K&C - Kirk on the state of K&C; Minihane debuts a brand new song 2-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 1: Kirk discussed the new direction of the K&C show and debuted a new song. 


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Skirt. Boston Herald has fallen for an apparent hoax perpetrated some birdies on the phone number you want to screw around. Nick from Boston included because he could that is the era we've been. Yeah I mean it's a bad idea that yes if in fact live from Boston is the guy who did this and it's now that we don't even know that some 5% sure this is how you entertain himself with Kurt committee ahead. I'd like to talk like that. Erin but when speaking at spring training start all things are good with the world and how much China yeah. Or we gotten your interests I like to cook I gotta I only got into the pot sports when you read. And read general stuff watched couple movies are gonna handicap horse races aren't always portrayed pony for rewards and Jerry Kelly. Who goes from praying for a week he has no interest in anything. Above the Red Sox continue to. What you understood JD Martinez times and he might what happens thinly remembers Jesus actually the one of those things here. I've played out. And awkward situation but they're better you were chasing Terry Glenn yes I told them if I haven't heard on Sports Radio telling you. Aren't good morning Kirk I saw rioting I can be honest with you I have I don't wanna be here. Don't wanna be or would he confirm that I don't wanna be here. Cart from here to help you you're not gonna help them I altering them here and how never gonna help her come here to put a smile on your face I I usually don't wanna be here be you know something occurred he. Acceptance. He's he'd be part of life as you know is recovering at. Yes you know that X. Sad that I'm drunk so it's he's he's gotten help like well you know if the six if that's the finalize a broken it was our last night sort of all the cocaine and has been his backseat. If these it was at forty well it was a it. Was he chemical lines from like you know Elena parishes and may need to kick in new look like a playground junkie already Q loads of drugs she's that's a lot of Coke if you know agreement from it just continues befriended you thank you know quite what I had only recently won hands and feet. You know I know but my hand that bothers it does fly lists and they are gonna help me I am you know did you video and you will you want to take your jacket off people are jackets and ties and I mean you're you're you everything you during the points triggered you know it gadget the last person and he answered no actually in the per for personally bring any hard as usual boring show or somebody else leads you know possibly do you open it that way at all but besides I was tortured my salary please. All these guys all dangerous so our approach you say the globe that and Kirk Kirk today's happy place. Today. He's happy plays that today after please because. I think that. You've had a lot of negativity and really I know I think it's acting that you have now if you don't have to caught bits and a liar and a half. I'll go I'll go ahead guide you out of people who come out to me tickets valued in the room people music. How do you deal with any moment it happens all the time and like it -- it really happen all the time yet there's capitalism but it was a wee bit. You know she lately it's been happening our ads don't look at Sunnis. Don't. You have to understand it's almost. Did it's almost I. Mean during the week Kirk writes poetry and he has a garden. Please poppy so do you know yet there's all these things work for the elderly if you think this is gonna work I mean at the I think so far it's better than what you want to do love betterment though they aren't a what is it that this paper OK don't job today. My job to do is to keep you between the lines some that's what I have to do for the next four hours here's my job I think each of the conversation with management yesterday on the phone now. Not yesterday did not have a congress. Manager told me they're gonna reach out to mr. they talked B fifty minutes pocket and it caught up. Yanks and I go out while I was I was listening to our top of the day your property and I was listening to the no different hurt by his wanna help you with the and that I was usually to yesterday's show when they say damn fallen asleep on the road and you it will we have. I think that I was Russia it's just not worth saying only place for when they play by the way. Now I am a true friend Kate that guy Kelly just so happens he takes a needle in the throat he can't be around at times a top seed seeing high is a year that's fair that's their convenience of fair criticism that went to all the teams convenient yes although I've recovered from my illness fluid remarkable time just 24 hours back at it that you wonder how sick was ST I think it pretty good and answer really sick and you associate souls. It is yes came from a flu. Did yes it coming up opens. Yes yes it is matter is he sorry this is what I saw what I want people to do today OK. Both someone's credit. The Vietnamese apparently a large what you were repeated to me this is what through the ethic and repeat which you say that yet as to say the same words back yet okay. I am love. I am while I am purpose I am purpose I was made would divide it. I was made with the vine tension. I'm enough. I am not I am hole. I am hole I am my own super here. I am super air and wares from issues. Note to self. They use notes as a percent of its offered no you have to look so good that means repeat to me but this note to self I am going to make myself so Oprah. Today curt you're gonna be above it all for me I'm going to make myself you're proud you are gonna whereas for a better man widget that affirmations on the Internet a Google it if it to third assess what you. I couldn't sleep position. Hot lights heat today. From becoming an absolute trader. Well it's six minutes and you really feel like that's gonna happen I do OK I think rough to a good start yes smiling. One on the noise in my of them also regular settle the attitude I can't do this for four no I think he can't know what I'm telling you know I think he can be added as an overdue and we are what the close to call in. Whatever the numbers Africa on and it in its finish six foot seven zealots and and I. 0850 caught yup six once considered him an 193 says there a year ago and we wanna make her happy today because you know we want people did we award Berkman hit around. I don't know we do you know they have wants to know well but. The radio market needs per minute. The video yet they do is thriving business you don't know and and and and let me tell you as a listener and a consumer but after yesterday's show this issue aside prove that we really need Berkman and around what you guys into the show yesterday. I'll hit it patriots questions later he added I checked out that. At that Jerry and Jerry did the best that the jury is indeed Jerry. Love and the hard a couple of days ago got a text from last night new engine is very good about Fred we have nobody does a 180 of people like telling it truly heart says on the edges and read books watch TV movies for Jerry you're dead when you're dead it's been a big white satellite