K&C - Kirk is not flying with Ordway; Tim Hasselbeck on ESPN's feelings towards the Patriots 1-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 2: Ken thinks that Gerry betrayed Kirk and Hasselbeck gave his thoughts on the Pats win. 


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Kurt. Jack read the middle like a missile wall plus some hit their defense will be really good look at that black this can be a little bit different. I've been your factor here I'm off the companies they want here is all mock me yeah. I'm just gone off Tom Coughlin. Kurt committee ahead I have heard a couple people that Brady he gets pitches on him. Linehan had that exact same reported about 6:20 this morning he had referred us that's super confident he never mentioned again. Brian Liddy hearing about Brady and his thumb put out there. From mini holidays don't exactly that's when I ask what we don't what insight to seek out for eight notebook and get say the football well well. And it sounds tired in this area bothered me me pretty good game so. In the fall that a great job he's talked almost. A talk about open heart surgery it's. There's a million present method of Tiger Woods that I go to C game turned back check. Full off of cliffs. I'm playing Super Bowl. Number I. It's Sports Radio WEEI. It's hour two Super Bowl preview week before the second suitable for even weaker in your sports review W. EI over new England and all across America yet streaming application that was missing trio. Tim Hasselbeck who joined as part of our quarterback how our year again from the go. That a goats on your no let's go to horse to those goats. I'm with Sloan School when I Chris McKee goats and you say to the business like about they the car. When that it would realize they talk regularly able goat Sam and Mack Brown moves on Wednesday today's belief. They've rendered Tom Brady usually Tom Brady you'll join us. For which it's at 830. International baca and quarterbacks who play the commodity suitable. That's true or some a little yes that could point out that the jazz were to do more polyps now that is are we can program. Hold the show is sold bag and a mom Obama must and Johnson guys they stink it's time I'm gonna say it right now it it is is I was texting can this week and he agreed. It is time and the way through an agreed with you. It really likes mustard is conflicted right. While there is sol we like re very current or did you read or trail season. Okay yeah knowing it's a good show little Roemer who. Or karma bit well that was because again in the Guerrero everywhere on the weekend for showing brings it to people who want to bring I'd buy look Raymer. Mustered just house of the first hour like alike must they don't and they repay passion to not they pay attention to nothing during the course of doing nothing about Brady. I take it on to shots of its army. A Ronald CB noticeable since I'm not 84 McCain won't take a shot an assortment of BR right. It is a play interests is a plagiarized an easy even pretends like. He thinks she's like he thinks she's it was on the raiders likely be toxic stuff like he's on the raiders. Got to get that isn't it talks like his big raiders got that big these are these is here and so. Many. When you know your sources who's the first person report the breakthrough got a glove for you being. City but I'm would you like I'm Ron George for a story I was Edmondson Jones school in fifth grade read the global guys to smoke marijuana which was from 35 years. Not these broken one too since then suggest I don't remember. Right number it's something he's immediately. Stolen stores it broke and that's what I expressed. I feel bad that. You and I didn't make a bigger deal I was modeling. And the rich rich is right to criticize him I don't problem which course of my apple added for us as super confident he never mentioned again. Did mention it again which it got to get out of bed rich news and here here's the point zero is when you break a story in your competitive and rates again like you should probably just you know we're trying to help you missed. I don't want to admit I'm done doing that the program director Don pertaining. Like the afternoon guys and being mr. nice guy. That's over I tell you people don't listen to after. I am gonna continue to listen to politics and you define a mood to us from Austin Johnson even know Michael doesn't listen to them he knows you know listen he tweets. About the shows he's listening to what is a divot with KJ the other conference he tweets about the competition so does that on the deuce and what's that saying. Don't listen to dale hall and keep if you like cartman hand. You don't listen to the afternoon shall understand what did you do to if you. You're buying me. That's all it's the what you listened to in the suggestions. This the nineties it was that it's a much better than dale Keith Lewis DuPont was this something ready. Mauritania Eumig copy that we can run on for four hours. Just that's more detaining. I didn't want some else's last