K&C - Kirk can't believe it took Gerry so long to take phone calls; Headlines with Curtis 2-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 2: Kirk somehow mastered the phone screener in 5 minutes and Curtis took over headlines.  


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee. And Gerry Callahan. And Sports Radio WEEI. I've food WU. Management. I'm not being able to see what's on. I'm. Being passer created I don't miss my balls. I never think about them in when I'm sleep being. I'm nerve the fact been that he had to be is it makes me so happy. You know what's amazing songs yeah if your voice has checked previous because million Knutson. Oh your voice is the snake you that's about. That actually happens like is that no one like that would have been no one ever protests was likely they were from offering your voice changes to go Ireland you'll be so mean to be part become depressed right but it that's happening is that Apollo pressed. You know at the present at all you know ball. It's funny it's fun site and I know you've made on the trail off the back of the depression not a clambered on that. When I mean I am never made fun of people with depression you know that. Never I've never made for the they're great fun and you know who has depression their lives now because now my dad always required of me in my arm and all oak oak quirky it's part of the show. Oh that's part of the movies as they did I am probably that was saying is that that the direction did do that I see it that close on the show in it and it was about addiction it was in a depression ball but once tied the gala I'd never took about depression never viewed as suffer from UC like right after you were born to a guy he's behind. From my entire life he just looked and we got on which McCullough they might however was right that's what I usually say he was evil what was the which would saying no you said at a number of more noticeable. And now I don't know whom don't know and you know hey you know what pro life was also knew it was grave. Well. I think the day he was buried. It's weird psychologically I don't think it's weird I know I don't but it doesn't mean it's not just because you don't it's weird if he doesn't you don't think it's where it doesn't its we. I think if you think it's reviewed in condition exercise. Here Riordan of separate living on the edge them. Society that was in Sudbury. Hey listen you're going to see you're the one it doesn't believe in Jesus true right I don't think you don't believe in the afterlife so my dad's not there I mean that's what we buried his court so that's why he's not a meaningful. You know it's meaningful. Is the American flag that we received when he was scary because he served more to sits in my office. That's meaningful. God. Glass America and I'm unsettled Callahan and I like that you know that's meaningful one of the grave doesn't. You know why I have bad memories of going to degrade his in my childhood because we as a mow the lawn. Group of the cemetery aged teacher was more everybody's on you mode gym teachers on the sound I was at school notices secretary. I don't five or six days a week by. Really you yeah. There was upright my way home it's what's convenient I have to go to Augusta Maine could still go you're right you have a lot of waves at the C. I'm Madonna are harper was there would bury him shoot a one okay that's I mean they're bad. They have nine and they probably won't yeah I guess that's. OK you know what to expect when we re very agree to disagree no problem that that's a reason to get. Argue you have my way I have you know much I don't highway you have your really Wilson a 300% even though it was really. Smart I would never really Smart guy. You're really really smuggled out of state is a Dottie downstairs the lovely woman yes and cafeteria. I sent. I see something about you whatever and a synthetic corks just from the substance she's you know these are real sweet. It's a sort of come up the year and on and tell people what she wants she's a shy person and but people don't understand that the right kinder gentler Kirkland it. We've seen it. I have now probably. Hungry and the bodies were published on the you know wish I was sugar which is not your endorsement. What I wanna go here first float markets or to you in OK so two million. We've been told to be camped interest in her entertaining her final placements have been censored so it's a curtain talent show going forward. Couch is going to be boring American of any Fineman and argue with each other we're not gonna we're not gonna do we did. Which is a mistake I agreed occurred talent show up until yesterday. Was a mistake was that you successfully as the highest rated show in America yes was the number 1 rated morning show in America. Guess who wants. Does that matter now does too I wanna finish fourteenth in this ratings book I. So it begins an hour from work you've done pretty well this book so far Munich re gonna start really tank it I mean climbing down is gonna take some effort. That's OK let people be classy and as us is we passed on the way to bond because we weren't. So I've been going for the show's instinct. And it's conservatism