K&C - Kirk apologizes to everyone he has ever offended; Golic and Wingo are ready for Valentines Day 2-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 3: Kirk finally apologizes to everyone he has ever offended.  


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Shark story. All the talk about actionable here you thought the judge grandfathers were open it ever with both well. I think prepared BP you're you're you're because it's so valuable. Round great great coaches. Your career I know Ivan I however I know what Al Davis I've met. You know fettuccine with Al Davis they like getting my Aaron her news was discovered hanged in his cell by corrections officers this is a good thing the good thing for society he's evil he's gone. That's a good thing dentist. Yes but not his widow Donna alien it may be and since that this was a dividend Boston Kevin thanks to come right. I haven't actually per minute. The curtain calories aren't a lot of warning okay. Is it a little food for you to listen to it is I mean regularly read you heard it was okay. So it's our three per gallon shows the new improved her talent shows the worst radio show you ever heard the ratings are gonna stink. You know. We're gonna win you fifteen to sixteen this wrinkle when do it on but so are going to be happy and we're committed to that nice tweaks to the medical. People like Twitter that's important but you know you're probably gonna get five tweets. Kind of like 5000 yeah how many follows you have now sixty something I'm. Sixty somebody you're OK if it drops Tuesday. You know 120. That's. For tonight and our relief for the Bruins here at 950 you talk to. The show we thought you know assured that knives like if I work if you do that pretend like it was the big deal at all I mean I mean to be no big deal law in it and you know a few you do the Bruins play by play like you're actually doing the game old. I don't know well I pregame let me bring you more port itself and regain that sets the tape for a you know because with household names like Jaffe right you know Pete and another co. Yell at and say it's our fault because they have three games guys Cubans in the office when there's something guys like that were great guys Michael is a wonderful. Anyway on the start my. My. My apologies here. If that's Schuller. So long occur in the past when I've apologized it is not that something I've been great. Let me apologize to everyone I've ever offended on the I'm a star John Dennis and we could you tell Maloney knows it has to come in and nightly news Michael Marty and went to apologize to him that wasn't right. If he's had fed chief noted some jail silently if I perceive him that the smiles breath the media's with the that you. Agent walker what to apologize to my to apologize. To throw wilder to dish yen. Two Christian Fauria to do baloney to them or Wear them alcohol and Dale Arnold to Mike's all to keep them like yeah Adams to McMahon has Jerry Ingrid because Merrill mossy. Whom I forget Chris Curtis to Ken layered. Too low. Kevin Graham Kevin Graham. Jason wolf it was a bomb though Zachary. Anybody in my forgetting they have all the rich and rich should read Felger toll of Tyson right now. I've said the past appointment Rodriguez controls bottles. I only gets exactly true I think most of the time he doesn't go to that from experience this night it may be an issue additional virtually potty trained at the test I don't know what you mean and I think our portrays overweight and that's an old joke like I actually think he's being called dangerously thin I would go the other way is east. He's a guy to put on to 300 pounds honestly. So I apologize to him you have to apologize is electorate and yes I do have to apologize what is. Most of them to find some point and it's an audience got a lot of losses Posey made up the Super Bowl. I apologize to him. I apologize Sean Brady was a great eagle this guy I went on to welcome goals anger August all the joy haggard again please on what the joint mission tweets are great guy. I apologize to Tibet that station for for I apologize to Roger Goodell for suggesting the crash into me that was. Definitely not satire at all. Are you with you meant it awful lot like that looks like that extreme okay did not mean but but at what a sad Tyler talkies that iPod as a bar a that this was set I apologize the bar help win in two Fuchs I apologize the bar public about that you know that well about the gentleman who joined us in Minnesota. When I woke. I apologize to you have a right to rudeness I was writing great instinct and also you need to apologize for me because the chapter in regular product Jerry shipments I apologize should play it's I I apologize to you. Generation Penske and edge after a is that about Google feature let's you play great question that was a really good question was and I apologize jealousy I apologize first and Marty Walsh I'm sure all of you the same way in about 24 hours. I apologize to everyone else have rules of life. What about Erin Andrews Steve Sanchez Aaron Sanders I definitely apologize sort of past that if you apologized about Sanchez a bow on sports. I'm a little compassion here Kirk idol status. I apologize. To Ron Borges for this I do not close refrigerator which you saw that was my fault he closed at that was good. And he didn't exit the fourth never misses queens has brought aboard mystical sweeping attempt to order president Jonathan I apologize to Dan Shaughnessy. For years I've made