K&C - Mut is heading to Super Bowl LII; Gerry hates Philly fans 1-23-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 23rd

Hour 1: Mut's dream came true and he is heading to Super Bowl LII.  Gerry continued his discussion of horrible Philly fans. 


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He is currently. There is possibly leave the worst possible combination for the city that always old home. I do expect top rate to fall off the cliff we're watching a slow painful death I believe that Clinton is coming you were dealing with an abject idiots here enjoy it why you can't fault I'm just don't seem to say ended. To the same damn movie is only people who mama with Gerry Callahan a part of open heart surgery that one's got a ged battery goes dead on Wednesday night you must be flipping out now and it was pretty stressful and published it junior and who think this is a lot more room. Media circus than it was football crisis I got home myself out by extension. Sort of perhaps recruit and me and talk about making it does have no big deal and Kirk man if you wanna hear me in this time slot and not Alex free Merck. Six to 10 PM finally. That you wanna get back tag but number two main going DV. Number to include on your tweets of monkey pictures. Because of I don't go. Roemer is doing six. To attend your morbid franchise I want to be in Minnesota I want to be their causing trouble on Sports Radio telling you. Did it. That if you keep that it's okay Lou there's that the peacekeepers Chicago radio it's not a surprise I was a program run. Executive John McKay OK Reyes. For Joseph Hagerty. Don't know her and it and there probably she is slow. I think it's Chris Christie. Was a regular gallon Fred that those eyes and US. Boy that's a rough or are you go are you going to Minnesota absolutely okay are you are you getting from those print on I've been told I am flying nonstop sending eight. And then taking the private jet back Friday the eyes but he no until now I'm chargers charged the private flight out I'm in charge of the prize fight right playback I am not sure about that rob told me and coming back with you guys saw rob has no say in this particular quick rob Bradford story little aside deford of sports or we kick off Super Bowl week. Hash tag eleven days. And ash there a month one in three days till six statement to me and ash tag six pack one for the second album Welker ash tag. Picnic problem. Which really sick last week he had pneumonia was right Oz yes I thought there's a hard issue. What's it called angioplasty and he weather wise there was no link yet again X rays and yet at the yes there was no issue with the hard slightly sweating so much Spanish so. I love stories. So you could tell his first observant all the acts I can't wait so he's sick that god has the most news in the hospital and embers for three nights. Get so the doctor system just relax. You too much stress let me guess it was the baseball writers that are now. Calls me the next thing is on the always in the back that's what you owe them dinner something. Techno I went down to the Red Sox thing in at foxwoods subsidies. For is not to let you showed their easily gone Indian casino day after. I brought his family right so what's the most volatile credit Chris cell block for the web so yes it out that at UBI dot gives them a whole other government shut these awful for three thing that's. Believable it's that a solution was he like tweeting I didn't know assured that some of his apology coroner or podcast I'll great with home. I mean yeah if and Kimbrel. Well been intending Kimball has must those tickets is still back at Teddy podcast from Eileen we're sales. I hate to bring together together just like it twit picks last year I hate to break it to you but enough might be enough about these and take a backseat to I call this podcast I'm back in the partners need tomorrow to be back to decades while now. And they'll handle that no I'm not. Kirk Kirk had a great attitude today he's wearing his coat. To assume malware Geico gets. Not just so we get out quicker channel that the Detroit waste oil hovers senate blinded eyes at night good night tonight is no the curse of bad attitude and he's. Already planned exit eggs back that's indeed a strike is having a bad attitude about it more than usual and that's a two. Ice I spent I spent a member of a program director during the Brady replay yesterday might -- met with him after the show that to you so much interface you should limit for the weak market so we can say nine you know couldn't get that marry. But you know the best westerns really nice and I am I doing best western in Bloomington your charge towards where you guys staying Dina your hotel comedy was constantly on Tuesday we can. It better not just me closer than yours are all ominous we're not on the Orange County is now what to do this every day. The why poor work everyday as well there's dust or hockey don't tell your friends your on the private chick yet we haven't decided yet we otherwise they'd seats to fill. I psych guy got trending. And you know much literally thank our show and our parity accounts without try to mix it up and as you think that they're trying to explain maybe you're right don't know so it's hash tag. And UT. The number two. Capital and lower case smiley face on top of the I lower place and right but to Minnesota. And I guess Joseph is Obama's of that are trending in Boston market go to Minnesota now. Let's hope life that was chili's are on the playing him again that little boy go go I saw that I was so embarrassed my god and cannot wrap my mind and raised it. And thanks to our parity accounts in me and Jerry in the show. A contract is no injures and you're the reason I think trending. Knows all the parity cancer hat so stick tap to Dale Arnold that parity count SP Callahan through all the guys forty to August. I got on board and made tweeted the hell out of it and now mutt is on his way although no one asked me if he could come on our private jet. So I was getting there I assume he's roaming and Alex right these two yes I think so mean message gets tempers got on the town he'd be a big area matchups not particularly but lots of an edit that they're fed what I am what my buddies I was not there is tomorrow I'm sorry if this is an honor in odious and some monkeys the monkeys in my well it's. Or not I mean I'm. It's much the plane the plane is my business and Kurt business program this station is not but if I work is enough of that if I were charged that I will put Roemer and months together at such an early night which should be on radio so passionate Washington's attention to a nice yeah. That's aggressively to people there that's only 72. Though recent had to. Ten. I understand mean if you might end up doing that that would put you together so would you kind of one's there now when about six to two. An eight hour shift just modify it might Oman and remain together out there that's fine yeah I think you guys will be monitored and every you guys will be good you'll have a lot more material that we will Wear on for five to 9 AM it's pretty quiet. At least the beginning of the week you guys from six to say midnight would that be good Kirk I'd say six to 116. I went to six to ten YY 5% spent a lot of what must suitable you're it was lucas' latest figures William O'Neill for artist oh sure but I said to us you're on your weekend show Jerry would say yes anyway. Right I heard you want change we can probably nobody on the and I know who's on the air on the station more than reached he what sense does that one makes no money and he says yes to everything that's complicate I thought it was about putting good