lesson knowing that these on the or four hours now that's worse. I think he I. NBC what else I think is going to be tough in Minnesota going to be happy with those guys fly with those in his own right and I needed yes yup they're going to be there no yeah it's my lines. Planning around my plan and they can't come on the plane. We don't. What they're flying with you. On. Delta. My fight is before the program begins. So what now go out there when I'm between a layover as I'll be there abide by a vote. Etc. 38 o'clock that's true and you'll be probably you know sharing. Cab with them and we went and Ritchie chief will be hang in there whether in Dallas that fight to be delayed the ones possibly picking us up and now Toledo so will be an issue yes and is her new look wimpy kid movie you know you're in a -- to check it out off my god you know in this four runs and whose brother in this movie. Here it is it's it's unbelievable cure exhibits. It and Harry is now to bring Harry with these watch wrestling. So we don't I am not I am not I am not going you can't make eagle point you can do you know. I think it's it's too bad it's too bad you're so I pay my micro so vindictive and how big objective not calling on the plane how exactly victim because you hate Clinton so much can't be in the same airplane or don't have to talk all my door you don't have to interact to you don't have them. And share cab you could just sit in the back he can sit in the front and that's it no go near you to think your your terrible latter telling new stories and listening. So we'll tell you why you're not good listening. As we talked with this ad nauseam on Friday. Top of the eight. It's sequence stab me in the back. And per usual displays what they do instead. Is a reward some action. So I'm not going to be complicit I am not good to be part of okay. And I would ask you again I have the plane has twelve seats we have free people. What were we supposed to aren't the big issue that I'm stuck going on that front actually had a little sock puppets is said it was disloyal. Disloyal. OK again I'll ask if you have seeds has never won three of us has never wants usage overweight and publicly stabbed her in the back it's gonna (%expletive) them off oh yes exactly when I said are you exactly and another way implicate. Let's not let's keep them off the plane it was okay well. You know what if the choice was Glenn Christian and Lou war. Or dale hall and he I thought it was a no brainer I didn't think it wannabe we call me before the break that the only key from the plane would be. As have won except the holy keep on the plane you know what he tells me yes VV tells me I'm putting them on by the way. That image of the week after the that show does that really like. I mean it's going to be an issue going to be an issue we have a couple extra seats. I'm hopefully get people on the plane I Mena if Roemer right Cramer review your insurance degrade. And plenty of people had to be you know deflect all the Alex understands that's the league identity is always understand if he gets on that plane. He's making a statement against me. I will affect him I mean future looks okay well you know the companies not gonna pay for flight for him more parity haven't been I don't. Note that a competitive play for him and you know you're costing the company real money flying commercial one way flight to Minneapolis as it is in the debit Ahmanson. 200 bucks that's way too much you know this place work what did you get used to carry disease Schulte. Noted as a five that would never ever ever happen because that's that's the way Jerry ultimately is about himself. Ultimately out so you think I should give a blessing plywood you know none of that would do that for you and it seems English of course I would I think I would go play but unfortunately when I guess if your teachers if I thought yes if you would say the same thing to me just call on the plants that would mean I would go capitalism is those cash dividend the star of the show the right more prominently played bring anything and hopefully you'll fund its luxury it's conveniences conference to behalf of those key those wacky guys who could not going to be like last time only drink and no will be sure when those guys address six. It's I don't think so. Ethics just pocket their business trips to the patriots to Jerry in the mid it seems they have an iron this war hate them and Jerry zoos that they're joke around the plant them. And I would call that very telling. Very telling disloyal I would say get over I would say is I'm disappointed injures others have said I understand where they're coming up. Okay dad Wilson this Kirk you can make it uncomfortable for all those guys are all playing well that's true I'm Jessica does not comfortable for them and you know we're going. Who agree should it care. I I don't I don't I don't want to reward for that the company is elected here that's took not rewarding glam our house. They are back they're filling seats on the plane. We have this wonderful