K&C - Mad Dog hates Tom Brady; Frank from Gloucester passed away 1-23-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, January 23rd

Hour 3: Mad Dog is not happy with Tom Brady and the guys honored the life of Frank from Gloucester. 


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Its current and Callahan. With her commitment. And Gerry Callahan. And Sports Radio WEEI. Let's hang up by his locker and talk about lady going up please stop but then that's all I don't like all my ass is upset that's just now. But flat out loud the home. Why I don't biting going liable as formalized that Brady is gone back to Minnesota is the headline somewhere. Wary milk cows as a kid gosh I don't. CBS sports now as a kid I don't get it back and let oh. Milk cows they kicked out lady please let me bombings and more my god almighty nobody gives a crap I trust me if you know you're right about that I've. I'm with them on now 100% I don't I don't care if there's a manatee group regardless his stuff all week it's a nice little Super Bowl story. You know Todd as we said yesterday Tom Ridge and fly him to stay in the hotel to go to practice go to stadium get on the bus go on plane and go home could be anywhere. Elise to be different weakened in Mexico City where Flickr today entitled right and all the people salute to the government series is all that's what lovely leg came with a combative debate to be nice nobody but he that the only thing besides that was on his window lets look great democratic. But the tone at all in the Maddux voice is real anger that that is the that is the the owner of the country that is toward this end and and it's it's reached city right now you know we did. All this ref restock used to be get back into that and it idiot who should Brady's hand is stupid and I agree. And I saw the by such a mosque is pass interference story us all these shows. But even doesn't Max Kellerman despite a courtesy that the show yesterday. Herman that some believe this anymore now he is you know and he's like he's been the key ring he regrets calling in the bombing said look the other as personal but he's predicted to be eighteen months before he was done in the race that he's right. We've reached the eighteen month gave this account he goes and I won't mention that there was some throws that were off the Arnold that I first half I'll monitor it's pretty sick out every other without hello this is embarrassing all I'm realize this eightieth something else I can do that too if you like in one of these days guess what breed you'll stick. All right here's how the readers should not give you that it's can and if we could Brit is good for two more years. After the next two years or be in 43 starts sucking. Is cal did take a credit elevate he's the host chick who host shows is Alex Alex. Max are you on that you wrong. And he won't. He got a sniffles. Oh yes I mean and only 3700. Times the last 24 hours. But Kellerman assist at the ticket to memorize on the power for yeah. Here around. I am not I don't wanna call names I've regretted saying bombed I was saying it you know tongue in cheek but the point is I do expect Tommy to fall off the cliff. I believe the clip is comic I think eighteen months when Stephen Aiken Dolly palace of eighteen plus those who did when -- 88 to eighteen months so and the humor enjoying it why you can't folks like I'm not gonna bring up the fact that yet also rough patches in that game mean you know throws behind protect mrs. rock takes a sack and everything because when he needed to be Angela is a particular. S and the goal made it excellent player the blog actually better in the thrall but Brady made the most of reads he had to make especially and also throw the yet to make and. You are under under matching him I'll I'll help out because I did this three for four years ago three years ago I said that he was the Kline yes three is the deal it's gonna do is they Jerry you know. I'm attempts or tweet me from myself and I laugh. He got eating it's what's so while you in this game you're pretty challenger Ronald does he's a guy. It halftime of a symbol and it makes a greatest comeback of all time. He sees fallen off a cliff then the next year's MVP of the league and they're going to the Super Bowl. And he's great championship game without these two best play is going up or down anyway it's an ST that's the league if you say very simply happens what's the while it happens to me. I was on come on the show and you laugh about god it's over. You knew there were down ten is the best pass defense do you think it in the league and Brady was remarkably. Accurate you know back and look at Max. And by the way he didn't throw an inaccurate sort of Clark human hands. On the playground got her on which had Birkhead. In the second part was crowned the civil crowd and and and on job at you and again and and the play the one completion McGraw was in a remarkable throws with three guys there was a zone defense. Put the only solicited and hoping the third and eighteenth and remarkable actors touchdown pass it's awfully remarkably accurate the only place opponent. Brady was. On his bush where it was the second and visible even about this might I think break. I think that play than it all on hold on I think I think what they told my second and what they told him is likely Macs obviously united getting any juice here none of this is happening in mid knock on. So it's pretty good it's -- Jews out of work for -- stick with it just stick with it's what you got your