quality program on the air density force two weeks I'm naive. But if these two idiots are on six to ten. Who have left suggests hopefully won't. Have any of the money you'll have lots of opportunities I got to aperture if I got my understanding is that's going I think he. Here's. Zany and you would he might want it yes that you carriages to the table at some rain around that's true little pregame action that you ought to twist months from now on and off your building Alex Detrick and for the week and pumped and the B lots of kind of wacky comedian types of TV awful day for Italian there will be. That is Conan O'Brien probably has a guy that he stands Larry the Cable Guy I'll be there of my buddies from school refused to no one's ever I've never met anyone seen Conan O'Brien show on previous and never heard of you would still on its not that you sent them to Haiti. He stayed in a beautiful Hyatt resort on the armed guards everywhere he literally has owned. Armed guards the foam everywhere. Andy's hit the whole point of the trip is to prove that he's not a hell right. Based at the four seasons it's like him to join us nice and it and they literally shown in the B at the beach with a coconut drink the senate seat hey he's not so bad right through Larry I was from Haiti only citing purposely ironic that I know we. I think he's. Pandering to his audience which are complete morons. And believe they think well. Pays not impeach the people of spear image. When does that Haitians had been through a lot. Right natural disasters is that they have spear they just don't have running water on spirit is spirit that on electricity and doubles total island. Proper medical care is it or is it not a we pull they've been through more in one day that you have in your entire is infinitely more it might not a bush was the president not correct. The the country I was not very nice but utilities used to defaming the peace who zealously. Who's who's going to be on the plane. On the plane heading why you ask can them should be asking me I was I was on the plane heading out. We have no control of some of them you don't you wish to debauchery I personally argue. Sebastien and who would you like to be on the plane has done or where would you would you chosen. I should. Much on the right sell us on you're on is like twelve guys are on twelve was to crowds only got to keep him as you know like it's only been out here and crowded so okay that's Augusta thoughts on her as a right now in my small pittance and the privileged ones there. Montgomery Morgan shares seat. Eric Sally out on that a lot my that as you were in charge he said Sunday night of flying out to bought him in Minneapolis lock happily take the jet instead. OK I didn't but Roger had booked a flight for iPhone as a goalie Marty paid for your ticket affair quiet Sunday night and that I stopped you the three me gay guys occurs for us. And Zambrano. That's it 37 so model make it that's good and it said including occurred seven including much but and then in particular there was a listener and a lucky listeners well presumably. The wallpaper that lives. So they've ever Asian mountain that. She's come of that scale it and it Kelly asked Miller. Was missing more too can't they won't be anyone's because Monday and whose wife could take a week just Minnesota. And hang around a true only question. I don't think they went early in the week and I think wives or kids who come generally come Friday was going from the station so you're getting there. I'm gonna be accused and going to be. Injected a Twitter. Right now he's in Ottawa and gross client note that the spending money to files and I'm going to change Rossi. Third in Minneapolis. And I went over the program produced the award show in America who else. Jason I'd iron to sign. That the Rio. Your image. And if you exactly what he's implicated actually cares and no doubt about it I don't putting on Lehman James Rossi I don't think that it's not Jason Dean Rusk and say hello to Jason. Jordan you don't fair I feel the excitement. He's failed. What but who's going now it's lousy radio while his books a league go to hell for bad radio did you do with the salary. He's talkative today. I yet so this isn't like so just curious from from like from my home from I don't think so Doug's producing them. Now without power producing you know and aunts and he has a lot of laughs sorry 5 in the morning like that I got all day or. Are there. Will be sleeping on the fool or. The Tenet will be right that was the worst month of the year for me because you on this Doug twice. You see that for a two weeks is Keith Smith has joined by. Real here as he and anti Chinese spot as the active female yes yet this train all of us. Don't know. Adding to take a well balanced restaurant maturity as band but the idea. I believe Casey's drawings for our team really Marty reached out to cobble. Could call a person and it I've artery. Calls football may be secretary of additional updates that there was Georgian premise for a night Alec Harkin called football in real fans generally orbit there and ignore because. He thinks. It actually she'll be glad if you ignore this Nicole all the time out every day why Carmichael why you ask Jim Furyk is still aren't often would ease in which. Obama. It's still. The only guy I know it is team you're always as cool loans blown you know it's just an affair and urgent here will be does he does it's it's not a good all call and agrees that is it like Nicole called them. Did you ever get over it's just heart and he's always had a Klutz always been its its its stake yours it's daughter this year to date of kids to the 888. Best picture what has worked a couple years ago. There no mention there and do you take things like pseudo fame voters list as well publicized effort at Ramirez quit drugs I cam that's no one writes it's cycle they call it too late as Kim opens at all for it right yeah that's the trick like I always liked him if medical first six months Euro and a right. Curtis six trapped in that room I had no idea he's literally been sick every single worker and I want to its if you remember around my foot you so much the worst coal. First couple days and who could forget I Christian member item. I have nothing more tees and some time and devote their caucus felt there SA by Wednesday afternoon. And backed her chest and I don't what has gotten had gotten the chance would you say flying with the colts were as bad as it gets it's worse it's worse than I guess I do not want party as if Kangas had again and forget which it was going I don't think if you pass you know it's the worst worst flying with the cola commercial airline Obama next July Mara and ran an eye rash I barely can remember what that's like the good old days when I used to play commercial. You wait in line that the assailant annually at the gate. Then then you're on the tarmac that they Wear 27 for takeoff in Buick is an hour and a half throat hurts. Your kids succeeds it is I'm praising the Friday overturned and and in Madras Christian right next yet there'll on your flight maybe maybe Fred did immediate flight satisfied evolved quote. A little closer touch he has to buy to see a little closer to them from Niger. Are you yes why. The very front. And then I go there we when you get to take you know on first class wrote to Beatty and one that that's a plan Lyle birdied healthy habits in Italy can still be next aggression beat on first class. You're flying first class a lot of middles are little services for ourselves and our financial beyond suppose you'll be on a flight when lots of laws and good luck in Boston elementary and more experience we did eyelashes Houston of those a bunch of people are flight from bought the media don't thousand I was sick and remember to give the welcoming to me I was on dollars. Their luggage and talking knows. Did you talk to guide me the bottom of DuPont's notes. It also found out an exciting thought lines while you are awesome. I don't mind I'd be fine Bruce amiga. I'm Heidi. She's saying she notes. Beyond them. Stock soared to absorb it without regards amounts yup that. Now and I was wonders anymore most in the brick on a flight because in the past has been some serious and I've been going on I think we have our answer. And it's supposed to take up later in the day because we have to wait for my for an award winner for mr. show. Stuff like gonna take office. 