally assault. Frankly in their heart right and here because they're great you know like you know you need you need Gloria Allred should be a a chiefs are actually the press conference that I mean this guy just epic race. Mike Harrison did for Colin was I was sixteen years it's. I responded that. Respond to attack like that he called it a web. I bought up all eyes are written pastor yet protect your I'd how do you is whoever that said that there. What I was sixteen years old picture of the pictures hair black today great. I did what from what was her reaction. You've been owned in his in his a line in its retreat. From I think that you you have in my other. And I. And I Steve. Well spread it in my left and and work my knee jerk. It's LCI forever well as he did epic master. Rick king of Boston I would not shy about Jesus. You know Mike Thomas comes in tell you the imagery epic rain against Kirk should instead of showing doctors Carolina Mike Thomas said that's a great idea. People would call them listen when it was and they say who has more hair on their head Oprah tortured us. Him today he's hairs on his greatest perk McCain should get a hair transplant different culture. Respecting you felt it transplant all Djokovic Yucca. That afternoon show. Right off Larry Whiteside eagle five will be Rebecca did you and he expired a week like he's in the manner. Currently Pearson my deep throat or appears that season and I hear I volleyed it wide open right now one line opened 6177797937. Call in right now in weigh in on this war please. Kurt down in headlines bodily. Each time once again floor. Headlines this. Everybody got some number one ratings. Thought I could give her. Doc important Allen and ways that are really still include regular fate fake fight today and I gonna go after Shaughnessy who they cried and ditched because the numbers didn't look there way so they made their program director called the papers and say. Make them mad Providence. RA when you look at the at tournament so far. Her daughter do you value how a player plays in the tournament. In terms of the there are the way it will be played into the becomes talk about the Portland approach debt write and talk about that happened for a play the broad what are you could do. Go after Joseph blow at Indianapolis to. Today I'm gonna be hit me now get a dye my hair purple if you can hear it teenage girl and that's what you are keep trying a new personalities. Logic there did die of all that's ahead. It's time for courage and cat my hands. And stop you. And that night all ass hairs of this but anyway I think are part of the whole thing is he's actually the other guy Richard. On. Who says that we've made our program director so we want to be we lost in the ratings were territory of course not true champion so it was true numbers would put them out. Between of the actual numbers one all they walk over to him. It'll do that after the showed. Them where if you believe without him. On Tuesday. Elitist figure its own profession you can always a Pomona. Speaks and so on don't know. But rich as we we made the program director called the paper's editors and I said. Juli call all the papers in town and tell them that we won the ratings because province of the papers said okay. Yeah how old yesterday guy either number for the rules and I gave an eagle Tribune and a common meal mornings yeah yeah that are on there please tablets like the cowboys forget and again not all metabolic. There are no plans stop. When a one against stop within thirty to stop it happens after that at all right now the world you living it. You think that's the case gee you know because that is the case. Where than that was the case write them that we all I and they told them what you know there's they're they're spin. And he ran what it. Yeah that makes the phone call on their behalf about web traffic gone that's not a good Freddy was talking mode even count the TV ratings. Announcer protectorate right now if you like. Sign though is their ratings are so low. On TV the point zeros appoint one's touch her rich NBC sports is getting rid of affection which in August they are done. On NBC sports boss that's breaking news because their ratings stink and I can tell you why should they party contact. About going on there to replace them that's a fact. We're not what should it won't produce on these were good too much trouble. But I can tell you guarantee 1% and BC sports because of dissatisfaction with their ratings is removing doctorate from television. In August while they wanted us first that's a fact that they were hurt and all of meetings and lunches in the hour. Our boss Jews wouldn't allow it that he would now agree with now then nobody had a chance to gather I would resign I want I don't know I want to BC sports books and what they pay the kick us off after week. We atlas and I'm gonna have to shape. I don't mama don't let that just stick cameras in the unlikely licenses monitors to Monday on the short homelessness and payments don't really good sweet deal on drug it touches my parents were rich out of work right you don't care of that curriculum and you don't