or otherwise. And he went and made news or use the other things of these women work out of this non faith and want it out you can see the fear in her you know I mean yeah you them but I mean you do you have to throw up your arms if you hit Brady's. I don't know if it happened to take the same like I would say. It got you on the keeper outlook for the chance at Brady I think that's an absolute fair argument to have that's totally fair but you have to acknowledge a priest still ground it's not a great and we just corporate 00 right so surprisingly. Great that he ruined Belichick's plan. Well thought out plan by a really Smart football guy thought he had a time right Jimmy's time was gonna come Brady's 4041. Right back to begin one more year. Brady ruled. By being so good by being the MVP by leading his team to another suitable to tip he's a freak he something you know he's the greatest ever the greatest football player ever. He is still. Making great decisions and really accurate throws it's inspirational eye. And says. This is an auction went missing on that are pre. These last two games and that's flu season and he's ever had I mean it's obviously the Super Bowl stands alone 23 stands alone actually went out to prices are reasonable foreseeable this is the best post season he's ever had yeah which is awful against it unless you know his best receivers is no favorite receiver out phenomenal year. His best weapon got hurt in the first half went out. And he still brought his team back from down ten against the best we pass defense analyst at best fourth quarter comeback he sees better than the Seattle want to you have either one of those guys in the Atlantic and York deficits comeback was already in place. Yeah it's a 55 and a half point favorites right now. And we don't know gorloks condition that thing by Iran doesn't play I'm still picking him to win a cushion the patriot doesn't creep he's a pretty damn good defense did you see now by the way you affiliate part of the Belichick's boys Michael Marty. Came out yesterday emphatically. Patent villainous Odyssey terrible match of yesterday I played a fellowship reasoning I don't know maybe that maybe lower expectations maybe but I mean obviously it's a good fast defense and we all. We pick Philly crowd doesn't. Really grunt as well probably not I can't announce it at against the spread maybe maybe. I mean I mean you know may be closed its gonna be close to tell it was used for things get hung up on his. You're gonna see incredible pressure it's Super Bowl is pressured to find new ways besides everything it is. It separates the the clutch guys from the jokers really does. Do we think nick pulls is going to rise to occasion and make those accurate throws was great decisions. We know Brady well we know we were. Sure but there's one payouts table games like this those you do get random guys who agreed the spot street the long mystery suitable Eli Manning does not agree otherwise great miserables and close or those guys right. Our random guys pressure helps them get pressure helping okay yeah it's weird and their guys like Matt Ryan I think when we got hot last year collapsed right or like coaches college make it has now run the ball right Pete Carroll and by the way. I don't know any I know you and I agreed on this but Doug morale choked up to admiral own let the pressure get to minority coaching you're dame football guy like like Glenn orbit disagrees but but you know we Boortz is today points out. All the things moron did we know about the end of the first of the decisions mean he made we know all the runs they how many first allergies I have yet and that and that and if you spend hours and they just kept slamming her and entertainment and Internet for one for net that three there's nothing here is the legacy he can be slammed for that into an eight man fronts on -- -- down and setting which is playing on right in in Belichick's hand either coach believed that morals you can tell admiral didn't misery by Belichick punted twice from field on fourth and 14 and two you believe him portals either new. The portals ultimate race ten times and first downs for totaled 25 yards with a really good running back. That's what Belichick wanted to do us you know. You know you could say you know believing board rules and you could say board rules has not been great up to them but you have no choice. When the defense loads up against the run some you have the product and that you have to throw and and we say it directly on your right it you know that he made some great throws in the first half. Why not keep going if you went for it could just do this all the time put the lie or you threw on first down or you went for with 55 seconds that map. You send a message to your team and to your quarterback that you believe in him. Don't forget the message also which has score more points that are so much to the absolute right thing dug around Indiana. I'm really don't see Obama's the amateurish when news guide you respond how did the absolute right not if you have Tom Brady. And you've got. Two timeouts in 55 seconds left. Especially if you're going to get the ball on in this to open up the second half absolutely you're going to take it and make plays that I won't give I will give Glenn cred here would be nice. He says this even though he was proven wrong he was proven wrong Barone strategy failed wrong strategy blew a Hillary with them. Who definitely agreed with the that was idiotic which you did right there was say Blake you