ripped tracks aircraft and that it's way too big for three people. So someone assessed ago would you like this to break. A column on whoever does matter on its with a like well if if who would you listen. Or shot. Yes studied yes I'm unlike you mr. perfect yet wanna bring. Have that's a good idea yes I think it's a good idea which aerial view this island and go yeah that's a good idea ever will be added and then they're going on Monday which is a week before six days before the game. And spent at least hapless. Every day we'll sit there watch just to show go to lunch go to dinner by three of the hotel but that's fine they're doing journalism Jerry monitors Leland camp that's fine no big deal. I NORAD now going forward no problems are different but do we do we have in flight in from and a hotel information I have nothing. I'm out to you gotta get that we need to know now and hotel by the into the sour one hotel booked. Want to be the media hotel I want to be able to never go outside deal I don't anymore bring a coat for 22 in the morning. We're schlep in the over there single digit temperatures today for us Phillies I saw the forecast a big storm on Monday that money be filed. Really yeah. You know what our jet goes above the surface of foods not the greatest you you reeled as a shelter forget fifty times numbering defend Mary has a brick of families. But it's just because that's what I'm am. I am I'm coming around. Really want to Minnesota when I like the idea of the home team plan like the case skiing and story like. That Zimmer story to seem like a likable team and I was well and hard for them they got their asses handed to them by Philly a come around on this because. Here's why I think patriots fans are taken such pleasure in this run in this dynasty. It's again not watching their team win so much is knowing how much it hurts. There it is for new Englander at heart if you're a Bostonians are you take great pleasure. In knowing this is a nightmare literally schism back in the post is a nightmare suitable for New York fans. Everyone and he is Pia in Bristol they get the you know there weren't black arm bands that barely covering the windows they are mourning in Bristol they wanted desperately. Steve Brady going down and play and he's not gonna win again. Next element does know what to say to mill hill Michael Smith these people. Hate hate hate the patriots did spin which is an elected the left wing in elect MSNBC. Of sports right. There already got what is their headline on the peace. The patriots about a super organ or metal bar and try and they'll block for and other writing about how the patriots are trumps team. And on god knows Chris Long is is not Crist wants social justice warrior. One of the human being a great hates trump. And and and problem nothing to do is normal for the last above what some gusty did you not feel so removed from pictures suitable it's not as different action this year feel so removed from. There's nothing he's one of the ghosts will be shows you don't want him with Bob Kraft while Kraft review no way he might no way he's though there's still phrase no chance are still friends he bought even Barca from president invites opposite them only about no one could find out he would no one would know that seems again out pretty easily that was somewhere mustache well he came present united he's changed to fox throwing the luncheon Applebee's and Belichick and nobody found out chipset workers sham. We did. Prompt trump had lunch with. Why. It was a joke idea that interest you you step up this we have hybrid of this for two which you can. Friendship loyalty Donald got to laugh at a joke on the plane had a crack at it. Now and it. There will be at these excuse of a bad tribe stories but it the issue is leading up the Super Bowl and against most of them if not all of them will revolve around Philadelphia Eagles patriots know how to do this yes they know how to do this in on him saying nothing and and you don't make it all about. No doubt football and and not. Wander off the reservation literally manhandled Eagles got to see stupid thing yes that's inevitable no question. OK I was confused. Well Jim Ramsey had a big stupid interference. Just like the other corner believable that big huge interference calls. Edwards called dumb no brainer and it's obvious but he I don't think they complete capacity does graft and I think he I think he handed them. 36 yards to whatever was on that play. I like Omaha like this issue on the console skip skip the lineups haven't we can make this happen who's gonna fly we Jerry usable we give the fans are potentially. A unique opportunity if you wanna do 6177797923. Several hundred your case why he won the fight Gerry Callahan. Christian Fauria Lou Maloney rad or way. And outs revert to the suitable looking forward to this good couple lines open right up your dedicated fan the curtain challenge of this is your opportunity I would Gerry Callahan. This picture. No preference refuge yes it is yes it is but our first direct you