K&C - Mut is afraid of Andy Hart; The future of Bill Belichick 2-13-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 1: Kirk is out sick so Andy Hart came in to host with Gerry.  Mut was afraid to do a show with 


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He's currently. Good natured way is that there's a fear based organization in Johnson I don't know what he's talking about I had a lot of fun this is a lot of fun and I think people enjoy it can say. I had a lot of fun playing there no I don't know what relationship if you wanna double play with your coats it. It was my finding that guy Tom Brady that's fun I demand that we have fun with Gerry Callahan how do you feel about red originally being honored by the Boston Eddie and Leonard Ross I have no problem we'll. It's not. The lack people's money is Carl black history of blacks were drunk I love that guy the way he comes off is trolling particularly in a place with a reputation. Like Boston I do find it interesting that the first person may create about during Black History Month happens to be a white guy. The auto brother it was the perfect Kirk man. And you can hold it against Andy card to be the wrong guy as a fighter he's good morning any arts. You're ready sure in his best prep we think is Andy was in tomorrow you might wanna grab to be. I can tell you who live through under the weather kept getting up opt not to act and hard and bold. Care to could no football so this can be a little bit different for the month Sports Radio WEEI. There's going to be a little bit different is going to be a little delirious. It's going be different you know we're gonna do what fox sports with a heavy heart. After we you know mock and ridicule my friend Kirk men and who came. Came down a little touch of the and what we want the authority flew back can handle authority. He predicted it to us out right I heard him yesterday in the middle part meeting with the boss is the big boss. Said that he'll sit and it I did you gotta explain to me how to listener that I clicked on seventeen greater than watch this I've no interest in any of the crap before it. It amazes me the Bill Simmons has like millions of people who listen to that look the whole list of podcast there wasn't one thing that interest me in the least. He had Kurt management agent on the stand the Bill Simmons on the Simmons whenever the BS podcaster. It's like the most popular broadcast them. Which escapes me completely. It is quite India and it bit about that patient series. I think it certainly is an army retired I'd probably say yes but that was the point where you said but after that I mean you. It's totally talking in what is that. Lose your number retired to gently pierce and his number I just said after the patriots or would he say I was announced here steady self yet. So I was holding quality foresee way Kirk if you if you want any water next time Kirk protection Kirk is a complete fraud when it comes to Bill Simmons oh really idolize is and he does not want across from does not heal mock and ridicule anyone who mock and ridicule. Is best friend. So much to you go on to defend Boston's well I don't know he went on and and Kirk was ready said he was gonna go right atom because of the Simmons is the biggest. Sellout the biggest phony in history did you see simmons'. Admonishing the Boston media for being I don't know what's that in a negative for. It's a shame what's happened I mean he used to be great he used to be a must read when he was back and now he's better than right right right and this whole thing you know is everything no one else knows police take evidence he sounds like you know Joseph fits in now. It's like looking down on the media's and and I love to have fits the templates is consistent. Right this guy Simmons used to market and really to everybody and get personal and we loved it and it was funny it was fun. Yes and I think that's when that Callahan was he the one that coin fellowship of the miserable. Yeah I was made it was me. And and I used to I used to like him must read and now he says it's a shame what can you get between guys so he says that there have been fewer exceptions over the years regarding Boston media. But for the most part negativity in nastiness has prevailed in Cuba it's too bad to what's models of the Borges and the item of the latest on what's going on the boards thing. I Roemer thing I don't know but I find that it's it's like listening to Howard Stern you think of the greatness of of years past and you wonder what happened that guy and I understand I mean. I say this whole time stern and aunts and it's the biggest seller it's ever and I don't blame them they're rich they bid. Snoop dog house is everywhere and you know flying private planes and god bless them. But he is going to umps lecture the Boston media. And that he's pretty nasty in a you know kind of a turning point for Wilma that his career at that was. Was you know a really great caddie read grown up and on that but. He he was kind of nasty about Lisa Olson in ways that is we're now flattering for now is lectures Solana twenty some years after he died with the help of the and when you work with excellent. Now on the herald's oh yes yes I mean does it mean to sound now yes I didn't know me was a kid was in an amused beneath. He was he says that was nice to Rome which is good but he was like an intern and on the one who is Bill Simmons. Right right spots in sports guys as the kid. But fortunately it was nice to room and I'm still nice to him by it I'm still confused why Kirk went on. A Kirk was going to challenge him. But didn't because he I don't know doorstep twice Simmons didn't. Kirk took a couple of jams some disorder ask the next question Abu that it Simmons rat beat Boston sports media as curt represented let's take care of Bosnia or some media Kirk as a whole New. Yorkers the while south where emails phone. Well I'd you know I'd say I don't know that started in ninety or whatever but I think you would immunity disagree I don't know. But I think it's twenty minutes it's built cement columns from say. When I was restart we didn't seem so open I don't know I 1999. I don't know why are you feeling it is a mystery writers that fully. Beat your stuff out boy your first subscribers I've ever again in box. They do you work that they got a number like 41 or something concrete numbers. So Kirk first developed that's a call you hang up on right the current lines to bat right exact I thought it was going to be in here to do it like on they're supposed to be at the possible Tuesday. Also he supposed to do wouldn't hear when ice collision Bill Simmons of said this Sox will deliver just in time a desolate but it Ian podcast I was supposed to be honest podcast one time and I was Allman them on the phone and analyst technical difficulties of waiting and sent home on an element Transmeta has finally said. We can't get it right it it doesn't sound right and we dropped and he never called again. And that's the biggest podcast in the world. I don't sauces. But he also Kirk's but very odd eight direct message each obvious yes yes yes skirt so yeah. Little things is soft spot troublesome side and we had a soft spot for anyone well that thought so he he he had the the flu in the mid to get the flu in the middle of the meeting with the boss yesterday. Came down in scandal over clamped in on that. How would you call the authoritative flee as we've we need a better name come up with some. And you know you're creative good a track look at these I got four hours actually get four hours yes you do know solo I hope. Pot yeah right because much afraid you would call mutt and he was all gonna come and and I was actually