have a good half. But you re really scared our clients were really scared scared of view we don't trust you we don't believe and you so he's taken the but it didn't run a lot. And the morality it's it's it's it's TC system its symbolism EC coaches do this all the time in the spots that depends actually don't have agencies are not the coach I'm this week all year real person I'm. In the NFL all the you know I mean coaches coaches just get into these situations you're gonna see it again actually going daisy appears to get to see Peterson do it two weeks and guaranteed to be spotters saying. Why they're doing that. Right 44 and two from the panel report before I'm 38% rice and you say right but the other thing Jacksonville's as a great field goal kicker missed one kick all year and I'll be Johnson getting forty. You need 2535. Yards thirty some yards right that's it that's two completely as one. Pass it again it brought back in its actor it's hurts second and twelve precisely that they argue it's OK fine it's happened let's go bit by doing that. As such it first ball was fourteen through they're going down the field. Board most of that delay game and for huge censored by anyone right now and and and they had also this 1410 and have to and then a punt before the two minute warning or achievements after -- staff giving the patriots extra time you actually have to show her language is what. The Maroney fud going in the game as we told his guys told blueboard. You know we're going for guys we're not afraid we're not back what's this attitude all right that's the attitude at the beginning of the game. It was not the attitude you have the and a half and not the attitude yet. When you slammed for that into an eight man front ten times. On first down in the Jackson had a quarterback who is you my own dollars average dues and it would take in the know I thought he gets all all that it backfired if I did was to right there was showing no faith in this quarterback who needed him I didn't I think he thought that their that. Have been reports of food to that point that was gonna play well. Mariah obviously grown is not gonna sleep for a month because he could have beaten the patriots he should have a personal issue first of all it's been told fares should be manually jobs and call. Their twenties at that 127 pendant when. Probably probably although you can read I was short yeah it was a what is funny some time left if they didn't they blow the whistles prematurely. I'm shocked that it was a mansion on telecast at once and home time almost don't panic it's terrible start he's turning into John green is set to be treated as John Madden is who John Madden over the that we should just it was analysis and stay out of the way BP tell some jokes -- -- for all of a sudden it's the noises sound of this should get as I always say with him this is Richard gets. When you have people tell you grab that alongside other effects sniffles and you have unless the third and you're thirty settle those looking fact. Your problem when he goes yeah. They have a lot of elements let me tell you when young women on here believe. It and doing my Romo did it take a Motorola mr. Imus or even. Hear what I. Future. Fuller got a it's sad Mozilla that your I want to turn for the titans jaguars pulled now for the jaguars the moment. Right is there Santos and those Eagles and apple is apple floats. I'm just getting ready possible weak at that she got when peoples who will. Play in the Super Bowl against Tom Brady and then walk aways freeagent deathly true. And all of you who and people like Roemer. All of these rain this liberal media types wolves surround Chris Long yes I actually liked the piece and kind of offer sleep with responsible out the end and you look as little Vietnamese kids around multi. Looking up to this he wrote god like the one that could proceed to disorderly how many money if he's import Q tennis popular. It's a note note that this feature. Page views care in the slog and the laws guys who's not nearly smile as he thinks he has. Took a vote is dad is a good edged boring. It's her I don't know what you think is that I fragmentary thoughts and now. But he's he's had a good TV career publisher. Made a lot of money that family has made a lot of money through the freedom now it's east or join their tax disciplines like hundred million bucks the first complex second pick. It's a preferred an amateur I think to. Amuse me lookup he's made a 7580 million bucks good for him donated. To poor kids but how it's. Definitely how long. He's got fired it looks like LeBron here he's been on the Democrat or Republican depleted. You never really get the whole story of what went in the Charles and again. We moved away from tells them and to live with on uncle or grandparent milk but it. The some trouble. Why do you think he's he was likely to hold that against you know Mark Wahlberg original audience so long and some shall we just weren't happy to report that's a scary he was younger crazy stories. Who knows fighting in just get in trouble and that size that strength he's it's six point 77797. Knives and affable segment callers hang on what you guys well. Our number 6177. Opening acts and I touched it. We did we did gland we have maudlin we have seen him be more seemed I want our eyes of Morsi ambient light on what I've watched the submitted obvious seat at the rate hero watch him he's got. A lot of real he would be ship. The idea that we also more geo and boomer was trying to console you could mean