to be happy to put that short and right or maybe be somewhat cute chick. That's meego be captain who is much staying here bringing a listener on the play clock but yes also that. But that Casey Smith she's must be going so global each in a car and drive within. Said tang was on the real favorite chicken feet on August yeah gonna have to hear that's going on there it's going really well but the board departed I know as a failure last year on the but the gonna go to the universe Wisconsin and see which games why he went to school and you talked attorneys apparently also. Critical Harry McCarthy and Jerry Harris suffered obviously there was some turn his parents when she moved the. Stock I. I. Live this it's talked to Matt Gloucester was a man. I'd like to go on the trip to minute are sure I'm licensed psychiatrist and I'll be upbeat as there is flying flying all thirty. Oh you're not going well. And we roomed together at all here as throughout the week are talking down not give up the legend that. Your honor fault your lights are you actually licensed therapists are now. Yeah we're what do you think that's what it does not practice today I like you are my life is you know what listen well shut up for second. What on how would you what is my problem what does he was a rude of my anger mine and mine and side. Oh well you have you have issues like every girl I dated in high school daddy issues right and that little Ray Whitney but you have them as well but daddy issues. So it's a different track ever go to welcome your dad and figure it really see why they're so cry well adjusted to use it again lightning. Maybe didn't vanity. If you say. The minds are right Matt's name and I like him at Augusta is a guy does that listen the apps like at the don't put him next Jerry Kyle listen westerly Rhode Island high Kyl are you 12 guy about tout what second who's the person you like that you know. Would you would you would beast on the fly with on the plane flight three or four hours next. Least. Person times in your life feel like on I define what that guy. And I think about that for sure yes in my life like friends anybody really to deal body. Iceland's or dash mountains and and the border that would be one right there for it certainly we're gonna talk to the moment. Right now elder what's up Kyle. A like he go over the military and the shutdown got out of work well got a lot of time money. That's not it's not really shut down it's a vacation you know that it's in an Italian to give you bad day you it's a vacation I saw the congress people aren't happy that bill towels on their down there Jim. The whole world. The whole world can't be easy. And I write his name now like you me the chance that the military guys on the list bigger Jerry ham is in the car hi Pam. A no no you were you by the time we talked to the guys. What I wanna talk about. I. I yeah. I can talk on the phone back who have gone and Pam hang on him to get back to guide. Suzanne what's the flight instructor. Suzanne is in grand behind Susanna. I know I'm good dude. It eat hot during a I didn't do all of you call me back outside. Terrible terrible furniture to take it. We're going on Monday six days before and it's a long way on time he spent the day and in Minneapolis Susan of the week in Minneapolis is and that we can make that happen charger and Jerry's interest. And yes it. Could you send pictures we need we need photographs. You need are part of the contest yeah. I grant that will raise the tollbooth. WT I okay. And a lot of bad. Bags and bags and what about that. Steve and sterling as these. A morning Eric hey Steve what's up. Eight I had heard your gonna wanna why are virtually Jerry's I'm. I watched virtually Darby out in my yard motor coach. It doesn't sound awful anyway I think the whole way there. Oh yeah that's something a lot of phone what's a motor coach are more like him isn't it imagine cruise within the Gwinnett baron on the advances that have. Always got. There are straight why would you want to do that what would you wanna drive Kirk or anybody to Minnesota. Go to game. Locker when they're going to give. You flies back address back on Friday. We can say anything about tickets of the game did we beat the planet privately and you get beat that. It's the evil but I do these ideas at all. Listeners you guys have been great and I love you. Jerry I think if we picked the right lesser Jerry will deaconess pockets I was happy to do that by ticket for I think now offshore there everywhere elder ominous those outside the view easier. Idea the difference. You mentioned sitting among those. Animals in the as the Eagles fans or you have weighed on our but the Eagles can you haven't been around them twice this week what are seed this we'll see you wanna wait don't watch amino Salomon medicine probable for Ron -- general back Tyrone you're gonna see them my life this week our life is gonna be in the mall the entire week you see that in that mall probably well Joseph was in New Hampshire shows that all you know take