fun of him of obstacles stand if called shank. How much you anymore first thing I do I got that points on the Christian and I fine. I mean if he gets to be on my knees again. I can't apologize enough for them to you and to define peach O'Sullivan. So that you Osama get it bass from the parliament and the bounce up my own head that's your way to apologize you know I think you should do I think he should do special segment. We didn't do it and I agree you know I think you should do special segment. Between you which O'Sullivan and you should pick the bracket. Bob feud that's that's racked not a solid he has a great idea that and we're in we're gonna get. We learned that simulate Augusta might remember it off and I apologize to my Greenberg I apologize Jameel he'll apologize to Michael Smith I apologize to remind you Jones Paula questions with the details Smith which an elderly. She's British devotional great. And all of inaudible but he certainly there but it's hard but I want to shut up that point as a child while that's fine Bob I apologized to find bomb I apologize to all the people he has been a great job. But I think that you know hill another you apologize Stewart and you've turned over new leaf again become a better men could come in into the show. She's available loved ever on fox sports she's great. Also right now talk and act Chad Finn I apologize to. Stubborn 97% think he's right I'd love sports and six Michael to know when he talks portal juveniles or we you usually occur because a you to know is that there. I apologize I mean you basically mustard. Craig mustard and Larry Johnson I apologize and now Larry Johnson in the private just told me that he does not believe in Jesus that's and he can do an exact not a big deal. I'm gonna go along with that I apologize to them. They are doing great I like the fact they're missing sixteen callers. Every single show that they did Craig pays attention nothing during the week and it's a breath of fresh air if we're we're friends like it or widgets on time have a bye. Just about to join me. What's really. All different I didn't watch Larry this week what's at summing up can we please that'll wonderful and loving people a sweet man. Anybody else dykstra execute well I apologize on the next I do apologize for an extra absolutely deserves yes he deserves an apology for your route to judgment goes over just Cardoza is terrific at her job I apologized to her she is wonderful child. To his heart excuse me excuse a couple of dumb that I bet there was not time apologized about knowledge from. Yeah. I apologized to team never Jokester ground. My teammates my guys hall of fame Joseph hall of fame Tim I apologize to get Roche. And rob Bradford I apologize to the beat writers it's easy B meek and make a lot of money sit there in Dublin he's as prepared. They do a great job they're doing God's work out there they're the ones are found the reports are telling was when I apologize specifically to write to Peter Abraham. A good beat writer know a great good man not at all a great saint what do you see when my three best friends. Yes he has looked reported spending amid movement and form WR's yeah welcome now the clogged the toilet I like to be singled anything as any dude has bought. And they say that in that room. This may be in advance apology guy but but two calm fears that shore you should apologize to across. Mean notre talking about but then when it realized okay I mean I apologize that apple does anybody that anybody in the business everybody another gym and Marjorie you should all of you pick you pick if you're first of listeners that out bull. For small it doesn't matter and you showed us any way to the most important show but yeah I apologize Jim Marjorie yes. Why apologize to the Red Sox organization yes the substitution rule and yes revolution yes patriots yes I apologize to our heads to apologists or. Yes all out assault rifle I orders are learning this like it was a good guy with a bowl like apologize to face Erin and it was twelve minutes. It means that died sorted that like people soon might let's just like anybody else lurking off Peter king's great I apologize to Peter King. 1000%. Ten million cars. Really tough on Peter when one of his answers we played and went across the street in needed. You bench press eight times and came back right that was really mean. I mean there's very funny but it was very mean very. A very funny but very mean not that fun but with funny the cheap the cheap laugh which she I mean we enjoyed it at the time it was like. I was like raw ugly afternoon show and like dale will be like oh I'd give anything to get they had sounded doc talked in Toronto immunity before the game and Al laugh that's funny. That's humor that's for after dark that's hue that is what we're happy to report. From meat to two realized because guys are good at sports and everything else it was better too funny year. Everything is better that seaport attitude take that success is why apologize to dale without suggested dale. Was making the chair the group whose I've got to go about. He did not that that's that's that's rude appropriate. Support president Kennedy music I should apologize detainees profit of sex trafficking. I think that's it actually gonna go. He's a terrific critic and I apologize and he's well. I think she's terrific too. She's great. Injuries widow yes in your knees with a host of the joint and we released a daughter. I apologized again and get frustrated