K&C - Mut addresses his DUI arrest 8-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, August 18th

Mut addresses his recent arrest.


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That was more Kurt. Sports Radio WEEI. Kurt can count heads headlines. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind down producer Chris Curtis I handed him dialogue to assume the man who. For his massive weight loss brought the world's great moments like. How much rubber brick free thought Bradford from an animal house to reflect growth will all honestly think that I would not happen if I hadn't Ringo Starr yacht and go partner John McCarty. But this is now who lean and mean and new and improved. Curtis whose fault is I will break blame I'm Blu-ray movies are UA. It tests like we'll see some of these years it's just basic you know support multi year and I just shows the 800. This floods functional street he was still functional strength you can Jim a lot of roll program. What you do not answer to a question of the corners situated answers well that's what should quarterback center left go out prince ship sale items our own wife's. I'm gonna guess. 8614 Beaumont very close Kirk 8714. Beaumont ladies unfortunately it's. It's. Time for Curtis and Kurt and tell my hands can't clients. In which is what we have to make sure we whole conversation Curtis goes to interview. Klansmen or Nazis. Chris. Sitting injure it intentionally trying to do I've. The distracting the boards when there's distracting I was trying to correct an error at me. I want Curtis community Nazis in Klansmen and AT&T from people. We have to have the whole conversation and we questions mall are definitely enhances. We need people in the background we need to hold deal this is going to be good on edited we'll be ready to support for example Bora we have the she'd gone. Wherever formats. Could Curtis where formats yeah. You did after the show it's good for the show it hurt somebody will we get on TVs can you get on in the costume store and Nazi. Sheila it's usually happens months. I. Mean. You really want to suggest I do. I couldn't be skin it is he's got that there is you shave his head turner do you think content who. We'll look at it notre artists and temperature. And do what today neck tattoo and none of us watching this washed at the traditional. Sleep much at peace. We wanna get there and you wanna get to the big story I was and I asked them tagged him last caller to your headlines and do it got was goats he brought. It's not a real that we get locked you know they do encouraged lifting weights barefoot. When you did your kids when you listen back on the weekends and stuff or he walks among the front door. And Richard. Did you become. Just keep in mind you're white. At a put up with this in its ever had a thought she goes on marriage would degenerate gambler alcoholic Amanda has a right to work. Certainly hope. Anyway. That's off the second times that plays that your. It's pretty fun it's is your job as the Felix the so we talked about yesterday obviously it's been it has been in the news the last few days. What we would be willing to tell us or not tell us who was what is going on right now in your life from a legal perspective. I think everyone saw the story and there's some procedural. Things going on right now with proceedings it'll happen the next a couple of weeks I can't. Talk about aspects of the event itself I can certainly talk. Personally that I made a very bad mistake very big mistake Anderson the severity of my actions and going to be willing to take full responsibility. Selfish reckless. Irresponsible immature do you any of those words they'll fit. Spent the last couple weeks having some very tough conversations with people that I love and people I work with and people I'm friends with and those have been tough conversation they'll continue to be. Tough conversations with those people going forward. Many of those people don't deserve anything that they've dealt with based on my actions. I created this and I put people that I love in. A very very very tough spot. An and there are some people along the way and I hope that I can yield. Move forward I'm looking forward to future and at some point I'll be able to talk more about certain aspects of this. With you guys are forever but. Yeah I mean they're a big mistake and and very very sorry to a lot of people that I that didn't deserve. Any of the ramifications they came with with my actions. Jared in question is is your wife really left him. And now must play like you some insight into. My wife has been awesome. You guys but also the station has been tremendous the last couple weeks. Some very very lucky I don't deserve. Much of the response to your my wife specifically on my family many people here. But she's as of right now still with wheels wheels and do you own bicycle. You're looking maybe that I want the to have one in storage excellent excellent check in they allow long mission to. I was here ask your question unprofor if you take all the