not fun but that the Pope but we're really proud. Organized group we're gonna feel better we're gonna win when we get fired ninety in my little speech again missing you know what we did that we ones that's right we were classic classic but pat he's an outline what are out there could that's exactly right. Mitch is a PV been very patient I can't thank you enough for your patience. I he planeloads you know I listen for Eric and I loved it though I don't want to put all. Our guy in honorable liquid but to me. Ignored and now. I look at our captain the only her idea that group. Out of image which Mitch what what did you and I apologize for interrupting what did you like about the show. Before. Oh yeah unique our needs at these unique and interesting and challenging their inmates let me ask your question did you find it compelling. Aaron we can't write in and other shows are great we were we were it was our fault they'll only keep they were doing. May we would we are doing Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch kept telling us a bad word off. Well that's the worst word shall Paris all the interest in propelling great radio. This is a humiliated they did. Mike to Pembroke as a thought Mike good morning. Well I'm very very excited about this new approach on you have upon it you are. Are how can you not possibly bring appeal time be looking at saint Peter's encourage. What pictures and I just reporting as well it's hard fact is you have got the park on. It's just totally nickel. Mike let me say this when I get wagon the all time baseball game here's my problem personally appreciate and understand the sentiment. I do it's you're Derek seems I get so passionate about so angry about the becomes like an issue adding to dominate to show it sort of I'd lose my focus. What because you never played and because of some passion about the rivalry game itself. Between the two teams if we're so great about it I love to what's in the Maloney try to fitness uniform over the past hatter which fed. How old because he lost the weight width and not only get it wrong with both are great one or there's going to Protestant ones there rob is awesome point five pounds. Really yes shape. I can get a box. Guys you know you're you're not paying attention on one thing about the old time baseball and the prospect that played for Middlesex community college. These. If we're talking about original charges yet believe he would somebody's record can make a difference in camp and you really should be talked about locals. I know as I know use a low for a while only 265 last year b.s more is more of a glove which is a mean. Don't here's what is that is something else it's really been rude had been kicking tires about this lately have been kicking the dog by the home office. What ever happened to the Concepcion owns the bullet enters okay the puck Judy hitters but great fielders it's an offensive game on the album but you do glove. To me 01 nothing. Were a couple of guys are too sparkling plays with a glove this can stay home from Alec and nice glove. Again the scales the aussies the bullet enters. We condone it was a guy and the Mets. Rate you know and Moe Larry and Otis yeah those guys well I also think to Greg nettles the third base I kicked it is that they're this well let's talk. You know dusty had a great career but George had a fantastic Greg guy. Right wing guy good guy. What do the all time great irony that you just east is so fiery to slows the game but you know it's I hate I hate to say don't please Obey anatomy but is coming to an end. I mean did they have to start look at elsewhere for a second basically maybe it's this kid he's talking about. Myself I thought I I'd gag order Rosie able to bring it up a good idea that what that that that that party brain thinks like that dues go. Go get removed. Go get it removed with your own dad did in the fifties and try to remove his homosexuality. Can be what's that place into the electric shocks. You should do that with that but that angry Pedroia thought we'd ever see your brain does that. Because that's a great assets in its way we have out ports you said privately to me yet battles with. Teddy in the military don't realize how we don't talk about that occurred. Right acts these who's in new and improved particulars. But we had a gentleman on the show for awhile who is homosexual and the worry is that your partner's saliva EU at a game in a bit of capital and what Powell thanks Mike for the cause of what that's that's that I really do appreciated boy this phone call applications tricky and how Jersey handle this this is quite. Hurt in the past I will see her neck. Quite as entertaining as areas on the phone cuts should go to start to you get it's you get it's I got to press a button you get you gonna start like actively VO man that couldn't be could be easier. It is is he couldn't do. It got easier into silly at what is Billy online fun and it's right to coach Fabio is the one guy with the job. The one guy you don't want calling 911 is Cali. At that as a sign that when it's time for. A second person of color for the information call 41 it's a hole. The movie plays remover it's looking for the