would say I watch movies rightly so that yet a little bit it seems like Maggette arts off the list he'll have to do we Jerry. Who's to say I saw this move there's a lot of killing right in Iraq. Right great it's great to get people yeah because sports you read the lift. And general stuff but I'd firstly I mean I'd never seeing. Anybody dual Loney and shared because altar it was all the knowledge and showing us what what is what do what do wiley taught us it's Schilling was insulated and a half and Callahan was in the hallway and he could take reductions along yet after prayers he could have beaten him when he joined. That's all the guys we starters step mom like OK you can change your mind you in any artist said I was a guy. I was in the car with mark and Joe's Albano to Philly the other day they're both. The market and ends are about and that's got to get a one on the show all the time like is they want to show this as they say if anyone's shows safe and mental should stick. Yes they do I don't think they they do they do they do. I am hole that they do you holes yet again another what they do on fraud that was being dumped. Why would he is it's okay how about this is just. You don't note lie if you are lie. One nude here and you don't tell and adding. It's not paying for Kate and Hurley hadn't Erick Erickson the Boston Police. We have nets found a Google. So if you're like I I personally what Boston Police should be. If you remove every department itself I think it's time now to just say the world you know. With these guys did was so egregious the worst thing to police department ever gone I'm. This tweet I mean I want the ball on. Losing their jobs their pension when we use at Berkeley are correct yes it's sold out I hate guy attainment sleep at night while on some recent the tweet about right our back Duke's. Even though that they sent a tweet about Bill Russell first yes Maxwell fourteen days ago from actual you guys actually unveiled yesterday a great job and I heard Hawley even last night said that he's beaten it was a big deal. But you know people are still weighing in need your walker and the Boston Globe today we'll get to that. We'll do it carefully though we don't want okay is that going to be sick or don't we get we want that we don't wanna do I've been told is to meet the big boss. Which well well I thought Jesus. Yes basically well I don't sore so we're going in there and a no it was again the heart. Double play these things can increase in the zone that's the first time policing because he's boring Satan stays out of trouble to say it was a horse from the crowd Jerry Jerry Jerry did Jerry gave with the has survived a significant tee shot out to shut up we'll have on the one he's going to be on anymore and writes imam one times nice kid. Everyone likes him he's eager great. But he's he's a bore I mean he's he's boring. Nice guy Bork. Thanks guys are boy if he tries to be like he's wacky but he's like he's he's PG. And he says he's it's not just things off he. He's uninteresting he likes the patriots right okay well or was that he works for the patriot iconic and so won't keep on the weekends and going after notes right will be fine problem that could. Not yourself. I don't want to dictate programming the station no no not at all or does a great job. They do and everyone does agree to. So so what was that was a phone number again but it does it all. 7779. One of these recess on that much of suggested that the two guys getting EB you know center Kurt India. One minute at a time like about the numbers are correct. Oprah Tudor what does it what does it I believe it is I could be wrong six point 77797307. That if we set out quite what people calling I agree that number to beat because I wanted to learn about that. Because news. Here's the other information I want to give you that there's prep is he printed out two things from here note you won state union of same thing if you're going back to this. Might presents is my power. My presence is my pal okay so if you leave you lose your war. So you have to stay holed Kirk and that's why one of the people call in to make sure. That we keep you here because. This is a tough time for the station it'll pass. I agree I agree that I agree and that's what we need you here sore and all the way today handled insert I understand that but we need you here because have to date doesn't go well. We thank god speed on. Mean. Today's a big taker that's Amanda did that's apparently I want to know socially welcome you need this game I don't know you do. Financially I'd you know I'd bet that the point you often say the U could leave tomorrow and you would go crazy if you were on the radio Gary you'd like to stand up and I think McConnell they fired me today I would get jobs morals. I know usually go to bar stool. Yet problem I don't want to wanna stay here probably. Or somewhere else I mean we shall worlds would Hugo. This five million stations in town yet a quick shot I don't know I don't think in indices well of course they would know who'll. What you get a goal there Lauren at its Florida guard educational one in the mornings I'm pretty sure the big games ago floor occurred in a luxury I. I'll watch wanna stay here pay like Michelle and I you know it I don't wanna work anywhere else have been very clear about that. And we'll just go on to the again and other shows do it they do odd day on all the usual at that everyday but they do it. So I guess they do it so we can and what does I don't think that you take it how will would you I don't think he would go to another station I don't take another person I don't take another station tourniquet and Liu. Habit that we beat number one about six months. Okay where I would remind people with me would be number one in six months I think he should go to GPH and Iowa. A nice place to the morning's. I think I'm having edit it it's true art of sexually harassed left and right well I mean I don't care. But Marjorie gym that what's the show they had these guys talked about Boston magazine says that the most important showed us right right. But he did they show the finished twelfth in the book most of which owns it no question so I think that they declined to come on the podcaster Marjorie heard. The answer is yes oh that's too bad because I think that would be good podcast it's okay. Out because you wouldn't you think too. I have a conversation haven't you and listen you're Smart guys and I was Greg Hill with Matt Seagram which that this houses with them good action that was very well. Puzzles my appearance on Bill Simmons podcast. There have been. Which are so carefully so I talk to Simmons on the phone before. It does sort of tweak every between in my iPhone was about phone. I don't know whose phone was his the last Hawkins cracking the whole time. Talking to stop the arguments adults in the that's a good question I would choose that asks I'd disagree Bob Ehrlich. And to do with love as great as it. Yes today and hatred and daylight through what you you know you that it ally yet. So you could do that again early on rutelli I don't know Kevin O'Connor so whatever. Who's been out of it up quite India indicated that there patient series. So yeah that's it's solid the whole time. Some as climb the whole time so wait a minute leasing business on your push your hates. He