looking forward to that I meet two and need to send us we once we told them you were in months and I have to watch at all American Dad! yeah I'd watch my kids what's his face of executing him ahead. I don't yes maybe he singularly a kernel is your draws and he is seriously you're better hair than he does obviously I was selling just fine piece I'm afraid you so and my only cares about one thing it is pleasing curtain and and mutt is there's no point coming and they won't hurt right here he was also are commend license lists hue brews out dummy unity that's what. He calls me like this list humorless and of late he's describing himself he's an expert in that area. We don't know what Kirk's ex lastly would you hold on let Andy finish she's talking about my cheese I just it. Legitimately did you call him. Chris yes courts and he was out yes that's in Paris and he's never it's radio would Arnold guns in each other's heads and shoot each other. Radio and before I told him you're and he was like all get back to view them on ice it and arts and all of a sudden daddy mark came here Ed or I think it has to play I mean he's afraid you obviously Andy's and he if if Kirk's done here he doesn't have reason to get out of bed I mean. His life revolves around pleasing Kirk. You know worshipping the ground Kurt walks on so once part is they football guys got me right there aggression there you go Randy Hart dodged a. Yeah I. That that that this on morning I was hoping to be I'd have four hours of of my back and forth yes although he doesn't really. To be honest he's never gotten into me when we have host now he wouldn't unless. Can you engagement Twitter take shots on Twitter he does even tweet. Her fall like. What is he. He's just the guys who couldn't you know Monday hashes are Markey who a month is a great guy but. If at the center of Kirk's here is no reason that means when when would would would would he and he doesn't care vote. The show cares about pleasing his hero idol and other than saying something stupid or a lot of you guys to mock him for us stupid for four hours. What's is it is a little odd that he idolize is the guy who mocked and ridiculed constantly I don't that's some sort of psychosis yet some sort of feature as some kind of single master kissed meditated in the sense that I was in that. He's in the you know. And pains guy ought predilection yeah it's horse racing just that. Just the tip of what he he said he had to stay home and and mind to one of us can yet in which wonder you know the old gonna give you a little uproar when I tell you Chris I can't get kids today. Think that'll really wanna do and yes it does an X and of course I guess they might daughter of the doctor Watson and it was shall forever and ever get used to years or whatever and coming here as long as we've been doing this first time he's ever manage the kid. And that's the first time he's ever been paired with you so that's in line can you do the math I thought I don't know if I have a job as night hours of I still can't believe is funny he could come in here and you would challenge him and and maybe fight him but sure we wouldn't ridicule way curt goes right. I think there is too much like this that he says some really stupid and review but not to the point where Kirk is just don't resistin mocks his own children he he. He I don't know it's a kinder gentler Kirk I mean this guy in my pay for weeks to go to Minneapolis away from Italy for Fatah and and why Indian Coke as a meet and Kirk Wright who said that we need him we want him and they in the sending him on our private jet. From rhetoric some of those pictures no imagination no thought that's it next year is not come assume that all of us we don't need them wired get in the Super Bowl ha yes even with a divided locker room a quote good maybe they're coach is what I'm legitimately. Except I tried to talk to two months about. Little patriots who bull but Kirk. The one and a who we were busy you know fighting the authority yes like the power who agree sir I'm not allowed to say anything anymore. No legit now we have you know none at all are you allowed to talk about people that are suspended. We were mean we're moving on always moved on and on a moving around. In my. Yes and no I'm just wondering if there was a filly cash based on what I heard yesterday from Kirk pitching. I feel like I should have been handed a handbook today about. What the new rules trust me it's not like it's not that difficult periods and and you know Kurt needs that that. Fight needs that. Rebellious. Straw man who might it was not a Strom and it's a it's it's the authority telling us what to do but not nearly as bad as it's been in the past. Yet he's rated take drastic measures agreed is the last Texas that you did not want to. The suggestion that we changed she'll go forward know where I heard you talk tomorrow we're going two innings and he may have an announcement tomorrow. Say that tomorrow yes wouldn't say that yes we are well quick recovery be here tomorrow. Beat the authoritative flew to one yes it's it's like it's not quite eloquently pointed to 24 hour thing via beef a flight authority flu and I lasted day and be back tomorrow I think. Although you never know Mike and text or email that sets them off or pothole what we were in a meeting with our bosses. Totally reasonable that was not local bosses are class a word you're going to I was or that was last week that went well tube this fine this was trust me I've been through these before. Kirk does no good we got it we got great. Losses right now understanding on our side it's not like it used to be where. It was a fight every day of you know one person able. Can't we had pads chuck demons in him we carry I should say a guy we had a guy that would literally commenced ideal matchup you know get your face and we yelled back it was. Nasty it was completely. Divided it was kind of like the patriots locker room yeah it's it's not that way now so there were no directives that you guys don't have these new late eight tenets of things you can't talk about well now we don't have written down. William in on this and understands that gray area it's a so so I learned that the other day and you can get any we can get any emails last and it's. Good question probably should add that the it will just now we we talked about everything Chris asked for my email address I assume there was an email coming that I never got. I should lie and lie and they assured of that but as you know as you can see we just you know two things timeliness of swing that we wing it has so far that's what we do we just wing it. And you know sometimes when Kirk it's Matty gets the floats at times when mark gets mad he's mix up the a babysitting duties he allegedly has. So I'm going in the wrong direction you want in a safe word that you can yell out that it's spelled out its. As saying let's. Do you polygamy set up to you Baylor to you and your your wife and we do not have a safer now yeah we do. Get away from me. A couple of few words to tie it lost yes who needs you okay say it. Will be addressed the bats address tomorrow yes we're gonna have an announcement we're gonna have an area. A new way of doing a sport with the so Cuba and I am already. Yes yes dispose of should tiger's silence was deafening. I talked and we we talked about an advancement as usual Kirk is you know emotional when. Impetuous and just how are we talking about this don't worry about it it's it it doesn't the fact effectuate positive way okay oh formal or doesn't may god and Jesus. Isn't enough well this it's a two part of its many pronged and it does not does nothing. Who's going to affect. I don't think it's gonna affect