444. Shifts. So we'll have to excel when we get you know what last I'd like eyewitness geez. I asked well what we go home loans taken map go to the airport but last time we were relieved at like noon but Curtis. Wasn't there member direct you said we had to wait for Curtis playing Broadway in and you and I are saints takeoff from. And so drawn comparisons to finish his body Curtis is Edgar ray unit unit you're essentially useless in Fort Myers. We have no guests who knew what was the. Quick question sir Richard let's play in yeah. Toe save that Kirk you what it's like pre chorus. We need someone to get us who were black he'd do that for years ago that make coffee and now we need article Peter -- black from when the on the plant in the Minneapolis reported on Iraq and as you got a better I appreciate Curtis I've ever heard some say he's. What's what's the from the show perspective on the show was on for Myers you need to go park during those days that point should not have been waiting for me I was completely burned notation as it was literally we were all seats it was taxing and Curtis can stumble out of his. You know baubles Rolen and that we have our act Elena. 11 what do you do agrees so fat and so drunken confused that you went about and showed it in there too. On the IOC. Member of the private. You were chugging gin in the bathroom. She podcast history most. Often did when I can't keep up their instincts Easter. Don't want today. We have yet to. Meet he heads off. And I think there one. That's this show it dale hall and a dual podcast it's amazing sound you know. Veteran showed check it out. It took it like a humidifier or something and it's something I get an idea for you pay about washing your hands if they could dump at a summit. I don't think that's theoretical and ensure that. I'll stick all the time. Perhaps I should sorry to note that. Yes and doctor. We don't have that can be in there with a in the in the office yesterday that he's in their forty UK's got a code on your illegal ignited and you play sneezing coughing in the office yesterday and hands are all over the place fidelity she uses a ball worse at least seven people on the plate will be roomy we're gonna have a trivia contest will be don't be a random outgoing person complain that you don't know enough about it now and I'll I'll call -- to waistline down of people to expedite it. Like Thornton of him appointment I will text you immediately give you updates it was gonna talk from what you hold. Cycle you're always is the real unity and ultimately put Glen Wesley Glen one. Because he's getting on the private plane you're gonna put in place I choose not to be I would like a stick like baby you say you love discomfort you love creating discomfort yes Glenn is a jovial guy who you would not like if you're on the passion I told sting out you know any island field and he knows her very few people that like when they're in uncomfortable situations Kirk is so comfortable. Making other people understand arouses. I take on Glenn glanced to stand Friday can't do it plans to stanza he needs to be life he's finds that it's not like do you think I'm all right upon. It bothers them. That's that's OK so you could come on the planet really ruin Tuesday that's and I am reminded. Why you deserve an outlet that same dilemma over this again but bag on an airplane. I'm saying I'm OK with the companies doing them. I'll be eating shrimp cocktail pounded his chapel which oaks what about ice. I would jeopardize yours on your claim I would I wouldn't care for second viewed as a true. I'll be happy. That Iraq has no go to his funeral push myself on is pretty good it's been a Buell who crude why. To play in front of people get yourself on the calves and ankles like Lucy can't shirt off. A whole thing the people that ironically in in the and then 021 that would pitchman Apple's. I you know and I'm open is on that plane I think it's gonna happen Freddie tease him exe and these girls. Well and he's going to be the flash is going to be hanging over the his support for a it is not a book form this I look at moment I'd. Read blimp you stink. We are hopeful that soon how important part as a friend Mort. A debt as. So where's the where they ain't comparison Q as a lawyer previous season you've been right next sentence us admiral McGinn of the well and that the big thing will be that this was going to be fun we found out our sister station at fans probably very close to those who were you know. Basically one big family right and so will get to hear boomer and geo can wait. On GO assume she'll be wearing like it she gets her work which is what what is the big vikings Spencer he's now and oh yes GO that's right he's the mom at the biking shirt and hat. As we would we to read it look like aviator hats on the that things are angry inside he wears it of course of course as whacky pats. You know you nuts January when those hats inside your crazy word department so it's called crazy and carton and everyone one's indoor winter and he's opened creation cardinal was crazy that Katja as a GAO's vikings he's going to be screaming and celebrate in room. It's too that's two for a moderate like pretty. And I'm really against the Eagles pats desperate dad you should have to report that they should we get two weeks of radio right whose former. And then she's so global war on national. Some gossiping ever. By Ayn Rand guys that didn't never ever going to be game. And in my lifetime didn't ever win an NFC championship game I've seen at all if you're not show a lot like the 41 nothing game at Giants Stadium. I've seen them blow games like that 98 gaming it's a falcons never won again as it has three planned at all. But off the end of that muscle in my tries to be like that yes they have fake radio guy. Yet but that's not nearly as bad as the afternoon guys will be next to. Deal in fail all the rich the other guy yes she wanted LaMont and igniting. Spot from Lebanon policy and do we have them previewing the Super Bowl all the odd if we have Colin moment us think about this agent Gregory guest. You get the time today. Secede temperature outside that's a given how would know come in and out debris yeah he's the host everyone's gonna Cleveland course weather updates that's going to be huge all its knowing he air yes fourteen degrees right yes and windchill. Feels like 6856. Degrees below and don't be about the same year as you know were with us up to the Kohl recently on a deal on the play. Yeah he's fun to who we would give him that he would put together Kirk an entry vehicle and that's that's we would do. Without offense like so much fun pattern painted him and that's what's that he would ask me ask you expect it and drug and Curtis would be like. Audio or treatment hobby. Yet when that happened. Anyway we have some secede out here and they beat. Carlin mole the Maggie Maggie Maggie and Bertram. Are these are hard blocked and so this is Brady always speaks injuries before it began artists god who old country. There's a big big take. Yeah after drunk and part of it's it's very threes. Sixteenth hole justice soccer sensing a little bit of that voice from this is not I'm not hesitate to me and they want Carlin bit quicker date Carlin RD near an area this is not work in voice. And here. Eight minutes of the two point. Well look back that we add is that he's being that. That what he does every day since mag is what will be here you used to punish did demy wrong listed on here. After 2 o'clock on the planet as the afternoon drug Garland Maggie imported 877337. 