it's clear that these stupid I apologize well it better ball doesn't stupid. And that you literally were consumer be when it was on the year that was wrong Judy Murphy is one of the great counts this camera. Rear admiral who's grade is well. I think that's about it. But I think I think we we we we made up to be not. Yes and I apologize assault collection of well no we talked about I think you should calls all I did in La Hoya on the rallies like c'mon I organized you should call I would August all the guys across the great Fred Rachel Scott. And mark. And Mike and Mike Michael WGB about Adam Jones is great battles as. Once the generation. I can't believe easement hobby out of politics in the program director I'm sure Mike Thomas yes a good friend terrific program yes. Great I love via. I'll tell you what the white white missile autonomous nervous in the bank and it's his body and mrs. voice and missed the way he smells touches and aggression. A great. I apologize I apologize my apologize 1000%. What's your quarter. Is your phone calls for the that the thing you wise thing doesn't deal. Are you sure you're okay you're starting get a little. OK if you if anybody I I think I think it's time for an affirmation it pretty hard electrical. Off. 600 and Harvey Weinstein and the cat species in the might Rico's of the world lol win YU I apologize to all of them first double because. Don't know the real facts I know what's going on movies TK so different way of doing things around some walks doorman yesterday to promote. He is way of showing a fact. All sit artists and release out if he's guilty of and I hope we prosecute a QB wait what just have to stay. That's hard. That's hard anybody else. That's about it that the Jerry Remy. Cherry. I'll. Just eat like a cigar or to the right move what about 18. What about via the mayor Michael Brooks Kenny go to any doubt is really good on TV and so polished so she you know she flourished at CBS well she's so much star but she needed to just stand outs him because the 62 it's dirt Opel gives us a brutal forgetting anybody else. Over the last. Matt Chatham to me is again like I like somebody who doesn't joke around this. Football team. Spirit leopard. You're choking down. Played better person like pretty irritable some of the auction is great Susie since he was so good I phils and I get. And I even though I don't these people personally. And apologize one by 10 do you still have an import orders imports. Of. Oh you did you say I'm sorry you did not either you just simply said that he was the Jenner now and you closed for it on the job. It would also be do you didn't see I'm sorry curt that's the one I don't think you let go of we was the biggest president United States. Why why apologize to mr. trump for not voting for president trump and I apologize apologize to Mike and Hinske who I think it's personal shots. And I apologize the card. I do. Would you do to Carter. When it at that time it was over the house playing with Harry and he won that fifth portion. And I said. There's a mom and dad said it's like you know these ovary can have as much as could he wants that's that's the point who wandered right yes OK alike think their Kirk. Earlier you signal to self I'm going to make myself proud I think you've done with its. You they took out you feel better coaches I do feel better I do all year yet I do I sleep that you feel completed side. Job and hockey. Sword. Sword. Sword my apologize yeah anybody else. Al porches by the way is a damn good journalist and you just try to take us down I admire what newspapers. Blind and trying to guess that hatred I don't think that our team doctor and got a pot of gold after three years ago from Pakistan but that's been shot. I am in the us I like when when newspapers just trying to take us now blindly out of hate I applaud that I think when it's happening we should stay out of way what do. That's away at Miami you need to be the bigger person and you. So just assume the position especially to be there thanks worship their people like thirty people should say that has their own deep hidden secrets to go all the way up to save Alley. Let's I want to couple phone calls for two hours newer talent show it by you apologized. I think a good I think you've done a fine job with over their conversation we have a trendy during the break. Again I'm the. I think he's just a question you should apologize to me from making this stuff I'll be trying to wipe your kids are making so you're making itself is run like you're -- nice yes well it but my kids my war emblem of everything in your ranking is up you are believe you are making this that you put all I -- it was strange bridge that's great that's all she does too great I didn't we need to talk about just the Tonight Show and then on top on on that channel you have bosses what's with all holly Casey Smith and Tommy John Giles and power and comes Curran really really really think I was she shows much loyalties possible after the and the same oil to they have toward us and I think that's the real fun deal. Sports information or who has The Who was the guy who had the quote was a Kevin Miller wouldn't it came out. They said we're going to be so we're gonna be sports information from the first race we said we should do that to bring in our wheel which of wanna came out and it's a little. Yeah I. And a navy couple phone calls we have some time. Mark in Boston wants to wave hello mark. About slow walk here and also how stern