and negatively. And I think. You're seeing it for today. We can't plug a big amounts. Your take on some analysts think about it she's got a spring in the sun yes courtesy cart will be here tomorrow we think and soul and wait another. Another high maintenance. Regain Eva. A ten way we think will be tomorrow. I guess yeah army's schedule schedule. I'm not sure last for a house was put that on your schedule with Kirk. And Kirk may make. A decision and executive his decision when my support. In sometime in that four hour show whose moral Austria now meet or the listeners that doesn't matter I'm trying to get this straight with the guys are having a production meeting but I don't like on our meetings being sent a drug that works I don't worry about it okay -- tell me what to say about the patriots yes well I am glad glad a lot and internally questions or another and I can't read it like Andy and -- like and right aren't stealing his schtick yes we're stealing its axis. So sore so while yes. I want and here Kirk doesn't Kirk's not a big fan and he's but the thing is that. He's not the enemy any ones don't like anyone has even like his best friend Bill Simmons a month turns into a bush right calls to wheel that's aside let's on this for an appeal last week it was prepared I think he's come around but he loves month. And he mocks ridicules him and he loves contact and he's looking for somebody that it can market Riddick I want enabling the island that a long time there's two types of people you guys have been here and I'm night. I'm not a left wing liberal weenie who's gonna argue with you all day like. I don't know people must mention Tomas others at the right is that it was out of the memo didn't actually spot and mess he's in limbo too or somebody who's gonna say something stupid in the first fifteen minutes and about three hours and 45 minutes of mocking him and wins and now you realize you've done that before it's beyond that some dumb things before we all have to substitute formally boxes and I found when the forty years go made three. Raw. Wrong and how to run totally right on right well mean four years ago someone made three but right now somebody makes more than three right now I can guarantee. So you think who is an idea by Nancy Dickey knows records a little vague on the Internet but we think. We games is making good on the highest paid assistant I was sherbet. We think well yeah sure about that either as he's making good money. I'd and I don't any business in Basra that's close to the highest paid is something remarkable I don't know that I don't believe appropriate when he says. That the fields was committed to exit from five to ten I guess it is you know I don't believe I cry and it in in in Indianapolis do you. I believe he was going to be very well competent yet because of it yes I believe it or make other five million a year okay how much not ten. Right I mean I think I'm somewhere between socks and shorts say 86 but maybe those 78 over the time no way contrast McCain who's gonna make ten million bucks a year I mean I don't understand what they would. Oh right field and he offered. To a failed head coach to a guy who was assistant making probably want one and a half to shore. Maybe but it's has buoyed ballot they're bullies while they Wear shorts on monopolies like. I I think they'll be fine with frank Reich affect a mature way right. It is less desirable to mcdaniels all I am why Josh McDaniels has gotten much longer time has called plays a frank Reich was done Peterson's boat blow a pew as Doug Peterson was into reads Bobo it will go forward they frank Reich 11. Rule. McCain lost open yet so we're judging and and and and he called Phillies match he won wonderful and constant winds tour. I'm just talking is without Brady Matt Cassel without Tom Brady has done nothing you know Katzman a Matt Cassel one that later in games without a good here in the NFL. In the year before and when he and then what they when the era and that counseling when they went right here after they won ten with Tom Brady. Was and know Josh McDaniels. Who so anyway Josh McDaniels. Point Brady we do in around the horn here think he'd do well in Denver. He started off great Jesus do you think he did well now things yelled mark quickly into an adult who is second season his players did not have any fun because he tried to be Bill Belichick he tried to write the so don't fund is a parent I do. In Saint Louis whose team was awful correctness they averaged hope for a game that's when the worst offenses in modern history. Sam Bradford what is frank Reich on other than come back with the greatest while he was pulled he's he's he definitely has callable for I assume they like him. Everybody out two loans and sure that a bad sign now that's not a bad in the intimately you know overall is about it in my fund Andrew Luck. True that's all that matters it doesn't matter whether it's frank Reich or Josh McDaniels or you or me or anyone out through if Andrew Luck can throw a football which he apparently hasn't done in two years and the colts will be going the right direction if Andrew Luck sucks and can't throw and is just they cap hit. They're done right in Christ will you do that about any and now he's so motivated jury that yes always extra motive motivated to great judgment he still have a cottage cheese shoulder do you have an shoulder I mean do you blame you blame assume Greeks and for not protecting him not investing in the in yeah and then there's got to be some medical questions. It is it is true do you think judgment in the sob heard them found out that he that is the most logical reason. Other than they really loved him but didn't the patriots love them all along my there him and he thought there were chances he'd be the head coach in waiting all along if he stayed Q do you think do you think present do you believe in either its peers which it's a conspiracy fears. Kirk is predicting. Belichick will quit next week or this next Wednesday next Wednesday next Wednesday like Wednesday what time. I'm predicting February 5 2019. Where they knew ring. Could question. I'm I don't know about that regardless yes he's got is giving them one more year and more I can't imagine. Appeals. Backs out of that job in Indy that money. Big big money. And Stacy and burned a lot of bridges or at least some bridges right and stays here without any. Assurance that we will eventually maybe Willie McGinest said absolutely not and so is Colin more ways than a lot of people you know as much as anybody he's here to these head coach in waiting yes and I'm sure it out on paper right hey get in trouble that putter he can't be on paper currency units non courses aren't writing chapter told us that's against the rules aren't they want. You can't tell him it's open ended and mean because. You. Some people think bill could go five mourn your seven more years so let's take Ben Poland's. Column did you read Sunday's notes where he wrote basically. Robert craft things in the globe and volunteers chose and that's it you're only allowed to Mullen made the cut. Well cities such an impressive sometimes I regret it click on it a thumbs up one of my two my two clicks. So he says Robert Kraft brought McCain back right. He almost opposes it as bill that really wanted to back bill was just gonna let him go and I know that's going to find that hard to believe when you consider the case that upheaval. The turnover when when you lose Patricia if you Austin's office corner and by the way special teams coach squares coach stood in a sewer plant ski hill bail. You can build wanted to view of that kind of tale well I think he. Believes he can do anything he'll be fine yet promoting