6666. We have a super all that is what I believe being forged. Possible combination positive story that unfolds I. Until you sound excited to be careful burial not bark off the edge of his seat. They couldn't be more fired up to go to Minneapolis to watch the Eagles and and then I Austria. It's growl all it. Obviously an African Super Bowl and it happened that the Jack's huge outlaws they come out Nate a day in parts of a mile road America. I had two minutes idiotic what should delicately with a point. They have what. It's a four Sharon don't have for an app for fish that 24 hours and twenty minutes ago it's yes albeit I think I'm right the could you all they can into just interviews after what that's a little bit about point two days yes than against gentlemen. All of this Gary Myers Kevin McCourt put up and was on live with. And men according to set the stage for his post playing curled right trees die and what you don't try area he's sent her. If they didn't have to cook actually. Who else he's a local guy and recorded a reason why should root for the paint do you aggressive according that according Miami Tuesday night he's as close to a and real person as you can get in that locker room yes when he does the podium on Sunday it's a stark contrast this. But he looks personal regulatory guy who's going to be in broadcasting when there is. I need to hear megs metric that Ollie asks maxed out about this all week and all Sunday during the game. She was prepared for your introductory let's hear what she had to say after parts go to Camden. Did you actually think that anyone really have a doubt that the patriots were knocking a comeback in the fourth quarter I felt like it was we're watching a slow painful death. And that's what we watch we watch the pit the patriots are bundled bullfight. They call it a flight is not really you're watching like a ritual that that's a we watched and he didn't and when the bullfight really get exciting as like the last ten minutes you know all of the matador really puts down. That's only one. When miles Jack went. Not to ten which is a good point now. We sent the game was never in doubt what are particularly America's said yesterday about two attempts at to a five and I grew up briefed on at a Brian Billick clear mr. Liu is excellent please Mario eases you think accessories go best ranked sure fire raced going to be I'm used to have them on every week now I know I remember listening to you on phenomenon and I've never been partly Brian Billick interview I don't think ever. Real again this is such a dancer the ranger takes Brian Billick Joseph dies in radio and stories on all and you name we're gonna you know like I said my dream was. The pages to lose. Jaguars. Eagles dale holy to eat there even Ronnie Lott 318 for some reason in my mind that was a perfect storm its most I think a lot of shows have realized how boring it is and you know it's been going on for what twenty most of his listeners to hear this is don't it's terrible herald photographer should have its ease and business dispute need to discriminate even if they're not selling crappy and if it just guys it's terrible radio on the they say the same things over over over myself all right you patriots cheated in Nazi purple they knew they wanted in there with the Indian police stormed the Super Bowl saw comfortably get there if we do it every year now. You see like you know to bring in Marcus Allen around his jacket this whole thing and certainly. You'd turning your body awaits him noticed you. You talk Curtis they don't make eye contact that they bring some guys OS on as your bureau of clay Travis has the mall and I was still about a lot of room which I guess the show they're just rolling them up just have to guess it was one of them. All these guys. He solo all right clay Travis he's got like wacky looking isn't it used to be a psychic. And she's too where she announced yes they do appear Haitians themselves Klitschko sidekick she was on she's a regular on the show she can he made the move on what happened that you guys left ask. While out and it knows that. Yes I was shooting I knew that I would talked her about imam now. I doubt the Mexican one hour one hour ignites these will be more guests there can promise you spoke to both of these guys one hour radio row. I'm not much going he can get firm as well sporty and Champa two will do a show together ray wooten. When they'll be and haven't been at all. I thought this forty a lot of guests guys alone many Eric Jefferson's Wacom by age and than to see the old guys who who limp by the real heroes and pioneers of the game. G a monologue you know. We're not walking by league and pushed as we sure Jerry Kramer editor alzheimer's forty can't wait talked Richard Kramer wrote that block I'm reverse all sorts are valuable tool art Donovan could still is now coming to China and I don't know if that's at a paper allot them and markers is tweeting on an interview with us with the Brian Billick. What are we what are we talking about. Bounty gate. Oh that's an interesting topic but now known as before Tony Dungy. It instinct go all always a NASA story. So big big story bounding short to watch him on talk. We among all the time he's always available. All I know that give my hundred bucks took Owens even remotely possible that Sean Payton didn't have a clue what his defensive coordinator had put in place to incensed his players. Well here I had died on the number said the word and send in send. And receive bridle the suborn Indianapolis. Can you shoeshine the sunglasses on inside cholera is a double heart of raising total cargo is such art against any season. Arrogant how I'll open and that Greg Williams was here in. I mean she's 'cause expenses you know archive eloquently than I ever get another chance they won in spite of that offense these toughest guy. Right by. When Dilfer was escorted you what are you expecting for punishment grind you have any sense it. I don't know that it is a sound good and happy he acted yet we do we had a good time limited time let's go build spot the you know would be. All fired with a Justine it was incredible story. Who got on that and on the town I know the oh man I I want it and I don't want it to a care in India. I was there again the he went in parts. In Indy he insists occasionally when he would get a lot of he would just let Lou slash title little discipline here. No tribute factor mentioned while I was shot in Indianapolis John Jerry. That's right now what what type quicker as it. I don't know Mallory Bobby shot admirable with a wasn't completed subsequent a memorization you're now Holliday did not allow military military doctor. Turning to a front Maliki JPG cinemanow and eat now that you are screaming that I advocate I remember that night we said the body and I'm just got to really checked in a room and we are suitcases. So set the bar very tailored to be is in a cheeseburger the bill comes with a torn fifty bucks an extra eyes and look. And two X seventeen Briggs is on the deal and you're you're by yourself firing up. And he went by yourself