your. Out. What are the odds that a band of crazed drunken eagle fans like rich that he GO ball just a bit more about sterling and a mother was as she with a chill when you watch. That's my prediction. Mayhem. I still wanna know where the mine's injury for. I saw this video there rooting dissipate they have to everyone else as Trump's team write a song is video someone drove a dune buggy a T I just saw her status yes. Pose enough cops everywhere has sickened after wrestles a little weird town a dune buggy up the steps it like midnight. There's all kinds of video of people right on top of cars and or climb poles hanging out of windows it's urged madness that's the way it's going to be in Minnesota when these lunatics get there. Art six once have its have got off to good start with her yeah. But the lucky listeners gonna fly now let me and other hurt you beat the flight sit next to Gerry Callahan and ask him anything you want. Boston sports scene. Politics it's mighty anything it's anything for 61777790%. Of any good headlines. I Soriano Howard Stern's cats yes solid most excellent I definitely that story and more headlines next. The quarterback power hour get ready. Hike. Ask tobacco drug is that redoubt in 751. Brady's future. I believe that's when the play's going in the right place at war when the defense is lined up on his right by Lyndon. Be left with you should know that was put the strength. Electorally it's you know that you buy soda can see all these lines are. Flyers lose their six. Flying private is any real treat most people would relish the opportunity most people wouldn't care. If if Hitler were on the you'll respect at all and respect that'll slots you guys me and you know do some show perjury spectacular. Show for which country. When talk about the show the Eagles trivia on the way there yeah true. Well Eagles fly and the band. You know what. I thought it was time to think of celebrity's this someone said this is going to be like. Bradley Cooper verses mark all were this to some global yes but it can't be as Meyer Wilbur played since the poly. Who'll miss eagle he's an eagle that's true and PowerPoint what's keeping him and to your point out right back with headlines to your calls well Hasselbeck in radio join us in the next hour. Each time once again floor. Headlines enjoy it when I'm painting to see the cat sort of voting announced they ever paint the cats. A lot of am I doing a whole series of low landscapes intensely. I'm allowed to say he's got this I actually kind of found that recently I'm doing when Nelson he went on the on what I'm doing taxes. A meeting at. The I. I don't wanna show it to you but yeah I have a real passion Perot this and I think my wife for the U. You're my hero you know. People I don't know you know that you took the stand. Should somebody cares about my. Then you cared so much countries lord humorous something else it's time for Kurt and Callahan is. It's a breaks my heart. Home he blew. Here's house that you that illness in this saddest thing and cooling of overburden. We him consents fold on headlines here in the race that lucky by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew the press the 1800 get here the hair doctor. The Porter 1800 day today and I'm sorry the once great Howard Stern had Jane Fonda in studio and tearfully told her that she's. His hero. Because when she went and comported with the Vietcong. And war their helmet headset on their anti aircraft gun rights and gun used to kill Americans which he took. A note from an American Prisoner of War. And handed over to the north Vietnamese. He said she cared about him to get real soldiers real heroes POWs tortured and perhaps killed the she should have been tried for treason and XEQ but she's his hero only take you guys in the field but that is the lowest point proud of him as we played a lot of low points from this empty shell of America's going on what I was psychologically and nobody's first so Bazardo beaver writes about them believer pox about it. And we know what this woman he's changed life. Chase him to please Marcy Urquhart hock whatever name is. Service and us weekly this wife Beth. Talking about is life like posturing paths. It's fifteen cats as host of the time in the paints them. He actually painted the kind of think it was funny. Though it paints portraits of kitty cats happen. I don't know if this too I guess he wanted to be. Accepted in the circles on the Hamptons again you know in Hollywood he wanted to be friends with the beautiful people they go through the Catholic individually at their names and all this stuff it's you know. It's it's unbelievable. Unbelievable. And I would keep playing catching on its brutal it's it's so the ball 200 years also said. Occur there daily chores expect it justify beatings. Reid and house of germs and changing litter boxes yesterday. What's miserable off. Awful and I can't state they mean I don't like dogs I like dogs I understand what people like dogs cats are useless. Michael animals you do you want to catch