yellow basics. That every other day. Crist in western mass Chris Josh Josh is in Fall River is on line three we have a wide open right now this is the new and far improved her talent show the old show. With me yelling and ranting raving. Jolly callers and making hideous suggestions and getting in trouble that you have regret I feel that victim regret I've had a few yeah you you know gore across the street. Yeah that was that was it can't tell you something I that's still right here. Ortiz thing came to school I feel so Grozny on in the cabin up you know you might actually was great and I IndyCar after school. I why apologize I was wrong and I think personally call the police station that I should still be jail that is a regret. For short answer there actually meet him I going after these callers was regret any two voices of other people training that was me doing trying to voice people that sprint once. The affidavit stating I was Kirkland and Paul and I always say all about doing something well I'm a mother mcsame time. Because it was me the whole time he apparently did nine point oh. Can you for I'd like to let him as a truck would like you that I never again never again be news. Gold perking Callahan is Dade. And the new and improved curtain Callahan has been born again if your music you you've been to the river I had a baptism we need a baptism. This show has been born again. It was born in September of 2016. It died. In February. Of 2000 Kirk Kalish a short life. A memorable one. A loss like everything else though it's time to close its size in the heart stopped. Number one yes. Interesting yes compelling you must listen to every day. That the biggest. Media personnel in the city I think we'll hold without debate you would the most what was what you would the most electrifying personality in the country so I was told you to. Is that now gone yes is it replaced by a show the you're not gonna like the listeners yes will be boring. Yes. We'll be compelling countdown with a B fights none of them we go out he offended would go up for. Is the show going to get terrible ratings yes yes do we care about that. News that new regional will quarters are too like a civil war yes. Which had been right through the likes our new fresh approach yes well I like that. You know what I think Chad read a column about you about what a great father and I hope I finally in last vault as is Jerry. This is the new Kirk and Callahan show which is he a lousy radio program. No laughs no guts no balls will be view is giving Kia. Right down the middle. 82 miles an hour unique chance to knock. Which I IPO it's it's it's your giver and eyesight. Joseph Jerry's in Rhode Island. Jerry what's going. Decorate your car you'll win a you the old man that you know we're gonna have a cat because. We're carrying weight like the racial. I actually won. Today from again suspended again I would like to retract your. They're new they're turmoil punching Judy. A mock her ball among little on the little scared that you are going to look they're gonna get summoned to wolf Philadelphia. Well. Oh on blu. Directors area began. On on weird I do I do apologize that's right yes. I want I want to make sure I try to get frozen like but I didn't pick the about it. I majored in using age sooner and backed. And I can guilders nice set of bomb bomb hole when you get rid of that now now you did you get rid. That's on you that. Why that's that's gonna be your buddy who use it in this remark based on an old that's all that particular time much like dale polish or rich he. Our on time. Did you find the statement and going on out. Here it is odd dale and Holley with Keefe. Is he show that I really like to listen to every single day. It talks sports and they laugh a lot and when they laughed I get the sense 100% to three people really laughing. In its other product of meetings with program directors consultants who tell them it's better radio. Laugh like the pretend to like each other I think authentic is the witness is a show that pays in authenticity. And it's probably the greatest show in America. And I really like we're rich keep just sort of marbles and says the last two words and always had in the previous sentenced to meet its compelling excellent radio. Well the consultants have search view and Jerry. Listen to the afternoon show and correct and it's easy to do so by that nice licenses so I sustain them I can't believe. I'll defer a political back in time to the Delorean but. The parties please. Go back in time it's a you're loosen and is it save and I would say to these. Ordered her to consultants if they did. If we did their ratings you would tell us we have to change when they made our ratings you'd be fine. We're told that one's guess atlas Hewitt talked previous management analysts analysts but it has to go Zachary I missed very. There's. But there's another person that you need to make things right with. That's Mike's all Michael Saul I mean you'd need to make it's funny you mention a call last night he you did we talk not don't talk before hours. And I just that much notes he talked M I'm gonna try and be more like he was now I know. Like when I say about a Vinci whoever when