what he was job is nobody cares about easing as he he is ego and tells him he'll be fine. He'll he's done it before I do it again is no way he prefer the no way he well then why didn't he do it in jail early January to forge Washington accepting the people's jobs may like it Robert A do you believe it and have to step and maybe he did that he can't doesn't control the purse strings he doesn't control over the money and Robert and what changed with a latte was changed the symbols over. In audience he would no longer had to focus on that next game that makes. Who Robert bill they'll. Over my point is during the bye week though if you wanna keep truck Robert it's gonna be really hard if I lose both these guys I'd like to keep it on the net who do you like. OK you like to awful to bump jaw shut so he doesn't even interview with these teams originated and then when it all can Josh still accepted the Indy job. And had a second interview yes when you think about it things changed then lost the Super Bowl right Belichick. Blew it in the minds of many. Put me and that's what Ben writes is that Robert I didn't know about the Butler situation until everybody else found out about his ball and on the sidelines and play. And that this is in some way. Covering his asked as he is in some way on on the whole the decision how much longer do you think Belichick does and he deleted any minute I don't think Kirk's. Off the sole agent and he could insecure if your craft and you get the sense. And it's going to be sooner randomly say 00 we got to do something here have been ill and you sit down I mean. Well it is obvious that he's at least right I think there's a chance it's bill and he says. I had to elect or apple logo however that played out grapples gone so I lost my quarterback in waiting for you if I lose my coordinator waiting for you. You're screwed and that looks bad for me because I'm always and I planned long term blah blah blah blah blah right and by the way who else. Really really want McCain back. Probably Brady probably break a currency probably probably nothing he has a double and rightly and the essence say in this and we get you see the column in The Herald today. Embolism are these numbers that guy the greatest post season a quarterback has ever had. Just completed I'd say that guys vote matters. It. It held onto the ball on the wondering. Let's just like that security keeps pushing this Belichick's more likely stay longer. Opening up his world so that's good employees that's note I don't know that means it means exactly. What he said Parcells deport him in the 3030. But he has talked about did you see it up yeah what's that good at that part like Indies we've watches things he reads things the thirty for 38 for knowledge being the penguins jumped out. Is I didn't remember that will Belichick left New York. Parcells then resigned whatever was three months later as he had a heart have a day parade I thought that was like a year later and and I think bill looked at this may be and says if Josh leaves and I let's be honest I'm thinking about retirement. It's the same thing and the patriots could on the crap or win. Whoever is not prepared like re handling but in that. Documentary says. Parcells and thanks Parcells. Probably more than he really means you know I mean it was a little. Only don't I sit in front of a man looks old these original guys I don't know I think it's this was a favorite to Bill Parcells. Mean they're not friends you could tell as I've said before when when Belichick matches took his get married Parcells is via. Doesn't say anything like congratulations right there when is it user who Marian often don't Texas house heart and Belichick's house I think that's fine so that we are in minutes they don't keep in touch and not and that's okay great great coaches and they in you know I agree influence on each other when he says. The one great thing Parcells did for him was open up it is whatever the. There's a lot of her failure. It wasn't a schedule it was Michael every so often it would just be periodically you know he'd say hey c'mon and office. I go in there and they'll say you know what here's here's something not just wanna make you aware of what's going on and look good defensive coordinator you don't. You know not vault in the draft or native players got or discipline problem our contract problem whatever it is like the you're oblivious to that really. As a as an assistant coach for bill called me and say you know here's some what's going on. I really appreciate those times that you did that end. You know it was very helpful to open my eyes and open horizons a somethings are really wasn't paying too much attention. Now that was a little bit out of left field I didn't and never heard that before. That's the thing wearing head coach to take a coordinated the noses up at them. Going places can take them under his wing and shall things right. That's. Sounds to me what Reese is reporting that Belichick 200 to exit him. I want you to be by my side and opened my world news. C do you believe Greece all it's already happened. I mean bill talked about has six would you give real dollar wall because it's already happened remains hard bill that anybody about it they don't hear us deep and Bihar report this in powerful build a sham unity patriots will always get it right. PF Bill Belichick has reported this over the years just openly and press conferences. You know Josh and I have meetings regularly we can talk on a level that other assisting coaches can't because he's been a head coach because he's dealt with these things they talk about those things a PS I got that. I think when he says that he does that mean nobody knows who Eddie parties that's a good point that means Belichick gave this this move this deal. Is blessing Kraft made it happen believe that crap Payton Pratt and but Belichick said yes and there's no way Belichick said. I might pierce seven more years there's no way. New contract includes sort of succession no absolutely not absolutely none of the tunnel was just gonna get out of this open world. Even if you bring a team for two years and not well he didn't do well that's true and he didn't do it well but what are these secrets it's like there's this code or somebody else safe he's gonna open with a look book like waterboarding simply green notebook bills and show me to just listen he explained he said you don't when you're coordinating you don't it would contracts. You don't trio personal issues like Josh has dealt with all those things and he ran Jay Cutler out of town don't tell Brandon Marshall this type GM quit he he's delta owns and learn how to do right he learned how do wrong. In Denver I was gonna learn how to do right so bill's gonna let it go that's criticize his success the second time around not Josh levs beside the point. And the point my Jamaican is. You don't agree news. Without it not to say it date in general sense of one how much longer and I would agree that yes I don't care what mcginnis says a Kyoto was says. There's no way. That that mcdaniels has no idea how long Belichick's going to be or no way. A baby in May not be a specific date next Wednesday at at 5 PM we're gonna press conference but let's not five years within a couple years you will be the head coach of the NDP. I always thought maybe you know he'd stay beyond questions Ellis recently thought is to be on great. There's no wasting go hungry or Brady is article five years out there are so right night on my bills things seven. He's only seventy the real at that point to note that can't happen because McCain's wouldn't stay here that was the case. Integrate. I would I would agree. But the other two meets all for