two of Apple's. I saw or woman a girl that was 200 pounds walking a massive that the where. Put him can be. And was almost a must wait 75 pounds and that can. That he's gonna break free of any moment and kill a child. It's a trip into beach it was next attempt to families gives us warm low was literally walk on the beach yeah it's great to play one on peoples can we do that. It's I would think it's evil people as close as close this season. That the casino actual casino I don't know if costs there's. No not that casinos always on the island with like candle oh I'm sure models that no slot machines that cards you play now. Went on and don't have any interest. And having vices. Now. I think human milk beer. Often I have enough place I don't need to start gamble a sag awards last thing the screen actor will I missed the hustle around a little bit seeking missile I missed these because those what's in that riveting Eagles like there was no big. Let's admit there's no big speak nobleman right now I I'm pretty sure this is just one again Kyra my guys throwing brown what's the word he said last finally gave his last appreciate appreciate you get when again last night and I three billboards in Missouri won I won that one phrase it's over one and a stronger one nothing again nominee for. That's excruciating for who I am a wouldn't appreciate it over ever and being a the whole the whole point that you really and that's the whole point. Now you can watch it I don't want to have to have a new tool shall we watch we mock. You want to assure which especially to watch that I think about it X I'll think about it. But there's nobody does dictate where James Franco wives that was a big deal knuckle down. Knuckle in the red carpet what's his face in the seasons are you. Did not go and that was a little this crazy controversy personal. Everybody's on his side though he he he made through unscathed the metropolis and use pedals kinky guys who who likes to stick his fingers and girls models that Kevin not like Alley. Thank you like to view it caught. The claw. Like you spread of her cheeks of the game none of the union but this year and then. It doesn't do much for me this is just one outstanding performance by an ensemble. I'm somberness. Like it is and appreciate unsolved but you know what sag or for fewest at Zale talk about like how much. It's like let's face it idiot who won last year for a offenses Viola Davis. Membership urge jobs the only job in the world what was it that still procedurally change you change things or whatever that's all these they talk about how important there's actors. Artists and how it's needed time because we are the only your profession. That celebrates what it needs a little. Assured us the most pretentious. Just it's just the hall is a dream world in the Bible. Opinion. Puts more whose anger that was last year violent Viola Davis to live a life with that. Species who meets a little while ago a fire manners matter. Stockholder her saucer like a surgeon and people call me. Old time what kind of stories. Do you want it televised final timeout time all the time so people say you were all the time all the time means when the daily. Millions times millions. Viola what kind of stories you want hell. I know parents and being appreciated for who I'm. Stated. Is good the show always was handled it thus character he has with his story. Well he is sort of the Taipei these errors toys wellness guide and he sort of the walk for these big sister and the actor brother he's one that brings them altogether most recently. He and his daughters and seat of a car behind where his brother. When drunk driving with them he sort of had a fixable situation and meaning rehab listener. As a broad area. My his nephew's. Aunts right. Month as other leadership that this is on such acts. I tried I watched a couple of times it was awful you know it's real life can watch and here's why if this thing between your legs. All the penis all right but you necessary manned you can watch that you're the only men watcher are. Chris Curtis and Howard Stern that's it right like you if if your wife died tomorrow to watch that show. I'll probably write it. If you he would know how to handle the clicker she handles that well every night either I get it trickle of the plane. That's an iron if crush you re talking on a big party and certainly ranks on the point. One you come on play have a couple Olympic record to an adult you yeah. A pretzel and and warm beer will be happy that you're actually did you actually buy you one way or taken off of the the ticket was purchased for me yes. Yes yeah and you might drive some fake drama on this I I don't think you can argue all accurate and you know me well that's on my doings unity why. You could go on the town near you working in Illinois that's my living. Stabbed in the back and I too quick Fuhrman conviction was thought it was up to me he quit it was up to our tough guy fired. He's not going to be fire fight that needed doing wrong is he did do some Enron don't don't