they were on earth at that time Beethoven died Brooke. You'll appreciate genius walks in front of you right to order three years now if you sol we different George that teams if you run you know. 30000. Feet this. Assad told Matt I followed him I think he's edging its. Indeed was unification. Or you mission created and I didn't like not very young and it was he was he was he was musical want to if you gently used his ability to use a big man in the U my dog villagers say he's a much bigger radio talent and personnel. We're almost whereas today and pockets for some a dual data and the sound of of a man falling on the sword that's me just opens better than that dork what I mean what that says he's not gonna win but I would like crucial to the producer I. Mean it is a question. She's doing that to keep your. Wright was such as help them was itself if you're probably going issues you can write your rate OK you know it's just reminds me of the duo we better house when I was growing. Well Paula you know kind of like your apple okay. 61777. What's at six or 7779793. Said it's your chance of pipelines over for the first time. To call in and pay tribute if you like or criticize the old curtain Callahan show which is now dead lived about a year and a half. Long life of some you know some animals probably right in getting to something. I mean a year that's what sort of years and know it well although I don't know noble thought I was telling. So excuse me a union to do X command may be mad excuse you made excuse thank. 61777979. Threes have as we say good by the curtain talent show and hello to the new. Sure I mean that's not comfortable now doing it for awhile I wasn't I would criticize other host of the station or comfortable doing bad shows. I am now fully comfortable doing Kolodziej such communities going for 61777. 79370. Headlines is next off Chris Curtis apparently argument that terrific aren't you get bigger dollars and say here. If this was the case it in my prior employment. Expected this type of show veterans still what did you collect pension allergic to larger lesson. By the way out she yelled calls against you guys well headlines with Chris this is X rays and saying thank you wouldn't. Circuit. We can do headlines over with two more optimistic and that so much to ask. Or Chris and apologize last couple years I've mocked to a path that was wrong if you can't forgive me for that understand I know. In certain situations that you're back in big spots that's that's me. You know rationalizing to myself. I apologize what I think unnecessary hurt but there are no it's not know though it's necessary expenses yes we're just applaud Jessica for yeah I will apologist stickers for yelling at him at the suitable info only responsible. Good but it was actually you should apologize to the vote was doing is gonna happen I mean you had your issues Edwards and these are getting to that often the I'll have to get an apology is never get an apology even with the new and improved thirty Callahan show. Never give an apology. Headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard is 1800 adhered be paralyzed doctor naked picture with the buyers who would be my against. At 1800 get your headlines is hosted today. By Christopher John Curtis gone. Happy Valentine's Day guys I'll actually didn't. Love is in the air. And a rough morning for Shaun White after winning his third gold medal as the allegations regarding sexual harassment if it's this really has popped up. From last may what do you work for the interesting are looking to good. Did get back and forth prospective. Why it won its third Olympic gold medal last night at a time when meet you and other movements are calling for more accountability around half harassment and abuse. Many are giving accusations against white clothes or what a woman says white sexually harassed her and then refused to date. The settlement with settled a lawsuit was settled last meant was set it was a little news rated it refuse to pay which you hooker after noting that a settlement regarding the alleged us solo around it and I never did. So we have sound via. Press conference was erupted this disaster illegal. John over the past couple of days the sexual harassment allegations against you by Lena. As a why did have resurfaced Leno and Leno are you concerned. That they are going to tarnish your legacy. You know I see. Judy talk about the Olympics not you know gossips. But I don't think so. I am who I am and I am and I am proud of who I am in my friend's. You know love me about for me and and I I think that's stands stands on its own self and his food let's see you're saying that the allegations against source gossip. I think we're here to talk about the gold medal. Yes departments need to act that was the moderator who attract huge jump in Ottawa are now all of them. Public trendy with two retail pathetic was that big message see that I didn't see. So trinity is a feminist right yes have been ripping people left and right here this the we have this. She said that's it for Rico at the official play out what your reaction to. That's in the business would also like nice and I think ever hurt it. So excited I had you