in your room right in the room yourself in Indy as opposed to watch the Dino as well. Yes we got their we had a only knows of their lives so you always gets you know what else I just don't check items you might have some friends from out of town right yeah I was hanging with the windows yet he went to saint elmo's fire on a vehicle Idaho Bradford a pitcher that relies I could get in India what to do that when there for thirty until we get in with any loved it he loved the early bird special that if many had to fight with Bristol I was a week here that week. I was in the fact I remember reading about that was why in the would the airport that the story was breaking that was all of a Twitter and our boss in great instincts that he had said. You were not allowed to tweet about it or talk about ever again panel that was the finest moment in his career I don't even know what happened in the fight but it. You're just. So let's say you saw fear in those yes indeed but you'll fight ready to fight back now the ball out of the business a year late and he's that I can't do against the Boston probably won't let me respond why we do. Let's hit the nerves one didn't. Duke's because he was the boss who's the general manager of the stage I guess and he was crazy how do you you can't we went on the and the next thing couldn't talk about. Sir they're gonna be any Kirk ESPN confrontations. To go here as you well know some racing for an eye she she tweeted I think in the end of last year that you know she hopes that team faced the faced one Barcella said mall policy next week she's going to be in Minneapolis has like. And then next time I checked her toward a catcher blocked I think she deleted that tweet. She did yes Sam looked really not available via who sell I think she'd read braille and yes I think people that it just suggests where she was a reason Chris she said I'm. Eight I don't like talk deployed they'll like the the I don't have to explain myself to him he doesn't sign my checks and he's not my boss tendency not you entertain him or his listeners should write or say war I agree that our viewers anchors anybody. As someone who lived as a free agency it's what are glad that. Well should be making a run radio row run at some point right course are the people I don't know what I wish we. See each other next week I had was on one of the TV's the gym and it starts it starts sixth right. Yes it is 6 o'clock hassles over and it starts and Michael Smith a slicker karate move to stop hope the other standing there is god. The cool sneakers Jackson everything is ironic and hip and glasses. He does like karate looked in life he kicks at the camera because it's so frequently and everything they do so lame it's an awful show the only reason. It's survives is because if they compare to the Olympic torture which is the word show to be his policy to actually when you follow up lebed to talk show when he makes fun his father on the set Nittany old eagle and it's just. The worst show in history. You look good I mean by comparison. And I guess if you mess with any of them include laboratory they say you're racist laboratory on Gary for that big fat white guys as a racist get ready for that sexist and racist and Alan Trammell heal because god has never criticized white male members of the media now you don't ever happened I try not unfortunately ESPN's thinks they're better than everyone else on the set up their sets as a professional way right. Are yet to market and everyone else than not. On radio row but I don't lightly to legalize radio. To Mel Michael were on the -- only then the whole run through last year yet they have to promote price and obviously a sore eye and show a workout but apparently it's been a year the most promote march oh. In ESPN history you know it is now in a year and still getting zero rating is now the we made fun of it for for for awhile it's just irrelevant. Now talk of what you so boring right on easy street sports talk. It's it's more. So I do all the details like that awful show less than a Felder and in training and Lou only god is terrible India you made the point that they need and we do it lightens the mood. Really blame Leuer trendy really it's Felger such a drip. We're watching a slow painful debt really centered just jointly. Royalist. We've got to get more of Mac exit Mac ads bad from bags and bags could look and I'm sure she's not that the church of lovely person is not that it. It's big too this is a lot of fun. How close anyways healthy attitude. Ten waste than to some time are all from Michael Barkin and yes they in Philadelphia fresh could have you that's out of even had a deal steps in the guys and I was Rockies on that funny I got Ronald might do bogeyed enjoys today I believe right. We'll tell him please don't check it shows there's gonna check in about a year and a couple short shorts sounds like so much fun driving through. Wisconsin the meet Chinese parents. Money because guys who Regis and Regis and impersonation of and Gary today as an added yeah. Popular holiday not Harrisburg ground unless there is a bush might as Comcast and we're talking about less they have to go there right and if you take away which the camera guys go right trucks don't do whatever Gary's haute to produce it because Gary public hotels opposed to a point be true by the Washington ninety bucks and ramadi and NBC had a game this year so they go well that's that's what they do. Yes I don't know the whole DST crew beat air Giles the boy is on the gets all there last superbly navy was a couple of symbols ago you were on the show like every night march to a panel from you won't. On time if I did yes sure is. Few times not happen this year I would never say never. 0%. Or you know Evernote. I tell you this I will appear at some point on that network during the week of the suitable that's a guarantee it's going to be live show feel like crash. Should crash beyond what showed us. Which one was seeming if you're watching TV which we showed the woman Tom current and and cope could be the woman Fred archer Richard Lee or Michael Michael Felger talking about it and I did jamario. I would again not guess what the president will be developments are you plotting and planning your time there particularly I think it. Didn't know but yes I will be a factor next week I think going to be the story of the week as well some of the moment 3030 minutes plus when you talk about those would you have legitimate questions some stances whose second biggest star. We buy again I don't second biggest star is a London Fletcher OK it's not a big star. When I eat and it's it's Negron. Down Jerry's whole thing is who's he stole from me. Who's gonna be on the you know your previous ones whose Eagles. It's full coverage at all. 