bill is is he enjoying it and the but I think. From afar. Seems very much an enjoyable while I say this time Butler in the Super Bowl and everybody hates him and the world is criticizing him. As a head coach does it seem like something that we like you know what yes I don't need this crap anymore heavy Gerry Callahan ripping me on Monday morning after the Super Bowl. I'm not five bring all eleven brings a relative of all of it but that's a tough political when you say. I mean worst right. Noble my point is those are the things that are gonna push out the door and I always say this he is. Immune to the usual where impaired you look at him. I mean not like these does look like he's thirty but. He's not one of these guys who's aging in dog years two in the pick for meal things like sleeping on a caught in the office we don't know I think some of these guys like spit not blood is that while those coaches right Carolina we spits up blood when he's in his own your closer than most people close to the scene but it seems like he has a he likes it yet all. Yeah and it's not kill them. And you watch practice can't there's got some Steve Belichick and hang around troops still don't you think evidence anyway if mcdaniels is staying. He's already on staff right as the relationship so he went right they have mcdaniels had left and he had no idea who the next guy I was going to be right and there's some uncertainty the next guy is someone from outside. That may be Steve Belichick and Brian Belichick don'ts about. Right so that's another factor so Josh with a head coach as of Wednesday that would Padilla is a that's what Kirk may enhance reporting since. Of course his track record lately. He's such an just going to Indy definitely. He had them to stay on Monday and an on going on Tuesday so he writes so he flip flopped a little like I was close he was close to an element to put them. He's wooded two months since two for five on this group's recently its companies and 400. The second that a Borges their veteran in the newspaper industry if you go 40% how's your editor depends how important the school peers like it's that big huge. Why would it assume Belichick retiring is a bit so he has Wednesday I have a year from. Last week he from two days after the Super Bowl. I AM on yours sometime in the next year I think he's done. It wouldn't stun me if it's before this season but I will be telling you. I'm keeping an eye on who's coaching the patent dispute tells McGinest and order way and others that that there is no date who tells them that a craft is that a Belichick. Of all Belichick isn't Helen and yet when a Belichick's guys yes the Belcher in every. As he doesn't wanna feel like a lame duck and re still. Oh they'll. Altered as a doesn't want its contract one crap talk about the terms of his it was a while ago. It's replacement. And yet you don't wanna be I mean he'd be the ultimately and coach because. If you believe Blaine Johnson Sox playing here it's hard I wanna get into that too because cities we didn't talk much about it. Lynn Johnson saying it's more now rather have fun. Winning one Bruschi fired back and five and Bruschi fired back but I mean I have a problem with it on for one reason it's professional football correct. Is the mean is it really supposed to be fun and winning is fun. What we are Gray's fumble winning the job right the job is to win but it's not just winning Super Bowls winning every year thirteen of the sixteen games you played. Means that and I was Foss said that if you said that about you know. Some division three if you said that about Westfield state football that it's these should be fun you would agree right sure having kids that violence culture that just playing for fun or even if she says about division one is say it's called their kids there. 1819 it should be enjoyable. The but it's not a job requirement for the coach to make it far and this has been under in the pro this has been a thing for decades member Tony Dungy was the follow like I'd rather play with Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick will would you. When you failed to live up to expectations every year where you're not as good as usual as is your social stupid but we can play that we can and that world's gonna get into the the idiotic. Whatever post from mayor Walsh in this debate which I find laughable when I first heard it. I said people can't really be offended by this by the Boston Police. Paying tribute to rent now back during Black History Month. They are they really are offended of course Boston Globe is a fan and that of course the mayor's I don't think they really are but the pretend to be. But Cedric Maxwell she has nails it I picked this thing is. Like five minutes long we can play about a million of the Max sums it up next nails and and by the way. Max was never the biggest ran our back and read trade him and he's never gotten over it but he. Explains it beautifully and will play that well I don't even know you can where you come down on this we've offended. I want our police department but I'm rarely offended that's that's see that's a problem with me. We could to pretend to be I can pretend like Kyle Draper did. He tried out by longer right promising Kyle Draper ID 6366177797937. Kirk is out with the five authorities flew yes so called it anywhere mask next time mud is not here because he's afraid of Andy heart and the hard act patriots. Football weekly forum outside we both technicals when we get back. But when you talk about is coming in relation to the pretty boy stuff with Tom Brady people coming down. Sitting in the humid there's a huge aspect of football where you can you tell yourself yeah outside the box I just saying. The patriot way is there's a fear based organization obviously do they win hell yes and women want for a long time to update people enjoy it is to say. I had a lot of fun playing there. No I don't Wear it messes got archers. Are they successful what woman go to interviews bit wide. Robots great and it made the sovereign and Jimmy cordial for little bit age you know get to do this job long time so let's let's have fun while we're doing a lifetime. I like that. Nothing amounted recklessness and a hell I would much rather have fun and then there were some bold and be admissible in Pudong in the previous week bicycles Jim Acosta. It. Who is that the host that flight team Parcells. That's that is amazing to me that they said they didn't challenge him on that this is a professional football player saying he would rather. Have fun and loops essentially. Then you know be miserable allegedly and win a big cats are. But but but when you say and the patriots have fun is no doubt they have fun when they win but the whole overall you know tone maybe it is no fear based may be just more seniors more businesslike. But that's. What it takes that works right him in his work Pearson's Belichick Brady you've been here and I don't so I it is a matter of patent doesn't matter when they upon enough but. Adam by the I don't by the popular they don't have to let's pretend they don't let's pretend they never have before and that's a balance you make as a as a as you wanna be happy for. This season the length of the season June July through February or do you wanna win. If we're really believing that you're unhappy. Like the second week of October you just dread driving to work that day and the day after and the day after we got that's a decision you can make. We're gonna win on Sunday be you know what Monday Tuesday they sat. Well that's a personal decision I'm sure somebody would say. I wanna be happy among the play for players' coach and we'll go to 114 lose but that doesn't sound like a lot