engagement. With a select acutely status and move waxes I think he's in the life now resides challenged at all went at all on no well no so I somebody I say to him he's like. You know the Boston media some negatives and I get and I said bill you know like Brad started you know 20/20 five years ago I was reading you. And it's better I say now it's clear this is posted podcast I was Buick you would rip the media which was also little bones are shy of the direction that this is great to finally going after or ways and afterwards I will be a bell. Jerry John no one else is doing the view not really checkered pattern out at me I'll old touch. Sausage we hear you again he was negative viewers negative as anybody. To be any kind of acknowledged that this idea hate this thing like Boston media suddenly got some negatives would forget bright and especially the world the one thing that happens the print media has gone soft yes of print media but I will Don Utley. They would soft. Know Texas con man going after the fights and he should players shot she was one of the guys. And shed there was a note to Wilmington island and although the baseball shot saw that. And he's older he's he's reckless how does not mean these. He's gratify them using the and that 1990 was the tipping point. Patrice Edwards starting economical resources limited that the good the argument that the record came place outs of that core argument I had him. It was 1978. And social media sports talk radio existed that pitched this many negative big things would protect people's bodies. Now there's more outlets to show what you think you always have sportswriters and sports final I mean he had. Borges used to be a sports final with Felger and and yet. Will McDonough who used to go away it would people a new woman that are managed to do battle constantly medics called Belichick to closest Unscom and it's gonna happen it was a nobody should pricking you mentioned might mouse writing that now now you had writers going after owners. All the time the difference is that sports talk shows have taken place a writer Cecilia just more what's wrong and you text him and knows he should start seven. And or other chocolate milk two days ago and restock it for me because you're before work after reports sponsors we have I had a low pixel across to dispose of talk about right on the eleventh it is Al Davis and yes. I. Was surprised. Or matter what you do with starting to that was that's all right here might well that this is how it works like the next day. Two or three we shall come out you said earlier this should to this the should tell pass that advocates the British bankers who traded Curtis. The day after it's always going to be like that. Oh east tour. And it doesn't hurt us on the World Series in 2013 the first call to guys affair should be fired right after the one. So it doesn't matter I mean people people over react which is good that's fine should sit there and say when Butler doesn't play a fan should not sit there and say what you know what. It guys the guys beneath suitable site what. Are people not people in this town not the people to get rid of their brains differed in say like I don't know where Seattle. Maybe forgot. Think there's angry I I don't think people in Seattle in other markets I don't think the sports fan is the celebrities here let's face it. Sports fans the sports columns celebrities. Osama I mean not individually me it's a hole. They suck so what does it matter but they have a persona. I'm like quietly Monday I've supermarket is it okay this is the promise and it was now obvious that's all he's an old not I've I said it must have been LE two X exchange would actually beat the Boston DNA is left to blow when you've got pissed at me when I was in. Milwaukee or browser Wisconsin and as you said it was -- young that need it he kennel Pelosi talking about when I was on the road we tightly takes a merit WE DUI and now you you hung up on me. You said all we are today I had a bit plant hurt but he didn't let me finish the vet. It was a bad move existence and no reaction social media. 00 you were mad I wasn't mad you were now I wasn't that I had nothing to say is it was true I'm not going to ask. I I I did not think this and that can say it's a corporate thing. Yes I'm playing it safe my parents and make a lot of money I don't have million dollars you have a million dollars in bank account correct. I'm a marketing and OK you do you from you and your Brothers listen I don't my Brothers I guess if I did well I've got my own life. And given what's happened late in which probably still hasn't gone like this takes forever talked sadly. You know as I always say eye of god I can got to go here's Pete I I think my Brothers honestly thought. To some extent and well what else I they thought to some extent when my mom died. Like literally you know it was it was at her house were upstairs and we took care for last Favre sixties home loss to write to me my Brothers and hot and a nurse to come every twelve hours. So were put in medicine and open sick woman froze like a triple that Madison told. Four put it will put the medicine we're changing here we're doing all this stuff you know potential problems and tossed its its like that we don't we weren't there for the dogs don't deal with my dad Jack asks. Did the same stuff only dad as my system it's terrible effect of its its competitors just to all of you will or what apple what sorts as good as you repeating things from the Internet. So I thought was cooler weather is what is my what I Brothers I think but the summit that was going to happen. Is when they came back in and filled up the paperwork in and got my mama there's a lot of data to walk into the three checks of carry out Borough. It got stocks at fourteen OK I Diego Diego used to pick a lock that sort. Well of course on a charge in the states like go to work increase interest due to the raging debate that's an hasn't yet. Appointment. Mean you know so particularly my wife has worked tirelessly on this because I mean brute through three properties. You know two people die within several weeks endless paperwork I mean paperwork that fills our table it's brighter than this and let's. And my understanding is the executives use the did he. Old little bonus regularly. Little taste the exit off the taught so that's going to be an issue with the Brothers and does not show off the top 6775%. Of I'm sitting is like you know what whatever numbers that's that's that's that once told me Clinton returned so. I percent. Not an ounce at one and 2% of if you love your brother if you love your family you don't need one or 2% that's the point in my and my wife is a ship full time job for you here. In the if you do not believe in god does she work. And opened up. But package but if you can do it none of that none of it will be 300 and pieces of paper rate so. I you know why I think she's doing. Because the citizens could start if she's out she's out at me she's half. It she's a fierce motivation she path that's fine that she should she wants after that. So I think we're gonna have that awkward conversation 1%. Want to sort of why. Of of what's the total states and I don't and I don't even though I'll I don't know if you know that's that's that's the idea. Source of controversy equipment forum which actually