is vikings lost yours a tough spot he knows who respect nationally goes interest and Felix boomer. But it is it is rough it was good of Oreo of really good Utica blue version that shows good result. Much of that you would have on today. And find out what guess I'm sure Taguchi on some absolutely he brings added which were ghastly people actor around here. We want to have. You he oldest of the some Eagles receivers grow bigger yeah icon on the victory and it will certainly on Jaworski about racism or former Eagles about Brian doctors eskimo ridiculous would be. You know worship by these crazy ending it in my credit Freddie Mitchell. What. Patriot when it was announced that could you wanna. Boomer Ngo tweet for this morning promoting her that here yet. Today on Tuesday pat Shermer is officially the giants had coached the jets are promoting QB coach Jeremy Bates and looking for run game coordinator plus more on the an ultra two games and looking ahead suitable for you to listen and or free. I mean if that is like gap and that fish for you right there that's that's right and he complex humble regardless of all of that show. Did you know the jets looking for a running game when they know that they didn't I don't know if you got escorted and move them up yeah that's legitimate or lotion on a bitch that indeed kennel they're taking a beating from from Jerry Nazi that you put Ramos on the federal do we on the way out eyes. Yeah we'll be right and. I have got to tell you right now papers omelet buildup in the suit. I think it's horrendous matchup for doing. Yes I do I guess that is the off in front for why I think it's a rate this matchup and assumed into what we're talking about. What Jacksonville did in the first half. Running Kansas City style offense spread the field. Force you to play inside with power and that attacked the edges that's been that's been the Kryptonite when and that's it was a little. That's unduly. Don't find that surprising that Mike Lombardi I didn't and this is the trouble in paradise. No I night should be right it's a bad zeros and you are trying to cut back could be. That would matter like Lucas first of all it was the first leg of exclusion and people say oh you know it's at that video as Michael Barnes and others who is Belichick wouldn't care but. Think about its first day no one's may depiction owns an analyst at football as a young guy and he's already out there on a limb sin flat out. The seat herald the jaguars in Kansas City offense. That's the Eagles why wasn't terrible that took as they can get to the quarterback inside inside run didn't really did you raising it to Brady a whole lot -- game not all we know it's eyebrow again our goal and it's that's that. Read computers that are connected me repeat for. Remembering please friends with about and coach Dan you know whatever it was a coward and bow out Chris out it was liquid to read or you should do recession things shift power radio row to be good enough links. And likes the patriots in the companies like light civil unions in the neutral is to elect yankees I think you'd. And he's Jason looks partly long when Colin Icrc in Callahan they're very controversial. He sees you eat treated tweeted me glass of global market for being here we promise that it buy you beer suitable. Man home whitlock and now. Maybe he's tuchman out if she ends becomes just a liberal operatives. Ways to slow it is and yet he had that's my issues on him one on time community doesn't he doesn't have that filter. Worries which you guys he just says what he thinks the time and that's a gift these these black and Austin and a model but whether he's not move like you know who's not like boy isn't just you view the predictable a click to get from a lot these people in my yesterday he bought a boat that is from me he called. Honest. I believe he's unbelievable. Awful he's coming with this though but if he's on six to ten every night with Roemer yes when the organs from Chicago and in with them. Like the way it's gonna settle my and you have a drink equipment or tan on my electric review whenever you want. We can you Kenya Kenyan principal failed to show sixty and yeah I 68 Buick tent with and I loved it. But months and it does not reneging. Trent said it was trending he's come and is trending it's yeah he's he's there official patron. So he's officially coming. Today to occur it is in his room that yeah my outlook. He would support floor that would make you bed in the morning and it's the first million sheets to the toilet. And adults hobble star pitcher right sniffed at and experience. In lumber you're deaf what is definitely shared room view that is fine yes I'd rather him much in Paris. Like card and is not clean usage of us the courtesy of my deodorant yourself I believe so now that's as an aggressive language I'd. Jake roster Rossi. I don't leaves his. Jim note note though. Jason Jason sorry he's Aussie that's for Iran and I don't always. Oakland a.'s own cheese steak and gene knows right now on TV. It's riveting sister goes. And try to run up front he steps in and rock walk of the rockets that that's for a national has ever done that he's the first. Oh yeah we doing. Everyone we tours in the world the exact same thing how would you rate the rocky movies. One girl runs and five. Whose great whose awesome threes unbelievable and I know endorsements like a mall but once the best I would go my cell and had the most impact I would go 13. 