curtain open that's. However I've apologized Howard. Any else. No I think he's dropped a couple of hands but personally today. Absolutely not and I didn't know Marcus Marcus is a week this is the shoulder or why you like the old sure. I. If that's what I listen to all. Way to tie management disagrees with you my friend maybe they could disagree with you enough fast and the market is time to raise the ball. And you know what happens when they raised the bar. Exposure armpits. You raise the ball correct and that's fallen and we talked and where words I don't I'd. He can hang in them haven't had Karen show we have here make their money realign a net sales Taylor had been sent at 7979370. I want everyone hang on especially Brian newsrooms in Israel who isn't easy it is and you know never had a power for its real beef that's a little congress should. 617779793. Separate this is new curtain Callahan show is I promise you listened to my contract TU. Chose to stick. Pen can be born. You're not gonna listen after awhile but we're never going to get in trouble again that's our promise you've authors that are you listeners terrified had trouble. Is on to show you want me to knock in trouble for the show's stick. We're gonna do that pummeled on my end of the bargain okay. Can you hold up your end of the bargain restaurant there 6177797. Out through several of a wide open for the first time this morning Gary go ahead. Oh will always be here for. We're gonna be it in towards the likeness of Tex lines of like it's always gonna like that's always been and what's most support I've learned in my years doing his job. Is it really really really really really. That's a no brainer right at me and that I was a better Kirk Italian show is the worst radio show in America. And it's coming let me apologize to everyone I've ever offended on the not a starter John Dennis we he'd tell Maloney knows it has to come in and late news Michael Marty and want to apologize to him that wasn't right if he said that achieved out of some jealous I would like if I ever see him night for the nationals breath media's with the finish. If you walked over to apologize to apologize. Control wilder to dish and description for you to be willing to Norway an alcoholic and Arnold mikes all. He's like yeah Adams to make me asking Jerry Chang Richard does their job to mossy. Whom I forget Chris Curtis to Ken layered. How could I forget finally a guy I've become really good friends of over the last couple days of grief and now. From ideological perspective is my good friend Kevin Paul DuPont a terrific terrific group gray. Writer well I've always like to allegedly made fun terror cells which is being eight covering the Olympics oh god heard John powers apologized in two. The global Olympic coverage but it was terrorist element. Right I mean exactly it's a really good question well OK I know John powers yet almost Bruce grout powers is a legend is off Famer polish and I've always liked oops I and you blow I'd like to slot opposite all. But anyway it may not a Dick like but when she picked to be the last person I think of the scribbled upon their really glad I picked acoustic or Hillary couldn't help me to recent really good guy thousand never tragically many in trouble. Pull as a lot of guts he's really a successful career. OK let's get back to the calls audio effect. Its fiscal houses out. As he. They can Boston. Well in the county nodes if it was a show today and up Boyd the wife thought about the hanky thank you Paul last week inappropriate. Why. Toyota. Though. The scab exclusive I didn't realize we're talking do. Who's gone you agent for is is on your neck from maverick he gets confused which one passes. Now after concluding there's not a bad about it one Battaglia and ex boss to. Optics. One good thing is it is that you led to know the problems for the stations all with with our time to be done which I appreciate. The hole and I know those final fours short of the new Kirk Callahan the job make herself the provocative toward nick from Boston. Once apologize what's left to do that challenge shocked right. Thank you we sure appreciate it quickly pulled us poverty. Poverty. Apologizing mr. Borges. I apologized but urged not to marching. The couple guys Michael's older than what we're looking past Roddy. Also up canceling planned meeting was substitution and that's scheduled fortunate that small article what. To do any of mental. I'm not in your little I apologized. Again soaring. And that's Harvard now. Or I when nick I'd I'd hope you know I hope that we all can learn from that they're for Boston pretended to be done you'd ruin people's lives and went a little too far. No we didn't have flooding is just trying to have some thought he did yes yes your trying to today even before you back. You tomorrow missing Albert's yes I mean you know he went to four and Brian's been waiting patiently in Israel but he is something that something's worth waiting for its purported. And good morning where you hit you in Israel. I'm in Jerusalem. In the so my plan that you Bruins fan I'm wondering if the new and improved court challenge and it. I got this got more about Clinton shook accurate Q only one plane that are. This I mean as a season might sort of you know. What's that thing when you. When you open up and it's like that surprisingly thought everything. Jumps out that human being a kid you'll put that little box and equality within the Jack in the Box yes that's -- at the Bruins