collection. Don't do not do that don't leave it let's follow can't leave you lad right. You know exactly. Why oh why would one believe that mortgage and troubles that Britain. Who blew out mile talks sports anymore. Would be able to have Tim Hasselbeck nomination Gerry Callahan. We will be able to listen to you know. What what who's on the afternoons now all their every afternoon got a book is the volume busted for sexual harassment may have a negative tone there is still Michael Irvin. I had differences that's right there on time. That the thing and it's that we send him gimmick urgent enough not to listen to that show that's headlines brought you by doctor Richard. What what are you ask don't listen to the after they don't list no I wanna listen via an I told that all in the air signals to us he went on the air and said he was listening to the competition since it's that's. Unforgivable that's after the boss. Nothing happened but the deals your friend that was not. No he's not who you're with us your illusion I used to these non anymore. Headlines brought you by doctor Robert doctors doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew the prestige. At 1800. Get here we've Greg secretary estimate is that right Yasser it's an estimate is. Low shot that's comfortable as they. There isn't about what's important steps up throws it right. Right side. Great putt by Gil Morgan essentially closed. They ran obviously loose the run close of the game. Our conversation Tim Hasselbeck is brought to you by New England found the drugs that we can he joins us right now what's going on him. Where. We're big takeaways from the game two or three takeaways that stood out. I'm. You know I thought that unity adjustment that. You know kind of New England bit in terms of how they call their passing game. You know help them protection wise vote until the beginning of the game are community gave the protection could be an issue especially inside. Enough of them you know between you know this kind of prepared for action wherever he goes back out in the passing game. You know helped them which I think in terms you know help Brady and then. Well you know with interest and our guests you know you're display that sounded you're right about the play Gillmor makes me and that. Pretty tough. Route to cover when there is this symbol on main covered and looked cover warm. Man coverage with a guy running deep crossing route. Mean that's you know that's one of those plays where you can have a lesser receiver gets really your corners it opened just by the nature crowd Parker just. Treat somebody across the field in the land of football. You want in a terrible for a while portals also you know that place you know like Gilmore crew Republicans started off season much worse than it did. You know Kyra this is our executive pretty good example of the patriots have always been you know things got you can get things figured out that at some point this season. To be playing better later in the year. They. Tim the in the first have played borrows had a terrific have to make any mistakes too jaguars were looking pretty good but they get the ball. On their 25 yard line with 55 seconds left to get two timeouts and they take a neat. Does that matter forget the fact is lack of scores. And when you in the locker room and the guys stand. A we turtle in here a week of playing scared. It depends what the maker of Putin. Look at thirteen news is clearly where are their defense so I don't think you know that situation. You know would would become the map while other guys I. Where I thought it changed a little bit. It will lose you know there's about eight and a half minutes left in the game. And other than all of them simply that they were your whole block you know couples soccer gear like at that point. You know. To me I think when you're in that situation. You get the sense that. You know witty they have made a lot of pictures you're hoping that the clock move just out the possibly can't. You know there's a reason they call for me and offer you know they don't already have Manuel sat in the form at all but when you're trying to run out the clock and so. You know I think they have a position. Eight and a half men you know just inside six left open whether you you know roughly around where those. Possessions. Or did they are real concern. Or. Or what what one will more teams learned that that doesn't. All the way through mobile teams learn I guess particularly its patriots that's not gonna work. Yeah I mean you're playing not to lose and it just doesn't that doesn't work so we've seen teams that we suddenly had to do we sent Seattle do we saw. Jacksonville yesterday doesn't work. Yeah our look at IV I agree with you I understand the reasons you didn't reduce certainly looked. And where oh where pet should try to just trust our best unit in hands. What we're trying to filter that you don't win you know pictures don't have crawl in terms. Look I think their heart goes you know if Brady's gonna get an arbitrary. Praise