421. Vote which last uncle pre. Number one before the double count up until just elbow or it was a rough ride ago. Like the mall the public to his teams to slowed pixel on the flight and the loser and agent coma. He says if you wanna have a good time got to have good launch. Who says that rocky. Always on the product one can't read sir what have a good time guy who should I wake up in the morning Smeal mainly at the rough. A lot of money can you you can't really yeah are. Outs and these guys as the person that you you know it's only takes on the Russian. Turkey for lucky for how the the Wii on the first point on the and feed poultry if poverty is the only major anchor. As the Iraqi ones out. That's right. A case I seem to be so lucky to with the best fight that was so long that's why at Atlanta and take it into the zoo Dwight wise as. Those people like this place on his right yes it says that more you cannot now but knows it is good news. Yes Iraqi once journalists where you. Ones where if you when news now. When rocky told the press conference at the beginning on the TV music all talked Adrian pulled and pushed way. BS members swear. Great great. Field. That's true geez what a moment ago. We should go. On the way in the private chip I handle my first. Four hours as well. She's stake they rescued from the steps that was ever done that before this agreement that John Carroll University yet still root stock for a couple of them him where just continues to shoot baskets on super scenario you know red African Mark Twain. Would make that judgment deals as dumped interest it's easy sitters are also learning partner. For me Tatum. What kind of way and service to be on TV with you get up on that's a pretty. I had Turkey on the officially on the Oscars on your own they did not nominate checked everywhere in Mecca and leading orders from lady bird who cruised past the LL PGA museum if if you if you could tell we both would. Eating. Out is quite that would lead correct it's it is not a but it missed which is it's about the Johnson administration. Laws it's the you can say elected I Tonya is slicker niche movie whenever each. Knew each and yes his knees she too is stronger one house blogger not at all while a lot now. The O Abiola an act and I wrote that comment rom com yesterday and misspelled slightest Shaquille light as I Tonya resonated but not stronger while in Iowa very very concerned it's sort of tabloid ish kind of field. I can't imagine anybody in the tablet finally meet. Policy -- time now I've sort that god has been on its. It's kitten on the no such thing boss about the golden global stupid awards shows like Tonya I'm on parties one for proceeds criminal she said Margot Robbie and I you know I can tell the difference as to exactly like spitting. That she put yourself. It's ten million dollars to make her a hero Don and Tonya Harding. Welcome idea probably do the best picture nomination drew quick ready to Wear the year where they Crist of course it's all right but they're there on the item from the fuel and I'd go through them. Call me by your name don't know if darkest hour I do a signature area and yes look at Goldman Dunkirk. Yup that was going to be there and winning now get out I loved it. Lady bird on the NC a victim threatened suit the hosts are arrived. Yes I'm really close to that needed it in his latest out of every mind there talking with some real heroes the leader with thirteen nominations this year of water if you Siemens were guys we're. You see as for Richard Jenkins is talking like go robot or something looks so stupid on the interests are. In the final nominees three billboards outside in Missouri. New go what year. I'm a broad for Dunkirk except darkest elements in the post in little ground nose can always get that's what's gonna that Tammy Ennis. And that violates some great. It's a great movie that I was excellent I know Obama doesn't hurt much that are not on what their so what they're the lake it. But political statements and get out his dad is like political film with a I don't EC. Now I should. Your young guy to get out. And I was also I thought it's it's kind of harsh you can't I don't like Hortons easily since it. Depends like political leaders. You ask your useless though is your right they what was going on with you. As you must okay only kick almost. If a movie's wants Europe to. Buy yourself a during the day eight on the weekend with your wife goal of the day the other the other. And no sacks they had sums to honor rock and over like this Lexus or a sex lots of vick's available room. The Phillies doubts here he's never sit humidifier I thought your voice of the site is great for. I'm not sick. Now wait a minute I have hinted at in and suddenly it's all honor Arnold optimal quality coal miners temperatures. Com is in at least I got older and go look at this can't get over cancer facet you know like Robert Gerber Paul secured. I'm actor and a leading role here and here's where J. T. Walsh there not only the nomination to one. Low in a landslide. Mean it was the greatest that conforms I've ever seen and I am serious policy. On nominees Timothy Chela made excellent call me by your name all unbelievably understand that they call me by and then my wife's read that book. A look at the title go who's with me call me by your name anyways. Into the Louis phantom threat by the use me to the greatest actor those phantom threat people it's it's certainly heard of these in England he plays the hostages scandal Daniel cola. Like his turn up in the cooler and get out you're more press known that