it's been. My Brothers hate each other. So I kind of wanted to get the middle and have made me can we are not being aided and like the feeling of its own company just say to. Everybody's been getting along. Not really know my two Brothers have what about the brother celebrated. I met at the check some refer to do it again I would have said my two Brothers I just want it but you get along with him. And Opel and what roles feature please keep playing all that legitimate question eight shipments he's big but the two week thing it's weird because people think that your Abigail they like Q. Tuesday YouTube Brothers. Know I've I've sort of been in the beard there was an issue in real issue toward the end that divided them. I chose to say you know. A man trying to pass the and due to a person like that to say I don't wanna get bogged down in the stuff that happens you can do a lot of things you know I think the big ones I tried to and that one is one of the morose and I wanna get bogged down in this conversation about this I have with my dad's mom. Where when she passed. They were getting in fights over who gets a bowl and spoon that sisters who don't like each other's I don't want I don't wanna do this site I don't want to like might actually is too short right wanna get. Now when it's comes your job with support I only get his butt but for but for this I want I want to stay out of it. So. So you wouldn't take it to taste at all no one would take you really know all why would not fortunate now with ticket cut. My dad was intentionally. Uses in charge of the stage double BC's this day and there's a huge. Weekend. He decided not sure it's just invites which you'd do for free. That's that's kind of a cavalier you. It's. Done greedy best point 2% tactic. Where what everyone tells them they were spokes that sort of agree. What was agreed upon you said of rose on the orbiter on the executive state. My call the ball that you even have to tell us and to you mr. usually you know you got that talent and it was five point. I think he's gonna take the money and run appointment and now. It's a say in here you gotta read this. I read it and come back and sinus. Maybe it is going to be an educator and if you're nice gift card or they can never bees hospice there's something that. Oh I close eye on the hospice or scheming here yesterday though declared the show dead while nearly 45 that was nice touch that was very little shot just flat are. It was probably calendars you've taken a vote yes he has. He could move disappoint as he take that answer yes yes because of the love sports is have a shot we want to do. So you can twenty million dollars Uga plays once a week what size is an opponent just like this is received this is all part of your plan and it's just. To expensive doctor. You ally and I think he's voice I think it's it's good for at least a few days and steroids in the throes of it yes. The vocal chords. Yeah I but I would eat Jerry would be instantly for not playing hurt he could've moved to shut the next week because ordered my formula for precious. I feel while. Malone the weekend I think a lot of prep for the business with a B two weeks and his voice is pretty close shop and just suck it up so I I think he's a team player yesterday Morton says I was curious what your team player a figure which is to say he's. Well I think you would be about when it comes to did not please you know what he stammer. You know there's a reluctance that from. My presence is my property look at. And enters its complete with a pocketbook and let's face it Kelly has survivor. Okay we'll be doing this way to deal when Tino put all of our group critical Turiaf on Sunday Saturday. He said he stabbed you in the back. He didn't I did assure you that. Each area in the phone on you in Iowa falls all said to tell you this course he did I mean I always thought that we deal let Jerry should've at least sets the tool like. A it's been fun you know departure was one of the net phone based parties to how many years did they were together and both been a lot of it has been made fun while nobody is in this we both made some money we have to taco John's one OK but I would say the Micah Johnson to Gerri at some point wise is going on. Why is gone so bad it's my fault or faults pocket like in the Johnson that the year before it's not your everyday it's just argue with the bigger man we your Brothers. Before you started the rate of 1%. On word OK all right are we going to music. But centuries on. But when it comes to Jerry he could have been determined in saying you know John. On his last day at least get a cake. You know guns confident. Often these suites and you're you're dropping tiger shows for a real solid repeat British destruct as me off. It was identical boards has been. But nick that the ethnic. But here's a survivor you have to take of Agent Orange book when you talk golf because he knows how to security situation I mean. Callahan went through one of the most controversial things before you write years ago with a situationally Giles suspended yes and he survived he knows attitude he's made a lot of money administration yours made more money than he deserves odd 1000% agree with regard to say you know and so issue. Right so he's made more money that he's deserves. And because he's Smart and nobody can avoid using Eumig YouTube basically he's humid she probably you know the full story about the you know in the future relationship that things were censored times and if you were Jerry you would never. We'll keep share not up to him he is elected not so far nominated them and let him do that was a witness that's what you go to a hundred it was it's so personal I would just say. That's going to be a huge duty editors noted time and Trace he did not. Oh. He did not know you know he thought about it sure in April of racing in next week four 617779. 790% and we've covered at all whispers I'll always firing up our oil we have three in order to show to talk about it. Right. Now Johnson. And prices prices would think they think prices in the vehicles that we really haven't talked. The stupid spring training thing and a guy pretends to be nice beat which came at you for ten minutes fifty minutes he's changed me and digital media it's not like that he is and nothing changes its mind no he's a bank to be close to be taking and if he pitched well doesn't matter he stinks people kill for our dollars in reduced exposed to us. Or. Gharib. Aren't we explodes at a priceless because one assembly he says. I changed in an audit of Boston media experts ought. And next SoundBite he did a total 180 went back to being himself again and again that I mean especially if it becomes a meal talk to a music easy. Dario he pitched well doesn't matter stinks people killed the same thing. People on this first day of spring changed loser be writers. With a look at next week he's on its one by one Abraham vomit spear bombings Spanish cigarette guy you know everybody works that puts on Brad Shaughnessy bombing. Crackers and out of on. Really come on he's a friend. Was when he was what he'd do that might Bakley publicly it is and revive you is that each other securities vomit. I hate them all next week that they know they know I hate them hate me in the differences I'll say in the face each of dots. Just sit their music and