and should. But you know I think. In Iraq that is before in the post season and I think that people need to get Josh McDaniels credit he deserves. For her some of the creativity and the risks that he picked in the post season games we're in quite sharply in Africa have been playing great. I mean he goes in the double pastor told the police flickered up Brady makes it currently Flickr but. Truthfully I liked. It it takes a strong commitment to make those calls in that situation. But also not easy call to make for your options coordinator especially. Which you head out you know in the greatest quarterback of all time you know in the game to be thrown passes. You have other guy to throw the football in some way. Mean that's not something that's easy to do and you know I think in both cases not secure the ball ball on the warm and both chasers and it was kind of a jumpstart that also. Do you did you watch the game meant ESPN. Alomar did not you know is could boomerang and checkered and doing and so prime time. Let Nancy. So you know I'm heading out to do any of these shows. I assume that room have like black bunting on the slopes studios the public black arm bands is very tragic. Day for ESPN is because they are really. Really want to pay to see good out of claims. It looked like. You. I think it was you correctly you. They've tweaked something about you know kind of I. Maybe that. I know they're the history and stuff but we're live via yen in new guys but I say that and I'm certainly not you know. Bombed that where we're talking about the patriot to battle. You know what Jacksonville doing my brother works is company. Same thing Bershard he picked New England when the game. Yeah I'll take. It's. Come across as anti patriot whatsoever but I don't I think they're like it very. Is very national feeling much like you know people probably felt about the Yankees at some point middle I would have a hole. I'm astonished I was very question I was okay pretend that it is the most hated team and US sports history can't think of a team were. Consistently or more people rooting against them and it's gone on for a long long time and I mean I I realize you wouldn't and you brother mean obviously your father played for the team but. What about Ryan Clark what about you know Mexico element or about Janelle hail what about the whole crew one I'd around the horn I mean they want this team to go way. I mean I don't I think there are some people. Again like. That they don't like the Yankees they're in the light pole let it like. I think there are some stringer there and then the announcer those people there. You know maybe. You know working in the B industries. You know they were can't look somewhere I'll quickly you pick Ryan Clark is Ryan Clark wanted to beat. You come across as pro patriot. Tedy Bruschi like the old cards but liked. But don't you think has come across there. Is I think I think I think I mean you're mining it's it's only he's he's almost sold Pope pro patriots in any egos of the games are worth the shorts I think it's embarrassing myself yet. I I the differences I got like this are sort of widespread belief that people used to get together and say. What's from the pages on that's the case to me it's more of I think people. It ESPN really hate trump in they really think Boston's racist city so there are people there who continued bang that narrowed down what the deal with the next two weeks that's I think. Yeah look and in Lipton and then and that's. Look I'm not a lot of pins shows that stroke comes you know the best thing about that in the past. You got the that if you wouldn't doubt that in the past. And look I'm not I. I do to me about part of any of that what I guess I'm just talk from a football perspective. I get which is saying about their particular. There are some people that elected him you know to pick it down all the other stuff the popular trend. You know it took about fifty I got the third. I'm not a part of that I mean you know and you know what I would certainly put back in their art whatever arms you know those couldn't show where however what I do. Yeah Apple's next week. On I'm but I will be in studio. You'll want Google will immediately after troop altered. You know kind of operation time. You know when I think you're going to start showing video game to a lot of close games so. You know that'll be there for. Full instructional video. I don't touch you next week and sounds good thanks Tim. Ice sheet and to Maceda joins every week during his prediction we'll do next week okay between 39 weeks of this you know. You know I do wish orient the good arms the workarounds who do the math I don't know a rhythm I'm all the time. Thanks very personable time. I think it's gonna be the first book on overtime of it would be if it goes overtime and is tied into volatile almost a year after the attack. It's no in the pokey plan. Makes. Region tree with Chris Long LB nice leader in blunt. Could they. JA JG did you figure this after the break I'm working out and I read back.