at face up and BC Olympics o'clock tonight right here first ever opening sooner all well well well. Whoa. Any thoughts and video you know Mike to Rico has always been a very nice guy to me all if you are I'm sure that I am sure that. Training has had a good relationship with him I know that there have been things written about like in the past don't believe I. You know Kurt I really does know better by ESP after six months because this is the kinder in salt brine Turkey tally your show. So I really have no 'cause I mean there's nothing you would say to you you can't even see and he gets a season treaties on their personal and I that video a while I mean you can take that up with her. But you don't recognize anybody you don't see the issue and I you know she's just doing her job at promoting the ABC pride at each of the messages well right we have that now and she didn't Seagram also. It's the same time it's almost like. NBC pressured women to leave these positive message for treatment help calm down the Contra so I have no idea I mean how ridiculous or I but I think that people still think about what was written a book which are Rico the why would try to remind you that and but to imagine what's her face man's girlfriend. And chairwoman of. Good morning from obtaining opening ceremonies are tonight nationalist might treat you good luck. We actually worked together and has her own camera and an honor to share this experience that you regulate. I I don't know I had no idea that these would be ought pathetic trainees pathetic pathetic captaincy for a BC I mean. Analysts are. I totally get she's coming from an issue too because publicly. There's there's a lot of inner struggles started to happen now we've done the new and improved apartment yes Kirk puts it back to reaffirmation. To headline tonight vs Democrat carte Kurtz is I don't know him I needed intervention and I Curtis that it intervention. Kirk that I'm in charge of how I feel and I choose happiness I judge now I feel like she's happy state just like to tap I just got a cigarettes fund. But it. Donald Trump's lawyer admits to paying 130000 dollars on McCain doesn't solve. He says that not the Trump Organization or from him he's your Christie Todd just little of it I've talked into the microphone. Okay much better here than you agree or better yet I was just trying to help yup that's very helpful instrument you. The trump Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen sit me either the Trump Organization orbit again I would say your via multi closer to the microphone I understand traits are you to re talking the same OK anyway hotter where thousand dollars in aid to stormy Daniels has confirmed. Okay big media news last night digital first media won the building. Why sought for twelve million bucks for the Boston Herald not. So I got more money than national capital bought the heralded god boards and it's amazing isn't it. I don't know if not what it was not what I need to know I know it's it's a stalemate should it is what it is political Mosul for Donald Trump's and essentially it's they bought the real estate. All right run its license these these papers or how. I was subject herald that some people are recognized some of the same rain he recognized the lack of power newspapers happiness. And say you know to try to do something to screw them you know as powerful as it used to be or facts say probably old their own internal issues and maybe we should try and expose them for the saying that you know little defend yourself that all us just a random thought of that they are connected to anything that's going on you know just randomly thought. That's Buick and also the twelve million dollar herald you know says the UW Ian let's get back to basics I saw that which is what we're doing spoke to one of the great radio. Personalities in the busy associate professor Leslie caller for communications why note on the radio I'm sure. By an Israeli submit all through the well actually news ratings haven't been through the group that's why. Following in his which correct so I think we did Harold. You should definitely for Crist asked if he's on the road yet who's got us over the bread lines so he should he should he should he should definitely who it was a professor spoke to. And from wasn't caller Donna harper or radio consultant professors trick she's great while I think that if you plea accord's right. You two could be a professor a community hit it virtually begging to get it. The road for the Phoenix for years basically made money off of prostitution teenagers in smog in the country for sex. Right that's what the Phoenix all the advertising is correct. I mean I had on massages and prostitution he's wrong women I'm sure we're very willingly going along with this rightly right he's massage parlors no doubt that decade the money has balked break. Hitting Oscars. Yet the investigation into the end over high school hockey guy says Don I'm done all three coaches were so I don't know any wrongdoing yes which is sort of so to be said for this over reaction immediately. And when you read the story first like these guys obviously jerk but then the more you read the more he said