it's one point nine. It's you know it's fun it's fun right. When it when you're a Minnesota news editor talk analyst people who use republic right next course is it significant items of currency. It's the afraid of view yes which is crazy. Oh. But see in a weird way you're you're charming you can be charged. Candy sugar that can be can be charge because I've hurt my love all of you for the community. No it or he asserts that YouTube. Or you're gonna get a sit. What embarked. Over the but it record you they fired the score prostrate. A dramatic I don't think that I you explain wacky bit. No they would plug and I'm annoyed because if you are the united you're off the parentage which you are people out there with the collusion. Who minority pollution they just don't want Kuerten in on the air and and he could do so for radio as I get a college Everett station. Suffered so that of the trouble. I don't know how you do in case it may be Mattie could maybe could be used pick but it costs as well I'm at Hollywood do my Eckert about it you you know. It sure is I think to have two seconds. That was a great life that would be. Push music don't pressure. Nothing but trouble nothing for breaks an hour and adding on instruments from YouTube account and asked them like you know it's a precaution different language with the Ito just regular same thing. You saw all the way. He makes you talk a soccer mom's best shape of you. It's supposed evidence back and goes in or. It feels like entitlement it's like you know I handled sigma divorced did make him on the dad's house and trying hard. It's okay. Removes and you go with somebody like me repeat it goes on now. Yeah yeah. But people don't boom and it's not talk too much. Of its biggest hit us he does. Yeah I think she goes with. The do do do do a good song. Of them mentioned the review. Some of that amendment did. You're just now and really really not really about I know that's on the hill. I like that it's a good song in the that's got that's like an early like. I'm Josh pence yet it's legit it's a good seats are good I like him you know in Jersey I was like I don't like what did she brought emotion as possible. Aerials released guys who sing about the American popular American flying high as a back. At him. Good saw. I have the power to create team to repeat it. I I do have effectively. And the bottom line news I choose. Sicker accused happy by chance that I'd choose again happier being unhappy I think ultimately. Like you know I'd really like I feel better listen sad music and watching so don't you. Now hole. Did a good cry know what's what's so like if you if their two sons and radio and one is something in the night papers and in the at once celebration cool game out thousands brings a case of them what's your voice but that's just as it's Springsteen and if I wanted to do this one is the moderate. If one is a hit F one is. Whatever pick millions of which are favorites assess the unions. Hostile press in a whatever in the annoys me I can't diesel which cardinals at Tony diesels you are all told me. Oh yeah that's on you listen to. 00 Mickey you're so tied to the show I want the amount donated. Sand and music. You take me about. That everyone at three Bailey does have a bad since Sunday filled. We're sweated and 9837 WEE. Are you Callahan at 632. 6177797937. Hello we're gonna you know island in August which is each you know Kurt it's a minute seven minutes into a book it is yeah but I if you like the listeners understand what you're talking about why they know you'll pay they pay attention there's irony on the Internet. Like a Twitter from some columnists in major newspapers are sigma you know separately than network won't matter what or other and each one of vomit when you see it and at some point our response. Not in des. And other I won't say that I won't say that I'm not watch out I would not I will take a bullet for we allowed to comment on. Call as possible over how does that work now institution I would say no. The boss singles later walker who writes a dummy call mechanical dummy is that how works the usually you're leaving that means he's the Internet can incur looks over aside and others Lockhart we have a problem is at arbor and yes unreal how to do better known as the work in this new era and I did show and I think the way I would go with Decker decency columnists I would go generic to publish op boards. Published columns are trying to do I try to see or not I show is of guts. In the balls have been ripped off us and we are just gonna be like every other show. I wanna how work's going forward I'd like to listeners to to react as well do you like the idea that maybe maybe many of you do. There are showing now will be gutless and cowardly and pathetic can Dick was submerged along for the ride in the in finishing ninth place you guys like that they can be curtain Callahan show. 6177797937. I'd appreciate some calls on that. To say goodbye to Barry deals per gallon show that was fairly successful today at a post fairly successful for one have a pretty good run number one for books general. And now it's over so I just if people want Wayne and say goodbye and appreciate it what we did and if if dissatisfied with that. Media can let management know but if you're not to let us knows what it would try. I took the first thing I got the car lesson for Arab as the caller said my how much he hates me so maybe this appears to be great for this event I'm sure. Oh that's kinda Mina quickest and a year about a lot this event but I think what you need to realize curt he need to lose the battle to win the war. I'll understand I understand. It's very violent very deep very. Buried in agony of print that out I thought about that on my own that's really get my differs from the says that I think so I'm 6177797937. As we say goodbye. To the curtain Callahan show showed it lasts only about a year and half was successful kind of like a more Demi thing that we are a little bit maybe because I think the swastika like doubt in my for the pretty good that every did a backwards is that on the in the all in the mirror and here I saw a picture of attack that was slight. Number he was everywhere and it didn't did you watch on all yams and television cigarette is a great occasion he was like the dude from Phil Donahue. You laws are with a couple lines open budgeted number one more time 61777979237. As we say goodbye. Figured out front of Kirk Callahan the old curtain we go forward the new curtain count him the last you'll make fun of anybody. No breaking balls. Which we go forward straight ahead sports talk. It is very measured page or they won yesterday and sure enough yesterday approved one this is Dayton. Of the new Kirk Kalish of course say goodbye to feel free to call me of a line to a very good run. But I'm happy going for I have no problem. Commissioned me to please god knows I'm in my competitive it's. Or none at all and don't get me out of your your page doesn't change it's not like they say we're gonna compensate heavily if you finish first or second in the book. In a Gator you can keep you act that way it is no inconsistency which I appreciate. 617779793. Said it will continue this we'll put some music plus some laughs. Media as. What's just a tutor showed player party game. If you have every likening Gary's here for I guess to keep the on the rails well so far so good am I you know I made it through the first. 