of funny though I know you're right there's a balanced but if you're. Telecheck. And craft and whoever the what you're doing is working it works whatever it is more cold fear based more called serious business would ever use it works so you can. Criticize them for being you know robots whatever but he works in the goal the objective is simply to win an all footballer of the year based. Every watching your honor when your you know ten years old pop wanna. To that degree but aren't you eat you plays knowing you could lose your playing time you could it bet that's how football works like if I suck I'm benched. If that I works harder than me if he you know runs those dancers better than me he might be starting on Friday night I didn't need Bruschi to respond or any pay to to respond because it's so silly no of course they think winning Super Bowl or going thirteen and three is fun. Of course when you walked off the feeling of winning the game some. Of course you think he's he's fun. And whatever it takes to get there. That's no that's men and Belichick's. Choice or is is whose method. It works right how can you say the woodland Johnson rather have fun ago 88 the question I would have is does he speak from his own. Thoughts or is this something he picked up upon from Chris Long. Or Le Garrett blonde routine that was teammates that were here a year ago that won a Super Bowl in New England have they expressed. Oh it's so much more fun winning here it's a much better here in coach Peterson let's just talk can. Or is or is he just speaking from I don't great question I would say and blunt had a good time here he elite the queen back right put on Pittsburgh to get here yeah one of the guys they actually list is Mike Tomlin people would rather play for Mike Tomlin Oleg blunt would rather play from Mike Tomlin he played for Mike Tomlin he walked off the field got at least thinking back to the guy that's no fun. And Chris Long was it total bustier and and you know pass play Ohio strong flamed out after one season so maybe he didn't have any funding this Sydney. It's got to be honest on that super all right guys I played there. It joy you know like you know what I mean that you're doing that it is it adds predated it would work. One got defensive and united multiple Belichick needed in chocolates but again we didn't enjoy it. If your blog crafts you on this team Belichick you're Ugoh if you craft your goal was to. You know sell the product and yes there obviously that's working obviously people want ago. And they want us he wins it and joy so if your job as a player you job is to win that's your job to win is thought to have fun isn't that the great atmosphere and have a lot of laughs your job is to win at the professional level correct so and. There's open right times does he say in January this is a tough place to play I'm a tough guy to play for and the players admit I Toronto Harmon last week. It sucks sometimes but this is why. You played New England when you're S median night of the Super Bowl when you're getting ready for the biggest game of the world at a 110 million people and you would say watching some people can't do it doesn't georgiopoulos sometimes. Yes to wrestler pregnant now Austin now. Yes but they got a chassis and yesterday at 10:10 o'clock all management of yes yes you know that manage unified front but put think about it them I don't see Reggie Wayne. He couldn't handle the right. Or I don't in any name Albert Haynesworth name other get a deal with Thomas who played elsewhere they don't Colombian an easy time and they came here thinking. In on a stuffed them among among great play I can do and the coming in this holy crap I can't do this. It does take a little something different to do it here. And oh by the way probably no coincidence that bill kinda keeps the roster turned right. Maybe it is too hard for people to play here for 81012 years and he understands maybe there's a shelf life and as people start it worn down. Maybe get rid of them and turn roster liberal right but the end goal is to win. And you know that the shiny object right now is the Eagles right. Doug Peterson one with nick foals and Dwayne Johnson the chances of doing it again zero until they may not make the playoffs next US cars when he's coming off an ACL is struggle marked. Noble thing and I think Brady's the biggest reason why that they have. Kept the cone did you pick them all the teams winners or losers I mean you remember the track record of losers got Super Bowls. Who just never get back to the playoffs never get to and I'm certainly back to the Super Bowl and you mean you name it the on the Panthers have to pay and the raiders after the Bill Barrett Robbins came mean it just takes something out of you. Patriots next year of the favorite despite this loss which is pretty emotional pretty devastating. There's the favorite to go back and win it next year. But it's also with a forty annual it's a personal question. It's a question would you rather be LaDainian Tomlinson. Or would you rather be would Garret blunt the whole idea of would you rather be a lesser player who wins Super Bowls or you wanna be one of the greatest running backs of all time hall of fame talent offensive player of the year. Who. Never won any who we don't know how much. No we all agree winnings on right sure that we don't know how much fun they have and I can tell you and then there all the time. There is laughing and yelling in script they don't seem like they're not having fun when on when neglects. One other option is a lingering sadness that's a point I can go to any organization or team and find one or two guys who hate the place and right you know have an extra gratifying actually to coach a chameleon third tonight. All I know is I see every week. Good defensive backs recorded they lead the charge they are always yelling about something debating NBA either screw on the field they celebrated athlete and imminent of the orchestrated dances are running backs a wonderful what was it like call five home runs into the end zone and they look like they're not having fun and it's ho hum we win again but as sucks more than ever before this is ID eight as were Jerry in their right it does he want to place play in the dispensed Malcolm Butler would ever lately there's. I wanna get to that but just one of them on the lingered sadness because it's a great question that could have been the dumbest thing in the work champs toward that as a lingering sadness do you believe that. I don't I think there's more chances a lingering sadness on the sewer hole right. Problems and for all or being benched then from anything that happened. Prior to that what we have to get to this because on Sunday character again in her Sunday column talks to some ex patriots I was stunned. At what they had to say. About Belichick and can look at themselves and expertise groupies on sales. Bruschi. Habit and not care about Bruschi to be honest with you he says exactly it's they did you think yes and any patriot expatriates asked about this is gonna say the same thing. As we we have fun we well we asked some of the Richards Timor's at Logan Mankins basis and think. I would say you might actually traded away their chance that they would say cut image these cuts come back picket traded away mcguiness played for for Cleveland and and Nate they come back and they exceed. And what they had here go to green for the most part yes it's him or maybe may be right maybe Logan Mankins it was whenever front and. He's in which means you enjoy it. That it and enjoy it. Didn't enjoy but this is an issue with the patriots you know hawks out there who says that the people likely in Johnson of the show on