this is nothing here. Right withholding food and water from the kids seven most of you know six hour drive or something but it was tried back from weird and it was a half hour drive. Yeah I mean you have no idea any of the story and I don't know I don't know it's I have a story for Perry cut the dean of Boston TV Jack I'll Jack I Z you're now the oldest guy Boston graduation. Of his artists also if I don't know where you think could be behind the 88 I Jack ties for me is one of those institutional your kid that's he's one of those guys remember legends channel five Tommy Ellis Jack Hines Hines Jack Jack Williams reflects 88 years old Jimmy Jack I sound. And I just called like last week talent on the hot social porno all the threaten our press office violate. On Dick from. Mill near oh. Yeah. No it was meal I had no idea who's listening Dicks were tiring. Yes Saudi addicted trend here are gone or walk off together into the all the impressions are no more. I just spirited and I don't know I I. Say what also sorry what else is a well my friends are having dinner it's being steered. You make fun of each other talk about you know the office of lines of the Bruins. Talk about how are things going to like break each other's almost always is is no place for that talk radio beyond aid please packs missiles right. I think it's important are graded his fate is possible that weight that you'd you'd get a Jody ratings but you could look at what he's up to pat yourself on the back. And when you walk out at 6 o'clock after allows I mean whatever time a mediocre that allows you show than any of English mediocrity like you said let me meet your rock mediocrity is where it. In as long as economically. I just have to tell you that I am Kirk's father from Leo agree. How to but he knew why did you do that. One large pretend my dad dad would be I think that was the all out brutal attack that was the old Kurt I don't Russia and it would get to say for yourself well Kirk like you need to be a resolve the crisis now can you ever forgive me. It what I was your father insists that I don't know I didn't know I was I don't know who did your mom did what I don't know did you bomb is a real man that he. And we felt it appropriate surface on Britain cannery in page Pontiac. Yeah it's a way to repeat last night over a nude photos she was yesterday morning afternoon yesterday afternoon. And partner can recession should understand why these models head to. I'm dressed in order to feel I drive that you should do this everyday because you're you are you are the headlines of. And enjoy exert a -- he's always been very polite to everyone she is very nice person she's never degraded anybody at a parking garage she's never been as a whole variety and remind yeah I mean and and she you know I'd obviously looks don't matter to her that had nothing to do what they're doing their job. And which is I just I just think that she's right when that you keep a close six once I group that 6177797937. Of a wide open right now this is it that's headlines by two by doctor Robert Leonard. I'm doctor Matthew depressing this is new Kirk Callahan show. Where ratings don't matter being boring is is our goal it's our goal stay out of trouble and be the most boring radio show in America and trust me. Given the show's run the station the bars and say hi we do our best pass a house are gonna feel like to be one of the team. I didn't read experts have looked for too broad but we are you giving a viewpoint to. Yes I did that the deck is gone he's sickened by names floating away right now who's in need fair he's not your life anymore. I don't worry about him. They're pretty loudly radio host goes into the current talent show. It's like when the tackle Warren always just want to finish seventh and last for and booked a pretty happy that you got to place your balls and jars of memory. So that when you you look at the jar every day you say. That I don't wanna be. I don't wanna go back yet won't look at those outs of the stores and hunkered down and finish first the ratings current challenges sixteen right. A look at those and saying I'm I'm I will now be able to say we did the sixteenth will be a one point six. But I'll say you know I am I don't miss being successful in being enjoying the show and getting the fights and being wild and getting in trouble. I don't enjoy that when I enjoyed what I enjoy LC the people. Is a three part we do with the Brodsky next week out for Myers I was in 3032. Hours each while OK did two point seven in the range yes are proud of it yeah. Did Peter damaged three others could offer Red Sox thought yes right is that he more than ratings. Yes yes it does mean Kirk let's face it you are intoxicated by success I've become you know a vial toxic person gets a toxicities Chavez who say he's won he's right. We're averaging about. Let's headlines I said we'll be right back with a line opened 6177797937. This is the worst radio show in America and you. Her challenge. Of them for you sixty sixes they good draw. Carlin to Maggie and barred 8773376666. That friends is your gateway towards sports but this afternoon at Erin bush freaking spring training starting. All things are