36 minutes right there we go commercial free station right now. As a war debts we don't get six or seven to sort of stuff so what does it. I've been suffering a seven IV aids and that means that the rate of what impact listeners. Different category it's. Lets you scan besides domination. Celebrity no no no no no no. We're not too there's no pornographic Cadbury Michelin. Thank you went there's no more. It's been. I was gonna say fifty shares of way but those are the only place that was sort of brought that a comedian that it great great story. Classic it should that ought screenplay I should and that's a great I'm working on a look at fort I don't know the days of I don't rate carrying on the military garrison inappropriate me having. Intercourse with that -- I don't think we're you know and no more stories of a UMass being an abandoned you know it never happened that never -- never have you made it all ever master been in my life. No no it not once made it all the whole thing Chad them is right 99%. Absolutely. So this is a new Kirk Callahan show on WEEI. I was so casting an NPR today didn't you yes I think so the driver five open finishing fifth place in this book for her and goes right we'll crack that top five to be nice. But happy with the shape and how you gonna handle finishing lower than dale. That was a great job of just terrific. I always unique talent I think it's focused on the show I like it gets here to at least six and that's Smart. And I keys to tablets like you said in different rooms so that it's some it's good that Debra where her for the pros are playing great about a man I was watching on this and it stands Jonathan. It's really dumb like T anniversary of the other seven why he's doing it why supported university that great team that nobody remembered as what do they when they had eleven guys score twenty goals know the team's done an amazing it was arrows point. Terrier that ball I'd like to know what's what's of two point Terry Riley was their. Tags ya good cash cash is there cash Don markkaa can you name me eleven guys in the team's court wanna go Sheppard each represented. This proves you might think the park bench. I don't know. But I just silence on the TV screen work and the intermission where you know they're talking that stand Jonathan talking all these old guys and yuck and it up and in my like I. Hold on to be fake auction was a contributors and you show so I hope it's not gonna say if you're David Price here's the bottom line. If he pitches well it doesn't matter what kind of person. If he doesn't pitch well well then what's gonna happen is here come the vultures here on the beat writers you're gonna talk shows bottom line if he pitches well it doesn't matter. All we care about in this city is the bottom line is you dig the bad guy shore. But fans don't care the bottom line is only this winning and losing game. It's by currently time rice is why I love the city. What diet Shipley ski yes ship pled ski remember the names rightly it's you know this is a guy I'm telling you this is a guy that Belichick. Belichick loves this guy ACC is the quarterback coach in Belichick in his what he's got his eye on him and he's getting excited he's gonna groom him to be in its judgment the now I'll tell you about that and another big problem is going to be offensive line I mean by that number one priority in this odd season for all sports. It's gonna be Neitzel how do you replace the. I'll tell you this I'll tell you that's double the amount for this. Quarterback is not the most support should football sports professional sports in keeping him on his feet. In on the record patriots fan OK let me go to get it to impeached a governor governor it was a it easy tiebreak in his caboose next year that's a bad sign. That's that's fine you don't see the franchise quarterback. On earth. We don't want to erect Turkey you can't throw from your asks you can't tell you Ramirez show it you can't throw at all. I'm happy I. And. I'll Boca coach or not he's done it before Turkey put coats off you. You know I get a shot Boca coach Monty did it would Cassel maybe you do Moya. I was it will take some calls as well sort of I don't hate it I have clicking on this right here's what you do and your receipt by for the first. It's also opens the Duchardt talent show rice adhere to it as well most new and improved I take the phone calls that's how works and Jerry can react its business re. Richards in New Hampshire Richards morning how are you. A great great Gregory the great rages we've read the Celtics game tonight Bruins you know to be one next couple days. Credible on us honestly when I had a big win before the all star break. On Bartlett. And now outlook and it. Is thought. I disagree for why did that you know what. I'm with management now that I think we should do you feel that's my opinion and and I've for a while wanna do good show of an X Apple's relentless and Kirk you'll have your dignity. That's exactly you had to dig it that's it right there and healthy future is understand I just did. It's that complicated military's a little flustered on the phones Calder. And at some point by the way it's not quite. Yes. Or walk it's not gonna say. Let's stop messing around here yeah a couple of us or you don't want to but you know septic or you want me here or you don't. There are out there by the way he played for. If you Red Sox we don't want him now I may head simple passes out you are an add on and you're wrong about is John Henry's get the money Turkey they need a big back. I don't have a big back and talent it. They have a big bad Ambrose he's getting its habit they need to back it never replaced they'd sorties back and this is a opera's a ball again this is battling a vote the Yankees are noted it's got to respond this offseason job. Job got to do you write a paper on that while the glow of my subscription. But at some point you gotta fight back on let's take another call here Greg constituents here on the new. The new and improved and improved. Kurt challenge or Greg good morning. Good law maker. Old Gary loved Leo thank you Greg moody who did. Yeah my favorite casting couch number. By everybody else doesn't think you're very entertaining. Really doesn't mean they all do a great job carried too close to earth. Due to submit a positive but anyway Kirkland like you will form how it stirred band. The deal because you're the guy that pushed the envelope that calls the way it is. It are politically correct. And if you change among analysts and anymore and then you're done all I X I. Major measures ought to duplicate it transplant but neatly sick. I need I had tax problems animal away. A way to weed you hear what you were products the news. Are gonna go dark eleven to get. Sure absolutely. Where were we love and love are evidently you do for the weight loss which we go tonight. Much out possibly. Everybody that have a site at Charlotte nature and a market elicit any more major factors ought to keep up this. Well let's take angle and take other other other other continued our our great sponsors Graham continued to you to go to and they do a great job very very very loyal to a -- love each and every one you made and have listeners we have who dignity and you know