atrocious disclosed but it's been a surprise have been so great issues of wonderful a graduate -- you know and I think that it's very important for them to make a hard play from McDonough and Nash and they gotta get that meeting at a guy like somebody is that you get is eligible puck and that is that yes and you have to pick the biscuit the bass what do you say about that can trade him out yet enemy you have to tell us that they don't know we're gonna do a trade deadline show here you host when they trade deadline is when big Monday Thursday the twenty thirds of the Monday we come back Monday vote. That money we come back yes just the NHL trade deadline show want her getting caught a lot of post like that Matsui hit he's good he's good to go you're gonna have yet. Of course rear admiral Libya's wealth to maybe maybe I guess I'm winning Nobel Prize away why else. Not the only other talent don't you have any listeners you need to apologize to the well. Sure I do thank you that's a really good that's a really good question in the past. I've said that a terrible for listeners. I'm number proven I think because America have any. I've criticized the caller I want to apologize some of them individually that's paid there. I wanna apologize for the caller who I said that was conformity with his wife at his funeral in my Obama's gonna hit the casket and on the right probably in retrospect. You know there was an the callers I think large new report is a really good guy I think he's terrific. Really for for the caller. Secondly good man completely sane not irrationally angry. Read these market and it may be a little misunderstood I gave from Quincy gets six amid some -- Johnson I'd like to expand that our show may be gaining block 20/20 five minutes I think to say recently got element maybe Danish got his own show yeah I think it's a great idea. Honestly abortion Tuesday the abortion our Tuesday's sadly has been supporters expect actually. That the wasn't three months right. Source safe for good. Bomb while. Other OK don't tell your story about food. Specific subject and I'm delighted to its story. Well right there right protect. And get me I would have to add sex sure to point. That's that's gone outside funny first. And get a callers. I wouldn't be about public the terrible traffic and over from island and where I don't think there's anything wrong in very good point we'd love to have him back all basically said it was it is it is that is that he went to his old stereotype which we don't do here. And I think we want to me to answer you won here Albert you're welcome back. Because like that's being elite well I don't think they can deliver. Right very Smart really supported a smaller but I think it excerpt of a good conversation with Kirk a speaker myself I said when you sit down me Arafat and myself. Jimmy I'm sorry welcome all of you are OK I love you don't throw that water I think he threw it would love around a little deal. No I like caring friends at home of divide that you cry. Apartment on I don't crime you know at an issue wouldn't cry and takes a trip to this funeral on timer now. And me I hiding in the bush you did your family wants him to cast practices RC Europe is so bad. Until we can't walk in with a failed to. It could've. No I would have been alive what its atom appalled that all I just get right to go get it done that got unwound the fourth line and a bunch of five and certainly. Because I was a little too easy drive suburb if I get some valiantly tonight to suck you I think you guys or early. You early. Well no excuse now you weren't you weren't hurting him any of the callers that are doctoral terrific manager Jim for peavy he's great I think. Everton Brighton. Heard Brighton has been so good so. It is a monster guy busted him as saying not a good. Not centuries thoughts habits are different different hours coming from Metallica appreciate their predictability and cut of stick out more calls here before we pause for applause Hussein's business. Paul province want to say goodbye to the knees right the old curtain down in Georgia let's do for the first. Two hours and fifty minutes 170. Minutes running time. Is the new curtain count and show which is not good at it who cares about that help all. Morning I stick my call. Are currently Q apologize to relay circuit and the dockside kind of ruin his career. Good point that is all my fault 1000% of them go a grown man front in a grown man an adult on a different show. Said a word I dismal to put in my 1000%. I do wanna say good bye mediocre delegate shows will be best odd as far as going forward new cartel and show. The are derivatives ya ratings are going anywhere because see all commercial and Tyrone and around her just so bad debt as judge blocked out. They'll I don't know well I just let me just say first of all I disagreed with the social by shell. I think our show is now a great I think the big issue here is good becoming great. The afternoon show is. The east I call the standard here TS and it's been an incredible program mutt is always good night I assume last night by himself we did a Red Sox monologue at 7 o'clock. Same kind of seek money your unbelievable stuff I don't know how he goes every other show the other station is great. KJ and you should quiche are great show well stations terrific magic is great I love that excitement. Of data solution rate mad he's great. Order a wall or grade little red hill and Hillman is awesome Marjorie Jimmer great there's