make as much time to us arguing that some schools we've headlines right now OK by doctor Robert potentially fund goes on to Robert Leonard is a big day for him since he apparently you need or well. That's no problem then I'll be happy that you procedure. And doctor Matthew prestige the paradoxes of Rob Ninkovich maybe her opinions and off. At 1800 get here ass flies out group of people left 617779790%. Were my soldiers right now we're at war. A man criticized the color my hair. My hairline and called me party whenever I need ammunition they cannot fight back against a guy like this against the roast master epic rain pastor like this you should explain to our listeners who putts whoever's the numbers and some actions on our listeners that's that's fair. The announcement yet 6177797937. With no lives written on lives right about Ritchie Cunningham his body right now. Simply by its mastery. Putts out of the realm Melton Archie Cunningham yes played Richard brother chuck I don't know. Should note that you know the thing that struck fast notre probably was like a heroin response to move Reagan right page he. Once used to Wear like cycles these spring jacket early on in the wanting to edgy little left it at WW council last. Who's like better every year round. Now course. At the white of course. Well let's go to Hal and Hanover I count. Toward a doubt I doubt. They're both good morning it was on the yes got a couple points here for sure I am totally on your outside. Structure and it stuck. Offered that it's on you guys don't talk sports you know you guys get Tom Brady. You got it aspect I talked about all interest and stop you worlds of me. Yeah of course and for me personally you know what I'm Margaret street for an hour in the morning. I hear about Bruno's fourth line I'm freaking dog back bad so that's just terrible it tarnishing the bigger ratings not want to hear that. Second off chargers then they sound like pathetic little kids. They know they ought and they are just trying to. I'm telling us into this adjusting Jerry makes it fascinating psychological study of what happens to me and he has of all he loses that's what's going on its wizard. Why do like that men knocked loose will idyllic this you'll have valuable we will have an on air brakes had a spectacular meltdown yes absolutely embarrassed him cheap shot that you don't write personal. It's it's below board to write a note in the game come on Sundays take cheap shots that you seem right. You know me personally my eyes one. Won't say how many young kids reach college grads so you guys that we got them my demographics a key deal which you know I love your show. Thanks cal. Appreciate other it was a great love you to those epic grant is Joseph is Joseph called the new and we need to hear from Joseph Joseph with Joseph from August so August Joseph from sluggish open line for you Joseph yeah autumn when I reading too much salt. Real people taken to right breeze but he's a touch enriched Vince is in the current events. And it. Morning guys and you know let's get rich or riot because they complain about you know cabinet room and hopefully there. Turkmen. Gas panel earlier and senate debates once second. Did you did you watch the show after it is over two million. When he jumped to challenge you like when when like now when positive memory serves are teaching high school. In a girlfriend and I was brilliant nine now after this men like that. In its prime but it is definitely a soured on what's what's Richie left the game so I was in a class in seventh grade teacher ask the orchard it was a Spanish class which he impairments as she was kind of a cool feature RTS at home with their favorite show ones who everyone happy except two of us that happy days. One kid said tongue fu and of course me all that on the payment caps which was the bush and I didn't say it superstars. And a notepad via. Elect superstars. Was Fred come pot gardens. Don't threaten would be phones. All I cool yeah humbled I'm cool I'm Ralph melt and he's paparazzi would you say c'mon she's part of it was credit. Fred. Sure he's like your adversary always. Fun he's adversary it was a bunch of all have the Brothers who demolition derby yes member of the a Tunisian camel jockeys essentially you know today says he tells it all Americans show host a panel with Richie Cunningham. As the star that would not happen in the three of them pretended to be Tunisian camel jockeys to pick up chicks. Five feet why you go after you hit it. To say that did you believe that when I just said that was part of the they're in this all American sitcom. Of America got anything else bands. Yeah probably a little bit segment conduct such a rich at the that's. So waited so it's sort. Well we think interviewing people were drawn as a Republican House and I wrote a guy with I got a disability you'll have to do so bitterly disability to ask questions I'll streak Howard certain foods that are almost. I would ask you to type in YouTube dot com and go to YouTube and try and find that it's not there at all. Fred Fred Fred you've got to you've got a bit of a belly you're overweight you're Utley. Flu