it's it's it's. We're a day and age now especially this present everything's just so mean. Yeah yes that is it not mean I see a liner two open if you want if you bikes a fortune here in new per gallon shows 617 due to several hurt that big a bumper stickers new and improved their Los Angeles or else I like that you have the and it's improved right yes yes we're improved out or to improve. Not saying happiness Kirk choose happiness entirely real quick real put aside because this kind of pissed me off yesterday as the car. Posting about this in candidates and one into improved particularly to torque me off. I was sure. She talks name up there. Curse that's what would. What standard insult you don't he's retired numbers it drives me soon lead Bok arena. And most important thing right now in the world to let me ask you I mean I mean we have war with some some huge corporations in this and that of the shows that. I don't know why. The self had decided to the number this will be when the back in the short and running around before should go up in the sky that's kind of thing pisses me off. Torture one or two or towards me off sorry that's why Bradley you know less cute he was part of that he was important what I've seen right it's about the team. OK we just he was an important cog in the we yield. And that's what the Celtics are about their about that team spirit what a rail you know. He was about pitching spiritually you know every Asia nominated and I mean you know late entry should win the MVP I understand the finals of either he turned his back on the green car was so matter of I don't and I thought about Casey jones' number of Los he's name and it just got to sell sell irrational angry you see the angry over stuff I've seen you that moved down the stuff like that especially since some more of an angry supporting MacKenzie yeah it's going to be about that is why really get angry about retired numbers. Meg but the whole thing I am not happy I'm with you this tackle situation the patriots is nice flow problem don't touch I added my phone as I saw four minutes last business I've been for men I've been following Neitzel and what. So I went out and where it starts. With an accent yeah I guess so accustomed to erase I've had fallen excellent social media. On because I wanna know what he's doing what he's he's gonna make and Nate. We need to shore I would say his case if he is elected entire family was on his life I family and my eyes and I can understand but. I'll say this for patients fans. Mean this tackle situation good luck good luck sleeping between now September economists say it again if twelve on his booty. You know you are in something that runs of current exotic you know what choice does not than people haven't talked about this special teams. Problems with the sent out yet you get a which we're gonna talk about today we get it all sorts and we're gonna we are going to talk about it I mean listen bucks back. Stansky a special teams went coach always available immediately once his west before. I was I was like what stuff is gonna join a sleazy Albany and jokes prestook AM best has. A symptom in the character right now where shut up and just shut up and speak I apologize I didn't please be and why not let me speak as much as possible. Urge you guys speak a lot yesterday it was a reason for the it hurts ordered him I urge I heard Jerry put the a crystal on ousting mr. Elliott seated why is that. It never met him before democracy and I could use them. Yeah I guess they could Chris why I want to perform it was in somebody I'm sort eventually. Strength in numbers I Shia fault lines gets you guys please don't going where I love you legend from the car. Mitch and keep the job should Fall River rob indicate parted at the budget warmer time just for the listeners. Other names of the people who speak to on the telephone Jennifer Mitch Josh. Rob in our I think is that he's given towns. I did the first time the second time in two that's those holes I was audible felt entitled to that it's a great cuts. Are also becoming with a bunch of like you know sort of like eight. Don't do something interesting do something you won't pitcher troubled. He really boring and get no ratings analyst or is much muscle tone and to repeat right to a truck you let other people finishes its ulcer awesome. Rader producers' program directors awesome management is awesome I love being here. I've. W yeah. Management. I am not being able to save what's on them. I'm. Being cast rated I don't miss my balls. I never think about them in when I'm sleet being. Unnerve the fact we're dating ad people who beat this makes me so happy. I don't. This my balls. A Gloria morrow credit. Guys hugging right now and Michael talk hearing partner is more arms around Kurt so different hair different another show and their videotape being. Heard it and there in. Iraq. And how I. Alex didn't Palestine that was rated stuff that's not. It's not. Who. Who. The river there LO BB eighty yes. And reminiscing on this morning news. We take you back to the days of yesteryear when things are more positive and discuss sports sports sports sports sports in. The biggest problem of the day lows with the old time team make it to the playoffs is here right what they've beaten once again and you know some thinker that we have a set yet but spring training. Hopes for deterrence or Madonna certainly does hope springs it is the best the river band song. Oh god lonesome loser thematically change now looks and Ohio people who change I love coaching. It's more looser. I think our sons about your balls yeah. Both of them that most of them together and it welcomed the additive as a two of them are that you can mean. It. That didn't. If I do the little more often make. Bo. James. Who improved her becoming so. Struggling a wee hours. Once they haven't seem like they're public service a southern country yen in the air supply you knew Austria. Great line element like and so prearranged. It's time for questions Helen thomas' evolution. That's true his average thickness and its history the rule change and enact cool can be. The find in a number of ways yes as and not necessarily hip and whatnot and and and indeed coached and I'll be more like morneau while. Hammer at the human Lorna Wallace of the Twitter account. In their avatar was Warren was looking at the camera ones behind them all ends at the Bonnie you vote yes I'd like. That's like the W the other guy does even though he's he's going to be the white listed above stuff that's absurd but this is guys I'm Kim gonna need to improve our sound effects. Yeah it was what we have yet he's size he can you work a little bit Pentagon's but he also elect a fake knock at the door there's got hit Gary Anderson and I is it tends to show was always wanted this is going to be the show he likes it. It's true I mean did you did you like my. Are ranked earlier on the quarterbacks to. Pretty I mean you know David Price. I mean you know if he 74. To six you are a week there's like you know what we've we every bag. It all well winning winning winning you know what Kirk winning cures everything hired Andy artsy and yes I never thought as he's right. Telecheck you do things he's does because he's one taxables. Well you know he's got it back right I mean he's got to think about it you know to second