'cause of the NFC title game it wasn't fooled until we had that great game that one. And eight. And the seven. It wouldn't be full should be Chris on an op and should shut up to Asia standard what is glass or a story for days Unionists that's I don't I I thoughts on this and what I nauseating. And we've identified the face the man that you're got married of the mayor of Eagles nation the president Eagles nation the guy who ran under the ball. And we had two angles on the bio get another angle. And if you haven't seen yet he's lucky to be alive. He sounds like he's got a great sense of humor great attitude and the reason he was in the train station on the game he lost his tickets pick. That's the game when he lost Gibson going around the parking lot. All right 6177797. Actress and an -- get through his walkie wanna go that way we have Kellerman we have what's his face a guy Jake Tapper. All these guys way he's he's the only guy a guy. A guy yet Joseph peppers first depression perhaps present rate my own worst since Mel Reynolds. That's that's unheard of section I cannot we saw that last trading tatters ratings that's not for all of that out that that's true their does not great but they announced that mr. Mel I was just hyperbole told her. Temperatures on the Eagles who care. What else again. We've got a lot of we got some. April us archives wants me the last thing what about power and much to the game get it. On the air at the suitable person behind the scenes drama going on the producers can market and sure why not like insurer trauma also gonna do we get we have four lines that reduce that we talk with the game it's crickets I know you guys of Arab previewing was I think if you're Canadian I stand. Jerry what's the big we'll get that and even knowing that what and back whenever he wants wide open and give us a call 617779793. Said the dots and lots to get to here's we get rolling. Hash tag pick six hash tag one for the other finger cash and what. Let's percents what's what's. And found nowhere as spectators is let's use that as Iain yes that's right this one's for you out there and ask that much to me and hash tags can send me to the super ball. Have to act want to be in the hash tags can send me to the Super Bowl next week it was trending in Boston what part of that scene of reason. I just haven't seen what side. It's. It's not. See expect to minute basis it's. It was from you the Boston trends. Twitter. The bigger questions. If this does happen and I do want to go over my questions you don't let's look at that and he does but if you're on at 5 o'clock at night. These whiskers would come back the moment you're. Two. Very good question in the past their data coupled with the producers to handle a show you know there was her mom brought about throughout the effort to. When you close and play kind of exercise ever producers who. There's no sound with these kids knows passages should end up going. And I will. I'll tell produces caramel ensemble which produced at its goal is such all the time they have to be there like they got nothing going on with the leader in petty its net is nothing compared to the level of now at this in the world producers right now longer there in that the more bigger they get. Indian shot of the two perfectly at 800 cases becomes a producer. That's all you need to think of sin in my who's gonna produce why does he get to do why can't I go Joey be at a dinner and Curtis won wouldn't care and only managed and some bubbles with the matter. That is another case they can erector couple years go full head here. No Cole had sex 45 times a day and day out not pale at all now shake it out like right it just newly you're you're you're going to a but it died this year. That's what I've from the cold eyed idealist is not a healthy look at the different tees and how. It's not not like me nobody sees fit. Looks good you'd you know look at it char do you need the framers put on weight organize vital to really kind pig. I try and try to get away. Was sent to. Turn just looks weak tree looks great. But she now doesn't wanna etc. so that's what is our it was our lineup of guests that we not guest guest cohosts beats him. Trouble articulating yesterday mr. breaks. Okay so we have about ten it'll be in a week from tomorrow with us. We'll have much if he's there which you are playing Friday morning and will have by Casey's mental with for an hour either Tuesday or Thursday and then whichever David Casey came too remote to the culture. Sounds excellent. May involve animals we like don't we total involved we like him you know you re in a any heart in the far yet so wet when sensible loans and tomorrow morning that it would say news earn. I said Indy five OK and we we do have moderate. Yes we have been good to get the full light a pretty obvious now amounts of Tomas is not allowed in the same what is your heart thing I want having I'd like it if I could I thought you would elect him after he went right at Dino grad views and grow and when he's sworn he's in the heart of your unlimited remember during the Guerrero thing he told somebody the minister in the break maybe as much as they can talk about us. By the way read a totally job with current the other night regular Guerrero. When he was defending Guerrero and use that weapon out of that cardinal rules are pretty good greens they wait could it there was her tent articulate why the FTC sanctions out where he did nothing wrong. Right amigos don't want to know defending Guerrero and his defending Brady guess if you wanna say it's a blind spot he overlooks that if a loyalty no. You can try OK you have and its right that's work yet and it's hard it's impossible. To defend Guerrero and current tries 'cause he knows them like he likes of me I need to talk to our podcast he likes him and I guess I don't like you could re more ran out sediment podcast and if you read this all the transcripts guys clearly guilty Carson I do that job should read. It's not hard to find when I defend knock or Brit Hume had a meeting with no matter who host. And it puts the podcast that tone is little difference ran an assumption that sell its leaders for so long battle with tourists and that that's what I can still no policy at Goldman group lists of various podcasts. Excellent that's what you're still looking always tunnel vision he slats on store it's still out but to really get to outside of its about the Olympics and borrow an orgy did you pick a good idea bulletin board docket. I'd like to go for the pass through these crooked cat. Callahan tunnel vision particularly dreamer and I talk in doctor and that's what the doctors to know you guys who get reckless and you're not built for podcasters are good now. Unlike meaning about two outs on the way into live symbols to and say these are really pretty shallow people off of him and that was you're gonna have on the economic Internet guy. I'll make sure people like they stall worth. Right but I didn't mention Nadal now and didn't come up this hour is on near Sidon toward the keys on these on sept does this work so people hate us on Twitter right fertility. People love darkest hour right very progressive yet right the guys felt how does he change his mind because he isn't he's he's a word. The the the F word for homosexual right east to be home a photo that was an LG BT. Sure like Jerry chair rice so the guy killed was probably what do Christian went to church every I don't know it was a misunderstanding an adult jail for how long ago our hat. Once you have to. Two hours and Peggy hop to it until late tickets I sent a top of the tires and I just said is that an hour 45 in Ghana for good behavior he closed by at least not to judge somebody on their wares. Oh really it is. About my cars there on the 9/11 guys are for the plane. They've had dogs made one mistake one misstatement is it. Ended in guys like Larry Nasser. They love water that's yeah and your temples and our team the true. One terrible moment in Ray Rice is a life. The server 24 of thirty days after Aaron Hernandez ice on Portugal and whether I was days dentist or 24 days would kill a guy from Toronto. Wrong. I thought when you do that you went to prison for five years judge offered me the 24 days of Dale's podcast was enthused hockey yet install or some worth the president did. So you've got Julie and I will be doing a podcast in many I velocity just what you don't want to live like gay sexual podcaster to human glove. That Jerry doctor making purity you you've got how does it have to be gay theme when you do would Minnesota's got to be somewhat of Kenny what's that and that's