way in yeah you via its fourth with 35 in the morning he fund in February. Oh issue. Do you look at this now as a we've joked around about the past obviously you look as if an issue with our caller. I have issues with part I've priorities in my life for word. Were indeed to what we're also. I totally agree once. If she's priorities and I'm on trial had yet you have an issue give issues of alcohol. Remains to be seen. Resort doesn't do you have do you think you do you think you drink too much I think I made a really big mistake or some last. I do you think you think you drew I think my priorities. Were not focused on where they should ask you what your priorities for a while. Well obviously a meta analysis of this question but how we think and I I'm like you on the last two Unita last two people on the show who actually drank. I am so frightened so paranoid I would crawl down 128 my hands and knees before or get behind the wheel. It is a big big deal that is a big big mistake. Did you just think Q weren't. In her own buzz took you just didn't think or you didn't have gone far to go or when that no other way to get there now. I think I can. That is something that I will talk about at some point Jerry the event itself I I can't talk about it today but I would say much of what you say is it is Berkshire. Me getting done late going like it. Gambling on the Saratoga doing that whole thing is that part of what I've gone are the negative that's part of the priorities that all white engine and focus going for I've done I'm. I'm not I'm not gonna say done forever of many of those things but in their priorities that are change. It stock going to be the most important thing in your life and more nimble and I think it times that that has been that aspect of islands of measure waist with. What would I don't know equipment to transport this to him commit quickest. 1219 talks pocket and see Desmond right I know right we're just trying to get my kids' birthdays on the blue links. Not gonna say McCain's middle names and secretary it. The other one is Shoemaker and we. Did you credible back. And it's it's. It's not funny yet. And I'm sure at some point you I will be. I guess joking about right now it's not. You wanna put people in my life through the through a particular person on this were to take Curtis on this whole issue. More Obama. Me too. Did you ever get popped her skirt a biology and every day. After I found out about this I was telling him I got pulled over three different times twice ahead field sobriety tests and somehow passed. You did sort yes and you never had a blown the straw memorable mr. Thank you for telling utility ten because he's told on its own that would interest in you your words to you and drawn painting beautiful field sobriety test and you past I was driving to foxwoods Purdue knows bachelor party in the there's a blinking red light at the self police reconcile the about a staple and are much rather got busted for do you live at the and I don't know how do we get out of the confessed before that is amazing because I could Billy that you passing a field sobriety tests over. At a really you have delightfully pitching is such a nose and all that its tail and crept toward economic from a disease can forget CA AQ and well good for you I had his greatest man. That we have a drive drunk and this is odd years and years ago I did I was like Chris Farley and I would drive three miles per hour. I was terrified at Griffin told fear. I don't know knows deals better obviously but just you know this but I was here at this years ago. Givers like drive around late this. Let someone walking their dogs Malaysian Wacom dot org jogger. You say. You know if they ran like a fine right now or. Hit him and you drunken. He proposed prison like in years oh yeah definitely I mean months and years to gainfully employed his wife has left him as far as we know. Or as some would say he's a specific century feel lucky this summit to summit I was when I was getting to right arrive. Feel extremely lucky irons. It could've literally done a lot of damage did it in a lot of different ways and yet they gave the other options. Look he's the right word weird word for its part the united can imagine we'll get their calls the second you mentioned Curtis in that spot and that means field sobriety and now I can't imagine cup nothing can yours. Rock affair has even if you're not. You slurring words and it would you member and now or I mean you get pretty scared straight moment happens and he's you know asked what I've been to musical half of the past did you. We already have a drug gel bottle of gin in the trunk as this is going on there was actually of June in the backseat. And you passed yes this is in Connecticut or mass note was right report on my consult cost of experts repair and just drove the Connecticut. Tell me you were. Milligan the cowboys. Beat the Redskins I can fix what it put. Because Ozzie gruden knows you weren't there it was so crowded that actual 12100 with what this is a. That was awesome