guess the greatest coach doubled I'm I'm this. Shall we second guess people now shall we attacked system though agent walker it's a great story there about right now back and I I'd say. I sat. Up at the current director we drop. Oh Google will go below the brewer. Oh I do with an. Ohio couple a couple of battle. Ground action gavel. We'd like people. Don't you. Well I I think I don't usually don't I don't know yet I mean this one odds are you over his over route actually yeah. Q thank you assignment that's down why don't you well. Obviously program director Pete his head around here and this is is it and an octave at a dollar dollar and don't knock it off the art. We know dad. There you think entities. Fellow slap on the race that's not good you don't want no movie passes for you and your mailbox that it shows for the policy we'll see I should do wanna see via. Gary Coleman. Bulgaria Harrisburg and a screener because you don't it's I may see that spring well if the gulf port street. Usually takes first let's go to Donna in Maine to the other look at you want to talk about old times always a good point hello Donna Howard you. I am more you cannot get Cheryl I had a girl. Don it was me me that people little things that I'd yes I don't rule out. That's all I love so we're gonna come to divide Don I've been told not told I should say. I've come to keep an alliance had told after the conclusion the show ultimately. Will be better off having no fun. No laughs talk sports and suffering the ratings that's. Eric yeah I want. You turned over the years. I like and why apologize and then they check well I'm I'm good would it love it incurred a lot of lobbying than one wanna be loved. You know you'd attic. I'll mention he. Bad and harmony ahead. Where. We're. Even. And on. On the about it and edited evident evident. Bands it's they don't go to an event of what's wrong. Betting on Saturday. It's been dead. I don't know. I had. These. And open right well John the cars finally here we go. And enrollment 937 as we hit the 7 o'clock hour. 705 right now the temperature is 42 degrees but he is like in north is we have so next week reporting John W. That guy. Get a little too too edgy from me I'll answer that kick back on the rail the Red Sox catcher situation given that packaged into so reported. I think it's the best of they've had since rich get minute mark well. Here's what if I'd say Sully was underrated is let's say it's a point. At some point that's it's going to be the Vasquez has got to be the guy it's a point. Is gonna say you know what. Debit card key and he said you nearly all of the cities had a long ball gee I don't know about. I mean and I understand. America pop. Thanks so we don't we don't want that we don't I'm I'm I'm I'm sorry I lost my. Thank you that's someone here digging is where detainees in the Red Sox schedule that we usually we can win big using it here that judge on any of thoughts. No no I also think you know may release I mean that was. Your initial. And hey don't you it's what you think what my head right there to Spain took a lap. Yes the middle relief is I would say right now did you not say here's what I'd say. Yeah. Cordoba would not not mad at mr. mr. it's also I'm really passionate passionate my moment here's let's say right now. Aids in Africa. Nuclear war. Middle relief that's universal order I think middle relief but such right it was the most important issue on our. On earth right now while I treated him rusty as the takes me percentage Carson. Guys are good and the reason I can. Don't forget they have an insert based sources here. All death tanks like I don't know that she's so what's his name the third base coach yet. The reds are. There that whatever Schwarzenegger you what's the name of who knows me well I know B despite what you don't think you have to say it like what's his name what do you mean what's the third base coach whose name. The Red Sox yes but it's my pets in the why do you know. Now all of us and I I support you know what I mean I shot I certainly a great actress went to him. We will be Wendell I don't think is on wall witness. Is not let me just say. I think Wendell Kim was awesome I window of when the don't like you know legal side brought out its spring Halard expects that support. It than Lou gumption. Other couple lines open right now this is the new Kirk retaliation would truly different passionate about the right things for defending the city against charges of racism are battling with writers who go after roster that teaser on I mean Don Henley said those days are gone forever said yes. You know I got no problems now I am not interested in being good. Or getting ratings you know. College might show my sports show and leave at 10 o'clock and be I wanna sleep and people like to show it like to hear from you guys what about all the pretty. Has so far understand why did like the choke point character and characters dog tapers off. This is the way it goes. This story about which musical sorties as well here's how it short and he's going to it's so Mike Campbell the heart breakers yet this is guitar. He gave it to pay. And paste it into a tunnel like it's taken out somewhere else it's fine. Brought it done and done and the boys of summer the first time -- heard the song that's from brokers had smashed his hand against the wall and smashed his entire right. You heard the subsequent tickets. At submitted to a great song it's a greats of the best song. Post Eagles on my. Well there's no question enterprise of a sexy girl. And in the light of what's among those blues smugglers I hate smoke plumes of complete. You know ways we criticize that mutton and that's relation ship Miami. Miami Vice and show off critics who show everybody hasn't put an alligator on their boat July's two lines are filled with people like dual core values that went over that people have to understand. Look here's the deal got let go into Google and fork it. The show is not going to do it right. It's not gonna get good ratings. But we're not going to be trouble that's and he seems like a great length and sickened more six point 777 everybody around here is going to be happy. We're gonna have better candy at the front desk yes. You know we're gonna have like muffin Tuesday. Likely going to be muffins in the conference room sure you know what I do you know what. I bet you this summer the boss of take every when it can't be like the great. Given that it filed YouTube remote awesome because you're very movement before I am nine. That's surprising way in I see guys we'll get his well that's Mitchell. Josh would Fall River high you know and Mike in Pembroke Aaron in Bedford we Seattle one on line as well again Mitch on the North Shore PP. Josh is in Fall River lovely area mics in Pembroke boy about to be there in Aaronson Bedford which is spelt incorrectly but nobody over 617779. 7937. This is an important challenge of its odd picture. I've talked to be successful show we're gonna do with the way we wanted to which is really really really really boring NC which like which takes guts. I think it takes out the secret and it's you know we're we we. We dared to walk with the masses are mostly walking alone above everybody is taking the chances of getting in trouble and needs at least usually we need to be. Down within one for over right back.