a look at the podcast so what would be in Minnesota when it's like to be gay in Minneapolis various face have puppets. We shut. I'm glad you called a clinic last week to me all of you that you always had either gonna put that into researching you know. How funny would have to be asked to give it to me very serious negative two point specially curable that you two. And now by the into the about mentioning. That you are. Now not no such excite 2018 he could sleep with people who were born this century. So that. But they're gonna run the town. When he was texting and I doubt I realized my itinerary set at some friends who are from -- thome thome when you know you have friends from Minneapolis guests and one gold around the places that all the places to guzzle too much showed why eight out before you go watch you and your rounds and you Jerry buckled today before journalist. Doctor can be really drinking next week in the Twin Cities. On some bruised his WB and there you can't be had unless underserved theory bureau says I am a mature now works what doesn't work we disagree I can't would be surprised to brings them and act when he's on there midnight slack if I'm. A lot of security a lot of secured. Really difficult stop if you have a beer yes and on radio wrote that so yeah host Olympics. Bush arrived last particular sneak it into you know like commerce. They used to be alone should support from the media in the hotel and it would be your line through those days are the fact that a good wanna Minnesota remember were meant the world will McDonough. We hung on the lounge and then he said more go to dinner. That's insured just met him. Paul Tagliabue went to dinner but it really does know the story so you know Shia and to ask a question greater pressure story and she says we're all it was was Paul Michel yes that's. Yes I Apple's app against the right got it right so we did with the commissioner and I was young men and just that moment pattern I set their foot three hours and listens to or who. The commissioner of the NFL oh. Brcko a it's this behind busy Carlson showed up and I want the McDonnell won a thoughtful. I don't quite a lot of preview piece and people actually do and you won't allow it you are welcome to do when do we get back to Dallas to get back it's producers don't all the heated game thread really takes entreaties. I'm ready. And what else we're gonna get through we have to send me your your pal Jake Tapper we money tumor Estrada was an hour in Nasser. We at last player and as a sound from a Monty weighs in he uses the bachelor and that is the meat can sit there and Larry apple TV right through all those victims. So from all those. DO hates him yes on Christmas in England and while I need to do. Youkilis right into their minds that are in the flash days or how to pronounce rush toward Obama to do some like to get me a couple of calm and collective glimpses ultimately if we don't feel you next week in Minnesota. Doing whatever you he you know what mark when you make him an assortment even more than anything the recent lawsuit goes to be around his hero court a curtain and he wants to just be you know I heard when he goes out at you guys as he taught right now just explicitly. Do you wanna do it kind of has dinner without an alternative you talk you know what the possible and is that Fox News and in the rough and there have filed a dinner dancers had fun this we have some last night but minded. On them now I was just make fun of what you would call this summer Olympic sculpture. Of the moment that made a great point sable moderate leader on the give you stick your. Is that you said that if all these guys who work hard Smart accomplished. Or never order power play in their lives are good men and denies them ignored the rise in the room that I looked right or wrong choices right guys who work. 88 in Minnesota I want to be their causing trouble this guys wants an exception audience the Amazon rating in his life on his own. Fly. That plane you know I see yeah I should see here is a fine. Point on. Us thinking have you taken any more flying lessons. I've not thought when I hear golf I've got. The Witter's not a great time as an excuse after almost. This is it's your time you gonna run a marathon every state doesn't equate the show yet. This and other stuff and it's that's I was trying to get become on the private is not a stunt plane. Subjects who with upon sneaks in you can watch notes column the view to afflict give a lesson. We kicked in the fight back amendment that I mean Jerry we haven't surprise to people that's it I hope ice like we bunkers and many divisions and between citizens derive that from my. Curtis of yeah actually that's an appropriate personal files. That's he did it hurts our pockets US TC's reboot before I can't wait it Kabila collect conversation. After a circuit week shows. Or suitable I that we've done with Minnesota put in the rear view men earn their own hopes so. Hope you're out before I'm looking forward and actually pretty thick of that you know why they hear me say I look supports doing rate might extend to the Super Bowl Minnesota tied in with Paul Tagliabue others it's just to learn. This is certain camaraderie that comes with the Cole were trapped indoors. Let's explain Q you don't need the coat you know you never go outside in tunnels want you definitely on our right a private plan that the patents or to attack all but that's but maybe maybe you and I go to dinner gauntlet Taco Bell from the something. And one or two ago you wanna go to work. Wendy's. It no I like when I think eloquent eloquent and oh yes. Always say yes that question you Mexican you like Max that's when you get crazy as one night we got to go out that's the one way toward the end of the week we've had a good week put my feet up nice dinner Canada margaritas while remained on the boat on the verge of us forever about it the Austin Thursday forecast is like below zero so on need to bring that cold but you don't win or just go from. All Americans aren't the catwalk to the Mall of America you never go outside and through that experience he built some camera body into the week you be sharing. This experiences than usual this unique experience together. Wrestling federation. That's. Why don't you just and again my friend dale yeah smartest people I know. Who watches and tweets about these morons are wrestling Harry's. At every spot in sports that's probably and winds that come from how can a grown man. Most podcast throws and never happened idiotic why I already. Twelve to eighteen. I talk a lot of us this. I stop doing and I went to college that the freed people would think it's weird pages to watch a private I do not and I'll be denied and I was hitting the marshes and I don't your Barrett I see it asked Tripoli sweatshops I don't think it was thought that it was actually champions and it Blanco the case that. Defeat it's aim at David. Talk enough. Are finalized. Cincinnati but I have been on its against Aaron. When we get that gives the update a month why mutt is actually go to the symbolic pose a question to have to listeners to Sharjah and dropped. Did you want Roemer you want month hosting farm bureau simple question and or it's gonna go about like people record. Bring her to it late at night and Monday night I get lots of crow laws solves who has been asked in football or shall certainly assertion that we this house. Yeah is this why is everyone assuming. Gone will be okay I'm assuming you're assuming it will blog about it wealthy indeed has a serious. Brain bruise which as with a concussion is correct what we assume he's gonna pass all the tests and be on the field unfit for very good