good with the world as well again at a time. We left we're all things are good was it good solid opener and I apologize to those as I should have a suitable to good show okay. That's a good show. You look it's cold out and solid and that's getting warm and to think of like warm weather baseball. The crack of the bat. The picture taking its time for war Howard Dean the smell of leather on the Droid it was a great guys price is a great guy. Protection so likable after great off season. Coming in here and it's all starting again hope is always bring you turn in court you know here I mean this guy is squeaky clean. Squeaky clean electrified me on the radio to stop listening to great always eat I can't wait to talk to him. In gases that this was such a good move by the red section one because you know what they needed. They needed a player's manager that they needed a player's attitude that's a pretty much all about the players. On time I'm hearing that uninvited and Atlanta again players currently the focus manager in the AL east I'll say that is that yes he is whatever that means the close of players that that dozens of it must be great I can't wait to talk and he's going to be playing critically dusty good show and decode our lineup are our. Guys rent documents we all who would you comment on. So let's. So we're gonna talk to czar. Our early this so far Monday we get down scheduled to appear scheduled to appear Monday which is good is Chris Sale. Christian Vasquez Dustin Pedroia Jackie Bradley junior all enjoy an attack on the Wednesday as Jim Rice Tom Karen. Jerry Remy gonna join us. And singularly on. Tuesday which I'm looking forward to tone it down Tuesday as suck and be as busy would have to browse on with us the third inning for a four over you okay it would call Eric Segal after a fourteen and it's. Or Wednesday is legends day legends Wednesday's receive re getting Rico's gonna be on Rico dedicated beyond the looking for that Reid Nichols is going to be on. Bruce Hurst is gonna be on the products get hurt I'm getting orders around and talk to resources that are not take the climb round I know what you're gonna run beyond. Nomar is going to be uglier that Roger lost once was going to be I heard I heard even today. You know Kirk in Cali and it's a little before your time. They you've made peace. Kevin Youkilis is it oh yeah it's going to be on you should be part of the thing is a Brady guys have him on build a -- Detroit Donald how happy is with us we're trying smooth the waters over I think should be fine. My goal is over the five days in this may be. I mean reaching a wanna have 200 baseball yes that's a lot of bulk buy when you set the goal line yeah I wanna bug Gammons. We're gonna damage I'm immediate outlook immediate and a third round table which regular Friday and we in the we arrive in the past you can while senator disease an hour now. Bradford bus under Peter Buck I want I want I want to go younger. How wanna have Gammons. In buck on just the two of them together meet you Johnny Miller in just a young to sort of triggered by the intermediate roundtable may do that I like basal sort of younger sport now sort of a relic. What may draw on as well lately and there. Suspended busy 200 baseball guests which I'm looking forward to we're gonna talk wall. That's once on the wall yet the other side of baseball. You doubt your daughter to resign and were where where physically in the area Winnipeg based falls to get a if you're there if you're close to where a balls being hit. Let's talk what's going on in a lot of those boats equipped OK let's say. I'm down at Fort Myers. Something gosh darn fool with the talk of football while we're spring training. Okay good shooters and because for the as it shows he pointed out this week you know there's people who masses at the gate. Not crazy people the very excited about the team because of all the offseason moves description on Broadway and he is not as the demand is. Thought I went online last thing about him as being just you know positive yet. So I looked it up the ticket prices for rats are asking who want to take us for twins game in July. 55000 dollars each of these seats and I bumped heads a I have to see these people in baseball at sea of arteries pitch in arteries joins went. It is going to be Thursday of next week Thursday good looking forward I wanna have the entire rotation together. Can talk to David Price about this gossip at Disney rookies can never have. I'm like I want Melbourne bones about his onslaught on that was lost seeded below elegance about him right to change it do to change it to me. I draw is one of things but there's enough for years. Give it a 105. If you can't change speeds yeah. It made you what he's gonna have movement hit you don't evidently you got to have movement of the ball that these -- you awed and you absolutely. Cannot fall behind these counts in your head and you 2030. Yeah its ticket. Talk to enjoy my friend essentially did you gotta you gotta throw strikes. But but I think if you also. The most at a rate positions in baseball responsibilities you gotta have the third base coach. I mean because it's their base coach I mean the way they're