shots fired back did you get right again doesn't have a dope racism crazy right chicken adult race. Act. Let's go to daisy Johnson and I missed. It I would put these guys doing this. Guide. I'd I'd I noticed during torture is ramping you've found an awful lot experiment down there. I think stuttering John as though with the guys and am nervous media doesn't say you don't subways it's very. Who Fred yeah subways there that will pay you that's true. Any else that. Relativity as you Newt. Being here are being learned just reminded me a lot of scoring ground ramping. Yeah. Might seek that I would say this hold on Mike 12 and I'll cop to the signals are watching ulcers of YouTube all the time or I used to all the time what you want a few weeks ago flip around. I also starring John had these as you mentioned hit more balls and anybody in the world youth greatest there was and can help but laugh some of the old interviews I mean we're talking massive celebrities it's that there has the most uncomfortable questions it was unbelievable. And I believe we get press passes hitter get bigger yeah if disguises itself geek we out we wouldn't mind having and we talked about it before having a stuttering John like Eric were sent Curtis remorse and we in of course who would say that's. Heavily influenced by how equipped to pretend it's as her money he's making fun of us say we have a whack practically saying it like we didn't know that we were talking let's turn right I mean if you see Jesse Watters Jesse Watters I mean does it like as a center and they start but it's influenced by stuttering issues. Asking people uncomfortable questions making everyone comfortable no problem here is it's the big big thing about your keys you you had some events there you don't hear from the events like that nobody has come round at a below B we sent right and we said we sent our starting job meter gold that's true and we send Curtis to that we Occupy Boston I don't know that I don't night after the election rally in the that's right I ask all those morons like that the people that blocked the highway those idiots says gender. This chip. You remember it. Might what's happened. Conclude. What. Why should I during the break yes I think a lot of our listeners don't know them and what that was used on the lot so they like to Loren. Loren and all of late the next generation. Should or might in my group. Hadn't and everybody knows all the while everybody members spotted from AF. Honestly isn't mentioned affects my weapons it would be if he bought that. Yes he has yet to achieve this analysts say if you if you really like Mike and Mike rich keep in your life might look like you're looking for good meat potatoes stuff frightened and ritual dignity that sort of I don't know if they just can bring on gas X they have experts right. I've I've attacked the likes issue about it dollars. Probably and it's nice to hate touch because that's her make follows its batters on. The gave Richard hello. And applaud good morning to you for an hour thing. Tebow is in Connecticut hi Tebow. Bluntly yes. Art needs you the aussies in here but. Aren't they under what you pretty bad. Well please fill me and we are really. Yet they it will indeed been under it would be alluded to it is because they are oh you. You know you have faults Reuters on your show Kirk. Oh well I've not never heard that on this now from her should keep that India had a popular sweet meet people or twenty Amy the last couple of days saying it's mossy ripped off some side. The mystery grapple story to see this now and I'd first I'd you did out there is open number of men must he wrote his first I had ripped him when he wrote them off. No way I don't yet. Aside I guess I won wanted to drop below fingers in it and that's mossy you know might be you know. That lazy but is not stupid yeah he's gonna do that in this day and age republic your desk hi guy I used to always that's. I watched that whole damn game. Whose Great Neck and Billy is in Manchester with the ability. They get a guy taking it is. Kirk you're asked. To do it where are your rate for a 32 straight give each question sure shorten that light by. Why again. Outside Jerry Frieden. Pregame ritual. And tell us about the cover two bullets yeah. I think about three seconds and. About one more or less you talked about that to a different like talk and ultimately causes trouble we thought we it was good measures yesterday after the with regard veterans of the game they were kneeling or something yes he hates that if you eat ribs a chance of patriot you ripped the organization. That they allowed to. Anybody in picks its immediately is put their fists of right. Some of them and somebody you imitate him who was and who don't like my accordion thugs oriented and he'll probably just put retirement while whatever whatever I would capitalize on it right now. Now 6177797937. Hang on a couple lines over to one wane as well those that want to go one. Brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew the press TV paradoxes of Rob Ninkovich. At 1800 here over just for the record we did cover the fake news earlier which