the lead actor. And they're yet the more more pressure on these foreign I think Brian Williams College economic times are evil. Can be used a inlet yes who's a wonderful who's also of course it was black crepe. These British. He's British us and click yes and everyone all the way people racist in and win it it's over he's had when Gary Oldman darkest hour. Kind of an old school re right wing propaganda thanks no chance and Denzel Washington who just made a movie no whenever story stupid board voted notes are known those who was above but it Denzel do you think it's comedy is great. And he was this last year because he didn't win. Is Casey Affleck won that's a big controversy vision and Enzo never beat some women are molest some don't you dressed as a gonna give the award away I don't know find out yeah I would agree. Jacob Jake Iran does go to the woman's own ways. Chips girlfriend Cameron it was terrific she did not want to know we do. Another shot out of Clark should have been nominated plan movement party pitcher rapid rate. I'm looking for which actors it makes Estandia for the meet you movement think it's exposed afterwards if he's sexual assault is a little with brown Gary Oldman right now he suns some ex girlfriend accused of beating her up so I don't see. Sam Rockwell he's guilty. Can go to one of some kind of sexual things or is a moment the phone you vote for Meryl Streep. A essential we need right now one that's Meryl Streep Oprah ticket when he total Merrill Streep in the public or as a post look a lot about young haven't seen it just to make fun of it you should I not it was Christopher Plummer. And that's unbelievably. Cinemanow movies I. That's a crime I'm out I'm not watching that night I'm wood dale I'm watching wrestling anti icing on what wrestling for the good of the McGraw I watch is either this looks so bore you have to your movie guy. Harris looks awfully during the whose host calls and have buttons on little similar things and Augen tunnel and O'Keefe. Richie Rich is hosting. Issue should not. I think she beat Conan that for you expect from Haiti that I think it's Asia bubbly and escape to host. And. We know more yeah. Paul and flora and how do you full bore him a pro is there is very good homework or her arm. Yeah. All. Stubbs talk about all the meant to make some trumped you heroes our women's movement. Odd how upon. Level rose ago she could be this year Napoleon I our heart our accuser partnered very. Our yardage came before aren't hard are horrible you'll feel at all people who discussion after smarty pants is denominated. Our whole hope to have colonel are reformers are. Sugar Bowl wolf wolf. Yeah look I don't care about politics. With them. Neither. Casual sports superheroes and a memo itself isn't it is going to. All the delegate rich bribery issue the MBA. Celtics lakers what teams play tonight late thirty's meanwhile in opinion is Alonso ball going to be some people that work for abnormal yeah I can accuse him. Watching tonight. Of course some that voice Hartnell procedure known and Kurt many hands Hart had a procedure and found out. That's what I'm not happy that I did play good hearts skip a beat yes it did its redeployment. Exactly six what 77797937. Far enough. That you're Yankee team is great. Rick when you feel better now we don't turn out to kind. I don't stop and an up and a couple of quick on the piano all out and let me like flows like to think you know Cliff Lee for a few months. Division I opponent directly but I can't panic at the government at all and I think that you think. I got back that debt it. Born from nineteen guys like WG I do our focus lawless much special meal together that night. A broad goals I want him and to show our mission we. My god where should be invoked god virtue but you're you're you're trying to adopt such a look at the whereby a little birdie it's a bad about it. Well it's a sad day for a couple of people. Of one institution one person said that for gonna win this idea from Major League Baseball that are viewership will now get older. This frank from Gloucester has he's. We love front for good color guy who's good who's fun and didn't take anything seriously you're not making love taunting Red Sox fans sure did. And it was like a friend get a good art though he was a great insists he was in here want them to do that week of villains when. Mean it was Soviet villain there Everett. The day that's right no lapse there frank the day I don't think you can read but we laughed at a time offering with us enough we joke for power we could probably play those flashes that corrected but only we have the ability to find them uncle back Michael Beck I can imagine is. Or would it would that we are and actually but he was on this funny I'm not surprised he's only 62 years old he's. That's important part he had a good life and had a great life. I don't you also out. Am I remember one thing called the talk of high school football you know because probably Thanksgiving time yeah at least a timeless place culpable in his last start crying says all my teammates had gone around it. And I've sat in insists I mean you guys lost a lot of friends a lot of family and I hole was he your and it was and you know I think we have millions. Age guy in front had a bad cold and finally passed. He was much healthier candy that much help only a signal that they did tonight affiliate that. We were wondering where it then I guess who probably in the country music and now we gold Eagles are now. I'm searching for a motive we will it was last time we talked to few months ago it's been awhile since then we'll check check your case and a all yeah yeah yeah. But their condolences to franks absolutely family friends and glossed over straight callers ever rise to hang over well as football coach who moved the cost you hang on some diner together and talk about the old days Malia could sit with frank for a whole breakfast via I. I've done it undoubtedly like Larry Johnson accused. 