not a bad show in the market rate night. Terrific yeah. Mean if I'm a buys windows actually good really good radio is happening in the town and we wanna be part yes we do we want to wanted I have been out of the mix I would be relevant with no bugs do but the bullets with good nuts and bolts talk for a second gets hurt you wanna walking to the rule you wanna warm wac you say you only you wanna be. Jim goes fake Erica Madeleine I want the I want to respect and wanna beat this guy or when he's anymore going next week break bread. With Alex appear to break bread teach us how to break bread repeatedly with the event. Hey Kirk most at the table yet easy southern Minneapolis I was on my tail. Our mile walk look talk and Fred rich in a fresh and friends efforts to return preferred to block you know are those who knows a picture with parties parties parties agree. Apologized to him what to voters I must admit that may find him in the past but again. And I'll say it is now I was often drunk on drugs during that time period last couple years and I'm sober Chris I've seen the light I have. All right we have a couple slides open for the first time 1617779793. Said major way to engage in two ways sports conversation. Which I like to be a testament W Gary. I love it and I think we do to mature and adult men and we have our dignity but we don't have the listeners I mean it's not get a say do ratings really matter pitchers and noticed. Why on this goes back to you wanna sell your soul. For reading them hold now which violated goal I wanna do compelling talk do you wanna and money for the company now know June don't know and I don't mean of that the lord's name in vain I apologize. The lower level exists now question in my life over to when did you see him first. Was about 445. This white Cumberland farms yes yes I was driving out from a formula Reynard who Jesus had just just a heads up. Unreal I'm alive in and stop stop with the sup font stay in the central or its time producer gee she's super super at least this year at the fifty questions on it as you hate basic eight god she's Alaska dear John Cutler but I like it but I've turned my life over to the sweet baby. Jesus himself would you would think that if you what's interchange with the Red Sox he can make an app. Well again you know that that's fine Obama you know people their religion that's hot button issue. The cold issues now that's like we're glossy of the gloves on yet I like cold button popped right opposite no one cares about yet we do better than any. 6177797937. Once again it's the worst radio show in America the lowest rated. Of what do we do that most don't don't start bragging yet we're not here yet I like to finish eighteenth he got to give it some time this year's that's getting a better as the bad right now. That's a big goal here's the bad right now on the ticket. Ominous a we go in gold beat us in Boston's book. It's a better show its choice of mortgage and you might that's how you really have to suck to them I tried my hardest you're gonna have to really take you'll win by over at. Close review what do you go for Valentine's Day. I age I I'm gonna go home and enjoy hopefully a dinner that I don't have to scrape off the floor to vote yes exactly yeah. Renewed at. And how that sounds please respect my mom okay. Don't shear perfect. Pretty dense what's. To highlight. Just. So the Google this couple guys just talk he's young guy just doing Valentine's like that let me say this because I haven't been brought up and pick among all day. Is amazed Kenny Lofton only when your whole thing when you look at eightieth all time more top fifteen and so will be sent over 2000 hits played blog post season. Saying. You should be necessarily. Of saying is why can't they get more consideration. A little more respect. Salt meals at the back of the ballot for a couple of that surprised Africa years whose habits and refuse and they certainly the conversation seventeen years. I mean at the Oscar pointing to a 300. Overs six steals. On it's important it would take our time and I need to know it's mean but seventeen seasons and only 2300. And walked. It's what walk a lot going on base guy great I mean again I just stuff like that infuriates me in again. I'd say. Usually what we should be in. Obama. Hook saying he's got that hypocrisy. Only four hits. It places strictly party it's 600 sorties how many army Rikki Anderson. He's in Tim Raines he's been Ty Cobb easily and well it's election. Time I was OK ready. Death taxes. Can you can laugh at those three things I knew in the ninety's it'll happen. Okay and I tell me. You don't the BB WA has the balls to tell me this guy came in about 11 year. It's it's a little Herm Edwards creep into this. It's more of a gun or measured oh it's all of the unit here but talks couple. Ever heard god talked I have but it gets a little hermit and we're glad to hear this much of this will be a little bit different gold medal. I better an overtime. Their defense will be really all we re share again you know who he stolen was he stole it from grass. All it's a photo that I congrats you're going to go isms and her at all. That's right there and actually he got a former Edwards yes let's take a couple of calls years we kick off our forced vacation Tony and it's important reset I've been told that yesterday. Consultants yes were turned mean again I can't say enough that I like effectively they berm I'd rather than spend money on these consultant come and insane