question six what 77779%. Now budgets now we have to get to was well. At some of its national conspiracy stuff but the ref threes you can tackle that as well as the Kirk Italian Alex three years we get ready for a Super Bowl thirty. Want favorite spot. I suggest don't you. But based on the calls it last week when he was it a year you guys want me on six that I wanna be on six that I want to be in Minnesota I want to be there causing trouble. I want to be there. Would my guy Beatles the Leno let promised to get on the air for radio well so if you're on Twitter cash tag mocked and what this money ever ever ever cause trouble. I guess that about food supplies and operationally. And that was are now program. Imagine doing that now. No more so in any trouble. Legal trouble that's for me it means for the the other driver so let's go there and they get behind the wheels. He's my friend you know that I'm happy hell. Heroes so that kind of him entering the human body guys or was I knew each other spot Tom's right I'm your friends. I've always said I always said as Fred's pursuit of different guys or was it the guys who appeared there over set as much as in Kirkland and originally thought it would take six and heterosexual god right now gay guys real boxing. You do that when you meet your friend ugliest picture looks like nice and you not sometimes if your friend gets a haircut it looks good policy and well that's not a friend that will be whatsoever right its friends and your your was your best friend. We don't know costs sorrow from Austin Co. it's good night course heterosexual but yes yes. Words. But right when street and a mutt is going and he's gonna have some pressure remission remission and I'm saying this doctrine and I've said this all along you know remission -- finish of sixth and what you mutt too. Should be gone by he's going to give the listeners have spoken the detectives and leaders of parity counts of disparity can actually started our loss. Joe's Obama says if he is trending he can go and things trending like two hours later thanks to Aussie. Thanks to us thanks to all of parity counts he's trending gold and he's on the private jet yet. He's. Ready ago. So tell me. What's he gonna do is six to ten he can keep your trending guy all right. Training available today and yet. There are separately for hours on 24 trends he could. Ash that on our friends from him back only days lucky number 25. As hash tag number two the number four the word transit capital TP. The number four and UT. I'll watch what's wrong with six to ten mutt and Reamer together. Oh that's my Buick Obama and 24 and zero. Now return it would make it sounds so boring adamantly Cintron and that's why I like the idea of I can Ken could you talk a boat no no. What position themselves better as I was out to be says is alive popular morning show that easily to him aired some born frightening spectacle. Like one ratings anyone who's annoyed about others. Is trying to sponsor. Yes. It's pretty terrific deal solicit it looked good good the publisher's note is important. You got that mister Hubbell I think mutt and Reamer I think first of all the press would be on the would have to perform any anti gay I don't want a gay most of my life and commodity a lot of and I lost ten is not. Much stop when a pregnant women interns keep a straight months ago I wanna take a black persons who. I had no idea much. It is home full. As we you know black people to games or races every time with them it's area and I think liberal and animal on the field at black players. When Roemer is there with them the be real tension. West will be guests the wrong people. The V and radio row time yes from the people Roman a good honest on the street it's increased the Eagles fans and yes come on with us element and a supplement this now authorities -- trio like board apartment he's playing next CNET. Does Mumford who has two little kids and wife and I little she's very excited. I'm going away for a week it was IQ. His name is Jaeger GA eight GA. Are the Phillies and Giguere decide the USA. Weird name. But and expect a folk hero Jaeger gave her that you guys have. You guys are. I put equipment put pressure from a distance but I think with him resort. Now what if there's funny ways to say 42 years old thread he is the guy you've all seen in this viral video running into the pole. Because he missed the train. No he missed the train lost his tickets and missed the game so it's him and his friend and the bulls have proclaimed doc and yours is available quickly told. There are sold typical Eagles fans. But it gives him the other angle just news though he runs in the poll and you could see on the train. It is another angle from behind more runs in the pool tables backwardness. Falls backwards and it's his head on the train. Bag and send them moving train but he survived he's fine jokes about it. Says it didn't hurt anybody's haven't farm and use that ease the face of legally it's imminent impact is not there later. Managed just yet again and saint about it saying Jeter Jeter was feeling no pain and use. I'm next in this again I'll bet she goes to super bowl of its so. My dad has some slightly mad Conan don't you know forever in our guys are to be this was sober bore a nervous on the air is always open edited and humorless but it was really you cannot. Over. Estimate that and level of insanity the Eagles fans and your birdies and Eagles fans curious your view what else what they should've gone to Jackson you're just mess argue why some values. Right thing they scared me there is your view it gets bigger each weeded out last him the woman watching the vikings fan why it was unbelievable and she was just boot on her way to the field these in Washington hairs did you want to watch most and they were just interface all fingers and holing. Like the C word if this woman for where the vikings she asked for. A work site gangsters DT eagle okay I'm in his what you should do you should Wear it patriot Jersey if you're in in Minnesota. Won't be on the weekend right through there and a week now Portugal out at night on the streets wearing a paid pitchers I saw them. Scream and little kids in and women with their husbands. They're just if you Wear a vikings too easy to it to Eagles the Eagles stayed in your nasty spit I'm asking for shuttle like full beer do you why do you want trouble. You want trouble it's who you gonna go rude on your team and because you're gonna rule a new team should be full can of beer project category yankees during his defense doesn't happen that he used it before full can I might hear them through my mother used to weigh her lanky cherry Tait and white they would threaten one guy and a beer or one guy that I just made that I'm not a set up to the iron issue did. And I are right now not 617779793. Said we're back to that I guess at some point. Or we do we get back here we'll carry paying ways and route right now to Ohio he's ready to go. Check him on as a pursuit to another guy is fearless family it was and is viewed in as the sun. That you'll land area. Enough room and I don't care under me a look that there will also talk about it eat your book of someone who became big game and how they did I insult anybody cares. Dave's assignments and man this is exactly Tamiflu words and no integrity of the book with cap and accusing him. Probably is and he's yes he's the one yet but the book what happened to be an Wu and by the way and somebody went back and looked at all the tweets and when. Once went down and how you know get a sank heparin rates. But if they sign that Obama right now would they be on their home record so we'll be all right than be home I'm right back.