sure stuck the blood in Maine anybody that's going on. Okay let's blood on it I don't car cart yet I do it he's a complete Tampa correct. Yeah. But yeah hey I am the patriots. Are breaking out Michael Floyd. And even the natural. Enron and I can say. A couple of to close. When we're we're going to be hypocritical. Did you need Adobe yeah and on your show and and I can show and he was right. I it was viewers have hypocrisy and yes did you say that paid pictured dump or not sign Mike yes yes he's amenable I would say. Is the only other state by flat out as an alcoholic and user who blogs at rehab was as much first wire Esther is how many times in my equipment popped. To what is. Well just yet of this month first I'm driving drunk. I I don't know that I would just probably not. I would guess you don't know who are saying that the Michael Floyd is worse than month. Let's say he's his driving history. Is stronger than months yeah. Assign them yes I would say that's that's that's true yes please everybody. You make it's you considered to Greece hasn't they'll let your dissent but that's a fair point. You said that I in eyewitnesses you said yesterday. That my blue because he thought he wasn't drop. The body would break. Michael Floyd had really any BAC of point 217. In his last. And and and the guy crops and we are quite once they extend credit spread that to Drake is quite all right so quite well Cardoso. Is one break. So essentially you would one hi Larry from Michael Floyd. Right how esoteric. I'll let you know I'm unaware is well there is falling asleep at the wheel battles like network boys second do you virus does that say but this is run not a hypocrite. If mutt gets plot to get for do you why is Floyd popped twice but the point 19 point 21 you can listen there happens in markets popped again for do you why I'll be the first guy saying he should be working anymore. And if he's done you'd be done to go to jail anyway that's roach said consistent lets you to samba. I need. I oftentimes grass addressed many times much driven drunk person Michael Floyd I have no answer to that question how much of that. How much was old and doesn't passing out of the wheel and a light make it worse these past that the cops had to wait Kamal. But Kerry he. At least that was basically there are I mean people wonder like why would do it now it. About why aren't you cannot just pulled it putt putt putt putt but I hear I hear you now happens. If this video for much for a second do you wind blows a point to one he's doing that it's the second time. What I can network and to have this conversation you mean you realize that right. Well I got I mean the community now. The committee I hear you you know I mean that's why this news comes out and he's on your show he's been on your show. Rihanna will. But but but he was confident we were gonna talk about the Jimmy Fund that. It might want to talk about a certain time and unlike other shows you could say what you want you think other shows need to have this segment. At all. Yeah I mean you. I carry an economic. And be fair I guess I just the 3% emotional it's really tough talk. I understand your core point but there are differences within the glimpse. You know why aren't army is. You argued it patriots yeah degeneration. They should they and I and I will continue that should end if this guy here in my left it's popped again. And it's a point to one I would hammer another radio station who signed them or we kept them around I would hammer us for that and and. And again not that it matters but the patriots signed him before the video camera that sentence that studies he drove it's no way with a sign that that would never happen you know is lucky in that regard. He did a Super Bowl ring in the chair and everything right. Tests and nothing right muted but he never would have this opportunity at the video come up before the sun and I don't know what Belichick the crafts. Brett would not of allotment at that point though by the court point by but I understand but I knew that her hypocrite yes excellent card that's headlines but you buy dodges Oakmont that's the difference in love I would tell my that if it happens again would you be the same way. We don't want him around the gets popped against us point 21. Now you say then he has Acer's Robert Iger got away well he will even go away somewhere else that is if you know. For a while Michael Floyd went to jail right in the spring yes sixty days whoever was of house arrest. One days in jail under house one day ailment or he was in jail for one day we get to one day that's right they probably. That means home in Arizona. They don't go to Minnesota but didn't violate like was the pilot is his parole right. That's ready blamed it on some and inclusion and boutiques and went back to jail and he did get a rate Syria he'd uttering. That's meant for these great. I guess headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard 1800 get here. Now we get back to back this yucky stuff I guess six point 77797937. Kirk and.