when acting value I think to consult me to station would be any over the Celtics I mean it's built bush acted they built in Barrick. Josep on the driving force behind our show I wanted to have. Chris minutes on every day in Joseph isn't what I'd do it that's absolutely not on the showed wild and crazy that's in trouble as it ought to meet. Weaponry. New cast right but lost. Okay. Sort of yes so to reset I'm sorry politics. We've been basically told my manager that you GG I sing a song about earlier probably says a special place later. But additional states now want to decide not to have begun attorney funny anymore which tend to be to get the stuff. Let's go to west even the car Steve how you. Kirk I'm very well known now that you evolved. In fully expecting me Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin podcast. I'm also expecting you to embrace hedonism. You have the name of it deceased pet once they're about very French based. Well I I'll say this yes thank you it's a good question. I also like when I don't understand is maybe that makes me crazy I love that show it I'd put you dance in your underwear became father make a mistake sure she made mistake she is deserve a second chance as do we deal. Other to apologize to her in jail for making fun of them and Howard I'd like to be our new Howard's bat in the obesity and Howard I was due for four hours drive around my car model your matters. You know not such a waste that it would Lily Tomlin or Carol Burnett this year bit detained do I think he's completely sold out you know that's crazy baseless charge. I find offensive. Oh David in Dedham as posing an interest in what which I like hello David. They it's doubt I kicker Eric it would not talking loud what is going on. Like I let Rosie is arrangements or we go. In case I mean it was wrapped unwrapped forty decks. Well I'll tell you I'll tell you my my number one flower a year ago for the Atlanta game was traced a horse. Little. Bit. A honeymoon won't locked yeah. Are you slavery. To what what's your foot double or on the road and prepare for our scandal mill flowers to mrs. Petit issues to fly our definitely fresh. Tulips okay job Gary it's tied between the azalea in the African violet. I say I've always a cherry blossom. I have and have always been a Waterloo these guys well and it cherry blossom is that because the meaning behind it no George Washington are only because Romo and a personality carry out bird of paradise is well double I would very bad John Thomas liable for me apologize to Dino into his lovely bride they're both terrific people -- opposes the Kathy I should applaud look report having dinner with them next week in Venice Venice Florida were having lunch and dinner rather vote. It's at 4 o'clock it's patently promulgate orders are to follow me I apologize to certainly limit. But does Jerry while you haven't pigments and not deployed as jurors may things that you found his voice which is fun effect is foolish heard all the time it from thank you can't you phone calls and from the fact that he's boring. Making fun of the fact that you yeah it's madness for everything make fun fact these angry. Made by the fact that he yelled at me one time but underwear at a mall in Florida I mean there are many things a point about his fate cancer. Only the I think I sort of legal action. I I'm gonna comer I believe I hurt you go to the shrink. For any disease is inflexibility on things I would shoot that. Alex is in Gloucester hello Alex. An acre RKR I just wanna say I'm really looking forward to the new format. We had a day I'm digging the Tim thanks a lot you know it's a bit it's an adjustment will get their. You're it's it's super long overdo it and saying it's my friends forever and you know there's there's I think it's we'll have a chance to maybe. Talk about topics that they had that talk about armed and you know I'm under anyone's saying and saying about this Super Bowl and Malcolm Butler. You know I really think Bill Belichick might have slipped off by not starting. And as he talked about. But that's an underplayed point good point. And hasn't been this addressed yet I'm not I thought about it I'm not really ready to weigh in on the debt. I ever did appreciate out to fight. Mood on the now take time to sort of pause and give a big thought before the way it held its fair to overreact you know Alex Alec this reasonable Gary Altoona regional free the way. On the bubble thing to three years ago way and that's. Seems like OK I think that's fighting it and it's kind of like with the draft they'll receive it wait three years to have I would across Iraq and Al expertise had this to say view you know and I'd really appreciate your point is status. By super bulls. I said he's glad that's suitable that's sort of write and add that rather buy a suit I apologize to Jerry Austin navigate this phone screens is he is and is amazed it's incredible credible. It's almost like when you're so injury Dion Lewis and Clark it's Stephen Ambrose wrote. No I'm for surprised you don't want solidarity Ambrose guys. But we didn't think about that Lewis and Clark what they essentially just went west and we're just walking through tweets that they got through there is amazing. Shore not prepared to Jerry being able to navigate the sponsors you know on what you actually have to take the most. Yet in and move it over to the public to right now Gutierrez could go to I'm I'm I'm starting over. Let's go to well Brett okay ready yeah I'm