for the record we could break it six point five and we we did they whose earlier and we looted and later assessed. I guess that would like to get this briefing it's yours your Oscar will hit the brief thing we'll take more calls when we recruit like that go on we played bad were receptive. All gonna get to that or we went right that you root for India for some of the principles but yet to epic org where ran a ticking Craig rantmaster you're going to. Have to go what do you yeah let's my friend she Fred glad your friends I want to land. Your friend your only real got I'm Fred down the only real guy on the show. Six postseason victory patriot. So I Super Bowl. She's Philadelphia's very good at home as much as you look at that Nichols and say man that's the weakest quarter. Which have a supply routes. You're defense is quick think they're great at home. And Minnesota has a huge advantage noisy thing when they're playing it at all this can be a little bit different for the night. Let's break. Its sale of its size. The boy. But talks before you know way I eloquent forays bored and just like ruins it. What's great about almost the irony is a guy play for the patriots has no interest in doing nexus knows it's funny it to his credit but I love Christian Christian for is my best friend. My favorite radio personality in America asserts you guys have been known to embrace in the auto White House I like the football that I was kind of you know thinking you focused on the patriots in the from the jags and Olympic down the nuts and bolts and be greedy but important to see within that was probably delete it and show hole in real sell out there. That was the crotchety crazy like during the game. It is not the time a Minnesota it's in Philly right was at least resembled the soup and you decide whether souvenir again immunity. C Philadelphia is very good at home and as much as you look at at nick Folsom says men that's the weakest quarterback that you have in the playoffs. Your defense is quick and they're great at home and Minnesota has a huge advantage no he's advantage when they're playing it at all this can be a little bit different as. All meals a dome the only but it's football it's such a weird fiction like amendment. So doesn't this don't be albeit different your day today in an arm to dig about them on here albeit a different type of football. That's going to be really good what's bad is that aspect is that's. LeBron different. Factors go his goal Leo and talk. I know although I think every time I mean he's the most easy most. The comforts you got championships that's what he does he lapses. In two Brian bald he's sounds like Mills Lane yeah. He's the most impersonator personality mr. Brady. You most impersonate is in his station I mean everybody shepherd. Dollars it has a voice service do cut. But ever the same voice on foreign aid doesn't pretty good I saw mock. Terrorists but it just has arranged a it can't look at. How. Trusting what the show asked pat. We came up with that just ran yeah. It hosts I've got to dump it. Back rewarded but you know. They don't. But I do think it's not even if we. I actually did and Alex you. Don't know it's obvious she's not pretty enough. Talk about. Vantage. The noise it and again it's in Philadelphia's adult he's of these humble and nick falls is. Not the worst quarterback play board Ortiz is I would agree with that. I'm glad I got an anchor on such an electric mode is not able to Wallace who's eight that's true protection tingling called torture which is a football expert. He could prove an accident or does this you don't need like tons of non union like. That ship at the bottom of the ocean yes yes correctly yet but it's not at all we we got to move but that's possible that talks fall guy. When we get back we've got to oxen pulled their hands will be really is all we. Do you realize they Amaral tell a man I guess in my back is not like you wouldn't believe they're on my gods winds pushing the back boys unbelievable washing my vehicle to the bottom left to right now. And DeVore trailing. It sounds like island bad Brad talk in the junction I. I've the birds a day guys are glances as I think they'd board to Vegas this issue a ticket third short I read a born again and the storm. Couldn't a man on the red or game against Georgia and you don't doubt that I Jimmy Johnson that race I really do their defense you'll be really good yeah that's cold last week. And it. And over I love that this can be a little bit different for their defense will be really good. It. That we wool over time we get more hours. It will be a little bit different for them now their defense will be really. We got more of raw. All way more. Or without explaining he attacks my friend Kurt and I and others on it and I don't think I was in the matter. I don't even know we're asking and really not. I don't even know where this came from just an innocent guys sit back to his job Kurt and hand everyone's attack and first. Pretty tee and now the bingo and Freddie team with these these things I'd make stuff up in the Fey can talk about this. It's absurd when I get back though. And I opened.