separate guarantee victory that there's only one way to win. They're obviously not mean the patriot way it works but Eagles haven't fought and being bugged out also works but anyone writes smoke will work right. Continuously he too it's the overtime great achievement of Belichick Brady is just sustaining and no question it's like citizens. You know and cover of the book to be twelve the sustainable wasn't sustainable peak performance you have the chairman's. Right now while you're crazy I know where and a bit ago I don't mad that we aren't sustainable peak performance whatever. That is the great achievement which will never but it better be duplicated is that. The patriot way or is that because you have two guys that for whatever reason are aligned in their views toward that. Well and at the same thing. We'll help patriot way is the Brady Belichick way and how to achieve trust lifetime of sustained. Or I don't think I don't think there was a patriot way and rod rust there was not any. We. At which. It the dumbest thing animals laying Johnson makes while look at them up and he's making you know whatever for a lot of money was a full like top ten pick yes. And I mean the idea the idea that you good news that your fans your paying customers to his season total is sitting up there saying. Gee I hope having fun. But this is I don't coach the game hoping you're having fun and there are also there's a racing fun they are narrative their identity this is like the reds we. You know where fun loving we're doing shots before the game in this is how we win in in on the Yankees have to shave their beards when they go there I mean that they David Lane Johnson. Chris Long the dog mass they've embraced there they're identity as a team and then they just happen to win so that emboldens them to believe fringe there about five years 56 million dollars. 35 million here and she when you win Jeff Laurie signs of that deal the EC teams hope to have fun right. Or what you're talking interviews to metrics really worth fifty what was it ten million a year over ten million a year fund your deal 35 million guarantees. He's an offensive line is a right tackle I don't left tackle their right tackle. He's not as good as the left tackle that and when Jason Peters was there left tackle so no one is having so much first round pick is a and then from Wayne Johnson. Well no wonder he's having fun. That's gonna make it tough to sustain that peak performance. But down when we get back we'll do this this Calgary you think she said that to me this morning I read Sunday and so while. This is not. Just me or just you this is former players. Belichick guys former captains pro bowler checked as former. Player global us Belichick guys who think the deal has some work to do. After the Malcolm Butler debacle. It sounds to me like there is. Baffled by as we go. Yeah I don't think there's anyone that understands bill. Really can make something happen companion Hispanic emotional because it's been nine days old and I thought we would get a tremendous show with a tremendous rich keep on Sunday where we took. All possible I don't play the role I'll play the role of her command of composition of that so you hate speech you're now yes you like I don't hate him. These divorce you yes yes and you pick Johnson or Jerry yes he does he shouted. He started out now written now he didn't start you guys always start sales not a classic tweet about Terry go on today dot whoever you monetary ones that are. I did not an unmarked or a talked about my experience and Terry Glenn. My experience Terry Glenn was watching or trying to keep up with him when he's behind the wheel and drove like a lunatic. Are we trying to keep up I'll explain to when we get back I'll tell the story and I love to almost start telling the court doesn't let me tell you might carry England story. When we get back we'll tell you watch. We got we got Rodney Harrison yes and Damien Woody what will they had to say about the Malcolm Butler sixty Haitian. Response Freddie archers in your locker went on a good call host Andy heart makes his return to the curtain can only you casting couch they are really struggling right now I want it but and a place any time the lice list humorless dummy in the war on golf sporting McKinsey like what we have that's it's time Paris all arts and knock off Philip Heidi he's gonna go to mark I think it'll be salvageable like the mine has. Lungs. I think. Kirk as I explained is not here because he has been we call the authoritative fluke I fight authority authority always wins little. It came down in the middle of the meeting with the boss. He's struggling but Google will be okay tomorrow. My claimed he had to stay home watch what is faces kid who. One of the actors themselves. But for you the truth is he's afraid of and he heart clearly he feels threatened by an art. Why that if you want you I mean he picture threatens the whose job but we're two different things he is a host he's in and out. Right you're all you're you're you're like the same a vegetable like people lift weights and Uga does that. Oh and that kills him. The story that was forwarded to me I didn't like he lifts all the time and he had to move something in his house and got hurt. He couldn't move Soviet at a higher yesterday and this three hours talk much movement as dry air. Creature anywhere is gloves or any cinemanow have clubs here yet that that's. If he wears gloves that's how I know yes they have lived their fraud every hockey the same thing he checked the box he wears gallon jug water scale jungle law a hat on backwards off ten bad swear give a bag with some chalk and SL I guess is where Zell knows he has a notebook which is lame all the notebook we writes down on the rips he did. Betty we stole from Monday was like he was panicked and almost lost work on notebook. But the worst what she training for exactly he's he's a league got a little hard else he says that he was a little man grown up who's a little man I'm not only into now he's checked you talk he's not checked that he's the skiers and the close of the studio Wendy's Oguchi he's in shape he has no card you zero he walks up the stairs he gets when it. But he does lift and he is the bigger tire than he does have seen him do it. He goes barefoot I think it was squats are clean and jerks as a and he looks in doesn't from the mirror I mean he flexes it looks and so does he do it across the street yes. Laughter that's even worse because that's not a hard O Jim. Obviously if you are real hard ogle and actual Joseph he's more likely to be recognized there isn't WEEI so eager runs it he went to a real Jim he'd be laughed at the gym a few by people who actually lift everything is and he grunts to that does yes he's a grown to be everything I hate about everything every hard thing they've GMs and I won't name them. There's a whole chain that me and him don't allow people like my. Correct as he makes other people comfortable. You know like it he'll sit there get pumped up. And is this a new thing. He doesn't own them and especially on Leslie you're so I don't only last year I don't know but he should've started younger you know life crisis goes the next things and do shave his head you know some the most cutting are needed its clubs. I think is a choice here that he's gonna have to have some is going to be at that because that is the next move for those and that's the look which don't they can pick. They can elect a bic razor Euro on never of that expression Huntsman of people color. Like you think they've got a sponsorship and at ten and I don't know it could delighted to whatever else you need to say. A I don't know I don't know but my pregnant you don't see