brought him again they brought him in Tuesday or do you treat last year Carl staples across got the job. How important. I was very nice Carlos is that's very important because there yeah yeah thick that but the most important decisions yet I think right there with the left tackle. About about admit that coach I put this cause fables that isn't. What's more Bill Belichick cross. Conversation out of us or against you as their base coach he's the last funded offense can be a third yes that I mean a bat third base coach departure team. Portland's a year but over on sixteen games lot of pressure on them that's the first place in last place I think what Butterfield patriots this Bada I believe about his record is upon as a good guy aborted. When I was accused are all laid off. And you guys to restock the patriots but I want it to one day onto Monday were talking. And he said to me easily and I don't budget rocket. Now for an hour of it by area men could have trouble with this offbeat acted again the bench and that's to me like a might have rated the conversation what a story about a guy. Going from bullpen coach the pitching coach that transition to Italy took thirty years is a transition I typically transition societies from more controversial map by anybody over the last couple years at least I went. I understand but. And sadism that. The bid for the pitchers OPEC would get to go to the struggles okay. Did you did register note the match I go out at a gonna go up there all the blame. To did you ever. So pricey dilemma about that ERA but just talk about the prospect. It. Jimmy. That's how works and it is necessary to Wimbledon until works has the chance to either domestic. Or did his grill. I didn't grow mr. gros knee mr. Kirk is what conversation. If he's already it's a tough. Questions. After tough questions which. I'm glad you have tough questions house tables. Gershon Baskin is on the if you bring the political season so you better get ready I'm going down with it. It. I don't know Jackie Bradley you can 300. And he can hit 310 times that he's entering into that. Completely who's going to be leadoff. Bat lead off for it for another. Leadership. There better be some dude he better to be ready B and DFC the fact that he's not a guy. Would sit at a busy with Agassi is don't like that yes he is right I don't I don't know humanity and to trust delicate and Kevin how are you this morning. Quickly this is one of the best shows I've ever heard all the light. Kirk you your mentality. Completely. Backwards you know this is evolution. This has changed. The people you work or you'll understand. Should listen to his second hate to truck they should do it. Because you know Jason Barron to -- success rate of personnel told me trapping is bad I should be admitted this interrupt this. The people that I work for here are great. Management. Is great. Luke. Gershon and Glenn are Great. Britain The Who was edited and there are or sneeze yes via via the afternoon show. Is now ET can be encrypted tightness this demo model. I follow what they do what you eight it was what I did it and I think that mutt is gonna pick a larger role here. I think you're right I am you know those of us in the casting couch at remarkably pushing us yes I kept. I I I I apologize. That's perfectly fine no offense taken Europe are used for reading you're not here or popularity. You're not yet to be edgy. You're appear to teach people about. About white stick you put the Olympic. What's what's known nothing Dick Cavett. Thank you can either Kevin Kirk his whole Terry yeah I understand that it that you work our vision. All visions like everything is why it's the days on its amazing. The deep deep brains of the vision these people have it's almost like it if I really care about the show at that point almost literally bled for the show and worked hard and everybody else put together at the station. And they said to me you know we don't like what you're doing boy that would really upset me pissed me up what happened you know market and it ball a Joe's auto. Goal you'll Walt of those guys that's like gold rule I should mark him any Joey Joey Ramone you say those names. I think Paul Allen Bill Gates of visionaries. I think guys with brains so big bill I don't noticeable. I've seen. Brain fluid dripping a vigil was eager summit going on it's amazing being a room with him it's like. That my voice them out of its way tonight made it TD that was that was seen music how do you have such an office to go to I mean but those like. Think I've changed that the climate here on the creative person. I learned from its okay. Hang on you guys really get to get back 617777937. As the number and my thoughts on BC and where the only and the MIT. Yeah I do that's about it and I was as well. Why don't we have. Watching the NIT television but. Why. Why. Why there was a T why. All this crazy on the it's much that I owe the people we've got to. And the energy was important holy cross one of 55. Unbelievable. Actually believe 61777979%. This is the worst radio show in America and we down damn proud of the just Nicklaus rating was skirt count and our through the bullish on the shelf ever heard. It's next.