8080 feet. 88 years young yes. So. I'm gonna go about putting god in the Whitewater particular bucket to them about it. An angle on things constituents to lose about 85 Fisher callers who gave him when he dies I'll be pleased to let you report. I'll be happy by Renault we care of any programs you guys I'm now won't let you all laps of any help from Everett positive Ozzie might showed it Saturday and went out. At the heat my kind of financial and the differences like frank had a sense of humor usually is innocent guys know him he is anyway he says he's a big star and I certainly very relevant and Danny is a sense of humor Larry is there a sense of humor you know he does he do frank the first mustard Johnson threw that's what their usual way at 950 to call what's bad what's it what's in mr. Johnson and defending the attention do you still like. I know Larry I mean. I like the radio Larry not the author radio Larry municipally religion at a frequency (%expletive) yes what Larry did nothing wrong you can go overboard you agree that we bolt topple even though I did nothing wrong nothing I'm rich and so because they didn't defend you against Borges Paige is a laugh off wasn't that station correct. Their mission without. Odd issue that. You like coming on the show. Yes OK it's very nice chunk like most of the Johnson did the team defend you because you know boards as they're guys that were laughing at his shop that you and that's okay eight. Take shots at everybody right Milan utensils senators I generated they don't that's. Do you know the perfect now who care when we generate another we can ratings when I was a soccer and every week they're not there yet there are soft actually go about doing it did maybe wish is weren't 300 million tomorrow must've Johnson. Take more shots at your fellow hosts that anyone how can you be so sensitive that it almost just as good at all. The shortage is accused Larry of the show hosted we've. It. Internet. It's too do we look that bad in the morning when we are you get out of watching guys yet or is it on us and on TV. Today it's time to we the public is tired as for now he definitely more time I'm gonna talk to Fred Minnesota election award and yet at all joking or difference in preparedness several attempts here you know we have like two more seats on the plane. We said. Rich and fretted that McConnell and the credit goes to spread it all these failed writers on your show. All of the league's other do ask you one question to ask anything like the sports to be. Yeah this year that you did or just joking around I remember it has. You teach us into sports and other slightly joking like it is ironic that I can epidemic Iverson to protect what's gossamer export. We we set as the show we were gonna have like seldom. Known or feed him and have a trivia contest us against them that was sounds awful on Libya. But we'd win sure but so what we win now. We're gonna an album to be fun. Matt Egan it was on the spreading of the podcast that's when I offered you like review Dina wouldn't participate and to be hated and Mateen I hatred it's just people hate trivia people don't know pretty well but it's that people say I hate crossword puzzles to forty and I truly eloquent. Exports trivia that you like a non uniformed members who was the coach of the 1984 US men's basketball coach questions that. That's that's got me. Does talk sites it I was bombing that yes they wouldn't Bobby Knight choke again the beginning of the end above and I knew there you read you read this we'll read. Two b.s are correct yes. That's right. At nearly look at panicky you wanna choke. I'd spend time with them but we like in hiding because when he didn't you read only in India in Indiana but what is the final score suitable for you aren't. Good question when he nine was fourth for you three Super Bowls ago which as well as the patriots Seahawks. On terror that was one to. You right through some more. Seattle 27 patriots seventeen. Their. It's now 31. He should enforce this that you they've had an early actually on his back right to ensure that much correct program for Texan of the fourth quarter extra and eclipse started. Yes that's right. He says all the Mets are mad dog in and of princess to his trip this year or trivia SE going to raid zero might and we got mile. Should desk British Harry everywhere and now it's destiny and be happy especially. Some Geoff to say. The guys who came on after us a better they're doing better in each category. You for a future princess muscles that shows car driving around beating waiting for all of that. A call is competitive can be do more CMB we could absolutely we have them preview in the Super Bowl you know the dreaded that worst night and there Lulu fans of the lots of talk about that we have boomer console and Jia good let's do that as well we're glad talk football. Yesterday X once again about nominations foreign film crew of Kirk's prediction and photography. Who's gonna win the best foreign film good I've I've salt this year yeah. Now we'll do that is what we get.