it not so I don't know no story yet okay real story. You're chasing Terry Glenn yes I've told that because I haven't heard it ice on our I was I was Ozzfest dates I didn't listen silence. Ports illustrated had to do story and Terry Glenn. And I hear him talk to them I think I took them on the phone. And yet most talked among phones that will will do once he said yeah I get a place on balance our Menem said again please tell the story a lot yet mastered yet okay this is not the point stupid. He says I know I think I've made you officially tell me student had no place story Paula made right. So where the stadium he takes me two subway across the street no subway and rule one report and I looking for them nice restaurant. Amanda side campaign. I'm looking to take the balance is welcome every day the five dollar all says let's get to a subs and take them in my house from oak you know that's good for a story yet exciting. So we get our five goal for longs we get the cars and Mercedes coupe and I have I think a camera at the time. Since fall mate he eve tickets in Walpole but he drove like a lunatic. We were not we were all side roads and was she was like in a movie she moved alliance. We went out like I was kill myself to keep. That's that this guy is nuts. Anyway it was totally nuts it was a surrogate. All of its own Gideon and wasn't that he was that he cried which is always good because it talked about his. It is mother. And murdered yes. And he knew began again. That dated and got convicted of it he talked about as tough operating at a brutal program. Automatic clash between Terri and sought to point out the guys are crazy driver and and reach keep. Eating it it was classy now the feud wasn't classy and I pointed out that he was probably drunk he was probably speeding and I was right. Correct not that there was anything. Well there is something wrong with our fingers and others rights prize to me when you heard what he did. Almost killed tragic tale fiance she's the announcement. I believe almost whose fiancee cousin so hammered that could have been you know I think we would know well no seatbelt. Drupal aren't. I wasn't drink and it was it was noon time but he was scared don't serve decidedly. He was a little bit he lived dangerously. Oh he was a different character yes I'm. Did you ever talk to he went through lick his Ricky Williams phase where. He would just sit with his helmet on staring into the locker during open mockery of the US device shield analyzer so knowing you're talking to a guy like you waited for you there are you responding you just ignore right he was that weakness it's six kids know wife it was not good. Anyway and we don't have time to get to this sport when we get back that was a good story and I'm buck like you made me talent. It's a litigator and re used to piece this from their injuries in professional tees on Sunday and you were ripped mentioned this earlier. It was surprising usually when she goes to her guys are former patriots. They support Bill Belichick and conditional. Degree sure mrs. Rodney Harrison and Damien Woody and may be more Tom Jackson may have. The same questions we do about the Malcolm wrote a situation. A surprising run Harris he says. It can backfire on him. Butler move we've them. Belichick uses the players not might not play as hard for him. That's running Hasselbeck. You can you believe that. There are different things that could happen potentially just depends on how he handles it when his players. He may bring the players and we're not anything that's public and have a conversation with a lot the main people you just don't know what he's gonna do. He thinks that they might not play as hard for him because of Butler. And Damien Woody says is great coaches he has there's got to be some type of accountability. No one can take ways greatness but he still has to explain that he has to give them something. You think Belichick has to explain this for the players. I didn't think so until I read these because these are captains veterans. Guys that have been in that locker room and now I wonder if they do because. All the comments post game we're certainly of this nature Devin according to run our captains saying ask bill he makes personnel decisions. I don't know you know Malcolm what was a great teammate he was a great team tonight you it's true I said by now you know on nine days ago we would have some answered enough and we have nothing and we don't have a single. Disparaging word about. Butler doing right and he put out a statement. That had there been issues right Super Bowl week I think what everybody will analyze right. He said there were no we should know personnel it's just purely a coaching decision which is what Belichick has told as a football decision. And you have veterans like Rodney Harrison saying he needs to explain himself. However I think mills had to explain himself over seventeen well would be the first to that last time we did when he cut or Malloy Malloy made that for only ten to fifteen years ago whatever was there was he he had to explain himself fourth and two he talked about how are true is gonna come -- -- -- applauded it where it's spicy but doctor I mean those are major scandals but I talking about a coaching decision we will never explain it to the public to the media policeman after the players that's a great question I didn't think he had to but maybe now these guys in this custom creations he may explain. What if he has trouble keeping his own guys. Ones closest more on my boat was gone and then bottle goes somewhere else. Analysts had. You know what coaching decision doesn't hold up. Because coaches make adjustments. Coaches when they see their team to run all over. They do something coaching decisions sells for not starting it all fell for the third quarter the fourth quarter not play and I know Kirk's reported that his sources told them that or always reported it. That doesn't hold water when you think about the second half and assert Pete Carroll's Seattle to see that's a good oh yeah. They haven't recovered from analysts does application store there's a lingering sadness in Seattle area and accurately they don't have to reaffirm. They confront one they don't win the notorious nobody is fun to see the Eagles have a lot of fun now wreckage of parades and you're dreaming but it is I've grown cat fund last year at sorry. Unix so he looked like you have a good time died would we can do we need more into that later but we have to get to this them Macs that are Maxwell. Mean. It's explanation he does a better than I could I tried yesterday. Max does it beautifully explained why it is perfectly appropriate to honor an hour back. With a tweet. On. On a Black History Month. And I cannot believe in my personal rights that have no one's gonna things wrong with that this is. Offensive but they do of course the globe doubts may have caused the mayor does get to that pandering. Politician. We get back poll also played Max and take your calls I'd love to know people were actually genuinely. Offended. By the BP. People know what it instrumental figure that was in terms of breaking down racial barriers to know. Max explains and I think it was a they fitting thing to do remind people when he key figure our about one's. In the civil rights movement. You entities that I am just as long you midway through the I don't believe that we're going to open at some point and behind when you give me his opinion but I guess and I thought it was lashing that was daddy's OK do you think the issues. Of run the ball. More should it's an honorable Andy and yet it is it initiatives that's great to see where I'm a street or so ago script to say when we get back.