moving over there and now there and the click on it and now. Off Aussie targeted at work here wish I would get a movie click it's not easy hello Brent over it. Paper cited Hornaday slow. They Kirk Wilson might who overdrive this morning and rock orders. You he was giving me a ride in listening to your show that you wished. Us. And always a big fan ever talked last night. He actually called Brett to apologize to me because of some of them Hedo took that effect that was really classy of Ron and so I think you keep this whole flow. Our outlook and unconcerned about them have been you do it be apology here is literally came down. That's where he spoke. We're trying to. He ripped down the admitting it Gonzales hang it from a group are candidates it's about it is the body outlook are great at duke last week as part of August. He says he could absolutely powerless. News it was all the laws all the was was sincere you say which probably and I apologize I mean you do. Mean your men everywhere and an as far as sports this is concerned it's nice to hear. He landed on his feet. He's in Newburgh driver 'cause he's gonna make more money you don't think that's a growth and this Julia you may more and more money there than at The Herald on a question Hoover's I don't Wear worth more than twelve million. Let's go to a place rye envoy to live full time one day probably sooner rather than later the great state of me Gary the state flower mania this. My coach this is that it is a model Maine is one. Live free or die and that's who Hampshire vacation land they'd Iran has always frank W. Yeah I'm pretty pit I don't look at you're eight. The center. On Boeing apple and all that time I have been given it's a little cloudy outside I'm guessing your staggering round outside not be able to see the sun. You know what time it is didn't. And cargo short but it on. Yeah like that's old. Optima yeah I can to get more often by the way when I figured out but pianist quack quack too and I say the name exploration Sports Radio 937 W react. The time of day right now because most people in the cars have no idea there's no way to figure these are nine known. Thank you temperature is up 46 degrees and rise. Rising not like our like our level of discourse in this room which is diminishing. But it's rising it's going to be in the fifties. Cloudy with a decline yet out who we do traffic ocean just to be traffic updates I. We don't have public service and also it sound like before shall we need some public service announced today a series. If you have a British or the recent PSAs is its recent years it's if you if you have a cause such as it a car wash for the high school team or sale. So real money there I met a man I'm not pass to a local menus for the public schools America chops silly on the on the agenda this week in what they wanted from what I believe this week Saudia tossed salad. You know then you know always a dessert bar piece of troop Nestle the world's changed and is known to deserve partisans not used to it. I've fourth and final hour of the worst showing America curtain tell him our balls have been ripped office. We are now like every other show which would like before I agree was hugely successful. Number one forever number one by a mile nobody cares about or is that what you mean nobody wants. Nobody cares about that in the past about ratings report salary was not important. So my goal now. Anderson is Gary says it's a noble one man's ambitious one is to lose. Two goal in window in the ratings socket ABC and big test marketed these about it actually can inform me good starts in which Microsoft going against argue balls reattach. And god told him and fit don't they wanted to stay here in did the way they did it surgically is no chance of coming back. It's like face off their to switch my balls with pails bails me crazy now gale the would be to seek well. It's a funny that this up laughing and odds are is that funny that's it's not funny at all I don't wish not sure how old are part of me not I want them. I feel sorry for trying to get rich and try to get rid of that with stale awake during the procedure. Yeah we want to as well but the show that David is someone from not even a vision slides at the Sydney Bruins from Seoul yet no eleven total scores audio and Pakistan war apart as a rebel war does rush our. Exactly what from war to park the Bork to Chara there was no break at all between Bork in charge of the great. Don't know I don't know no. Charles they're the day Bork liberated traded Colorado are actually the trip for charred at NATO that was actually board gave charities sweater OPEC where were they before go to break. Well people always say left field or Fenway went from. Teddy Diaz to rice and then it ended assay. Well re union BP one year remaining and you could say if you believe Jose Canseco in steroids which currency. Would any of BP forgotten historically I think it's important. A particularly this month six or 77797937. I see all the calls are gonna get to them front and celebrate the Duchardt Callahan show. Or crazy Obama rolling out the conversation bogeyed two of the regular phone here. Did you show steaks that's highly debatable. To be off the army just six months because a ratings again and made map as to who got a ratings which told fair. When you wanna start to be continue to get bad ratings you should holds accountable for yet she's perfectly reasonable lie when making an artistic decisions trying to get out before next.